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Turmeric Breakfast Muffins

We have had an unusually intense relationship with these muffins for the past couple of months. Different varieties of them have been baked almost every weekend morning in our home. I blamed it on that the recipe needed to be perfected, but ahem, this particular version is actually very similar to my first version (they have however been altered a lot in between). The basic idea was pretty clear to me from the beginning; I wanted a muffin that we could enjoy for breakfast without feeling that we actually were eating dessert in the morning (which I am pretty certain most people that eat muffins for breakfast feel). Of course, muffin by definition is a dessert, but I at least only wanted to fill them with ingredients that normally made an appearance on our breakfast table. So, no artificial sweeteners, only bananas and a few dates. I wanted it to be simple to make and I also wanted the recipe to be gluten free.


The result is a kind of mash-up between a banana pancake, oatmeal, granola and our turmeric lassi. They have a wonderful rich walnut flavor with a turmeric and blueberry twist. They are sweet, although in a perfectly breakfast kind of way. One muffin leaves you quite satisfied, but I often bring another one as a second breakfast to-go.


This recipe can very easily be altered, so I have gathered some recipe notes:
• One or two grated carrots can be a delicious addition.
• The granola crumble is optional (although very delicious) and can be left out.
• If you don’t have any problems with gluten, the buckwheat flour+arrowroot can be replaced with an equal amount of spelt flour.
• The eggs can be replaced with chia seeds or flax seeds following the ratio 1 tbsp chia/flax + 3 tbsp water = 1 egg.
• The blueberries can obviously be replaced with other berries. Blackberries would be good.
• If you don’t like or are allergic to walnuts, you can replace them with sunflower seeds.
• The dates can be replaced with 3-4 tbsp honey. You can also add a little honey along with the dates if you prefer a sweeter muffin.


Turmeric & Blueberry Breakfast Muffins with a Granola Topping
Makes 12 large or 15 smaller

This makes a rather large batch for our small family, so we usually freeze half of them.

Dry ingredients
100 g / 1 cup walnuts
85 g /1 cup rolled oats, use gluten free if intolerant
90 g / 2/3 cup buckwheat flour + 2 tbsp arrowroot (or potato starch)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp turmeric (use a little less if you are not used to the flavor)
1 tsp freshly ground cardamom
½ tsp sea salt
a pinch black pepper

Wet ingredients
160 ml / 2/3 cup buttermilk or plant yogurt
80 ml / 1/3 cup olive oil or butter
2 ripe bananas, mashed
5 fresh dates, mashed
3 large eggs (or 3 tbsp chia seeds mixed with 9 tbsp water)

A large handful blueberries, frozen or fresh

Granola topping
1/3 cup rolled oats
2 tbsp olive oil/coconut oil
1 tbsp runny honey

Preheat the oven to 400°F / 200°C. Line a muffin pan with paper liners or grease the pan with oil or butter. Add walnuts and rolled oats to a food processor or blender (or mortle) and mix quickly into a coarse flour. Transfer to a large mixing bowl together with the rest of the dry ingredients. Add buttermilk, oil, bananas and dates to the food processor or blender and mix until smooth, then transfer to the mixing bowl with the dry ingredients. Crack the eggs in a separate bowl and beat them for about a minute before adding them as well. Use a spatula to carefully fold everything until combined. Divide the batter into the muffin tins, drop a bunch of blueberries on top of each muffin and gently push them down a bit. Mix together the granola crumble in a small bowl and add it on top of the muffins. Bake for about 18-20 minutes. Best enjoyed still warm from the oven. 


  1. Posted 2 May ’14 at 18:49 | #

    Those muffins are looking so delicious!

    • Zoe McCaslin
      Posted 20 Jul ’14 at 19:16 | #

      I made these muffins today swapping the walnuts for sunflower seeds and dates for honey. They really are delicious. Not too sweet, perfect for breakfast/brunch or a mid morning snack. If you are thinking of making these I definitely recommend you do. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks GKS, these are great.

  2. Posted 2 May ’14 at 19:04 | #

    I don’t usually eat muffins primarily because of the calories, but I have to say that these muffins look amazing and are packed with healthy ingredients. I especially want to include more turmeric in my recipes. I’m pinning this for later, thanks.

  3. Posted 2 May ’14 at 19:07 | #

    My husband has Rheumatoid Arthritis and we’ve been turmeric in EVERYTHING. I think these look spectacular!

  4. Posted 2 May ’14 at 19:09 | #

    These look delicious! Intriguing combination of blueberries and turmeric, I must try adding turmeric to non-savoury dishes!
    I don’t eat oats, so maybe I can swap the oats for quinoa flakes?

  5. Posted 2 May ’14 at 19:18 | #

    Wow, these look great, I’d definitely want to add the shredded carrots! A little turmeric in the morning sounds like a great way to start the day. Thanks for the creative post.

    http://thatumamilife.wordpress.com – a clean-eating bento blog! Japanese cooking or Asian-inspired.

  6. Posted 2 May ’14 at 19:21 | #

    The combination sounds so delicious that I will definitely try out these muffins! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  7. Alicia
    Posted 2 May ’14 at 19:26 | #

    These muffins look amazing! I just simply love your blog; recipe you post, recipe I want to try immediately. I can’t wait for your new book.

  8. Posted 2 May ’14 at 19:59 | #

    Oh I really want to try these. Lucky for me the weekend is right here. Like Liz I might swap out the walnuts (I don’t have any and don’t love them all the time) for shredded carrots and maybe throw in some ginger. Yum!

  9. Posted 2 May ’14 at 20:19 | #

    These look awesome, I like to put turmeric in everything I can!

  10. Posted 2 May ’14 at 20:22 | #

    These look and sound amazing! I’m so excited to try these – I love turmeric in pretty much anything but have never thought of trying it in a muffin/cake

  11. Posted 2 May ’14 at 20:43 | #

    Your turmeric recipes make me so happy. I love the look of these muffins annnnnd the crumble topping. Yum!

  12. Posted 2 May ’14 at 21:48 | #

    Oh how I love this idea! I’m a huge fan of turmeric, but find it hard to incorporate into many foods because it’s so overpowering. I love that you created a muffin with turmeric as the headlining star! I can’t wait to try these :)

  13. Jonette
    Posted 2 May ’14 at 21:55 | #

    I cannot get fresh dates. What could I use instead?

