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Raw Buckwheat Porridge De Luxe

We did it again … survived another winter in Sweden! Okay, I realize that we are only in the beginning of February, so it is technically still winter for at least another month. But it feels like we are on our way towards spring now. The sun is visiting Stockholm a few more minutes every day. And the birds are returning! It’s such a joy to hear them sing again in the mornings, and you realize how quiet it has been during the past months. Steaming hot soups and stews can soon be replaced with more lighter meals.

We have been making a lot of different varieties of warm porridge to fight off those cold winter mornings. Both Elsa and David R-E-A-L-L-Y loves porridge. Lately, Elsa has even decided that she only eats “dad’s porridge” (she is very much in a dad-phase right now). I am fine with that though, since I actually has started to prefer my porridge raw. So I have been experimenting on my own with a few different versions. This is one of my favorites. Not only is it raw, but also gluten free and vegan!


One of the keys to optimal health is to have a good digestion system. It doesn’t matter how healthy you’re eating if your ability to absorb nutrition is lacking. Besides keeping a variety of good bacterias (probiotics) in your digestion system, you can also ‘manipulate’ the food. Soakingsproutingfermenting and juicing are all methods you can use in your cooking to help digestion.


I make this raw porridge by soaking buckwheat groats and walnuts overnight and then blending them with apple, orange juice and cardamom. Topped with berries, bee pollen and cocoa nibs it is truly delicious and a simple morning luxury. It doesn’t hurt that it is also easy absorbed nutrition. If you can’t find raw buckwheat groats you can use oat groats instead.



TO-GO! Make a batch of these on a Sunday and spoon into clean glass jars. Add topping, cover with a lid, place in the fridge and you have a healthy to-go breakfast for the next couple of days. Just grab a glass jar and go to work or school.


Raw Buckwheat, Apple, Walnut Porridge
Serves 4

1 cup / 240 ml raw hulled buckwheat groats (whole or coarsely ground) + water for soaking
1 cup / 240 ml raw walnuts + water for soaking
2 green apples, cored
1 orange, juice
1/2 tsp ground cardamom
1/2 tsp vanilla extract or ground vanilla

bee pollen
cacao nibs
coconut flakes
nut butter

Place buckwheat and nuts in two separate bowls, cover with water and let soak for minimum 1 hour or overnight. Rinse and drain. Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. You can also use an immersion blender.

Top with fresh berries or pomegranate, bee pollen, cacao nibs, coconut flakes and nut butter. Or whatever you have at home.

Keeps for 3-4 days in the fridge.


  1. Posted 3 Feb ’13 at 23:29 | #

    I love how colourful this is! Gorgeous breakfast idea!

  2. Posted 3 Feb ’13 at 23:53 | #

    Yum, and this is such an easy option. Whenever I think about probiotics, fermenting, sprouting, it always seems like something someone else would do, not me. But I could manage this! Definitely!

  3. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 00:02 | #

    Wow, I’ve never heared of raw porridge, I’ll have to try that. I’m in a buckwheat periode at the moment and trying out all kinds of buckwheat recipes.

  4. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 00:20 | #

    What a beautiful looking porridge. I’m getting into more raw food these days so this could be something to add to my repertoire!

  5. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 00:40 | #

    Yum, I love how smooth and creamy soaked and blended buckwheat is for breakfast. Perfect for the warm mornings we are having down in NZ. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. emily
    Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 00:54 | #

    Raw porridge! Why haven’t I heard if that before!? Looks gorgeous and super yummy!

  7. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 01:14 | #

    Beautiful colors! Can’t wait to try this :)

  8. Nika
    Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 01:59 | #

    How much water should we use for the cup of buckwheat for

  9. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 03:21 | #

    A friend at work makes something similar to this, but has been reluctant to share her recipe – guess what I’m bringing to work next week then!
    Delicious and just what I need on summer mornings when I don’t want oats.

