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Vegetable flatbreads + video

These colorful flatbreads are quick to make, have only 3 ingredients (well kind of, if you are not counting salt or pepper) with the main one being a vegetable (which is why they have such awesome colors). Sounds interesting?

We created this recipe for our youtube channel so make sure to watch the video to see what a simple, savoury snack this is. Our plan was to make a really instructional video but Elsa came crashing our shoot with all her crazy monkey faces and dances and we just couldn’t leave those parts out when editing. Hopefully you will still find some helpful cooking instructions in there. Press play!

We really enjoy shooting these videos and will try making them more frequently. We are thinking about adding some Q&A videos as well, so subscribe to our youtube channel for the latest updates and to ask us questions.


Our flatbreads are simply made with mixed vegetables, ground almonds and eggs. The recipe is based on the quite popular cauliflower pizza crust recipe from our first cookbook The Green Kitchen. We found these to be a fun variation and quite useful to have at home. We have broccoli in the green ones, and mix cauliflower with carrots or beetroot for the orange and purple/red flatbreads. You can also add spinach or kale to the broccoli or cauliflower mix. A handy and a bit unusual way to eat your veggies. The almond flour add a sweet roundness to the flavor but if you are allergic to nuts you could try using chickpea flour and a splash of olive oil instead. We should perhaps add that raw mixed broccoli smells a lot like fart, so you should perhaps not make these right before you are having a romantic date (the smell disappears when they are baked though).

With a stack of these in the fridge, you’ve got a number of quick meal options. Most commonly, we eat them as sandwiches filled with mashed avocado, vegetables, hummus or cheese (you can of course add whatever you prefer). Or we make super quick mini pizzas by spreading a single layer pesto or tomato puree on each, then add topping of choice and bake for 7-8 minutes on high heat. You can also make larger pieces and roll them into thick wraps. Thank you Angela for leaving a comment suggesting these would be great canapés, stamped out with cookie cutters, excellent idea!

Broccoli Flatbread
Makes about 12 slices

1 large head of raw broccoli
100 g / 1 cup almond flour / ground almonds
4 eggs
1 tsp dried herbs of choice (oregano, thyme, lemon pepper), optional
sea salt and black pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 200°C / 400°F and line a baking tray with baking paper. Coarsely chop the broccoli (use the brighter part of the stem too), place in food processor and blend until you have got a fine rice-like texture. Measure 4 cups / 1 liter of the vegetable ‘rice’ and place in a mixing bowl. Add ground almonds, salt and pepper (plus herbs, if using) and mix with your hands. Make a well in the centre and add the eggs. Whisk the eggs with a fork. Use your hands to pull the dry ingredients towards the middle until everything is combined and you can shape it into a ball. It should be more loose and wet than a traditional bread dough. Transfer to the baking paper and form into a rectangular base by flattening the dough with your hands. Bake on the middle rack in the oven for 23-25 minutes or until slightly golden and firm. Remove from the oven and let cool completely. Turn it upside-down and carefully remove the baking paper. Cut into bread-sized slices and store in the fridge.

Beet flatbread

1 small head of raw cauliflower, including the stem
2 medium raw beetroots, peeled
100 g / 1 cup almond flour / ground almonds
4 eggs
1/2 tsp sea salt and black pepper

Use the same instruction and measurements as above. The dough is slightly more moist than when using broccoli but dries up when baked.

Carrot flatbread

1 small head of raw cauliflower
1 large raw carrot, peeled
100 g / 1 cup almond flour / ground almonds
4 eggs
1/2 tsp sea salt and black pepper

Use the same instruction and measurements as above. The dough is slightly more moist than when using broccoli but dries up when baked.

Note for vegans: We have tried a vegan version of this recipe but weren’t entirely satisfied with it. We used 3 chia ‘eggs’ (3 tbsp chia + 9 tbsp water, set a side for 15 minutes) instead of eggs, but it didn’t hold together well enough once baked. Next time we will try replacing the almond flour with a more starchy flour (rice flour or chickpea flour) or replacing chia seeds with psyllium seeds for the bread to hold together better.


  1. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 15:43 | #

    These look very interesting, I’d have thought the ground almonds would have made these quite sweet, but I’m guessing the salt and vegetable content helps with that.

    I imagine they’re made a great canape as you could stamp them out in interesting shapes and top them with lots of different dips and etc.

    Lovely video too, I have kitchen envy!

  2. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 16:06 | #

    What a brilliant idea!

    • gaylene waihi
      Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 22:20 | #

      Great for pizza base

  3. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 16:30 | #

    These look so good!

  4. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 17:03 | #

    Great to have you guys back, GKS! I love this recipe so much!

  5. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 17:23 | #

    This recipe is absolutely genius. Love the video. Thanks for sharing.❤️

  6. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 18:37 | #

    Such an adorable little video- it captures all the delight of little ones in the kitchen! And I am just so excited to try these little flatbreads. Will be so wonderful for packing kids lunches. :)

  7. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 18:42 | #

    This is now my favorite video on the entire Internet. SO amazing. Also I’m making this bread asap!! Might try it with sweet potatoes in the orange!

  8. MG
    Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 18:55 | #

    I admire your recipes! And Elsa is too cute.

