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Vegetarian Mini Pizza della Sicilia

You know when you do something that you think you are pretty good at. And then you see someone else doing it a hundred times better, and you realize that you have been sucking at it the whole time. That is how we felt when we ordered a vegetarian pizza from a small ristorante on Sicily, a few years back. The way they put topping on a pizza, mama mia, that is how it was meant to look like (and taste!). Forget about the traditional vegetariana, with a few vegetables in pretty looking patterns. These pizzas were topped with at least ten different ingredients. And instead of arranging them in plain patterns, they were stacked upon each other in a big pile. There were tomatoes, onions, spinach, olives, big chunks of garlic, artichokes, mushrooms, marinated eggplant and zucchini, big pre boiled potatoes … and a lot more. The lesson we learned from that day, don’t be shy when you decorate a pizza. Just throw as many vegetables on it as you can fit.

These pizzas are inspired from that sicilian restaurant, but instead of making one giant pizza we made mini versions. It has probably been said a zillion times before, but this is a great thing to do for a party. Prepare all the ingredients and a big batch of pizza dough (you can prepare the dough the day before), then let everyone decorate their own pizza.

Regarding the dough. About a year ago we made potato pizza on a rye dough. That recipes was so good that we have been sticking with it since then. This time we used the same recipe, but switched rye for spelt flour, and it turned out just as good as the rye dough. We have tried a few different gluten free pizza doughs, but we never found one with the same elasticity as our dough. So if you have the perfect recipe for a gluten free pizza dough, please write it or link to it in the comment field, and we will try them out next time.

Vegetarian Mini Pizza
Makes around 8 – 10 small pizzas (5-inch) or 1 large

As we mentioned above you can use almost anything as topping, we have only written some suggestions. We marinate the zucchini and eggplant and make a proper tomato sauce ourselves, if you want to make it easier for yourself you can buy these things pre-made in the supermarket.

1 cup/2,4 dl lukewarm water
2 tsp instant dry yeast
2 tsp sea salt
2 1/2 cup/6 dl spelt flour (we used light)
2 tbsp olive oil

Tomato sauce:
1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion, chopped
1 clove garlic
2 tbsp capers (drained)
a pinch of dried chili
1 1/2 cup/3,6 dl of canned tomatoes
1 tbsp fresh or 1 tsp dried oregano
salt & black pepper

4 pre boiled potatoes
250 g marinated artichoke hearts
100 g kalamata olives
1 zuchini (marinated)
1 eggplant (marinated)
4 brown mushrooms, cut in quarters
1/4 fennel, thin slices
300 g small tomatoes
2 small spring onions, divided in half
1/2 broccoli100 g goat cheese
salt & black pepper
fresh aragula, put it on after the pizza has been in the oven

Making the dough: Pour warm water in a medium size bowl. Add salt and yeast and stir around. Mix in 2 cups of flour. Gradually add more flour until the dough comes together enough for you to start kneading it. Knead for a couple of minutes, add additional flour if it sticks to your hands. Put the dough back in the bowl and drizzle it with olive oil. Work the dough until it’s completely covered in the oil. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and set it in a warm place for 1 – 2 hours.

Making the tomato sauce: Heat olive oil in a medium size pot. Add onion, garlic, and chili and saute  for 2-3 minutes. Add capers and fresh tomatoes and spices and cook for 10 minutes, lower the heat and let it simmer for half an hour more under a lid.

Preheat the oven to the highest possible temperature (450-500°F). Remove the plastic cover from the dough and start working it with your hands on a slightly floured work surface. Make 8 to 10 small portions. Stretch and flatten the dough until you get the desired size and thickness that you prefer and move it to a baking pan covered with parchment paper. Spelt flour doesn’t stretch as good as wheat flour but if you work carefully and flatten it with the palm of your hand you will get it right. Another trick is to roll them out directly on the parchment paper with a slightly floured rolling pin and then just move the parchment paper to the baking pan.

