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Green Sushi Salad

This is what happened one day when we felt like making our own vegetarian sushi but were too lazy to go through the whole Japanese rice and rolls procedure. Instead we marinated tofu, boiled some brown rice, chopped our favorite vegetables, cut the seaweed into pieces and turned sushi into a salad. And what a salad! The sesame oil, rice vinegar and seaweed gave the salad that sushi feeling, although with a more nourishing twist. We quickly realized that this dish actually had made it to our top-list of favorite dinner recipes (right next to our Lasagna and Quinoa & Kale salad).

We got the inspiration for this recipe from the danish restaurant Sticks n’ Sushi (great restaurant!). They have a dish called KAOS and it literally looks like they have taken pieces of sushi, thrown them in a salad bowl and shaken it all around. Our version is a little bit more refined with marinated tofu pieces, brown rice, and vegetables instead of fish.

Vegetarian Sushi Salad
Serves 4

Make the marinated tofu 1-2 hours in advance. Since we like to keep our recipes as simple as possible we made a little extra marinade and used the left-overs as a dressing to the salad.

Marinated tofu (scroll down for recipe)
Brown rice (scroll down for recipe)
1 large broccoli, broken into 1-inch pieces
1 spring onion, thinly sliced
2 avocado, cut into cubes
12 mushrooms (shiitake or whatever you prefer), cut in quarters
1 handful sugarsnap peas, divided in half
1 handful bean sprouts
1/2 cucumber, cut into sticks
8 sheets nori seaweed, cut into 2×2-inch squares
1 handful roasted sesame seeds
1 handful cilantro

Serve with: wasabi & soy sauce

Making the salad: Blanch the broccoli (pour boiled water over it, let it set for two minutes and then throw it in ice cold water). Divide the rice into 4 large bowls and top it with all the vegetables mixed together. Drizzle the rest of the tofu marinade over the salad, top it with sesame seeds and cilantro and serve it with wasabi and soy sauce.

Marinated Tofu
300 g tofu
5 tbsp sesame oil
5 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp rice vinegar
1 clove garlic
1/2 red chili
2-inch (6 cm) fresh ginger, peeled and minced

Making the marinade: Try to drain the tofu from water by padding it with a towel. Cut it into 1-inch cubes. Mix the ingredients for the marinade in a bowl and add the tofu. Make sure the marinade covers all of the tofu. Put in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Brown Rice
organic brown rice (for 4 persons)
2 tbsp rice vinegar
1 tbsp sesame oil
a couple of cilantro leaves, roughly chopped

Making the rice: Boil the rice according to the instructions on the package. When it’s done, stir down rice vinegar, sesame oil and cilantro.


  1. Jennifer L.
    Posted 3 May ’10 at 01:19 | #

    Mmm! This looks yummy! Much simpler than rolling up your own nori rolls. I do that a lot though since it is an easy food to eat one-handed while nursing and without a sauce, it doesn’t drip on the baby’s head. Salads are great when you have moments of eating without balancing a baby too. I like to think that all those fancy nursing covers here in the US are for keeping the baby clean (mommy bibs) vs. hiding a baby having a snack. Gorgeous pictures, as always! I just noticed that the top picture is probably Luise holding the bowl with two hands–hooray for finding nice times to eat delicious and nourishing foods!

    • Posted 6 May ’10 at 22:57 | #

      Hi Jennifer! You would have laughed if you were here when we took the picture of Luise holding the bowl. Not peaceful at all …
      Here is a recap:
      David: “This looks beautiful”
      Luise: “Oh no, I can hear Elsa is waking up”
      David: “Wait wait I have to take another shot of this”
      Luise: “…but she is waking up”
      David: “…just a couple of seconds more…”
      Elsa: “Waaaaaaeeeee!”
      Luise: “Grrr”

  2. Posted 3 May ’10 at 02:11 | #

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to try this recipe.

  3. Carol
    Posted 3 May ’10 at 18:03 | #

    I love love everything about this post!
    The gorgeous pictures, the use of tofu (my favorite ingredient!) and the creative idea. I have to try this!

  4. Posted 3 May ’10 at 21:36 | #

    Wow! Amazing photographs, and most of all, the recipe sounds like true perfection! We are fanatic sushi lovers, so I can see this salad so working in our kitchen.

  5. Posted 4 May ’10 at 00:28 | #

    SO beautiful!!! I love the colors and textures of this salad. I’m so glad you didn’t go out to eat! :-)

  6. Posted 4 May ’10 at 11:10 | #

    The way you put together all ingredients in one picture is so creative.
    The final presentation looks wonderful, and no animal killing was involved. I love it!

