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Rhubarb Upside-Down Yogurt Cake

Sun is shining and birds are chirping from a tree outside our window. It might just be the ultimate day for a summer cake. We created this one for our youtube channel and never intended to post it here, but it was just too pretty not to. This is an upside-down yogurt and almond cake with rose shaped rhubarbs on top that are drizzled with a rhubarb and ginger syrup. The cake is gluten free and the addition of yogurt makes its consistency somewhat similar to a cheesecake. All in all it’s a gorgeous cake for summer gatherings. If you are not fond of rhubarbs or if they are out of season, you can try replacing them with other types of fruit. Plums, apples or even pineapple would work great. Check out the video below to see how it’s done. And if you don’t want to miss out on any of our videos, make sure to subscribe to our channel.

In other news, we have just heard that an advance copy of our new book Green Kitchen Travels is on its way to us, so expect a sneak peek soon. We can hardly wait. Have a great weekend everyone!


Rhubarb & Almond Upside-Down Yogurt Cake
Serves 8

4-5 stalks (1 lb / 450 g) fresh thin rhubarb
4 tbsp honey
2/3 cup water
½ inch / 1 ½ cm knob fresh ginger, grated
1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped

2 cups / 500 ml / 200 g almond flour
½ cup / 125 ml / 75 g buckwheat flour
1 tsp baking powder

2-3 tbsp poppy seeds

1/2 tsp sea salt

100 g butter
1/2 cup / 125 ml honey or maple syrup

2 organic lemons, zest
3 eggs, separated
1 cup / 250 ml full-fat yogurt (we use Greek or Turkish yogurt)

Heat the oven to 350°F / 180°C. Trim the rhubarbs and cut into 2 inch / 5 cm pieces on an angle. Combine rhubarb, honey, water, ginger and a scraped vanilla pod in a large pot over medium low heat. Cook for 7-8 minutes, stirring occasionally, until rhubarb is tender and slightly caramelized but still intact. Pick up the rhubarb pieces to cool off and save the syrup for later (you can strain the syrup if you prefer, we didn’t). If the syrup is too thin, you can let it reduce over heat for a few minutes more. If you want more syrup, you can add some extra water and honey and let it slowly cook for a few minutes more.

Combine almond flour, buckwheat flour, baking powder, poppy seeds and sea salt in a small bowl and set aside. Place butter, honey and lemon zest in a medium size bowl and use an electric mixer to beat until creamy. Add egg yolks and continue to beat for another minute. Add the flour mixture and fold everything together.

Clean the whisking blades and beat egg whites in a separate bowl until soft peaks form. Slowly fold the egg whites and the yogurt into the cake mixture.

Put a baking sheet inside an 8 inch / 22 cm spring form cake pan. Arrange the rhubarb in a tight rose shaped pattern on the bottom of the pan. It will look extra beautiful if you place them in color order – with the dark red pieces furthest out and the light green ones towards the center. Carefully cover the rhubarb with cake batter. Bake for about 50-60 minutes, or until dark and golden on the top and baked all way through. Remove from oven and let cool for at least 30 minutes before turning it upside-down on a serving platter and removing the sides. Drizzle the rhubarb syrup on top before serving.


  1. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 12:46 | #

    This really is a stunning cake and such a wonderful video too; thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 12:50 | #

    Can you believe it? I never had rhubarb until literally 2 years ago and my life had transformed haha. It not a widely used indian fruit by any means and so growing up it was never around. I’m excited to try this dish though! x

  3. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 12:57 | #

    Hello! I think this cake looks amazing, I really feel I need to make it, otherwise the world will fall apart… :)))
    I can’t wait to see your next book, I’m sure it will be just as beautiful (if not even more) than your first!
    Have a lovely summer weekend x

  4. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 12:58 | #

    I cannot wait for your new cookbook to come out. This cake is so unique – I was drooling over it when I saw it on youtube the other day. Looking forward to trying it!

  5. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 13:04 | #

    I just loooooove your videos! Thank you so much for this beautiful inspiration!

  6. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 13:06 | #

    I’m glad you posted it as I found your youtube account. Great work!

  7. Emily
    Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 15:06 | #

    What a piece of art! Just gorgeous!

