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Vegan Apple & Oat Tartlets + Giveaway

A while back we were asked to come up with a recipe that could illustrate the different functions of an immersion blender and food processor. Considering that we use ours everyday to blend soups, making pesto and mixing date truffles, you could say that we are somewhat experienced on the subject. After some twisting and turning we decided to make an apple tartlet. Our flour free version is made on oats, sunflower seeds and dates. Topped with toasted nut butter, beautifully arranged thin apple slices and a touch of cinnamon. It’s vegan. Gluten free. Delicious. And oh so simple. Hit your local market, load up on apples, oats and seeds – and you’ll have friends and family beaming from ear to ear. Recipe at the bottom of this post.


Electrolux used our recipe for their video campaign Now you’re cooking, which basically is a marketing event for the Ultramix Pro. All of the videos in that series are actually really beautifully done. It was fun to see how they interpreted our recipe. All the photos in this post are our own, but the video is entirely produced by Electrolux.

Now to the groovy part – Hey hey, we’re doing a Giveaway! 
Update – The giveaway is now closed. We will notify the winner within a few hours.
Together with Electrolux we are giving away a Ultramix Pro ESTM6600. A stick mixer that comes with all kind of accessories. A 10 inch (25 cm) extra long mixing bar, double whisk, food processor, blades and the new slicer accessory which we used to make the apple slices.

To participate, just leave a comment with your name, where you are from and your favorite recipe from our blog (we’re sooo curious!). The giveaway is open for all our readers worldwide. We will draw a winner randomly on Tuesday March 26th. Good luck!




Vegan (and G-F) Apple & Oat Tartlets
Makes 4 tartlets

½ cup gluten free rolled oats
½ cup raw sunflower seeds
8 fresh soft dates, pitted
2 tbsp coconut oil, room temperature
a pinch of salt

4 tbsp almond butter


3 small red apples
½ lemon, juice
1 tbsp maple syrup or runny honey
1 tbsp cold pressed olive oil
2 tsp ground cinnamon

Serve with
Organic vanilla ice cream (or vegan alternative)

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C / 400°F.
2. Place rolled oats and seeds in a food processor and grind on high speed for about 30 seconds or until you get a crumbly oat & sunflower flour.
3. Add pitted dates, coconut oil and salt and blend for another 30 seconds until the mixture comes together to a sticky and crumbly mixture.
4. Grease four 4-inch / 10 cm tartlet pans with coconut oil. Divide the mixture evenly in the pans and use your finger to flatten it out on the bottom. It should be quite compact. Pre-bake the crust for about 10 minutes.
5. Meanwhile prepare the apples by dividing them in half and removing the core. Mount the thin slice blade on the food processor, and use it to slice the apples halves into thin wedges. Remove the lid and squeeze some lemon over the apple wedges to prevent them from turning brown.
6. Add 1 tbsp almond butter on each crust, then arrange the thin apple wedges in a circular shape on top. Tuck in the last piece under the first so it forms a seamless circle. Brush with maple syrup and olive oil and dust cinnamon on top.
7. Place the tartlets in the oven and bake for another 10-15 minutes, or until the apples are golden on top. Let cool slightly before serving.
8. Serve as they are or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, nice both ways.


  1. Bente
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:24 | #

    Ohhh I would love that!
    I love your blog and your dessert app is my new favorite app. It’s just so beautiful!
    My favorite on your blog is the Beetroot and Horseradish soup or the Involtine Melanzane…
    Thanks so much!
    Bente from Holland

  2. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:30 | #

    Oooo, what a fun giveaway! But OMG how difficult to choose just one of your recipes… I’ve seriously made ALOT of your food and loved every single dish. But if I have to choose one I think I must go for… Mustard, Quinoa,Cranberry and Kale Salad. At a close second is your Bean Brownie, which I actually have a batch of in the freeze as we speak.

    • Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:38 | #

      I forgot to write that I’m from Gothenburg, Sweden. :)

  3. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:30 | #

    My name is Emma, jag bor i Sverige, and my favourite recipe is the Linguine della via di Grotta Pinta 45. It may not be the most complicated dish you – or I – have produced, but it really celebrated good produce – which I love!

  4. SaBe
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:31 | #

    This is def my favorite! Can’t wait for the snow-storm in Copenhagen, Denmark to be over. When spring is arriving I’ll drink this on my balcony. That’s for sure!

  5. Marisa
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:34 | #

    My favorite recipe is the Tumeric Lassi! I have had one almost every day since the recipe was posted. I’m Marisa from Alabama USA and I love your style!

  6. Jo
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:35 | #

    Love the Apple and Oat Biscuits recipe!
    Jo from Switzerland

  7. Kate
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:36 | #

    Those look absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait to try them!

    My name is Kate, I am from Nova Scotia, and my favourite recipe of yours (today) is the yoga pot. It really got me back into taking the time to cook properly for myself again.

  8. Caroline
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:37 | #

    I have to make these tartlets as soon as possible! My name is Caroline, I’m from Denmark, and my favourite recipe must be your banana and blueberry pancakes, I’ve made them more times than I can remember.

  9. Helle Staven
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:38 | #

    Hi! I am Helle, I am Norwegian, but live in Copenhagen. My favorite recipe is the involtini di melanzane – I have no idea how many times I´ve made it, it´s really a winner!

  10. Erin
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:39 | #

    Hi guys! My favorite recipe is the Bean Chili with Walnuts & Chocolate. It is a simple recipe that feels a little bit decadent. So yummy!
    Erin from New Zealand

  11. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:39 | #

    Mmm I think I’ll try these tomorrow! I love your recipes! A recent favorite are the Korean kimchi rolls. Camila from Barcelona

  12. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:40 | #

    I’m Brooke from Salt Lake City, UT, USA. I loooove your pistachio falafel lettuce wraps!

  13. Julia
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:40 | #

    Hey everyone,

    my favorite recipe has to be the “Blueberry, Lemon & Almond Cake” – not only is it delicious and vegan, it’s also really pretty! Which means that I am the queen of the kitchen whenever I bring this cake to birthday parties. :)

    Best greetings from Cologne/Germany

  14. Steffen
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:40 | #

    Hej! My name is Steffen, i’m living in Stockholm and i’ve been reading your blog in quite some time now. Favorite recipe is hard to tell, but the one i’ve used the most is your bean brownies. I’ve baked them in many different variations – they taste gorgeous every time, and my gluten-intolerant colleagues at work simply love them (as do all the others). :)
    So keep up the good and inspiring work! Thank you!

  15. Giulia
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:41 | #

    Oh what a wonderful video & giveaway! I’m from Italy, living in Austria though ;) and my favourite recipe (duh, this is so hard but I think it..) is your vegetable lasagna..the lemony taste of it is soooo delicious!! and I’m from Italy, this means something ;)


  16. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:41 | #

    Hi. I’m from Brighton, ON Canada. I just found your page today, so I don’t have a favourite yet, but this looks good: http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/raw-hazelnut-chai-brownies/

  17. paula
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:42 | #

    i think the shaved brussel sprout christmas salad might be my current favourite. i am always looking at ways to spread the word of brussel sprout tasty goodness. it can be a hard sell for some! although, the apple oat tartelette recipe above looks deeeelicious!

  18. Noémi
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:42 | #

    These look absolutely fantastic! so simple, yet so appealing. My favourite recipe from your site so far is your “raw buckwheat porridge de luxe”, it truly was a life changing one for me. I’m actually having it for breakfat tomorrow, already soaked the groats :) Thank you for sharing all these beautiful recipes. Cheers from Hungary. Noémi

  19. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:42 | #

    Dears, I bought 4 different kinds of beans because of you. I love the Chili, even when I have to start with the beans one day before getting hungry. http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/bean-chili-with-walnuts-chocolate
    I live and eat in Austria and send you best wishes for your (now not very very new) but new book.

  20. Mo
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:43 | #

    Green Lentil and Yellow Beet Salad!

  21. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:44 | #

    My name is Nina, I’m from Denmark, and my favourite recipe is the raw buckwheat-walnut-porridge :)

  22. Sabrina
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:44 | #

    Hi,this is Sabrina from Germany and I love your pumpkin pasta! So simple and delicious!

  23. Sandra
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:45 | #

    This is a tough question . . . I love the apple & oat biscuits and the portobello & peach burger, but today’s recipe looks like it is going to rank high on the list. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the opportunity to win! I’m from Georgia, the peach state.

  24. Lindsey
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:45 | #

    Hello! My name is Lindsey, I’m from the United States, but am currently spending six months abroad in Spain! My favorite recipe is the açai bowl, when I’m at home I have it almost everyday for breakfast!

  25. Sally
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:45 | #

    I’m Sally from England. I love so many of your recipes its hard to choose, but I love the herb and pistachio falafels.

  26. Francesca
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:45 | #

    Hello! First, this looks absolutely delicious — I can’t wait to try it! My name is Francesca, I’m from the United States but study in France. My favorite recipe is the Herb & Pistachio falafel — I can’t get enough of it!! I’ve made it for friends many times and we’re all hooked!

  27. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:46 | #

    I love soup so much, so when you posted about the bean and barley soup I had to try it! Yummy!

  28. Lika
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:46 | #

    Hey! I read your blog from far away Austria and I love it! Also my children love the taste oft your recipes. Yesterday your cookbook “The green Kirchen” arrived and my husband and I nearly fought for reading it first :-) I like the recipe for the decadent beetroot and chocolate cake very much!
    Best wishes, Lika

  29. rikke marie jensen
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:46 | #

    It’s almost to close to call, but I looooooove the frozen pink cheesecake, that has to be my favourite. And for a “regular-cheesecake”-nut, that’s saying something.
    In general, i’m not very good at following recipes or other kinds of cooking instructions, i just can’t resist improvising, but i very much turn to this lovely, colourful blog for inspiration.
    Thanks a million, i always find something to make my mouth water here :)

    Rikke from Denmark

  30. Helena
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:47 | #

    My name is Helena Bleken Østergaard, and I’m from Copenhagen.
    My favorite recipe from the blog right now would be the Bean Chili with Walnuts & Dark Chocolate, since it’s so rich and flavorful, and I really need that kind of healthy and warming comfortfood when there’s still snow in March!!
    But it’s so hard to choose, I really also love the Creamy Broccoli Soup and the Choko-Almond truffles.. It’s really hard to choose one! :)

  31. Ambri
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:47 | #

    I’m originally from California but am living in France. My favorite recipe is the Summer Berry Cake, but I only just recently discovered your website and can’t wait to try out your other recipes!

  32. Gözde
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:48 | #

    Wow, what a great initiative! I became a vegetarian quite recently, only a few months ago, and discovered your blog in search for healthy vegetarian recipes. Quite soon it became my favorite blog. I admire your passion for healthy yummy recipes and all the love you have for cooking and of course for each other. My favorite recipe is “Yoga Pot”, both because I love to do yoga and have a healthy meal that energizes me after my classes, and because it’s oh so yummy and super duper healthy. Moreover, when you cook this recipe you get a lot of food. By cooking some bulgur next to it, and some natural yoghurt with a bit of mint on, we get 8-9 portions out of it. We are only two at our home and I am a student, so you can imagine how amazing it is for me.As I mentioned earlier I am a new vegetarian and a student, which means I am actually in need of a mixer but can’t afford it at the moment. So I thought why not give it a shot. I live in Hägersten, Stockholm but I write in english since I moved to Sweden only 4 years ago (even if I can speak swedish, english is much easier). Oh, and by the way, it is totally irrelevant but Elsa’s clothes are always super cool&cute. Where do you buy them? In case I have a kid some day… =)

  33. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:49 | #

    Dear! My name is Janneke Verhoeven, a designer from The Netherlands. I’ve been a silent follower of your blog, nevertheless a big fan! I tried lots of recipes, so it’s quit hard to choose a favourite. But a sign must be that ‘ve made this one so many times, so my ~ ~ ~ favourite ~ ~ ~ favourite ~ ~ ~ favourite recipe must be your beetroosh dip! (And Beetroot soup with horseradish!, Oh well I might be in my beetroot fase…)
    Thanks for the change in my kitchen!

  34. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:50 | #

    Roasted Butternut and Coconut Soup! After a cooking class demystified the many kinds of squash available, I became a squash lover for it’s taste, seasonality and affordability. And add coconut into the mix…heaven!
    Christine (from London, Ontario, Canada)

  35. Leslie
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:51 | #

    I love your blog! My favorite recipe is your hemp protein bars. I made them a couple of years ago with a friend, just before she drove from my house in Chicago to hers in Columbus. The bars are perfect road-trip food. I’m from Detroit, Michigan but am currently living in Dublin, Ireland. Keep those recipes coming!

  36. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:51 | #

    I’m Annette from the UK via Australia :) I feel like I understand your recipes so much more now living in Europe! The flavours just seem to match more. But hands down my favourite recipe is the World’s Greatest Vegetable Lasagna – it really is the best lasagna I’ve ever eaten and nothing else compares. It takes a lot of time and work but I love to cook it on a sunny Sunday afternoon, with the sunshine streaming through the windows (this was obviously back in Australia haha), some nice music on and just relax, enjoying the luxury of having several hours to prepare a truly delicious meal.

  37. Malin
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:51 | #

    Good evening!
    I’m Malin from Malmö, southern Sweden. My favourite recipe from your blog is the pomelo salad served with the Tom Kha tofu. It’s impossible to separate them, they fit so incredibly well together. But still, if I have to pick one it’s the pomelo salad, so fresh and juicy!

  38. LeeAnn
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:52 | #

    I love everything I see you do and I am excited about your new book! I haven’t tried anything yet, but am looking forward to doing so soon. I want to make your Clementine vanilla bean marmalade and Rosemary Almond Meal Bisquits a la Roost. My name is LeeAnn and I am from Washington, USA

  39. Katja
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:53 | #

    I love the video and will animate my little daugther to try the recipe with me tomorrow…Yummie!
    My favorite recipe so far is beetroot soup :-)
    We are based in Berlin, Germany.

  40. Line Stenholt Jokumsen
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:53 | #

    My name is Line, and I’m from Odense, DK. My all time favorite is the seven minute choko-almond truffles. I make them for christmas, and whenever I need some healthy sweets.
    Thank you for sharing your brilliance.

  41. anouk
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:54 | #

    Oh wow, I really love your site and what a great give away!
    I’m Anouk from the Netherlands (europe) and my favorite recipe is the gorgeous flower power cake
    I love the edible flowers and all the colors of this cake, when the flowers are blooming again, I’ve to make this cake again for a picknick with friends. Can’t wait <3

  42. Amelie
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:55 | #

    My name is Amelie, I’m from Germany. I choose the Bean Chili with Walnuts as favourite recipe because I made it at the weekend and it was delicious!

  43. Marta
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:55 | #

    Hi, I’m Marta from the UK. I love your blog, the recipes are great, the photos are beautiful! It’s really hard to choose my favourite one, but if I must, it’s probably Decadent Beet & Chocolate Cake. I love beetroot and love chocolate even more! :)

  44. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:56 | #

    Beautiful pies, I love them!! since I cook a lot and photograph food for some of the croatian magazines and food webs, your blog is always a great inspiration to my blog and to my healthy cooking. It’s pretty hard for me to choose a favorite recipe, I loved them all..but since I must do it, I always remember your fig and walnut spaghetti! I adore italian cuisine so I tried them a year ago, it is a special meal and an interesting combination as well. :)
    Hugs from sunny Croatia

  45. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:56 | #

    Wow… this recipe looks delicious. I’m torn between two of your dessert recipes –the Chocolate Beet Cake (which my family makes me bake for every birthday and holiday) and the Raw Hazelnut and Chai Brownies on your iPhone Dessert app (I just made a batch this afternoon). As someone who hasn’t eaten refined sugars for 10+ years, I’m so happy to have found your blog for recipes and inspiration :)

    Sondra from Washington, DC

  46. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:56 | #

    Strawberry Peanutbutter Shake is new combination to me!

  47. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:58 | #

    Wow – these looks amazing and I have to try them soon. Favorite recipe is hard but i think it will be Baked Herb & Pistachio Falafel <3 I could as well have said the raw hemp protein bars that i have become addicted to and eat them every day :) Thanks for all your lovely recipes and photos!
    Kajsa from Copenhagen – Denmark

  48. Sanne
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:59 | #

    My name is Sanne – I’m from Denmark. I am a big fan of your blog – love your way of thinking about food :-). Min yndlingsopskrift er nok jeres Black power chocolate chip cookies. Elsker at man kan bruge sorte bønner i desserter – det er en sej ingrediens!

  49. Sunniva Sol
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 21:59 | #

    Those looks amazing! I’m really looking forward to your book.
    An Ultralux!! I love all your recipes, but one of my favorites is the Chilli & Chocolate Truffles. They are great.

    With love from Norway,

    • Sunniva Sol
      Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:10 | #

      An UltraMIX ofcourse, haha

  50. Ellen
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:00 | #

    I’m Ellen, from Sweden. Just love all your recipes, always get so inspired when reading your blog. In general I just l o v e banana pancakes so I have to say coconut & banana pancakes as well as banana & blueberry pancakes if I have to favour any recipes. Just the thing with doing a pancake cake is pure genius! :)

  51. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:00 | #

    Hej hej guys,
    I am from the Netherlands, Rotterdam & I just love all the recipes from the blog that i tried so far, but if i have to choose it would be the Sticky Nut bars. It’s such an amazing recipe, that even my brother, who doesn’t like sweets, loved it. Your blog to me is all about healthy food, inspiration & above all amazing flavours. I am a happy app’s & book owner. And a big cheers to all the nice designs ^_^

  52. Gözde
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:01 | #

    Wow, what a great initiative! I became a vegetarian quite recently, only a few months ago, and discovered your blog in search for healthy vegetarian recipes. Quite soon it became my favorite blog. I admire your passion for healthy yummy recipes and all the love you have for cooking and of course for each other. My favorite recipe is “Yoga Pot”, both because I love to do yoga and have a healthy meal that energizes me after my classes, and because it’s oh so yummy and super duper healthy. Moreover, when you cook this recipe you get a lot of food. By cooking some bulgur next to it, and some natural yoghurt with a bit of mint on, we get 8-9 portions out of it. We are only two at our home and I am a student, so you can imagine how amazing it is for me.As I mentioned earlier I am a new vegetarian and a student, which means I am actually in need of a mixer but can’t afford it at the moment. So I thought why not give it a shot. I live in Hägersten, Stockholm but I write in english since I moved to Sweden only 4 years ago (even if I can speak swedish, english is much easier). Oh, and by the way, it is totally irrelevant but Elsa’s clothes are always super cool&cute. Where do you buy them? In case I have a kid some day… =)

  53. Raimonda
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:01 | #

    Hi cuties! That sounds like a perfect dessert for a Saturday night to enjoy with a couple of friends, can’t wait to try it!

    My name is Raimonda & I am Lithuanian currently living in Denmark. I have extremely sweet tooth, so my favourite recipe on your blog is Frozen Pink Cheesecake. Have already tried it a few times & it’s always a big hit :)

  54. Ninee
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:01 | #

    Such a yummy-looking video!
    By the way, my name is Virginie, I am from France and my favourite recipe is the deluxe buckwheat porridge which I grab on every single dayof work with a different topping since it appeared on your website. This morning was strawberry and linseed. I also customized it with a bit of cinnamon instead of vanilla and cardamom this week. ;)

  55. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:02 | #

    Apple and Oat?!?! Another great Apple and Oat Recipe?! My heart just jumped when I read this :) Even though it is hard to decide, your Apple and Oat Biscuits are probably my favorite recipe from your blog and the one I have made the most. I would love to win the Ultramix Pro, I love how thinly it slices the apples! Many greetings, Nina, Switzerland

  56. Dora
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:02 | #

    Hi guys! Greetings from Athens, Greece! Your blog is really inspiring! It’s hard to choose just one recipe as favorite, though. Let’ s just pick the bluberries and almond cake, which I’m making again on Saturday to celebrate my name day with my family.

  57. Lauren
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:02 | #

    Oh goodness favourite recipe.. It would probably be your delicious yoga pot because I have it so regularly. It’s so nutrient dense and feels so cleansing.
    I cannot wait to try the Apple an Oat Tartlets though! The look fantastic!

  58. Raimonda
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:02 | #

    Hi cuties! That sounds like a perfect dessert for a Saturday night to enjoy with a couple of friends, can’t wait to try it!

    My name is Raimonda & I am Lithuanian, currently living in Denmark. I have extremely sweet tooth, so my favourite recipe on your blog is Frozen Pink Cheesecake. Have already tried it a few times & it’s always a big hit :)

  59. Lauren
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:03 | #

    Oh goodness favourite recipe.. It would probably be your delicious yoga pot because I have it so regularly. It’s so nutrient dense and feels so cleansing.
    I cannot wait to try the Apple an Oat Tartlets though! They look fantastic!
    Lauren – Australia

  60. Elina
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:04 | #

    Hej. I really like Aubergine & Lemongrass curry. It’s just like something I got in Samui couple of weeks ago, just a lot better. I tried all muffin and cupcake recepies and they’re all so good!
    Elina from Finland

  61. Paloma
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:05 | #

    Hi guys! I’m Paloma and i’m from Madrid, spain. I loooooooooooooooooooooove all your recipes but i think my fave is from the post “Linguine della via di Grotta Pinta 45” not only because of the recipe but for the story behind (:
    You guys are aaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaazing!

  62. Liora
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:05 | #

    Oh how could I possibly choose one favorite recipe – they all are a true inspiration. I have today received the cookbook and I love it! Thank you for brining even more joy to my kitchen.
    Liora from Berlin x

  63. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:06 | #

    Hello, this is Özge from Turkey, i have many favorites but Dutch Oven No-Knead Herb Bread is the most helpful!

  64. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:08 | #

    My name is Jennifer and I live in Austin in USA. I have done many recipes from your blog but I think my two favourites are the yoga pot and the frozen berry cheesecake, which I made on my birthday and it was so good!

    I could really use a new blender because mine can’t handle the dates and the almonds when I try and make your truffles :D

  65. Nina
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:09 | #

    I love your pistachio falafel. And everything that comes with it. Love from Germany!

  66. Eva
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:09 | #

    Oh wow what a brilliant give away! Living in student halls and too poor to get a blender (hummous deprivation, yes).
    Think my favourite recipe is the winter buckwheat porridge, just because I’d never heard of that before and it’s such a yummy and good alternative to stodgy oats. Thanks!

    From Sweden, originally, but living in Glasgow now (cool place if you ever get the chance)!

  67. Kylie
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:10 | #

    Hi I’m from Brisbane Australia and I adore your recipes but especially your Bean Chili with walnuts and chocolate. I have both your fabulous apps and when I showed my daughter she bought them too!

  68. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:10 | #

    Oh it’s so difficult to choose one favorite recipe!! Maybe your raw buchwheat porridge, because I love sprout, soak and all other thing so distant to what it’s consider “traditional” and also because I love the porridge texture ^_^
    My name is Valentina and I’m an italian (healthy)foodblogger :)

  69. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:11 | #

    Great recipe and video! These look like delicious tartlets and perfect for a mid day coffee break!

    I love your blueberry, lemon & almond cake, but must try this yoga pot that I see in the comment section a few times!

    I read your lovely blog from Iowa.

  70. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:12 | #

    Hi! My name is Alicia from New York and I am a freshman in university. As a Korean American and vegan, I have struggled to find simple but delicious recipes to fit my dietary needs and lifestyle. However, your website has been a miracle response to all my qualms. The Korean Kimchi Wraps are a reminder of my home in Seoul, South Korea, as is the delicious Bibimbap recipe you posted last summer. Thank you for everything and especially for this opportunity!

  71. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:12 | #

    Wow this is such an amazing & exciting competition, but also a hard one to answer as I have pinned & saved so many of your delicious recipes on here and it is a hard one to decide…. But i have chosen your South Indian Pickled Eggplant sheerly for its originality and of course pure deliciousness! Mmmmm dools…. thanks for the great tips guys x
    Penni from London – UK

  72. hellen travell
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:13 | #

    I love all your food and photos…but at the moment I am celebrating our new baby with your beautiful FROZEN PINK CAKE …. favourite at the moment for celebration family times! I am Hellen from United Kingdom xxx

  73. Debbie
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:16 | #

    I am from New Hampshire, USA. This looks so delicious! I am a newbie to vegan/vegetarian recipes and stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for great food styling/photography. I downloaded both of your apps and drool over them regularly. Due to time constraints and timidity I have only tried one recipe so far, you Green Breakfast Bowl. It is SO DELICIOUS that I could eat it every morning. It is light and refreshing and I love it after a run because it feels like I did something extra good for my body. I top it with my homemade granola which gives it a little crunch. I am looking forward to trying more recipes soon!

  74. Marie-Myriam
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:16 | #

    Definitely your pistachio falafel! I have to refrain myself to not do a batch of them every week!

  75. Bianca
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:17 | #

    Hey guys! I’m from The Netherlands (before I forget). My favorite recipe is either the Zucchini spaghetti or the Saffron bulgur with veggies, because they’re both really, extremely yummy and very easy to prepare. You know, I think the Zucchini pasta wins, because before reading your recipe I didn’t even know you could eat zucchini raw (I know, outrageous!) and it has since become my favorite vegetable.

  76. Jessica
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:18 | #

    I love the Moroccan Quinoa Salad, especially now that spring is here!

  77. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:19 | #

    This citrus salad is my favorite. Simple but delicious!

  78. Mya L
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:19 | #

    Hi! I’m Mya from Baltimore, MD, and I recently tried your Swedish Saffron Pancakes, and I fell in love with the flavor combination. Thanks for all the unique and inspiring recipes!

  79. Alexandra Mills
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:19 | #

    Hello there!
    I have to say my favourite recipe is the “Healthier” Carrot Cake- with Herb and Pistachio Falafel in close second!!
    I’m not a vegetarian but absolutely adore your recipes and am forever strolling the recipe list (mouth-watering) getting inspiration!

    Alexandra from Madrid, Spain.

  80. Karine
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:20 | #

    This new recipe looks lovely!
    I’m from Switzerland (but currently living in Brussels) and my favorite recipe is the chocolate and date cake… Yum yum yum!
    P.S : But actually I can totally trust you, because you have one of the few blogs where all the recipes that I try are really, really good (and I’m not the only one to say this ;) ) !

  81. Kaitlyn Laurel
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:21 | #

    Hi, I’m from Vancouver, Canada and my favourite recipe is the Perfect Lemon Coconut bars! Oh and the video is fantastic!

  82. Krisann Charles
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:23 | #

    Hello :) I love love love your beautiful blog! Thai Pomelo Salad is my favorite recipe today. I have lived in the beautiful state of Utah, USA for the past 2.5 years.
    Yoga pot and apple & oat tartlets are on my weekend menu!
    Thank you for sharing
    Krisann Charles

  83. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:23 | #

    What a great giveaway! Considering I literally just finished your turmeric lassi right before reading this post, I’d have to say that’s my favorite. (So delicious, so easy!) Also, I’m from Portland, Maine!

  84. Kirstin
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:24 | #

    Hej! My favourite recipe is the herb and pistachio falafel – followed by some apricot and grapefruit toffees :-)
    All the best from Frankfurt/Germany!

  85. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:26 | #

    What a beautiful dessert! I discovered your blog only about 2 weeks ago and have been completely enamoured with it! I’ve read pretty much every single post on the blog within those past 2 weeks. I’ve already tried two recipes, first the gluten free blue buns and then the crab apple crumble pie. Both were delicious but I love the buns! The first time I made them they were a bit wet in the middle and quite flat but the second time around I added a little more flour, flavoured them with saffron and almond meal and let them rise for an hour. They were perfect, crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Your recipes have really inspired me to to try new things in the kitchen. I can’t wait to get your cookbook and make some more of your delicious recipes!