    • Posted 3 May ’14 at 00:00 | #

      Hi Jonette, you could use a few (around 3) tablespoons honey instead of the dates.

    • Msconduct
      Posted 4 May ’14 at 15:42 | #

      @Jonette: In my part of the world (New Zealand), fresh dates are available but very expensive compared to dried. As the difference is mostly that fresh dates are softer, I’ve found that soaking the equivalent number of dried dates in hot water makes them a good substitute for fresh dates in baking.

      • Nicola McCoy
        Posted 10 Mar ’17 at 14:18 | #

        Can confirm this! Soaking dried dates even for a little while in some hot water (even better overnight) is totally fine for baking

    • Oana
      Posted 15 May ’14 at 00:38 | #

      I can`t find fresh dates where I live either, but I found a great way to use dried ones instead: put the pitted dates through a garlic crusher. They will come out as little sweet spaghetti that you can blend together with a fork with minimum effort, and you will have a creamy paste, just as when using fresh dates. Hope this helps other fresh dates-deprived people :)

  14. Posted 2 May ’14 at 22:25 | #

    De ser så goda ut och jag blir lika glad varje gång ni lägger upp glutenfria recept då jag själv bakar nästan bara glutenfritt. Och så har jag en glutenfri blogg!

  15. Posted 2 May ’14 at 22:28 | #

    At last! Ever since you instagrammed these I’ve been checking for the recipe. They look so good!

  16. Posted 3 May ’14 at 08:57 | #

    These look terrific. I try and pop turmeric into as many likely recipes as I can get away with. And I have put it in cakes and breads, but not breakfast muffins.Lots of lovely ideas in this recipe to play with. Beautiful images, as always.

  17. Posted 3 May ’14 at 09:27 | #

    I have been fighting a lot with cold and flu since when I moved from Italy to London –part because of the weather, part because of crowds and stress I think. I am not keen on using a lot of drugs and turmeric and ginger are always my way to go – a little bit of your Honey Bomb is still in my fridge, ready to be used! These look not only super-tempting, but with that glowing hue they shine health and well-being just by looking at them. I will definitely try them, perhaps with ‘chia eggs’ and olive oil, a combo that has given me lots of satisfaction these days. Hugs and congrats about the move, upcoming book, and all the best with your pregnancy. x

  18. Posted 3 May ’14 at 10:49 | #

    Looking almost too good to be true. Love the color!

  19. Kate
    Posted 3 May ’14 at 11:21 | #

    I was so excited to make these because they contain so many of my favourite things, but unfortunately they’ve turned out like sludge! What did I do wrong, yours look amazing! Wondering whether to try again!

    • Posted 3 May ’14 at 14:31 | #

      Hi Kate! I’m going to try helping you out, but it would help to hear if you have followed the recipe precisely? I have made this recipe so many times and never had any sludge problem. We’ve also heard from many others that successfully have tried the recipe today, so as long as you follow the steps it should turn out similar to the photos. Make sure that the oats and walnuts are ground into a flour, otherwise they might not soak up the batter. You could try baking them for a longer time, if they haven’t firmed up enough after 20 min. Let me know if the second batch turned out better. Crossing my fingers!

  20. Posted 3 May ’14 at 12:59 | #

    Oh my goodness! I love them! I’ve been on a turmeric kick lately and muffins are a perfect fit for the colder weather we’re having these days.

  21. Posted 3 May ’14 at 14:29 | #

    What a splendid golden colour! I rarely make muffins because I live alone and so it seems odd to make a whole batch for myself, but I’m really craving them now.

  22. Emily
    Posted 3 May ’14 at 14:34 | #

    Beautiful you guys! Seriously yum!

  23. DJ
    Posted 3 May ’14 at 14:36 | #

    Interesting recipe to try. For wet ingredients, did you mean buttermilk or “plain” yogurt? Thank you.

    • Posted 3 May ’14 at 16:26 | #

      Hi DJ, you can use buttermilk, plain yogurt or plant yogurt (soygurt/oatgurt etc). Whatever you prefer.

  24. Posted 3 May ’14 at 14:41 | #

    Am loving the yellow hue the turmeric gives these muffins. The wholeness and versatility of this recipe makes it perfect for any morning. Delicious!

  25. Sach
    Posted 3 May ’14 at 14:45 | #

    Hi David,

    Desperate to try these but was wondering if I could substitute the bananas for something else? I have a fructose absorption deficiency so can’t have bananas hnfortunaty!

    Thanks x

  26. Laura
    Posted 3 May ’14 at 14:51 | #

    Can’t wait to make these today! 2 quick questions- could kefir be subbed for buttermilk? And do the frozen blueberries need to be thawed first?
    Thank you!

    • Posted 3 May ’14 at 16:24 | #

      Hi Laura, the blueberries don’t have to be thawed first. And yes, you can use kefir instead of buttermilk. Happy baking!

  27. Posted 3 May ’14 at 15:49 | #

    Perfect! I have 3 teenage boys sleeping over tonight, and I LOVE making them a healthy breakfast that they like. I also plan to share the link with my clients (I’m a health coach). Thanks so much! I’m printing out the recipe now. :)

  28. Posted 3 May ’14 at 17:43 | #

    These look UNBELIEVABLE:) I’ve been adding turmeric to my oatmeal and am absolutely in love with it:) This is such a wonderful flavor combination!:) Blueberries were always my favorite fruit of all in a muffin form:) I’ll have to try these out, thanks for sharing!:)

  29. Anw64681
    Posted 3 May ’14 at 18:57 | #

    Looks DIVINE! one quick question–I don’t have any buckwheat flour on hand. Any good replacements? More of the oat/nut flour?


    • Posted 3 May ’14 at 19:14 | #

      Hi, you could try adding rice flour instead of buckwheat if you want them gluten-free. Otherwise, you could use spelt or whole-wheat flour.

      • Anw64681
        Posted 3 May ’14 at 20:13 | #


      • Anw64681
        Posted 3 May ’14 at 20:16 | #

        Oops–hit enter too soon!

        And yes, I was hoping to keep them gluten free! Very helpful.

  30. Annie
    Posted 3 May ’14 at 22:48 | #

    How happy wasn’t I to wake up on a Saturday morning to this amazing new recipe! We made them using coconut milk, coconut flour and soy flour and they turned out just perfect. You are so inspirational!