  10. Jo
    Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 04:01 | #

    I am a big fan of raw porridge too.. i would like to share my recipe here, inspired by something from Elana’s pantry
    Blend 1 mango or 1 banana with 1Tbsp each of fresh coconut chunks, hemp protein , flax seed meal, pumpkin seeds , a mix of nuts and dates and i tsp of raw unsweetened cocoa powder , a pinch each of nutmeg and cinnamon and 1/2 glass of raw almond milk or any nut milk you prefer. Blend with hot water if you like it warm . Top off with berries and chia seeds .
    Feel free to drop some of the fruit if you think it is too much sugar.
    Essentially, it is yumm and full of healthy goodness with a balance of carbs , protein and fat.
    If you try it out, let me know how you liked it. You can, of course, tweak the proportions / ingredients to suit your taste.


    • Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 11:37 | #

      Thanks for the recipe Jo, will defenitily try it!

    • Nora
      Posted 12 Jan ’15 at 04:06 | #

      Jo, Thank you for your buckwheat groat recipe. I am copying it to my Evernote. Just impulsively bought some buckwheat groats and searching the Internet for recipes. Cheers!

  11. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 04:37 | #

    Even the most reluctant porridge eaters could be tempted with these beautiful pots. Great idea and your images just get better and better.

  12. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 05:45 | #

    Ahh lovely Luise, this is what I love about your blog, you could go from indulgent Lemon Coconut Bars (I am serving them for my Wednesday Moms group gathering) to Raw Buckwheat Porridge de Luxe! I love buckwheat groats and use them often in my kitchen, your raw porridge looks healthy and yummy. merci

  13. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 05:59 | #

    i have been on the raw buckwheat granola kick too lately. just finished the raw living foods lifestyle course at the ann wigmore institute and we did lots of fermenting, sprouting, soaking and dehydrating.. felt great and learned a lot! some morning we had yummy nut milk blended with berries and topped with sprouted and dehydrated buckwheaties! so tasty!!

  14. johanna
    Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 08:02 | #

    hej! Vilket härligt recept, det ska jag verkligen prova!
    Men, jag måste bara fråga; vad är det för UNDERBAR bordsskiva på
    bilderna?? Ser nästan ut som en behandlad/målad spånskiva, kan det

    • Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 11:28 | #

      Hej Johanna, ja visst är den fin! Det är en stor stenskiva som vi hittat på ett restlager från en stenfabrik. Lite osäker på exakt vilket material det är, du kan se lite mer av den på den här instagrambilden.

    • johanna
      Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 20:04 | #

      Tack snälla för svaret!
      jag har precis införskaffat en mdfskiva och färg, så nu ska jag försöka återskapa steneffekten :)

  15. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 09:40 | #

    I’ve also been into warm porridges with fruits, nuts and seeds this winter, but I hadn’t thought of making a raw version overnight. I love your refreshing yet doable recipes – with THE most gorgeous food photography! P.S. I’ll be visiting Stockholm for the first time in March, so happy to hear it’s getting a little less dark & cold ;-)

  16. Emma
    Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 10:48 | #

    Oh such a lovely recipe!! I have to try it tomorrow. Thank you Luise (Elsa and David), your recipes are just the best and I love your blog. It is one of my favorites and I’m always happy to see new post. Also I’m now eating gluten-free food so it is easy to make food just looking throw your recipes. It makes me very happy. Also the pictures are the coolest.I’m coming tomorrow to Stockholm, so do you have some tips where should I go? I have been Stockholm many times, I like Hermans etc. But what are your favorite organic grocery stores and cafes or restaurants? :)

    • Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 11:42 | #

      Hi Emma & Jennifer, here are a few of my favorite places:
      Health food store Gryningen on Folkungagatan
      Vegetarian store Goodstore close to Nytorget
      Organic shop and lunch restaurant 8t8 on Swedenborgsgatan close to Mariatorget
      The smoothie bar Blueberry lifestyle. There are a few across the city.
      Eco baren in Centralbadet
      Hermans is of course also nice. The view is amazing!
      Rosendals Garden on Djurgården is wonderful during the summer. But I think it is closed for a few weeks more.

      Have fun!