    Corey from Toronto, Canada

  86. jen
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:26 | #

    Jennifer from Denver…one favorite? Hemp protein bars. I make them at least once a month!

  87. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:27 | #

    I’m Inger Zivana from Norway. I’ve followed your blog for so long and could mention many of the recipes as they never disappoint. Recently I made the lemon bars and the raw buckwheat porridge, loved both! Keep coming back making the rustic potato pizza though, so I have to put that as my favorite. These tartlets are so pretty.

  88. C
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:29 | #

    Beautiful post! Awesome giveaway :).

    I am caitlyn from California and I love your saffron buns. So gorgeous and love the culture behind it. I love your blog, period.

  89. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:30 | #

    This is so beautifully shot! Thanks for making the food center stage!

  90. Britt
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:30 | #

    Absolutely fabulous blog and recipes! I have a small child who had baby colic for a long time, which ment that I really didn’t feel like cooking anymore. And for some reason my enthusiasm towards cooking good vegetarian food just seemed to be fading away, until I found your inspiring blog. I’m so grateful for that! I have to say my favourite recipe at the moment is bean brownies, such a nice idea to substitute the flour to beans! And also your lasagne has been loved in our family. So yummy!! Greetings from Finland!

  91. Angela
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:31 | #

    Hej! I live in Germany. I soooo dig your fabulous veggie recipes and I find them extremely creative. Even my carnivorous friends love it when i cook stuff from your blog. This apple tart looks delicious, I should definitely try it tomorrow. My favourite right now is Beet Bourgouignon. First of all, the idea of making this classic stew out of beetroot is something I’ve never thought of before. I was out of ideas with cooking with root veggies, as spring is on hold at the moment in Germany, (it’s still snowing) and I guess I won’t be seeing asparagus and other spring veggies for a while. So thanks! I will definitely make this again soon. Cheers!

  92. Daniel Sandström
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:32 | #

    Miso Noodle Soup

  93. Catherine Waddell
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:33 | #

    Hi guy’s,

    I discovered your website a few months ago and completly fell in love with it! The photos are just so lovely and the recipes are always delicious. I know it’s a sure bet when I decide to try one of your recipes. Plus, I really love strolling through you ipad app. My favorite recipe is the Moroccan Vegetable Tagine. Comming from Canada, the winters are cold and this tagine is just so comforting, it warm’S up the heart! Since winter came, it has become a family ritual to make this recipe on every sunday night!In summer, I really appreciate the goat cheese and fig pasta, it is soo delicious!!

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your delicious and healthy recipes!


  94. lucc
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:34 | #

    Well it is tough to choose the favorite one. That is why I am choosing the first one I found and that made me fell in love with your food blog.
    Seven Minute Choco Almond Truffles……….and of course World’s Greatest Vegetable Lasagna which are just gorgeous!
    hugs from Lucc and from Gabon , though I am originally from Slovakia.

  95. Anna
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:35 | #

    What a super-cool give away!
    My name is Anna, and I live in Germany. I guess my favourite recipe is the portobello mushroom burgers with sweet potato fries. It was the first recipe I ever tried from your blog – and oh how good it was! I made with a friend, the both of us are very chatty, but during this meal no words were uttered as we were just SO busy enjoying this wonderful recipe. I already look forward to doing it again in summer!

    All the best from Germany!

  96. Tanya Mowbray
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:38 | #

    This looks like a lovely recipe. My fav recipe so far is the pistachio falafel. Just received your book today and I love it! I made a new friend on the tube, as I was reading your book and the lady sitting next to me asked me what it was and we started exchanging recipes! x

  97. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:39 | #

    Hello dear Green friends :)

    My name is Marta and I live in Milan, Italy. I’ve been following you for quite some time and always enjoy trying out your recipes. My favorite so far is the Layer Cake! (http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/birthday-layer-cake-a-la-earthsprout/)
    My friends and family think I’m a bit weird for spending hours in the kitchen making “alien” food since some think the Italian cuisine is the best, but really, I love both! Thanks for the neverending inspiration!


  98. Elise
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:42 | #

    Washington State, USA
    I am a big fan of your raw hazelnut + chai brownies!
    So looking forward to your cookbook gracing my kitchen shelves at the end of April!

  99. Taunya
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:43 | #

    I’m Taunya from Vancouver & my favorite recipe is for the Yoga Pot!! :))

  100. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:46 | #

    These look amazing! I think my favorite recipe of yours is the Flower Power Cake. It’s just so pretty!

  101. Signe
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:46 | #

    You are awesome. Cannot wait for the cookbook to arrive. I love, LOVE the No-Rice-Risotto and the Super Infused Chocolate Layer Cake. It takes me to heaven and back! I have “baked” the cake several times now, and I keep going back to it, because it is by far the most awesome and delicious raw-cake ever- it is creamy and chocolaty and it’s my favorite. Möz til jer, Signe fra Danmark

  102. Anete
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:47 | #

    My favorite recipe is the Flower Power Cake!
    With love from Latvia.

  103. Issy
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:48 | #

    Hi my name’s Issy, I love your site and your app!
    I’m from Australia originally, but I’m living in London! My favourite recipe is the buckwheat porridge! And the truffle balls with dates!!

  104. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:48 | #

    Ugh it’s hard! I love all of your food! But I think I’ll have to go with the pistachio brownie!
    From Denmark, Ballerup ;)

  105. Lena Vanusa
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:49 | #

    I LOVE the peanut butter spelt cookies! i love them for their rich taste. i made them last christmas and my friends couldnt get enough of them. (oh yes, i had to make several batches. :) )
    i adore your blogposts for the beautiful images and the compact and authentic writing.
    a big thank you from sunny austria.

  106. Henriette
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:49 | #

    Hej! I love your website and this giveaway is something that has been on my wishlist for quite some time now. It’s difficult to choose only one recipe, but I’ll go for the Mint & Mango Marinated Zucchini Spaghetti, which is such a fresh and tasty meal on hot spanish summer days.
    Love, Henriette from Spain

  107. Caroline
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:50 | #

    Super cool give away! I would love that, too!
    I’m from Munich, Germany and my favourite recipes are:
    – the Eggplant-Lemongrass Curry (I’ve done that about 20 times…)
    – the almond date truffles
    – the pumpkin muffins!

    PS: Today your cookbook arrived!!!! It’s so cool and I spent the last two hours reading it from front to back!

  108. Judith
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:52 | #

    Hej Hej,
    well this comes very handy, since my blender just broke last week while I was making the raw buckwheat porridge. The porridge has been my standard breakfast, since you posted the recipe on your blog. until the blender broke. :-(
    anyway, I’ve loved almost every recipe of yours that I’ve tried so far and I’ve made most of them more then once, because they were so good. So, do you really want me to name one favorite recipe? Cause… that’s a really tough one! But well, if I really have to settle for one, then I pick the raw buckwheat porridge, because I could eat it every day (if I had a blender ;-) ) and also because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
    best wishes,

    • Judith
      Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:53 | #

      Oh and I live in Amsterdam :-)

  109. Louisa Kirchner
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:54 | #

    Hey David, Elsa and Luise,
    I lovelovelove your
    Immune Boosting Turmeric Lassi, that you recently posted.
    Thanks for all that great inspiration!
    Louisa from Hamburg, Germany

  110. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:56 | #

    Hi, I am Marie from Paris and me and my boyfriend Saulo from Sao Paulo love your website! We have the apps on our phone and do our shopping with them!
    We are both artists/filmmakers/illustrators and we have decided to become vegan 16 months ago (when we met), it’s been a great journey and discovery and your website helped a lot on the way!
    I literally just made one of your cakes tonight, its the date chocolate cake. Only I replaced the eggs with chia seeds. I also added the glazing of the blackberry-chocolate cake on top, for extra yummy! It is amazing!
    And of course we would love a mixer! Our blender hardly blends (had to mash the dates by hand)
    Please please please choose us :)
    Much love from London (where we live)

    Marie and Saulo

  111. Anna
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:57 | #

    I live in Berlin, Germany. You have so many great recipes, it’s hard to choose but he Roasted Butternut Squash and Coconut soup is definitely one of my favorites. I also love the warm Pumpkin and Coconut muffins.

  112. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 22:57 | #

    Hi, I am Lejla from Bosnia. And I looove the Raw Hazelnut & Chai Brownies.

  113. Stephanie
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:00 | #

    Hello! I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota and I make your buckwheat porridge a couple times a week! It had totally changed my breakfast slump and gives me energy all day long! This video is beautiful and I can’t wait to try this recipe this weekend!

  114. tessa
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:01 | #

    Hej, hej!
    I enjoyed so many of your recipes, but your apple and oat biscuits are the best. I have to make this new tartlets tomorrow…
    Best regards, tessa from Hamburg, Germany.

  115. Erik
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:01 | #

    I’m Erik and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. My favorite recipe is the roasted butternut and coconut soup. The first time I cooked it I discovered this new and divine flavor combination, and it was instantly a success around our kitchen table.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  116. Ayleen
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:04 | #

    Oh I can’t decide, there are so many recipes I love, but the last one which taste was suprisingly (I’m not that big fan of brussels sprouts) so delicious was the Shaved Brussels Sprout Christmas Salad :)

    With all the best from Germany.

  117. Agnese
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:04 | #

    Hello! My name us Agnese,originally from Latvia but have been living in London for the past 6 years! I absolutely adore all your recipes but my and my boyfriend’s favourite recipe is the Words Best Vegetarian Lasagne recipe :) I have made it about 20 times :)

    Also live your desserts and smoothies!
    You guys are the best and congratulations on your new beautiful cookbook!

  118. Jasmin
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:05 | #

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and if I had to choose, would say that the Green Sushi Salad is such a wonderful example of cooking with delicious flavor and creativity.
    I’ve made so many of your recipes, sharing them with friends and family,that I have my own story and memory for each dish, which make all of them special to me… Thank you!

  119. Herma
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:07 | #

    Love your site. Following you for a long time. I live in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam. Hard to choose a recipe, but I go for Beet Bourguignon. Awaiting your book, luckily I could order it in the Netherlands as well!

  120. Sara Standal
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:07 | #

    My name is Sara and I am from the bustling city of Las Vegas, NV. My absolute favorite recipe, in which I’ve made multiple times, is your Homemade Kimchi. I’ve had a recent love affair with fermented foods, first discovering the art of Kombucha and now your kimchi. Fermentation week looked to be a great success and inspired me to add this awesome fermented food to my list of favorites. Since discovering your blog, and your two iPhone apps, I’ve been more adventurous with flavors, styles of cooking/prepping foods, and curious of nearly every blog post and new recipe.
    Love you guys!!
    p.s. I really dig your videos too :)

  121. Nika
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:11 | #

    I’m Nika from Slovenia and I fell in love with your blog in the first minute I saw it on the web. Thanks for all brilliant recipes, ideas and advices. And my favourite recipe? Baked saffron falafel!
    Much love from Slovenia.

  122. Abby
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:11 | #

    Hi, I’m Abby from New Zealand and I can’t pick a favourite recipe they are all so amazing but the most used would have to be the Fermented Bread as I make it every second day, no more bought bread!

  123. Katiep
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:12 | #

    Allo! I hail from Portland, Maine, and I am having a VERY difficult time choosing my favorite recipe….I love the gluten-free nut crackers, the miso soup, the apple-oat biscuits….but I must say, the one I have made multiple times is the bean chili with walnuts and dark chocolate. It is DELICIOUS!!

  124. Erika
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:12 | #

    From Rapid City, South Dakota. Favorite: Beet Root Soup with Horseradish yogurt. A great twist on an old favorite.

  125. Zosia
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:14 | #

    Tartlets looks charming. I’ll make them tomorrow!

    I’m Zosia from Krakow, southern Poland. I love many recipes from your blog, it’s so hard to choose only one :) but I think that my favorite one is Borscht – Beetroot Soup. It’s kind of funny, because in Poland Barszcz (Borscht) is widely popular soup. We’ve plenty of recipes for it, but I very like your interpretation. Especially the addition of horseradish which I love so much.


  126. Holly Brown
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:17 | #

    My absolute favourite recipe is the Green Breakfast Bowl – I’ve made it so many times with different variations of ingreedients but would love a proper blender to be able to make it velvety smooth like it should be.

    Your blog is inspiring and i can’t wait until I can buy the book.

    Holly, Brisbane Australia

  127. Keilah
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:18 | #

    First of all, I love your blog. I am in college right now, and your recipes and adventures are crazy appealing! I live in Nebraska, USA and not many people around here are vegetarian or clean eating, so reading your recipes are refreshing! My favorite recipe is the Coconut Banana Pancake Cake!

  128. Carolin
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:18 | #

    I love your recipes and your stories, ah what can I say I love everything about your beautiful blog. Being a vegetarian for almost 20 years I became vegan 6 months ago and your recipes are definitely one of my favs go-to sites when looking for inspiration. I love many of your recipes but actually I really crave for the mango/mint marinated zucchini spaghetti (yeah I know its winter, but anyway :)
    Currently I’m living in Hamburg/Germany

  129. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:25 | #

    I live in Memphis, Tennessee! I haven’t had an opportunity to test out any of your awesome recipes yet, BUT I love the look/description of the World’s Greatest Vegetable Lasagna. Yum!

  130. Freya
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:26 | #

    Hi there.
    I’m Freya from Denmark. I love this blog. Also, I’m in love with the winter millet salad and pink frozen cheesecake (and the rest of your recipes).
    What a great video – and food processor. It’s more than welcome in my kitchen. I already dream of making those apple wedges and wonder what else fruit it could turn into beautiful wedges.

  131. Pei-Sze
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:27 | #

    I am originally from Singapore and am now living in London. I am a firm believer in green tea, especially when it’s in any kind of baked treat. But then I saw your recipe for your Green Tea Infused Sunroot Soup, and since trying it out I’ve been inspired to add my beloved matcha into other savoury dishes!

    The soul is a delightful ‘fusion’ recipe to brighten up the dreary evenings in this rainy city.

  132. Ashley
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:29 | #

    Gosh, where to start! Love the Yoga Pot, Bean & Chard risotto and apple oat biscuits immensely! Love the pictures of your daughter as I have a 3 year old son and a little girl, who turns a big 1 year old tomorrow! Thank-you for all the recipes and health you help me bring to the dinner table every night!

    Peace from beautiful California!

  133. Caroline
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:32 | #

    I love everything about this websites! I love reading your stories & it inspires me to cook more and more everyday! All your recipes are incredible but until now, my two favorites are the Black Quinoa & Kale Salad and the Sticky Nut Bars! They give me energy and it’s great! Can’t wait to get your book, so excited :) !!! I’m Caroline from New-Brunswick Canada, currently living in Nova Scotia :)
    Much love,

  134. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:33 | #


    My name is Clotilde and I’m writing from Montpellier, France. I love everything you do.
    My favorite recipe, hum, that is a tough choice. I think I would have to go with the frozen pink cheesecake!

  135. Judit
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:34 | #

    Hi guys! Your blog is so inspirational, beautiful and warm and filled with love as a cozy kitchen by a loved granny :)
    I love this recipe very much, it was the first recipe I saw on your blog: http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/warm-autumn-tart/
    Kisses from Budapest, Hungary!

  136. Alicia
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:35 | #

    I love the new iPhone baking app. With that said I’m trying to ignore the snow outside my window and keep summer thoughts in my mind. And the perfect hot day cool down is the Sweet Summer Soup. Keep the great recipes coming!

    • Alicia
      Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:40 | #

      And where is this snow? Northeastern corner of the US- Massachusetts

  137. Agnes
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:36 | #

    I’m from Hungary and my favourite recipes are broccoli soup with corn biscuits and turmeric lassi (the last one I prepare almost every day). :)

  138. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:39 | #

    Love love your blog!!! I love all recipes but turmeric healing milk, I don’t know if the name is right though, is my fav of all time!!! I am from USA.

  139. Claire
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:43 | #

    Just discovered your amazing site on Sunday. Just made grocery list for next week and I will be will be cooking the pistachio falafel, root and white bean soup, and beluga lentil and sweet potato stew. Will let you know my favorite then! So inspired by all the posts I have read so far…

    Claire, from the UK living in Philadelphia, USA

  140. Megan
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:48 | #

    Seven minute Choco-Almond Truffles… yummy! :)
    Much healthier way to make these instead of the other way I knew that involved oreos and cream cheese… Yeah, lets just pretend that never happened… ;)
    Though I see tons more recipes to add to my to-make list!
    Canadian Megan

  141. Anna O.
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:50 | #


    I really really l-o-v-e your Bean
    Chili and the Vegetable Lasagna.
    I’m following since three years now
    and cannot wait until the cookbook
    arrives. You guys rock!!!

    I’m from Bremen Germany.

    Hugs, Anna

  142. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:54 | #

    I’m from Russia, Moscow but currently living in Mexico, Aguascalientes. I love your recipes and lifestyle. We cook quite a lot from your blog, at this moment we love your Spinach and Kale soup! you three are such an inspiration for many, thanks for that!

  143. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:57 | #

    I am an enthusiastic foodlover and the green kitchen stories blog follower from Holland. Almost a year ago I became interested in making both healthy and delicious food. I love cooking, looking up and trying out new recipes and experimenting with unknown ingredients and combinations. In this process I stumbled up on your amazing blog. You introduced me to delicious foods and gave me new ideas. My favourite recipe from GREEN KITCHEN STORIES is the Maroccan Quinoa Salad. Like most of your recipes it is simple but the combinations are oh so delicious!

    Some other recipes from your blog that are high on my list include nut butter/flower and any kind of smoothie or soup with ingredients like apple or carrot. With my current hand blender, I CAN NOT MAKE THIS. All ingredients are too hard for him to handle. I bet the Ultramix Pro ESTM6600 will have no problems with that. Besides healthy and delicious, I like my food to be beautiful (I use pinterest to look up beautiful looking recipes to try). The Ultramix Pro is a beauty on its own and I have no doubt it will make the most soft smooth and fine-looking soups and butters. The Ultramix Pro will be both a helping hand as well as a motivator for me to keep making healthy food. Like you guys!

  144. Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:58 | #

    Do we really have to pick one single recipe because you sure have tons of good ones to spare and more! My kids LOVE your Swedish Saffron Buns, which we make at least once a month with different variations. I recently made the Flower Power Cake to celebrate my first year in business and I just LOVE the layers of flavor and texture. It’s a little beauty to the eyes and simply pure indulgence when you take a bite and oh so healthy too! What else can a girl ask for?

    XO from a French Expat living in beautiful West Chester, Pennsylvania – USA.

  145. Gina
    Posted 20 Mar ’13 at 23:59 | #

    Do you realise how hard it is to choose my favourite recipe from your site? TO HARD!!
    But I have finally narrowed it down to… *drum roll*… the FLOWER POWER CAKE!
    I love this recipe because if you let the cake sit in the freezer for a couple of days the flavours really stand out, especially the lemon! and not to mention how beautiful it looks with the different layers.
    Plus I love the photos that you have on the recipe page, it really suits the mood of the cake.

    Love from the land down under (QLD, Australia) – Gina Meeve

  146. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:01 | #

    I have the feeling that this tartlets recipe will be my new favourite really soon, it’s exactly what I was looking for! but until then, currently on my fav list is the raw buckwheat porridge and Beet Bourguignon :) Ola from Poland,living in Denmark :)

  147. Linda
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:08 | #

    Hello, my name is Linda and I am half Dutch, half Italian and currently living in London with my husband and 2 kids. To choose just one faourite recipe is hard as they are all amazing, but I’ll go with the one I make most which is the Moroccan Quinoa Salad!

  148. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:09 | #

    I LOVE the Moroccan Quinoa Salad :) I’ve made it so many times – it’s particularly awesome during the warm summer months.

  149. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:11 | #

    Tom Kha Tofu or the Raw Chocolate Shake are my favorites. Though, I will say that I have the cardamom and sunflower muffin recipe on my counter for this weekend!

  150. Josefine
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:12 | #

    Hej Luise, Elsa and David!
    First of all I have to confess that I have quite the crush on your blog. I think it’s amazing. I love the pictures, the stories, the recipies..Everything about it actually!
    And so it’s really hard to chose a favorite recipe, but at the moment I think it is your “Raw Buckwheat, Apple & Walnut Porridge”..This really saved me when I was running out of ideas of how to renew my breakfast porridge! Tak!

    Best wishes,
    Josefine from Denmark, living in Germany.

  151. Bell
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:18 | #

    Hi! i adore your web site and congratulations on your book, and this video! my favorite recipes from expertise are your millet and pumpkin winter salad and your crunchy bean, quinoa, and carrot salad! i am 13 years old and a nutrition and health FREAK from Los Angeles, California! your web site is my absolute FAVORITE! you make cooking beautiful for me… if that makes sense…. ;)

  152. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:19 | #

    My name is Nicole and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I’ve been loving your granola recipes lately. Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. Carly
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:31 | #

    My name is Carly and I’m from Los Angeles, CA. My favorite recipe so far is the Strawberry Peanut Butter Milkshake. It perfectly satisfies my sweet tooth! This apple tart recipe looks amazing as well, can’t wait to try it.

  154. Claire Wellsted
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:32 | #

    Hey guys, your blog updates always brings a smile to my face! My favourite recipe is the blueberry,lemon and almond cake…yum!

    Claire (Brighton, UK)

  155. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:36 | #

    Hey – I’m Maria and I’m from VA in the US. My all time, top favorite green stories recipe is Mustard cranberry and kale salad. I love kale and the dressing on this salad was awesome!

  156. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:36 | #

    I’m Brandon from San Diego, CA. I’m a relatively new follower, so the only recipe I’ve made is the Turmeric Shake. I found the photography quite striking.

  157. Nyomi
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:41 | #

    Very difficult to choose just 1 as so many of your recipes are favourites! Always a favourite for young and old – your chocolate black bean power cookies!
    Keep the favourites coming,
    Nyomi from Oz (Australia)

  158. Karen F
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:43 | #

    I haven’t made it yet, but I’m a huge fig person and your Hazelnut cake with Frozen Saffron Yogurt and Honey Drizzled Figs looks amazing..

    I’m from N. Virginia

  159. Dvora
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:46 | #

    This would be amazing! I’m from The US, but currently living in Melbourne, Australia for graduate school. So far, I think my favorite has been the Chestnut Tart with Oyster Mushrooms, but there are so many more to try! And I’m really excited to make this one when we go home because it’s a bit like apple pie, but more simple and nutritious. My dad loves apple pie. Plus we have a friend over a lot who is GF so it’s perfect!

  160. Mikaela
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:46 | #

    I love those kind of recipes which I call punk-food. Delicious, vegan, in season and that helps me to use all the ingredients before they go bad. By making for example a fry, a mush, a pickle… And these recipes should be easy to adjust from time to time, considering what food I have at home to eat.
    Anyhow, you make such great recipes! You make my punk-food theory much more well tasting, various and easier. I have to choose the wonderful broccoli-pesto, I make it a lot!
    Allt gott! Mikaela from Stockholm

  161. Carmen
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:51 | #

    Hi GKS,
    My name is Carmen and I am from Madrid, Spain.

    The recipe I like most and that I have prepared once is the Frozen Pomegranate and Cashew Cake. Due to the fact that I don’t usually like very sugary or industrial desserts, I liked a lot this one because you can get the taste in a diferent way, without so many sugar and artificial products.

    And thank you for the giveaway :-D

  162. Stephanie S
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:51 | #

    I’m Stephanie from Sydney, Australia. I’ve recently started eating clean, wholesome foods so your blog is so inspirational! My favourite recipe so far is the pistachio felafels. They’re to die for! I made it for my friend recently and she was shocked that something so healthy could be so delicious. Since then I’ve made it about once a week… just a little bit addicted. Thanks David, Luise and Elsa! I look forward to cooking many more of your recipes. Keep up the great work :)

  163. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:52 | #

    I’m from utah and I love this apple tartlet because apples are my favorite fruit.

  164. Adriana
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:53 | #

    Greetings from Mexico!! Love your blog and your app.
    My favorite recipe is Blueberry & Blackberry Muffins. I am gluten intolerant and have found in this recipe a great way to carry on enjoying dessert.

  165. Jaimee
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:55 | #

    Thanks for the giveaway! I am Jaimee, from Florida and my favorite recipe is the Korean Lettuce Wraps

  166. shea fox
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:56 | #

    I am from florida. And so far this is my favorite recipe. I am a huge apple lover and this is delicious.

  167. Lynne Berry
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:56 | #

    Hi, it’s Lynne from San Francisco here! I love a lot of your recipes but I recently made the Mushroom Hazelnut loaf and instantly fell it love with it. So that’s my new favorite at the moment. I look forward to many of your new recipes. Cheers!

  168. Katie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:57 | #

    Another amazing concoction that I can eat! No dairy no wheat no sugar delicious & I can eat it. I am so inspired by your recipes. I have gone slightly mad on it and I love trying the recipes and melting them into my own pot. Black bean cake is the fave: it started me off and is now (in various forms) a weekly staple.
    I didn’t know blenders existed with so many functions! I can feel another cooking obsession coming along…. Exciting times.

  169. Dorothea
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:57 | #

    Hi there, I’m from Pacific Northwest (Washington state)!
    My favorite recipe so far is your Pomegranate, Raspberry & Thyme Jam – love it!

  170. Katie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:58 | #

    Sorry Katie from above again! I am writing from the great city of London x

  171. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:58 | #

    Black Bean cookies!

  172. Darby
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 00:59 | #

    Hi, I’m Darby from New York. you guys are so inspiring!. I have made a number of your recipes and would have to say the Yoga Pot is my current favorite. there are so many i want to try.

  173. Melissa Findley
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:04 | #

    Hi, I’m Melissa from Melbourne, Australia – My favourite would be the Seven minute Choco-Almond Truffles.. Why? Because that’s the first recipe which lead me to your blog and started my addiction :)

  174. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:05 | #

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your Lemongrass, Aubergine & Brussels Sprout Curry!! not that i have ever used brussel sprouts (not in season) we use any veg, anyhows this dish is a fav here in our household in New Zealand right now! Cheers keep them coming!

  175. Kristie Rice
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:10 | #

    Hi! My name is Kristie and I’m from Las Vegas, NV. I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and I love it! I came here via earthsprout for the recipe of raw super-infused chocolate cake. I haven’t made it yet but I will eventually. It looks so beautiful!

  176. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:12 | #

    I just started following your site due to the recommendation on Naturally Ella a few weeks ago. So, I haven’t made anything yet. The Lemon Spelt Bread looks really interesting – I’ll be trying it soon.

  177. Maryann
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:13 | #

    Maryann here in PA….tried the turmeric lassi today and I loved it! I’m looking forward to trying more recipes…thanks for the give-away.

  178. Kate Turner
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:16 | #

    Cant wait to try these out they look amazing !!! My fav recipie is your Bean Chili with Walnuts & Chocolate > (Australia)

  179. Sue
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:17 | #

    Hi, I’m Sue from Canada…loved your baked falafel with herbs and pistachios, great combo! First thing that caught my eye! Always look forward to your new creations!

  180. Peggyann
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:22 | #

    Since I just became a member yesterday I have not made any of your lovely dishes yet. However, I can’t wait for to start! Hopefully this Sunday I will make these apple treats. My husband has RA and is wheat sensitive, My 18 year old daughter has skin allergies and I have IBS. So, we really attempt to have healthy, whole foods. Since it is sugaring time here in the North East Kingdom of northern Vermont (USA) there is plenty of maple syrup for apple dishes.

  181. Latifa Lipton
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:23 | #

    Hello from North Carolina USA and I have to say it’s a hard choice! Love the green breakfast bowl since it’s the first recipe I made of yours. And…I love the photos. Can’t wait for the book!