  31. Posted 3 May ’14 at 23:14 | #

    This recipe looks great! one question, we don’t use arrowroot/potato starch-any replacements or would it work without? Also could this be made with either garbanzo/chestnut/coconut flour instead?
    Thanks!! :)

  32. Posted 4 May ’14 at 03:11 | #

    I made these today but I used almonds instead of walnuts and kefir milk instead of buttermilk. They are fantastic. though next time I think I’ll leave out the cardamon I’m not a huge fan of that spice. But would certainly make these again. Mx

  33. Jo
    Posted 4 May ’14 at 03:12 | #

    I too have the sludgy problem! It was my first time baking with chia as egg replacement, but I followed the recipe to a T. They’re still not cooked in the middle and have now been in the oven for 45 minutes! :( Any ideas? Thank you.

  34. Alissa
    Posted 4 May ’14 at 06:48 | #

    I just made these and they are spectacular!! I made some substitutions based on my personal preferences/what I had on hand, please read on if you’re not keen on oats and banana like me…

    – I replaced the oats with quinoa flakes (both in the muffin and in the granola)
    – I didn’t have any arrowroot so I just left it out :)
    – I used pureed cooked apple in place of banana (I don’t eat bananas!)
    – I replaced the dates with 3 tablespoons of maple syrup

    Otherwise, everything else was the same!

    These are really and truly some of the best wholesome muffins I have ever made, the little sprinkle of granola on top really adds to it and the turmeric is such a warming, gorgeous flavour.

  35. Lena
    Posted 4 May ’14 at 07:34 | #

    Låter väldigt gott :)
    Det här receptet vill jag absolut prova – blir dock lite förvirrad av “baking powder” å “baking soda”, jag trodde att bägge var bakpulver, men gissar atr det ena i receptet är något annat – bikarbonat kanske?

    • Posted 4 May ’14 at 09:48 | #

      Hej Lena, det stämmer att baking powder är bakpulver och baking soda är bikarbonat. Genom att kombinera båda jäser bakverken lite bättre. Bikarbonat fungerar dock endast när man har något syrligt i smeten, som filmjölk i detta fall. /David

      • Lena Sandrieser
        Posted 4 May ’14 at 12:37 | #

        Tack :)

  36. Posted 4 May ’14 at 13:51 | #

    These muffins sound delicious and look really great!

  37. Hannah
    Posted 4 May ’14 at 16:26 | #

    Just a note that I used coconut milk in place of the buttermilk/yogurt, and the muffins turned out extremely delicious! Thanks for another fantastic recipe.

  38. Natalia
    Posted 4 May ’14 at 23:33 | #

    These look delicious and I am looking forward to trying them. Are you using fresh turmeric or powder, and are they interchangeable?

    • Posted 4 May ’14 at 23:37 | #

      Hi Natalia, we use turmeric powder in these, but you can also use fresh. It would give them an even more intense color and flavor. Good luck!

  39. Posted 5 May ’14 at 03:26 | #

    I made these, substituting coconut milk for the buttermilk and coconut oil for the olive oil, and they turned out great! A nice warming winter treat here in Australia where it’s getting colder.

    Just as a note we also did the granola topping which I think added a lot aesthetically but didn’t add that much for us taste-wise so we probably will save the effort and leave it out next time.

  40. Ines
    Posted 5 May ’14 at 09:24 | #

    I made these yesterday and they turned out beautiful.my tiny modifications: I have used plain flour instead of buckwheat, a mixture of milk and plain yoghurt instead of buttermilk and added 1/2 a banana more,I used the olive oil and not the butter.
    I was afraid they would not turn out fine because the mixture was very wet but no! The recipe is great and so easy to make with the food processor. They are not too sweet. I had them for breakfast this morning with coffee. Heaven.

  41. Anouk
    Posted 5 May ’14 at 11:54 | #

    Just a thought on the ‘sludgy’ problem some of you mentioned here (terrible word to describe a muffin by the way). Firstly, I was very happy to also see the ingredients described in weight (versus volume) measurements (waaay more accurate). But of course, there’s still the bananas that can vary in size. And the coarseness of the flour (milled from oats + walnuts) will also make a big difference, as David already mentioned. Mine also didn’t rise so nicely as David’s, which probably means the batter was a bit too wet (but they still baked up in the oven, although I had to leave them in longer). Next time I’ll problably only use 1 banana, or even omit it and use and extra egg/milk. In my experience, bananas make muffins a tad heavier, and I like them a bit fluffier.

  42. Posted 5 May ’14 at 12:30 | #

    These are my idea of absolute heaven!! You probably know this – but tumeric consumption has been associated with a lower risk of dementia in older age. Tumeric me in!

  43. Posted 5 May ’14 at 12:31 | #

    Wow! That’s nice. What a new taste an interesting mix of ingredients can bring. Will certainly make those again and try out some variants. Thank you!

  44. Maria Calpén
    Posted 5 May ’14 at 18:50 | #

    Eagerly waiting for these to come out of the oven now. Batter was delish so expectations are high now :-D. Another keeper!

  45. Posted 6 May ’14 at 01:53 | #

    I’ve been waiting for this recipe since I saw the photo on twitter (or was it instagram?) . absolutely beautiful. Will definitely give it a go. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me.

  46. Posted 6 May ’14 at 05:19 | #

    how gorgeous are these?! just lovely.

    and thank you, thank you for the gluten-free work-up. i so need this.


  47. julie
    Posted 6 May ’14 at 06:48 | #

    Made those this morning while waiting for baby to arrive! They were delicious though they didnt turn out as yellow. I used date syrup instead of the bananas and it worked fine! Great recipe!

  48. Emilie
    Posted 6 May ’14 at 13:51 | #

    Jag undrar över kärnmjölken och yoghurten, var får ni tag i kärnmjölk? Och fungerar det med vilken mjölkfri yoghurt som helst? Såg något om filmjölk i en kommentar, är det också ett alternativ?

    • Posted 7 May ’14 at 07:04 | #

      Hej Emelie, vi har använt filmjölk i dessa. Buttermilk är den närmast förståeliga amerikanska varianten. Man kan också använda vilken mjölkfri yoghurt som helst (eller vanlig). Jag brukar pressa i en aning citron när jag använder yoghurt, för att få det lite syrligare. /David

      • bethany
        Posted 18 May ’14 at 08:55 | #

        Tack för översättning med svenska råvaror! Jag ska försöka yoghurt eller kokosmjölk med en lite citronsaft.