  9. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 19:23 | #

    These look incredible. I can already tell this is about to be a staple in my house! Thank you so much! And I’m not big on eggs, so I’ll test a version without them and let you know how it works. Thank you!!!

  10. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 19:29 | #

    Oh wow! My son is lactose/gluten free… this will be so much fun to make! Thank you so much.

  11. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 19:32 | #

    Elsa is so adorable in this video! I love the colour of these flatbreads – I’m throwing a Moroccan themed wedding shower for my sister soon and might incorporate these for an easy-to-prepare dip-scooper.

  12. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 19:42 | #

    Such a brilliant idea and the video is the best thing I’ve seen all week! Elsa is adorable!!

  13. Pei
    Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 20:15 | #

    Brilliant! Can’t wait to try them out. And the cute Elsa makes the video even better!!

  14. Airyfairycelt
    Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 20:25 | #

    Really great.
    I use leftover veg and leftover soup!
    I freeze spicy, herby, seedy, and do hummus as well. I eat a lot of
    salad and raw veg. So creative bread are fabulous to me. I love

  15. Airyfairycelt
    Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 20:29 | #

    Ps I use flax or chia egg!

    • Natalie
      Posted 6 Feb ’16 at 19:50 | #

      Hi do you use flax instead of almond flour?

      • Airyfairycelt
        Posted 14 Feb ’16 at 09:38 | #

        Excuse me, Natalie were you asking me? I am just reading through….
        I don’t use flax flour instead of almond is this something I can do,as I can’t use eggs then?

        • Natalie
          Posted 14 Feb ’16 at 14:58 | #

          Sorry I thought i was asking the author,!

  16. Sherry
    Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 20:43 | #

    This looks amazing! Would love to try but I only have buckwheat flour instead. Will it do the trick?

  17. Posted 4 Feb ’16 at 21:03 | #

    These look incredible!! I am so excited to make these.

  18. Lucy
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 00:04 | #

    Could you freeze the bread ?

    • sandra appleby
      Posted 23 Feb ’17 at 23:41 | #

      These freeze really well. You don’t have to separate then the come apart easily. I use them for sandwiches pizza or lightly toast.I also add seeds and or nutritional yeast grated parmesean the list is endless

  19. Sally
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 00:51 | #

    Great video and exciting recipe to try ? Loved the music and your daughter should always be featured!

  20. michelle
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 01:44 | #

    I made these with chickpea flour just because it’s what I had on hand and they turned out great. I love the texture and can’t wait to make a sandwich tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe!

    • AJ
      Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 11:47 | #

      Hi Michelle, how much chickpea flower did you use to veg? Glad this worked out for you and am very interested to try. Am guessing chickpea flour flatbreads will be more crispy :) ? xx

      • michelle
        Posted 6 Feb ’16 at 17:46 | #

        I kept the measurements the same (I cup chickpea flour). The bread did not come out crispy but a nice bread consistency. It worked out perfectly for a sandwich and stayed together.

  21. Amy
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 01:45 | #

    How long do they last for in the fridge?

  22. Jo
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 03:05 | #

    I bet aquafaba would work for a vegan version! It’s a way better binder than flax, chia, or psyllium. I’ll have to give it a try.

    • sassygirl
      Posted 30 May ’17 at 23:21 | #

      that is a terrific idea to replace eggs with
      aquafaba! i have a recipe for a totally vegan
      french bread using aquafaba and will definitely
      try it out in this recipe.

  23. Amy
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 03:46 | #

    It’s hard to gauge how much a head of broccoli or “small” cauliflower is – do you have grams or cups measurements for these?

    • AC
      Posted 28 Aug ’17 at 21:38 | #

      Amy, if you watch the video you’ll see they’re using 4 cups of broccoli. For the beet and carrot versions go for the same amount of veggies or approximately 3 cups of cauliflower and 1 cup of beets or carrots. You might do 1.5 cups of beets and 2.5 cups of cauliflower, but no more beets than that. That’s my rough estimate.

  24. Chelsea
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 04:06 | #


    What a wonderful recipe! I love all the colours :) Thank you for trying a vegan version. Have you tried aqua fava (the water leftover from a tin of chickpeas)? Apparently, it is a great substitute for eggs in muffins – so I can imagine it would work quite nicely here.

  25. Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 06:36 | #

    This idea is so brilliant! And that video is far too cute, what a doll!

  26. Sarah
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 08:12 | #

    This looks absolutely awesome!! Have you tried using the dough for waffles?

  27. Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 09:47 | #

    This is genius! And I absolutely loved the vibe of the video, so relaxing, fun and playful :) subscribed!

  28. sarah
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 11:30 | #

    These are beautiful! My 15 month old has a dairy and egg allergy, which can be frustrating at times to cook for so if you do manage a vegan option that’d be great to hear! We aren’t so worried about gluten (when you already cut out two foods, gluten is the least of my worries for him!) so maybe I’ll have a play with other flour types to to hold it together…

  29. Heidi
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 11:41 | #

    Yum, making these today. How long would these last in the fridge or could they be frozen?