  182. Kinsi
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:25 | #

    Greetings! I am Kinsi from Colorado, USA. My favorite recipe (most recently) is the Millet and Pumpkin Winter Salad – it’s loaded with goodies and is very satisfying! Thanks for sharing your lovely family and yummy food creations with the world.

  183. Susan Jonell Roragen
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:25 | #

    Well, I would have said this…Cinnamon Roasted Vegetables as a favorite, until…today. I HAVE to make these!
    Jonell from Washington State, USA

  184. Sacha
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:26 | #

    I love you immune boosting grapefruit juice recipe. I can never get enough ginger. It’s not only an immune booster, it’s has potent anti-inflammatory properties as well! I usually end up overpowering everything I cook with ginger and have to make portions for my daughter without ginger at all. Thanks to this recipe I can sneak a little ginger into her diet! We are in New Brunswick, Canada.

  185. Katherine Amelia
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:28 | #

    Hi David, Luise & little Elsa,

    My name is Katherine and I am an urban planner living in Sydney, Australia. Since I stumbled across your blog about 1 and a half years ago I have made many of your scrumptious recipes! Since you launched your app, I usually cook something or adapt one of those recipes atleast once a week and it has been an absolute life saver for me as every time I visit the grocery store I can whip it out and make sure I make something simple, delicicous and healthy – even when I am exhausted. Currently in my freezer I have extras saved of your delish Indian Lentil Soup and Augbergine, Apple and Lemongrass Curry. I now keep cacao, avocados and bananas on hand incase my housemate and I are craving a quick chocolate mousse fix and my favourite organic cafe in Sydney (Bread & Circus) has a very close contender on their menu which I am fairly certain is based on your kaniwa (quinoa) coconut pancakes – except with a side of marscapone and a delish orange glaze. Your Moroccan Quinoa Salad is my default for any party/luncheon where I am asked to bring a plate and it has been a hit with all my friends and family giving me total foodie cred! Honestly, I just want to thank you both because I cannot explain the immense influence your recipes and stories have had in developing and inspiring my understanding and love of different foods and cooking. You are hands down the most consistently outstanding food blog on the web and I am so glad I stumbled across your path. If I hadnt, I would probably still be living on takeaways and spagetti! You have changed my habits. So thank you for changing my life and the way I see the world of food. Your recipes have opened a whole new world of thinking about food for not only myself, but clearly thousands of others around the world whether vegetarian or not. So thank you guys, I cannot express my appreciation enough.

    Katherine x

  186. Mason
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:31 | #

    Hey there! I’m Mason from North Carolina. I would have to say that one of my favorite recipes is you involtini di melanzane. Keep the great recipes and beautiful photos coming!!

  187. sharee
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:38 | #

    How can you choose just ONE!!!!

    At the moment I just can’t get enough of the “healthier” Carrot Cake…. I make it at least once every 2 weeks!!! It’s delicious and it’s guilt free, what more could you want!

    Love your blog and apps so so much xxx

    Adelaide, Australia

  188. Sherri
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:39 | #

    My very favourite recipe from your blog is the cardomom and sunflower muffins. They are divine! I live in Ontario, Canada. Love this blog and all the healthy treats and my kids love it too!

  189. Shilpa
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:42 | #

    Hi! I live in Guelph,Canada. Right now I am loving your Raw Buckwheat Porridge De Luxe. I make it the night before and I just add some tasty additions and it is perfect for my 7:30 am Sunday shift. Thank you!

  190. Ky
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:43 | #

    Greetings from Canberra, Australia. Since finding your recipes I’ve made quite a few. I love the millet & pumpkin winter salad (I sometimes swap and use quinoa and different vegetables). And the blueberry, lemon and almond cake is beautiful – I like that it’s not overly sweet and I don’t feel guilty for eating a nice big slice!

  191. Jo
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:44 | #

    Hi, I’m originally from Poland but living in New York with my Catalan husband and 14 months old boy. We tried several recepies, the one we all love is and coconut pancakes. Yummi healthy and makes our Sunday classic.
    Thank you for beautiful photography and delisouse food.

  192. Kathy
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:45 | #

    I’m from Canton, GA and my favorite recipe is the fig and walnut spaghetti! So unique!

  193. Lana
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:50 | #

    Hi, I’m from Vancouver Canada! (Well raised in Vancouver, born in Sarajevo, Bosnia :) ). My favourite recipe – you have so many gorgeous ones, I love them all but, the lemon bars are fantastic and the beet patties as well (making them tonight!) Wonderful video, these will be next on my list to try xox

  194. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:51 | #


    I’m Katka from Slovakia, but I’ve just recently moved to Singapore after living in Cambodia and Vietnam. The move is exciting mainly because I can finally access all ingredients necessary to try more of your recipes :)

    I’ve recently tried the warm pumpkin and coconut muffins and loved them!

    I get excited every time I see a new post from you, I love both of your cooking apps and I can’t wait to put my hand on your book!

    Keep enjoying your Mexico time :)


  195. Hannah
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:54 | #

    Hi!! Commenting from Los Angeles! My favorite recipe on your blog has to be the Korean Kimchi Wraps! I think Korean food is way WAY underrated! It’s chock full of healthy veggies (fermented & fresh) yet it doesn’t get enough attention. Thank you for posting that recipe. You can even add marinated mung bean sprouts, makes it 10x better! ( :

  196. jacquie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:57 | #

    i’m jacquie from westminster maryland and i’m new to your blog so don’t have a favorite recipe yet. though all i have seen since i have been here look good.

  197. Catharina
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 01:59 | #


    I really like your blog and am still disappointed you never opened that store on Götgatan – that would have been fun! It is hard to decide which recipe I like best, but at the moment I’m crazy with the raw buckwheat-walnut-porridge, I go for that. I’m from Germany, but live in beautiful Sweden now. Thanks for the blog, I appreciate the wonderful pictures too!

  198. Allyson Reddy
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:00 | #

    My name is Allyson, I’m from Charlotte, NC, USA and my favorite recipe is, without a doubt, your buckwheat porridge! I make it for breakfast at least once a week with fresh berries and raw honey :)

  199. Claire
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:02 | #

    From rainy Vancouver, Canada… Hazelnut cake with saffron and figs is the most beautiful. More of these kind of cakes this summer please!

  200. Joelle
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:02 | #

    Hi! My name is Joelle and I live in Ottawa, Canada. My most favourite recipe is your vegan chocolate and blackberry fudge cake. It got me HOOKED on avocado & chocolate and now I use it for pudding or fudge or icing… Delicious!!

  201. Rachel
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:05 | #

    happy happy, joy joy! I am voting for the Chestnut Tart with Oyster Mushrooms……….DIVINE!!

    Blessings x

  202. Josh
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:07 | #

    G’day, My name is Josh I am 25 and living in Perth, Australia. I have been following your blog for a year or so now and there wouldn’t be many weeks that go by that I don’t whip up something from the recipe index. This year I have made the hemp seed protein bars many times as I find them a great snack after a run, swim or ride. Keep up the awesome work and looking forward to the next post.

    In Fitness and Health,


  203. Elizabeth
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:07 | #

    My favorite recipe is the Magic (chocolate) Mousse :) I’m a sucker for anything chocolate!!

  204. Kerianne
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:08 | #

    I love your site and especially love your apps – they are so beautiful! My favorite recipe (so far! can’t wait for the cookbook) is the yoga pot.


  205. Julie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:11 | #

    Hi my name is Julie (Australia) I am new to green kitchen. I discovered your website by embracing a new way of eating. I have only tried a few recipes thus far, but my partner and I really enjoyed the miso noodle soup. It was delicious. We are still putting together a green kitchen, at the moment, it is just a chopping board and knife so new utensils are always welcomed :)

  206. Elena Vo
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:18 | #

    Hello, hello! I’m from Nashville, Tennessee and I love the Raw Buckwheat Porridge De Luxe, buckwheat is such a powerhouse that is unfortunately neglected here in the U.S. I love its flavor whether cooked or raw. Thank you for such a creative recipe!

  207. Amanda D
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:18 | #

    Ayyyo. My name’s Amanda. I grew up in the traffic ridden town of Paramus, NJ. Proud to say I am currently living in a teeny tiny little farm town in The Middle of Nowhere, MI. I have good reason to believe that I am the only Vegan here. Everybody loves the Blueberry, Lemon & Almond Cake anyway.

  208. Tanya
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:19 | #

    Hi David, Luise and Elsa. My name is Tanya, I’m Russian but currently live in the US. When my husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 2 years ago and we realized that we needed to seriously change our diet, I found your blog. Your recipes helped us tremendously and transformed our lives. Thank you! My favorite recipe on your blog is Bean and Barley soup.

  209. Melody
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:22 | #

    I love this recipe and the video! I’m Melody from Chicago and my favorite recipe is the Herb & Pistachio Falafel.

  210. Carla
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:25 | #

    Carla – Germany – currently staying in South Africa!
    SUMMERCAKE! everyone is enjoying it in the sun while whole europe is freeeeeezing!

  211. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:26 | #

    San Diego, CA
    I just discovered your beautiful blog a few weeks back and went all the way back to the beginning of it, pinning my favorite of your beautiful recipes. I love your way of life, the food standards you’ve raised your adorable daughter with, and the gorgeous food you cook together.

    My favorite recipes and some of the ones I’m looking forward to trying the most are your beautiful raw cakes. My celebrities are photographers and food bloggers, and you’ve definitely made my celebrity list. I would probably be starstruck if I met you.

    David, Luise & Elsa, you are a huge inspiration to me (especially as I have just started my own food blog!).

    Natalie Griffo

  212. Chris
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:26 | #

    My name is Chris and I am from Michigan, USA. Great site and great give away, thanks. My favorite recipe of yours is Millet & Pumpkin Winter Salad. Lots of yummy additions.

  213. Emily
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:27 | #

    I’m Emily from Minnesota and I love the Moroccan Quinoa Salad!

  214. Laura W
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:33 | #

    I love many of your recipes, but lately I’ve been hooked on the choco-almond truffles for dessert – they’re such a simple and delicious treat! I’m from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Thanks for keeping me inspired in the kitchen! :)

  215. Michelle
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:35 | #

    Hello Green Kitchen Stories!!

    My name is Michelle Kaczynski and I am from Burlington, Vermont. I absolutely love the Vegan Chocolate and Blackberry Fudge Cake!!

    I have made it three times so far, we love it here in Vermont!!

  216. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:36 | #

    Hi! I’m Sofia from Toronto, Canada. My current favourite is the raw buckwheat porridge de luxe. Lemon bars are a close second :) Love your recipes.

  217. Emmy
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:40 | #

    Hi Green Kitchen Stories!!! I love the Indian Lentil soup and my kids still talk about the Frozen pink cheesecake I made for the last birthday party!! Gotta love the raised eyebrows at a birthday party when guests find out wholesome the “cake” is! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  218. Emmy
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:41 | #

    opps, forgot – Im chin deep in snow in Minnesota!

  219. Debbie Frick
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:42 | #

    My name is Debbie Frick and I’m from Santa Barbara California. We really enjoy your flourless banana blueberry pancakes.

  220. Stefanie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:43 | #

    Oooooh… there are way too many recipes to choose from! But I love the Portabello & Peach Burger and the Lemon & Coconut Bars. So good!
    Hugs from Sydney, Australia!

  221. Liza
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:48 | #

    hello from NYC!
    My name is Liza, and as a 17 year old living at home, I don’t have the ability to purchase all the ingredients and expensive equipment I’d like to. Since discovering your blog and My New Roots, I’ve taken the initiative to become a pescetarian (possibly a vegetarian one day). I’d have to say that one of my favorite recipes of yours is the Morrocan Vegetable Tagine – the perfect combination of savory, sweet, comforting, and exotic. Keep on posting these mouth-watering, rockin’ recipes!

  222. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:49 | #

    Yay for a new post! My name is Yoojin and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia :)
    I love you guys so much, starting from your blog name to all your recipes. Breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day, and I’m addicted to your spinach muffins! When I’m craving something on the sweeter side, I actually drizzle them with some raw honey and they’re sooo delicious! Who can ever resist healthy muffins?

  223. Sara
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:55 | #

    I absolutely love your site and recipes, specially all the healthy soups, now all i need is a mixer to make them! Also, I’m addicted to your kimchi recipe! Now, fingers crossed – all the way from New York!

  224. Tori Jelilyan
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:58 | #

    Hello wonderfully artistic, creative, and innovative people,
    My name is Tori Jelilyan and I’m from Toronto, Ontario. Thank you for such a fantastic giveaway, full of so much potential for fun in food! If I had to choose a favourite recipe, it would be the Hemp Protein Bars: raw, vegan goodness to fuel any adventure.
    Thank you for all you do and share with the world- you’re truly changing lives one bite at a time!

  225. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 02:59 | #

    Hi there GKS!! I love this post and all that you do! My name is Michelle and I am from California. I recently started a food blog to document my love of food and creating healthy dishes in the kitchen. I love all that you do and you are an inspiration for me daily! Not only do I love your photography, but the quality of the recipes are just amazing. You have helped me in so many ways to see that cooking using healthy ingredients is not only easy but incredibly delicious. Picking a favorite recipe is so hard but my recent favorite recipe is the raw buckwheat porridge. I am also so in love with your lemon bars! The Healthy Desserts app is amazing too! Thank you for everything you do!!

  226. Courtney
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:00 | #

    HI! I`m from Australia – Canberra in fact – and I only just started reading your blog a few weeks ago but I loved your immune boosting lassi with tumeric – I love tumeric! I eat it on my scrambled eggs all the time.

  227. jessica
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:03 | #

    i’m from toronto, canada.
    love the shaved brussel sprout christmas salad.

  228. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:07 | #

    Hi, I’m Jennifer from Northern California! I just love all of your recipes, but my favorite is your Summer Berry Cake! It’s beautiful and delicious!!!

  229. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:10 | #

    Hi, My name is Barb and I’m from Iowa, USA. I just found your website this week and have tried a few recipes. I love your kale and spinach soup with the tahini dressed chickpeas. Thanks for your great recipes. I look forward to learning more from your posts.

  230. Sam Tsai
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:12 | #

    Hi, I’m Samantha! I live in Westlake Village, California. My favorite recipe from your blog is… gosh, it’s so hard to pick, but the first one that comes to mind are those lemon coconut bars. I’ve always loved the tastes of both and your recipe just brings out their flavors so well! Oh, and another one that I just remembered… those adorable mini pizzas that I can customize!
    Thank you so much for this giveaway :D

  231. Renee
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:16 | #


    My partner & I live in Australia.
    Our favourite recipe would have to be the Indian Lentil Soup. I’m looking forward to winter so it can make a weekly appearance. The best way I can describe this soup is that it’s like being hugged from the inside out. Might sound silly, but it always brings a smile to my face each time I make it.

    Renee xx

  232. domestic diva
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:21 | #

    I like the blueberry, lemon, and almond cake. I live in the usa.

  233. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:24 | #

    Hi Green Kitchen Stories!

    It’s so hard to choose!
    But easily the recipe I’ve made the most (and always with great reviews) is the Decadent Beet & Chocolate Cake.
    My name’s Emma and I live in Montreal – though I’ve also served that cake in Colorado, Vancouver Island and Nova Scotia. A hit across North America!

    All the best to you three!

  234. Sara
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:25 | #

    I’m Sara from Lancaster, PA. I love many of your recipes, but one of my favorites has to be the aubergine & lemongrass curry! I am a huge fan of the brussels sprouts :)

  235. Jackie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:26 | #

    Hi! I’m from Alaska, and I adore your energy bars made with dates and hemp. They’re my go-to snack!

  236. Bertha
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:26 | #

    Loving the beetroot soup over here in Singapore :)

  237. Sarah
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:31 | #

    My name is Sarah, and I’m from Madison, Wi. I’m head over heels in love with your raw buckwheat porridge! I make up a big batch and it supplies me with yummy breakfasts throughout the week :)

  238. Amy
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:32 | #

    I love all of the recipes I’ve tried from your blog, but I eat your raw walnut, apple and buckwheat porridge every morning, with raw jam and berries.

    Amy, Toronto, Canada

  239. Lena
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:32 | #

    I am Swedish living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When I first found out I was gluten intolerant I was looking all over for recipes. Then my best friend in Greece recommended your website. I have made several of your gluten free delicious dishes and it’s hard to pick a favorite. Right now I’m craving Lemon & Coconut Bars, they are irresistible. I can’t wait to try your Vegan Apple & Oat Tartlets.

  240. Clio
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:43 | #


    My name’s Clio Lourenção, I’m from São Paulo, Brazil and (ugh, though choice but…) I believe my favorite recipe would have to be the Chestnut Tart with Oyster Mushrooms.

  241. Rebecca Park
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:45 | #

    I am from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada and am new to your blog but this looks like a great recipe to start with. I would love a new hand blender I killed my old Braun awhile back and hate the replacement I bought. Gorgeous blog by the way.


  242. Holly
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:57 | #

    I’m Holly from Rancho Cucamonga, California. My favorite recipe is your blueberry, lemon and almond cake. I love that combination of flavors, and we always have an abundance of lemons, especially at this time of year. In fact, it will probably be our dessert tonight.

  243. Lucas Villalobos
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 03:58 | #

    my name is Lucas, i’m from SP- Brazil and the green kitchen´s recipe that i like most is Blueberry, Lemon & Almond Cake.

  244. HC
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 04:07 | #

    Hello from Arizona USA! I love your Cauliflower Leek soup and made this for our weaving/spinning guild! It was such a hit! I’m a vegan and love your recipe blog. Thanks for all your delicious vegan recipes!

  245. cheri
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 04:11 | #

    Your blueberry,lemon and almond cake is so delicious, but it’s hard to pick a favorite from your lovely recipes. Thank you.

  246. Jordan D
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 04:15 | #

    This is such an amazing and generous giveaway! I love your cinnamon roasted vegetables and the yoga pot recipe!

  247. Brita
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 04:23 | #

    I am from Los Angeles. Sesame Super Bars :)

  248. Keri
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 04:24 | #

    I’m Keri, from the West Coast of the U.S. My favorite recipe so far is the frozen pink cheesecake (followed closely by the green herb falafel)

  249. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 04:26 | #

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m from Milwaukee, WI and my favorite recipe is frozen pink cheesecake….

  250. Kate
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 04:30 | #

    Hi, I’m Kate from California. My recent favorite is the turmeric lassi. I have made it multiple times since you posted it and my husband is hooked too! Yum!

  251. Aims
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 04:38 | #

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite! My oldest favorite is your yoga pot – it’s simple and wonderful and is the perfect meal on a cold winter day after yoga. My newest favorite is your avocado and fennel juice. I’ve been trying to focus more on eating a greater amount of green veggies and love this combo – I would never have thought of it myself :)

  252. roona
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 05:06 | #

    I’m from Bronx, New York, USA. I love your blog and check almost everyday to see if there is a new post. My favorite recipe so far is the strawberry peanut butter milkshake. I love making it for friends and wowing them with the delicious, unusual combination.

  253. Aria
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 05:12 | #

    Hi I’m Aria from Florida! I’ve been searching for delicious recipes for Easter brunch and came across the apple tartlet. Yum! This is a definite on my brunch menu!

  254. Christine
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 05:34 | #

    Yayyy! I’m from Portland Oregon and I love your beet and chocolate cake!

  255. Michelle
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 05:41 | #

    I am from Los Angeles, CA. I love your blueberry lemon cake.

  256. Julie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 05:42 | #

    Hello Green Kitchen stories,

    I am Julie from Mauritius island ,it’s very difficult to choose from all these miami receipes ….but my fevorite one is the Flower Power cake!!! It’s sooooo good. I made it for desert when I had some friends over for diner. The ‘love meat and prosses food’ kind of friends and they absolutly loved it !! …

    Thank you soooo much for your wonderfull blog.


  257. Sue
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:03 | #

    This is Sue from Palo Alto, California! You guys just ooze with creativity! Thank you for the beautiful photos and delicious recipes. My favorite is the Perfect Lemon & Coconut Bars. I go weak in the knees for lemon bars and this one is just amazing!

  258. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:04 | #

    My name is Lucie and Im from a little village in the north west of England. My favourite recipe (so far!) from your blog is the Moroccan Vegetable Tagine. I was looking for an interesting and different way to use up some squash a few weeks ago so instantly hit up your blog for a recipe….now Im totally addicted! So delicious in every single way! :) x

  259. Mariona
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:28 | #

    Congrats for this excellent blog!
    I am following you from Barcelona and my preferred recipe is your Raw Buckwheat Porridge De Luxe…so yummy!!!!

  260. Erina
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:31 | #

    Frozen pink cheesecake! Erina, Sweden

  261. Sophie Nordahl
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:33 | #

    My name is Sophie and I’m from Denmark. My fav recipe at the moment is from your fab dessert app: Blueberry lemon and almond cake <3

  262. Isabelle
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:33 | #

    Hi I’m Isabelle and I am from South-West Australia. My all time favorite recipe from the blog would hands down be the Moroccan quinoa salad – a big hit with everyone! x

  263. Rachel péloquin
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:36 | #

    I’m from Paris and my favotite recipie is The perfect melon and coconut bar.
    Thanks for your blog and Nice energy

  264. Gracia
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:43 | #

    Hello, I’m Gracia from Mexico, and though I have not yet found a recipe I don’t enjoy, two favorites of mine are the Mint & Mango Marinated Zucchini Spaghetti, and the Blueberry Coconut Super Smoothie. Congratulations on your book by the way! Can’t wait to get a copy.

  265. Lovisa
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:50 | #

    Hi! I’m Lovisa from Stockholm. Love the Maple Tossed Puy & Rhubarb Salad (and all other recipes:)

  266. Lauren Jade
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:51 | #

    I’m Lauren – originally from Michigan, but currently living in Oregon as I study holistic nutrition. I have to admit that I have far too many favorites to just choose one…but the choco almond truffles are decadent. The bean chili with walnuts and dark chocolate or the spinach and kale soup are equally delicious! Its not just your creative, wholesome recipes that keep me reading but also your fun dialogues, stories, and personalities that unfold within the posts themselves that make them even more enjoyable to read and follow!

  267. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:53 | #

    i love ur blog and since yesterday im d proud owner of ur beautiful book.
    thank u very much for inspired me to try to eat more better.

    • Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:56 | #

      i forgot my favorite recipe!! veggie chilli!!

  268. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:56 | #

    Absolutely can’t wait to try this new recipe ~ love your recipes and blog! It’s hard to pick! beyond today]s recipe for the oat tart, perhaps I would say one of my faves is the Bean Chili with Walnuts & Dark Chocolate & then the Warm Coconut & Pumpkin Muffins! I am from the Southeast USA!

  269. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 06:58 | #

    These tartlets look like a stunner! Bookmarked!
    I live in London and my favorite recipe of yours is the hemp granola bars, which I make about twice a month and use for my low energy moments –love them!


  270. Ditte Starche
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:01 | #

    A favorite dish must be written with an “and”; a warm and a cold one. You see, it is not the same thing at all, and yet you cant choose if you like one dish temperature better than the other :)

    The aborigine and lemongrass curry is tagged as my warm favorite, and then the pretty purple picnic wraps are numero uno on the cold plate! They both resembles a use of ingredients that really suites them!

    Kind regards and sunny days from here

  271. Ron
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:01 | #

    Hey, I’m Ron from Singapore! I love almost all of your recipes, but one that really brought a smile to my face the first time I saw it was the Sesame Super Bars. I love sesame very much, and I’m fascinated by the use of goji berries there, though being introduced to them by my mother at a young age. And, not to mention, the colours in those bars. Splendid!

  272. Ditte Starche
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:02 | #

    Sorry for the aborigine: auto-correct! :)

  273. Gabi
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:05 | #

    Hey, My name’s Gabi and i’m from Melbourne, Australia. I check your website sometimes more than once a day, but my favourite recipe is the Millet & Pumpkin winter salad, Perfect!

  274. Linda Lindqvist
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:06 | #

    You just saved my birthday 28 of March from being a repetition of earlier years! About a year ago I found out I’m sensitive to flour connected to birch tree pollen, so I love you recipes for sticking to oats a lot! Moreover these beautiful tartlets inspired me to dive deep in this cookbook section. Delish and simple with advanced taste as result, thank you!

  275. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:08 | #

    Hi, I am from Winter Park Florida…
    I love your blog and simply love all your recipes but
    My favourite one is Kale&spanich soup

  276. Caroline
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:10 | #

    I have followed you guys ever since you started – You were the first blog that caught my interest maybe because I felt a connection both of you being Scandinavian and vegetarians – but first of All because of your writing the combination of beautiful pictures, well explained recipes the personal touch but fantastic life and eating advise – and of course Elsa growing up is a bonus on top. It’s hard to choose a favorite being a vegetarian I am always in the search of new recipes so I have tried them all.

    For cozy comfy food I would say “The worlds greatest lasagne”
    For dinner parties “the involtini di melanzane” have had great succes
    For a “rapp the summer up and get ready for Fall” recipe, what is more Perfect than something involving figs so my easy, simple and delicious alltime favorite must be “the Fig & Walnut spaghetti”

    Breakfast favorites are: “buckwheat porridge” and the “flour free banana blueberry

  277. Clyde
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:16 | #

    My favourite has to be you delicious Bean chili with walnuts and chocolate – Clyde, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  278. Caroline
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:21 | #

    Woops I added the comment before it was done by mistake, where was a breakfast flour free banana blueberry pancakes.

    Desserts favorites are “the frozen pink cheesecake” and “the Vegan blackberry chocolate cake”

    Of course I am interested in winning the blender – but most of All I am just glad I finally “salut you guys” for everything that you share with us it’s hard work but you are true to yourselves and dedicated – which shows!

    Have a fantastic “spring” Thursday and wellcome back to cold Scandinavia.


    • Caroline
      Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:42 | #

      By the Way I am from Copenhagen

  279. Andrea
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:28 | #

    Hello from the Czech Republic! :) My favourite recipe so far is “Rustic Potato Pizza” – the ultimate comfort food! I’ve made it several times and it was always a huge hit.

  280. Simon Barker
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:29 | #

    My vote from London for the favourite recipe so far is the veg lasagne….it takes an age to make but it is well worth it. Yum from London! I think the Electrolux gadget would with many of your other recipes though….. Assuming the voltage is ok for the Uk!

  281. AnnaL
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:32 | #


    I love these tartlets, they are so neat, so beautiful!
    I never achieve such a feat at home, sadly…
    My favorite recipe from your site is the korean Lettuce Wrap with Kimchi… love it!

  282. Marie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:44 | #

    Hei, heter Marie og er en trofast fan fra Norge.
    Så vanskelig å måtte velge ut bare én – men det må bli Lemon&Coconut bars, yummie!!
    Hadde vært stas å vinne, trekningen foregår til og med på selveste bursdagen min.

    Fortsett den inspirerende, vakre og magiske matlagingen deres – det er helt fantastisk å kunne dukke ned i smakenes verden.


  283. Cosima DeMarche
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:45 | #

    Hi, my name is Cosima and I am from Berkeley, California. Your Sesame Super Bars are my favorite go-to treat when I crave something sweet! Thank you for your beautiful photos and posts. Your blog inspires to be good to myself and cook wholesome food for my family!

  284. Frida
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:46 | #

    My absolute favorite is the pho-inspired noodle bowl. Absolutely delicious! I will definitely try theese tartlets as soon as I get a chance! (and an Ultramix Pro ESTM6600 obviously)

    Thank you for all the inspiring recipes and thoughts!

    Frida from Sweden

  285. Karolin
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:48 | #

    Hello, I’m Karolin from Germany and I’m nearly obsessed by your blog. All recipes I tried was wonderful, but I would say that the Sushi salad is my favorite, I love the marinated tofu together with the creamy avocado.
    Thanks for your inspiring blog!

