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Herby Picnic Potato Salad

A couple of weeks ago we had a little picnic for our baby boy with family and a few close friends. It was kind of a combined (very delayed) Welcome-to-the-World-Isac and Happy-First-Birthday celebration and it turned out to be a real gem of a day. It has basically been raining in Sweden all summer, but this day was filled with sunshine, good food, laughter and lots of chubby babies. Despite having written two cookbooks, we actually rarely cook for our friends. Instead we prefer going the picnic route, having everyone bringing something to share. It just makes it a lot easier to plan these kind of things instead of having to do everything yourself. It also makes for a more fun and spontaneous event.




We did actually end up cooking quite a lot anyway for this picnic. We made a few picnic pies, two monster versions of our Blueberry Cake (not shattered this time) and an adapted version of the potato salad from Sara Forte’s latest book Bowl+Spoon.

We got to read her book manuscript before it was published as we were asked to write a little quote for the back. Here is what we wrote: “We love that Sara’s recipes are always focused on ‘real’ ingredients, simple to prepare, and undoubtedly delicious. The bowl theme is brilliant and exactly how we prefer to eat our everyday meals.”

Apart from a few other favourites in the book, we have been making different versions of Sara’s potato salad at least five times this summer. It’s incredibly flavourful with lots of fresh herbs and capers, and also has a tangy zing from white wine vinegar. The original recipe calls for hard-boiled eggs and it’s an excellent combo, but we have also been playing with other (vegan) sources of protein. One time we tried beluga lentils and here we are using chickpeas. We added kale and apple to make it less of a side dish and more of a complete meal. As the name implies, this is great to pack on a picnic but it is also a good indoor meal. And when your kids are tired of having potato salad for the fifth time, you can fry the leftovers in a pan into a quick and flavourful hash.



Herby Picnic Potato Salad with Kale, Apple & Chickpeas
Serves 6
Recipe adapted from Bowl+Spoon by Sara & Hugh Forte. We usually make an extra large (almost double) batch of the vinaigrette because it’s so good. If your white wine vinegar is very sweet, you can add some lemon juice for extra zing.

2 pounds/1 kg small new potatoes

Coarse Herb Vinaigrette
3 tbsp pickled capers
2 spring onions or green onions
2 cups loosely packed herbs (a mix of chives, parsley, basil and top greens from the celery)
2 tbsp white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup cold pressed oil
sea salt and black pepper, to taste

2 apples, diced
3 celery stalks (save the top greens for the vinaigrette), finely diced
2 leaves kale, chard or spinach, chopped
1 can (14 oz/400 g) cooked chickpeas, rinsed

Put the potatoes in a large pot, cover them with water and bring the water to a boil. Boil for 12-15 minutes until they are cooked through but not falling apart – just until you can easily pierce a sharp knife through the center. Drain and set aside to cool.

In a food processor, blitz capers and their brine, onions, basil, parsley, chives, celery greens, vinegar, lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper until you get a coarse vinaigrette. Quarter the potatoes and collect them in a larger mixing bowl. Pour the vinaigrette over the just-cooled potatoes and gently toss to coat. It will look like a lot of dressing, but the potatoes soak it up as they sit. Stir celery, apples, kale and chickpeas into the potatoes. Taste for salt and pepper. Serve at room temperature.


  1. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 13:47 | #

    oh it looks so yum! i love the recipe it’s simple enough. Thank you

  2. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 15:31 | #

    The potato salad sounds delicious – I wouldn’t have thought of adding apple to it but sounds so good so I’m going to have to give it a try! And can’t believe your little boy is one – it seems like only yesterday you welcomed him into the world!

    Wendy @ Moral Fibres
    Where sustainable living is hip, not hippie

  3. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 16:38 | #

    These photos and what they evoke is so beautiful. I love when experiences are captured in photos. From your photos I experience family, togetherness, community, love, and plenty. What a wonderful celebration for Isac.

  4. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 17:08 | #

    Picnics are the best, aren’t they? I love seeing what everyone brought, and there always seems to be an idea worth stealing. That spread looks glorious. I never would have thought of adding capers to a vinaigrette, and I am now beyond intrigued.