  49. Naomi Cohen
    Posted 6 May ’14 at 20:45 | #

    Your wonderful blog has been an inspiration for a long time. Now I really need to let you know: I made these muffins for our Israeli Independance Day get-together today and everyone loved them! No blueberries to be had here, though, so I added some nectarines and apricots. Another awesome recipe of yours. Thank you for sharing!

  50. Posted 6 May ’14 at 21:33 | #

    The turmeric gives these muffins such a lovely color. I’ve never thought to put turmeric in a baked good, and I tend to like my muffins gently spiced, but I may have to try it! In any case I’ve been looking for a good muffin recipe to use up my stash of frozen bananas, and this looks like just the thing.

  51. Posted 7 May ’14 at 04:39 | #

    What and endeavour – to create a non dessert fluten free breakfast muffin – sounds like everything that I’m looking for in my breakfast. I will definitely try these. Thank you!

  52. Posted 8 May ’14 at 03:29 | #

    Turmeric muffins?! Why have I never tried this? I must do this as soon as I get a hold of some blueberries. And that granola topping sounds awesome. :)

  53. Posted 8 May ’14 at 03:30 | #

    These muffins look so darn tasty! Will be making soon!!

  54. Teresa
    Posted 8 May ’14 at 12:58 | #

    I had the opposite of the sludge problem — the muffins burned in 12 minutes. The inside was nicely done and tasted delicious. Next time, I will try a lower oven temperature.

  55. Posted 8 May ’14 at 13:13 | #

    Let food be thine medicine and medicine be thine food. Turmeric is a wonder food. How can food that tastes so good be so good for you? awesome site. Awesome recipes. AWESOME> THanks….

  56. Brenda
    Posted 8 May ’14 at 21:07 | #

    I made these using 2 tsp of turmeric for my first batch.
    They were lovely. I Will certainly make these again and again.
    I am GF and always looking for new ideas.
    Brilliant recipe!
    Thank you

  57. Posted 8 May ’14 at 22:33 | #

    I love that these muffins are gluten free and breakfast friendly!:)

  58. Katharina
    Posted 9 May ’14 at 08:46 | #

    Yummm, they look delicious! Do you think it would work with almond milk as well instead of buttermilk?

  59. Arlette
    Posted 9 May ’14 at 19:19 | #

    Just made these – they are the most beautiful, tasty and successful ‘healthy’ muffins I have ever made! Thanks so much for a fabulous and visually stunning recipe.
    PS I think they would also be fabulous with almonds or pistachios and peaches/raspberries/plums – endless variations…

  60. Posted 10 May ’14 at 04:29 | #

    Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on
    a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the
    same layout and design. Great choice of colors!

  61. liz
    Posted 11 May ’14 at 11:22 | #

    It’s mothers day here in Australia and I made these to finish With This morning, they were a hit and everyone was happy there was 1 each to take away with them- thanks heaps and happy mothers day x

  62. Carolyn
    Posted 12 May ’14 at 10:18 | #

    Hello David and Luise (and Elsa)!

    These muffins look great, and I’ve been thinking about taking them to school to eat. I was wondering if you could tell me how long they should last in the refrigerator, and how many muffins the recipe makes.

    Thanks for all your great recipes!

  63. Sanne
    Posted 12 May ’14 at 15:35 | #

    Made these just now – my boyfriend and I both love them! Will definitely be making these again. Will also try freezing half of them; but I have never done that before. What is the best way to defrost/reheat them?

  64. Posted 13 May ’14 at 19:04 | #

    Awesome flavor combo and even better food photography. Definitely going to make these!

  65. Posted 14 May ’14 at 10:51 | #

    I made these last night and they are utterly delicious. I added two grated carrots, plus a little ginger, cinnamon and cloves for that “carrot cakey” taste, plus used 1 tablespoon of date puree instead of dates. My dad, who normally doesn’t go for my super-healthy baking, really enjoyed them and even took one to work – win! –
    Lovely job, well done from New Zealand!

  66. Hanna
    Posted 14 May ’14 at 14:46 | #

    Just a note that using coconut milk in place of the buttermilk/plant yogurt turns out delicious! Thanks for the great recipe. :)

  67. Mary
    Posted 19 May ’14 at 22:51 | #

    can you tell me if turmeric is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

  68. mark
    Posted 21 May ’14 at 07:59 | #


  69. Sylvie
    Posted 21 May ’14 at 20:50 | #

    i was so looking forward to this recipe since your post on instagram!
    i baked them and they are delicious. i’ll bookmark this one.

    on another note, i just came back from stockholm and went to a few places you suggest (markets, rosendals tradgard, cafés and health food stores). i really enjoyed my stay, thank you! x

  70. Bibiana
    Posted 22 May ’14 at 21:39 | #

    My turned out brown for some reason. I added almond flour instead of buckwheat and a little bit of corn flour as I didn’t have arrow root or potato starch. They still taste great. :):):)

  71. Marie
    Posted 26 May ’14 at 12:14 | #

    Supergoda! Jag har bakat dem 3 ggr nu och alla i familjen älskar dem!
    Sista gången tillsatte jag dessutom lite kanel och förutom blåbär la jag i några hallon i varje muffins och då blev de ännu godare :)
    Tack för ett fantastiskt recept!

  72. Posted 27 May ’14 at 15:32 | #

    Amazing! I simply fell in love with your breakfast muffins!!!! Thank you a lot for the recipe!

  73. Posted 28 May ’14 at 19:06 | #

    These look just delicious – I am so curious to see how the tumeric translates into a breakfast muffin!

  74. Sue
    Posted 29 May ’14 at 00:48 | #

    These look great! I’m always looking for more healthful recipes for baking so I can feel good giving them to my kids. Btw, any suggestions for other types of fruit that would work? I don’t have any blueberries on had, but I have frozen mango in the freezer.