Brush the dough with 2 tbsp tomato sauce. Cover them with topping of your choice. Bake for about 10-15 min until the outer part of the topping and the edges are slightly burnt. Sprinkle with fresh goat cheese, a bit of olive oil, fresh aragula, salt and freshly grounded pepper. Serve immediately.


  1. Melanie Persaud
    Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 15:23 | #

    Are you a professional food photographer? You should be! Simply gorgeous!

  2. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 15:30 | #

    These are works of art! I totally agree, a creative mess is the most beautiful thing! (and tasty!)

  3. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 15:40 | #

    Stunning pictures. I love the idea of adding TONS of veggies and making mini versions!

  4. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 15:45 | #

    Each of these looks so wonderful. I could just eat that filling and be satisfied!

  5. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 15:45 | #

    Those look delicious! I love the variety and the fact that they’re mini. So beautiful :)

  6. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 15:55 | #

    So pretty! I haven’t made pizza at home in awhile, but these are sure inspiring me.

  7. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 16:02 | #

    These are super little mini pizzas for teens! We love doing this for birthdays or get-togethers where they can all make their own. Yours look delicioso!

  8. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 16:04 | #

    I make a really nice gluten-free pizza dough. It isn’t elastic in any way, I really don’t think you would ever find a gluten-free one that is?! But it is really tasty. The quinoa flour keeps it nice and light.

  9. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 17:50 | #

    These are beautiful. We have plans for grilling pizza this weekend. I like the idea of the smaller size…and all the beautiful veggies.

  10. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 17:58 | #

    Delicious looking disks of deliciousness! Beautiful post. I’ve got a tuna and creme fraiche one on my blog but I need to fire the photographer (me!) as I can’t hope to compete with your lovely offering.

  11. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 18:46 | #

    Yes! Now this is my kind of pizza! I’ve never been to Sicily, but I’ve always topped my pizzas with more veggies than most and always got funny looks from people who topped there’s with lots of cheese! Beautiful, can’t wait to try your crust too!

  12. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 19:28 | #

    Droolallert! They all look gorgeous, so yumyumyummy!

  13. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 21:00 | #

    those are breathtakingly beautiful pizzas. I need to try your dough recipe!

  14. Posted 18 Jun ’11 at 21:47 | #

    These look amazing! I can tell you know what you’re talking about when it comes to toppings! And I love that you used spelt.

  15. Posted 19 Jun ’11 at 01:04 | #

    These are incredible! And now I feel like what I’ve been making has been sucking the whole time, so you’ve effectively passed that torch ;)

    Thank you for these recipes!

  16. Posted 19 Jun ’11 at 04:29 | #

    These are some of the best looking pizzas I have ever seen!! Beauties…

  17. Posted 19 Jun ’11 at 05:10 | #

    Homemade pizza is a staple in our household. It is a fab way to use up leftovers. I find that spelt works very well in the base. I never make it with regular 00 flour ever. I love your toppings and the quaintness of the bite sizes you have created. Very nice indeed.

  18. Posted 19 Jun ’11 at 08:22 | #

    Your pizzas look amazing!!! I made spelt flour dough few times and I love it…now I’d like to try your rye version… ^_^

  19. Posted 19 Jun ’11 at 10:16 | #

    Holy moly! These pizzas look fabulouso! Time to through a pizza party soon. :)

  20. Sini
    Posted 19 Jun ’11 at 13:39 | #

    These look super delicious! I’m on the search for a gluten free pizza dough as well as I’m organizing a birthday party for my grandma and I really hate when people with special diets have “their own food”.

  21. Posted 19 Jun ’11 at 17:24 | #

    Your introduction made me laugh. Your mini pizzas look beautiful. You recommend going to Sicilia? I am a big fan of Italy but I have never been there.

    • Posted 23 Jun ’11 at 08:10 | #

      Hi Claudia, we do recommend Sicily. We rented a car and drove around for ten days. It was an amazing trip, so many beautiful places to see. Although it must be said that Palermo is one of the most chaotic cities we have experienced, especially by car…

  22. Posted 19 Jun ’11 at 20:02 | #

    I seriously can’t stop thinking about pizza now. These look amazing

  23. Posted 19 Jun ’11 at 22:04 | #

    i love them, they are so cute :) Beautiful pictures!