  5. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 17:57 | #

    What a gorgeous spread for a picnic! Everything looks so tasty! This potato salad looks so fresh and delicious. I can’t wait to try this out (especially the vinaigrette with capers: yum!)
    xx Sydney

  6. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 18:47 | #

    The textures must be amazing with the apple and kale included! Such a stunning color too! And any salad with capers is delicious in my opinion :) x

  7. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 19:18 | #

    What a gorgeous picnic. I’m loving all the fresh herbs in this potato salad, I need to check that book out immediately!

  8. marie
    Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 19:23 | #

    Looks delicious! Silly question- where is Luise’s dress from? It seems great for nursing.

  9. Lizzie
    Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 19:59 | #

    This looks delicious! Any chance you could share where that gorgeous purple dress is from? I love it.

  10. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 20:03 | #

    What an amazing potato salad recipe. So much more exciting than my usual version. I’m definitely going to try it. Thank you. And gorgeous pictures.

  11. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 20:07 | #

    Oh wow, this is a gorgeously loaded potato salad. Love the capers and the herbs and especially like that you’ve made it a full meal with the chickpeas (or lentils) and kale.

  12. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 20:17 | #

    Such a beautiful picnic and the potato salad sounds wonderful. I love the addition of apple in it! In Scotland we haven’t had good weather this summer either! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe. H x

  13. Brittany Smith
    Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 20:31 | #

    I love a good potato salad recipe that is still fresh! I’m with Lizzie and Marie, where is Luise’s dress from?

    • Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 21:08 | #

      Hi Marie, Lizzie and Brittany. Thank you for your comments about the dress. It’s one of my favourite dresses!
      It is from Danish brand Designers Remix, but I’ve had it for a couple of years so I suspect that it might be hard to find.

  14. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 21:05 | #

    Fabulous! So inspiring to see yummy, nourishing, satisfying AND healthy recipes for entertaining. I think I’ll make this recipe for my sons’ 2nd birthday this month! Thank you!

  15. Posted 1 Sep ’15 at 21:47 | #

    This all looks so delicious! I can’t wait to make this for an upcoming get together. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 00:07 | #

    Lovely recipe! We have a lot of potatoes here, so this is going to be such a good way to prepare them! And I too love your dress Luise! You look stunning! Hope to see you both soon in Amsterdam! x

  17. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 01:16 | #

    I love the name of this recipe!

  18. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 03:36 | #

    This looks amazing! I love picnics and it seems to be the only thing we can do lately with the little babe ;) I love that the dressing has capers, and that the potato salad has more substance with the kale and chickpeas. I’m not one for the apples in it but it still sounds divine!

  19. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 04:12 | #

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Looks like it was a wonderful gathering. So much deliciousness in one picnic! Amazing. This potato salad sounds beyond delicious! I really need to get my hands on this beautiful cookbook!

  20. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 04:58 | #

    Beautiful photos and the perfect picnic dish! Sara must have inspired Bon Appetit’s last issue b/c I’ve been making a very similar one from the magazine all summer! So yum!

  21. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 08:49 | #

    Looks like it was a wonderful and fun picnic – it’s always endearing to gather around great food with really great people in your life. I will definitely give this salad a try!

  22. Sytske
    Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 10:27 | #

    This looks so delicious, and the picnic so lovely! The weather here in the Netherlands is now not really picnic weather anymore.. but I think I’m gonna try this one tot take to work for lunch next week!

    • Sytske
      Posted 7 Sep ’15 at 14:22 | #

      Had it for lunch today, my only regret is that I didn’t put enough in my lunchbox, delicious! got some jealous stares :-)

  23. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 10:43 | #

    Gud så gott det ser ut! Önskar jag kunde äta med ögonen. Haha.

  24. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 10:53 | #

    Seems delicoius, and beautiful picnic pictures!

  25. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 10:56 | #

    The picnic looks gorgeous! Perfect way the spend the summer, even though in England it’ll probably be pouring of rain. Will definitly have to try and make the salad
    Liberty xx – http://www.fashionablef00d.blogspot.co.uk

  26. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 13:22 | #

    Potatissallad måste ju vara det perfekta picknicktillbehöret! Tycker det funkar fint med en ljummen sådan nu när vi är i nån slags sommar/höst-övergångsfas. Kan tänka mig att det är gott ihop med halloumi elelr rödbetsburgare :)

    Ser ut som att ni hade en riktig brakfest! :D Och grattis till Isaks första födelsedag!


