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Aubergine & Lemongrass Curry

About two years ago we left Sweden to travel the world with Elsa. She was only six months old at the time, and we had no idea what to expect or how things would go. I remember when we sat there in the airplane just before take-off; It all starts here, I thought to myself. And it definitely did. After a few unbelievable months in California, China and Vietnam, we finally ended up in Thailand. We spent our time there on beaches, in small bungalows and at exotic markets, completely isolated from the reality. Those months were magical. And our little family became tighter than we had ever been before.

As I sit here in our bedroom, watching the dark silhouettes outside and feeling the cold air from the windows, that whole trip feels like a distant dream. One way of making that dream less unreal is to look through all the travel photos that we have. Another is to simply enter the kitchen.

We recreated this curry from a faded memory of a dinner that we had on the beach of Koh Tao. What we remember most strongly about it was the distinct lemongrass flavor and the softly cooked aubergine that nearly melted on our tongues. In Thailand they often use a much smaller type of aubergine, but since they are hard to come by here, we used a large one that we cut in wedges. The brussel sprouts and apples are our own seasonal add-ins. Brussels sprouts might seem unconventional in a curry, but they fit right in. And the apples add a nice sweetness to it.

It’s remarkable how a memory can be so easily activated by a flavor or smell. I just have to take the backside of my knife and crush a stalk of lemongrass, and I’m right there on that beach again.

Lemongrass, Aubergine & Brussels Sprout Curry
4 servings

3 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil
4 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 inch (2, 1/2 cm) fresh ginger, finely chopped
2 stalks lemongrass, crushed and finely chopped
1/2 tsp dried chili flakes
2 tsp turmeric
1 tsp mustard seeds, ground in a mortar
1 medium size aubergine/eggplant, cut in wedges
2 small apples, cut in small dices

1 cup (240 ml) water
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 can (1 2/3 cup / 400 ml) coconut milk
3 cups (300 g) brussels sprouts, cut in halves
1-2 tsp sea salt

Serve with:
Black rice for 4 persons
A handful fresh thai basil and fresh coriander/cilantro

Heat oil in a large pot on medium high heat. Add garlic and sauté for about a minute, then add all 5 spices, lower the heat a bit and stir constantly to ensure they do not burn. Add the aubergine wedges one by one. Make sure all wedges get soaked in the spicy oil. Then add the apple and fry everything for a few minutes. Add water and apple cider vinegar, cover with a lid and let cook for about 20 minutes or until the veggies are tender. Meanwhile, cook the black rice. Add coconut milk, brussels sprouts and salt to the curry and let simmer for about 10 minutes more. Stir in a generous handful of fresh thai basil and coriander. Serve with black rice and some salad on the side.


  1. Posted 12 Oct ’12 at 20:52 | #

    This recipe is lovely! The curry looks so full of flavour!

  2. Posted 12 Oct ’12 at 22:37 | #

    Beautiful memories. I had such a fabulous time when I was there. A remarkable place. People are so warm and caring, and the food is so colorful. Thanks for helping me bring back those memories.

  3. Posted 12 Oct ’12 at 22:49 | #

    So gorgeous… I love how it takes just one ingredient to bring up an entire memory. I’m so envious of your travels!

  4. Posted 12 Oct ’12 at 22:49 | #

    How do you spell HEAVEN? Wow GKS…looks incredible. I will be hiding in the woods all weekend writing a book review…and cooking this! Perfect…thank you. Happy weekend!

  5. emily
    Posted 12 Oct ’12 at 22:51 | #

    I truly loved following your adventures around the world. It was so brave of you to take that trip when Elsa was still so young. Your curry sounds delicious. I love the lemongrass twist!

  6. Posted 12 Oct ’12 at 22:59 | #

    What a beautiful dish- colors are stunning!

  7. Posted 12 Oct ’12 at 23:14 | #

    I love Thai food so much! I’ve never been to Thailand, but Thai food has been a great discovery I made in DC.
    You are right, it takes so little to activate recollections.
    Your photos are beautiful!