  24. Posted 21 Jun ’11 at 05:26 | #

    yum! love the minis!

  25. Posted 21 Jun ’11 at 19:16 | #

    those pizzas are beautiful! I love the mini size and the way they’re loaded with vegetables. In “Babycakes Covers the Classics” there is a recipe for gluten free pizza dough. There is also a vegetable tart which uses a gluten free dough that’s probably more similar to typical pizza dough.

  26. Posted 21 Jun ’11 at 21:41 | #

    Love it!

  27. Posted 22 Jun ’11 at 15:47 | #

    They look so cute and delicious! great recipe!

  28. Posted 22 Jun ’11 at 15:54 | #

    Now I’m back looking at your kick-ass pizzas for the 20th time or so…. Must make them soon! ;)

  29. Posted 22 Jun ’11 at 17:11 | #

    wow. wow, wow, wow. love this idea.

  30. Posted 24 Jun ’11 at 18:37 | #

    How do I store the leftover dough? Made a bunch today! Tunis.

    • Posted 25 Jun ’11 at 21:30 | #

      Hi Julie, you can store the dough in a plastic covered bowl in the fridge for a couple of days.

  31. Posted 25 Jun ’11 at 19:17 | #

    Absolutely beautiful! Making this tonight. Tomorrow night. Now, and forever. Amen.

  32. Posted 25 Jun ’11 at 19:26 | #

    Your pizzas are beautiful! I love the idea of making big piles of toppings. Thanks for the delicious inspiration. :)

  33. luda hiekin
    Posted 26 Jun ’11 at 00:24 | #

    Thank you for this recipe. We made this pizza dough and sauce and have been making it ever since. Absolutely delicious!

  34. Posted 18 Jul ’11 at 15:29 | #

    Just letting you know that this is by far the best pizza I’ve had in my life. I’ve used your recipe tonight and the results are up on my new blog, if you’re interested. I decided to start a food blog again after feeling inspired by yours. Thanks for sharing the love xx

  35. Posted 5 Aug ’11 at 08:02 | #

    this is a brilliant idea. just wondering what quantity of fresh tomatoes to use instead of canned ones for the sauce.

  36. Posted 28 Aug ’11 at 01:54 | #

    Made this tonight and it was delicious. Love the blog and love this recipe.

  37. Posted 7 Sep ’11 at 21:19 | #

    Your pizzas are beautiful!!! Looks yummie!

    I have been trying quite a few gluten free pizza dough recipes… Now I am using the naturally gluten free norwegian “Jyttemjöl” which is the best I´ve been using for gluten free baking so far. Here´s my own very best pizza dough recipe (in swedish…). I throw in my amazing tomato sauce recipe as well! :-)

    Bästa glutenfria pizzadegen

    25 g färsk jäst
    2,5 dl ljummet vatten
    1 msk olivolja
    0,5 msk honung
    0,5 tsk salt
    4 dl Jyttemjöl original
    1 msk fiberhusk

    Lös upp jästen i ljummet vatten blandat med olivolja, honung och salt. Tillsätt jyttemjöl och fiberhusk. Knåda degen på lågt varvtal i matberedaren 5-10 minuter, tills degen släpper kanten. Låt jäsa övertäckt 1 timme. Den här degen jäser som en deg ska göra!

    Tryck ut degen på väl oljad plåt med blöta händer, skölj av blöt händerna igen när dom blir kladdiga. Glutenfri deg är kladdig och går inte att kavla. Låt jäsa ytterligare 15 min på plåten.

    Förgrädda 5-10 min i 225 grader, varmluft.

    Bred ut den hemgjorda tomatsåsen och lägg på massa gott! Grädda i 225 grader 15-20 minuter.