  30. Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 11:54 | #

    Wow that’s such a lovely video, Elsa is the cutest!! :)

  31. Andrea Neumann
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 12:06 | #

    love the simplicity of this…. thing is… my husband can’t have almonds and all 4 of us can’t have eggs (and others) would you have tried the recipe with flax or chia eggs? and perhaps a different nut flour?

    thanking you

    • Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 13:44 | #

      Hi Andrea, I would use chickpea flour (besan) instead of almond flour. We have tried this recipe with chia eggs and didn’t find it that great, they were too fragile to use as sandwich bread. Some readers have suggested using aquafaba (the water from canned chickpeas) instead of the eggs. We haven’t tried it ourselves but it is supposed to be a miraculous egg replacer. I think you can just google it to get the right amount.
      Good luck!

      • Andrea Neumann
        Posted 6 Feb ’16 at 10:57 | #

        thanks David. I’ll try these combinations ☺

  32. Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 14:36 | #

    OMG!!!! FANTASTIC!!! I love cauloflower pizza crust and this recipe is really really yummy and healthy! I wanna try it in a vegan version! WOW! And…lovely video!!!

  33. Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 15:43 | #

    These look incredibly fun to make and eat! Cannot wait to try them out!

  34. Somer
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 17:14 | #

    Have you tried sweet potatoes?

  35. Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 19:14 | #

    These are delicious and so versatile… We made the carrot flatbreads for a sandwich supper – just eaten! I added an extra carrot and fresh parsley to the mix – I also did not peel anything – the almonds or the carrots – so lots of fibre. Great as finger food for our beautiful toddler and we will try different flours depending on the store cupboard :-) x

    • Joanna
      Posted 20 Feb ’16 at 00:44 | #

      What a great idea to use these for finger food Edith! I will definitely try this for my little one, thank you for the idea!

  36. Sandy
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 19:20 | #

    Could we use leftover almond pulp (dehydrated) for the flour needed in the recipe?

    Thank you!

  37. Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 19:45 | #

    lovely video…and what a great idea. i love the color too,

  38. Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 20:48 | #

    So, so good!
    Simple: perfect!
    Thank you guys!

  39. Bianca F
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 21:26 | #

    I’ve been constantly looking for bread “substitutes” recipes and finally found this one that I love. I was wondering if instead of almond flour I could use coconut flour or ground flax? Would love to hear your opinion, thanks :)

    • Linda Wichman
      Posted 12 Feb ’17 at 21:26 | #

      I’m allergic to broccoli,eggs and almonds. Can I use zucchini,coconut flour,sunflower seeds? Haven’t tested chickpea’s so what else can I use for egg replacement? I also found out that I’m allergic to carrots,haven’t tested for beets yet. What other veggies could I use? This is such a wonderful way to have a bread, to make sandwich’s since I’m allergic to wheat,soy & corn as well.

  40. Rosalie
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 21:37 | #

    What a lovely video, Elsa makes me smile all day with her funny looks!
    I’ve made the flatbreads today with chickpea flour en psyllium seeds. They turned out great! I added also some orange zest with the broccoli version and a Asian twist (with 1 tbsp tamari, nori en black sesam seeds) witht the carrot version. Thank you deeply for this cuddiest video & recipe! Lots of love!

  41. Airyfairycelt
    Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 23:16 | #

    Oh thank you for comments all. Yes of course. I should try the aquafaba but am still dithering over it.
    I will use it from cooked chickpeas but nit keen on tin!
    So…. Any ideas on amounts as I still appear to be clueless in this regard?

  42. Posted 5 Feb ’16 at 23:45 | #

    You helped me so much with my life and my eating. I love your recipes so much. Can’t wait for your next book!
    Greets from Germany <3<3<3<3

    Beauty | Movies | Fashion | Interior | Lifestyle | Food | Fitness

  43. Jenny HH
    Posted 6 Feb ’16 at 03:56 | #

    Delicious and easy! thank you!

  44. Posted 6 Feb ’16 at 05:32 | #

    My husband and my little toddler loves broccoli. And I recently bought a mini oven. This post came right on time! And super cute video btw :)

  45. Maria
    Posted 6 Feb ’16 at 12:11 | #

    Just made the carrot flatbread, turned out perfect! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to make the broccoli and Beetroot versions! Love the video, and Elsa’s cheeky smile ??

  46. Elise
    Posted 6 Feb ’16 at 13:31 | #

    I tried the Vegetable flatbread today. It was delicious!
    How do you think the bread will stay as good after being frozen?

    Love your work!
    XO from Norway

  47. Miranda
    Posted 6 Feb ’16 at 20:08 | #

    I made your broccoli flatbreads yesterday and they’re a) amazingly tasty, b) super easy to make and c) the BEST bread replacement I’ve yet to come across!! My search for a gluten/grain free loaf is over… thank you so much!

  48. Elien
    Posted 6 Feb ’16 at 23:42 | #

    Lovely video, GKS!

    It looked too great not to try, and so easy too. So I made a vegan version and just used what I had on hand:
    leftover green pulp from juice-making (1/2cup)+ 2 1/2 cup of cauliflower-rice + 1/2cup chickpea flour + 1/2cup rye flour + 1/2 heaping cup rolled oats + 3tbsp ground flaxseed with 9tbsp water + 1tsp dried herbs
    Same method. It holds together well and is yummm..

    Thanks for the great recipe.