  75. Kasey
    Posted 30 May ’14 at 15:37 | #

    I have made these muffins twice now and they are AWESOME. I’ve used only minor substitutions for preferences and just what I had: left out the walnuts, used sorghum flour instead of buckwheat, and used maple syrup in place of both the dates and the honey. I’m making it again today with the dates this time. But they’ve turned out perfect every time, and are absolutely delicious. We are completely gluten free and this is the first time I’ve ever found a baked good recipe that actually rivaled a wheat one. And it’s perfectly sweet, too–I can’t usually make stuff like this because as good as it looks, it’s too sweet and bready (we don’t use processed sugar at all). But these, as all your recipes I’ve tried, are just perfect!

  76. Posted 3 Jun ’14 at 07:31 | #

    What an incredible treat! While my 12 large muffins took 45 minutes to cook and didn’t turn out nearly as professional-looking as yours, they sure are delicious with the perfect slight sweetness and gorgeous rich color. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  77. Posted 3 Jun ’14 at 10:57 | #


    Is it true that muffins like these, that contain ripe bananas, would improve in taste as the days go by?



  78. Posted 4 Jun ’14 at 13:12 | #

    Baked them last night, and had one this morning along with my fruit breakfast…and i have to say, they were quite peculiar the taste…can’t really decide what to make of it,….but i liked them! very much! The Turmeric and the muffins texture go so well together…very aromatic, delicious!
    Thankyou! Amazing!
    X Friendly Fan from Spain

  79. Posted 4 Jun ’14 at 13:16 | #

    How best to store them? Plastic container at room temperature? (souther spain) or in fridge?
    I’ve also never frozen muffins, do i simply defrost them at room temperature? they won’t go soggy?

    Tack Tack!

  80. Posted 9 Jun ’14 at 01:53 | #

    I threw in chopped rhubarb and used fresh strawberries instead of blueberries! I also had to finesse a few of the other ingredients I was lacking (i did almond milk and added more oil since I did not have yogurt or buttermilk)…still all delicious!

  81. Lyf
    Posted 18 Jun ’14 at 01:47 | #

    I added carrots (delicious), skipped berries, used almond meal instead of Walnuts and I baked them for over then 30 minutes. Do you think the baking time was longer because the carrots were slightly wet and I used almond meal? Has anyone just used normal flour and oats? The turmeric flavor is a fantastic addition an and these muffins are great in general. My partner especially loves these.

    • Jess
      Posted 22 Sep ’15 at 02:05 | #

      Hi there! I am making these tonight but do not have walnuts on hand! Do you remember how much almond meal you used in the walnuts’ place? Thanks so much!

  82. beth
    Posted 26 Jun ’14 at 20:15 | #

    In case anyone’s wondering…
    – If you don’t have a food processor, you can make them by hand. I did.
    – Coconut oil works well in place of butter or olive oil.
    – If you don’t have muffin tins, you can bake this as a cake. I baked it in a 23×23 cm (9×9 in) square pan.
    – This a great recipe!

    Thanks GKS!

  83. Debbie
    Posted 22 Jul ’14 at 14:06 | #

    I just made these muffins fresh out of oven & I must say DELISH! light, fresh & perfect portion size. Thanks for sharing such beautiful food through your eyes, it makes coming to your website such a delight & something to look forward to! keep up the great work!

    This is a must try for all!

  84. Posted 27 Jul ’14 at 01:03 | #

    Mouthwatering recipe – I’m in love. Thank you for sharing! I’ll be getting the ingredients to this later. I’m thinking of mixing some chia seeds in there for an energy boost. You’ve got a forever food fan! <3



  85. Alisa
    Posted 27 Jul ’14 at 20:21 | #

    I made these gorgeous muffins for breakfast this morning. (This is my 3rd Sunday this month cooking/baking with Green Kitchen Stories.) I feel so blessed that such talented people share their hard work, knowledge, and innovation with us. The muffins turned out brilliantly, and have furthered my quest for putting healthy wholesome delicious food on my family’s table. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and stomach!

  86. Posted 1 Aug ’14 at 06:51 | #

    Dessa var fantastiskt goda :) till och med min pappa som blir misstänksam mot alla bakverk utan socker tyckte om dem! De avnjöts på bryggan en varm sommardag! Tack för alla era fantastiska recept!

  87. Posted 5 Aug ’14 at 19:51 | #

    Hey there! These look amazing & I’m actually in the middle of making them. Question: is there anything you could do to leave out the nuts entirely? Ie, add more flour (spelt’s fine with me). Reason being (and sorry to be a downer) nuts oxidize when heated, and this creates very dangerous free radicals in the body, so I’d prefer to avoid cooking with them if possible. Thank you so much!

    • Marije
      Posted 21 May ’18 at 12:33 | #

      Tigernut flour (which is not a nut) is usually a pretty good replacement for nut flours. Have not tried it myself yet.

  88. Eva
    Posted 6 Sep ’14 at 06:35 | #

    I have made these beautiful and delicious muffins several times now and they are truly unique–both in color & flavor. The cardamon and turmeric are intoxicating and the grain of the walnuts, oats & buckwheat flour creates for a lovely texture. I have added coconut flakes for a nice variation as well. So grateful for the imaginations & devoted experimenting behind this recipe and so many more on this site. My life is consistently enriched through Luise and David’s creativity.

  89. Dell
    Posted 10 Sep ’14 at 06:16 | #

    Hi guys, just made these and my gorgeous daughter Winter-Rose is sitting at her table eating one straight from the oven. I took your advice from the notes and used spelt flour as that is what l had. I only had raspberries and used fresh turmeric! Also like using the whole egg so happy about that. I was really unsure after tasting the batter but once cooked they just taste so wholesome and awesome! You can rarely buy muffins that are this good ( not that buy such foods anyway)… I will make these again and again for lunch box snacks for my school aged girls. I hope they will freeze okay?? Anyway, thanks again for a successful recipe that is perfect.
    Dell from Australia! :-)

  90. Julia
    Posted 26 Sep ’14 at 13:49 | #

    Hi! These looks amazing but can I made these in the evening than put it in the fridge and bake it in the morning? Thank you for your answer and this blog is amazing!:-)

  91. Julia
    Posted 27 Sep ’14 at 17:56 | #

    Hi! I’ve made them and they are so delicious:) Thank you:)

  92. Kyla
    Posted 30 Sep ’14 at 03:04 | #

    Has anyone tried subbing the bananas for pumpkin? I hate the smell of cooking bananas, and never tried the end product because I can’t get past the smell. My fear would be I’d mess up the wet:dry…any thoughts on how much pumpkin to use? I really want to make these!