    Ju mindre pizzor man gör, desto mindre risk att pizzan blir kladdig i mitten! Vi gör dubbel sats och 3 pizzor av det (nästa gång får det blir minipizzor!).

    Världens godaste tomatsås (mammas gamla äkta italienska recept med min touch)

    0,5-1 gul lök
    1 vitlöksklyfta
    2 msk olivolja
    1 burk krossade tomater av god kvalitet
    1 tsk socker/honung/agavesirap
    Salt, svartpeppar
    0,5-1 tsk basilika (gärna fryst)
    0,5-1 tsk oregano (torkad)
    1-2 lagerblad
    2-3 msk tomatpuré

    Följ ordningen nedan exakt, för bästa resultat!
    Hacka löken fint, mjukstek i olivolja i kastrull på låg värme 5-10 min, tillsätt vitlök och krossade tomater, låt småkoka utan lock i 15 min. Tillsätt salt, peppar, socker, låt puttra 10 min. Tillsätt örtkryddor + lagerblad, koka 15 min. Tillsätt tomatpuré (ofta har jag inte det hemma, men den blir god ändå!) och låt svalna lite.

  38. Posted 13 Sep ’11 at 12:22 | #

    I love creating pizza, in fact it is my hobby and at the same time my passion. Thanks for this recipe I have another pizza treat to bake.

  39. Posted 19 Sep ’11 at 19:17 | #

    Love all of the mini pizzas! Veggie pizzas are the best!

  40. Posted 26 Sep ’11 at 17:44 | #

    i made these last night and they were wonderful! thank you so much for the great recipe :).

  41. Clau Garza
    Posted 6 Oct ’11 at 20:52 | #

    This looks delicious! May I ask how you marinated the eggplant and zuchini? Thanks!

    • Posted 12 Oct ’11 at 20:46 | #

      Hi Clau Garza!

      Here is a description from our Moroccan Quinoa Salad

      “Start by making the marinated vegetables. Spread out the zucchini and eggplant slices on a bbq, in a grill pan or in the oven, a couple of minutes on each side. Put them in a bowl, drizzle olive oil, garlic and salt over them and set aside.” You can also add a splash of balsamic vinegar or white wine vinegar.

      Happy cooking

  42. Julea
    Posted 12 Oct ’11 at 16:17 | #

    Hejsan! :)

    I just wanted to know if this recipe was based on the American “cup”, or the Swedish “decilitre”? I’m Canadian, but I’m living in Sweden right now, and wondered which measurement I should use. Also, can any flour be used (regular white flour, whole wheat flour) instead of spelt flour?

    Thank you! And I love your blog :) :)

    • Posted 12 Oct ’11 at 20:40 | #

      Hi Julea!

      Thank you for your comment :-)

      The recipe is based on american cups. We have only made the pizzas on rye or spelt. But give it try with any other kind, my guess is that it would work fine.

      Happy baking

  43. Mini
    Posted 31 Oct ’11 at 05:06 | #

    The Pizzas look delicious! Just wanted to know if the recipe for the rye flour dough remains the same i.e. I just substitute 2 and half cups of rye flour in place of spelt four?

  44. Posted 20 Apr ’12 at 03:51 | #

    These mini pizzas look adorable and yummy. I would love to make them for a little dinner soire.

  45. Anke
    Posted 10 Jul ’12 at 19:51 | #

    We’Re big fans of your blog and made these pizzas already a few times and every time they are super delicious. Thank you for the recipe!
    My boyfriend and I are planning our trip to Sicily in September and I was wondering if you had some good tips? (restaurants, hotels,must see/do) Thank you!

  46. Jackie
    Posted 10 Aug ’12 at 04:31 | #

    I’m not sure if you know this, but I think Apple featured your pizzas for a few seconds in an iPad ad, where they were demonstrating how the iPad browses the web!

    Here’s a link to the ad:

  47. Kara
    Posted 14 Aug ’12 at 02:47 | #

    LOL I just came to post I saw this in an iPad commercial and knew what website it was from :) I knew it was from here! Your picture is so great!