  8. Shelby
    Posted 12 Oct ’12 at 23:55 | #

    This recipe looks like a total must! Can’t wait to give it a go…I love when my travels inspire future meals at home! Than you for sharing!

  9. Magda
    Posted 13 Oct ’12 at 02:25 | #

    Looks so yummy and I love the ingredients! Thank you for always being a well of inspiration.

  10. Posted 13 Oct ’12 at 03:18 | #

    I love this! Both the story about your travels and your dish… I definitely must give this a try. Thank you.


  11. Posted 13 Oct ’12 at 03:23 | #

    I have been trying to find a good curry recipe for Eggplant, it looks like I finally did! This dish looks amazing. I have never used lemongrass before… where do you buy it? Do most markets sell them? I’m really excited to try this.

    • Posted 14 Oct ’12 at 21:55 | #

      Hi Emily, most supermarkets and grocery stores where we live sell lemongrass. If you can’t find it there, you can always buy it from an Asian super market.
      Good luck!

  12. Posted 13 Oct ’12 at 14:51 | #

    What a beautiful looking dish. I’ll be trying this real soon! Those spices sound great, especially with the lemongrass. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Posted 13 Oct ’12 at 16:40 | #

    This sounds delicious. I am looking forward to trying it out. I don’t think I have made a curry from scratch yet, and this sounds pretty simple. Thanks for the beautiful recipe.

  14. Posted 13 Oct ’12 at 22:04 | #

    this looks lovely…I hope to visit Thailand one day soon. On my list! Lemongrass and coconut–anything with these 2 ingredients is perfection, in my eyes.

  15. Casey
    Posted 14 Oct ’12 at 00:45 | #

    I cooked this for dinner last night….it was delicious. Not sure I’m a huge fan of the brussel sprouts (have never really been a big eater of them) but the sweetness of the apples was a really nice touch. Love the lemongrass addition as well. I’ll definitely be using this sauce as a base for future curries. Thanks!

  16. Posted 14 Oct ’12 at 21:16 | #

    I am such a thai curry addict! I’ve never thought to use sprouts and aubergine in them though.

  17. Posted 15 Oct ’12 at 10:50 | #

    Tastes and smells are great at triggering memories as are songs. I love Thai food flavours and add them to many non-Thai foods just to add that extra zing.

  18. Posted 15 Oct ’12 at 11:02 | #

    Looks delicious! I spent 6 weeks in Thailand and Laos last year and really miss the food, atmosphere and people…

  19. Caroline
    Posted 15 Oct ’12 at 12:07 | #

    Wow this looks delicious! I even know a store here in Munich, where you can buy the really small aubergines!
    Thx a lot for this recipe, I’m going to cook it tonight!

  20. Jens
    Posted 15 Oct ’12 at 18:42 | #

    Looks amazing, I will try it out as soon as possible!

  21. Teresa
    Posted 16 Oct ’12 at 05:00 | #

    We made this for our supper last night… it was so flavorful, and a fantastic use for our homegrown eggplant! I love trying out your recipes. Thank you!

  22. Posted 16 Oct ’12 at 09:50 | #

    Such a beautiful story. Such a beautiful dish.

  23. Posted 18 Oct ’12 at 17:16 | #

    i love your story. and the food looks so delicious. thank you for sharing.have a lovely week!

  24. Posted 18 Oct ’12 at 18:29 | #

    This looks so satisfying and comforting and I need something new to do with all the eggplants in our garden! I have been thinking a lot about how subjective taste is and how inextricably tied it is to memory. A lovely reminder that we can revisit our happiest places while standing in the kitchen.

  25. Posted 18 Oct ’12 at 19:43 | #

    Oh just brought all my own Thailand memories back. Spend all of August there and had a wonderful time. Not least because of the food! I will definitely have to try this one. And while I eat it I will dream about Koh Tao and the rest of Thailand! Thank you for bringing back those memories!

