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World’s Greatest Vegetable Lasagna!

Ok, maybe we overdid the headline a little bit this time. It is just that normally we are really lousy lasagna-makers. Every time we try to make it we have these visions on how our lasagna should be like, and the last 6-7 couple of tries the results have been … disappointing, to say the least. Too dry, too moisty, tasteless, too flat … and the list goes on.
This time we read almost all the vegetarian lasagna recipes we could find at Foodgawker. At Ezra Pound Cake we found a recipe that caught our attention. We added lemon to the ricotta, chili to the tomato sauce, used whole wheat lasagna noodles and changed bell peppers for mushrooms and kale – and like that – we had made our own first successful lasagna. Sure, it might look a bit complicated when you scroll down the long list of ingredients but remember that this actually just might be one of the Best Lasagnas In The World!

Lasagna With Grilled Vegetables
Serves 4-6

Tomato sauce (scroll down for recipe)
1 package of whole wheat (or gluten free) lasagna noodles
Lemon-ricotta (scroll down for recipe)
Grilled vegetables (scroll down for recipe)
1 package of mozzarella cheese (250 g)

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Start with a thin layer of tomato sauce, cover with a layer of lasagna noodles, a layer of lemon-ricotta, a layer of grilled vegetables, a layer of kale and a layer of tomato sauce. Repeat 2-3 times, top the last layer with the rest of the vegetables, the tomato sauce, the lemon-ricotta and the grated mozarella cheese. Bake it in the oven for 40-50 minutes.

Tomato sauce (arrabiata)
3 tbsp olive oil
1 medium size onion (finely chopped)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
1 fresh chili (medium strong, finely chopped)
25-30 kalamata olives (pitted)
2 tbsp capers (drained)
4 large tomatoes (cut in quarters)
2 cans plum tomatoes
half a pot fresh basil
salt & pepper

Heat olive oil in a large pot. Add onion, garlic, and chili and saute  for 2-3 minutes. Add olives, capers and fresh tomatoes and cook it a couple of minutes more before adding the rest of the ingredients. Cook for 10 minutes, lower the heat and let it simmer for half an hour more under a lid.

Grilled Vegetables
2 tbsp olive oil
2 zucchini (sliced)
1 eggplant (sliced)
300 g mushrooms,
300 g fresh kale or spinach
1 clove garlic

Dash the zucchini and eggplant with olive oil and salt and grill them in the oven at 400°F for about 10 minutes. Stir fry the mushrooms and the kale in a pan for 5 minutes with olive oil, salt and garlic. You could also grill the zucchini and eggplant in a broiler pan, the important thing is that the vegetables release some of their moist before putting them in the lasagna.

Lemon- ricotta
500 g ricotta cheese
1 organic mediun size lemon (juice & zest)
1 small handful of fresh basil (chopped)
a pinch of sea salt
a pinch of lemon pepper

Place ricotta cheese in a bowl, grate the lemon zest and sqeeze the lemon, add zest and juice to the bowl. Add basil, salt and lemon pepper and mix it together.

See the instructions on how to put the lasagna together in the beginning of the recipe.

Enjoy World’s Greatest Vegetable Lasagna!


  1. Posted 4 Jan ’10 at 23:53 | #

    Very impressive! I like how you switched out ingredients to stuff that suited you.

    • Philipp
      Posted 26 Dec ’14 at 19:53 | #

      We had it for our official Christmas Dinner together with our meat lovers (the spinach version). Everyone loved it – thanks for that! And thanks for all your great recipes!

    • Frenchtoast
      Posted 7 Mar ’16 at 21:30 | #

      I have made this dish twice and it is AMAZING!!! Everyone has loved it! I want to make it again this week but won’t have very much time so do you think I can make it all the day before and bake it the next day? Thank you for this amazing recipe!!!

  2. Liss
    Posted 6 Jan ’10 at 21:23 | #

    I need this in my life!

  3. Posted 6 Jan ’10 at 23:48 | #

    Nothing like a disappointing lasagne, although this one looks far from it! Well done, I wish I could have a slice now!

  4. Rachel
    Posted 7 Jan ’10 at 22:38 | #

    Oh man, I can totally relate with the lasagna “try all”. Now with your success, I’ll have to try this one! Thanks for posting, great pics!