    • Airyfairycelt
      Posted 8 Feb ’16 at 01:54 | #

      Thank you fir first recipe to follow that I can use immediately.
      I am thrilled to see aquafaba coming in more, I am looking and trying to learn and I await a simple one to build up my confidence and my repertoire.

  49. Posted 7 Feb ’16 at 05:48 | #

    Made these for lunch today (the broccoli ones). So easy, yummy and nutritious to boot! Thanks for yet another amazing recipe.
    Ps. Love the video, Elsa is gorgeous! Growing up fast.

  50. Lucia
    Posted 7 Feb ’16 at 13:42 | #

    I just would love to cook such a delicious, quick after school lunch. But I was wondering wich tipes of veggies Ii could punt as the filling and how cooked…

  51. Marianne
    Posted 7 Feb ’16 at 14:26 | #

    Love this idea and thanks for the notes to vegans :)

  52. Marjan
    Posted 7 Feb ’16 at 19:24 | #

    What a great inspiration. Again! Wonderful recipe. I made them today. They are very tasty. Looking forward to experimenting more and more. Thanks! Marjan

  53. Lisa
    Posted 7 Feb ’16 at 23:21 | #

    I saw your pic on Instagram and immediately had to go to your blog to find the recipe! I love the idea of the flatbread coloured with just your basic vegetable.

    I remember working at a restaurant and we were testing out some gluten free bread and they would always crumble when we tried to slice it. We did some research and realized that adding a small amount of xanthan gum helped hold the bread together. Something about xanthan helps gel water together to prevent the crumbling. Maybe adding a bit into your nut free recipe or vegan one will help? From my understanding xanthan is plant based but maybe you guys can find out if it fits into your philosophy and your diet.

    I love your blog and always looking forward to your next post for inspiration. We all appreciate your hard work! Keep it up.

    Much love from Montreal, Canada.

  54. Airyfairycelt
    Posted 8 Feb ’16 at 01:56 | #

    Thank you for all the vegan recipe suggestions all. I see a chickpea recipe already measured out so thanks for that, and am looking forward to aquafaba experts coming in with theirs.

  55. Posted 8 Feb ’16 at 08:55 | #

    Oh such a great way to hide vegetables :) These look divine!

  56. Vi
    Posted 8 Feb ’16 at 12:40 | #

    Hi! I made the broccoli flatbread today! It’s really great! Very good bread replacement and the smell of oregano makes it so delicious! Thank you !

  57. Kriszti
    Posted 8 Feb ’16 at 14:39 | #

    Do you think this recipe and the cauliflower pizza crust would work with other kind of flours? I’m thinking buckwheat or spelt. Thanks and keep up the good work! xx

  58. Posted 8 Feb ’16 at 15:31 | #

    What a wonderful idea!And the colours! :) The video is fab, btw!

  59. Posted 8 Feb ’16 at 16:59 | #

    What a wonderful heartwarming Video! Love it so much! You are amazing. xoxo Janine

  60. Erin
    Posted 8 Feb ’16 at 19:07 | #

    I can’t wait to try these. Do you have an approximate weight on the veggie ingredients…the size can vary so much. Thanks!

  61. Posted 9 Feb ’16 at 03:12 | #

    Might there be a vegan version on the horizon? 0:)

  62. Céline
    Posted 9 Feb ’16 at 11:24 | #

    Is there any substitute for almond flour ? I’m allergic to almond but would really love to make this recipe. Would brow rice flower or buckwheat flour work for example ? Or another type of nut ? Thanks a lot for all the wonderful recipes ! Céline

    • Posted 9 Feb ’16 at 15:35 | #

      Hi Céline, several readers have successfully made these with chickpea flour but I believe the flours you suggest will work to. Let us know how it goes!

      • Céline
        Posted 10 Feb ’16 at 17:51 | #

        So i tried with brown rice flower and they turned out perfect :-)
        The second baking I made (yes, I made a big batch ! ;-) I kind of forgot them and they were overcooked – they turned brownish…. and sometimes in cooking mistakes leads to great discoveries… it’s is also amazing, they became crispy and you can use them to dip into a guacamole or hummus… So I think we can’t go wrong with this recipe. Amazing recipe ! Thank you :-))

  63. Posted 9 Feb ’16 at 21:24 | #

    I made such a mess of the recipe. Our local shop only had ground hazelnuts left so I used that. I planned on making half the amount because I didn’t buy enough Broccoli and then I completely forgot half way through and added ALL the eggs! Arg… I had buckwheat flour, as I had made your spinach pancakes the day before and I added some to dry out the mixture. Despite all of that it was still great! So I can’t wait to try them again properly. And it would be awesome to nail a vegan version somehow as I’m heading in that direction. Thanks a million for the inspiration and for making me a better cook :)

  64. baba
    Posted 9 Feb ’16 at 23:06 | #

    Great recipe.

    Check out


  65. Posted 10 Feb ’16 at 09:22 | #

    I was really inspired by this recipe and made a pizza dough with broccoli and ground nuts and seeds. I substituted the eggs with flax seeds and baking soda and held it all together with vegan melting cheese. You guys are super inspiring with all your awsome ideas!