  8. Janna
    Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 15:28 | #

    You guys are such an inspiration to me! I wrote an email and id love if you would respond! This recipe is just gorgeous and I might try it with coconut yogurt! Everything you make is just divine!

  9. Anna W
    Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 15:42 | #

    This looks so amazing. Can’t wait to get my sling off operated shoulder so I can try this out. Do you think using quark instead of yogurt would work?

  10. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 15:43 | #

    I love rhubarb! Your videos are beautifully produced and are a joy to watch. I can’t wait for your coookbook!

  11. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 16:26 | #

    GORGEOUS. holy moly.

  12. Emma
    Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 17:06 | #

    Oh my, I love the sound of this cake, rhubarb is one of my favourite tastes, everything you make is sublime. Will be making the cake tomorrow. Really love the you tube videos too. xo

  13. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 17:12 | #

    Now I am just in the mood for baking… Beauuuutiful cake!

  14. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 18:13 | #

    So vividly colorful. I love the pattern in which you arranged the rhubarb, also leaving such great texture for each and every bite!

  15. Michelle
    Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 19:43 | #

    I just have to veganize this beautiful cake! Any suggestions?

  16. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 22:09 | #

    That’s looks absolutely lovely!

  17. majo
    Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 22:33 | #

    I can t find rhubarb in my country. Any substitute for this recipe?

  18. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 22:34 | #


  19. Posted 18 Jul ’14 at 23:04 | #

    This is absolutely stunning!! Such an awesome idea for rhubarb!

  20. Posted 19 Jul ’14 at 05:29 | #

    Such a gorgeous cake and I love the video!

  21. Posted 19 Jul ’14 at 09:34 | #

    Rhubarb season is over here but I’m pretty sure this would work great with apricots… and lavender… The video is beautiful!

    • Caroline
      Posted 25 Jul ’14 at 00:43 | #

      Interesting suggestion Faery, thanks :-).
      Rhubarb season is over, but I’d love to try baking this cake. If anyone else has any ideas on how to avoid making it too mushy or too sweet with another fruit selection, please hit me up!
      Happy baking ;-).

  22. nina
    Posted 19 Jul ’14 at 11:19 | #

    It’s wonderful and looks so delicious! perfect for summer time! can’t wait to finally see THE book :)))

  23. Posted 19 Jul ’14 at 16:31 | #

    This is probably the loveliest cake I have ever seen. I am inspired to go buy rhubarb and attempt to make a vegan option.

  24. Posted 19 Jul ’14 at 16:57 | #

    So excited for the book! And this cake, oh my! What a beautiful creation.

  25. Posted 20 Jul ’14 at 02:50 | #

    SO making this….

  26. Posted 20 Jul ’14 at 08:18 | #

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! The combination of the ingredients and the idea that you can use also other fruits sounds so delicious to me that I already look forward to try this cake.
    All the best, Eva

  27. Posted 20 Jul ’14 at 09:01 | #

    that cake looks sensational! The pattern on the top and the lightness of the batter. I can’t wait to try this recipe out!

  28. Posted 20 Jul ’14 at 11:51 | #

    I love everything about this cake, and the video is beautifully done. Love the music. Congratulations on the new book – that’s so exciting!

  29. Posted 20 Jul ’14 at 17:40 | #

    Wow – this is so stunning. I love the rainbow of colors. Yeah for the new book!

  30. Posted 21 Jul ’14 at 02:51 | #

    Ahhh this is beautiful! So excited to try this ! So happy I found your blog! It gives great inspiration to new bloggers like me!

  31. Becki
    Posted 21 Jul ’14 at 04:15 | #

    This cake is so beautiful, and watching the video helped me visualize making it myself. So I did. The cake is awesome! My husband and I loved it (had seconds). It’s not beautiful like yours (I think you mentioned in a previous post) that buckwheat flour in the US is darker, so my cake is pretty dark. Also, I let my rhubarb cook too long and the stalks got mushy and lost their pretty pink color), but we’re not complaining. It’s on the make again list – I’d like to try it with apricots next time.

    I love your cookbook. I’ve made the Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake on a Sunflower Seed Crust – with blackberries and Greek yogurt — a couple of times. It is visually stunning and so tasty. A healthy dessert that is worthy of serving to guests!! Thank you thank you!