  5. Posted 8 Jan ’10 at 03:42 | #

    I havent even made this and it sounds like the best lasagna for sure! YUM!!!!

  6. Posted 10 Jan ’10 at 22:56 | #

    Thank you all for your comments! Hope none of us have to experience a bad lasagna ever again.

  7. Posted 12 Jan ’10 at 02:35 | #

    Your lasagna looks indeed fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Meredith
    Posted 16 Jan ’10 at 22:58 | #

    I made this today and it really is delicious. The lemon in the ricotta gives it a really interesting flavor.

    • Posted 24 Jan ’10 at 02:01 | #

      How great that you liked it! We were also dazzled by the lemon and ricotta combo.

  9. Julian
    Posted 24 Jan ’10 at 16:44 | #

    i am about to cook it tonight. never found lasagna that interesting until you replaced the bechamel with ricotta! as an obsessed pasta fan i am really looking forward to get the best out of it! :D

    • Julian
      Posted 24 Jan ’10 at 20:38 | #

      Oh my god the lasagna was beyond delicious. The combination of ricotta and lemon, i knew of the existence but would never had guessed it would underscore the taste of the eggplant and zucchini that much! I am so happy i did not change the amount – so i am going to have something to eat for tomorrow and make my colleges jealous :D Really worth the try!

  10. Posted 24 Jan ’10 at 21:25 | #

    Julian: Fantastic, we’re so happy that you liked it! It really is an amazing lasagna. We also made too much for one night and kept nagging on ours three days in a row.

    • Julian
      Posted 24 Jan ’10 at 22:29 | #

      As far as i can tell i am going to nag on it for at least 5 days in a row, if my colleges won’t rape me in the first place :D ( sometimes the really do! Then they stand behind me, look over my shoulders and try to snitch some bits. So every once in a wile i have to cook for approx. 25 people to calm them down a little bit and treat them with healthy food. The normally eat only McD and Co.)

  11. Posted 29 Jan ’10 at 11:25 | #

    Very savory… I want to try it and eat.

  12. Posted 29 Jan ’10 at 16:13 | #

    This is wonderful, love the rouch of the lemon and basil ricotta!

  13. Posted 29 Jan ’10 at 16:23 | #

    It’s the lemon-ricotta and the kale that I’m in love with…

  14. Posted 29 Jan ’10 at 18:09 | #

    I need some help with “half a pot” of basil. Not a term I’ve heard before, and I have no idea how much that is. (What pot?) Can you give in terms of cups or leaves, etc.?

    • Posted 29 Jan ’10 at 18:30 | #

      Yeah, maybe that was a bit unclear… In sweden we often buy a pot of basil from the supermarket. Half a pot is equal to a handful or 25-30 medium sized leaves.
      Good luck!

  15. Posted 29 Jan ’10 at 23:27 | #

    Lemon in the ricotta sounds extra yummy.

  16. Michaela
    Posted 2 Feb ’10 at 05:21 | #

    This rocked! I supstituted Swiss Chard for the kale and grilled all the veggies (including the kale leaves and mushrooms) on the BBQ for added flavour and used Spelt noodles for a healthier addition. This is so good and worth the time spent to put it all together. The lemon ricotta is fantastic. Next time I might make the sauce a day ahead and also grill the veggies a day before. It took 3 hours to put everything together, but so worth it.

  17. Posted 16 Apr ’10 at 09:29 | #

    Hello, do you cook the lasagna noodles before you assemble the lasagna?

    • Posted 16 Apr ’10 at 22:55 | #

      Hi Lisa, we don’t cook them before. Everything is baked in the oven after the lasagna is assembled. Good luck!

  18. Posted 21 Apr ’10 at 16:41 | #

    Tasted delicious! I love this blog!