  27. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 14:18 | #

    GAH! Congrats!!! So exciting! Can’t imagine a better way to celebrate than with a big outdoor feast. This potato salad looks wonderful!

  28. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 15:48 | #

    I love picnics! The idea of everyone bringing something different is so lovely. Just the thought of everyone contributing to the same meal! And I love how this salad is the exact opposite of heavy, mayo-laden potato salads…. it’s so fresh and light! :D

  29. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 16:31 | #

    Potato salad is a must on picknicks and barbecues. I get a bit tired sometimes of the same oldm same old version of it. This one looks delicious, I have to rty it sometimes.

  30. Posted 2 Sep ’15 at 21:25 | #

    What a gorgeous looking picnic! Such a lovely way to spend an afternoon outside. xo

  31. Maya
    Posted 3 Sep ’15 at 00:22 | #

    This looks amazing but sadly I find capers repulsive. Any suggestions for a replacement?

  32. Posted 3 Sep ’15 at 00:37 | #

    Looks perfect for a picnic!

  33. Kourtney
    Posted 3 Sep ’15 at 04:21 | #

    Are there more recipes posted for the other dishes from the picnic? Everything looks so good!

  34. Posted 4 Sep ’15 at 05:01 | #

    Oh how I love picnics. I like the idea of putting picnic food in a rustic crate. It really captures what a picnic should be. It makes me want to dive into the pictures.

  35. Posted 4 Sep ’15 at 20:14 | #

    I made this today and it is delicious. Love the strong taste of the vinaigrette in contrast with the apples. I put in some walnuts for extra crunch. Thank you for a delicious meal! :)

  36. Posted 5 Sep ’15 at 18:36 | #

    What a lovely post! Everything just looks so beautiful and vibrant. A family picnic is such a lovely occasion, thank you so much for sharing, (and I agree, that dress is stunning) :)

  37. Posted 6 Sep ’15 at 17:25 | #

    Picnics will forever be my favourite way of eating. This looks so incredible! Every potato salad should be made with that many herbs. Gabriella x

  38. Posted 7 Sep ’15 at 08:18 | #

    Your photos are so homey, even if it’s a picnic. Love those gigantic blueberry cakes as well! Yum!
    – Regine

  39. Posted 8 Sep ’15 at 09:14 | #

    Hi there! I love your beautiful pictures so much! The foods are looks so healthy and nutritious! Enjoy reading your post so much! Well written! Thanks for sharing

  40. Posted 16 Sep ’15 at 02:20 | #

    This looks like a delicious picnic! I don’t have bowl+spoon yet, but every time I see a recipe from the book I think, :why don’t I own this book yet?”

  41. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 06:11 | #

    Your photography continues to AMAZE me. I am more in love with each picture as I scroll…this recipe sounds amazing as well. Thank you thank you thank you!! X

  42. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 14:21 | #

    Gorgeous photos, everything looks absolutely delicious! Thank you! So sad to be that summer is ending!

  43. Posted 20 Sep ’15 at 03:43 | #

    Such a beautiful picnic spread! I love how loaded your potato salad is with herbs – sounds like a very delicious and zingy salad! Thanks for sharing.

  44. Posted 30 Sep ’15 at 17:54 | #

    I’m sure that everyone attacked that potato salad, haha! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I’ll definitely try this with sweet potatoes!

  45. Louisa
    Posted 18 Oct ’15 at 06:11 | #

    I just settled in to making this lovely salad and I don’t see in the recipe how much lemon juice to use in the vinaigrette.

  46. Posted 17 May ’16 at 23:03 | #

    Really looking forward to trying out this herby potato salad and I’m thinking my daughter’s graduation party would be the perfect place to show off this fabulous recipe! I just stumbled upon your site but will certainly be back. Can’t wait to check out the rest of your other posts and recipes (dal stuffed sweet potatoes is next!) Thanks!

  47. Maryna
    Posted 31 Mar ’18 at 22:39 | #

    It’s a divine recipe! I don’t even like potatoes so much and I devoured it at once and I am planning on making it again tomorrow.

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