    If someones interested in the pizza recipe: http://timans.se/broccoli-i-pizzabotten-vegetarisk-lchf-pizza-baserad-pa-broccoli-notter-och-fro/

  66. Claudia
    Posted 10 Feb ’16 at 18:00 | #

    What a fabulous idea! I’m also glad to have learned about aqua fava – but it didn’t work out for me with this recipe :( I will try it with eggs next time! Rock on!

  67. Adriana
    Posted 12 Feb ’16 at 03:22 | #

    It just came out of the oven and cooled out. It is so pretty and tasty!! Thanks for sharing this recipe, I only made the green one to see how it went. Here in Mexico organic eggs and almonds are quite expensive so I had to make sure. But I already have beetroot, carrots and cauliflower waiting for a next batch ??

  68. Chiara Stove
    Posted 12 Feb ’16 at 15:47 | #

    Very curious to see if it will work with rice flour, chickpea flour or the psyllium seeds. Can’t wait to try the vegan version then! Oh and love the video, you all seem so nice!

  69. Maria
    Posted 13 Feb ’16 at 17:00 | #

    Thanks for the recipe! I just made the ones with beetroot… they smell very yummy! Quick question, how long do these last in the fridge, and can these be frozen? I made one batch, but since I live by myself I want to make sure I plan ahead to not waste anything!
    PS. Such a fun video!

  70. Rachel
    Posted 13 Feb ’16 at 20:11 | #

    I can’t have cauliflower any suggestions on use of different vegetable please?

  71. Eva palmer
    Posted 16 Feb ’16 at 03:23 | #

    Love this recipe. Making it all the time . Thanks

  72. Sigrid
    Posted 17 Feb ’16 at 12:01 | #

    A wonderful recipe. I have tried this with many different kind of vegetables so far. I soon will try to replace the eggs by phsyllium husks to create a vegan version for my niece. I will report how this worked out.

    I sometimes make a lunch out of it by heating it up in the pan and adding other warm food like fried eggs.

  73. Ashley Labat
    Posted 17 Feb ’16 at 18:05 | #

    Lovely! Does anyone know if these freeze well?

    • Posted 17 Feb ’16 at 23:46 | #

      Hi Ashley, we haven’t actually tried freezing them but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. I would definitely give it a try!

      • Sylvaine
        Posted 30 Apr ’16 at 18:33 | #


        I froze all of them, because I always do a good bunch at the same time, and no problem of texture of flavours when defrosted. So I would say go for it.

  74. Vik
    Posted 18 Feb ’16 at 16:56 | #

    I’m allergic to nuts, and can’t eat chickpea because it belong o the peanut’s family. I think you should try with sunflower seed mixed into flour instead, it’s my best trick.

  75. mary
    Posted 18 Feb ’16 at 22:32 | #

    Do you think spinach would work as a vegetable option for this bread? It may have too high water content – might mean it takes longer to bake anyway. I’m thinking I’ll try and find out…

  76. Susan
    Posted 19 Feb ’16 at 04:44 | #

    I discovered your flatbread at thescratchartist.com. They are wonderful! Thank you for introducing another delicious bread into our lives.

  77. Anne
    Posted 19 Feb ’16 at 21:01 | #

    Looks great. I’ll have to try these. I guess it could work to replace almonds with shredded coconut and eggs with flax eggs for a vegan and nut free version, but I haven’t tried yet.

  78. Susan
    Posted 20 Feb ’16 at 04:27 | #

    I discovered your flatbreads at thescratchartist.com. They are wonderful! Thank you for introducing more delicious bread into our lives.

  79. Posted 20 Feb ’16 at 12:27 | #

    Hello! Thank you so much for this post! It is fantastic, {the video too} I have made the broccoli and the carrot version. Fabulous! And even more fabulous, is the fact that my bread loving family,are crazy about this! Yuhuu!! Happy Saterday.. Lx

  80. Sylvaine
    Posted 20 Feb ’16 at 14:34 | #

    Just tried the flatbreads and they are delicious! To try I did one with ground almond and one with chickpeas flour. I prefer almond for the little nutty side it brings but all very tasty. Thank you. Love it. A nice change from bread when you feel like it :)

  81. Moira
    Posted 21 Feb ’16 at 22:25 | #

    I tried out the vegan version of the broccoli flatbreads, substituting chickpea flour for almond flour and 3 tbsp of chia seeds soaked in 9 tbsp of water for the eggs, as suggested… And they came out great! Held together perfectly. Thank you for this recipe and the super cute video!

  82. Suzanne
    Posted 22 Feb ’16 at 03:42 | #

    I made the carrot flatbread using half almond flour and half chickpea flour. The texture was excellent and it held together beautifully. I found it more “bread-like” than the almond alone recipe, though both are delicious. Thank you for this brilliant recipe!

  83. Robin
    Posted 23 Feb ’16 at 07:46 | #

    Made a double batch of the carrot version tonight. Modified the recipe only by adding more herbs, garlic and onion powder. Both sheets baked for 25 minutes and turned out great. Thank you

  84. Posted 23 Feb ’16 at 19:49 | #

    I discovered your recipe on Instagram this morning and made them before heading off to work. I did try a vegan version which worked out. I used a gluten-free flour mix that I had, flax eggs and psyllium. I’m toasting them up now in hopes that they will crisp up just a bit more. Thanks for the recipe. I’ll be following you to see whats next!