  19. Posted 4 May ’10 at 20:11 | #

    Hi, I’m going to make this this week and have a HUGE lemon…can you let me know how much lemon juice to use since I don’t want to make it too tart. Thank you

    • Posted 7 May ’10 at 17:27 | #

      If it’s a HUGE lemon I would probably use half of it. Taste the lemon ricotta mix before adding it to the lasagna to make sure it’s enough. Good luck! /David

  20. Posted 18 Aug ’10 at 10:39 | #

    Hi Luise and David,
    I just tried your Lasagne last night with fresh summer vegetables (bell peppers instead of mushrooms and kale). It was delicious and everybody was excited about the lemon ricotta!
    Besides… I love your blog!
    All the best from Vienna, Natascha

  21. Posted 24 Sep ’10 at 05:01 | #

    Thanks for the recipe. I am in love with the lemon ricotta, so in love… I wasn’t such a fan of the eggplant, mushrooms and zucchini though, maybe I need to cook them a little bit more beforehand. They were a little too textured which took away from the all around deliciousness for me. I’ll be dreaming of lemon ricotta though and all the things I might do with her. (A she because she’s so delicious…)

  22. Monica
    Posted 5 Nov ’10 at 19:54 | #


  23. katieanne
    Posted 7 Feb ’11 at 18:38 | #

    wow! this was wonderful! i substituted some of the veggies to include roasted red pepper & broccoli [we aren’t too fond of eggplant]… and my meat-eating husband raved that he’s never eaten a better lasagne! the arrabiata sauce would be delicious on its own with linguini or other pasta. yum! what a great first experience with your lovely site!

  24. maggie
    Posted 18 Feb ’11 at 02:23 | #

    Hi! A few questions about this recipe which I am planning to make tomorrow…first, for the tomato sauce, what size cans of tomatoes do you use? second, are the lasagna noodles you are using fresh or dry? if they are dry/crunchy/out of a box i would think you definitely need to boil them first? Thanks for your quick response, it looks delicious!

    • Posted 18 Feb ’11 at 15:35 | #

      Hi Maggie! In sweden canned tomatoes contain about 1 cup, so in this recipe you need to use about 2 cups of canned plum tomatoes. Regarding the lasagna noodles, we actually used dry noodles, and they were not pre-boiled. They will be covered in tomato sauce and lemon ricotta, and be boiled that way as the lasagna is being baked for about 45 minutes in the oven.
      Good luck!

  25. Posted 10 Mar ’11 at 04:53 | #

    Me and my sis made the lasagna today:) It was a hit:) loved it! :) thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  26. Dianne
    Posted 17 Mar ’11 at 16:13 | #

    This recipe looks great! I plan to fix it for the first time for company so I want to do it right. In the sauce, what would you recommend for the fresh chili? And in the lemon-ricotta, the recipe says peel and juice for the lemon, so do I just chop up the whole lemon? Thanks for your help!

    • Posted 17 Mar ’11 at 16:36 | #

      Hi Dianne.
      If you make this for your first time, you probably want to take it easy with the chili. Use a small, medium strong, fresh red chili. Remove the seeds, and start by adding half of it to the sauce. Let it simmer for a while, taste it, and then add the rest if you want a little more.
      Regarding the lemon, DON’T chop up the whole lemon, you should only use the zest and the juice, sorry for being unclear about that in the recipe (we have changed it now). First use a grater to scrape off the thin yellow outer zest of the lemon. Then cut it in half and squeeze out the juice.
      This is one of our favorite recipes, so we bet you will make a good impression.
      Good luck!

  27. Posted 27 Mar ’11 at 11:41 | #

    I made it last night and it was delicious.

    The lemon ricotta is lovely, although I thought the real star of the show was the arrabiata sauce. I also used it as an opportunity to try and make my own pasta, which worked out pretty great (if I do say so myself).

    I’ll have to check out your other recipes.

  28. Dianne
    Posted 12 Apr ’11 at 23:47 | #

    I made this for company for the first time and made it exactly as you have it written and it was a HUGE hit!! They raved about it! It wasn’t that hard. I did make the sauce the day before. I also made it with brown rice lasagna noodles. I really couldn’t taste the red chili pepper (I used a red jalapeno), so next time I make it (which will be soon!) I think I’ll use a little crushed red peppers. Thanks for a fantastic recipe! Dianne

  29. Athena
    Posted 22 Apr ’11 at 00:42 | #

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe! I am new to lasagna making and this was my 2 attempt. I looked online for about an hour for the perfect veggie recipe and after sifting through many complicated and not all that delicious looking dishes, I finally (thankfully) stumbled upon yours. It turned out every bit as mouthwatering as it looks in your gorgeous picture. I was partly making lasagna to clean out my cupboards so, while it sounds just scrumptious, I did not go so far as to make my own arrabiata sauce, but opted for canned instead. Otherwise, I tried to stay true. The lemon ricotta was divine and the whole combination of flavors simply brilliant! I did not have eggplant on hand, but upped the zucchini quotient and also roasted some bell peppers and asparagus, which ended up fitting in amazingly well. I think my favorite thing about this recipe is how versatile it is. I will certainly use it for years to come. Thank you!!!

