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Flower Power Cake

There is a special place in Stockholm where we go when we want to get closer to nature, and it is incredibly beautiful this time of the year. Rosendals trädgård is an organic garden on the island Djurgården in central Stockholm. They sell fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits and flowers. There is a cute café inside one of the greenhouses, a bakery, a gardening shop, a deli shop and a giant apple orchard. Unfortunatly we are not the only persons in Stockholm who visits Rosendahl, quite the opposite actually. On a sunny weekend it is often very very crowded, but once you are sitting there with your lunch under the apple trees everything else fades away and it feels like you are all alone.

A few Saturdays ago we decided to take the boat to Rosendals Trädgård to have lunch, play with Elsa under the apple trees, buy some fresh kale and pick a bouquet of organic autumn flowers for a cake idea that we had been talking about. Here are some pictures from our day, and if you scroll down we also share the recipe for the insanely delicious raw and vegan Flower Power Cake.

This cake started out with a conversation that me and David had about our lifestyle. We don’t eat meat. We drink plant milk. We love greens, herbs and seeds and we use flowers in our cooking and as food decoration. If we would have lived during the 1960’s there is no doubt that we would have been hippies. As we started talking about it, we admitted that we actually feel like hippies even today. Hippies of the 21st century ✌.  If you like and read our blog we are guessing that you probably are as well, right?

So in the name of peace, love and understanding we made this raw and vegan cake, packed with superfoods and decorated with a whole bouquet of flowers. It was just something we did for fun. Like a celebration. Little did we know that it would turn out to be one of the best cake we had ever tried. Crunchy, lemony, fruity and sweet. It’s not an exaggeration, this cake is crazy good. Make it tonight.

Flower Power Cake
It is completely volontary to eat the flowers. We used them mainly because they are pretty. 

1 1/2 cups (225 g) almonds,
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
2 tbsp hemp seeds

12 fresh dates (medjool), pitted
2 tbsp virgin coconut oil
1 tsp sea salt

1 ½ cups raw cashews, soaked for at least 2 hours, longer if you have the time
2 organic lemons, juice & zest
1 tsp grounded vanilla powder or 1/2 vanilla pod
1/3 cup (0,8 dl) coconut oil, melted
1/3 cup (0,8 dl) honey or agave nectar
1 tbsp rosehip powder (optional)

2 medium size pomegranate, seeds
1/3 cup (0,8 dl) frozen raspberries
1/2 lime, juice

Organic & edible fresh flowers

Making the crust: Grind nuts and seeds in a blender or a food processor for about a minute. Add dates, coconut oil and sea salt and run the processor until it all comes together. Flatten it out on the bottom of an 8-inch non-stick spring form. Store in the fridge while you make the filling. Clean blender or food processor well.

Making the filling: Warm coconut oil and honey in a small saucepan on low heat until liquid. Whisk to combine. Place soaked cashews, lemon juice and zest, vanilla, coconut oil, honey and rosehip in blender or food processor and blend on high until very smooth (this make take a couple minutes so be patient). Pour the filling over the crust and place in the freezer for 30 minutes or until set. Clean blender or food processor well.

Making the topping: Place pomegranate seeds, raspberries and lime juice in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Pour the topping on top of the cashew filling, place the cake back in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

Serving the cake: Remove from freezer 30 minutes before eating. Decorate the cake with fresh organic flowers. Run a smooth, sharp knife under hot water and cut into slices.

Edible flowers: Viola-type flowers, Calendula, Roses, Rosehip, Dandelions, Carnations, Lavender, Cornflowers, Pea flowers, Day Lilies, Chamomile and many more.

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  1. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 09:05 | #

    Obviously this is gorgeous! What sort of flowers do you use? I’ve always been keen to get some seeds eventually so I’d like to familiarise myself with all the names etc.

  2. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 09:07 | #

    WOW, what a gorgeous cake! So beautiful, and sounds delicious! Love the photos. :)

  3. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 09:34 | #

    Doh! Just noticed they are at the bottom of the post!

  4. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 09:47 | #

    Wow! Stunning pictures!

  5. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 10:00 | #

    WOW. I so have to try this one! Love your blog btw :)

  6. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 10:03 | #

    Defenitely the best thing you can look at, on a Sunday morning. Thanks for these beautiful pictures! You made my day.

  7. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 10:04 | #

    What a beautiful cake!

  8. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 10:32 | #

    Love, love, love this! What a happy cake!

  9. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 11:35 | #

    Looks AMAZING!! Great idea, and beautiful flowers…The colors..all, all. Bravo! :)

  10. Ewa
    Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 13:51 | #

    Wonderful :)

  11. Anja
    Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 14:10 | #

    WOW! That is probably the happiest cake I have ever seen :) Beautiful! And sounds delicious! Love the hippie theme!

  12. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 14:17 | #

    Ooooh lovely! But how much coconut oil? Dying to make this while we’re getting a little heat flash here in Canada.

    • Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 14:28 | #

      Ahh… heat flash in Cananda :)

      oops, here it is: 1/3 cup (0,8 dl) coconut oil.

      Happy Cooking Laura.