  286. farida
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 07:52 | #

    I’m Farida from Germany (Sydslesvig) and one of my favorites is the Christmas Granola. But there are a lot of other recipes who are just as good.
    Venlige hilsner

  287. Julia
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:08 | #

    Hello, I´m Julia from Germany and my favourite of your recipes are your raw hazelnut and chai brownies to which I feel seriously addicted. I actually have them every week.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog and cookbook!
    Love, Julia

  288. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:10 | #

    I’m Sandra from Italy. Fave recipe? That’s easy – Rosehip Christmas Truffles. That’s how I discovered you.

  289. simona
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:13 | #

    Hi Green Kitchen Stories
    I’m Simona from Zürich, Switzerland and i love your zucchini cupcakes!! :)

  290. Manuela
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:16 | #

    OMG this is soooo great. I’m also from Germany and on Monday I received your book which is soooooo wonderful! My favourite recipe from the blog is the Warm Millet and Pumpkin Winter Salad which we had serveral times this neverending winter. I am gluten-free since last summer and I love the gluten-free recipes. Luckily I wasn’t allergic to gluten before so I could taste the other recipes as well. Unfortunately not the Lucia Saffron Buns, they look so delicious!
    Thank you for your inspiring work.

  291. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:16 | #

    I’m Emily from Istanbul, Turkey (originally Australia). I love just about everything you guys post but your yoga pot saved me when I was travelling around Europe and staying in hostels. I even printed out your recipe and carried it around with me-it was my one almost daily chance to eat something that was guaranteed wholesome and nutritious on my travels.


  292. Tanja
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:17 | #

    Hello I’m Tanja from Switzerland – I love the Raw Buckwheat Porridge De Luxe – because for me is this the best breakfast ever for start into the day:) Yesterday I received your book – great!!!!

  293. Stine
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:23 | #

    Thank you! Again a delicious looking recipe! I will bake it in my kitchen here in southern Germany.
    My definite favorit so far is the Korean Wraps with Kimchi, followed close by the chocolate chili and the beetroot picnic wraps and … I just like so many of your creations.

  294. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:23 | #

    Raw Buckwheat Porridge De Luxe- so simple, raw & tasty option for breakfast! Lina from Lithuania

  295. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:23 | #

    Definitely the bean chili and walnuts and dark chocolate. So good, we made it the other day and had it for 2 days — it gets better and better.
    I live in London at the moment!
    Thanks for the great recipes and blog!

  296. Hannah
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:25 | #

    Jag bor i Göteborg och tänker direkt på en vattenmelongazpacho som jag lagat många gånger sedan det publicerades!

  297. Marie L
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:32 | #

    I am from Aarhus, Denmark, and I absolutely love your food-blog.
    Having to choose a favorite it must be the Tomato & Chanterelle Rye Tart, since it tastes delicious, and it has influenced all other tarts in my oven – I’ll never make another crust again!

    Bonusinfo: My birthday is actually the 26th of March, which would make it extra fun and great to win the mixer!

  298. Lucie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:32 | #

    I love your yoga pot-it´s simply delicious! Lucie from Czech Republic

  299. Gianna
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:32 | #

    I love the Cinnamon Roasted Vegetables! I never thought of that mixture and my mind was blown;)
    Greetings from Gianna (Mainz, Germany)

  300. Christiane Henriksen
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:38 | #

    Hi, I´m from Norway, 24 years old, and a big fan of your recepies especally the Indian Lentil soup, I also love the Blueberry Lemon, almond cake :) The coconut banana pancakes are also delicious. There are to many to just pick one!

  301. Lærke Heidal
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:45 | #

    Hi, my name is Lærke and i’m from Denmark. I have been following your blog from the first post and I have to say it’s truly the most inspiring, beautiful and delish blog!!!! So it’s really difficult to pin down only one favorite – but the Moroccan Quinoa Salad and the Mint & Mango Marinated Zucchini Spaghetti are the ones I keep coming back to, they are SO SO SO delicious, all the ingredients compliments each together in a way that i never thought possible ….
    Thank you for your blog:-)

  302. Desiree
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:47 | #

    Hi, I live in Switzerland but am from Austin. I love your recipes, particularly the Moroccan Vegetable Tagine. I love the mix between savoury and sweet spices.

  303. Sarah
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:50 | #

    I read your blog every sunday instead of the paper! I love the Indian lentil soup and made it a bunch of times this neverending winter – I’m from Germany :)

  304. Katrien
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:51 | #

    I’m from Amsterdam and am totally in love with your Chili! Although the Moroccan vegetable tajine has almost become a weekly treat… Tried the pancakes and the almond butter from your book yesterday, and will make the courgette lasagna for a friend who can’t eat pasta tonight!!

  305. Bea
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:51 | #

    Hello! I’m from lyon, france. While I do love all of your recipes, I have to say that my favorite one is your “healthier” carrot cake! It was the recipe that led me to find this blog and one of the most delicious cakes i have ever tasted!

  306. Emilye
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:54 | #

    Hi, I’m from Montreal, Canada, currently living in Taipei, Taiwan.

    Although it is difficult to pick a favourite, I would have to say it’s the Raw Buckwheat Porridge De Luxe — the colours are phenomenal and the recipe is easy, healthy and tasty.

    Your lovely pictures and stories are a source of great inspiration, so thank you for that!

  307. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:55 | #


    My favorite is the creamy broccoli soup because it rocked my birthday party. ;) All of my guests loved it, me too of course! It’s so simple and the coconut milk gives it an awesome taste.

    Janina from Hamburg, Germany

  308. Tish
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 08:57 | #

    Hi I live in Australia and just adore the lemon and count bars, they are such a treat, thank you

  309. Felicia
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:00 | #

    I’m Felicia from Chicago. I love the superfruit smoothie.

  310. Lianne
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:02 | #


    It has to be the bean and walnut chilli with all of those fantastic secret ingredients such as coffee, wine and chocolate! AMAZING!!

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful food and ideas!

    Lianne (Monaco)

  311. Charlotte
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:05 | #

    Hi Green Kitchen!
    I’m from London, England and I love your flour free banana and blueberry pancakes!! So delicious and easy to whip up on slow Saturday morning!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  312. jo
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:07 | #

    i love all your recipes but my absolure favorite was Elsa’s birthday cake – the layer one :-).. it was mind blowing
    JO, Indian in China.

  313. Ester
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:08 | #

    Hard to choose just one recipe:-) Love all of them.
    My favourite so far is Cardamom and sunflower muffins!!
    I am from Czech Republic.

  314. Jane Bennetts
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:08 | #

    Hi I’m Jane from Melbourne, Australia. I have 2 favourite recipes, pistachio falafel and lemon spelt bread which I cook weekly! Thanks :)

  315. Marit
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:11 | #

    My favorite recipe is the Beet Bourguignon. This year the winter is Holland is cold and long and the smell of the stew is just what I need after a long day at work.
    Keep up the good work on your blog!

  316. Cindy
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:11 | #

    Hi. I’m Cindy from the Netherlands. I really love your website. Every recipy I tried I love. But my absolute favorite is the ‘roasted vegetables’ (carrot, fennel & sage), because it’s simply delicious. But also because I’ve learned a new and simple way to make vegetables. This way I put a healthy dish on the table in a simple way and little time. In a live full of children (3), family and work (4 day’s) that’s very welcome!

  317. Griet
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:14 | #


    I’m Griet, a Belgian girl who grew up in Luxembourg. At the moment I’m studying in Kortrijk, Belgium. I love your Beet Bourguignon, it is delicious and doesn’t make my non-vegeterian boyfriend crave for meat. Awesome!

  318. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:15 | #

    I absolutely LOVED your blueberry, lemon and almond cake. You have wonderful recipes, and it was very hard to choose one. However I picked the one I made the latest, and me and my friends all loved it. The blueberries… YUM!
    <3 Elena, Denmark

  319. Britta
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:18 | #

    Dear David, Luise, and Elsa!

    I love your blog and I love your cookbook, just received it yesterday.

    My favorite recipe (it’s so damn hard to pick one…) is the Moroccan Vegetable Tajine! With black bean brownies for dessert <3

    Thanks for all the great recipes,

    I'm from Utrecht, the Netherlands.

  320. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:19 | #

    Hi, there! I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and I am really happy you are here for us. I have tried many of your recipes (just eaten a bowl of Christmas granola actually), and I think my family would vote for your World’s Best Lasagna. I’ve tried so many lasagna recipes before, and yours is really fabulous. I read that somewhere, but it suits you so nicely I have to write it down: “The Universe is not made of atoms, it is made of stories.” Thanks a lot! We are from LJubljana, Slovenia.

  321. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:24 | #

    My name is Leah, and I’m from Washington, DC (though I’m at college in Philly, where I’ve developed an absolute addiction to cooking). My favorite of your beautiful recipes is the hazelnut cake with frozen saffron yogurt and honey drizzled figs – gorgeous, gluten-free, and I just can’t get enough of figs!

  322. Mette
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:24 | #

    I have many favorites! But if I have to choose one, then it must be the Indian Lentil Soup, which I have made a million times and it is always great! You guys are so inspiring and I am looking forward to your book!
    I am from Denmark :-)

  323. Yohann
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:25 | #

    My favorite recipe is Moroccan quinoa salad. I live in Montpellier France!

  324. Frauke
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:28 | #

    just got your book and can’t decide where to start because of all the great possibilities. Because it is my birthday soon I think I will use my guest as guinea pigs :-)
    Frauke from Germany
    ah, my favorite recipes from the blog are the Blueberry, Lemon and Almond Cake and the Egg Salad

    • Frauke
      Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:54 | #

      what a coincidence, another German girl called Frauke. :) I thought I should point out there are two of us, so you guys don’t think someone is trying to cheat by commenting twice.

  325. nienque
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:29 | #

    My name is Nienke and I am from Leiden (Netherlands). I loved your take on egg salad, trying to create a fresh alternative to the usual sweaty blob of egg ^^

  326. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:31 | #

    I love the cauliflower and leek soup -great flavours and I’m a sucker for almonds as a soup garnish.

  327. Kimmo
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:31 | #

    Ciao!! I’m Kim, from the U.S. (Georgia!) but I have been living in Italy for 12 years! I just discovered your blog recently, so I have many recipes still to try! I love the Raw buckwheat, apple & walnut porridge, just had it this morning! Grazie for sharing such beautiful recipes, and many compliments on your new book…it already has its own spot on display, and easy to access, in my kitchen! :-)

  328. Amy
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:32 | #

    I keep returning to your beet bourguignon for dinner parties, it is so delicious, easy to make in advance, and as a bonus it caters to most dietary requirements! We had ours with creamy polenta which turned out to be the perfect companion. I am from Norway but live in Scotland, and the dish is just perfect for our prolonged winters!

    P.S: love the new app – so inspiring!

  329. Rebecca
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:33 | #

    thank you guys so much for letting us having part in your beautiful and sooo tasty recipes and pictures.
    My favrourite recipe does change every once in a while. In summer I loved the Italien potato salad. Recently I became a fan of the Beetroot & Millet Burgers and the Maroccane Tagine. Easy, healthy and can be varied with the seasons.:)
    Greetings from snow-covered Berlin, Germany.

  330. Nicole Camerini
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:33 | #

    Hej! Jag heter Nicole Camerini, är 25 år och bor i Stockholm. Jag tycker att er blog är så inspirerande eftersom jag precis blivit vegan pga att jag har IBS. Jag har provat många av era recept och mår bättre nu än vad jag gjort på väldigt länge. Mitt favorit recept är Spaghetti Squash och Beluga Linser med Persilje Pesto och Shiitake! Jag har började äta persilje pesto till nästan allt! På salladen eller som oftast på smörgåsen! Tack för en bra blog!

  331. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:37 | #

    Hello! My name is Sophie and I’m from New York and sometimes Montreal, Canada. I’ve already let you know about how much I love your apple oat biscuits; now I’ll call my favourite recipe ( the toughest call! ) of the moment your chestnut tart with oyster mushrooms- a delicious crust recipe and smart filling ideas. You’ve left us with another beautiful video, by the way- Thank you for sharing!

  332. Hanna Trondalen
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:39 | #

    Just dug into your blog recently here in Oslo, Norway. Have to say – love the fig, coconut and blackberry ice cream. Versatile, creamy, fresh and good for you! Food how I like it!
    – Hanna T

  333. Ana
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:46 | #


    I love your blog because I live in Copenhagen and only decided to start cooking with local seasonal ingredients, which can be a bit of a challenge with these long winters… But your blog is shockfull of awesome recipes! I have plenty of favourites so it’s hard but… well I reaaaally love spaguetti squash so I’m gonna go with the “Spaghetti Squash with Beluga Lentils, Parsley Pesto & Shiitake”, it was truly delicious.
    Thank you and keep on inspiring us :)

    Ana from Portugal (Living in Copenhagen)

  334. Natalie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:49 | #

    Hej :-)

    I am Natalie from Norway and my favorite recipe from GKS is your indian lentil soup. It’s easy, but gives me the warmth and comfort we all need in this cold.

    Love from Norway

  335. Evelien Swiers
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:50 | #

    hi , i’m from belgium a small country but a big hart for food.

    Perfect Lemon & Coconut Bars is my favourite recipe for now ,i like alot of the recipes .it’s inspiring and feels when you make this you are ready for springtime!

  336. Alicia Cannell
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:51 | #

    Difficult to pick just one but I will say my favorite recipe is ‘Spinach Muffins’ because my kids LOVE them!
    I am Alicia from Spain (living in UK)

  337. Maria
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:54 | #


    I’m Maria, living in Stockholm Sweden. My favourite recipe is the spinach and kale soup with tahini dressed chickpeas. The flavour combination is genius. But the best thing about it is that my picky 4-year old son loves it. He has to be bribed to eat anything green normally, but this soup he eats just like that saying “mmmm, gott!”

    Thank you for a wonderful blog!

  338. Janine
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:54 | #

    it looks fabulous…and since i am trying to eat mostly vegan – it is perfect. my favorite recipe is your bean chili with walnuts & chocolate and as the winter decided to stay bit longer in germany this year, i guess i will make it again… (janine//germany)

  339. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:57 | #

    Wow, those apple slices are just perfect! What a fantastic piece of kitchen equipment. The tarts look incredible.
    It’s super tough to choose a favourite among all your beautiful recipes but 2 spring to mind- the herby pistachio falafel and the mango mint courgette (zucchini) noodles. I want to try them all!
    P.S I’m in England, UK

  340. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 09:59 | #

    These tartlets are amazing, I can’t wait to make them for my family! My favorite recipe is your version of the Swedish Lucia Saffron Buns, every time I make them I eat four straight out of the oven, they never last more than two days!! I have to restrain myself and not make them too often!
    Chiara, Italy

  341. Rachel
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:02 | #

    My favorite recipe from Green Kitchen Stories is Involtini di Melanzane. I have made it a few times when we have guests, and it is always a crowd pleaser! I especially love serving it to our non-vegetarian friends, they are always shocked at how delicious it is.
    I am originally from Chicago, but now live in Edinburgh, Scotland. Due to our international move I had to put most of my kitchen appliances into storage. I would be ECSTATIC if I were chosen to receive a brand new Ultramix Pro!!


  342. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:05 | #

    So great to see Electrolux using your recipe in their commercial! It makes you really hopeful that good, healthy food reaches out there! I really loved the Yellow beetroot and Lentil Salad I made the other day – so that has to be my number one recipe! Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration! /Eva from Stockholm, Sweden

  343. Carmen
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:05 | #

    I absolutely love your Warm Coconut & Pumpkin Muffins! They’re my favourite afternoon treat. Thanks for the great recipes.

    Carmen (from Australia)

  344. Hanna
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:06 | #


    my name is Hanna and I am from Munich, Germany.

    Your blog is such an inspiration for my healthy diet.
    Thanks a lot for sharing all these delicious and diversified recipes with us!

    My favourite recipe is the Beetroot, Zucchini & Apple Salad :)


  345. Olga
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:11 | #

    Wow, so many comments!
    I’ve never ever won anything participating in such things and never believe I can win but I’ll try because I need to tell you about my favorite recipe anyway!

    My name is Olga and I am from Moscow originally but I live in Stockholm now. My absolute favorite recipe from your blog is Raw granola! Thanks to it I started to sprout. I did this wonderful breakfast with blueberry sause, yougurt and buckweat sprouted granola just yesterday! It’s so tasty and healthy!

  346. Anouk
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:12 | #

    You guys are S-W-E-E-T! A giveaway and a yummy recipe! Your book arrived this week: it’s just lovely – congrats! A favorite from your site: raw buckwheat porridge de luxe -> very surprising & versatile (also winners – lovely sides for summer dinners with friends: maple tossed rhubarb & puy salad, not just an egg salad) — Anouk from Belgium

  347. Florence
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:14 | #


    I’m Florence from France. My favorite recipe is the Christmas Granola, I have testes several but yours is my favorite :). Thank you for sharing your inspiration wit us!
    All the best,


  348. Celia
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:15 | #

    As a porridge lover and one who rises with the sun, I must say that my favourite for the moment is the Raw Buckwheat, Apple, and Walnut Porridge – perfect start for the day after an early morning stroll.

    Celia, Finland/Sweden

  349. Dani
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:17 | #

    Must just say I received the cookbook yesterday and I’m SO impressed!
    I think the top two recipes I return to again and again are Luise’s Yoga Pot and David’s Indian Lentil Soup. If I had to ask my partner what his favourite recipe is, it would without doubt be the Tahini & Peanutbutter Spelt cookies! Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration! Finding your blog almost exactly 12 months ago has revolutionised my cooking and changed our lives! :)

  350. A Josephine Wolters
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:20 | #

    My all time favorite is the Kale Quinoa salad, its my favorite winter salad! I also make the almond meringue cake often, hmm.

    My name is Anna Josephine and I’m danish/german living in Paris.

  351. Megan
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:21 | #

    My name is Megan, I am from Australia and I love your chia brownies and chocolate persimmon tart :)

  352. vicky
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:21 | #

    Hi! My Favorite recipe is the spelt no knead bread. it was my first time baking bread and it came out so good! (I live Singapore)

  353. Ruxandra
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:23 | #

    I’m Ruxandra and I live in Newcastle, England. I love all your recipes, it’s very hard to choose, but I must say that one of my favourites is the Frozen Pomegranate and Cashew Cake..I made it a few times and I have to say that my other half was really impressed by it and kept asking me to make it more often :)) Easy to make and delicious!

  354. Lise Bjørgen
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:30 | #

    Im Norwegian, living with my Italian fiance in Florence. I have so many favorites from your amazing blog! Your recipes are always such a success. And with the APP i never stress or forget some ingredient at the grocery, its a life saver! Yesterday was my birthday and i made the Vegan chocolate & blackberry cake! its just amazing!!! And works so well for breakfast! (My Fiance is proud to say the vegetable lasagna is his favorite from all the Italian lasagna he has tried) Thank you for filling our stomachs with all this health and tasty foods!

  355. Sarah from Germany
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:34 | #

    Hmmm…although right now I’m a huge fan of the raw beetroosh (I could just eat it with a spoon (actually I do)) I choose the Crunchy Bean, Quinoa & Carrot Salad! And I’m totally in love with your book and everything that is in there…

  356. kate o'connell
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:34 | #

    I love love your blog and Instagram page, thanks so much for the healthy inspiration. My favourite recipe this week is the Creamy Broccoli soup.
    I’m from Queensland in Australia.

  357. Emma
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:39 | #

    It’s so hard to pick up one because there are so many lovely recipes. But I love winter pumpkin millet salad, it gives variations to basic salads.
    Emma, Finland

  358. Jane Buchanan
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:39 | #

    Gosh…pick a favourite, hard question with so many amazing recipes but I’m going to say the beetroosh – it has become a staple in our fridge I put it on everything (my husbands vote is for your chocolate cake):)
    Jane, NSW Australia

  359. Tunde Gombos
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:40 | #

    Hi, my name in Tunde and i’m from Oradea, Romania. My favourite recipe from your blog is the Vegetable Lasagna. It’s so much better than the one I used to make before. But these apple and oat tartlets seems to be also delicious. Can’t wait to try them.

  360. Marlene
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:43 | #

    Hi, my name is Marlene Richter and I live in Gentofte, Denmark.
    My favorite recipe is “A Healthier Carrot Cake” :)

  361. Frauke
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:46 | #

    My favorite recipe from your blog (so far) is the bean chili with chocolate. such a delicious, unusual combination of flavors. :) Frauke, Germany

  362. Jasmine
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:48 | #

    Hello David, Luise and Elsa:
    It is an exciting adventure to follow your blog. I enjoy the healthy and delicious recipes that you share with us along with the creative photos. My favourite recipe is the Indian Lentil Soup suitable for all seasons. I am half Latin American and half Indian (Goa) but living and working in Paris, France since 20 years. I take this opportunity to express to you my deepest gratitude for your generosity and for contributing towards our healthy living philosophy.

  363. Krista
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:53 | #

    I love your recipes — they are very inspiring. My favorite right now is the fruit kvass.
    Krista, Asheville North Carolina

  364. Anna
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:54 | #

    Wohoo, so many different countries!

    I’m from Frankfurt, Germany (…I’m not working in the finance sector ;-)) and my favourite recipe is “Roasted Carrots & Fennel” with sage (April 2011). Since then I simply adore oven roasted vegetables :-)
    In May 2011 I planted sage on the balkony and it survived two winters. I made the recipe last week and used the first very tiny sage leaves this snowy “spring”.

    Love from Frankfurt

  365. Aine
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 10:56 | #

    My favourite recipe is the auborgine, apple and lemongrass curry! So tasty and warming for winter. Áine in Ireland.

  366. Ignas Skukauskas
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:00 | #

    Perfect Lemon & Coconut Bars :)
    Ignas from Lithuania.

  367. Nash
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:01 | #

    Hi Guys,
    We are a mixed Dutch/ Brazilian family. And we have tried pretty much everything on your blog. My husband loves Roasted Vegetables recipe – he says he can eat that every single day, my 1 year old loves the Yoga Pot with some burgur or quinoa and I love cooking anything that has an ingredient I haven’t tried before. I was wondering if you could do a post about your kitchen pantry. So curious to how you keep everything in place as well to your must-have essentials and supplies. Keep up the good work and keep us all healthy! :)

  368. Aarti
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:03 | #


    My favourite recipe has to be the pistachio falafel!! I discovered your blog when I found your app through its nomination in apple best apps of 2012. I’ve been hooked ever since and have preordered your book on amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive!
    Thank you for the fabulous recipes!

    Aarti, london uk

  369. Juliana
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:03 | #

    Ooooh, a give-away with just the thing that I’ve had my mind wrapped around during the past weeks. I definately want to add a food processor to my kitchen tools – especially because I think I fell in love with nut butter and almond milk. And it would be in great use for making your bean brownies, which are my favourite recipe from your blog. Because they are surprisingly yummy and healthy at the same time. :-)
    Thanks for inspiring me to eat healthier and try out new things!

    Juliana, Göteborg/Sweden

  370. Jess
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:04 | #

    My name is Jess
    I am from Victoria, Australia. My favourite recipe is the lemon coconut bars, although i have many. You guys have changed the way i eat and live. i cannot wait for your book.

  371. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:05 | #

    Following your blog since a long while, i am a huge juice and smoothie lover, but i am especially mad of your curcuma lassi :) and i always love to see little elsa’s hand on delicious picture :)
    Rébecca from france and around the world

  372. Maddie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:06 | #

    I absolutely love your raw buckwheat porridge. I think I have had it for breakfast almost every day since you posted the recipe! So delicious, quick and easy to make! Thanks so much for sharing :)
    Maddie, Melbourne, Australia

  373. Fanny S
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:07 | #

    My favourite is definitly the Baked Pistachio and Herb Falafel & the Portobello and Peach Burgers!

    /Fanny from Stockholm

  374. Laura
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:11 | #

    Hello- My name is Laura and I am originally from upstate New York, but am going to school in Philadelphia. I am a huge fan of the blog and all the delicious recipes you post. It is hard to pick a favorite! A stand out for me is the bean chili with walnuts and chocolate. The chocolate and coffee additions make it something special!

  375. sara
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:12 | #

    I am Sara from Verona, Italy. The city of Romeo and Juliet…so full of love!
    I’ve been following your blog since a very long time, before you left for your fantastic trip with little little Elsa among USA and Far East..the fact that David lived in Italy made me always happy and linked me more to your life.
    Your family is so inspiring, positive, ealthy!
    The recipes you propose are always fascinating and among them one I can rememebr for the colours, the mouthwaterig and the presentation was Portobello & Peach Burger…so juicy!
    Wish us luck

    Ciao ciao

  376. Jeri Thurber
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:18 | #

    I’m Jeri, we live in Lincoln, Nebraska, and we love the Indian Lentil Soup! We love to try new dishes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  377. Elly
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:21 | #

    Hi! I’m Elly from Ireland.
    I Just got your cookbook in the post yesterday and it made me soo hungry – I love it! Great photos too and lots of space for scribbling notes on…though it’s too pretty to start that for a while. Love your blog though I only found it recently and there’s so many recipes I want to try. So far I’ve only made the Hemp Protein Bars but they were so yum! Typically I started with the deserts…but have great plans for the rest.
    Thanks for the great recipes and all the lovely stories of your lives together – I wish I was one of your children!:-))


  378. Natasha Bradley
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:24 | #

    Hi I’m Natasha from England. I am obsessed with your ‘Blueberry, lemon and almond cake’
    Ive made it sooo many times, my whole family love it and i actually made it for my grandad a couple of days ago who is having to cut out most things because of his eczema, he said it was lovely :)

  379. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:53 | #

    Oooh, no doubt the potato pizza with goat cheese! So comforting, plus, goat cheese, totally appeals to my Frenchness. Great Electrolux vid by the way. Very soothing and minimalist.
    – Marie-Anne, originally from Bordeaux in France, but now lives in London.

  380. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:53 | #

    what a beautiful video,this looks divine. My favorite recipe is the basil-walnut pesto. Love your blog :-)

  381. Joey
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:54 | #

    I’m Joey, a student from Hong Kong! I enjoy cooking very much and hope one day I will have a blog like yours, I love your blog so so much! All recipes are my great inspiration, I like the how you make it so healthy and delicious. Although it’s hard to choose the one I like the most(I like any recipe you guys post!) I would say Raw Buckwheat Porridge is one of my favorite! I almost eat it every morning, too good!! Finger Cross for the draw!
    Joey, Hong Kong

  382. Andreia
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 11:56 | #

    It´s a hard question :) i love all of your recipes! Your chili with walnuts and chocolate is amazing :)
    Your family is so inspired! Congratulations :D
    Thank you so much for your wonderfull blog.
    Andreia from Portugal.

  383. Michiel
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:01 | #

    It’s pretty hard to pick a single favourite, but the Bean Chili was the dish that kicked off my vegetarianism so it has a special meaning to me. However the dish that kept me busy for the longest time was the Broccoli Pesto because I really did not like it and tried many, many varieties to make it match my personal preference, perhaps not the best dish, but the best activity I’d say. In the end my favourite would be the picnic wraps because they are not just nice; they’re meant to be shared!
    The Netherlands

  384. Maryann
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:05 | #
  385. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:10 | #

    Hello, the tartlets look fantastic! This is a tough one- picking only one but I think my all time favourite are the herb&pistachio falafels! I never really thanked you for this and everything else that you do ( except in my head while eating one of your recipes) so I do it now: THANK YOU, you are wonderful! Ordered your book to have as my birthday present in april – Can’t wait! I am Gina from Cologne/Germany.

  386. Mareike
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:16 | #

    I’m Mareike from Germany.
    My favourite recipe is the Warm Autumn Tart!

    Thank you so much for charing all these recepies!