  30. Aneta
    Posted 12 May ’11 at 09:39 | #

    I am new to your blog, and it is such a delight to read! i made the lasagna this weekend and it absolutely lives up to its title! loved the lemon in the ricotta. thank you for sharing!!

  31. naomi
    Posted 24 Jun ’11 at 22:18 | #

    hi i just made this today and am wondering if it is okay to keep in the fridge to cook the day after tomorrow? Or should I freeze it for one day? Can’t wait to try it out – I have a group of friends coming over for lunch so hoping it will be delicious! Thank you!

    • Posted 25 Jun ’11 at 21:28 | #

      Hi Naomi, you can always keep lasagna in the fridge a day or two and then reheat it. Our experience is actually that it tastes even better the day after, it doesn’t look as pretty though.

  32. nickyG
    Posted 28 Jun ’11 at 17:37 | #

    Have only just discovered your site – it’s amazing and such beautiful photography all the wonderful recipes look fantastic I can’t wait to try load of them! being an Art Director in publishing I can tell this site had been well thought of from conception to what us Web surfing veggies get to see – hurrah! love it keep up the good work

  33. Carol
    Posted 3 Aug ’11 at 13:28 | #

    I am making a birthday dinner for some friends and this looks like a winner! What size baking dish did you use?

    • Posted 3 Aug ’11 at 20:43 | #

      Hi Carol, we used a 40×30 cm (12×15 inch) baking dish. Good luck!

  34. C
    Posted 15 Aug ’11 at 20:45 | #

    Well… I’ve made a list of ingredients and I am trying this tonight! I stumbled upon this recipe a couple of weeks ago and it has really not left my mind since. Love the site!

  35. Alice
    Posted 19 Aug ’11 at 20:49 | #

    I finally got the chance today to make this great lasagna after reading this blog post months ago (I was living abroad and didn’t have access to a decent kitchen + equipment)! I loved the little twists you added- the lemon to the ricotta and chilli to the tomato sauce. However I found the top part of the lasagna was quite dry….I wasn’t sure whether to cover the lasagna with foil during the first half an hour or so of cooking to retain the moisture? What did you guys do?

  36. Posted 22 Aug ’11 at 13:49 | #

    I love the way your lasagna turned out. It looks so fresh and inviting.

  37. Charlie
    Posted 22 Aug ’11 at 16:12 | #

    Hello: This is the first time to your post!

    I am not a vegetarian but I must say that this looks so good.
    I cannot east pasta, and so with my lasagne I bread and fry up eggplant slices to substitute the pasta.

    The eggplant slices would go so well with this.
    Although not a vegetarian recipe, I could give it to you and you could play with it.

    Let me know.

    Thank you for sharing your recipe and I look forward to browsing your blog.

  38. Posted 22 Aug ’11 at 16:27 | #

    Great recipe, I particularly like the idea of arrabiata sauce in a veggie lasagne.

  39. Charlie
    Posted 24 Aug ’11 at 19:08 | #

    Do you use fresh or dried kale?

  40. Tilney
    Posted 29 Aug ’11 at 23:54 | #

    Over the top GOOOD! I added a little bit more Mozzarella cheese in the layers and topped with shredded Mozz AND some parmesan.. The only other thing that could possibly add to this dish is a little crunch from some pinenuts..Careful with added salt as the recipe has you adding it along the way as you cook veggies and noodles.. A touch salty for me…
    I would rate this recipe a 10!1 Thank-you…PS It doubled just fine…

  41. Josephine Withagen
    Posted 31 Aug ’11 at 18:46 | #

    I tried this recipe with my boyfriend and we both thought it was amazing, it tasted soo good. I’m not vegatarian, but this must be one of the best lasagna’s i have ever tried.
    The one thing i would add the next time is some pine kernels, so there is a bit of crunch. Otherwise perfect, especially the lemon ricotta!