  17. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 10:49 | #

    I just replenished my supply of buckwheat and have been on the lookout for new ideas – other than warm buckwheat porridge – for making and serving it. I also love that I already have all the ingredients at home.

    I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks for the raw porridge inspiration!

  18. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 10:58 | #

    What an amazing way to start the day, which we who live in this cold & dark country totally need. What education/school is you’re studying at the moment? I’m keen on sticking my nose in some books myself & learn more about nutrition. :)

  19. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 12:41 | #

    what a healthful, delicious breakfast! it’s full of nutrients and looks delicious!

  20. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 15:19 | #

    How delicious! Love that you are making a raw porridge that is blended along with some fruit, instead of the classic more chunky version. I am definitely gonna try this tomorrow, in fact I am gonna soak those gorgeous ingredients right now… and I might consider this faith since I just bought my very first glass of bee pollen down town 30 min ago, Yay!

  21. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 17:34 | #

    Can’t wait for warmer weather, when this will be such a refreshing morning treat!

  22. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 22:48 | #

    Am eating it now for breakfast with coconut and strawberries. It’s so good – thanks for sharing!

  23. Posted 4 Feb ’13 at 22:59 | #

    Perfect timing- I was just walking to my sister about sprouting buckwheat (although apparently she drowned hers the first time…!)
    Since I eat gluten free breakfast tends to be a bit boring (how much gluten free oatmeal can I eat, seriously).
    Thanks for posting!

  24. Posted 5 Feb ’13 at 03:02 | #

    Absolutely lovely images and what a delicious recipe! I wonder if this would work with GF steel-cut oats?

    • Posted 5 Feb ’13 at 12:14 | #

      Hi Shanna, yes we have made it with steel-cut oats as well. Then they only need to be soaked for a very short while before they are mixed with nuts, apple and orange juice. I would perhaps add some cinnamon as well, as it pairs so well with oat.
      Good luck!

  25. Posted 5 Feb ’13 at 15:06 | #

    I just wanted to let you know that I made this for breakfast and it was the perfect start to the day. I topped it with mango, dried coconut, bee pollen, and crunchy goji-berry-granola. So good!

  26. Posted 5 Feb ’13 at 16:38 | #

    Made this for breakfast today!! Sooo good… we were out of bee pollen which stinks because I was excited to have another use for it! Yum!!

  27. Posted 5 Feb ’13 at 23:16 | #

    As our temperatures here in Texas are already a little too warm for comfort, I’m transitioning from hot breakfasts to cool ones. This looks like the perfect way to start my morning! I especially love that you topped it with bee pollen. I have buckwheat groats and oat groats so I might go a little wild and do a version using both. Thanks for the inspiration and gorgeous photos!

  28. Jenny
    Posted 5 Feb ’13 at 23:59 | #

    Oh yeh! This was great. We used almonds in the absence of walnuts (soaked with salt, in true Nourishing Traditions style), and topped with coconut milk, shredded coconut, pomegranate, pineapple & banana. Brilliant … thank you.

  29. Posted 6 Feb ’13 at 02:44 | #

    Thanks David & Luise for the creative recipe and beautiful food photography! I make buckwheat pancakes and I also love porridge, so I have no idea why I have never thought to make buckwheat-porridge! ;) Pomegranates are so delicious but so frustrating to eat, so I might substitute those.

    Thanks again.

  30. Posted 6 Feb ’13 at 04:24 | #

    gorgeous! (and perfectly timed, as I just bought some buckwheat yesterday.)

  31. Posted 6 Feb ’13 at 13:38 | #

    Just voted for you for the Homies! Great blog…you should have also submitted the blog for Best Photography! ;-)

  32. Posted 6 Feb ’13 at 16:20 | #

    Looks wonderful! I love your photos. Big hug to you my dear friend, <3

  33. Caroline
    Posted 6 Feb ’13 at 17:17 | #

    You did it again! You posted an absolutely fantastic recipe, where the measurements always work and where it tastes divine in the end! I made a batch of this and put them in the fridge, but I very much doubt that they will last till tomorrow!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work! I promise I will buy at least 10 of your cookbooks!