  85. Zsofi
    Posted 23 Feb ’16 at 23:22 | #

    I tried the broccoli version using half chickpea flour and half almond pulp leftover from making almond milk, and it worked perfectly. I was surprised at how sturdy these are. And delicious. It’s possible the dough was a bit more wet than intended (since the almond pulp was not dry like almond flour would have been), but it worked out fine. I’ve since used it to make pizza, and a grilled cheese, yum.

  86. Bibi Todaro
    Posted 27 Feb ’16 at 12:27 | #

    Wow these look amazing! I cant’ have eggs though, do you think they would work with an egg replacer? I might try it anyway and see what comes out ;)

  87. Olga
    Posted 29 Feb ’16 at 11:57 | #

    What a great idea! Would it make sense to soak the almonds before making them into almond flour? Or would that mess up the amount of liquid in the recipe?

  88. Lulu
    Posted 29 Feb ’16 at 14:54 | #

    These look amazing and what a fun video. will try making today with the carrots ,but i wanted to ask do you use them raw without cooking first and do you chop them in the food processor ..Also can i use regular flour ..sorry for the questions as I am new to this..Thanks

  89. Posted 2 Mar ’16 at 18:18 | #

    I tried this together with my son! He loved the video, the times that your daughter started dancing, het started dancing too because he thought it was nescessary for the recipe. So cute! He loved eating it too!? Big thanks for some fun mother/son time!

  90. Gabrielle
    Posted 4 Mar ’16 at 17:01 | #

    Made them yesterday and they’re perfect! Excellent for breakfast with a homemade guacamole. I will definitely make more. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  91. Posted 4 Mar ’16 at 19:35 | #

    I just made this with a little alternation and they turned out beautifully! Vegan style – I used 1 cup chickpea flour as recommended, then added a tbsp flaxseed meal for a bit of extra binding boost, and whipped up some chickpea aquafaba. It’s turned out lovely and light :). What a great recipe, thank you!

  92. Beth
    Posted 7 Mar ’16 at 02:48 | #

    I used the arrowroot substitute because I didn’t have eggs on hand and it mostly worked, will try reducing the water next time to see if that makes it a bit drier. (per instructions on bag 1 egg = 1T arrowroot+1T oil + 1/4 cup water).
    I also used cashews.
    All in all it came out fine, but a bit on the moist side.

  93. rachel
    Posted 7 Mar ’16 at 03:39 | #

    I have tried all three flavors now and am wondering if GKS, you guys have any suggestions for what to eat the beet bread with? Or if the readers have tried any interesting or yummy pairing for the beet bread? it was easier for me to find things to go with the broccoli bread and carrot bread because of the milder taste I think!

    • Rebecca
      Posted 24 Apr ’16 at 11:53 | #

      Goats cheese, hummus or avocado would go delicious with the beet combo. I haven’t tried the recipe myself (it sounds delicious and I’ll be pinning to make soon), but I used to love spelt bread combo of hummus, sundried tomato and feta.

  94. Airyfairycelt
    Posted 7 Mar ’16 at 08:58 | #

    I use very garlic hummus and tomato or su dried tomato hummus and cucumber. I can’t wait to see what else comes in. This site us so interesting.

  95. Debra
    Posted 14 Mar ’16 at 04:42 | #

    I was wondering what are the nutrition facts per serving or slice?


  96. Emily
    Posted 17 Mar ’16 at 11:36 | #

    I’m vegan and I didn’t have any almond flour so I made these with flax eggs and chickpea (gram) flour. I only tried the broccoli ones and they held together really well :) and had quite a bread-like texture. Great recipe! I’m going to try making the carrot ones next!

  97. Jacynthe
    Posted 23 Mar ’16 at 20:01 | #

    Could I change the almond for another type of flour? I can’t eat nuts.

  98. Dorine
    Posted 30 Mar ’16 at 16:07 | #

    When you are looking for something similar, but without eggs or almonds, you can just use chickpea flour and water (and some oil if you want). This is called Socca. Add any vegetable (I also like it with carrotgreens) to blend through. You don’t need to add flax or chia eggs.

  99. Martina
    Posted 5 Apr ’16 at 17:56 | #

    Why the carrot flatbread recipe has cauliflower in it, can I just add carrot like in the Broccoli Flatbread?

    Great recipes and great website :)

    • Rose
      Posted 13 Jan ’17 at 23:37 | #

      Hi Martina (and all), I just made this using ONLY carrots and it worked out beautifully! I used about 4 large grated carrots, a sprinkling of dried, crushed thyme and maybe a teaspoon of tumeric. Delicious!!

  100. Keaton
    Posted 13 Apr ’16 at 16:13 | #

    I was wondering how spinach would work in one of these recipes?! What do you recommend?
    Thanks, so much :)

  101. Posted 14 Apr ’16 at 22:50 | #

    This is very inspiring! Looks like the possibilities could be endless!
    Really excited to try it!

  102. Posted 18 Apr ’16 at 15:24 | #

    The colour of those flatbreads are not only amazing, but also absolutely appetizing! I love the fact that they’re all natural colours as well :)

  103. Posted 22 Apr ’16 at 19:54 | #

    Thank you for the great recipe! I would love to try this out, but unfortunately I’m allergic to almonds and other nuts. What could work as a substituon for almond flour?