  13. lina
    Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 15:22 | #

    So pretty! love it love it love it :)

  14. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 15:43 | #


    This looks so incredible and healthy that I might just grow a cape and fly around the back yard.

  15. Martina
    Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 16:11 | #

    Super, love all your raw and vegan recipes!

  16. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 16:37 | #

    Lovely! Just looking at the cake lifts my spirits. :)

  17. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 17:35 | #

    Den fina kakan hade jag lätt smällt i mig nu. Så vacker! Ser fram emot appen.

  18. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 18:29 | #

    Possibly the most beautiful cake I have ever seen. You are both awesome and I would love to be a hippie too. I dream of living in a commune in Italy.

  19. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 19:01 | #

    What an amazing food sculpture! So beautiful and delicate. I had the best carrot cake EVER at Rosendals a few years back and I’m getting a craving for it just thinking about it…

  20. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 20:22 | #

    Colorful and joyful, a lovely celebration of peace indeed! Take care!

  21. Mona
    Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 20:51 | #

    Hey hippies. Looks so pretty. Wish I was going to Rosendal too :-)
    See you soon.

  22. barb
    Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 21:08 | #

    love your cake, you are as such an inspiration for all . Hippies rock. great work. I also love greens,herbs, flowers,plant milk and raw foods.

  23. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 21:46 | #

    This cake is stunning! I love the idea of topping it with fresh flowers.

    I made a similar version based on the My New Roots recipe for a wedding this spring and topped with fresh fruit (mostly mango and a few blackberries). The next time I make this type of cake I’ll have to top it with a mixture of edible flours and fresh berries. The flowers just make it too pretty to leave them out.

  24. Posted 25 Sep ’11 at 22:27 | #

    This is quite possibly the most gorgeous cake I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’m not hyperbolizing either, my friends. And I’m pretty sure because it’s filled with such good stuff that you can definitely have seconds. (Okay, more likely thirds.)

  25. Posted 26 Sep ’11 at 00:16 | #

    Stunning. The layers and flours are just breathtaking!

  26. Dora
    Posted 26 Sep ’11 at 13:01 | #

    Beautifull! I wish there was a place like that here. Pick your own flowers. I’ll be making this cake, oh yes, i am.

  27. Posted 26 Sep ’11 at 17:52 | #

    Yay, I am so glad you made this! It’s a summer staple in our home.

    • Posted 26 Sep ’11 at 17:53 | #

      And I love the addition of the brightly colored flowers! Beautiful.

  28. Posted 26 Sep ’11 at 18:52 | #

    So, so, beautiful!!!!! flowers and cake….great couple!!!!

  29. Posted 26 Sep ’11 at 19:02 | #

    I love this post. Beautiful, beautiful photos and flowers. That cake looks almost…almost too pretty to eat. I will definitely be making this for the next special occasion. I love how this is raw too. Sounds divine.

  30. Posted 26 Sep ’11 at 19:18 | #

    The cake looks great. I’ve had flowers in salads from time to time, but never on a cake. Sounds like a great idea.

  31. Posted 26 Sep ’11 at 20:06 | #

    This is a heart-breakingly beautiful cake. Too beautiful to eat!

  32. Posted 27 Sep ’11 at 04:33 | #

    Agreed. Too beautiful to even attempt to eat, I couldn’t even see myself cutting into this beauty! Nonetheless, I absolutely love the recipe and must print it. Just found your guys’ blog, and I am in awe! Your photos take my breath away, and the recipes are incredible. I thank g0lubka for sharing your blog :) so excited for more!

    PS: your daughter is so adorable! congrats!!

  33. Posted 27 Sep ’11 at 13:23 | #

    The pictures of the cake are spectacular!!!

  34. Posted 27 Sep ’11 at 15:15 | #


  35. Posted 27 Sep ’11 at 16:36 | #

    I absolutely adored reading this post (had to laugh with the hippie-part). I admired the pictures, specially the one where Else is between the flowers, it’s beautiful.
    And on top of that, the cake looks delicious!

  36. Missi
    Posted 27 Sep ’11 at 18:26 | #

    This looks so lovely! I can’t wait to try it, as your Pink Cheesecake was PERFECT at our wedding this summer. I made three of the cakes, and combined with the other desserts I made, it was quite a spread.

    You can see a photo here! (The cake was getting a bit melty in the sun, but people went CRAZY for it!)

  37. Posted 29 Sep ’11 at 05:11 | #

    I’m impressed with the beauty of this cake! I love it!

  38. Posted 29 Sep ’11 at 08:41 | #

    That is just the prettiest cake I’ve ever seen!

  39. Posted 29 Sep ’11 at 23:57 | #

    i am in love with your cake!!!!!

  40. Posted 1 Oct ’11 at 13:46 | #

    So very beautiful, well done guys!

  41. Posted 2 Oct ’11 at 08:33 | #

    That’s an absolutely fantastic cake – must be the most gorgeous one I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing your wonderful universe!