  34. Posted 6 Feb ’13 at 21:50 | #

    Have made a batch of this porridge yesterday. Now, when it’s still cold and snowy outside I prefer a warm breakfast with grains, but this raw buckwheat walnut porridge will be for sure my absolute favourite breakfast treat for spring and summer. Fabulous!

  35. Stephanie
    Posted 8 Feb ’13 at 02:11 | #

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I just finished eating the first batch and I’m having my in-laws over for breakfast tomorrow to try it! It is absolutely delicious and gives me such good energy to start my day right. I felt like I was just glowing all day! Thank you for your creative energy!

  36. Posted 8 Feb ’13 at 18:00 | #

    That looks like a beautiful burst of summer color in the midst of winter. Thanks for sharing!

  37. nini
    Posted 8 Feb ’13 at 18:44 | #

    so so so yummy!!!! Please post more raw porridge!

  38. Posted 10 Feb ’13 at 08:01 | #

    oh this sounds like a perfect way to start the day!!! :)

  39. patty walsh-haroldso
    Posted 11 Feb ’13 at 20:37 | #

    Hi – love your website and recipes — new to vegetarian cooking — have perused your recipes and wondered what you use for vegetable broth? am working on the lentil soup recipe … thanks :)

  40. Posted 12 Feb ’13 at 13:38 | #

    I am so in love with your pictures and style ! Thanks for what you give & kisses from Montreux, Switzerland !

  41. Posted 12 Feb ’13 at 18:06 | #

    Yup, this is tomorrow’s breakfast. Always nice to get new inspiration for buckwheat. It’s such a tricky grain!

  42. Posted 13 Feb ’13 at 12:20 | #

    Jeg er blevet afhængig! Wow det er seriøst den bedste morgenmad! You did it again :)

  43. Posted 13 Feb ’13 at 21:19 | #

    Wow, this looks absolutely delicious! I´ve had a bag of buckwheat sitting in my cupboard for the better part of a year now, I bought it last year to try out a recipe – then I lost the recipe, and I haven´t gotten around to using it and threw it out a few days ago. I´ll have to get a new bag now :)

  44. Posted 18 Feb ’13 at 20:52 | #

    I made this with steel cut oats, and topped with chopped dates and then maple syrup the next day. It’s REALLY good!

  45. Liv
    Posted 19 Feb ’13 at 13:43 | #

    I’ve been told that you must always rinse buckwheat in boiling water to get rid of something called fagopyrin that is supposedly bad for you. It also says so on the packaging on the label Saltå Kvarn.
    So my question is if this is not nessecary after all? I would otherwise love to try this raw recipe!

    • Posted 19 Feb ’13 at 14:26 | #

      It is the buckwheat greens that contains fagopyrin (a naturally occurring substance in the buckwheat plant), the buckwheat groats contain only trace quantities of fagopyrin and are safe to eat.

  46. Posted 19 Feb ’13 at 18:56 | #

    Had this yesterday topped with raspberries, blueberries, bee pollen and toasted coconut. YUM! I love the texture. So nice to have a new breakfast in the mix.

  47. Anouk
    Posted 21 Feb ’13 at 10:27 | #

    My previous attempt at making buckwheat porridge (the non raw version on your blog) was a small disaster: I somehow overdid it on the spices and the porridge ended up tasting like nothing but cardamom & cinnamon. Uggh. But – brave as I am & to use up the buckwheat lying around in my cupboard – I decided to give it another go with this recipe, especially because it seemed so effortless: soaking – no attention required, breakfast prepares itself during the night! The result: amazing! Lovely texture, unbelievable it’s raw. Make it into a beautiful breakfast-in-a-jar: pomegranate – porridge – banana slices – hemp seeds – porridge – … I love layers! — I’m so going to drool all over your book once I can put my hands on it — You guys R-O-C-K !!