  26. Posted 19 Oct ’12 at 00:55 | #

    Hi, Luise&David!
    Thanx for this delisious mouthwatering recipe,where I finally can use my lemongrass, which a friend of mine brought me once!!! I did not know what to do with this, I put it to the freezer! Do you think it will taste the same way??? Greatings from Spain:-)

  27. Elena
    Posted 20 Oct ’12 at 18:59 | #

    Hi, was there supposed to be curry spice in the recipe? Thanks.

  28. Posted 23 Oct ’12 at 00:50 | #

    My family and I enjoyed this dish and I loved cooking with lemongrass for the first time! I shared the recipe on my blog in my most recent meal plan. Thank you!

  29. Posted 29 Oct ’12 at 20:59 | #

    We just enjoyed this curry and found it absolutely gorgeous. Every time we try one of your recipes we are wonderfully pleased and sourprised!

  30. Lorna Webb
    Posted 6 Nov ’12 at 14:37 | #

    Made this last night- I used Courgette and cauliflower as had to use them up! Also added some lime leaves. Lovely recipe & love the site! X

  31. Posted 10 Nov ’12 at 14:55 | #

    Thanks for a great recipe! I made this last night and I already know it’s gonna be one of my favorites. Using brussels sprouts surprised me, but the taste went very well with the other ingredients in this dish :)

  32. Posted 12 Nov ’12 at 15:07 | #

    I made this for a Thai dinner party last weekend, everyone said how tasty it was. I never usually buy aubergines but will from now on!!!

  33. Posted 19 Nov ’12 at 04:52 | #

    things i was nervous about:
    1) brussel sprouts (i don’t really like em)
    2) the flavour of the curry if i wasn’t using a paste (i’ve never had much success at making them from scratch)
    3) the apples
    4) whether it would reeeeally serve 4 hungry people.

    but for some reason it just looked SO GOOD in your pictures i was compelled to make it. And since it was pretty much the best tasting homemade curry i have EVER tried, (and seconded by husband and 1.5 year old daughter) i figured i should leave a comment to say thank you for taking such great photos (and following with the recipe). All my fears were put at ease after tasting this. will definitely be making it again!

  34. elide
    Posted 19 Nov ’12 at 15:16 | #

    I am addicted to your amazing website:)!

    At the moment on the stove i have made for tomorrow night’s dinner your aubergine and lemongrass curry YUM! Curries always taste better the next day and looking forward to serving this one up to my curry eager friends!
    Also it will be my 3rd time making your bean brownie, i play the game of guess the secret ingredient!
    Thank you again for your amazing dedication to your beautiful recipes and stories behind them :)

  35. femmebot
    Posted 28 Nov ’12 at 21:57 | #

    FYI — It’s Brussels sprouts (named after the country), not Brussel

    • Posted 28 Nov ’12 at 23:50 | #

      Thank you, note taken.
      And for your information – Brussels is a city, not a country.

  36. Yolandi
    Posted 29 Nov ’12 at 08:44 | #

    I can’t wait to try this! I found myself addicted to green curry since visiting Thailand. Will be comparing this to my adapted green curry recipe I was taught in Chiang Mai. Nostalgia.

  37. Posted 10 Dec ’12 at 13:46 | #

    Just had to let you know that I made brussel sprouts as a side dish but with curry recipe above and they were a great hit. Thanks again!

  38. Emma
    Posted 11 Dec ’12 at 08:28 | #

    I made this for dinner last night and it was delicious. I’ll definitely be making it again. I’ve even got leftovers for lunch today. Lucky me :-)

  39. Christina
    Posted 21 Dec ’12 at 01:51 | #

    Made this for dinner tonight following the recipe exactly. Both myself and my boyfriend agree it is delicious. Thank you!

  40. Heli
    Posted 3 Jan ’13 at 10:23 | #


    Ni har verkligen en underbar receptbank, tackar så innerligt för det. God fortsättning till er på året 2013

  41. Posted 5 Feb ’13 at 12:30 | #


    love your blog, get a lot of inspiration from it. A couple of weeks ago, i made (an adapted version of) this curry. Main adaptions: i added cashenuts for some crunch, and i added the apple just before serving, so it stays very fresh. Here’s my recipe, in Dutch ;.)