  387. Som
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:16 | #

    Hello, I’m Som from Bangkok, Thailand. I actually have a saved copy of all your recipes on my computer! My favorite recipes from your blog are the yoga pot because its so easy to make and the bowl is so delicious and keeps me full, and the pomelo salad & Tom Kha Tofu because I was so impressed how authentic your recipe was ( it tastes like home :D )

  388. Stepahnie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:17 | #

    Hi! Stephanie from Virginia, U.S., here! I stumbled across your blog several months ago and my children and I have enjoyed quite a few of your delicious recipes, but one that I’ve returned to several times is the recipe for Apple & Oat Biscuits. They come together so quickly and are great for mornings on the run…or an after dinner treat! Congrats on your book deal!

  389. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:18 | #

    Lovely people! My favourite recipe of yours is the Raw Buckwheat porridge. I change the flavours with each batch and every time i fall in love all over again. It may have even persuaded some of my friends into dipping their toes into the beauty of Raw foods! Good work! As i only have a teeny hand blender, i can only make one portion at at time, regardless, i persevere with my small batches, filling them with love until i have enough to serve to my happy, curious and hungry loved ones. Keep up the good work folks xxxx

  390. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:20 | #

    Oh! And i’m in Edinburgh, Scotland xx

  391. Stephanie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:21 | #

    West Virginia!!!! I love your salad recipes. I use them over and over again. And your photos…I love looking at them and being inspired and excited everytime I see your post in my inbox!

  392. Ilse
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:22 | #

    Hi, I’m Ilse from Belgium. My favorite is the lemon coconut bars, they are so yummie and lovely, I could eat them every day! And I’m definitly going to try this apple oat tartlet too! Looks fantastic

  393. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:32 | #

    Heyyy Guys :)
    I’m Anna. I’m from Derbyshire. United Kingdom.
    My pantry is basically full of the essentails to prepare all your incredible recipes so choosing my favourite is soooo difficult as there AWESOME! Beet bourguignon, roasted root and beetroosh, then theres the picnic wraps i made the other day, o o the lemon tart!! oh wait the Summer Berry Cake WOW! I just loved the reaction from people when i make this.. its always polished!! also survive when in a rush off the super sesame bars and hemp protein bars.. delicious! Making the no rice risotto this week and why not try your new recipe for desert! :D
    Thanks for sharing such nutritious pleasures and Huge Congratulations with all your success! Hope you have a happy Spring! :) when it arrives ;)

  394. Romy
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:33 | #

    Im from Heilbronn, Germany and love love love your blog!the gorgeous fotos and awesome recipes…cant wait for the book!
    My favorite recipe is the portobello an d peach burger, it is a great vegetarian recipe that even convinced the meat-eaters at the bbq :)
    kepp on that good work!!

  395. Jade
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:33 | #

    Hi there! Jade from Paris, France. I found your baked saffron pancakes simply memorable. Love your blog and your little family, thank you for the fresh inspiration! Much love xx

  396. Britta
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:38 | #

    I love the shaved brussels sprout salad, I had it at least twice a week during kale season last fall/winter, it’s too good to only have it around christmas time! I live in Hamburg/Germany.

  397. leigh
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:47 | #

    I am from Atlanta, Georgia in the US
    My favorite recipe is Frozen Pomegranate Cashew Cake
    and Broccoli Pesto, but I had to pick a dessert didn’t I?
    I love your recipes!

  398. Christine D.
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:48 | #

    I’m Christine writing from Canada. My favourite recipe is for your truffles – they are so delicious and easy to put together! It’s hard to choose though, because I have loved every recipe I’ve tried of yours … the lemon bars are next on my list!

  399. Jackie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:52 | #

    So hard to choose just one recipe! Love exploring your site and trying different recipes. Making the Yoga Pot and Peanut Butter Cookie’s a lot -so yummy!
    Jackie from California

  400. Alex
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:55 | #

    Hello from USA,
    as a French expat in America, I have quickly looked for recipes to “save” me from dying of a sugaroverload and fat free death. Your blog and recipes have motivated me so much and encouraged me to cook and eat and love to eat again. Particularly, I like the gluten free nut crackers. I make them regularly. I CANNOT wait for the book to hit the shelves here :-) I would love the mixer, oh my goodness, I would never leave my kitchen :-) hihi Thanks for your blog, recipes and photos of your family.

  401. Asha
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:56 | #

    Hi, I’m Asha from Toronto, Canada. mmmm – this looks so good – I can’t wait to try it this weekend:) All of your recipes are amazing, but I particularly loved the frozen pomegranate and cashew cake! I pre-ordered your book and am counting down until it arrives in my hands. Also loved your lemon bars, your mushroom and hazelnut loaf, and your baked saffron pancakes. Pretty much everything I have tried from your blog has been amazing!

  402. Tiina
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:57 | #

    Hi, I´m an Austrian with a Finnish mom, who lives in Berlin with her family! I love your blog and your delicious recipes! It´s hard to tell which one I love the most… hmmh… I choose the one, I made at least 5 times already: it´s the wonderful “Green Sushi Salad”! Thanks for your inspiring recipes and the very cool giveaway!

  403. Claire Naughtin
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 12:58 | #

    Hello from Brisbane, Australia!
    My name is Claire and my absolute favourite recipe is the Dutch Oven No-Knead Herb Bread. I adore the versatility of this recipe – sometimes I use herbs, sometimes kale, and sometimes I keep it simple and use none of them. I’ve made this bread with all sorts of flours and it never ceases to produce wonderful, delicious results! I have followed your blog for some time now, have both your apps and plan on purchasing your recipe book very soon! Thank you for being a beautiful inspiration in my world of cooking and for opening my eyes up to new possibilities that can be created with food.
    Much love x

  404. Amani
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 13:23 | #

    I’m not originally from London, but have been living in this adopted home city for a while now. It’s difficult to pick a favourite, but your bean, chestnut, and tahini salad got me through last winter (and reminded me how underrated chestnuts are! and not only the traditional candied variety we have at Christmastime in the part of France I’m from…) and your flower power cake, because it is simply stunning – and it also happens to be the recipe that brought me to your blog in the first place. I’m very glad it did! Thank you for being such a continual inspiration.

  405. Philippine
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 13:24 | #

    What a nice add on for us on your already superb foodblog with this lottery! And what a perfect timing since I am looking around for a good food processor to replace my Magimix Cuisine System for my too heavy homemade sourdough bread mix. My favorite recipe from your site is the Healthier Carrot Cake in which I replace the normal flour by almond flour. Much love from Holland, Philippine

  406. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 13:27 | #

    I would love to win! I love trying out different recipes from your site, but I always return to your Choco Almond Truffles. They always work, everyone loves them and the can be altered with different flavours to eternity!
    Elin from Stockholm, Sweden.

  407. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 13:33 | #

    Writing from Massachusetts in the US. I love the shaved brussels sprouts Christmas salad most of the things I have tried, but it was very hard to pick a favorite.

  408. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 13:38 | #

    I love smoothies so one of my favorites from your blog is the Green Breakfast Bowl! I omit the pineapple and sub the fennel with zucchini or green peas and it makes for such a smooth and creamy breakfast bowl of deliciousness, absolutely love it!
    I have also made with bananas or papaya in place of the apple, also super good!
    Your blog is amazing, the photos are gorgeous and the recipes incredible, I am a huge fan!

  409. annika
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 13:42 | #

    This is so easy: The sticky nut bars! I make them every weekend, bake them and then have them as energy bars during the week at work. Thanks for this great receipe!

    Annika from Berlin, Germany

  410. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 13:42 | #

    Good morning from Boston! I just love your blog, and would equally love to be entered to win the Ultramix Pro. Your stew with lentils and butternut — perfect. Keep inspiring :)
    -Emily K.

  411. Frédérique
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 13:45 | #

    I love your recipes. It reminds me to take the time to cook and to use good ingredients (préférablement local). It’s difficult to choose one recipe… I would say that my favorite is the Yoga Pot. Frédérique, Québec, Canada.

  412. Maria Nyholm
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 13:46 | #

    My favorite recipe is your “‘Healthier’ carrot cake”. It’s so yummy! Much love from Denmark

  413. Em
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 13:54 | #

    I am Em from a little town in NH, and I love all of your recipes but especially the Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad. It is delicious, beautiful, and super healthy!

  414. Tenna
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:19 | #

    My name is Tenna and I’m from Denmark. My absolute and all time favorite green kitchen stories recipe is the Beetroot burger. They are a stable in my kitchen and I always make sure to have a bunch in the freezer as well for when the beet season is over. I love to mix in a bit of dried chili and oregano, and serve them hot on a thick piece of freshly baked Danish rye bread with mashed avocado as a butter substitute. yum!

  415. Tamarind
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:24 | #

    My favorite recipe is your Winter Buckwheat Porridge, simply because that’s the recipe that first brought me to your sight, through Google. But I love all your recipes, and just want to thank you for a beautiful sight with lovely, healthy recipes and stories. I am American, but living in Czech Republic.

  416. Pernille Nielsen
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:25 | #

    Pernille, Denmark.
    I’m in love with your concept of healthy, nutritious and overwhelmingly delicious food.
    I have made many of your recipes, and I have enjoyed every single one of them. Though, the one I keep making over and over again must be my favorite – The Chocolate Mousse with cacao, banana, and almond butter. YUMMI! That’s always a winner :)

  417. Chantale
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:25 | #

    Hi! I’m Chantale. I live in Montreal. Warm Pumpkin & Coconut Muffins without the eggs but chia seeds instead, yumm! Whenever I want to try something new, I refer to your site first cause you often have the vegan + gluten free option and I know I will always have a good result, I love what you do! xx

  418. Lucia
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:29 | #

    Hi, I am Lucia from Ireland. I absolutely love your apps, the design and photography are fantastic! My favourite recipe so far must be Zucchini Cupcakes – i have a sweet tooth!

  419. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:32 | #

    I’m Samantha from Canada.

    My favourite recipe is the Spring Egg Salad. YUM!! http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/not-just-an-egg-salad/

  420. Riley
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:35 | #

    I’m Riley from Australia. I live by your blog and make the Indian Lentil Soup constantly, it’s tough but that would be my favourite.

    Thanks for all the amazing food and for sharing your life with me!


  421. Teddi
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:39 | #

    Wow, this looks utterly delicious! I will have to make this soon! I just adore the raw buckwheat porridge, and the beetroot soup. Oh, and you can’t forget the lemon coconut bars! I live in the ever sobarctic Minnesota. I cannot wait until the spring weather arrives !

  422. Kate
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:51 | #

    My favorite is the sticky nut bars. I made them as a special treat for my high school track team, and all of the kids loved them. Nobody eve guessed that they were healthy.

  423. Miriam Dembach
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:52 | #

    I love the Beet Bourguignon. Great comfy food. Miriam from London

  424. Berdien
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:55 | #

    Hi there!

    Always surprised by your new recipes, and loving the great addition of Healthy Desserts, I am a big fan. I’m Berdien, student from the Netherlands and currently living in the beautiful city of Milan, enjoying the organic Italian cuisine. My favorite recipe? The Maroccan Quinoa Salad. Nothing can top this one off! Suitable any time.
    A big thank you for your amazing food inspiration. Looking forward to hear/see more! Keep ‘m coming!

    Best wishes from Bella Italia!
    Ciao! Berdien

  425. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 14:56 | #

    First of all, I want to say how amazing this recipe looks. I hope I can try it soon :)
    Second, hi, I’m Sara from Belgium! It was hard to decide what my favorite recipe on this blog is. And I actually can’t choose between the roasted roots with raw beetroosh (specifically the raw beetroosh, it’s so yummy, even on a slice of bread) and the fig and walnut spaghetti.

  426. Ana Lisa
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:00 | #

    I love your blog and I am excited about these apple tartlets!
    My favorite recipe until recently was the gluten free crackers…Then I made the amazing lemon coconut bars and I think that’s the trump card! I live smack dab in the center of North Carolina.

  427. Peiting
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:11 | #

    Hi! I’m Peiting and I’m from Singapore! I love your mini vegetarian pizzas. :)

  428. Marion
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:12 | #

    Hi! My name is Marion, I live in the French Alps and I can’t get over your lasagnas… Yummy! I’m also a big fan of all your salads, and I can’t wait to try the tartlets!! Green kitchen stories is such a great source of inspiration! Thank you!

  429. vivita
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:13 | #

    Hi! I love your Raw Buckwheat Porridge De Luxe!
    Much love from Latvia.

  430. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:13 | #

    My name is Katrina, I’m from Ottawa, Canada and my favorite recipe is here:

    Lovely giveaway!

  431. Kelsey
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:21 | #

    Beetroot Soup with Horseradish Yogurt! I love beets and I love horseradish…perfect combination. :)

    Kelsey from Seattle, WA

  432. M. Soleil
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:21 | #

    Hello from Canada. I love your blog and just pre-ordered your cookbook! I really enjoyed the Bibimbap recipe.

  433. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:30 | #

    I’m Katie from Florida. My favorite recipe (if I have to choose) is the Not Just an Egg Salad. I have backyard chickens and love finding new recipes for their beautiful eggs.

  434. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:39 | #

    I’m from Nashville, TN, USA and I’m a fan of the Lettuce Wraps.

  435. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:47 | #

    At the moment I’m in love with your no-knead-bread. But I need more time to try all the other beautiful recipes :) Especially the Korean ones!
    I’m from Aachen in Germany (right at the border to Belgium and the Netherlands).

  436. Lauren
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:50 | #

    I love the turmeric lassi recipe! As of lately, I have been adding turmeric to everything, from my chickpeas and veggie sautee to my weekly oat, honey, and greek yogurt face mask. As a woman living a gluten-free lifestyle, your recipes are an inspiration. (And man, can you take some awesome pictures!) Thank you for re-imagining what vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food can look like.
    Best wishes,
    Lauren from Washington, DC, USA

  437. Kelsey
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:53 | #

    Beetroot Soup with Horseradish Yogurt! I love beets and I love horseradish…perfect combination. :)

    Kelsey from Seattle, WA
    (currently living in North Carolina)

  438. Ouida Lampert
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:53 | #

    Hi! I am Ouida, and I am in Pennsylvania, USA (but, originally FROM Georgia – a distinctly different place). My favorite recipe would have to be the buckwheat porridge.

  439. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:54 | #

    I’m Rachel from Baltimore, and I love the turmeric lassi recipe you recently wrote about!

  440. Kelly Anne
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:55 | #

    Kelly here from Arizona. I’ve made the apple and oat biscuits so many times now I know the recipe by heart. They are genius – oats and nut butter with a hint of sweetness from the apples. And the yogurt is a nice added protein bonus. Love ’em. Thanks for all the awesome recipes. This blog has been an inspiration.

  441. Kathi W
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:56 | #

    Wow! That is a cool food processor! I love your blog and my favorite recipe is the Indian Lentil Soup! Can’t be beat!

    • Kathi W
      Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 15:59 | #

      And I forgot to mention that I am from California!

  442. Amy
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:01 | #

    This looks beautiful, I will be making it for sure! My favourite recipe (so hard to choose!) is the raw chocolate shake. So simple and delicious every time.

    Amy from Canada

  443. Maud
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:03 | #

    Hello! My name is Maud, and I live in Stockholm, but I’m born and grew up in Esbo in Finland. My favourite is the Blueberry Coconut Super Smoothie, the first of your recipes I found (through a link from some other blog), and one that I still love. It’s a perfect smoothie!

  444. Linda
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:15 | #

    Hi. I’m Linda from Goldens Bridge, NY. I’ve been loving your blog, apps and am anxiously awaiting your cookbook. Your Baked Herb and Pistachio Falafel are one of my family’s favorites….many thanks for all your delicious dishes.They make my family smile!

  445. Jess
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:15 | #

    I’m Jess. I’m from Pennsylvania. I love your apple oat biscuits- I make them every time I have access to an oven (I live at college without access to a kitchen.) I have even gotten my family (who rarely touches anything vegan or gluten free) hooked on them!
    Thanks for all the great recipes!

  446. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:17 | #

    Hi I am Lesley from Cornwall and have tried many of your healthy delish recipes, my current favourite is Immune Boosting Turmeric Lassi which is a winner!

  447. Anne-Fleur
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:18 | #

    I’m Anne-Fleur from Cape Town, South Africa (born in The Netherlands). I love baking and have had repeated success with your Sugar Free Chocolate and Date Cake – delicious! Make it a bit less datey and a bit more chocolatey though, yum! Haven’t tried the chocolate-beetroot one yet, it’s next.

  448. sally alexandrine
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:24 | #

    Hi. i’m sally from israel. it’s really difficult to pick one recipe because there is too many recipes i love, however i will pick the “Moroccan Vegetable Tagine”. i make it once a week and i always make a little extra for next day breakfast :)

  449. Alana
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:35 | #

    I am from Washington DC and my favorite recipe is the pistachio felafels.

  450. Susan
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:47 | #

    Hi, I’m Susan from Houston, TX but originally from New Zealand. My favorite recipe from your website is your roasted butternut and coconut soup. In fact, I love all your soup recipes, I’m a HUGE soup lover!

  451. Elin
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:54 | #

    How fun with a giveaway! Love so many of your recipes and the beautiful photographs, but my favourite would have to be the Frozen Pomegranate and Cashew Cake, it is amazing. And works for every season!
    Elin from Sweden

  452. Felicia
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:57 | #

    My name is Felicia and I’m a Stockholm-based food fanatic that absolutely adores your yoga-pot, it is just pure deliciousness in its simplicity. stunning!

  453. Olivia
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:58 | #

    You have so many beautiful and creative dishes, choosing just one is certainly impossible. However, I do love the No-Rice Rissotto with Chard. Wonderfully simple and flavorful!

  454. Laura
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:58 | #

    I am Laura from California and my favorite recipe is the Moroccan Quinoa Salad although it is hard to pick just one. Thanks for including everyone in the giveaway!

  455. Katharina
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 16:58 | #

    I’m from Berlin, Germany and my current favorite has to be the Bibimbap, as I’ve been spending a lot of time in the south of Germany, where good, spicy “exotic” food is virtually non-existent. I’m rather glad to be back in Berlin next week, at least foodwise. :-)

  456. Jamie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:01 | #

    Hi! I’m Jamie, from Philadelphia, PA. I love love your lemon coconut bars. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  457. Erin
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:07 | #

    I live in North Texas and am delighted to have found your blog as I have been hankering for a gluten-free nut cracker recipe. Can’t wait to try it. Ditto for the Apple & Oat tartlets. Posted that video on facebook. I’m excited to try so many of these recipes, thanks for posting them.

  458. Liz B
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:08 | #

    I love, love, love your blog!
    I’m from England but live in Lisbon now with my Portuguese boyfriend, and have slowly discovered the love of cooking in my home with new ingredients and healthier recipes :)
    My favourite recipe from you is the spelt bread! I make it for us as a weekend treat, I love to start the morning with the bread rising and buying special ingredients to serve it with in a long, loving weekend lunch together. My favourite, soft goats cheese, honey and figs!

    Thank you, thank you!

  459. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:08 | #

    Wow what a gorgeous dessert! Cannot wait to try it!

  460. Elinpotatis
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:14 | #

    Wow, that´s competition! Almost 500 people commented before me.. My favorite recipy so far is the fabulous raw food porridge! It has enabled me to have a delicious vegan breakfast for the very first time… Which is no small thing, mind you! I am trying to cut back on dairy for ethical reasons, and to me breakfast is the best meal of the day. Thanks to this recipe I can wake up with a smile!

  461. Natalie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:21 | #

    My name is Natalie and I’m from San Luis Obispo, CA currently residing in San Clemente. My favorite recipe is the Shaved Brussels Christmas Salad. So colorful, tasty & beautiful, even my non-brussel lovers (yes, they exist!) love it! I come from a family of women who love to cook, so having something healthy & new to bring to the table is always an exciting thing. Thanks to your blog, and others like it, we’re all able to do that more often :)

  462. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:23 | #

    What an amazing giveaway! And a beautiful video!
    I am from Toronto, Canada. My favourite recipe is the Flower Power cake, I’ve gone back to it over and over and made variations for birthday cakes and everyone always loves it!

  463. Amanda
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:24 | #

    My favorite recipe is the spelt bread. I’m from/live in Michigan.

  464. Annie D
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:28 | #

    These look so impressive, and they’re so easy! On the old to-do list for sure.
    And for the giveway, I’m in Australia and my favourite recipe is Chai and Hazelnut Brownies, so delicious!
    Thanks for you’re lovely blog.

  465. Vesna
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:35 | #

    Helloouuu! I discovered your blog while back now, and it soon become one of my favorite stop in this huge foodie webempire :)))
    I like it so, and although i’m not vegetarian, I prefer light and whole food meals.I’m also breakfast junkie so I totally adore your Raw Buckwheat, Apple & Walnut Porridge, which totally change my opinion on porridge, and buckwheat in general! I eat it at least 2-3 times a week.
    Greetings from worm and sunny Croatia!
    I’m from worm and sunny croatia!

  466. kw
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:41 | #

    Very beautiful video…
    Honestly I never made anything from your site yet but I oogle it often…I have teens in the house that want to become vegan…we are kind of trying it out this week…and I am looking for new ways of nourishing and feeding my kids…your site is SO inspirational. I am going to market today to buy ingredients for your apple tart. I stopped the video many times trying to figure out what kind of mixer that was…and then lo and behold it was the giveaway…! Here is my comment…beautiful

  467. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:50 | #

    Lemon & Coconut Bars!!
    Erin from Wyoming.

  468. Juliane
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:59 | #

    I´ve been reading your blog now for about a year, i think, and i´m always amazed on how simple and delicious your recipes are. For a part-time-vegan ;-) as me it is nice to find different recipes from time to time… i especially liked the idian lentil soup in the past weeks. they always make me warm again :-) thank you!
    greets from germany!

  469. Suz
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:59 | #

    Hello, I am from the state of Maine, and I just love your website. My favorite recipe is the fig,coconut ice cream. Thanks for the chance to win!

  470. Trine
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 17:59 | #

    Ahh this is just my kind of food. Nice and easy to make – yet delicious and sweet! My favorite recipe from your blog must be your Yoga Pot recipe. I make it quite often for me and my mom, who also loves the recipe. I come from the North of Denmark.

  471. Sara
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 18:06 | #

    Hello David and Luise (and Elsa!)

    I am Sara from Seattle (USA), and while I adore many recipes from your blog, I have particularly fond memories of making up a batch of your chocolate truffles with a dear friend–we even took pictures of the beautiful little treats outside on a lovely snowy day.

    Thank you for sharing your creative and stunning recipes!

  472. Nikoline
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 18:08 | #

    I’m Nikoline from Denmark. I love your Seven Minute Choco-Almond Truffles. They’re just so simple and delicious.

  473. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 18:22 | #

    Obviously, it’s going to be that amazing chocolate truffle recipe: Seven Minute Chocolate Almond Truffles. Wow… everything I love and nothing I don’t! I live in the U.S. and yes, please send that lovely gadget!

  474. Meike
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 18:23 | #

    Hey, I am German but live in Austria. I really loved the nut crackers – they are so simple but so perfect!

  475. Cheryl
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 18:24 | #

    Great video! Happy Birthday Elsa, favorite story with the delicious Coconut and Banana Pancake Cake with Coconut Vanilla Cream. YUM!!!
    Cheryl from Indian Springs, Alabama

  476. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 18:26 | #

    Hi, I’m Zulejka from Slovenia;) I absolutely love your blog! My favourite recipe is creamy raw buckwheat porridge with walnuts (+ blueberries, goji berries and peanut butter).

  477. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 18:43 | #

    Hi, My name is Alexa and I live in Brooklyn, NY. My absolute favorite recipe is your Raw Buckwheat, Apple & Walnut Porridge!!! I make it all of the time for breakfast and it is always such a great and happy way to start out my day! Thank you for all of your incredible + scrumptious recipes + gorgeous photography and lovely stories of happenings in your lives. I am inspired each time I read your posts + recipes! Love you guys!! :)

  478. Linn
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 18:45 | #


    Mitt favoritrecept är Christmas Granola – sätter guldkant på vardagsfrukosten oavsett årstid!

    /Linn i Linköping

  479. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 18:55 | #

    Well, these look amazing! I might try them for our next family gathering, since there are vegans and gluten-free people in our midsts.

    As for the giveaway jazz, I’m Ema from Pennsylvania in the US. I’ve drooled over many of your recipes but haven’t yet tried any. I might give you cardamom & sunflower muffins a go this weekend. Cheers!

  480. Pinar
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 18:57 | #

    Hi, I’m Pinar from Istanbul, Turkey. But now we recently moved to San Francisco, California. I am a new vegetarian and need good recipes. I found your web site and loving it. All your recipes look and sound great. My favorite would be banana and blueberry pancakes. Please keep us updated with all your yummy food. Thanks a lot.

  481. Christin
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 19:00 | #

    Hi there,
    I’d like to enter the giveaway :-) as I am really into healthy eating, I am a huge fan of your site and actually tried many of your recipes and liked most of them – and especially the Beetroot cake, what a treat!
    Greetings from Germany!

  482. Lena
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 19:02 | #

    Hello you three,
    I´m Lena from Lübeck, Germany.I like the sweet stuff the best like Coconut and Banana Pancake that i make sometimes (and not onley for special celebration) for my inner child (and friends and family are happy too :-)).
    Bud waht I realy made often, varying and playing with the ingridients over the years, is the delicious Blueberry Coconut Supersmoothie.
    Kinde regards,

  483. Brittany
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 19:13 | #

    Hi, I discovered your blog after moving from Canada to Sweden this year to start my master’s degree. I love all your recipes that I have tried, and love looking at the pictures of the one’s I haven’t! My favourite recipe so far is the Green Sushi Salad. Thank you so much for all the wonderful inspiration!!! :D

  484. Alain
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 19:22 | #

    I would love that! I’m going to try your walnut & rye sourdough bread this weekend. Sounds delicious!

    Alain (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

  485. mara pedicone
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 19:28 | #

    Hi I’m Mara from Italy and I love your recipes so much! The one I tried and I like is “spelt and Muesli Scones” You know Scones are fantastic. Last May I spent some days in Cornwal and I’d the pleasure of enjoying them a lot, so I began trying to make them at home. Your recipe is a godd way to enjoy them without having troubles of diet in fact they are healthy and good tasting: no sugar and no fat at all! Go on like this and I will enjoy your recipes one a time . I love vegan and vegeterian recipes because we have a lot of vegetables and fruit all the year long and I use to miz them to rice and pasta as well. But as breakfast or cakes I prefer healthier recipes having nothing to envy to Italian cakes ( they are tasty but too much for my diet!) Greetings

  486. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 19:33 | #

    Mmm! Will have to give those tarts a try! Great post and love the video! My favorite that I have tried so far is your lemon tart! The crust is so delicious and I love that it’s equally good for breakfast! :) Love your blog! Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

  487. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 19:33 | #

    Those tartlets look amazing – so excited for this giveaway! I am from Toronto, Canada. All of your recipes that I have tried have been amazing, but a particular stand-out are the baked herb and pistachio falafels. Yum!

  488. Eva
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 20:03 | #

    Vackert, som alltid.


  489. Claudia Hurtado
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 20:06 | #

    I absolutely love this video, they did an awesome job. I love how you guys display your recipe, you make the preparation seem and look very accessible with no fuss. Which in turn makes anyone who sees this want to give it a try.

    Regards, from SF California :)

    • Claudia Hurtado
      Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 20:15 | #

      Forgot to mention that ONE of my favorite recipes is your Blueberry, Lemon and Almond Cake. I’ve made it three times for family and friends and everyone has loved and enjoyed it very much.