    • Dawn Marie
      Posted 6 Oct ’14 at 03:20 | #

      Hello, Kyla,

      I love your idea of substituting pumpkin (or really any winter squash) for banana. I am extremely intolerant of bananas, so I frequently use peach or mango for recipes that call for them. I would suspect that two ripe mashed bananas would be right around a 1/2 a cup or so? If I used squash, I might up the dates a bit.

      In health,

  93. Mrs D
    Posted 3 Oct ’14 at 23:59 | #

    These are perfection! Thank you so much for another delicious and nourishing recipe. My subs were: blanched almonds for the walnuts, spelt flour for the buckwheat/arrowroot, ground ginger for the cardamom and honey for the dates. Plus I added the freshly grated rind of one lemon, a heaped teaspoon of vanilla powder and the full tablespoon of turmeric. I also did fresh blueberries mixed through the batter, rather than on top. Oh, I also skipped the granola too…because I forgot, ha!

    So. Freaking. Delicious! I ate three out of the pan and my 2 year old son loves them. These will be in regular roation in my kitchen.

  94. Posted 7 Oct ’14 at 14:24 | #

    WOW! They look delicious! I have to try them for our friday-family-breakfast! Thank you for så much inspiration! <3

  95. Sam
    Posted 13 Oct ’14 at 19:26 | #

    Hai Green Kitchen. Do you think it will work with pieces of apple instead of blueberries?

  96. sebastian Ho
    Posted 19 Oct ’14 at 11:11 | #

    Hi, I replaced buttermilk with lemon+soy milk and egg with chia+water. The muffin taste great but it is quite dense and did not rise beautifully like in picture. It also stick to the paper cups after baking. I baked it longer to 30min and it turns out the same. Any advise what could be the problem? Thanks!

  97. Lindsay
    Posted 26 Oct ’14 at 15:08 | #

    can I use almond meal/almond pulp instead of the walnuts?

    • Posted 26 Oct ’14 at 23:02 | #

      Hi Lindsay. Yes you can use almond meal, I used that today since we didn’t have any walnuts at home. I am not sure about almond pulp though, it might come out too dry? Or have you tried using it instead of almond meal before? Would be great if it worked.

      • Lindsay
        Posted 27 Oct ’14 at 20:50 | #

        Would it still be one cup?

  98. Viviane
    Posted 26 Oct ’14 at 21:10 | #

    Hi, these look amazing. I think I will have to try them soon. :) What might be a silly questions, you say they freeze well but how do you make them taste nice once you take them out of the freezer? I have never tried this before but it would be a shame not to try.

  99. Victoria
    Posted 2 Nov ’14 at 22:07 | #

    I love these, they are great! Thanks for creating such interesting recipes with great ingredients !

  100. Valerie
    Posted 3 Nov ’14 at 09:04 | #

    Yum! Thank you for the recipe! I made these today and I love the turmeric flavor in them. I ended up using frozen cranberries for half of the batch and I liked them better than the blueberry ones. :-) I used flax eggs instead of regular eggs and 1/2 coconut milk & 1/2 almond milk mixed with some lemon juice as I didn’t have any yogurt. I thought they came out tasty. I only had a “mushy” muffin problem, if you want to call it that, if I filled the cups almost full. And it was only with the cranberry ones, I think because those berries are much larger than the smaller wild blueberries I used for the other half of the batch.

  101. Posted 13 Nov ’14 at 15:56 | #

    These look WONDERFUL! I just reposted your recipe (with all appropriate credits) so my readers can enjoy as much as I have! Thank you for your creativity :)

  102. Posted 4 Dec ’14 at 20:24 | #

    These look so good, and your photography is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    Julia Kristina

  103. Posted 5 Dec ’14 at 14:10 | #

    Made these muffins yesterday and enjoyed them today for breakfast. I love the colour and they are definitely worth trying. They aren’t that sweet, just sweet enough to fill the craving for it. This was my first time baking with tumeric. I was very excited when I smelled them right from the oven. And a little sceptical, but they are really delicious. Thank you for sharing! Lena

  104. Posted 27 Dec ’14 at 17:03 | #
  105. Erin
    Posted 22 Jan ’15 at 23:00 | #

    hello! Are you able to do the 1/2 applesauce substitute for the butter or oil?

  106. Morgan
    Posted 15 Feb ’15 at 21:06 | #

    Making these this afternoon! Any tips on freezing/re-heating? Thank you!

  107. Posted 25 Feb ’15 at 08:31 | #

    I enjoyed this muffins for my breakfast.

  108. Kari
    Posted 25 Feb ’15 at 19:37 | #

    I made half batch today to try the recipe and they turned out great! I will be making more during the weekend, I’m sure this batch won’t last too long.

  109. sarene
    Posted 27 Feb ’15 at 19:26 | #

    These look terrific! I’m printing the recipe out now. Hannah from the Blue Kale Road blog shared your blog post our Tasting Jerusalem FB page, as we’re exploring turmeric this month. Please stop by and chime in on your experiences with turmeric. We’re also on twitter (#tastingjrslm), Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

  110. Posted 1 Mar ’15 at 11:44 | #

    How does it smell like? Turmeric is pretty pungent.

  111. Maggie
    Posted 2 Mar ’15 at 04:29 | #

    My muffins came out very oily. The muffin liners were drenched in it. I followed the directions very precisely. What could have gone wrong? They taste great but also kind of fell apart.

  112. Posted 2 Mar ’15 at 20:16 | #

    I just made these tonight and they turned out very good! They are really delicious! I never eat muffins to be honest, because I dont’t like ‘m that much, but this recipe looked so good and it is!!

  113. Sari Karjalainen
    Posted 15 Mar ’15 at 09:15 | #

    Thanks for a great recipe and gorgeous photos. These muffins are real sunshine for cold Northern Sunday mornings

  114. Charlotte
    Posted 2 May ’15 at 16:34 | #

    WOW these were so good! I was a little hesitant, but I wanted to try something new, and I am completely sold. I love the turmeric!
    Have you ever tried these: http://muffinparadise.com/paleo-muffins-collection/#Paleo_pumpkin_muffins
    I have come to really love breakfast muffins :)
    Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

  115. Pongodhall
    Posted 27 May ’15 at 23:55 | #

    Fantastic… I think…. I will have to risk egg replacer and hope for the best.
    Will have time to read those interesting comments but not just now.
    A lot of extra things are discussed but I think it is not strange to be just as interested in what people have to add as well as the original idea.