    Btw, how can i learn to make those beautiful pics?

    Groeten, Johanneke

  42. Veronika
    Posted 28 Feb ’13 at 22:40 | #

    I want to give you feedback for this particular recipe and also for the whole blog.
    I tried this curry and have to say I absolutely loved it! It is perfectly balanced, I could just eat it forever :)
    Plus, the whole thing you are doing is gorgeous. I’ve gone through lots of food blogs and recipe webpages, but I have to admit that I find yours the best. Recipes are delicious and usually not too difficult to prepare, the design is appealing too. The whole thing just seems true and inspirational.

    Thank you for that!

    Hope you will always enjoy what you’re doing and encourage people to eat good food :)


  43. Justine
    Posted 16 Mar ’13 at 15:55 | #

    oh my goodness, this was a treat. I love me some aubergine, sprouts and apples. How nice to enjoy them all in a light and flavourful thai curry.

    Tip: I whizzed all the spices in a food processor, which quickly took care of “crushing” the lemongrass.

    I’m new to vegetarianism, but your recipes are assuring me I’m headed in the right direction. Thank you for the inspiration!

  44. Silvia Jansen
    Posted 27 Mar ’13 at 19:44 | #

    I cooked his several times, very yummy, today i made a variation and posted it in my blog, http://silvias-foodblog.blogspot.de/2013/03/thaicurry-mit-pak-choy-maiskolbchen.html

  45. sasha
    Posted 29 Mar ’13 at 06:17 | #

    Made this last night without the spouts, mmmm had it with your wonderful eggplant pickle ( now thats a keeper), found this site last week and already am addicted, great job

  46. Mar Zum
    Posted 9 Apr ’13 at 13:02 | #

    You mention 6 spices in the instructions but there are only 5, counting the lemongrass and ginger but not the garlic since that’s already heated, in the list. Is something missing?

  47. Lara
    Posted 8 May ’13 at 09:45 | #

    first of all: love your blog! Reading your texts an stories it seems to me like your living the dream :)
    Secondly: I’ve got a question regarding this recipe, which is among the top things on my list of things I’d love to try. Unfortunately, brussels sprouts’ season is over here, so I was wondering if i could use some other vegetable instead? Do you have any suggestion maybe what would fit in with this curry? I can’t wait till autumn for trying this… ;) Really looking forward to hearing from you, all the best,

    • Posted 8 May ’13 at 11:40 | #

      Dear Lara, thank you for your kind comment!
      I’d guess that you could use some of the other veggies from the cabbage family, like spring cabbage or broccoli.
      Happy cooking!


  48. melissa
    Posted 5 Jun ’13 at 17:12 | #

    Hi, is there anything that I can substitute the coconut cream for thats similar? Love your blog :) x

  49. Posted 18 Jun ’13 at 01:37 | #

    Oh, another wonderful dish from your fantastic website. Thank you guys! So much lighter and fresher than curries I normally make. No brussel sprouts available, so I used broccoli (and brown rice instead of black rice) and that worked well.

  50. Becca
    Posted 23 Jun ’13 at 03:23 | #

    Just made this, only thing I was missing was the fresh basil/cilantro, and I used some coconut rice I already had in the fridge instead of black rice.
    I also would probably sub out the brussel sprouts next time for broccoli but it wasn’t bad! The flavor goes, I guess it’s just a preference think

  51. Posted 1 Oct ’13 at 21:53 | #

    Hey, I really love this curry! I made it for my Mum and dad last night and they said that it was one of the freshest curries and they loved it. You Guys are my favourite blog, I just love all the things you post, your approach to food, and the lovely stories that go along with them! I am going to make EVERYTHING on your blog! Well I’ll try at least ;)
    Lots of love,
    Laura xxx

  52. Cristina
    Posted 29 Oct ’13 at 23:34 | #

    OMG!!! So I went out to get all the ingredients to make this, and when I got home I realized I forgot to buy lemongrass!!!! Total bummer. I could have waited to tomorrow or later but my craving was not gonna let up. So I made it and added leeks- delicious!!! Can’t wait to make it with Lemongrass though.. great recipe. my house smells like heave. Thank you GKS!