  48. Sophia
    Posted 27 Feb ’13 at 19:30 | #

    Ytterligare ett underbart recept. Tusen tack! =)
    En liten fråga bara, går det att köpa bee pollen i Sverige? Har sökt förgäves i blandade ICA & Coop butiker utan napp.

    • Posted 27 Feb ’13 at 20:29 | #

      Hej Sophia, jo det går att få tag på bipollen i Sverige. Det finns dock inte i vanliga livsmedelsbutiker, utan i hälsokostbutiker. Vi bor i Stockholm och de flesta hälsokostbutiker har det i sitt vanliga sortiment.
      Lycka till!

  49. Noémi
    Posted 1 Mar ’13 at 07:44 | #

    This has been on my list of new breakfasts to try for a while, and now that spring has arrived (warmer weather), I finally got to make it. It is wonderful. I used coconut milk instead of orange juice and cashews and almonds for nuts, cause I didn’t have walnuts at hand. Topped it with HEAPS of fresh fruit and a little home made choco-buckwheat granola. I’d really love to try a cocoa version of this too!
    It is such a wonderful idea to eat buckwheat raw, plus it gives me a good feeling to know that I get the most nutrients out of them this way.
    Thank you so much for this post!!!! (Pics are gorgeous by the way.) This recipe is a definite keeper.

  50. Melissa
    Posted 3 Mar ’13 at 20:46 | #

    Hmmm – I have whole toasted buckwheat (I bought it for another recipe awhile ago and have had it in the freezer) – what do you think, would that work?

    I’m guessing it wouldn’t have exactly the same texture.


  51. Caroline
    Posted 7 Mar ’13 at 21:37 | #

    I’ve done this several times now and when I prepared it yesterday I only had a blood-orange. First I was worried that the porridge would look ugly with red stripes or something. But it was amazing, because it turned out PINK! Super great for children I would say…

  52. Jana
    Posted 12 Mar ’13 at 20:25 | #

    I am new to your blog, but love returning to it every day for a short while and learning :-). So truly thank you! We have also been frequently making breakfast porridge this winter and my little boy loves its variations. I have one question though to which I was not able to find a simple answer and that is regarding the absorption of nutrients from bee pollen grains. I have recently bought bee pollen(grains) in a local organic grocery shop, however was informed that human digestion is not able to fully break down these grains and get the superfood nutrients from them, as the bees would. I have seen it being sold also in a liquid form (or somehow dissolved in honey) on the farmer’s market, so just wonder if you have also heard about this “issue”.

    • Posted 13 Mar ’13 at 23:49 | #

      Hi Jana
      Thanks for your kind comment. No I haven’t heard of that before, only the opposite actually. I buy bee pollen granules, not sure there is a different though.

  53. Posted 19 Mar ’13 at 16:40 | #

    Until I tried a variation of your raw buckwheat porridge I had almost resigned myself to just not being a fan of buckwheat porridge. In the past, the cooked buckwheat porridge I made always tasted like a gloopy woodchip mix. And then I tried a raw version inspired by your recipe (I soaked the buckwheat groats together with dried blueberries, whizzed it in a food processor the next morning and topped it with a drizzle of peanut butter, maple syrup, hemp seeds and a sprinkle of sea salt) and it was divine! You totally converted me!

  54. Nella Camille
    Posted 29 Mar ’13 at 14:55 | #

    Thank you for this! I’ve had regular overnight oats before but just bought some buckwheat and was wondering how I could eat the because my family is in the middle of a remodeling project and our stove is out of commission because of that. Talk about a life saver…this recipe was mine today! I used flax milk instead of almond and pecans instead of walnuts and omitted the fruit. Blended with some protein whey. Quite tasty! :)

  55. Sophie
    Posted 6 Apr ’13 at 23:53 | #

    I made this for breakfast this morning, it was so nice! I have never really liked cooked porridge and i had never tried raw porridge.your photos looked so divine though, i had to try it. I didnt have buckwheat so i used oats and added coconut and mixed berries, delicious! Thank you for the recipe.