  7. Posted 4 May ’10 at 17:47 | #

    This sushi salad looks yummy. I think I’ll try it with a few marinated & grilled veggies mixed with the raw veggies perhaps, since I’m not a tofu girl. Way easier than fiddling with the rolling- we’ll leave that to the restaurant sushi chefs when we don’t feel like cooking! Thanx for sharing.

    • Posted 6 May ’10 at 23:02 | #

      Hi Julie!
      I’m actually not very thrilled about tofu either. But I thought it would fit in this recipe, and it really does! Although marinated and grilled vegetables will probably taste good as well.

  8. Jen
    Posted 5 May ’10 at 16:13 | #

    Great post. I need to try this, sounds so good!
    No new pictures of Elsa?

  9. Posted 6 May ’10 at 18:42 | #

    This looks beautiful, and completely delicious. Wonderful photos! I love deconstructed salads! I make a spring roll salad that is really tasty because I don’t like using those weird spring roll wrappers :) Thanks for sharing another mouth-watering recipe! I want to visit your kitchen. :) -Kim | http://www.affairsofliving.com

    • Posted 6 May ’10 at 23:07 | #

      Hmmm, spring roll salad, never thought of that before. Good idea!
      If you come to Sweden we’ll definitely cook for you. But it might just be the other way around, since we are planning to move to the states for a couple of months this autumn. ;)

  10. Posted 7 May ’10 at 03:21 | #

    Oh my goodness, this looks AMAZING!!!

  11. Posted 10 May ’10 at 05:13 | #

    Oh, where are you moving to here in the States? How exciting. If it is anywhere near Minnesota, you have a standing invitation for dinner! :)

    • Posted 11 May ’10 at 20:28 | #

      Right now we are talking about California. So kind of far away from Minnesota, but it’s still closer than Sweden. :)

  12. Posted 10 May ’10 at 15:02 | #

    I am making this salad sometimes this week. It looks so fresh and vibrant! Love all the flavors in it too!

  13. Posted 10 May ’10 at 21:47 | #

    Fint och gott det ser ut! Kram

  14. Posted 12 May ’10 at 00:05 | #

    What a fabulous idea! This looks much more efficient than making sushi rolls! :)

  15. Posted 12 May ’10 at 02:34 | #

    Fantastic! I make sushi salad all the time, but yours is really beautiful!

  16. Posted 12 May ’10 at 21:02 | #

    This looks SO GOOD!

  17. Posted 13 May ’10 at 12:51 | #

    Ooh! I looove sushi and this salad sound amazing. I just went to pick up some sushi for lunch so I’m sitting here with my sticks and my salmon sushi. Mm.

  18. Posted 13 May ’10 at 23:43 | #

    yummy, fresh, healthy wow that is a perfect salad in every word.

  19. Posted 18 May ’10 at 07:51 | #

    Like sushi, but without all the fuzz of doing the rolls :D I really love your site, guys ^^ I felt in love with you design and the fresh, big and bright photos. They make my mouth watering!

    Keep on with great and healthy recipes like this :D

  20. Posted 19 May ’10 at 19:16 | #

    Ooh! I looove sushi and this salad sound amazing. I just went to pick up some sushi for lunch so I’m sitting here with my sticks and my salmon sushi. Mm.

  21. Posted 16 Jun ’10 at 15:37 | #

    Fint och gott det ser ut! Kram

  22. Posted 9 Jul ’10 at 20:36 | #

    The looks awesome! I love sushi and this recipe makes it easy and adds flavor. The pictures are beautiful as well. I can wait to try it! I encourage you to add your low allergen recipes to the contest on my blog. I am giving away a free 1 1/2 hour nutrition appointment for the best recipes!

    Keep up the good work! These recipes are awesome! :)

  23. Posted 31 Mar ’11 at 20:17 | #

    I made this salad last night and it was FANTASTIC. This is going to be a summer staple for sure. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    For those who are interested, I did a quick nutritional analysis. It’s not 100% accurate, but with 2.5 cups of brown rice, only one avocado (only had one on hand), and only 4 tbsp of sesame oil (ran out!) this (according to my calculations) has per serving (4 servings for the whole dish):
    474 calories, 25.4 grams of fat, 901 mg of sodium, 8g of dietary fiber, and 19.5 g of protein.