  32. Posted 21 Jul ’14 at 06:36 | #

    Beautiful video, everything you two do is so high quality, first the photography and now the videos! The cake looks very artistic (as well as healthy and delicious).

  33. Posted 21 Jul ’14 at 10:28 | #

    This is the most BEAUTIFUL cake ever!

  34. Posted 21 Jul ’14 at 13:46 | #

    Great recipe! The cake looks delicious, I love the colors. It seems perfect for a hot summer day. I will definitely try out this recipe in my next garden party:)

  35. mira
    Posted 21 Jul ’14 at 15:05 | #

    it took me years to find this site. over the years i have looked for different way to eat; bake the cakes that are healthy, food that is green, eat the food that gives you energy and not kill you. thank you so much for your efforts!
    and this cake is just now in the table, i did it with the fruits that i had (apples and peahes) and it is delicious!!

  36. Posted 21 Jul ’14 at 20:01 | #

    Rhubarb was my grandma’s favorite and she used to cook and bake with it a lot. I have to try this recipe, it looks fabulous!

  37. Posted 22 Jul ’14 at 05:05 | #

    This is incredibly beautiful! I love the rhubarb/yogurt pairing.

  38. Posted 22 Jul ’14 at 11:50 | #

    lovely, will be trying this one out soon !

  39. Georgie Brocklehurst
    Posted 22 Jul ’14 at 12:07 | #

    Such a wonderful combo – we all tried this over the weekend and love it thank you:)

  40. Alice
    Posted 22 Jul ’14 at 18:25 | #

    My batter was very thick almost solid, I had to add cup of liquid and on second thoughts it wasn’t enough :(

    • Posted 23 Jul ’14 at 09:58 | #

      Hi Alice, the batter is supposed to be quite solid in this cake. As you can see in the video, you scoop the batter into the pan rather than pouring it. It will turn out very moist anyway.

  41. Posted 22 Jul ’14 at 19:52 | #

    This is so beautiful with buckwheat, but I love that it can be a base for so many other flavors! Can’t wait to try it!!

  42. Posted 22 Jul ’14 at 22:14 | #

    Looks beautiful! Never worked with rhubarb before.. but this is a must-try-cake!! Lasts weekend I made your tumeric muffins and the are delicious, I posted them on my Dutch blog as well. So thanks and looking forward to your new book!


  43. Posted 22 Jul ’14 at 22:15 | #

    Looks beautiful! Never worked with rhubarb before.. but this is a must-try-cake!! Last weekend I made your tumeric muffins and they are delicious, I posted them on my Dutch blog as well. So thanks and looking forward to your new book!


  44. Latifa
    Posted 23 Jul ’14 at 02:24 | #

    I am wondering what you would think about using coconut yogurt in this recipe as we don’t eat dairy. Do you think it will change the texture and taste too much?
    Thanks and Love your site and cook book!

  45. Posted 24 Jul ’14 at 09:11 | #

    Great article! The cake looks great too i only wish i had a slice

  46. Alva
    Posted 24 Jul ’14 at 19:17 | #

    This cake taste amazing!!!!

  47. Posted 24 Jul ’14 at 20:25 | #

    I just don´t get how you work these wonderful recipes out. You are truly amazing, David and Luise!

  48. Posted 25 Jul ’14 at 02:14 | #

    So gorgeous! I love the tartness of rhubarb!

  49. Posted 27 Jul ’14 at 05:56 | #

    Wow rhubarb and yogurt. Looks amazing as usual, but how tart does it turn out?

  50. Posted 27 Jul ’14 at 10:25 | #

    this is a seriously delicious beautiful rhubarb upside down cake.. i am so craving a slice right now, love it!

  51. Didi
    Posted 27 Jul ’14 at 11:14 | #

    I made this one with soy yogurt and coconut oil and it tasted amazing! Didn’t look as good as yours, but the taste totally made up for that. It was finished within 24 hours and everyone loved it.
    Rhubarb season is over here as well (the Netherlands), but I found some in the store anyway.
    I gave a piece of the cake to my friends parents and they happened to have a huge rhubarb plant in their garden. So guess what I’ll be making again next week…
    Thanks for the amazing ideas, as always!