  56. Sofia
    Posted 7 Apr ’13 at 11:52 | #

    Är “raw hulled buckwheat groats” vanligt helt bovete som finns att köpa (torkat?) i paket från Saltå Kvarn? Eller ska de vara färska och hur köper man dem?

    Önskar att ni ibland skrev det svenska namnet på vissa saker i en kommentar eller liknande för alla oss svenskar som följer er!

    • Posted 7 Apr ’13 at 13:49 | #

      Hej Sofia, ja det är helt vanligt helt bovete.
      Ni får gärna fråga om de engelska orden som ni undrar över, men eftersom vi – förutom Sverige och alla engelsktalande länder – även har många läsare i Danmark, Tyskland, Frankrike, Holland … så skulle det bli så fasligt mycket jobb med att översatta till alla dessa språk.
      Men som sagt, fråga gärna om ingredienserna i en kommentar så ska vi försöka svara så snabbt som möjligt.

      • Sofia
        Posted 8 Apr ’13 at 12:22 | #

        Tusen tack! Givetvis omöjligt att översätta till alla språk, det förstår jag. Tänkte mer som en bonus för oss svenskar – era trognaste fans och grannar, men det är ju ytterst sällan det är någon ingrediens som är otydlig, så vi får fråga.

        Älskar er blogg och era appar. Grymt jobb! Ska beställa er kokbok nu till mig själv och goda vänner och önskar att jag hade råd att köpa ett exemplar till varenda restaurang i Stockholm som inte ens orkar ha ETT vegetariskt alternativ på sin meny…

        Keep up the good work!

  57. Posted 13 Apr ’13 at 13:18 | #

    This looks amazing! I wish I could make mine look so quaint and pretty

  58. Posted 18 Apr ’13 at 23:39 | #

    Thank you so much for this recipe. It’s so delicious :). Even my boyfriend who doesn’t like buckwheat (in any form), ate the whole jar :). Success!

  59. Nicole
    Posted 19 Apr ’13 at 03:36 | #

    Are walnuts necessary in this recipe? My system can’t have walnuts. The only nuts it can have are peanuts and pistachios and sometimes almonds.

  60. Kristina
    Posted 5 May ’13 at 21:17 | #

    I found this recipe through your app and am actually sitting in my kitchen right now preparing the buckwheat and walnuts for soaking. And I am wondering now if I should place the bowls in the fridge over night or if this is not necessary.
    Thank you for always providing me with delicious gluten and dairy free recipes :-)

    • Posted 5 May ’13 at 21:23 | #

      Dear Kristina, thank you for your comment. It is not necessary to place the soaking bowls in the fridge overnight. However if you’re soaking during the day and your kitchen is really hot or in direct sunlight you could place the bowls in the fridge.

  61. Kristina
    Posted 5 May ’13 at 21:45 | #

    Wow thank you for your immediate reply! I’ll keep it in mind. And I am already excited to try the raw porridge tomorrow morning!
    Have a great evening.

  62. Anna
    Posted 15 May ’13 at 20:02 | #


    I am just wondering about the fagopyrine in the buckweat? It irritates your eyes if you don’t rinse the seeds in boiling water. Is that somehow lost in the process of watering?


  63. Sophie
    Posted 2 Jun ’13 at 09:53 | #

    Hi Green Kitchen Stories:), I was just wondering if you could give me the conversion from 240ml buckwheat and walnuts into grams. Thankyou.

  64. Sara
    Posted 8 Jun ’13 at 14:31 | #

    Hi, this looks delicious, will try it today. But I just googled bee pollen and got a lot of websites talking about the side effects of bee pollen; especially people with a pollen allergy should watch out since there have been serious allergic reactions reported even from eating small amounts of bee pollen.