  490. Isa
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 20:07 | #

    Hello! My name is Isa, and I am from Canada, though I live in the US. My favorite recipe is your pistachio-herbed falafels… it is a big hit with my non-vegetarian friends who think I am crazy :)

  491. Frauke
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 20:11 | #

    That would be just perfect! The other day i made raw hazelnut and chai brownies and my blender had to work to its limits. Our favourit so far is the healthiers carrot cake, but my husband Nd I have not yet tried everything we would like to. But I’ll have some time on maternity leave! Thanks for all your ideas, Frauke from Freiburg in Germany

    • Frauke
      Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 20:18 | #

      Haha, Frauke is not that common a name in Germany really, but there are three of us now :)

  492. Kim
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 20:13 | #

    Oh my! Those look delicious! I couldn’t decide which recipe was my favourite (I loved them all!) until I tried the turmeric lassi yesterday morning. So. Delicious. I want to drink it every single day.


    Kim from Canada

  493. Karina
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 20:54 | #

    Hi, greetings from hamburg, germany! I discovered your amazing blog 4 weeks ago,searching for healthier food. And I like all of your recipes, although I’m not vegetarian. At the moment I prefer your raw buckwheat porridge. It’s such a simple recipe but brought much change in my boring breakfast behavior. Thank you for that and all the great food ideas!

  494. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 20:57 | #

    Jag älskar er Green Sushi Salad som är snabb och fantastiskt god.

    Benjamin från Stockholm

  495. Clara
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:04 | #

    Hej! Jeg hedder Clara Fischer Stephansen og jeg er fra Danmark.
    Min yndlingsopskrift på være Yoga Pot, eftersom det var den første opskrift jeg prøvede. Den er varm, god og simpel. Ellers er det helt klart jeres opskrift på daddelkonfekt – den bedste grundopskrift jeg kender.

  496. Natalia Jaeger
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:09 | #

    Hi, my name is Natalia Jaeger
    I live in London, England
    I recently made the creamy broccoli soup and it was quite delightful!

  497. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:18 | #

    My name is Anna and I live in Sweden. I favorite recipe is the flour free banana & blueberry pancakes. I L O V E your blog!

  498. Emmaline
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:20 | #

    These look lovely!
    My name is Emmaline, I’m from Texas. Your blog has been a real joy to read throughout my own personal food journey. My favorite recipe of y’alls has to be the strawberry peanut butter milkshakes. It is my favorite post-workout treat!

  499. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:22 | #

    I found your blog quite recently and I’m loving it!
    Beeing into healthy food myself, it’s a source of great inspiration for me.

    Apart from all other recipes I like your ‘Roasted Roots’, and the ‘Chocolate and blackberry fudge’.

    Keep on going!

    I’m from Germany by the way


  500. Carla
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:23 | #

    My favorite recipe is the raw buckwheat breakfast :) I made it at home and me and my chinese roommate like it very much. I am from Chile but I live in the Netherlands

  501. Autumn
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:30 | #

    My husband and I are recent converts to a gluten free lifestyle. I just found your blog today via Pinterest. So I guess my favorite recipe would be this one because its the one that caught my eye. Apples and oats are one on my favorite flavor combinations! We live in Southern Louisiana!

  502. marie-michelle
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:44 | #

    My name is marie-michelle, i’m from québec, canada and my favorite recipe is the buckwheat porridge! Thank you for all the great recipes ideas!

  503. Olivia
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:50 | #

    Your recipes always look so beautiful! You are so taltented and inspirational! My name is Olivia, and I live in Denmark.
    My favourite recipe was defently you swedish saffron buns. I made them for my family and. they absolutely loved them. But that actually not why I love that recipe the most -it’s because of your ohhh … sooo … perfect video!

  504. nini
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:54 | #

    Hello! My favorite all time is the raw porridge. Nini San Diego CA USA

  505. --anu
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:54 | #

    Mmm. I love this type of crusts! I am Estonian in the US and I’d say my favorite recipe is warm autumn tart :)

  506. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:55 | #

    Hello! My name is Alyssa. I’m a graphic designer from Philadelphia, USA. What a gorgeous video and the tartlets look delicious! My favorite recipe (so far) is the Pistachio & Herb Falafel. I just made them the other night with some homemade whole wheat pita bread. Tonight we are trying the World’s Best Vegetable Lasagna. Yum yum yum!

  507. Sofie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 21:59 | #

    Loved your Raw Beetroosh!!

    I´m from København and my name is Sofie.

  508. Marta Duarte
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 22:14 | #

    hello you three!
    i absolutly love your blog and your recipes. thank you for such inspiration!
    currently i keep repeating Beet Bourguignon.
    By the way, Would love to have your apps for android;)
    Marta, Portugal

  509. Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 22:16 | #

    Johanna Jilsén, Sweden.
    The recipe is without any dout the mustard quinoa, cranberry & kale Salad. I tried it 2011 and have re-done it sooo many times I can’t recall them all! The first time I tried it, I ended up eating it three days in a row… ^^

    I hope you know this already, but you’re blog, your pictures, the recipes… amazing, all of it! :)

  510. Stefanie Buurstra
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 22:19 | #

    My name is Stefanie Buurstra and I am from Seattle, Washington. My favorite recipe from Green Kitchen Stories is the Mushroom Hazelnut Loaf. I have made it for 2 Thanksgivings and the crowd goes wild! Thank you for providing me with so many healthy, creative, and delicious recipes.

  511. Claire Hawkins
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 22:22 | #

    I’m from Minnesota, U.S.A and am currently a college student in Indiana. I love all your bars you post because I can easily make them at home and take them to college (since I have no kitchen at college). My favorite bar so far is your Sesame Super bars. The toasted sesame seeds give them a nice nutty flavor and they go perfectly with a cup of coffee. Can’t wait for the cookbook!

  512. Lara
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 22:33 | #

    Hi David, Luise and of course Elsa!

    Wow, such a great tarlets. I have already bought the ingredients to make them tomorrow, can’t wait!

    And for the giveaway: my name is Lara, I live in the Netherlands and my favourite recipe… Hard to say. I guess the Fig, Blueberry & Coconut Ice Cream, but the Millet & Pumpkin Winter Salad is also an all-time favourite. I would really, really love to own this mixer, as I am going to study in a couple of months. I am still trying to gather kitchen tools, so I can keep on making your recipes ;)

  513. Imogen Fallon
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 22:38 | #

    My name is Imogen and I come from Cardiff, Wales (UK). The recipes I use the most are the ‘Lemon potato and edamame salad’ and the ‘Flour free banana and blueberry pancakes’ because they are so quick and simple to make but so tasty at the same time! It’s great to try out different toppings for the pancakes like smoked salmon too… This is the main appeal of your recipes to me: healthy without ingredients that are too hard to find or specific for certain foods.
    However, I have chosen the ‘Crunchy bean quinoa and carrot salad’ as my favourite.
    Big fan, so thank you, and keep making lovely food for us!!! :D

  514. Lucie
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 22:49 | #

    I’m from Whangarei, New Zealand + my fave post, which is like asking someone to pick their favorite child, is the beet & chocolate cake. Love you guys and am excited to see watch your world unfurl x

  515. Gintare
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 22:55 | #

    I was just thinking about a new breakfast or tea-break recipe and here it is :) Thank you! Until now my favorite recipe is Aubergine & Lemongrass Curry although I never get bored of Roasted Butternut & Coconut Soup as well.
    My name is Gintare, I’m from Milan.

  516. Ruth
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 23:06 | #

    I LOVE your blueberry and banana pancakes, but this recipe looks AMAZING too!
    Love Ruth,
    Norwich (UK)

  517. Jacqui
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 23:14 | #

    I’m from California, USA and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago! I really like your cashew felafel recipe. I’ve tried a lot of your recipes and I think they are all really great but I especially love the felafel recipe…and so do my friends and family whom I’ve made it for!

  518. Tali
    Posted 21 Mar ’13 at 23:36 | #

    Oh my goodness! decisions, decisions. I would have to say my current favorite is Involtini di Melanzane. I am from the United States, and am living in London at the moment. This recipe brings back all stores of memories- reminding me of when I studied in Italy for 4 months, and also makes me homesick for cooking for my parents!

  519. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 00:05 | #

    Hi! I’m Riikka from Finland and probably Moroccan Vegetable Tagine is my favourite. I was baking two cakes for my girl’s birthday party and I was starving, so I made this “tagine” in a regular cast iron pot and let it simmer on the stove for a couple of hours while finishing up with the cakes. I was tired and hungry, I had just put my baby to bed and I was all alone when I tasted this wonderful food full of flavor. It was a really nice moment and the first time I had made something that had simmered so long on the stove.. slow food, right?

  520. Tara
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 00:16 | #

    I’m from Ireland and live in Dublin but last year I lived in Denmark for a while and was introduced to your blog which contributed to totally changing my attitude towards food from a general obsession to a health/nutrition based obsession – thanks! I think my favourite recipe is your beetroot burgers, although this new one looks pretty great if only I had a food processor…

  521. Tracy
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 01:17 | #

    Current favorite is the lemongrass, Aubergine and brussel sprout curry!
    Love and enjoy so many of your recipes and posts.
    Thanks, from Seattle WA.

  522. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 01:41 | #

    Ahoi! My absolute favourite is the Beet Bourgingnon, I am looking forward to some cooler days here in Sydney! Until then I make some more frozen cheesecake :) Also, love your posts about travelling with your little Elsa, it gives me so much confidence for our future travels with a little girl due in just a month (We are going to take her to see family in Germany in summer :)

  523. Lucy
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 01:48 | #

    I am a little late to the Green Kitchen party but I am enjoying trying many of your recipes! Am adding this one to the list. If I had to pick one favourite I’d say for now the coconut/banana/blueberry pancakes that have no flour. You don’t miss it, and they are so fast and simple. Pretty ingenious!
    Love your food. Congrats on the book too. Can’t wait to get it.
    Lucy from Hamilton, ON, Canada

  524. Ursula
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 02:44 | #

    Oh, so hard to pick one! Many great recipes, and many more to try. But, since I’m not a cake person, thought I’d pick a cake I loved – the Blueberry, Lemond and Almond Cake recipe. Made it for my daughters last birthday and it was a hit, so much that she wants it again for her next birthday. We’re from Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

  525. Cindy Aiton
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 03:22 | #

    Hi! My name is Cindy and I live in the United States. My favorite recipes are Baked Saffron Falafel and Frozen Pink Cheesecake.

  526. Teresa
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 03:35 | #

    What a cute video! And a sweet giveaway. Lately I’ve been really into the Tumeric Lassi, but another one of my favorites is the Rye, Rhubarb, and beer poridge. So fun, unique, easy to make, and super tasty. I’m from the US and currently call New York City home.

  527. Carolyn
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 03:40 | #

    Jag är kanadensare, men bodde ett tag i Stockholm (gift med en Stockholmare). Vi bor i min hemstad, Vancouver, BC. Raw Hemp Protein Bars!

  528. Link
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 04:04 | #

    Hi! This is Lenka from California…my ABSOLUTE favorite are the vegan ginger bread cookies. I make them in all shapes as presents for my friends and family: tree shapes for Xmas, heart shapes for Valentines, little baby feet shape for my friends new baby celebration, and I will be doing flower shapes for Mother’s day. They make great gifts when wrapped in fancy boxes and everybody loves them! The second favorite is the mini pizzas recipe from the app. I just make one big pizza instead of eight small ones. These days we make this pizza every week and we love the spelt flour crust. This might sound weird, but reading your blog just makes me happy :)))

  529. Sameera Balay
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 04:20 | #

    Howdy from Austin, Texas. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful recipes with all of us. It has been a pleasure to read your blog and try the recipes. I was very skeptical about sugar free/ gluten free desserts until I tired your Hazelnut cake with Frozen Saffron Yogurt and Honey Drizzled Figs. It’s my favorite.

  530. Carrie
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 04:20 | #

    Hello! My name is Carrie, and I’m from Indiana, USA. My favorite recipe from your blog is the frozen pink cake! It’s so beautiful!!! Your recipes and photos are always an inspiration! Best to you!!

  531. Claire
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 04:25 | #

    What a great giveaway, the machine looks amazing, thank you!! It looks like it was a dream to use in your video.

    So, I’m from Connecticut USA and my favorite recipe is the 5 Minute Chocolate Mousse…always a hit!!

  532. Kat
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 04:34 | #

    Wow, I can not wait for an excuse to make these tartlets. They are beautiful. The first recipe I’ve made off of your blog was the one for the kaniwa and coconut pancakes. By far, the most memorable one, too. But then, the Mint & Mango Marinated Zucchini Spaghetti completely changed my mind about zucchini. I never liked zucchini much before trying this. So that would be my favorite. I am from the USA.

  533. Cheyenne Holman
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 04:41 | #

    My goodness- not an easy choice. But I think my favourite is the Korean Kimchi Wraps- I just love my fermented foods :)
    Cheyenne from New South Wales, Australia

  534. Lacey
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 05:22 | #

    My favorite recipe from your blog is the frozen berry mascarpone cheese cake (sorry, I don’t recall the actual name of it) – I made it for Easter last year!

  535. c carter
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 05:30 | #

    i love the vegetarian pizzas! i’m from brisbane, australia.

  536. Charlotte
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 05:48 | #

    Hmm, this may be my new favorite recipe since I’m on an apple kick right now :-) I don’t have a food processor and food love to have this one!
    Austin, Tx!

  537. Alexandra Dusenberry
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 06:22 | #

    What a neat giveaway! As usual, this recipe looks to die for. I have to say, some of my favorites are the yoga pot, saffron buns, and the decadent beet chocolate cake. So hard to narrow it down to a few, though.
    Alexandra from Fallbrook, CA

  538. Bernadette
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 06:45 | #

    The Vegan and G-F Apple & Oat Tartlets, it will be a winner with my whole family as I have three sisters two who are vegan and one who has GF intolerance and all have a sweet tooth and I can never think of the perfect dessert to make them without it containing dairy or animal products and satisfy all of them.

    Bernadette from Sydney NSW

  539. Carmel Corry
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 06:46 | #

    Carmel Corry from Australia – I love the “Healthier” Carrot Cake! It has always been my favourite type of cake but this recipe provides a much healthier option! Yummo!

  540. Kate
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 07:14 | #

    The most delicious thing in the world is the Coconut Vanilla Cream served with the Coconut & Banana Pancake Cake..together they are to die for but the cream itself is my idea of paradise :)

    Kate, Argenton, AUstralia

  541. Sarah
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 07:42 | #

    Hello! I’m Sarah from Sheffield in the UK and I love your Bibimbap recipe with tofu and pickled vegetables. Never had Korean food prior to this and it opened my eyes! Thanks for all the beautiful recipes.

  542. Renee Francesca
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 08:00 | #

    Dear Luise and David,
    it’s really hard to choose.. we have several favourite recipes as a family, but our daughter definitely prefers: the Baked Herb & Pistacchio Falafel. We are an Italian-Dutch family living in Amsterdam.
    Bright blessings Renee Sergio Anastasia

  543. Ivana B
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 08:03 | #

    Hi there,
    These look delicious and I can’t wait to try them for a weekend high tea. My all-time favourite is the decadent chocolate and beet cake, cause nothing can ever compete with a healthy alternative to such a sinful and sublime dessert.:) Just like Nevena and Vesna, I’m from Croatia.
    Cheers :)

  544. Lea
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 08:33 | #

    My families absolute favorite recipe, is the yoga-pot. We have it at least once a week! Its easy to make on a busy day, we always have the ingredients and its SO tasty. Thank you for sharing. :)

  545. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 08:40 | #

    All of your vegan recipes really spin my spurs in the most delicious way! My most favorite so far is your Baked Herb & Pistachio Falafel. I love the combination of superyumful ingredients, and definitely the fact that they’re baked instead of fried is a bonus!
    Many thanks…cheers!

  546. Dee Dee
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 08:56 | #

    Lovely recipe as usual. W’ll give it a go.

    Hmmmm, my/our favorite recipe from your site is a toss up between the bean chili with cocoa and walnuts (have served this half a dozen times, even for Christmas Eve!) and the millet deliciousness with pumpkin and pomegranates and grapes – winter salad I believe it’s called. That little beauty packs nicely and has traveled on several flights.

    I’m Dee Dee and I live in Seoul, South Korea.

    Thanks for your sharing your inspiration with us!

  547. Dana
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 09:38 | #

    Hi, Im Dana from Australia. I’m a new comer to your website and recipes and i’ve loved everything that i’ve made so far!
    My favourite recipe though would have to be the green breakfast bowl. I actually eat it nearly every morning! :)
    Thank you very much for what you do and share!

  548. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 10:05 | #

    Hi! I would love to win that groovy machine! My name is Angelica and I live in Malmö, Sweden. My favourite recipe is the sticky nut bars because they were quit a revelation for me when it comes to sweets! Now I am just fixing healty stuff from your blog! I love it! KRAM PÅ ER!

  549. Kass M.
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 10:17 | #

    I’m Kass from the Philippines (where it is summer year-round).

    I’ve been reading your blog a little after Elsa was born, and I am hooked. I have your apps and soon, your books! I am excited beyond words!

    I love Asian food and so my favorite recipe on your blog is a toss-up between the goi cuon-inspired vegetarian spring rolls and anything kimchi.

    In the end, kimchi wins –> http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/korean-kimchi-wraps/ …and hopefully, I will too!

  550. Billyjean
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 10:21 | #

    Another delicious recipe! Difficult to choose just one and I have many yet to try out! Love the spiced spinach and mushroom tartlets. I am from Barwon Heads in Victoria, Australia. Love your work!

  551. Alica
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 10:25 | #


    My name is Alica and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I only recently discovered your blog, I was looking for Kale recipes, so my fave recipe so far is the Spinach and Kale soup :)

  552. Pamela
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 10:26 | #

    Hello, beautiful people. And golden, plum, ruby and saffron-coloured autumn greetings from the southern hemisphere. I’m in Johannesburg, South Africa. Thanks for all the inspiration. My favourite recipe so far (and I love a lot of them!) is your frozen pomegranate and cashew cake. It’s an unusual show stopper, a flamboyant diva without being egocentric, the Frida Kahlo of the dessert world. And yes, it hits all the right harmonious notes of crunchy-earthy, exotic, smooth, tart and sweet. The perfect and blissful end to a romantic dinner.

  553. Becki
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 10:33 | #

    Hi my favorite receipe from the blog has to be the yoga pot. Becki from London Uk
    PS: I received the new book yesterday it looks awesome & I cant wait to get stuck in.

  554. Ines
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 10:48 | #

    Hi. My name is Ines. I’m from Slovenia. I love your Raw Buckwheat, Apple & Walnut Porridge. My favorite breakfast these days! Thank you for all the great recipes!

  555. mel
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 11:09 | #

    last summer i made the summer berry cake for every possible occasion, while the raw hazelnut & chai brownies were picnic highlights, easier to cart around in the intense maltese heat! :) great website, thank you!
    mel from malta

  556. Antje
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 11:15 | #

    It’s hard to name _only one_ favorite but i think i love the Kale and Quinoa Salad most. Quinoa is fantastic and with the dressing so easy and yummy it’s my number one choice for quick lunches. Since unfortunately Kale is out of season already I throw in what else makes sense and is available (sprouts, onions, spinach, …) and I always feel nourished and ready for round two of the day with my 6 months old ;)

    Thank you for posting so much great stuff in such a beautiful way!
    From Germany with love,

  557. Mario Guay
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 11:35 | #

    Hi I discovered you with the app, that is great, I’m a fan of almost all your receipe but the yoga pot is also one of my favorite.
    The video look simple is very efficiant may be that is the next level for your app ?

    Great job, Thank you

  558. Laura
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 11:36 | #

    I am from Tallinn, Estonia, but currently I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The recent favorite recipe from your collection in our small family here is your turmeric lassi.


  559. Katherine Agapitos
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 12:27 | #

    My favourite Green Kitchen Stories recipe is the Apple & Oat Biscuits recipe – absolutely delicious and simple! Katherine from Ottawa, Canada.

  560. Stine
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 12:31 | #

    Hi wonderful people. I am so amazed with your blog and your beautiful photos. I absolutely love breakfasts so my favorite recipe these days has to be the raw porridge closely followed by the refreshing turmeric lassi. Looking forward to more amazing recipes :)

    • Stine
      Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 12:34 | #

      Sorry – forgot to write that I’m from Denmark

  561. Dani
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 12:33 | #

    These tartlets sound delicious!! Hard to decide which is my favorite recipe from your blog but I guess I have to vote for Beet Bourguignon, not only do I love beets, I also love a clever pun:-) I’m happy I found your blog, you changed my eating habits for the better. Wish you all the best from Munich, Germany. Dani

  562. Ellie
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 12:36 | #

    My name is Ellie and I’m from Australia. I am in love with your spinach muffins. I’ve made them so many times I couldn’t even count! I even had them at christmas and added half a cherry tomato on top to make them nice and festive :)

  563. dorin
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 12:39 | #

    Hello !
    my name is Dorin, and i’m from Israel. just recently found you’re website and i’m so happy. i’ve been looking a lot for good qaulity recipies, ecpecially backing recepies!! i can’t wait to try the apple tratles..
    my favorite recipe so far is the frozen cheesecake. so good !

  564. Sarah Pugh
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 12:44 | #

    I want to thank you for your beautiful recipes. I thought that in order to be able to enjoy rich vegetarian food, you needed cream and cheese and all those other naughty ingredients that leave you feeling sluggish. But your amazing chili taught me otherwise. It is by far my favourite recipe from any food site, let alone your’s, and I am on a mission to make it for all my friends and family, to prove how delicious green can be (so far? everybody adores it)! I can’t wait to try out these little treats too.

    Thank you again, you’ve converted me.

  565. Claudia
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 13:10 | #

    hey there, my name is claudia nestola, i’m from germany and love your blog and your recipes. you helped to open my mind so much for healthy food with so wonderful ingredients, thats one of the reasons, why i eag vegan since this year, and it feels great! you are so inspiring, also with your way to deal with your little girl. it’s inspiring to see that is so much possible to feed children so healthy and they love it. i will do so too, if i have children one day. the recipe i love most is the winter buckwheat porridge, i think. i made it so often vor breakfast http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/winter-buckwheat-porridge/ :) Looking forward to all of your upcoming posts and hope to win the giveaway! best regards and thank you so much for your word an go on! claudia

  566. Emanuela
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 13:58 | #

    Hi I’m Emanuela from Indiana,
    My favorite part of your blog are the pictures, the light, the stories and the different approach to life, with gentleness ……
    Spinach muffins: love them.:))

  567. Klara Molnar
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 14:36 | #

    Your blog is really nice – I always come back to grab some inspiration…
    It might be funny but my favorite is the very simple “Warm Spicy Apple and carot drink”. I have started to experiment with it. It’s fun!
    Klara from Hungary

  568. Lena
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 14:47 | #

    Hello, my name is Lena and I am from NYC. My favorite recipe is Green Breakfast Bowl. So easy to make, healthy, energizing, and a great way to start a day.

  569. Nicole
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 15:02 | #

    Love breakfast, especially the buckwheat and apple porridge.
    Nicole from Alaska.

  570. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 15:05 | #

    I’m kind of new to your site, but already love it, follow on all the SN and have an app on my iphone. I was happy to come across this blog (following a link from My New roots) and find new “soulmates”.
    I haven’t tried all the recipes, obviously, to be ready to choose my favorite one, but right now I’m enjoying raw buckwheat porridge with some cacao chia pudding and a strawberry sauce and I absolutely love it!

  571. amanda
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 15:33 | #

    what a fun giveaway! Hard to choose my favorite recipe, but I’d say either the rye pizza dough (it’s a staple here!) or the hemp protein bars. Love ’em both here in Boston, MA (US).

  572. Manou
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 15:41 | #

    Hi, I love your blog and love all your recipes. My favorite recipe are the Baked Saffron Falafel because I prepared them twice for New Year’s eve 2011 and 2012. My name is Manou and I am from Luxembourg.

  573. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 15:43 | #

    My name is Shelby, I live in Boston and I am HUGE fan of your blog and beautiful iPhone app! I’ve tried several recipes and can’t seem to find just one favorite…love them all!

  574. Loo Thorén
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 15:58 | #

    Hello my name is Loo and I am from Sweden, skåne närmare bestämt!
    My favourite recipe is your pumpkinsoup, I’ve made it a few times and it gets tastier for each try. It’s so delicious!
    Keep up the good work, I absolutely love your blog!

  575. Abby
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 16:00 | #

    Just discovered your incredibly delicious blog and can’t wait to delve into your vegetarian and vegan recipes. My favorite so far is the Millet and Pumpkin Salad. I’m the only vegan culinary student at the New England Culinary Institute located in Montpelier, VT and would love to contact you both. Your books are my next investment! Please respond!

    -Abby from Rochester, NY

  576. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 16:10 | #

    the fig and walnut spaghetti….. yum! wish i could get some fresh figs right now :) i’m from vermont, USA.

  577. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 16:15 | #

    Hi! I want it!
    I’m from Portugal and I love your site. your book is already in my kitchen, my bedroom, my house! – all places – and I love him as you can see there! sopasdemae.blogspot.pt
    I’ ve been experimenting some recipes and one of my favourites is DECADENT BEETROOT AND CHOCOLATE CAKE! Hum…
    Be nice…

  578. Rose
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 16:26 | #

    Oh, I’d wish all recipes were made as videos as stunning as that one! It would make cooking much more of a joy and make it irresistible to go straight to the kitchen and cook! (Did I mention that I really enjoyed the video? – And ALL the pictures on your blog. They are so pretty!)
    One of my favorite recipes on your blog is the vegan mini pizza recipe. It’s so yummy and awesome and to me it’s a whole new way of making pizza.
    – Rose, Denmark.

  579. Miranda Redmann
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 16:41 | #

    My name is Miranda and I’m from Asheville, North Carolina. I love the Turmeric Lassi recipe, in fact, I just finished gulping one down! I’d love to win a mixer to make the spicy drink I love so much! :)

  580. Brett
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 16:43 | #

    I have only just started eating vegetarian, but the potato and goat cheese pizza recipe is defiantly one I am going to try soon. Winning the giveaway would go a long way to getting me started on a healthier, and tastier, life.

    Washington, DC

  581. Aya
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 17:27 | #

    Oh I could really use a good mixer! Mine always burns out when attempting to blend dates :(
    I’ve been following your blog for a long while now, and even though I’ve made and loved quite a few of your recipies, my favourite is definetely Bean Chili with Walnuts and Chocolate!
    It really tastes like the slowfood-stew thing I sometimes miss as a vegetarian and has quickly become one of my favourite dishes for cold Winter nights.
    I made the recipe for my boyfriends birthdayparty this year, where most of the guests were meat-eaters. After dinner a couple of the guests came up to us and asked why we’d suddenly started eating meat. I explained that we hadn’t. “Then why was there meat in the dinner?” was the reaction.
    Now, as a vegetarian, having someone tell you your food tastes like meat is actually a wierd compliment to be happy about, but I’ll choose to see it this way: The Bean Chili with Walnuts and Chocolate has so much flavour that even meat-eaters will prefer this version to a classic Chili con Carne. So yeah, in short, thank you for this recipe and for making me look like a masterchef af the party :)
    – Aya, Copenhagen

  582. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 17:34 | #

    I visit your blog all the time. It’s stunning and provides healthful inspiration. Back in the day I tried your chocolate, nut, & date cake and loved it. It has been on rotation here ever since (along with many of your recipes). This apple tartlet recipe is definitely getting made this weekend and I can already tell that it will also be a mainstay.

  583. Tara
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 17:46 | #

    Hi, I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. Discovered your website not long ago and I love your creative, beautiful recipes! I can even convince my children to try them :) My favorites so far are the chili with chocolate and walnuts, and the Moroccan tagine, but there are so many more I can’t wait to try. Did I mention – my food processor is my most beloved kitchen accessory, but it is old and tired, and doesn’t work so well anymore?? Thank you for this lovely collection!