    Cristina :)

  53. Renata
    Posted 7 Nov ’13 at 10:11 | #

    I cooked this yesterday, and I have to say it was Far tastier than I thought it would be! I mean, I knew it would be delicious, but when I tasted it… WOW!! Thankyou :)

  54. Katerina
    Posted 13 Nov ’13 at 21:32 | #

    Made it last night and it was delicious and nobody missed the meat :) Thank you again for being so inspirational and for making the autumn days even prettier!

  55. Posted 13 Jan ’14 at 22:32 | #

    Hi, Love your website! Just wondering if the app will be released for android in the near future? Suvannah

  56. Posted 5 Feb ’14 at 12:59 | #

    This is such an unusual but utterly amazing curry! I made it last night and we really enjoyed it. Also added toasted cashews and pomegranate molasses to finish. This will definitely be repeat.

  57. Gabby
    Posted 26 Mar ’14 at 21:26 | #

    What kind of apple do you recommend?

  58. AG
    Posted 13 Apr ’14 at 08:09 | #

    Love the website and stories

  59. Susan
    Posted 9 Jun ’14 at 23:03 | #

    Just made a pot of your curry and I have to say, it’s amazing. Just as every one of your recipes I used so far. Looking forward for your 2nd book!

  60. Posted 18 Jun ’14 at 20:57 | #

    Just made it and is very very nice! Thanks for sharing!!

  61. Lucy
    Posted 9 Sep ’14 at 16:22 | #

    So excited to try this recipe. Just been to the supermarket to stock up on coconut oil! Quick question – can this curry be made in advance? I know fresh I always best but I’m pushed for time on an evening after work! I’m concerned about he consistency of the sauce and vegetables when reheating..

    Thanks! Lucy.

  62. Simon
    Posted 30 Dec ’14 at 14:22 | #

    Me and some friends are going to cook this for dinner tonight, the pictures look amazing and I hope we can get the same result :) We only have the basic basil and no I couldn’t get my hands on any coconutoil, but I think it will be just fine! Thanks for the the recipe!

  63. Posted 16 Jul ’15 at 10:13 | #

    We had this for dinner last night. It was amazingly easy and cheap to make (I had most of the spices on hand so just needed to buy aubergine and lemongrass). We didn’t have brussels sprouts so used frozen spinach, and served it with basmati rice cooked in coconut milk and water as we didn’t have black rice. It was absolutely delicious! I will definitely make this again! Thank you. :)

  64. Posted 20 Jan ’16 at 15:23 | #

    Amazing!!!! Great mix of spice and sweetness of the apple!
    Even my partner said: if there are chunks of something in a meal, like the eggplants are, then I don’t think I am not getting enough – aka I am not missing the meat!
    Thank you!!!

  65. Maud
    Posted 23 Mar ’16 at 23:18 | #

    Hi! Thanks for the beautiful recipe, I have your app and I must say when I’m out of inspiration I just scroll through the pictures and choose something to copy!
    I was feeling nostalgic about this summer in Thailand and cooked up a pot of your curry. The eggplant worked very well but I was disappointed at how sweet the curry was. I added some fish sauce and finally put in some tomato paste too… I used a large golden delicious apple and dry lemingrass instead of fresh: do you think this could have affected the sweetness? Perhaps I simmered it too long?
    I’d be grateful if you had any suggestions, thanks a million for your wonderful recipes and gorgeous pictures!

  66. Ashli
    Posted 11 Feb ’17 at 02:38 | #

    I made this dish tonight in an attempt to change my dislike for eggplant and it definitely worked! I can’t wait to eat it again! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  67. Claire Wharton
    Posted 17 Feb ’18 at 21:31 | #

    I’m wondering, once cooked could you re-heat this dish? There’s a couple I’d like to make it for who’ve just had their first baby and sadly has had a very rough start to life and I’d like to give the couple some easy meals since they spend most of day at Karolinska.

    If they were to re-heat or freeze will it be edible?

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