  65. Posted 8 Jun ’13 at 19:52 | #

    This is so genius, you guys! It’s my new favorite breakfast – raw, light, yummy…it just makes me feel good when I eat it. Plus, it’s a good gluten-free option for my fiancé. Thanks for being brilliant and sharing your beautiful and delicious ideas :)

  66. Posted 9 Jun ’13 at 15:05 | #

    I stumbled upon this recipe by chance and the raw buckwheat intrigued me so much that I had to try it. And I did. I made a raw buckwheat porridge today with pineapple and papaya and few spices. OMG I could not stop eating it! And so good for the tummy.
    Am one happy hippo :)

  67. Posted 12 Jun ’13 at 00:28 | #

    Den ser spændende ud!
    Men er det egentlig nødvendigt at blende grøden?
    Kan man ikke bare sætte den i blød og så i køleskabet?

  68. Lena
    Posted 14 Jun ’13 at 19:08 | #

    Where do you buy your pottery?

  69. Posted 12 Jul ’13 at 19:28 | #

    This was exactly what I was looking for after trying raw oatmeal on a recent trip to LA. Thank you, it’s delicious and so versatile. I forgot to add the apple and cardamon but used almond milk and cinnamon and topped with goji berries. Delightful and so nutritious. Thank you Luise!

  70. Posted 24 Sep ’13 at 07:12 | #

    I just made this for my lunch (I know it supposed to be breakfast, but it was a super filling lunch) I added banana, peaches and cacao nibs. Loved it!!!

  71. Luna
    Posted 24 Sep ’13 at 19:20 | #

    Så himla bra recept! Jag gjorde den här gröten och tog med till jobbet idag, och herregud vad gott det var! Jag har gjort en del andra råa bovetegrötrecept tidigare, men den här är helt klart godast! Bra idé med valnötterna! Haha, jag är verkligen entusiastisk inför det här receptet.
    Tack för att ni delade med er av det! Väldigt fin och bra blogg för övrigt.

  72. Joe
    Posted 5 Oct ’13 at 16:34 | #

    Well, is bee pollen vegan?

  73. Posted 21 Jan ’14 at 19:49 | #

    Thank you for a delicious recipe!


  74. Posted 15 Feb ’14 at 00:05 | #

    Beautiful photos! Good flavors and very filling! The consistency was a little mealy, perhaps I didn’t wash the buckwheat enough?

  75. Posted 22 Feb ’14 at 19:45 | #

    I just want to say I am a UK Nutritional Therapist who loves this and many of your other recipes and I have told hundreds of people about your fantastic site and it has been life changing for many of them. I run courses about eating great and make tasters some of which come from your website and people get very excited. Thank you so much.

  76. Didi
    Posted 7 Apr ’14 at 20:43 | #

    I’ve made this recipe so many times now and I still love it. Made it with cashews and pumpkinseeds today, a little more orange juice and one extra apple. I also added a little nutmilk and lemon rinds :-) thank you so much for inspiring me!

  77. Sanne
    Posted 29 Apr ’14 at 14:49 | #

    would love to try this recipe, to introduce some variety in my breakfast ritual, because currently I’m eating overnight oats every morning. But I was wondering what the purpose if of soaking your nuts as well? I also read soaking nuts overnight in your orange vanilla overnight oats recipe and was wondering what the purpose is. Thanks! Kind regards, Sanne

  78. Julie
    Posted 29 May ’14 at 06:10 | #

    thank you so much for so natural and easy recipe of my favourite buckwheat! i just added a bit of raisins inside of porridge to have it sweeter) and the topping was from mango-papaya-orange-godji berries salsa! all my house mates were satisfied) this is the most important)

  79. Matilda NIlsson
    Posted 2 Jun ’14 at 23:32 | #

    Vad gott det ser ut, måste prova! Har en liten fråga också. Var kan man hitta de fina skålarna som ni äter ur på bilden från bordet?

  80. Alicia
    Posted 8 Jun ’14 at 14:55 | #

    I had this today – genius! My new favourite breakfast.

  81. Posted 12 Jun ’14 at 22:19 | #

    Hi! This is a delicious breakfast. I scheduled a post on my blog with a link to this recipe. Thanks so much!

  82. Lenok
    Posted 5 Sep ’14 at 13:07 | #

    Hi! Where do you buy a good quality buckwheat? Thank you.

