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Purple Kale, Aubergine & Blackberry Salad

At first, it was a coincidence. When we looked at the vegetables we had brought home from the market this weekend, many of them just happened to have purple, violet and dark lavender tones. We talked about how that huge bunch of purple kale could make a beautiful salad base together with the rainbow chard, mint flowers and purple sugar snaps. It was at that point my obsessive side took over. “Let’s ONLY DO purple ingredients!” I shouted into Luise’s ear. She turned her head towards me with that hesitant look she always has when I get one of my “brilliant” ideas: “Ok, slow down now, let’s talk about the flavours first”. Of course I didn’t hear her as I was already writing a list with all the purplish ingredients I could think of: “aubergine, purple cauliflower, plums, figs, olives, blackberries, grapes, beetroot, red onion, …”.

Some recipes are born out of genius flavour combinations or new preparation methods, this one simply started out as a colour. Luise did however quickly gain back control and started shifting focus to the flavour and combination of vegetables as well.


In the end, I think we managed to combine both flavour, colour and texture in a great way. We roasted aubergine and purple spring onion in warm spices until soft and sweet. Massaged the kale with a flavourful dill, mint, lemon and honey dressing to round off its flavour and make it less sturdy. Cooked black lentils were added as a filler, along with rich and creamy avocado (even though it’s more black than purple – and green inside!). Hazelnuts are not purple at all but they added a nice crunch to the texture. Juicy blackberries made a perfect topping.

Purple_kale_salad_3 Purple_kale_salad_4

The result was beautiful, a true harvest salad. Maybe not as purple as I originally imagined it (basically because most vegetables loose their colour when they are cut/baked/cooked), but still with lovely deep hues and so many interesting flavours – a mix of herby, sweet and tangy.

When the salad was assembled it still felt like we missed a creamy element, so we tried the honey roasted feta that we had seen on New York Times Cooking last week. It was perfect. Burnt and caramelised on the outside and almost melted on the inside. It completely ruined the dark purple theme but flavour- and texture wise, it was worth the sacrifice. You’ll notice that I smudged it in mashed blackberries as a poor attempt to camouflage it.

Purple_kale_salad_5 Purple_kale_salad_6

We should perhaps add that this wasn’t our kids favourite dish. They picked out the blackberries, avocado and feta cheese from the salad, leaving the raw kale to us. I guess purple isn’t their colour…


Purple Kale & Blackberry Salad with Roasted Honey Feta

Vegans can just skip the feta cheese or replace it with hummus. And replace honey with maple syrup.

Baked vegetables
1 aubergine / eggplant

4 spring onions or 2 red onions
2-4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp ground cumin
1 pinch ground cayenne
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 handful hazelnuts

Cooked lentils
½ cup uncooked lentils (we used black lentils)

1 ½ cup water
1 pinch sea salt

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 lemon, juice
2 tsp honey or more to taste
sea salt & pepper
1 large handful mixed fresh dill, parsley and mint

Other salad ingredients
4 stalks curly kale, green or purple
4 stalks rainbow chard or spinach
2 avocadoes
1 small handful snap peas
1 punnet fresh blackberries, halved

Roasted feta with honey (from NYT)
1 block feta cheese, patted dry
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp honey

Start by preparing the baked vegetables. Preheat the oven to 400°F / 200°C. Wash and cut the aubergine into large cubes and trim and slice the onions, then place in a mixing bowl. Stir together oil and spices in a small bowl, pour the oil mixture over the aubergine and onions and toss to combine. Transfer to a baking tray covered with baking paper. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes or until very soft and golden, check every now and then to prevent from burning, the baking time depends on the size of the vegetables. Add the hazelnuts halfway through.

Meanwhile, cook the lentils in a saucepan with the water for 15 minutes or until tender and can be mashed easily between two fingers. Add sea salt towards the end of the cooking time. Drain any excess water and leave to cool.

Prepare the dressing by mixing oil, lemon juice, honey, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Chop the herbs finely and add to the oil mixture. Taste and adjust to your liking.

Remove the stems from the kale and coarsely chop the leaves. Finely slice the chard. Place all in a large mixing bowl, add 2 tbsp of the dressing and massage for a couple of minutes until soft. Transfer to a large serving bowl. Mix the lentils with the remaining dressing and pour them over the kale and chard mixture. Cut the avocado into cubes, slice the snap peas and roughly chop the hazelnuts. Add to the salad bowl together with the roasted  aubergine, onions and hazelnuts. Toss slightly to combine and then scatter blackberries on top. If you like to serve the salad with the baked feta cheese, follow the instructions below.