  116. Pongodhall
    Posted 29 May ’15 at 10:02 | #

    Well, that’s tennis for you!
    So,involved just glanced at this lovely recipe.
    Have seen now that you have already answered my question in the initial write up! Red faced but delighted for I shall be making these after it all this evening.
    Wish me luck!

  117. Robyn
    Posted 4 Jun ’15 at 09:03 | #

    I made these for the first time last night- they are amazing! I added a heaped teaspoon of chai seeds. Yum

  118. Jojanneke
    Posted 16 Jun ’15 at 10:45 | #

    I made this original batch AND already a second batch in a slightly different style (carrot cake spices + chocolate chips) and they are all sooooo GOOD!! Thes will now be a staple in my house :)
    Just a question regarding storing them: how long do you think they stay good in the fridge? And when taking them out of the freezer do you de-thaw them overnight in the fridge or at room temp?
    Thanks so much!!!!!

  119. Rollie
    Posted 8 Aug ’15 at 21:03 | #

    Is there a substitution for the walnuts if we are nut-free?

  120. Tess
    Posted 18 Aug ’15 at 14:18 | #

    I made my second batch of these muffins tonight. I added my own spin on them though, swapped the dates & banana for sweet potato and it worked a treat!! And sprinkled coconut flakes on top instead of granola cause I was lazy!!

  121. Sytske
    Posted 7 Sep ’15 at 16:27 | #

    These are delicious! made a batch yesterday, took them to work today.. loved it. I was a bit carefull with the tumeric, but next time I will add some more. And there will be a next time for sure!

  122. Pongodhall
    Posted 7 Sep ’15 at 23:22 | #

    Gorgeous BUT….. The eggs, have you git a recipe fir an eggless one please?

  123. Cassie
    Posted 15 Sep ’15 at 19:12 | #

    Hi! I’ve made these before and absolutely love them! I’m planning on making a large batch for an event this weekend, and want to prep them as soon as possible. I noticed you said you freeze them. Do you freeze them after you’ve already baked them? And then how do you un-freeze them? Do you bake them again or just let them thaw? Thanks!

  124. Posted 11 Nov ’15 at 23:33 | #

    Those muffins look amazing – I have to try them! I even included them in a turmeric recipe link post. Cheers! http://nutritioninteractions.com/foods-vs-supps/foods-vs-supplements-the-turmeric-edition/

  125. Posted 19 Dec ’15 at 19:49 | #

    Just made these the other day and they turned out amazing! I left out the bananas and substituted with grated carrot and they came out like the most delicious, fragrant mini carrot cakes! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  126. nina
    Posted 1 Jan ’16 at 21:00 | #

    Just made these and they are sooo good!! Thank you :)

  127. Riley
    Posted 15 Feb ’16 at 22:18 | #

    Definitely going to try this recipe over the weekend! Would coconut yogurt work well in this recipe? Or would it mess with the flavors? Thanks!

  128. Posted 20 Feb ’16 at 13:40 | #

    A good meal is a banquet.

  129. jane
    Posted 21 Feb ’16 at 19:52 | #


    I’m wondering you guys experimented with other flours. I was thinking of using ground flax seed, or combination of flax seed and almond flour. Did you try either of these or have an idea how they might turn out?

    I’m also going to try substituting applesauce for bananas since they are not in season. I saw you recommended maple syrup as a sub for bananas.
    Any thoughts you have would be great! Thanks!!!

    • Posted 22 Feb ’16 at 11:36 | #

      Hi Jane, I haven’t tried using only flax (and I don’t think I would recommend it), but I have tried with other flours and flour mixes. Almond flour works great and spelt or rice flour can be used instead of buckwheat if you prefer. Also, yes you can use apple sauce instead of bananas. I’d use just shy of 1 cup apple sauce for this recipe.

  130. Posted 8 Mar ’16 at 04:13 | #

    What a cool idea! These sound awesome!

  131. Posted 15 Mar ’16 at 06:16 | #

    Gteat recipe, thanks for shharing this. sounds delicious.


  132. Diana
    Posted 6 May ’16 at 11:20 | #

    Thank you for the recipe. I made these today. I have to disagree with you though; they do not taste best still warm. It has a weird flavour and mouthfeel which I think comes from the nuts as I’ve tasted this weirdness before. It tastes great cold though and I like the spice of the turmeric.

  133. Melissa Marzetti
    Posted 8 May ’16 at 03:17 | #

    HI i just made these for an event and want to know the best way to store them?

  134. Lynne
    Posted 9 May ’16 at 11:30 | #

    I made these last night for lunchbox snacks for my hubby. They came out of the oven and within half an hour they were almost all gone. Had to make another batch today. This recipe is ahmazing!! They are so delicious and a new staple in my home. Thank you soo much :) xx

  135. Wendy
    Posted 10 May ’16 at 20:36 | #

    These muffins sound amazing, but I cant eat buckwheat. What can I substitute it with please?

    • Vidya
      Posted 5 Jun ’16 at 15:03 | #

      you can use coconut flour instead :)

  136. Emily
    Posted 12 May ’16 at 18:28 | #

    So recently my boyfriend was told by his Naturopath to stop eating gluten (inflammation reasons) and since then I have thought about nothing but muffins and pasta! Always want what you can’t have right? But in the spirit of camaraderie, I have been experimenting with gluten free flours and mixtures when I stumbled across this recipe. They came out of the oven 10 minutes ago and I have already eaten two of them. We’ll see if there are any left when Will gets home from work! Thanks for the inspiration! I will definitely be making these again!

  137. Jess
    Posted 16 May ’16 at 15:15 | #

    Switched out the dates for a third banana; accidentally mixed up baking soda and baking powder; forgot the blueberries and granola. And these were still incredible!

    A very forgiving recipe. Great with a spoonful of nut butter or tahini.