    • Posted 1 Sep ’11 at 20:06 | #

      Hi Josephine, we are so glad you liked it. Good idea with the pine kernels, we’ll try that next time.

  42. Anna
    Posted 8 Oct ’11 at 20:52 | #

    WE LOVE YOU!! :) we just tried this truly wonderful lasagna and are amazed. I always thought that my recipe was more than good but yours clearly… is better. haha! grilled veggies+lemon creme. Wow! we used squash instead of zucchini and it was very tasty. THANK YOU so much for sharing!

  43. Jess
    Posted 28 Oct ’11 at 23:52 | #

    I’m making this for my birthday dinner tomorrow night! :) very exciting!!

  44. Posted 9 Nov ’11 at 22:29 | #

    You didn’t over-do the title AT ALL! I made this last night and it was delicious. I really like the addition of lemon to the ricotta and the spicy tomato sauce- simple, amazing additions. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Michele
    Posted 12 Nov ’11 at 06:35 | #

    When I first read the title of this recipe, I wondered if it was perhaps a little ambitious. When I read the story behind it, though, I realised that the issues you guys had with previous attempts, are the same things that usually bother me about vegetable lasagne. So I had to give this a try, and I have to say: wow. It really is that good. The flavours combine beautifully, and I love that it doesn’t contain the usual mucoid white sauce. The lemon ricotta is delicious.
    I am a vegetarian, and although my Swedish boyfriend is not, he told me about your site, knowing I would love it. I have recommended your blog on hunch.com (a rather clever website that learns to predict your taste preferences, based on your previous likes and dislikes), and I look forward to trying many more of your recipes.
    May I also say, your daughter is just beautiful; what you are doing, is clearly working for her. Well done for sticking to your beliefs and giving her the best you can, she will thank you one day!

  46. Barbara
    Posted 12 Dec ’11 at 22:24 | #

    Can i freeze this lasagne for New Year please?

  47. shona
    Posted 28 Feb ’12 at 16:40 | #

    I made this last night for my boyfriend and I, its incredible and a real green light on my path to vegetarianism!

  48. Christina
    Posted 10 Mar ’12 at 02:17 | #

    This is so amazing! All my friends rave about it and Im almost making it on a weekly basis. No one can get enough. Props to you guys!!

  49. George
    Posted 23 Mar ’12 at 18:46 | #

    I’ve made this my “go-to” for dinner parties when I want to serve a pasta dish – and it has never failed to amaze. This is by far the best recipe I’ve ever pulled from the internet. One small modification I make is that I chop some sweet red peppers and mix them into the sauce at the same time I add the tomato quarters. I also sprinkle some shredded 4-cheese blend throughout the lasagna. Phenomenal!

  50. Posted 4 May ’12 at 09:41 | #

    we love this dish and have made homage to you on our blog the lentil asylum in congratulations on your book! thank you!

  51. Posted 19 May ’12 at 14:21 | #

    Detta var den godaste lasagnen jag någonsin har ätit. Tack så mycket! Fick koll på er hemsida och den har lätt blivit en favorit :) Ha det bra där i Sverige! MVH / Paul van Mondfrans Lindén

  52. Leigh
    Posted 12 Jun ’12 at 16:05 | #

    I made this recipe a couple of months ago and I absolutely loved it (along with everyone I shared it with). The lemon-ricotta gives the dish a fresh and vibrant flavour. I’m making it again today! Great for freezing.

  53. Jensjen
    Posted 18 Jun ’12 at 16:59 | #

    I made this for a birthday picnic and it was a huge hit! I used chinese eggplant instead and substituted broccoli since some people I was with don’t like mushrooms. This is certainly one of the best lasagna’s I have ever had. I will definitely make again, and again, and again….

  54. Jana Veltheim
    Posted 17 Sep ’12 at 02:23 | #

    I made this tonight for the first time with fresh veggies from the garden. My husband detests mushrooms, so unfortunately I had to omit those, but otherwise I followed the recipe. It is by far, the best vegetarian lasagna I have ever tried. The roasted veggies prevent the lasagna from becoming a soggy mess. The arrabiatta sauce is divine (and will be used for future pasta dishes), and the lemon-ricotta is a burst of unexpected citrus wonder. My carnivore husband thought is was fantastic!