    Thank you!

    AGNESE || http://www.theblogness.com ||

  104. Posted 3 May ’16 at 22:19 | #

    Oh great. That looks really delicious!
    Thanks for the recipe.

  105. Holly
    Posted 4 May ’16 at 18:19 | #

    I love this recipe! I’ll have to make it soon. I’m wondering how long these last in the fridge?

  106. Alexandra
    Posted 26 May ’16 at 03:24 | #

    Really love the recipe. So simple and quick but still healthy and without nasties…just divine! Thanks guys, Your kitchen stories are truly inspiring!

  107. Rose
    Posted 10 Jun ’16 at 02:51 | #

    Wonderful Recipe definitely something I would do. Thank you

  108. Belinda
    Posted 26 Jun ’16 at 13:53 | #

    Such a joy to watch this video..i am curious where you get the lovely music in your videos???

  109. Hstapleton
    Posted 14 Aug ’16 at 23:31 | #

    I just made the broccoli bread and it is delicious, filling and super healthy. Thank you so much

  110. Mathilde
    Posted 8 Sep ’16 at 12:43 | #

    This is the perfect recipe for using up the leftover pulp from homemade nutmilk. The pulp from one of my portions of nutmilk fits perfectly with a slightly smaller head of broccoli and three eggs. These breads have become a stable in my freezer for packet lunches.

  111. Posted 19 Sep ’16 at 09:16 | #

    Gorgeous photos, colors, and recipe! And, ohhhh your words. Always so meaningful and honest. LOVE.

  112. M Jesús Montero
    Posted 26 Sep ’16 at 21:53 | #

    Hello! it is possible to make the flat bread with oat flour? Or with all propuse flour? Thanks! :)

  113. Claudine
    Posted 29 Sep ’16 at 00:41 | #


    I wanted to know if I could use “normal”, classic flour and if yes, which quantity? still the same? I don’t know if I can find easily any other kind of flour where I live.


  114. Posted 30 Sep ’16 at 09:19 | #

    This looks amazing!!! Will certainly be trying this out this week! Thank you for sharing.

  115. Claudine
    Posted 1 Oct ’16 at 17:05 | #

    OMG, I don’t know how come but mine was too liquid so I kept adding flour but still liquid.

    I couldn’t find almond flour so I used oat flour. For the cauiflower, I didn’t use a fresh one. I had frozen caulifower that I first cooked into the water. These are the only differences from the recipes.

    Could somebody help me? It’s still in the oven , I have doubt of what it’s going to taste like.

    I’d love to make this recipe as it is so please somebody tell me why it was too liquid!

  116. Posted 10 Oct ’16 at 06:53 | #

    Thank you for this beautiful recipe! I have been eyeing it for a long time and I finally made it with my sister today.
    We served it with hummus, homemade dukkdah crusted avocado fries and tomato basil salad.


  117. Gemma
    Posted 4 Nov ’16 at 22:16 | #

    I definitely want to try this recipe!
    How much time can be stored? (in the fridge I assume)
    Do you think extra slices can be frozen?


  118. Posted 29 Dec ’16 at 08:51 | #

    Thankyou for this beautiful receipe.It’s very nice

  119. Posted 6 Feb ’17 at 02:12 | #

    These colourful flatbreads are quick to make, inexpensive and require just a few ingredients – we love Green Kitchen Stories

  120. Posted 10 Feb ’17 at 13:43 | #

    Hi! I made the broccoli flatbread today! It’s really great! Very good bread replacement and the smell of oregano makes it so delicious! Thank you ! Nice Video.

  121. Posted 26 Feb ’17 at 17:54 | #

    your flatbread is one of my favourite recipies. it’s quick to make and so yummy. today i tried the carrot flatbread and it tasted so good that now even my cat is crazy about it and always tries to steal my food. i think my cat goes vegetarian now.
    have a nice day,
    una :)

  122. stiggly
    Posted 21 Mar ’17 at 09:51 | #

    these are so good and so easy, they are going to become quite the staple in our house… about to share wide and far!
    thank you

  123. Tracey Nicholson
    Posted 7 Apr ’17 at 05:25 | #

    Hi, RE: the Vegetable flatbreads – could the almond flour be changed to coconut flour? Thanks
    Kind Regards, Tracey, Auckland NEW ZEALAND

  124. KM
    Posted 9 May ’17 at 13:05 | #

    this is my new favourite! I have been gluten and dairy free for a very long time but recently developed nut and egg sensitivities too, which made cooking a little bit more challenging (especially as I love eggs for breakfast). I have made the vegan + chickpea flour version of the bread and it’s fantastic and now my regular breakfast. I found that I needed to make my flaxseed egg slightly runnier than usual to make it work in this recipe (it still held the bread together but was liquid-y enough to combine all the ingredients).

  125. Shree
    Posted 29 May ’17 at 20:56 | #

    Lovely recipe and as always beautiful pics, thank you.We in fact made all the three but only the carrot bread came the same color as shown here. The broccoli and the beet red did not have the same intense colors as shown here. Did you use any food colors for the intensity. Also the dough was little runny for all three unlike shown in the video. Thanks. We are going to try this again with bread flour.