  138. Vidya
    Posted 5 Jun ’16 at 15:01 | #

    The best breakfast muffins ever!I’ve baked these several times,used almond meal instead of walnuts and coconut flour instead of buckwheat flour. Was simply divine. thank you soo much for publishing it :)

  139. Posted 12 Aug ’16 at 02:19 | #

    Hi, l have been making these muffins for a very long time for myself and my family. Unfortunately lm on a gluten free elimination diet at the moment and l can’t find GF oats anywhere. Can you please tell me if l can substitute the oats with more buckwheat or any other flour? I love oats and lm finding it really hard as so many recipe l make have oats. P.s l have looked through the comments but nobody else has asked about this which surprises me! Thanks, Dell :)

    • Deidre
      Posted 26 Sep ’16 at 20:13 | #

      Bob’s Red Mill makes a gluten free rolled oats. It should be available in the Natural foods section of your major grocery store, a health food store or online. Good luck!

  140. Wendy
    Posted 18 Aug ’16 at 01:11 | #

    I made these last weekend. I didn’t read the recipe properly before baking. While cleaning up I came across the 2nd banana, also added the berries to the banana/date mixture. They still were amazing and I’m about to make them again – my version and double the recipe. Thanks for an amazing recipe.

  141. Erika
    Posted 19 Aug ’16 at 19:40 | #

    I substituted buttermilk with kefir and baked them on ~180 degrees Celsius (there’s some trouble with my oven, so I can only use it with the fan on). They came out a little dry, so I’ll shorten the baking time next time, but they still tasted good. I’ll definitely use this batter to experiment with other flavour combinations as well :)

  142. Sam
    Posted 1 Sep ’16 at 17:51 | #

    Hi! I’ve made these muffins a few times now and I love them. However, I made them again this week, three days ago, and went to eat one this morning only to see that it had spoiled–it tasted extremely fermented and bad, and I’m not sure what went wrong. I followed the recipe exactly and used coconut yogurt for the plant-based yogurt. I left them out, covered in tinfoil; should they have been refrigerated? I’ve cooked them before and stored them the same way for this amount of time, and this hasn’t happened before. Thanks!

    • Posted 5 Sep ’16 at 10:15 | #

      Hi Sam,
      It’s hard for me to say exactly what went wrong if you have stored them in the same way previously without any problems.
      Where we live (Sweden), there is a warmer climate and higher humidity during July, August and September. This means that fruit and other food that normally are stored in room temperature spoils/rotts more easily. During these months, we usually instead store baked goods and fruit in the fridge (or freezer). Or in the room temperature if we know that we will eat it the next day or so.

  143. Posted 5 Sep ’16 at 15:37 | #

    made these this morning, had everything weighed up since last night, and forgot the berries! they still tasted good but would have been superb with blackberries.. must make again!

  144. Avril
    Posted 9 Sep ’16 at 13:16 | #

    Hi, I just found your website and made the muffins this morning. They are really nice. I’ve been looking for more breakfast ideas. I teamed them up with your delicious turmeric lassi which is amazing (although I did use half the amount of turmeric). Thank you 😀

  145. Emma
    Posted 14 Dec ’16 at 18:56 | #

    These are great! Any idea about how many calories are in each if I’m using a 12 muffin tin?

  146. Latifa Lipton
    Posted 9 Jan ’17 at 23:08 | #

    Hello! I have made these several times and loved them…however I need to find an oat flour substitute…what would you recommend to replace it?

    Thank you!

  147. Megan
    Posted 26 Feb ’17 at 14:20 | #

    Just made these for the second time. We loved them the first time but I couldn’t get over the expectation that they have a cornmeal component, so this time I subbed the flour for masa harina, upped the salt just a hair, and they are DIVINE. Thanks for another winner!

  148. Posted 16 Mar ’17 at 17:11 | #

    Best muffins I may have ever made/eaten and I make/eat a lot of muffins! Thank you for this amazing nourishing recipe for our family:-)

  149. Bernadette
    Posted 30 Apr ’17 at 07:29 | #

    These are amazing!
    Only thing I did differently was that I added 1 Tablespoon of oil to the granola topping instead of 2.
    Happy with that change.
    Many thanks for this fab recipe

  150. Brittney
    Posted 24 May ’17 at 13:16 | #

    Not only were these so fun to make! But the smell of our house with that honey granola baking away was soo delicious! Thanks heaps GKS your always providing new inspiring recipes:)

  151. Catherine
    Posted 11 Jun ’17 at 20:26 | #

    I made these tonight for tomorrow’s breakfast and they are amazing. Thank you for such an interesting and not-too-sweet muffin! (I didn’t have fresh dates so subbed dried, without soaking–worked fine.)

  152. Emily
    Posted 28 Oct ’17 at 22:57 | #

    Bit of an odd question, but would you know if it was ok to soak the dry ingredients overnight in kefir before making this?
    I’m playing around with soaking all nuts/grains/seeds before eating them to release more of their nutrition, but I don’t want to ruin this lovely looking recipe!
    Do you think it would effect the outcome?


    • Posted 29 Oct ’17 at 18:46 | #

      Hi Emily, if you soak the dry ingredients it will affect the the dry vs wet ratio of the ingredients. I assume that you need to use less of the wet ingredients in the recipe but can’t give you any guidance on how much to use. Give it a try though. Would love to hear how it worked out!

  153. Posted 9 Jan ’18 at 13:17 | #

    This is so yummy and interesting turmeric breakfast muffins. I tried this kind of recipe before but this is unique. Instead of ½ tsp sea salt i took 1/4! I’m also gonna pin this post on my Pinterest board my followers will love it. Thanks for sharing!

  154. Posted 7 Apr ’18 at 01:09 | #

    Just made these this morning and they are delicious! I had to make a few adjustments based on what I had but otherwise followed the recipe:
    – wholewheat flour instead of buckwheat
    – mix of walnuts and sunflower seeds as I didn’t have enough walnuts
    – 3 dates and 1.5 tbsp maple syrup
    Both my husband (who has a huge sweet tooth) and my 2 year old love them! Thank you!

  155. Posted 30 Apr ’18 at 11:10 | #

    Made these this morning, had everything weighed up since yesterday, and they tasted good.This is so yummy and interesting breakfast muffins

  156. Marije
    Posted 21 May ’18 at 12:50 | #

    After 45 minutes the inside of each muffin was still a sludge and the top burned… I used the chia egg replacement and plantbased (oat) yogurt. Maybe next time I’ll try to omit the banana or the yogurt.

  157. Posted 23 May ’18 at 11:22 | #

    Wow.. This is gorgeous. I bet they would be scrumptious turmeric breakfast muffins amazing for kids. Will definitely try this for my son. Thanks for sharing.

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