  55. Posted 17 Feb ’13 at 15:47 | #

    Planning to make this but not sure what you mean by “half a pot of basil”. Is this dried or fresh? Could you give a measurement in teaspoons or grams perhaps? Thanks! :)

  56. Sophie
    Posted 6 Apr ’13 at 22:27 | #

    I cooked this lasagne for my parents, boyfriend and sister and we all loved it. It was delicious! And i had a fun afternoon making it. Thankyou.

  57. Brianna Bateup
    Posted 6 May ’13 at 11:56 | #

    I am so pleased to have found your blog!! It is so appealing to the eye and the photography is simply divine. I am so inspired to try out all of your recipes they are all so unique and unlike the normal healthy options going around. Keep up the great work!!

    I have a family “italian night” this weekend so I am excited to make this lasagne for everyone. It really does sound (and look) delicious!!!

  58. Iva
    Posted 12 May ’13 at 22:24 | #

    I made this lasagna for dinner and it was delicious. I gotta admit I was unsure about how it will turn out but when you put it all together it just works. Even my meat worshiping husband was pleased and ate 2 portions!

  59. Laura
    Posted 3 Jun ’13 at 13:23 | #

    Best. Lasagna. Ever. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s in the top 5 pasta dishes I’ve ever tried. I honestly don’t know how you do it, but each one of your recipes somehow manages to be more incredible than the last.
    I really love your food philosophy. It’s evident in all of your posts that everything you create is done so not only with taste in mind, but also plenty of love. You inspire not only healthy living, but also creativity, peacefulness and plenty of joy!!! Thanks!

  60. Beth Phillips
    Posted 3 Jun ’13 at 18:18 | #


    I’m quite interested in trying this recipe but I’m allergic to mushrooms, can’t stand ricotta or olives. Is there something else that can be used to replace these at all please? Also sorry egg plant and Zuccini are these aubergines and peppers? From the UK sorry.


    • Posted 19 Jul ’13 at 14:11 | #

      Hey Beth!!

      I don’t run this blog but I HAVE made this recipe. I also DETEST ricotta but with the lemon and everything in it, and used sparingly it’s really so incredibly delicious with everything else. (I’m making this today and I’m using all fresh mozzerella and no ricotta. I’ll just squeeze some juice and shake some pepper and basil in with the layers of everything else instead.)
      Aubergine and courgette is the eggplant and zucchini. And I just leave out the olives completely bc I hate olives SO MUCH.
      As far as the mushrooms goes, it’s hard to find something with a similar texture, but perhaps you could use broccoli chopped up very small or tempeh (or just use more aubergine and courgette!)

      This really is the MOST delicious lasagne I’ve ever made, so I suggest you try it, even if you have to make a few substitutions! Good luck!!

  61. Jen
    Posted 31 Jul ’13 at 21:40 | #

    Is there a non-dairy substitute I could use for ricotta?

  62. Janneke
    Posted 25 Sep ’13 at 15:18 | #

    I made this last week, with just mushrooms and spinach and wholeweat spelt pasta. And I watched my two (meat-loving, vegetable-hating) toddlers shove spinach down their throats by the handful, wow! I will definitely make this again.

  63. michele
    Posted 13 Jan ’14 at 21:06 | #

    This lasagne looks delicious — I agree, grilled vegetables make for a “meaty” dish. I like the lemon ricotta idea — I usually add chopped spinach to the ricotta layer. But to be clear, this is not an arrabiata — that is a specific Roman pasta sauce consisting of only tomato and red chilis — no capers, no olives, no basil! You can certainly call it a spicy pasta sauce, although these are Mediterranean flavors, not Roman, but I would hate to have one of your fans sit down at a Roman trattoria and order arrabiata, only to find a much simpler (but amazing!!!) dish…

  64. Alice
    Posted 27 Feb ’14 at 05:22 | #

    This was the first lasagne I’ve ever made and I’m so glad to have chosen this recipe of all recipes! Your blog is beautiful, thank you!