Keep the oven at 400°F / 200°C. Place the feta cheese in a small ovenproof dish covered with baking paper and cover with oil. Bake in the oven for about 8 minutes, until soft but not melted. Melt the honey. Remove the cheese from the oven and turn the heat to broiler. With a baking brush, paint the cheese with the melted honey. Place back in the oven and broil until the top starts to brown. Use a spatula to immediately and carefully transfer the cheese to the salad, or serve it on the side.


  1. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 13:57 | #

    What striking colours! Beautiful!

  2. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 14:01 | #

    this truly looks amazing and healthy! thanks for sharing. i have been looking for new salad ideas recently. this one will do. https://flyingkittyadventures.com

  3. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 14:10 | #

    Too much gorgeousness! And your kids don’t know what they’re missing. Purple kale rocks! ;)

  4. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 14:24 | #

    Beautiful pictures, looks amazing!

  5. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 15:02 | #

    Such a beautiful salad! And since purple is my favourite colour, that photo with all purple ingredients takes my breath away! <3

    • Posted 14 Sep ’16 at 01:38 | #

      Me too!! Purple is my favorite color and this whole post made me all heart eyes emoji!

  6. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 15:52 | #

    The colors in this salad are so dramatic – it’s almost too beautiful to eat.

  7. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 16:17 | #

    oh I need to find purple kale! This looks absolutely gorgeous!! x

  8. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 16:29 | #

    Even if this isn’t fully monochromatic it’s still a feast of purple. This is so lovely that I both want to eat the salad and frame the pictures.

  9. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 17:01 | #

    The photos are absolutely stunning and I am in love with the flavour combo as well, I’ll definitely have to try this!!

  10. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 17:16 | #

    what a stunner! i can’t wait to make it. we have tons of blackberries in our yard right now. thank you so much!!

  11. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 17:23 | #

    Wow, this salad looks GORGEOUS!!

  12. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 17:50 | #

    Haha I totally know about those “brilliant” ideas where perhaps the artistic visions gets a little out of hand, while the flavors and core of the dish is left unattended. It’s a nice challenge though, starting out from a color idea or any other pure visual idea and see how one can make it work with the flavors as well. Sounds like you and Luise came up with a good compromise here, as it both looks stunning and sounds delicious! <3

  13. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 20:47 | #

    What a stunning salad! I love all the purple hues and rich, deep colors. If it tastes half as good as it looks, it’s definitely a winner ;)

  14. Posted 7 Sep ’16 at 23:46 | #

    Beautiful salad! I do the exact same thing – obsessing over a colour ;) Usually good ideas come from that approach, though ;) Especially looking forward to trying the feta.

  15. Posted 8 Sep ’16 at 12:44 | #

    This is amazing, such beautiful colours and a great way to use those seasonal blackberries!

  16. Dalia
    Posted 8 Sep ’16 at 15:41 | #

    Thank you! I made this tonight for guests, and it was excellent. I wasn’t able to get all the ingredients — no blackberries at this time of the year in Australia, so I substituted them with strawberries — but the dressing was fantastic and the mixtures of flavours and textures great. And the strawberries worked!

  17. Posted 8 Sep ’16 at 19:22 | #

    First of all, beautiful presentation and photography! The vibrance and color is perfect! Secondly this is just a wonderful recipe!

  18. Posted 8 Sep ’16 at 19:55 | #

    Oh vow, this salad looks just incredible! And I love your photography, so inspiring!!!

  19. Posted 9 Sep ’16 at 04:02 | #

    This HAS to be one of the most beautiful salads I’ve ever seen! The purple kale, aubergines, lentils, blackberries and red onions look so vibrant in each photo! I definitely have to try this with vegan cheese!

  20. Posted 9 Sep ’16 at 14:59 | #

    As always your photos and recipes take my breath away! So important to think about food visually, it makes the ceremony of eating just that much more special and enjoyable – how it should be! I love thinking about colours when I’m cooking, something so beautiful about trying to use all the senses! I bet this smelt aaaammazing too!! What a wonderful plate of deliciousness :)

  21. Posted 9 Sep ’16 at 15:38 | #

    This is simply stunning.

  22. Posted 11 Sep ’16 at 13:16 | #

    I really want to make this for dinner! I was in the US for a while and it was pretty easy to find kale, but now I’m in Germany and it’s not available throughout the year :(

  23. Erin
    Posted 11 Sep ’16 at 14:45 | #

    I adapted this to what’s in season here in Maine, using blueberries instead of blackberries and green beans instead of peas (alas, avocadoes will never be in season in Maine – but I still love them), and YUM! Thanks for another great one!