  42. Posted 8 Oct ’11 at 09:00 | #

    What an amazing dessert and all those flowers are gorgeous. Beautiful photos as always :)

  43. Posted 9 Oct ’11 at 03:04 | #

    This is insanely gorgeous. We’re speechless :)

  44. Posted 10 Oct ’11 at 15:49 | #

    Gosh this just looks so beautiful!

  45. Posted 11 Oct ’11 at 23:19 | #

    another gorgeous post. i’ve never thought to decorate with edible flowers, but i’m going to have to keep this idea and recipe filed away…i can imagine this cake (pie?) as a lovely mother’s day treat; or a baby or bridal shower; or a friend’s birthday; or…

  46. Sini
    Posted 16 Oct ’11 at 19:29 | #

    Flower power in autumn? Love it!

  47. Posted 21 Oct ’11 at 10:47 | #

    oh my word this is stunning! I love Roost Blog too, so delicious and gorgeous photos. Congratulations on the iPad App too!

  48. Posted 25 Oct ’11 at 19:37 | #

    love this, wow, so beautiful and inspiring. thank you so much for sharing.

  49. Posted 25 Oct ’11 at 19:42 | #

    wow!!! so beautiful and inspiring, thank you so much for sharing.

  50. Gabi
    Posted 5 Nov ’11 at 04:11 | #

    This looks great!
    I was just wondering whether butter can be a substitute for the coconut oil?

  51. Posted 22 Nov ’11 at 17:00 | #

    Just discovered your blog. Love the photographs and the recipes look delicious. Tried out your Flower Power Cake and it was beautiful and very satisfying. Here is a photo:


  52. Posted 25 Jul ’12 at 00:17 | #


  53. Glória Maria
    Posted 13 Aug ’12 at 17:07 | #

    Lindo, maravilhoso esse bolo!!!! Gostaria de receber novidades..
    Obrigada, beijoss….

  54. Glória Maria
    Posted 13 Aug ’12 at 17:09 | #


  55. Rochelle
    Posted 30 Aug ’12 at 00:35 | #

    Hi guys really want to make this cake for fathers day here in Oz on Sunday but fresh dates are super expensive, can I use dried dates that I’ve soaked over night? Also I can’t find rose hip powder is this crucial to the recipie? Thanks
    P.s. your kid is really cute:)

    • Posted 31 Aug ’12 at 00:57 | #

      Hi Rochelle, yes you can use dried dates that you soak for a few hours. And no, rosehip powder isn’t crucial for the recipe at all, it just adds some extra nutrition and flavor.

  56. Theresa
    Posted 1 Oct ’12 at 17:01 | #

    Just wanted to say that I love everything you do – my boyfriend thinks I’m crazy because I’m hanging out on your blog all the time, but I can’t help it, you are just the cutest family with such a wonderful positive attitude & a gorgeous taste (in food & flowers ;)). You always make me smile :) (and of course I am constantely cooking your recipes, a blueberry-vanilla version of your cheescake is waiting in the freezer for us at the very moment)
    Peace and love from a fellow hippie mind in Vienna

  57. Andrea
    Posted 7 Jul ’13 at 17:47 | #

    I made the cake today and it has turned out wonderful! I couldn’t find hemp seed and and used half a pack of bourbon vanilla sugar for the filling instead of vanilla pods. Perfect cake for a very hot summer day in Berlin! Thank you :)

  58. Sophie
    Posted 15 May ’14 at 08:03 | #

    Hi! Is there another nut I could substitute for cashews? I can’t eat them but this sounds amazing!

  59. Posted 10 Jul ’14 at 09:53 | #

    When we are in Stockholm (we try to go twice a year)we always go to Rosendals Trädgård for lunch or ficka. We love the place :)

  60. Posted 19 Sep ’14 at 08:17 | #

    hello you have a lovely blog with a lot of nice foods, but hove can I read it in swedish? /Marie from Stockholm

  61. Posted 8 Nov ’14 at 05:00 | #

    I could happily sell my soul to have a piece from this crazy good pretty cake. because this special cake of yours sings, dances, whispers poems of Shakespeare. And it looks like my fondest dream.

    Would give it a try for sure.

  62. Sandy
    Posted 13 Jun ’15 at 18:54 | #

    Our pomegranates are not looking very good at the market could I replace with something else?


  63. Nina
    Posted 5 Jun ’16 at 11:03 | #

    Hi, greetings from the UK. can I substitute another oil instead of coconut oil for the filling as I have to avoid this? Thanks.

  64. Annette
    Posted 24 Jun ’16 at 23:22 | #

    I just discovered your website, and decided this was the first recipe I had to make. This cakes is so incredibly delicious. I brought it over to my friends who loved it as well. They could not believe the filling was made out of cashews. I let them sit over night so it was really creamy. Thank you so much!

  65. Nanna
    Posted 10 Jun ’17 at 18:44 | #

    I’m really looking forward trying this! I have a question though: can the cake be stored in freezer over night before eating it? I imagine that I would like to make it the day before serving it to guests.
    Thank you!

  66. Deborah
    Posted 18 Jun ’17 at 17:40 | #

    Looks beautiful!! Do you know if I could use organic cacao butter instead of coconut oil? Thanks

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