  584. Susanne
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 17:48 | #

    I found your blog after i became an vegetarian, and it is a true source of inspiration!!! It is hard to choose only one, but i I love the beet-root burgers, that is def my favourite and also the first veggieburger i tried out!!!

    I’m from Norway!

  585. monica
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 18:07 | #

    Peanut Butter Cookies- I make these all the time and everyone raves about them, especially when I tell them they are vegan (for the naysayers I tel you!)

    I’m from Boston, MA (USA)

  586. Desislava Nikiforova
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 18:24 | #

    Hi, my name is Dessi from Norway. You are one of my favorite blogs for healthy and yet yummy recipes. My favorite recipes are the Lemon and Coconut Bars and the Beetroot, Zucchini and Apple salad. :) Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

  587. Kim
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 18:29 | #

    I love your blog!! My favorite recipe is your banana and blueberry pancakes. Plan to make them for my grandsons this weekend. I am from Wisconsin, USA.

  588. wei-yann chen
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 18:39 | #

    Hullo! I’m Wei-Yann from Malaysia, but I currently live in California :) I’ve made your lentil soup a few times now, and I must say I love it! Thanks much for this wonderful giveaway!

  589. Nina
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 18:46 | #

    I just love your blog! I hope the app will be available for Android as well, it would be just perfect ;) My favorite recipe(s) must be beetroot burgers and beet&chocolate cake, they are delicious!


  590. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 18:59 | #

    oooooww what a though question!!
    Mine would be the cinnamon star anise veggies! Completely hooked! Even as a snack.
    And I mix them in the Millet winter salad… deliciouuuss!!
    Thanks for all your creations! x

  591. Imola
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 19:21 | #

    Hi, I’m Imola from Hungary, but currently living in sunny Barcelona. I follow your blog from the very beginning, and I absolutely love it, gorgeous food and photography, lovely stories. I haven’t had the chance yet to try all of your recipes, but so far I loved the Moroccan Quinoa Salad, and also prepared many-many times the Fig & Walnut Spaghetti. Thank you for inspiring us, all the best!!

  592. Candela
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 19:32 | #

    Hi! We (me&family) fall in love with the Creamy Broccoli Soup with Lemony Beluga topping & Savory Corn Biscuits..addictive!!
    I never left a comment because my english it’s a little bit rusty,love your blog,your pictures,your style…
    I’m from Argentina,living in Tuscany,Italy.
    Thanks for all you do. :)

  593. Andrea
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 19:33 | #

    I’m super excited to try this new recipe… love the overall gluten free friendliness of your site! The yoga pot dish has to be my favorite one so far. Thanks for the amazing inspiration, as always.
    Cheers- Andrea from Minnesota, USA

  594. anj
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 19:59 | #

    I love your blog and look forward to reading your stories and creative and tasty recipes. I live in Washington DC. I first cooked my favorite recipe – Aubergine and Lemongrass Curry – from your blog when I was traveling with our research team. We even had fresh lemongrass growing in our front yard!! Thanks for all the amazing recipes

  595. Valentine
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 21:11 | #

    I am from Santa Cruz, CA and my current fave is your Immune Boosting Turmeric Lassi, which I am drinking right now. What a fun way to incorporate turmeric into our diets even more, and my 3 year old loves it, too. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes to keep our kitchen healthy and creative!

  596. Ilaria
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 21:30 | #

    Hy, my name is Ilaria from Florence, Italy. You inspired my vegetarian meals. My favourite recipe is definetely decadent beet & chocolate cake. It was love at first sight! siete fortissimi!!! ciao ciao

  597. Audrey
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 21:34 | #

    My name is Audrey. I’m from the U.S. This recipe is my fave.

  598. Sarah Evans
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 21:35 | #

    Hello David, Luise & Elsa from your newest fans in London Sarah, Tim & 10 month old twins Betsy & Bonnie.
    Your blog is visually stunning and your recipes imaginative, tasty & pleasingly nutritious. You’ve made being healthy (and a veggie) cool & fun !!!
    Our favourite so far – well we’re still working through your back catalogue but breakfast, marginally pipping cake/afternoon tea time, as my favourite meal, we’re going to nominate Acai bowls is our CURRENT favourite.

  599. Claudia Das
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 21:40 | #

    Hi! My name is Claudia – born and raised in Switzerland. My friend and Chef Ketmala (ketmalaskitchen.com) forwarded me this website today – so I guess my new favorite recipe is the apple tart one….can’t wait to try it ou!;-)

  600. Judith
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 21:53 | #

    Living in Switzerland and fairly new to the blog, but love the creamy broccoli soup…..yum

  601. Didi
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 21:58 | #

    No way! What a huge list of replies! Good luck reading… I’m Didi from Den Haag in The Netherlands and my favourite recipe so far is super sesame bars! I ate the last one a couple of days ago and I miss them already. I should make them again very soon, but there are so many other recipes I haven’t tried yet… Problems problems.
    Big hug from another cold country. Spring seems far away, but it’s right around the corner!

  602. Martina
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 22:06 | #

    Hi! I’m Martina and I live near Toronto, Ontario in Canada. My favorite recipe that I have tried so far is the cardamom sunflower muffins. Delicious!

  603. Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 22:32 | #

    Hello there!!

    You guys are a great inspiration! Thank you for that!

    Our (Hubby, me and the boys 5 and 8 yrs) favorite recipe are your pepparkakor which we make not only for xmas and we normally share them with friends (who always get very impressed by the taste and the ingredients!) Way to go!!

    My name is Natalie and I live in Stockholm, Sweden!

    Have a bright life!


  604. Petra
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 22:38 | #

    Hi, I just love the pomegranate-raspberries-thyme jam!
    Fast man kanske borde ta det på svenska? Iaf bor jag i Stockholm och älskar er sida <3
    Kram, P

  605. Joanna
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 23:18 | #

    I’m Joanna, from Warsaw, Poland. I love your blog! Thank you for great inspiration. My favourite recipe is Millet Winter Salad. Cheers:-)

  606. Pernille
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 23:29 | #

    Hi, my name is Pernille and I live in Denmark. I absolutely love the White Velvet Soup! But also very much the hemp protein bars. Yum to it all.

  607. Ana
    Posted 22 Mar ’13 at 23:31 | #

    Hi, I’m Ana, a big fan of your blog and photos, and owner of a vegetarian blog in Romania http://www.blogculegume.ro. You are such an inpiration for me, and it’ s difficult to only choose a recipe as I love them all, but i’ll mention the beetroot burger this time. Good wishes from Bucharest, Romania!

  608. Robin
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 01:40 | #

    Hello! I love every recipe i’ve tried, including the latest–beet root burgers. Yum!

  609. Jeannine Schafer
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 02:19 | #

    Hi!! My name is Jeannine and im from Massachusetts.And my favorite recipe is your Hemp protein bars.yum in my tum=]

  610. Georgina T
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 02:29 | #

    This is so amazing! My favourite recipe is your sesame super bars (I do them with lots of white mulberries and coconut oil before my marathon training for sustained energy – work a treat!). I can’t wait to make this!

  611. Nickie Gorsky
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 03:40 | #

    It started with (oh wow) CHRISTMAS GRANOLA and then (oh my gosh) RAW BUCKWHEAT APPLE AND WALNUT PORRIDGE where my curiosity found the (heavenly) CINNAMON ROASTED VEGGIES…I couldn’t stop there so next up was the (DIVINE) ROASTED BUTTERNUT AND COCONUT SOUP…but my very favorite (if I have to choose) would be MUSTARD QUINOA, CRANBERRY AND KALE SALAD! Thank you,,,the journey continues…

    Nickie Gorsky

  612. Shelley
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 03:52 | #

    My name is Shelley, I’m from the US, and I absolutely adore your blog. I’m inspired by both your recipes and photography!
    Your apricot and grapefruit toffee is divine. :)

  613. Sabine
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 08:14 | #

    Hi , your side is so amazing .My name is Sabine and I am from Germany but now living in India. Since we are living here I am learned a lot about coocking espasially about vegetarian coocking. It is very common in India. My favourit recipie is Beet Bourguignon. I love the way with lentils inside and in other recipies i love how you combine the common things with uncommonn things. Thanks for sharing your amazing coocking ideas!

  614. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 08:19 | #

    such a great giveaway!
    i love your blog! as to receipes i particulary love and always try to make green receipes. i loved your post about green brearfast bowl – it remind me that mornings are truly so important! have a lovely weekend, Marina

  615. Trine
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 09:02 | #

    Hi Elsa, Luise and David,
    First of all thanks for an amazing blog and your new book. I just made your delicious thin omelette rolls this morning. These vegan Apple tarts will be my next project :) My favorite recipe is Involtini di Melanzane! I can’t get tired of it – it reminds me of Italy! Thanks! God påske :) KH Trine from Copenhagen.

  616. Ingelise
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 09:23 | #

    I LOVE all types of cakes! Cannot wait to make this one.
    The BEST post on your blog is your HEALTHIER CARROT CAKE! I make it too often :-) Greetings from Ingelise (I’m from a little city on Zealand in Denmark called Sorø).

  617. Kristin
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 10:13 | #

    I think one of my favourite recipes is the aubergine & lemongrass curry and the beetroot soup with horseradish yogurt is a close second. Mostly, I like to use your recipes as a base for inspiration. It is always a great way to start experimenting in the kitchen. I am a Canadian, but I live in Stockholm.

  618. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 10:50 | #

    Hi! I am Rita from Portugal and I love your Millet & Pumpkin Winter Salad!

  619. ina and I love yourl
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 11:29 | #

    I’m Inafrom KAssel

  620. ina
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 11:30 | #

    I am Ina from Kassel (in the center of germany) and I love your lemon spelt bread and the saffron falafel.

    ina (o:

  621. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 11:59 | #

    Hi, I’m Claudia from Trondheim, Norway

    Great video and amazing simple tartlets, I will definitely try. My favorite GKS recipe however is the one that has really rocked our life and I’ve been making it every week since you published it here: the raw buckwheat porridge. Simple delicious. I add some extra like kanel & coconut flakes and it tastes even better…

  622. Mina
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 12:26 | #

    Hello! I am Mina from Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s hard to choose my favorite recipes, they vary by season. Also they have influenced the way I cook a lot! In this moment is simple carrot & orange soup.

  623. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 12:38 | #

    What an enticing giveaway!

    I am a Canadian living in Munich. My most loved Green Kitchen Stories recipe would have to be Rye, Rhubarb & Beer Porridge and I’m quite happy that spring is approaching as it means more rhubarb at last!

  624. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 12:39 | #

    Hello, I’m Daniela from Kumamoto, Japan. My favourite Green Kitchen Stories recipe is hands down the peanut butter spelt cookies. Everything on this site looks and sounds amazing though and I’ve only tried a handful of your recipes, so more favourites will emerge with time, I’m sure :) I think I’m going to try make the sesame super bars next.

    As always, thanks for the recipes and for the giveaway!

  625. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 12:49 | #

    These look fab. My favourite recipe from your blog is an oldy but a goodie. I love your raw hazelnut + chai brownies :-) xx

  626. Sophie
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 13:24 | #

    I am Sophie hailing from Colorado, USA! Oh my gosh, it’s so hard to pick a favorite recipe. But I think I will have to pinpoint the turmeric lassi. Not only is it delicious, but I had so much fun staining my fingers with fresh turmeric for the first time.

  627. Bertie
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 13:30 | #

    These tartlets look beautiful. I have such a sweet tooth at the moment, especially since being pregnant! My fave recipe is the Blueberry, Lemon and Almond cake and today I’m going to make the Peanut butter spelt flour cookies. Keep up the great inspiration :)
    Bertie, East London, UK

  628. Lena
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 13:39 | #

    OH! How exciting… I love your Swedish Lucia Saffron Buns. I live in Connecticut, United States.

  629. Jaclyn Sylvain
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 13:56 | #

    I am obsessed with your Indian Lentil Soup!
    Jaclyn from Michigan, but currently studying abroad in Senegal!

  630. Svea
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 14:31 | #

    I really love your granola recipe!
    Thanks for all the effort you are putting in this blog, it’s a great inspiration.
    Greetings from Graz (Austria)

  631. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 14:46 | #

    I don’t have a favorite yet from your beautiful blog, but I can’t wait to make the Flower Power Cake! Gorgeous! I’m from Indianapolis Indiana.

  632. Pernille
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 14:57 | #

    Hi :) My name is Pernille, and I’m a Norwegian girl living in Copenhagen. My all time favorite is your Vegetable Lasagna! It is just sooo delicious, and perfect when I’m having people over.

  633. Melinda Gagne
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 15:54 | #

    LOVE the Aubergine & lemongrass curry!! Thanks for sharing!

    Melinda from Montreal, Canada

  634. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 16:26 | #

    I have two favorites: your green sushi salad and your bean chili with chocolate and walnuts.

    I’m from Canada.

    Question about the tarts: did you use a tartlette mould to make the tarts above? I don’t have one, but because your tartlettes above are different shapes, I am thinking you could just flatten the batter out with your hands or a rolling pin? Is that what you did?

  635. Megan
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 16:35 | #

    I love the lemon coconut bars and I am from Minnesota, United States

  636. Marieke
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 17:27 | #

    Hi guys, I don’t often leave comment so this is a good opportunity to let you know that I love your blog! I’m originally from the Netherlands but live in London (UK). My favourite recipe are your herb and pistachio falafels, perfect recipe for another blender video! Thanks for keeping the blog going for all of us. I can’t imagine how much work it must be. xM

  637. lena katrine
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 17:54 | #

    Congrats on your book, can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thank you for inspiration in the everyday life of our family. I make the gluten free granola a lot and also the gluten free buns are perfect. The falafels are great and the cale salads too. but our all-time fave is the very green kiwi and apple juice. we make it all the time for breakfast. love and peace Lena

  638. Emma
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 18:28 | #

    I love the raw food brownie and the black bean brownie (I am all about chocolate!), Keep it up! Ni är grymma, Emma, Sverige/Sweden

  639. Clare
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 18:54 | #

    Hi! My name is Clare and I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada. Lately my favorite recipe is the spinach & kale soup – I’ll never get sick of it. Thanks for all the great recipes :)

  640. Gillian
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 19:06 | #

    I love your gluten free nut crackers.
    I love your website, if I had time i would make everything.
    I am in Colorado USA.

  641. Gg
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 19:13 | #

    Hi! I’m Gg from Williams Bay, WI and my favorite recipe is the frozen pink cheesecake! It is delicious!

  642. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 19:16 | #

    Hi, I’m Patrícia form Portugal and my favourite recipe is the Broccoli Pesto, it’s sooo amazing! Trust me, I’m not broccoli’s biggest fan but once i tried.. I just loved it.:)

  643. Emily
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 19:23 | #

    from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA! I love all of your juice recipes, especially the immune boosting grapefruit juice. So simple and good. Thanks!

  644. Victoria
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 19:29 | #

    From Wisconsin, USA. Love the coconut and lemon bars. Two of my favorite flavors combined, so delicious.

  645. Hana Sloser
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 19:43 | #

    Hello from Slovenia! My favourite recipe is Green Breakfast Bowl. During the winter I make a warm version – I use cooked apples with aniseeds and ginger as a base and than add spinach, banana, avocado and everything else.
    Thanks for great ideas – I really love your blog! Hana from Slovenia

  646. Nino
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 19:47 | #

    I simply adore the Flower Power Cake! Nino Sloser from Maribor, Slovenia

  647. Iina
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 20:00 | #

    Hi, my favorite recipe is your yoga pot recipe and i also love our pancake recipes! I have to thank you very much from being such a big inspiration to me. i have recently become a vegetarian and your blog has helped me so so much with my new lifestyle! so thank you for being such a big help and inspiration.

  648. Melissa M
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 20:18 | #

    Hi! My name is Melissa and I’m originally from Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s difficult to pick a favourite recipe but in terms of frequency the raw buckwheat porridge is a constant in my house. Thank you for all of the healthy (and delicious) recipes!

  649. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 20:32 | #

    My name is Mona and I live in the US. I recently discovered your blog and haven’t been able to stop reading it! So far my favorite recipe is the Saffron Bulgur with Roasted Vegetables. Everyone loved it!

  650. Caroline
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 21:05 | #

    Hi! I’m Caroline from Los Angeles, California. I love, love your beet bourguignon. It’s so pretty and delicious and perfect for when it gets cold (well, as cold as it gets here in Southern California).

  651. Anna
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 22:20 | #

    That looks delicous! My favourite recipe is the World’s best lasagne, it relly is! ;) Anna from Germany

  652. christine
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 22:45 | #

    HEY Im from the beautiful NAPA VALLEY and Im in LOVE with those lemon bars!!!

  653. Wendy
    Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 23:03 | #

    The Beetroot Burgers are beet-licious!! yummy
    thanks for all the great recipes!

  654. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 23:48 | #

    My favorite recipe (so far) is the spaghetti squash with beluga lentils and pesto. It is just as delicious as it is beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful resource for inspiration.

  655. Posted 23 Mar ’13 at 23:53 | #

    I just love this blog! My favorite: Chocolate and Dates Cake.
    Eva, from Portugal

  656. Nan
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 00:13 | #

    Reading all these comments is so fun! I’m from NYC and I love having your green breakfast bowl with rice krispies on top in the morning or as an afternoon snack at work. I’ve also been thinking of running your turmeric lassi through my ice cream maker…

  657. Rebecca
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 00:15 | #

    Hi there, my name is Rebecca and I’m from Wisconsin. My fave recipe is your creamy broccoli soup with corn biscuits. I’ve been collecting broccoli soup recipes for years, and yours is at the top of my list – it’s delicious and dreamy creamy! The biscuits are a perfect accompaniment.

  658. olivea kelly
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 01:03 | #

    Hello! I check your page almost every single day for inspiration in the kitchen and so far my favorite recipe is the Bean Chili with Walnuts & Dark Chocolate. I have made it countless times for potlucks and dinners and it’s just perfect. My name is Olivea Kelly, I’m from Boston, MA and I really need a food processor!

  659. Kalyna Harasymiv
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 01:33 | #

    Hi from Australia! :)

    My stand-out favourite is the Winter Buckwheat Porridge. While I adore the flower cakes, delicious salads and pretty much everything else(!), there’s just absolutely no beating a steaming bowl of nourishing porridge on a crisp winter morning. Bliss.

  660. Grace C.
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 04:11 | #

    I love your recipes, and the look of this website! I am so glad to see another video! :-)

  661. Amaranta
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 05:54 | #

    Hi there, thanks for your creative, yummy and healthy receipes and for your beautiful pics. I really enjoy reading your blog and learning from you. I’m not sure what is my favourite receipt. I really like the Frozen Pomegranate & Cashew Cake and also the Bibimbap… Mmmmmmhhhhhh…. :)

  662. Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 06:40 | #

    My name is Amber. I’m from Calgary (in Canada & the province of Alberta). My favourite recipe is the “Raw Buckwheat, Apple, Walnut Porridge”!

  663. Kati
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 09:15 | #

    I’m Kati, from London. My favourite recipe from your blog (difficult to choose!) would be your apple, ginger and cardamom compote. Three of my favourite flavours. It’s so versatile, I spoon it over porridge, have it on toast…

  664. Andreja Mackovsek
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 09:32 | #

    Hi! My favourite recipe is Peanut Butter Spelt Cookies.:) Andreja Mackovsek from Celje, Slovenia

  665. isa
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 10:24 | #

    hi my Name is isa and i’m from germany. my favorite recipe is the goats cheese pizza:-) thanx for your wonderful blog!

  666. Alex
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 11:31 | #

    Hey hey !

    Spinach and Kale soup is definitely a winner! So nourishing- makes the body glow from within ! yum yum yum.
    Lots of love,
    Alex from Adelaide, Australia :)

  667. Nicola
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 11:39 | #

    This again is beautiful.

    And my favorite recipe is the Maple tossed rhubarb, strawberry and puy lentil salad. Although the Yoga Pot became one of my flatmates’ favorite in Berlin, Germany!

    Best wishes

  668. Jessica
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 11:53 | #

    Hi, I’m from Melbourne Australia and I absolutely love your Lemon & Coconut Bars. Had to hunt a bit for the coconut oil but they’re great – nice and lemony! Thanks, Jessica

  669. Ingrid Klepzig
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 12:01 | #

    I only discovered your blog last week so haven’t had time to really explore your shared wealth of goodness. One recipe that immediately grabbed my attention however, was the GREEN BREAKFAST BOWL. Wonderful detox to energize me and start the day with. It’s also great to see what a worldwide following you have.
    Tuned in, fork in and I’m hooked.
    Ingrid – Vienna – Austria

  670. Miriam
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 12:10 | #

    I just love your green Sushi Salad! Thanks for your amazing blog!

    Lots of Love!
    Miriam form Germany!

  671. Sofia
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 13:19 | #

    Hi there! I’m Sofia from Venezuela, but currently living in Oh-wonderful-Italy. I’ve recently discovered that my body has a hard time digesting gluten which has made my life harder in this country full of wonderful ciabattas, grissini, foccacias and millions of other amazing treats. I’ve been trying to make my own gluten-free bread but, as you remark, it’s so difficult and expensive! That’s why I’ve chosen your blue buns as my favorite recipe. They just taste so good and make me feel so light and healthy! Thanks for it. Cheers, Sofia

  672. Marina
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 13:35 | #

    I really enjoy your website and your application for iPhone. I’ve tried few recipes now, and my favourite night be the ‘healthier’ carrot cake.
    I don’t have a food processor so I had to mash the dates with a fourch ah:) !
    Marina – Melbourne, Australia.

  673. Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 13:45 | #

    Wow! As others have said, very hard to pick one favourite but I recently made the Cauliflower Leek Soup and it was delicious!! I also have both of your apps on my iPad mini – really fun to use :-) congratulations on those! I am in Montreal, Canada.

  674. Veronika
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 14:25 | #

    Hi, I’m Veronika from Hungary and my favourite recipe is your Yoga Pot, but it was really very hard to pick only one. :)

  675. Malin
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 16:39 | #

    This looks just as yum as everything else you do! I got your book two days ago..so full of inspiration that I don’t know where to start..but I’ll get there! ;D
    If I’m choosing just one recipe I think I’ll go for the raw buckwheat porridge, I love that it’s easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of time in the morning, but still so nourishing and a great start of the day.
    I’m Malin, from Gothenburg, Sweden.

  676. Bea
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 17:01 | #

    Guys I found your website through one of the Polish culinary blogs and I fell in love with it! I started with Turmeric Lassi yesterday and today I have just made Hemp Protein Bars – the best healthy bars I have ever eaten – thanks for this receipe!:-)

  677. Audrey
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 17:06 | #

    Hi, I love the way you present your recipes and they are soo fresh! My favourite is the lemon and coconut bars recipe. I am from Switzerland.

  678. Rachael H.
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 17:49 | #

    Hi, I’m Rachael from Dublin, OH, USA. I loveeee the coconut and banana pancake cake! Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  679. Nynke Besemer
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 18:59 | #

    My mixer is broken, so your giveaway seems like a perfect timing! I already miss my mixer, making falafel is quite hard by hand… As I am in a falafel mood at the moment, I would love to try your saffron falafel and your herb and pistachio falafel.
    And I could make these gorgeous looking apple oat tartlets!
    Keep up the good work (and delicious recipes).
    from Amsterdam

  680. Laura Eggers
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 19:23 | #

    Hejhej David and Luisa,

    I´m Laura from Munich, Germany and as most people here, I neary love all your recipes. But since I´m a big fan of baking my latest favourite recipe is the one for the “perfect lemon and coconut bars”! Sooo delicous!! Många hälsningar från Muenchen ;)

  681. Margot C
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 19:23 | #

    Hi I’m from the Los Angeles suburbs.

    I love the Green Lentil & Yellow Beet Salad recipe (and the illustrations)

  682. Maria
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 19:41 | #

    My name is Maria, I’m from NYC but currently studying abroad in Paris for the year.

    My favorite recipe is the beluga lentil & sweet potato stew because all of the ingredients are easy and cheap to find in Paris. (Unlike things like hemp seeds, etc)

  683. Julia
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 19:41 | #

    I’m Julia from Stockholm. My favourite recipe is the frozen pink cheesecake! Such a beauty, healthy AND delicious!

  684. Sonja
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 19:58 | #

    Hi David and Luisa,

    I’m quite new to your blog and tend to spend my weekends discovering your earlier recipes. I love them! My favourite thus far has been your Bean Chili with Walnuts and Chocolate. Yummy! I’d love to try this one as well – but for that I’d need to have such a fantastic blender! Maybe Tuesday will be my lucky day? ;-)

    Bisous from Paris

  685. Tina
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 20:04 | #

    Hello! I am Tina Mackovsek from Celje (Slovenia). My favourite snack is Hemp Protein Bar. Thank you for a nice protein-idea. :)

  686. Sofi
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 21:05 | #

    Hi there! I am Sofi from Sweden and I am currently obsessed with avocado! :) I do love your tasty avocado soup!
    Have a great day!

  687. Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 21:41 | #

    Hello I’m Emilie from England,
    My fave recipe from your blog would have to be the pistachio falafel lettuce wraps. I loooove it!

  688. Marina
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 21:41 | #

    Dear trio fantastic-o!
    Picking a favorite recipe of yours is like picking a favorite benefit of vegetarianism – tricky at best. However, I have just made the Frozen Pink Cheesecake, so will opt for that one.
    Keep up the good work, it’s very much appreciated!
    Lots of love from Bosnia and Herzegovina,

  689. natalie
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 21:46 | #

    luuuuuuuuuv the creamy broccoli soup with beluga lentils. a friend sent me the link to your site a short time ago, and now I’m digging my way through your previous posts.
    pleasure for years…
    natalie from belgium

  690. Rebecka Berggren
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 22:04 | #

    Hi I’m Rebecka from Stockholm. One of my many favorite recipes on your blog is the fresh summer rolls which I am looking toward to making again soon!

  691. flora brown
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 22:13 | #

    Flora from Maine, US. Love the raw chocolate shake!! So many yet to try, though…

  692. gosia
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 22:45 | #

    hi, Gosia from Denmark here!
    my favourite is:

  693. Max
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 22:53 | #


    I’m Max from Germany (Bochum in the Ruhr-Area). I adore your blog!
    Thanks for all the lovely recipes! I have’nt tried them all yet, but my favorite so far is “yoga pot” :) But it is hard to decide!
    With my best wishes for the three of you!

  694. Maria S
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 22:57 | #

    My name is Maria and I’m from Denmark. One of my favorite recipe of yours is definitely your Bean Chili! Generally all your recipes are amazing and I find them a great inspiration- I have to mention your Aubergine, Apple & Lemongrass Curry as weel. Keep up the good work you two!

  695. Kathryn
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 22:58 | #

    My favourtie recipe is the blackbean brownie – it’s so addictive!
    Kathryn from New Zealand

  696. Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 23:04 | #

    Hi Im charlotte from New Zealand! Hope to win the food processor!

  697. Modini
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 01:31 | #

    Hi! Im Modini from Norway. I love your Ota & Apple Bisquits, have made them lots of times. Today I made these Apple Tartlets and they was amazing good! Thank you for the lovely recipes, I will make many more of them…

  698. Carola
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 01:36 | #

    I’m Carola from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and I am in love with your Mint & Mango Marinated Zucchini Spaghetti-recipe. It is an absolute delight to make and eat! Keep the amazing recipes coming! You guys inspire me and I’m sure many others to put thought and love into our food and to see the beauty in the process.

  699. Nicole
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 02:01 | #

    I love your website and all the recipes are incredible! My two favourites are the World’s greatest vegetable lasagna and your miso noodle soup.I’m Nicole from Québec, Canada.