  83. Emma-leigh
    Posted 23 Nov ’14 at 22:19 | #

    i made this, thinking that it would be good but it is very grainy (it reminds me of chicken food) . is it usually like this?
    what could i put on it to make it taste nice?

  84. Trinity
    Posted 16 Dec ’14 at 21:57 | #

    Made this this morning and it was ok. I think perhaps too much cardamon. Might try it again with less or even none, I love cardamom too but I struggled to eat this.

  85. Posted 6 Jan ’15 at 04:36 | #

    Wow! This seems EXACTLY the kind of recipe I would enjoy and it is perfect for someone who is in need of allergen-friendly recipes for a sensitive digestive system too! :) I am bookmarking this recipe for future use and look forward to trying it!

    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  86. Posted 25 Jan ’15 at 12:05 | #

    I made this porridge this morning, minus the apple, and I must admit I was surprised how delicious it tasted. All I had in it was soaked buckwheat, walnuts, juice and flesh of 1 orange, cardamom, cinnamon and chia seeds. Texture is a bit like eating very tasty mud :) but I just added some toasted nuts and seeds on top for the crunch. This is definitely becoming a part of my breakfast menu!

  87. angie
    Posted 28 Jan ’15 at 19:56 | #


    looks amazing!!!

    may i ask two things?

    why not use traditional rolled oats?

    and wat exactly does RAW porridge mean?

  88. Catherine
    Posted 7 May ’15 at 21:09 | #

    Could you please clarify what you mean by 1 orange, juice? Do you mean the juice of one orange, or a whole orange, juiced up in a food processor.
    The way you have written it isn’t clear to me.
    Thank you.

    • Posted 10 Jul ’15 at 22:56 | #


  89. Posted 10 Jul ’15 at 22:53 | #

    This was the most delicious recipe!!! I think I said “mmmm” after every bite! Even without the orange juice-I had to use water as I am not allowed orange juice because of my medical related diet. SO GREAT!!!

  90. amelia
    Posted 30 Oct ’15 at 15:56 | #

    This sounds delicious. I have recently started a blog and would much oblige people viewing and commenting on it. My blog is called nourishglow.blogspot.com

  91. Posted 11 Jun ’16 at 15:32 | #

    This is my new favorite breakfast. Thank you for a raw breakfast recipe that doesn’t involve bananas–my low glycemic diet won’t allow them. For an individual portion, I love using one small empire apple, juice of half a grapefruit, and a dab of raw honey. I also add matcha and cinnamon, and a little fresh ginger and turmeric if I have it. Topped with berries, bee pollen and coconut, it’s divine already, but I can’t wait to try a more indulgent version with nut butter and cacao nibs! I get pretty involved with the add-ins but your simple version is perfect already :)

  92. Mona
    Posted 22 Jun ’16 at 20:38 | #

    This has become an all time favorite in my kitchen. I’ve been making this since you posted the recipe (can’t believe it’s been already so long…) and have been regularly coming back to it, sometime even weekly. The best breakfast recipe anyone has ever created! Thank you

  93. Lieke
    Posted 27 Nov ’16 at 13:11 | #

    This is one of the most delicious breakfasts i’ve ever had! The base alone is azaming already, but the toppings make it even more decadent! Love it! So easy to make as well

  94. H
    Posted 16 Jan ’17 at 01:47 | #

    Raw quinoa is good as well.

  95. Floriane
    Posted 14 Mar ’17 at 19:48 | #

    I am doing this porridge on a regular basis now and each time I am delighted at the result! I just skipped the orange juice and swapped the apple for pears, add cinnamon and blend. It’s heavenly, thank you so much for sharing this!

  96. Posted 12 Jan ’18 at 11:12 | #

    I love how colourful this is! Gorgeous breakfast idea!

  97. elisabeth
    Posted 10 Feb ’18 at 12:29 | #

    oooh wow! it tastes so great! thanks for that one :)
    as i didn’t have walnuts, i took some almonds. maybe i’m gonna try to sprout the buckwheat, let’s see how that goes. i definitely am in love with that breakfast ;)
    kind regards from austria, elisabeth

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