  48. sandra
    Posted 21 Aug ’12 at 08:12 | #

    I’ve made these for a party, they were pretty and delicious, the only thing I didn’t do was adding salt to the yeast because I was told that it destroys it (?)
    Thank you!

  49. Lauren
    Posted 25 Aug ’12 at 08:08 | #

    I made these tonight – homemade dough, sauce, and all! I even made a homemade vegan goat “cheese” to go with them. Delicious!

  50. Kathryn
    Posted 6 Sep ’12 at 16:28 | #

    I’m an au pair for a very health-conscious mom, and I made these for lunch today. They were healthy and delicious, a huge hit with all. Thanks for the recipe!

  51. Posted 19 Nov ’12 at 16:09 | #

    beautiful pictures and perfect snack!

  52. Posted 11 Mar ’13 at 00:23 | #

    What a cool twist on pizza! And seriously beautiful pictures! You have a gorgeous site. I love finger food, especially for get-togethers, so this is perfect…thank you!

  53. Posted 15 Mar ’13 at 15:26 | #

    The one with cocktail tomatoes look amazing. Beautiful dish for a the next party!

  54. Kristina
    Posted 16 Nov ’13 at 20:00 | #

    Those little pizzas look delicious, as look the ones in your wonderful cookbook. I’m trying the recipe right now and am a little surprised that the dough didn’t really rise. I’m trying to bake the pizza anyway but was wondering if I did anything wrong. Is the dough supposed to rise?

    Would love to hear your thoughts :)

  55. Rosie
    Posted 20 Apr ’14 at 18:03 | #

    These turn out brilliantly! I’ve come back to this recipe time and time again, it’s always so popular!

  56. Gabriela Gonzalez
    Posted 6 Jul ’14 at 02:00 | #

    Hello!(: I’m a 17 year old girl from Panama now living in UK(weird right),and new to this lifestyle of conscious healthy eating since last year.As I’m no nutritionist I only get my information from nutrition books and I’m still learning each day.I’ll like to make my own gluten free dough,and I’ve come across many recipes on the internet.But as the curious girl I am,I would like to know why the recipes are so varied.As to why some people just use two types of flours,others 3,and many 4 flours.Why can’t I just use one?And if I need more which ones can I use?I currently have brown rice flour.I could buy potato starch in the health store that I go to.In there there is:quinoa(I could make the flour but quinoa is too expensive),I buy millet a lot(I could make some flour),tapioca starch if I recall,maize flour,etc.Which ones could I use to make the dough?Also it includes active yeast.What is yeast exactly,what does it do to the pizza,is it bad,and if so what is healthier substitute?I bought today yeast thinking it was ‘dry yeast’,little did I know when I bought it that yeast extract is was in fact a whole other thing and also know as ‘vegemite’.Btw,I enjoy your blog very much,looking at recipes does indeed help you learn more about real food.Keep it up!And lovely photos(:

  57. Grace
    Posted 8 Aug ’14 at 16:27 | #

    I just have to say that I made these last night for the first time and it was the best pizza ever! Thank you so much for your recipe!!

  58. Posted 13 Dec ’14 at 14:24 | #

    I’ll be making this on the weekend with my roomies!

  59. Laura
    Posted 28 Mar ’15 at 22:00 | #

    Hello, made these pizzas tonight, don’t normally leave comments but just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this recipe. Very easy and super tasty. The pizza base was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to make again. Laura

  60. Ellen
    Posted 5 Oct ’16 at 20:49 | #

    This is hands down the best pizza I have ever had!!

    After working my way through a lot of your amazing recipes, I decided to finally take the plunge and became a vegetarian a couple of months ago and I have not regretted it for a second. Thank you so much for all of the inspiration you offer!

  61. Leonam
    Posted 9 Sep ’17 at 20:08 | #

    Boa tarde.

    Gostaria de enviar um currículo para vaga de pizzaiolo. Como posso fazer isso?

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