  52. tianes
    Posted 27 Jul ’14 at 17:33 | #

    Rhubarb season is over here so I used damsons instead – marinated in some brown sugar and vanilla. It tastes is great, but the upside-down-method ruins totally the appearance – next time i’ll put the damsons on top of the cake mixture

  53. Posted 27 Jul ’14 at 21:07 | #

    Simply Beautiful.

  54. Natalia
    Posted 28 Jul ’14 at 15:44 | #

    Is it okay to substitute almond flour with coconut flour?

  55. Posted 28 Jul ’14 at 16:11 | #

    This is such a beautiful cake. Can’t wait to make it!

  56. Posted 28 Jul ’14 at 18:02 | #

    This cake looks so amazing! I slightly adapted the recipe: a shortcrust with a yoghurt filling and on top I put caramelized apple pieces (I used the method you used for the rhubarb pieces) and whisked the liquid together with the yogurt. Mhhhhh….All the best to your family! /Johanna

  57. Posted 30 Jul ’14 at 12:24 | #

    This reminds me of something I used to eat all the time. I’ve completely forgotten to cook something with rhubarb in it. It’s been ages!
    The thought of ginger syrup, wow. I love ginger anything. This should be great!

  58. Posted 30 Jul ’14 at 13:16 | #

    Well not only the sun is shining but this cake seems to be shining with a convincing smile :) If not full, I can certainly have half of this cake in one go. I am in love with Yogurt Cakes and this one is pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing inspiration and awesomeness..!

  59. helena
    Posted 31 Jul ’14 at 14:22 | #

    Hey! Just made the cake this morning and it really does taste and have a light texture to cheesecake. I’m impressed! Changed things up and switched the rhubarb for strawberries. I made the cake as is and poured the batter in a 8inch square bake pan. Then I scattered sliced strawberries (dressed in maple syrup and coconut oil) all over the top along with some chopped hazelnuts.

  60. Posted 3 Aug ’14 at 17:59 | #

    I like this cool combo. My mom used to make something similar. It reminds me of summers spent eating delicious stuff whipped up by my mom.

  61. Posted 11 Aug ’14 at 11:40 | #

    Wow this cake looks delicious. Now I know what to do with all the rhubarbs my father brought me from his garden ;)

  62. Posted 12 Aug ’14 at 12:31 | #

    This looks lovely! I wonder, could buckwheat flour be made from grinding up buckwheat groats in a food processor? It’s nearly impossible to find that particular flour here. Otherwise, would rye (or some other) flour work as a substitute for this cake?

    • Posted 12 Aug ’14 at 14:54 | #

      Hi Lydia, I have never tried grinding buckwheat groats into a flour and would therefore not recommend it. I would rather replace the buckwheat flour with spelt flour (if you are not gluten-intolerant). Or rye flour, but that might turn out a bit compact?
      Or, if you want to keep it gluten-free, you could always use a gluten-free flour mixture. Good luck! /David

      • Posted 13 Aug ’14 at 05:02 | #

        I’m not thankfully, so will try using spelt flour. Thank you!

        • Olga
          Posted 30 Aug ’14 at 13:29 | #

          I actually made the cake doing just that- grinding buckwheat in a blender- and it turned out great! I also used plums instead of rhubarb.

  63. Julia
    Posted 14 Aug ’14 at 03:58 | #

    I’m hoping to make this gorgeous cake tomorrow for afternoon tea with some girlfriends but I don’t have any almond flour or even know where I could locate it in Melbourne. Can I substitute for something else? Thanks!

  64. Matilda
    Posted 15 Aug ’14 at 16:13 | #

    Vad är det som händer med kakan när man separerar äggen? Jag tänkte göra kakan vegansk genom att använda chiagel eller “noegg”, men då blir det väll mer som att man tillsätter äggen hela..? Tror du det kan fungera? :)

  65. Latifa
    Posted 21 Sep ’14 at 17:26 | #

    I made this cake and it was sooooo yummy! Since rhubarb is now finished for the season, what other fruit do you think would be best to try with it?


  66. Louise
    Posted 30 Sep ’14 at 05:16 | #

    The cake looks fantastic

  67. Posted 8 Oct ’14 at 23:59 | #

    Talk about creativity! Yummmm!