  65. Harriet
    Posted 19 Apr ’14 at 09:10 | #

    I tried this lasagna for the first time the other night when i was cooking for my family and a few friends and it is absolutely amazing! I did however only use 100g of ricotta and added 400g of extra light Philadelphia cream cheese, the juice of half the lime to the cheese also! And then left out the mozzarella and used a grating of parmesan over the top. It was genuinely better than any meat lasagne I’ve ever eaten and everyone said how wonderful it was!I think its very easy for people to slip into the mindset that vegetarian food is plain and boring, but your blog recipes and your book (which i bought myself and haven’t stop reading since!) are really wonderful, great job!

  66. John
    Posted 13 Jul ’14 at 15:28 | #

    Made the lasagna yesterday for the fisrt time and it was really gorgeous. Giving the time it took me to get it together, I was wondering if you could assemble it one day ahead and cook it in the oven the next day ?

  67. Daniela
    Posted 17 Aug ’14 at 14:38 | #

    Made this lasagne today for our Sunday family lunch and I have to say by far the best vegetable lasagne I’ve ever had. We bought fresh vegetables from the growers market and everything tasted so delicious. Made the tomato sauce last night which saved me some time assembling it today, and probably helped the sauce taste even better. Will definitely be making this wonderful dish again. Thank you so much for this beautiful recipe!

  68. Denise Tattersall
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 14:10 | #

    This lasagne is absolutely delicious, big thumbs up from the whole family!!!

  69. Helen
    Posted 18 Oct ’14 at 13:45 | #

    Hi,this recipe looks fab! I’ve never made lasagne before so this will be my first attenpt. My question is, for the vegetables you say ‘grill in the oven’ so do you mean, cook under a grill (if so, should it be on high, medium or low heat?) Or do you mean bake in the oven in a baking tray? Just want to make sure I get it right! :-)

  70. Nancy
    Posted 22 Oct ’14 at 12:14 | #

    Totally made this tonight for my boyfriend and I. We both loved it so much that I am already looking forward to making it again next time! Thank you so much for such a delicious recipe!!

  71. Marieke
    Posted 6 Nov ’14 at 19:39 | #

    My mother made this tonight and it was delicious! Thank you so much for the recipe!

  72. dee
    Posted 20 Dec ’14 at 19:10 | #

    Can this be made without eggplant? Would you just leave it out or substitute something else (what?) – thanks in advance for the replies

  73. miri
    Posted 17 Jan ’15 at 18:57 | #

    I tried this recipe yesterday and it was really good! I used manouri instead of ricotta and blended it with some organic milk…delicious :)

  74. Gaelle B.
    Posted 18 Jan ’15 at 10:31 | #

    My new go to lasagna recipe, it is so delicious. I might never make lasagna with meat again.

  75. Posted 20 Jan ’15 at 15:29 | #

    Cooked it yesterday for my boyfriend and me. I changed the recipe a little. Last time i made it exactly like in the recipe, but found the vegetable-pieces a bit too chunky… This time i made a sort of rattatouille from your tomato sauce with added finely chopped eggplant, 2 carrots, a red and yellow bell pepper and many halfed cherry-tomatoes instead of the 4 big tomatoes. It turned out really yummy!! Combined with layers of spinach leaves and your divine lemon-ricotta we really loved it… Thank you for the inspiration.

  76. Monika
    Posted 29 Jan ’15 at 14:16 | #

    I made it recently and it is amazing! Im not vegeterian myself but eat a lot of meet free meals and that was definetely the best lasagna I have had.

  77. Yin
    Posted 31 Mar ’15 at 22:37 | #

    This is my second time making it and I absolutely love it! I’m not vegetarian, but it is delicious with all the vegetables!

  78. Mollie
    Posted 4 Apr ’15 at 21:11 | #

    …Help! I am unable to find ricotta in my supermarket and there is really nothing close, my best guess is Quark…I know that might be a long shot but what are your thoughts? Thanks!

  79. Claudia
    Posted 16 Apr ’15 at 20:49 | #

    Oh my gosh. This lasagna tastes like heaven! Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe with us!!!