    Hope someone finds that useful :)

  24. JULIA
    Posted 26 Sep ’11 at 13:18 | #

    I just made this salad and it was amaaaaaaaaaazing! Soooo good! Thanks a lot for this recipe!!Your blog is really charming!

  25. Posted 31 Oct ’11 at 22:45 | #

    Wow! The colors in this salad are amazing. I love your blog so much, everything is beautiful.

  26. Posted 10 Dec ’11 at 11:01 | #

    very yummy! as usual….

  27. Posted 18 Dec ’11 at 16:05 | #

    husband and i became vegetarian (totally) about 9 months ago. i still cook meat for three teenagers. i struggle with vegetarian meals that feature variety and creativity. he made sushi about a week ago and we were in heaven. i tried to repeat his performance and everyone laughed (it was not pretty). my daughter came in my office and looked over my shoulder as i was looking at this recipe and exclaimed. “wow.. that’s like a burrito bowl”. I am in heaven again.. i’m sure this will be a hit… thanks so much. I’ll be checking your blog often for other ideas……

  28. J Suleiman
    Posted 4 Feb ’12 at 20:01 | #

    Hi there, found your blog via Pinterest. The sushi salad is absolutely gorgeous–cannot wait to try it, as well as your other recipes. Simply BEAUTIFUL blog you have here. Thanks!

  29. Posted 8 Feb ’12 at 09:14 | #

    Thank you – this salad (and the whole blog!) is very nice! I served the salad with roasted wasabi cashewnuts.

  30. Alyssa
    Posted 8 Feb ’12 at 21:49 | #

    Just made something similar to your this recipe. I had to seriously FORCE myself to stop eating it! This will be a new common dish in my house as well, thank you!

  31. Helene Hvid
    Posted 13 Feb ’12 at 20:08 | #

    I made this great salad this evening – and I (and my meatloving boyfriend) loved it! We both are addicted to sushi so this salad is just perfect, especially for a vegetarian(I do eat fish)-person like me. Just want to add that I fried the tofu on a pan and then marinated it afterwards, wich I think gave the salad a bit more flavour and made it more rustique. Just an idea:) Tak for en fin blog!!

  32. Jessica
    Posted 4 Mar ’12 at 05:17 | #

    We made this salad tonight & it is so incredibly yummy. Thanks for sharing! I love your site, photos & recipes. Looking forward to trying more!!

  33. Posted 6 May ’12 at 07:40 | #

    OMG! This is one of the best salads we’ve had! My (I’m not so keen on tofu) husband loved it, too. I’m mad about your site and food. I wish I could show you the picture of our dinner inspired by you. I’m so proud of myself. A very big thanks from us.

  34. Stephanie
    Posted 20 May ’12 at 06:55 | #

    Hi this looks amazing, will be cooking tomorrow night !

    Just to clarify, is the tofu not cooked? Just marinated??

    Thanks !!

  35. Posted 1 Sep ’12 at 05:32 | #

    Guys, this is amazing. I link to your posts a lot on my blog and on facebook -the giant social bulletin board it is.

  36. Posted 16 Sep ’12 at 08:28 | #

    You can certainly see your enthusiasm within the article you write.
    The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid
    to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

  37. Molly
    Posted 5 Oct ’12 at 09:46 | #

    I made this for a friend this weekend and loved it! It is so much easier then rolling sushi and you were right about the tofu. I’m not a big tofu fan but this was so yummy.

  38. fleur
    Posted 30 May ’13 at 13:51 | #

    in love – i made this last night and it is to die for.. thanks again GKS!

  39. lydie
    Posted 20 Jun ’13 at 20:00 | #

    i just made this… with salmon instead of tofu (i didn’t have any and since i’m not a vegetarian…) And it was DELICIOUS!!!! Like really really good! I’ll make it again very soon :):) Thank you…

  40. Nina
    Posted 10 Apr ’14 at 12:40 | #

    I simply love this salad – I have made it three-four times now and every time it has been a major success! Even with my friends who are not tofu lovers. The marinade does magic and so does the crispy veggies:) Thanks for the wonderful recipes in general.


  41. Penny
    Posted 21 May ’14 at 03:21 | #

    I made this salad last weekend and it was awesome. I had sushi rice instead of brown rice. I did not have snow peas so I used wakame instead. I love it and will make again during the warm weather as it is so easy to assemble everything together. Thank you. Penny

  42. Kate
    Posted 28 Jan ’15 at 11:34 | #

    This was lovely. We didn’t have quite the right dressing ingredients, so substituted soy and apple cider vinegar. Beautiful clean flavours. Thank you

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