  68. Samantha
    Posted 24 Oct ’14 at 01:12 | #

    I just made this last night, it’s delicious! I used pineapple, as rhubarb is not in season right now here. I didn’t cook the pineapple before adding it to the cake pan, I just added a bit of brown sugar and butter to the pan. The cake has a really lovely texture, isn’t too sweet and is very satisfying. This would make a nice holiday cake, I wonder what it would be like made with cranberries? Thank you for the recipe :).

  69. Julie
    Posted 13 Jan ’15 at 03:54 | #

    I’ve never scene rhubarb anything looking so pretty!

  70. Kirstin
    Posted 28 Apr ’15 at 09:53 | #

    I made the cake last weekend with the first fresh rhubarb from our garden and it turned out delicious! I used spelt flour instead of buckwheat flour but otherwise made no alterations to the recipe. My cake pan was a little smaller (20cm diameter) and it turned out I needed a lot less rhubarb. The syrup tastes heavenly as well. I’m pouring a little amount into a glass of sparkling water – yummy!

  71. Claire
    Posted 30 Apr ’15 at 18:29 | #

    I finally made this the other day! Subbed buckwheat flour for oat flour, lemon zest for orange zest and rhubarb for plums! Absolutely delicious!

  72. Manja
    Posted 21 May ’15 at 06:10 | #

    Hi, Do you think it would be ok to make this cake a day ahead? Thank you.

    • Marita
      Posted 15 Jun ’15 at 20:58 | #

      Hi, did you try to make it a day ahead? was wondering bout the same thing myself.

  73. shyer wern
    Posted 21 Jun ’15 at 10:06 | #

    Hi! I stewed the rhubarb and it completely fell apart into a huge stringy mess! Was it that my fire was too big?? Or was my rhubarb just bad quality? Thank you for the beautiful recipes! The pictures are so gorgeous !

  74. Gabrielle
    Posted 5 Jul ’15 at 17:38 | #

    How do you make this vegan?

  75. anya clark
    Posted 4 Jan ’16 at 19:13 | #

    Does it matter if one were to use thin honey instead of thick? also do you have any brand of honey/yoghurt that you recommend

  76. Michal
    Posted 16 Jun ’16 at 18:06 | #

    Hi! Is it possible to use coconut oil instead of butter? If so then how much?
    Thanks, looks amazing!

  77. Emilia
    Posted 18 Jun ’16 at 15:39 | #

    I would really like to make this cake this week as it looks delicious, but wanted to make sure what exactly is meant by almond flour? Almond meal or the actual flour? Because I have come across certain recipes where the two were confused, leading to relatively disastrous results…
    Thank you,

    • Posted 19 Jun ’16 at 22:05 | #

      Hi Emilia, yes we use almond flour in this cake. I think you could use almond meal as well but you might get a slightly less light cake than with almond flour.

      • Emilia
        Posted 22 Jun ’16 at 09:53 | #

        Okay, thank you very much!

  78. Posted 23 Mar ’17 at 19:06 | #

    This looks so good! I am allergic to almonds, do you think you could sub another flour for the almond flour like gluten free flour?


  79. Sophia
    Posted 13 Apr ’17 at 13:11 | #

    I made a version with pineapple and it was delicious! I suspect it is a little bit sweeter then the rhubarb-one, but that’s fine for a birthday cake.

    Love from Holland ❤️

  80. Sylvie
    Posted 27 Jun ’17 at 05:05 | #

    i made this cake tonight with rhubarb and strawberries, everybody loved it! so good, satisfying and moist. thanks for sharing your amazing recipes :)

  81. Serri
    Posted 1 Sep ’17 at 02:51 | #

    I made this with the rhubarb last weekend but wasn’t thrilled with the rhubarb and honey flavours, so made it again with fresh rasberries in the base instead, Yuuuum!
    Love the almond meal, lemon rind and poppy seed combo, a very delicious and versatile cake!! Thank you for this!

  82. Sien
    Posted 19 May ’18 at 19:49 | #

    I absolutely love rhubarb and want to make the most of this season :-)
    Do you think that coconut yoghurt would work just as well? I love full fat yoghurt, but I’m trying to avoid it (dairy) for health reasons. It’s quite a change, because I’m used to baking, but with butter and milk and buttermilk and yoghurt, mmm. Any recommendations are very welcome!

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