  700. Sue
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 02:02 | #

    I’m Sue from the Blue Mountains in Australia. Your blog is fantastic and my family are reaping the rewards of my time spent recreating your recipes. We had a dinner with a group of friends on the weekend and everyone loved the Crunch Bean, Quinoa and Carrot Salad. My children adore the Miso Noodle Soup. Thanks for all your inspiring recipes.

  701. kelli
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 02:22 | #

    lemon spelt bread…although i usually need to change or add to most recipes i “follow” this one i didn’t change a bit….well…until i made it a second time with lemon and lime…and the third time when i made it with cara cara oranges…and next time with ruby red grapefruit…btw..i’m kelli and i live in port townsend washington

  702. Meg
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 02:26 | #

    Mmmm… So many tasty recipes to choose from that I revisit time and time again. Lately my favourite Green Kitchen Stories recipe is the Perfect Lemon and Coconut Bars. Thanks for all the delicious inspiration.

  703. Cynthia
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 03:55 | #

    From the western foothills of Maine USA, this it Cynthia. I discovered your blog just before New Year’s and served the chili with chocolate and walnuts at our New Year’s Eve party and it was very well enjoyed. But my very favorite recipe (so far) is the Roasted Butternut & Coconut Soup that you posted on Nov 20. I’ve made it at least three times already and have shared the recipe link with two friends. It is so easy and so delicious, and squash is such a terrific winter food.

  704. Maureen
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 04:27 | #

    Thank you two so much for what you do. Your recipes inspire and each new post seems to match up with what I’ve been craving or thinking about wanting to make. For my favorite, I’ll have to go with the Raw Hazelnut and Chai Brownies, if only because they were my introduction to your work.

    Maureen from Seattle, WA, USA

  705. Cindy
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 05:17 | #

    Good looking food…trying to lose the processed food and go natural.
    I saw your site on ROOST and would love to hear from you in Florida, USA.

  706. Kate
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 06:49 | #

    Can I choose all of them?!! Such amazing recipes that it is so difficult to choose a favourite, however, I do love the buckwheat porridge – it has definitely become a staple of mine! Thanks for all your creative and beautiful recipes & stories :)
    Kate from Australia

  707. Jennifer O'Brien
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 07:37 | #

    I’m Jennifer O’Brien, from Massachusetts USA. The recipe I most want to try next is Blueberry Lemon Almond Cake!

  708. Teague
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 07:44 | #

    Hi my name is Teague and I am originally from Canada but am now permanently living in Melbourne Australia. My absolute favourite recipe would either have to be the raw buckwheat porridge, because I could eat it everyday, or the butternut pumpkin soup from the app, because nothing is more comforting than a well made soup.

  709. Bengta Östborn
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 09:29 | #

    Hi, my name is Bengta and I´m from Sweden. I have tried quite a few of your recipies and I love them all. My favourite so far is Saffron bulgur with vegetables but it was reallly hard to choose. I´m looking forward to getting inspired by your new recipie book!

  710. Ingrid
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 09:43 | #

    Hey hey im from berlin, originally form the mountains in bavaria. im so happy that the beet & chocolate cake lead me on to your site last year while i was searching for a tasty recipe in the internet. and there it was but nothing comes on the beetroosh ;) could beets eat in anything..you totally opend a new dimension for me, you and all youre blog friens like sarah and elenore changed my live, like sarah is always saying, just a little change can change youre live. thanks lots of sunshine for us all <3

  711. Yasu
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 11:00 | #

    Hi, I’m Yasu from Australia!! I love every single recipe on your blog but if I had to choose I would say your frozen pink cheesecake… it is awfully hot where I am nearly all year ’round so it is honestly the best default healthy dessert – tasty, refreshing and satisfying! Thank you always for the inspiration. In love and health, Yasu xx

  712. Metha Rais-Nordentof
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 12:18 | #

    I think your blog is very inspiring, and I would loove to try all your recipes – but(!) I don’t have a blender or a mixer of any kind, so I can’t! And as I’m still a poor student living with my parents, it’s not just so to buy one. But I made some of your recipes, and especially liked the spinach muffins.
    wishes – Metha from Denmark

  713. Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 12:18 | #

    Hi, I am Leni from Berlin/ Germany. My favorite Blogpost was the
    Vegan & Gluten Free Christmas 2011 for the Bon Appétit Magazine. All of the recipes look gorgeous and best of all they are vegan. Keep on going.

  714. Giorgia
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 12:19 | #

    Hi, I’m Giorgia from Italy! My favourite recipes is lemon coconut bars, just perfect! I made quite a few recipes from your site and I really had a hard time to find out my favourite one!

  715. Nela
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 12:31 | #

    Hej hej!
    weeelll-my favorite is the raw brownie (hazelnut and chai) because it saves me from all the temptations at the german bakerys and helps me to live as conscious as I think is good for our society and the environment :) thank you for that!
    and since my mixer just went kaputt the other day Ißd be so happy to win the one you are using!

  716. Rachael O'Neill
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 12:38 | #

    Hey I am Rachael from Ireland :) there is so many recipes that I like looking through the index I found loads that I still have to try but my favourite one I have is probably the Picnic wraps with beetroot and goats cheese

  717. Joanne Rizzi
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 13:13 | #

    Presently enjoying your Lentil Soup – a warming, spicy broth on a chilly day. Joanne, Scotland

  718. Erin
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 13:21 | #

    Hello, this is Erin from the USA. I have many favourite recipes but Dutch Oven No-Knead Herb Bread is the best!

  719. Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 14:15 | #

    Jag är en paleo prediktande köttälskare från Sverige som endå har fastnat för er blogg med grymt inspirernade rätter och helt otroliga bilder. Att välja bara en rätt från er blogg som min favorit går inte. Det är allt för många som jag angvänder mig av, oftast som ett tillbehör till fisk, fågel och kött. Men en sak som nästan alltid finns i min kyl är er Basil & Walnut Pesto. Den är magisk till allt!

  720. Julie
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 14:28 | #

    Hi, I’m from Denmark, and I have been following your blog for sooooo many years!
    I have tried A LOT of your recipes, and I have never been disappointed. One of my favorite recipes is probably the morrocan quinoa salad. It is so delicious and well-balanced, and even though my boyfriend loves his meat, he actually requests this dish about 1-2 times per month!
    With the spring coming up (hopefully) soon, I am once again going crazy with your peanut butter strawberry milkshake.

  721. Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 14:34 | #

    Oh, WOW, this is a-ma-zing! I’m Camila from Rio de Janeiro and my favorite Green Kitchen recipe (although is sooo hard to choose just one) is the Aubergine & Lemongrass Curry. So good! I can’t get enough of this curry!

  722. Monica Rawlinson
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 15:35 | #

    Been following you for a while now and I LOVE your bibimbap.
    Thanks for sharing so much and for your beautiful pics.
    Monica half from England, half from Japan and living in Belgium.

  723. Aino Sofia
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 15:53 | #


    I’m Aino from Finland and I like your blog quite a lot! I have had many entirely new food experiences when cooking your recipes. My favorite is Banana & Blueberry Pancakes. I make them when almost every week. hehe Thank you so much for beautiful and inspiring blog!

  724. Tina
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 15:57 | #

    Wooohooo, it’s just so hard to choose one, just one of your wonderful recipes! An Indian friend of mine used to makee Lassi, similar to your Turmeric Lassi, so I guess I’m going with this one :)
    Greets from Germany!

  725. Stefan Yordanov
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 16:12 | #

    hey all!! stefan from bulgaria here;))) love your blog, its amazing, the photos, the stories, everything.. my favourite recipe is the apple, ginger and cardamom compote that everyone in my family love whenever i make it! (which is quite often..)

  726. Lisa
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 16:58 | #

    Hey! I am Lisa, and I am from the Netherlands. There is still a lot of recipes I want to try. But currently I like the Walnut and Chocolate chilly. Its flavors are so warm deep!

  727. kristina
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 17:23 | #

    I love the Baked Herb Pistachio Falafel!
    Kristina from Germany

  728. Christopher Tingö
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 17:56 | #

    Ah, what a sweet give away!

    My name’s Christopher and I’m from Linköping, Sweden.

    For my favorite recipe I have to go with the Roasted butternut coconut soup, it kept me warm throughout this loooooong, cold swedish winter.

  729. Luz
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 18:41 | #

    Oh, I love this recipe! I would love to try a raw version too…!
    I’m Luz, from Barcelona, and my favorite recipe is the Decadent Beet Chocolate Cake!!

  730. amy callahan
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 18:42 | #

    I *love* your blog and have recommended it to many friends. It is hard to pick just one recipe that is my favorite. But what first drew me to your site was the Beet Bourguignon.
    Oh! I live in the States.


  731. Nancy
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 19:04 | #

    I love your magic chocolate mousse – so easy and delicious. What a great little tool this would be.

  732. Meche
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 19:27 | #

    These look amazing! I love vegan desserts. They are so guilt-free!

  733. Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 20:05 | #

    I am originally from Croatia but I live in the Swiss Alps now.
    My favorite recipe is Raw Hemp Protein Bars.

    I have found your blog 1.5 years ago when I was searching for the healthier way to feed my babyboy. Your food philosophy represents everything I believe myself!

  734. Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 21:18 | #

    Hi I’m KJ, I live in Los Angeles, and I LOVE the Turmeric Lassi. I use fresh turmeric and ginger rather than dried and I am hooked on these smoothies! Thanks for your wonderful recipes AND pictures!

  735. Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 21:24 | #

    This looks absolutely amazing! If I hadn’t already decided on a chickpea- and apple cake for my birthday on Friday, I would have done these! Watching the video I was shocked to see how quickly those apples were turned into perfect slices – I have a new kitchen craving!

    My name is Tanja, I’m turning 23 this weekend and I’m from Denmark :)
    My favourite recipe of yours is the apple & oat biscuits! I have made them several times, and I’m always tempted to do another batch! I have replaced the almond butter with peanutbutter a couple of times, and it’s really delicious. Furthermore, instead of regular/greek/soy yoghurt I use “skyr”, an Icelandic yoghurt that is very low on fat and high on protein – protein is regularly 11-15 grams per 100 grams, compared to most yoghurts having only 3-8 grams.

    Thank you for the wonderful recipes!

  736. Trine
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 21:50 | #

    I’m Trine from Copenhagen, Denmark.
    I love the beetroot, Zucchini & apple salad. The combination of grilled and raw items is fantastic and it is so easy to make.

  737. Breanna
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 21:54 | #

    Hello. I just recently found your blog and am in love with it! I have already tried several of your recipes and been inspired to create my own versions. My favorite recipe so far is your Bean Chili with Walnuts & Dark Chocolate (I happen to be making it for dinner tonight).

    Thanks for bringing new life to my kitchen!

    Washington State, USA

  738. Maite Santiago
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 22:21 | #

    maite santiago, Boston, Mass, USA! The acai bowl is unreal!

  739. Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 22:36 | #

    This is Rachel from Texas, and I’d have to say that your healthier carrot cake is a real favorite of mine.

  740. Hannah
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 22:54 | #

    Hej hej,
    jag heter Hannah och jag kommer fran Tyskland :) Sorry, my swedish is still really bad. But I’m trying hard! :)
    My favorite recipe is probably the “our summer in a salad”, you know, the one with the apple. Not only because it’s delicious, but also because I love the pictures of that post. Hälsninger from Aachen! :)

  741. Ines Fernandes
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 23:07 | #

    Oh, hard question…favorite recipe from you guys…lots of them are great, but i can’t write them all, so since i have a very sweet tooth, i’ll go for Frozen Pink Cheesecake, a great and healthy alternative for the “normal” cheesecake”.
    My name is Ines, i’m from Portugal, but live in Berlin, Germany.

  742. carmen y miguel
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 23:14 | #

    Hi! Like the rest of the people, we find very difficult the election, but after a while, we´ve decided to go for this one:) Bibimbap with tofu & pickled vegetables.
    As you guys, we are also a family of three, but this time, our little Alejandra (18 months) didn´t try this one. We prepared it the last week end and was the first time we spent a day without her, so we really enjoyed preparing all the ingredients, slowly (there are a lot!!), assembling them in the plate, mixing in a delicious mess, and super enjoyed eating with a glass of wine. We send you a picture!! (https://plus.google.com/photos/118427795764908337525/albums/5859400758611968545/5859400772837412098?banner=pwa)
    We´ll definitely try again this bibimbap so she could try it…. May be without the gochujang :-)
    We are Carmen, Miguel and Alejandra and live in Madrid, Spain.

  743. Marie Ailbhe
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 23:48 | #

    Delicious-looking as always! (Can’t wait ’til the pre-ordered cookbook arrives on my porch.)

    Your kimchi recipe opened the world of fermented foods to me, so it’s dear to my heart. However, I think your best article is “A Healthy Start.” Best guide to nutritive, practical children’s food, ever.


    Marie (in Philadelphia, USA)

  744. Jenny
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 23:56 | #

    Hey guys,
    I keep making the apple & walnut raw buckwheat porridge for our family’s breakfast, so for the moment I’d say that’s my favourite.
    We’re living in Alice Springs, Australia. There’s not much ‘local’ produce here, unless you eat bush tucker … but there are Alice Springs dates, so at least that’s one local ingredient for the apple-oat tartlets!
    I need a new mixer, so please throw me into the draw.

  745. Magda Orsag
    Posted 25 Mar ’13 at 23:56 | #

    Hi, I’m Polish living in the States.
    It’s hard to say which of your recipes is my favorite – but the one I used most often is for the Hemp Protein Bars =)

  746. Daniel
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 00:34 | #

    Hmmm quite difficult to just choose one but we made the blueberry, leman & almond cake twice in the last two month so will go with that one. chuck us a blender will you?

  747. Krista
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 00:46 | #

    Broccoli Pesto :)
    from New Jersey

  748. Eden Rose
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 01:55 | #

    I’m a high school student living in Denver, Colorado
    I love so many of your wonderful recipes and use them constantly for inspiration, however I most often find myself cooking your Moroccan Vegetable Tangine-I always add cauliflower too though.Always perfect for a cold winter night when warm spices can warm up the whole day!

  749. Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 02:02 | #

    I’m Maegan, from Chicago!

    My favorite recipe is your Creamy Broccoli soup!

    I have a whole slew of food allergies so I love getting healthy inspiration from your blog!

  750. Camille Steyaert
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 03:08 | #

    Definitely the Bibimbap.
    Camille from Montreal (where it is still the 25th !)

  751. Annie
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 04:43 | #

    Beside the amazing recipies…what keeps coming back to your site is the beautiful and simple layout, photos and design of your site! I’m from Vancouver BC and my fave recipe is the bean brownies…and all of the yummy and healthy desserts!

  752. ikkinlala
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 05:29 | #

    I’m Nicole, I’m from Canada, and my favourite recipe from your blog (right now, at least) is the Vegetarian Sushi Salad.

  753. Simmi johnson
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 06:52 | #

    My favourite receipt is the beet root and millet burgers ….so yummy always need new ideas for beet root.

  754. Tanja Maria
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 07:02 | #

    Jeg er fra Danmark og nyder at følge med her på bloggen og på instagram. Min favorit opskrift på være citron og kokos baren – i sær fordi foråret har ladet vente på sig her i Danmark. De smager som en drøm og minder mig om solskin på en sommerdag!

  755. Jeanne Scholtz
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 08:14 | #

    I love your Vegetable Lasagna:) Jeanne Scholtz from South Africa

  756. Maja Gacesa
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 09:42 | #

    Hi, I’m from Croatia and my favourite recipe is the herb & pistachio falafel! I even managed to destroy a part of my blender while blending the chickpeas, haha

  757. Jocelyn
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 09:48 | #

    Every time I see a new dessert recipe, I think that this one is my favorite! I just couldn’t pick just one! This oat and apple tartlet looks so good and so easy to make! I can’t wait to try it!

  758. Lene Mørup
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 11:12 | #

    This is Lene from Denmark. My personal favorite recipe is the No-flour choclate cake from your yummy Healthy Desserts-app. The orange twist is just dee-lish.
    Can’t wait until my birthday in April, since your book is on my wish list :)
    God påske!

  759. Alexis Wagner
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 11:36 | #

    The flower power cake has been the centrepiece of many a table over here in Canada!


  760. Maja
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 12:21 | #

    Hi, I’m from Slovenia, just recently discovered your blog and I LOVE it! Today I ate my first raw buckwheat porridge de lux – delicious!

  761. Tami Bauer
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 12:44 | #

    Hi! I am from Maryland in the USA. I have been SO happy to have discovered your blog & recipes! I would say my favorite so far is the Chocolate walnut chili, BUT I can’t wait to try the pistachio falafel & the brownies. There are MANY recipes I am excited to make for my husband & toddler, & now I can add these apple & oat tartlets to the list.
    Thanks for all of your GREAT ideas!!!

  762. Bev
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 12:54 | #

    Hi! I’m from Canada and literally just found your website and am looking forward to exploring it. Since I have some broccoli looking for a home, the first thing i want to try is the creamy brocoli soup.
    [email protected]

  763. maria
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 14:11 | #

    My favourite recipe is the Millet and Pumpkin Winter Salad! It’s so healthy, colourful and funny!

    • maria
      Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 14:12 | #

      Oh and I forgot to introduce myself, this is Maria from Barcelona, Spain!

  764. Cat
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 15:15 | #

    Although I am new to your website, I have been vegan for years. I love the inspiration your blog gives me to make interesting, healthy, and fresh food everyday. I will be making your citrus salad today for a party. I can’t wait to try it! PS I am Cat from Chicago, IL, USA

  765. Erika Ziskova
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 15:19 | #

    Erika Ziskova
    I’m from Bratislava, Slovakia
    My fave recipe is lemon spelt bread :)

  766. Corey
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 15:20 | #

    I’m from Pennsylvania, by way of Ohio and Washington DC. I just found this blog for the first time, so the vegan apple and oat tarts are my favorite recipe!

  767. Dorothy
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 15:34 | #

    Just stumbled on your blog today on this gloomy morning in Philly, so I have yet to find a favorite…but I imagine some exploring will change that!

  768. Lorna
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 16:36 | #

    hi these look delicious- as usual! my favourite recipe is the worlds best veggie lasagne, lots of prep but well worth it.

    • Lorna
      Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 16:39 | #

      Forgot to say my name is Lorna and I’m from Cornwall in the UK and I am in love with many of the recipies on here x

  769. Lauren O
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 16:56 | #

    Lauren O
    Pittsburgh, PA
    First time on your site and I can’t wait to find a favorite recipe! Everything looks beautiful!

  770. Berit
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 17:01 | #

    Hi my name is Berit from Denmark. Love all your desserts – cannot pick one:-) Tried almost everyone and it is always a pleasure. And you always present it sooo delicious!!!

  771. Anna-Karin
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 17:28 | #

    Hi I live in Santa Cruz, California however originally from Sweden! I am lucky to be surrounded by the beauty of the ocean and healthy food choices all year round!
    My absolute favorite recipe is the Immune Boosting Turmeric Lassi. I often crave something sweet after dinner and this is satisfying every time! And it feels so healthy!
    I love connecting with your website and searching your recipe databank – I am always inspired by the ingredients and artistic photos! A true fan, Anna

  772. Jo
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 17:34 | #

    I’m from Jersey in the Channel Islands – do I really have to pick one recipe?! Probably the 7 minute choco-almond truffles as i make them the most and always have a tub full of them in the freezer for snacking! Also, rather randomly, I’m off to Copenhagen on Thursday! Any tips???!

  773. jade
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 17:57 | #

    Jade from NYC; my fav is the Apple & Oat Tartlets!

  774. Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 19:01 | #

    Josephine fra Danmark. My favorite recipe gotta be the carrot cake, since it was the recipe which lead me in your dear blog arms (I even posted it myself in the honour of GKS here: http://atastylovestory.com/the-carrot-cake-recipe-that-opened-my-eyes/) I love everything you do, you are truly my greatest inspiration and blog-love <3

  775. Anne
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 21:20 | #

    Hmmm ja hvad skal man dog vælge….Hokkaido er min ynglingsgræskar…Chokolade og lakrids til dessert eller bare til…Ja, så er jeg bare glad. Tak for en super blog <3

  776. Gabriela Voglio
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 21:32 | #

    Hej David, Louise och Elsa! Mitt absoluta favoritrecept (som jag även har markerat som favorit på er app) är Herb & Pistachio Falafel. Så mumsiga! Tröttnar aldrig på dem. Jag är från Årsta i Stockholm. Er blogg är underbart inspirerande, tack för ert arbete!

  777. Marie
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 21:36 | #

    Oh My God…Oh My God!!!! Hope, I’m still in time! You have sooo many interesting, healthy and simple recipes that for the period I read your blog I have just no free time to try them all (but I really want!)…Nevertheless, there are several ones that are on top…even my mom loved them (and it really matters to me!). There are:
    Purple Potato Chips
    Broccoli Pesto
    Basil & Walnut Pesto
    Clementine Marmalade & Biscuits
    Apple & Oat Biscuits
    Beetroot Soup with Horseradish Yogurt
    Roasted Butternut & Coconut Soup
    Homemade purple potato chips
    White Velvet Soup
    Frozen CashewCakes with different berries
    Apricot & Grapefruit Toffee
    Hemp Protein Bars
    Sticky Nut Bars (at the very top!)

    Fruit Rolls
    Espresso & Oat Truffles
    Cinnamon Chocolate Nuts
    Rose Hip Christmas Truffles (my mother is your fan)

    Sorry, I know that’s a lot but my mother and me are in love with these meals!
    …and sorry for my English…btw, I’m from Russia and one of your blind readers =)

  778. Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 22:45 | #

    Hi I’m Julie from Belgium. I’m kinda hoping it isn’t too late to enter, it would make for a lovely birthday present. Was checking some of my favorite blogs before bed and I though ow what a lovely giveaway, especially when I saw it in action. My favorite recipe(s) have to be the ones that involve yoghurt. Mainly the combination between beetroot and horseradish yoghurt, can’t get enough of that fierce little root and the lassi/turmeric combo, also another root that I use in my daily cooking.

    Love, Julie

  779. Teshka
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 22:53 | #

    Greetings Green Kitchen Stories. Thank you very much for sharing such tasty, interesting and unique recipes ^_^ Congratulations on your book as well, it looks charming (;

    If it isn’t too late to enter then, I’m originally from Ethiopia/Russia, now living in the U.S.A. My favourite recipe at the moment is your Creamy Broccoli Soup ;)

    I wish you the best!!!

  780. Pauline
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 23:16 | #

    hey! i am pauline, 20, from berlin – germany.
    so far my favorite recipe are the zucchini cupcakes – i have made them several times now, every time making myself and friends&family happy!
    thank you so much for inspiring me and so many others every day, you have shaped my journey into health. <3

  781. Malene
    Posted 26 Mar ’13 at 23:19 | #

    There is still time! YAY :-)

    LOVE your recipies and your app’s makes it a pleasure to play around in the kitchen. There’s a LOT of favorites recipies, but would like to vote for the Spinach Muffins. They were my very first thing I cooked after giving birth to my wonderful daughter almost a year ago.

    With my fingers and toes crossed
    /Malene – Copenhagen

  782. sara werst
    Posted 27 Mar ’13 at 14:07 | #

    Hello, I am an avid follower from the USA. Your recipes are so creative and it is definitely hard to decide, but I LOVED the Raw Hemp protein bars and the Millet and Pumpkin Winter Salad. So creative and delicious

  783. Posted 27 Mar ’13 at 16:21 | #

    Hej fina ni! Måste väl oxå göra ett inlägg här, fast ni har så de räcker ;) mitt favvorecept är nog summer Berry cake, som alltid bakas till kalasen där hemma. Även espresso bollarna är ju en återkommande favorit. Annars älskar ja sushisalladen och drömmer ff om potatispizzan :) Ja inser att ja ff testat alldeles för få recept. Nu när ja har kokboken och alla sopar för alla apparater så ska min målsättning va att prova ett nytt gk-recept i veckan :) eller så. Grymma är ni iaf, fast de behöver ja väl knappast säga, kommentarerna här talar ju ett tydligt språk :)
    Puss på er & snart ses vi, längtar!

  784. Vanessa
    Posted 29 Mar ’13 at 02:12 | #

    I’m Vanessa from Peru (like kañiwa and quinua :) but live in Australia and absolutely adore your blog. You have the most amazing recipes, pictures and the most perfect little girl! Love the apps too :) Hard to choose my fav recipe, but at the top of my list is the kañiwa and coconut pancakes. Clean, simple, yummy and before that recipe, I didn;t even know kañiwa existed (how sad! being Peruvian :( … thank you!!

  785. Daniela
    Posted 23 Apr ’13 at 18:19 | #

    Hello! I am from the United States, New York area. Browsing the internet for some vegan recipes I found your site and I’m sooo excited that I found you guys!!! Your recipes are simple and delicious. The pictures that are taken are wonderful, they make the food very appealing and stimulating to the eye. It is very easy to be a vegetarian with all these great tasting recipes. Keep up the amazing work that you do!!!

  786. Posted 26 Apr ’13 at 19:07 | #


    Most of your recipes call for fresh dates. I don’t know about Swededn, but here in the US, it’s pretty hard to get them fresh. Are they really widely available in Sweden all year? Is there a way to substitute fresh dates with dried? Soaking? or should I just wait till the season comes?
    Thank you!)

  787. Posted 29 May ’13 at 21:55 | #

    Jag hittade er här ville jag bara säga – ihopmatchade och allt.

    Och det är så toppen allt ni gör. Så gott och min absolut största källa till matinspiration. /S

  788. Posted 7 Jun ’13 at 01:45 | #

    I’m sorry I missed out on the giveaway :(, but very glad to see this wonderful recipes that you have been kind enough to share with us! That organic icecream looks delish!

  789. Posted 19 Aug ’13 at 18:15 | #


    Can I use this recipe for a one singular 20cm tart pan?
    Thanks1 :)

  790. Anso
    Posted 20 Dec ’13 at 21:34 | #

    Hello there delicious foodies,

    I just love this blog!!! All recipes I tried so far are just jumsy! ^^ I was just wondering which food processor you guys use to make all your goodies. (Such as nut butters and stuff) Because the mixers I tried at home always seem to give up towards the end of the mixing. And maybe this is a good moment for a christmas wishy! :-)

    Kindest regards,


  791. Posted 13 Apr ’14 at 08:28 | #

    I’m a high school student living in Denver, Colorado
    I love so many of your wonderful recipes and use them constantly for inspiration, however I most often find myself cooking your Moroccan Vegetable Tangine-I always add cauliflower too though.Always perfect for a cold winter night when warm spices can warm up the whole day!

  792. Francine
    Posted 27 Apr ’14 at 23:59 | #

    Hi!! I’m from Brasília, Brazil.
    I recently discovered the greenkitchenstories.com.
    I’m testing some recipes and I have to say, I love it all!
    Yesterday, I made the apple tartlets. They are amazing.
    Thank You! With your help I am learning to take life in a more healthy and happy!

  793. Posted 30 May ’14 at 08:41 | #

    Can I choose all of them?!! Such amazing recipes that it is so difficult to choose a favourite, however, I do love the buckwheat porridge – it has definitely become a staple of mine! Thanks for all your creative and beautiful recipes & stories :)
    Kate from Australia

  794. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 12:09 | #

    Hmmm ja hvad skal man dog vælge….Hokkaido er min ynglingsgræskar…Chokolade og lakrids til dessert eller bare til…Ja, så er jeg bare glad. Tak for en super blog <3

  795. Posted 25 Oct ’14 at 18:15 | #

    I’m Florence from France. My favorite recipe is the Christmas Granola, I have testes several but yours is my favorite :). Thank you for sharing your inspiration wit us!

  796. Posted 11 Feb ’16 at 21:15 | #

    I came across to delicious Tumeric Lassi first. We tried it and it’s yummy. Now I will recommend this tartless to my wife who is actually a pastry chef. I became impatient to give it a try. Thanks a lot sharing this yummy recipes.

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