  126. Jeff stroud
    Posted 31 May ’17 at 14:23 | #

    l love these, I have been looking for vegan bread recipes, these make sense and colorful additions to my need for both bread and color. Sweet Video!

  127. Astrid
    Posted 11 Jun ’17 at 12:13 | #

    Hello, we love your flatbreads. How long can I store them in the fridge? 3 days ? Or longer? Thank you, Astrid

  128. Katy
    Posted 19 Jun ’17 at 19:33 | #

    I just wanted to say I have made the normal version of these so many times! They are an absolute staple! TOday I tried making a vegan version with silken tofu in place of the eggs and it worked so well! Just thought I should let you know in case you wanted to update your post for vegan! Love all the great work you do promoting creative vegetarian food here on your blog :)

    • Valentina
      Posted 17 Dec ’17 at 11:27 | #

      How much silken tofu did you use?

  129. Laura
    Posted 24 Jun ’17 at 18:47 | #

    Hey there
    first batch of the broccoli slices are baking right now. I wud love to try the other ones but I´m not too much into cauliflower…is there anyting I cud sub this with? Mayb sweet potato?

  130. olga
    Posted 27 Jun ’17 at 02:58 | #

    Hi, can i sub the broccoli or cauliflower with another vegg?

  131. Stephanie
    Posted 25 Jul ’17 at 22:08 | #

    Holy cow! I just made the carrot flatbread. Though it’s nowhere as orange as the picture, it’s OUTSTANDING. I added some spices and herbs as suggested and it’s fantastic. Thank you!

  132. Jack T
    Posted 20 Aug ’17 at 23:47 | #

    I really do like this flatbread recipe, it’s very versatile. I don’t add any salt but do use nutritional yeast for its cheesy/salty flavor. I make the broccoli by itself or a broccoli/cauliflower combo. I’ve also been successful with only using about a 1/2-1/3 cup flour, 2 whole eggs and 2-3 eggwhites. You just have to mess around until you find the batter that’s right for you.

    I use the broccoli flatbread as a pizza crust all the time, using 1/2 cup flour and 1/4+ cup Parmesan cheese. It makes a great pizza crust. I also butter it up and add garlic powder for a nice garlic bread substitute.

    I plan on trying it with cornmeal and see how it comes out. Maybe try baking it in muffin tins too. I already make breakfast sandwiches out of the flatbread, so think it would make a good base for breakfast in a muffin, if the dough was baked first, then the egg and other ingredients added on top.

  133. Posted 6 Sep ’17 at 04:55 | #

    he colour of those flatbreads are not only amazing, but also absolutely appetizing! I love the fact that they’re all natural colours as well

  134. Tigerlily
    Posted 21 Sep ’17 at 04:28 | #

    I’m living on campus at college without a meal plan because of dietary restrictions, and I just made this in the kitchen down the hall. I’m so excited! It came out so well. Finally, something I can pack for a simple lunch. Thank you!

  135. Cora
    Posted 21 Nov ’17 at 04:08 | #

    Hi! Can I use whole wheat flour instead of almond flour? Thank you!

  136. Posted 7 Feb ’18 at 15:19 | #

    Just tried making the broccoli bread this morning and it turned out amazingly well! I didn’t make it as thin as in the photos as I was scared it’d be too thin… but thanks for this idea!!!!

  137. Reanna
    Posted 26 Feb ’18 at 16:18 | #

    Could you use a portion of broccoli stems or just the florets? Always looking for a way to use extra broccoli stems when we roast the florets.

    • Posted 26 Feb ’18 at 21:59 | #

      The florets work best in the recipe. But you can save the stems, chop them finely and add them next time you are frying onion for a sauce.

  138. Carol
    Posted 28 Feb ’18 at 20:56 | #

    Absolutely the BEST ! Made the sandwiches with the broccoli flatbread and couldn’t love all of the flavors more .THANK YOU 💗💙

  139. Isabella
    Posted 11 May ’18 at 22:09 | #

    Wow, I made these today using chickpea flour instead of almonds and subbed about 4-5 tsp psyllum husk powder with a bit water for the eggs. And guess what? It turned out amazing! Even my Non-Vegan famliy members said the flatbreads hat a great texture and tasted very good. It didn’t break at all, I could even make wraps if I spread the dough a bit thinner next time. Thank you for the great recipe, I’ll definetly gonna try more veggie/flavour combinations!

  140. Brenna
    Posted 29 May ’18 at 15:05 | #

    Is there another nut-free paleo flour I could use instead of the chickpea or almond flour? I am sensitive to almonds and I have a really hard time digesting beans.

  141. Kimberley
    Posted 30 May ’18 at 14:24 | #

    These are just great. So versatile in terms of things you can add to pimp the flavours – seeds, nuts, cheese, I wonder what they’d be like with watercress. The other thing about your recipes in general and this one in particular is they are also so reliable, the recipe works just as you say it will! And I love that I can freeze them. Fabulous, thank you.

  142. Ali
    Posted 21 Jan ’19 at 19:10 | #

    I just made this and it’s fantastic! I ended up using up some of our leftover vegetable pulp from juicing and mixed in some diced cauliflower. So delicious and satisfying! Thank you so much, guys! I love your recipes and story! Keep the good food coming!

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