  80. Brittney
    Posted 9 May ’15 at 12:26 | #

    So So delicious! my husband and i ate half and froze the other half. its honestly the best veggie lasagne I’ve EVER tasted…and I’ve made a few!
    thanks guys xx

  81. Amy Charnock
    Posted 10 May ’15 at 21:35 | #

    I have been an Instagram follower of yours for some time
    now but this is the first recipe I have made. I have to say it was absolutely beautiful and well and truly deserves its title. What you guys are doing is great and you are executing it perfectly. Carry on!

  82. Kerry
    Posted 1 Jul ’15 at 18:36 | #

    This looks beautiful. Can you prepare this lasagna in advance and freeze it before baking? OR bake and then freeze?


  83. Lærke Darling sørensen
    Posted 15 Sep ’15 at 12:11 | #

    Jeg kan ikke se at instrukserne til at lægge lasagne’n sammen er øverst i opskriften? og er det rigtigt forstået at i ikke bruge lasagne plader?

  84. Nancy
    Posted 6 Oct ’15 at 06:46 | #

    What size cans for the 2 cans of tomato sauce? 14.5 oz or the larger 28 oz size?

  85. Shauna
    Posted 14 Oct ’15 at 02:40 | #

    Fabulous looking recipe that I’d like to try. Could you advise if it can be frozen. I’d like to cook in advance and freeze. Thank you.

  86. Tosha
    Posted 29 Nov ’15 at 10:47 | #

    fabulous blog to refer to always :)

  87. Janice Iovino
    Posted 6 Jan ’16 at 15:23 | #

    This is the best veggie lasagna ever! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I have made it several times using fresh whole wheat lasagna from a local Italian pasta store in NYC……if you could find fresh lasagna, I would totally recommend that….other than that, I didn’t change a thing…..its now a family favorite that I will be making for years to come! Thanks again!

  88. Pop
    Posted 7 Mar ’16 at 18:37 | #

    This recipe is excellent & packed with flavor. My issue however, was that the cooking time was far too long. My dry noodles were cooked very early, and leaving it in the oven for the suggested time made them very very soggy. I would use the instructions on your box of noddles in this case, because for mine the recommended cooking time was more than half that was in this recipe. The cheese also got crusty with this cooking time, which is fine, but I would have preferred it to be melted to better warm up to next-day heating.

  89. Naesal
    Posted 14 Mar ’16 at 06:41 | #

    Stumbled upon this recipe last week and have already made it twice. Absolutely delicious. Love the lemony basil ricotta, and the juicy veggies soaked in that amazing sauce! Thank you so much!!

  90. Jessica
    Posted 23 Mar ’16 at 02:48 | #

    Did you cook the noodles before hand, or use cooked store bought noodles?

    • Jessica
      Posted 23 Mar ’16 at 03:16 | #

      Nevermind, read through the comments and found the answer. Making this Friday and looking forward to it :)

  91. Posted 29 Apr ’16 at 18:42 | #

    This recipe looks great! There are tons of ads in between the comments, so I couldn’t figure out the weight or amount of canned tomatoes you used in the recipe. Please let me know! Thanks

  92. Sally
    Posted 11 Aug ’16 at 03:01 | #

    I have made so many vegetarian lasagna and this one was the best to date! Love the lemon ricotta. I made following changes…I Used Swiss chard as I don’t like kale, I roasted red peppers and squash as veggies. In the sauce I used fire roasted san Marzano tomatoes. Excellent!

  93. Hannah
    Posted 23 Aug ’16 at 13:15 | #

    Could you make the constituent parts in advance, and assemble and cook a few days later

  94. Stephanie meade
    Posted 23 Oct ’16 at 13:00 | #

    Hi, do u think you could use your bechemel sauce from your moussaka recipe instead of the lemon ricotta to make it vegan?

  95. Stephanie
    Posted 23 Oct ’16 at 18:06 | #

    Hi, if I made this vegan do u think I could use the bechemal sauce from your moussaka recipe instead of the lemon ricotta and take out the cheese?


    • Posted 24 Oct ’16 at 11:09 | #

      Hi, yes I think that would work well!
      Good luck!

      • Stephanie
        Posted 30 Oct ’16 at 21:19 | #

        It worked really well! I had to pass on your recipe onto everyone!

  96. Sophie
    Posted 20 Jan ’18 at 21:22 | #

    Just made this, completely delicious, wonderful flavours. My boyfriend LOVED this and was really bowled over by it. Thank you so much!

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