  24. Linnea
    Posted 12 Sep ’16 at 14:58 | #

    Jag har försökt att få till fetaost så den får lite hård yta men är krämig inuti. Er ser perfekt ut. Är det honungen eller oljan som är hemligheten? Jag har bara provat baka den naturell. Den blir krämig men utan yta.

    • Posted 12 Sep ’16 at 18:35 | #

      Hej Linna, tror att det är en kombination av allt. Men honungen hjälper definitivt till att få till ytan. Samt att den bakas på grillfunktion sista minuterna.
      Lycka till!

  25. Posted 12 Sep ’16 at 15:15 | #

    Excited to try this dish !! A rewarding midday lunch

  26. Posted 12 Sep ’16 at 18:26 | #

    It’s amazing to see how the colors complement to each other. Enticing salad!

  27. Kate Lord
    Posted 15 Sep ’16 at 04:13 | #

    This was delicious and beautiful. Just swapped Almonds for Hazelnuts and left out the Snap Peas, as they’re not in season yet down south! Thank you

  28. Posted 15 Sep ’16 at 12:39 | #

    Wow those colours – so beautiful! I always love the salad recipes you guys post – what a perfect combination of flavours, textures & seasonal ingredients. As always, thanks so much for sharing!

  29. Posted 15 Sep ’16 at 23:21 | #

    Hey, I’ve tried your salad today and LOVED it. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration and congratulations on your always so amazing pictures and recipes! By nature of availability I had to make a few changes: I used red chicory instead of kale, chopped marble beans instead of chickpeas, added beetroot to the eggplants and used blueberries and pomegranate on top of the cheese. Super tasty! Cheers, Sandra

  30. Millie
    Posted 16 Sep ’16 at 21:36 | #

    Hej! Vilka marknader i Stockholm handlar ni på? Eller butiker ni kan rekommendera som har lite annorlunda grönsaker? :D

  31. Heather MacDonald
    Posted 17 Sep ’16 at 02:33 | #

    Thanks for the inspiration. Wonderful! I made it with a few modifications, because I didn’t have all the specific ingredients, and it was spectacular. Really lovely! I smoked the aubergine and onions and added some yellow courgettes. Served it with nasturtium flowers scattered over it. Beautiful! Again, thanks for the inspiration! : )

  32. Posted 18 Sep ’16 at 01:54 | #

    I’m so happy to have found you, greenkitchenstories! Beautiful site with so many incredibly lovely and nourishing recipes for the body and soul! Gorgeous pictures, genuine down-to-earth family, and travel picture stories as well. I hit the jackpot and plan to try many of these delicious gems!

  33. Posted 20 Sep ’16 at 22:26 | #

    Just made it tonight… absolutely delicious thank you!!! I didn’t have hazelnuts so put in some cashews instead but they worked really well too. What an amazing combination that is just perfect for this moment in the season….

  34. Posted 22 Sep ’16 at 00:31 | #

    This is not only beautiful but undoubtedly delicious. I love the creativity of your meals. Yum. Can’t wait to try this one!

  35. Kim
    Posted 24 Sep ’16 at 08:25 | #

    I’m making this a second time I loved it so much the first. I ate it over 3 days taking it to work with me. To keep it fresh I separated the kale, snap beans and spinach into one container, aubergine, spring onion and hazelnuts in another, lentils in another, feta in another and dressing in another. I took out what I needed at the time and it was brilliant. Delicious recipe. The pumpkin, kale and fetta tart was also divine. You have a great knack with mixing the right flavours, and I’m not even vegetarian, although I’m eating alot less meat lately and am feeling quite satisfied after the meal, not hungry at all.

  36. Irina Kollbrunner
    Posted 26 Sep ’16 at 11:30 | #

    I made it. .that was very delicious..I took green kala and red gabbage from garden, and rasberry… every ricepe i made was verey very delicious…Thanks!

  37. Mary
    Posted 1 Oct ’16 at 16:11 | #

    I made this beautiful salad for my daughter’s baby shower. OMGosh it was such a hit. Everyone loved it! Thank you for this delicious recipe.

  38. Jennifer L.
    Posted 25 Oct ’16 at 08:53 | #

    I just recently whipped up an amazing batch of purple cupcake frosting using purple sweet potatoes, coconut oil, honey, arrowroot starch and vanilla. I love being inspired by colors. We have a local juice artist here who makes the most amazing sky blue juice using some kind of blue spirulina (Kosmic Blu in Hawaii). Purple salads are a great idea! Yum!

  39. Gustavo Woltmann
    Posted 1 Jan ’17 at 19:42 | #

    I like the creativity of your recipe. This salad is so wonderful.

    – gustavo woltmann

  40. Posted 7 Jun ’17 at 21:27 | #

    Wow, I am really impressed by the colour combination. Amazing work!

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