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Flour free Banana & Blueberry Pancakes

This weekend we went to our country house, 30 min outside of Stockholm. We spent the whole saturday watching season one of the HBO series “The Wire”. Sunday morning we decided to take a break from our tv-marathon and made a no-sugar-super-healthy-very-delicious brunch: Flour free Banana & Blueberry Pancakes, Spelt & Muesli Scones, Fruit salad, and Superfruit Smoothie. Here is the recipe for the pancakes.

Banana & Blueberry Pancakes
Serves 4

3 ripe bananas
6 organic eggs
1 cup / 100 g shredded coconut
1/2 cup / 70 g fresh blueberries or thawed frozen
1 tsp ground cinnamon
coconut oil, for frying

Make the batter: Peel the bananas and mash with a fork. Whip eggs in a bowl and mix it together with the mashed bananas. Add shredded coconut, blueberries and cinnamon and stir to combine.
Fry the pancakes: Heat coconut oil in a frying pan on medium heat. Pour 3 small portions of pancake batter in the pan at the time and fry the pancakes on both sides. Serve with shredded coconut and blueberries and dust with cinnamon.

Photo by: Johanna Frenkel


  1. Posted 15 Nov ’09 at 14:38 | #

    Hello there, i hopped over from food gawker, very nice shot of the pancakes :)


    • Posted 20 Nov ’09 at 19:34 | #

      Thank you! You should really try them as well. They are smashing!

  2. Posted 14 Feb ’10 at 22:36 | #

    That looks yummy, and “flour free”….even better. :-)

  3. Posted 16 Feb ’10 at 12:51 | #

    These look AWESOME!!! And flour-free…huh. I really must try these!

    I made waffles for my Valentine…check them out at my website http://momtheresnothingtoeat.wordpress.com/2010/02/14/betty-challenge-56-waffles/

  4. Posted 21 Feb ’10 at 16:19 | #

    oh happy day! All my favorite breakfast foods combined with none of the ones I can’t eat. This is going on my list to try very soon.

  5. beth
    Posted 5 Apr ’10 at 01:59 | #

    Thank you. I loved, loved, loved these. I will make them many times over.

  6. Posted 2 May ’10 at 00:58 | #

    I made these this morning, and they are wonderful!! You are so creative. I can’t wait to try your other breakfast goodies as well. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. Posted 11 Nov ’10 at 08:21 | #

    I’m drooling over your blog recipes!

  8. Veron
    Posted 18 Mar ’11 at 11:46 | #

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I made them with one less egg & a bit of apple puree and they were amazing! Thanks for your generosity :)

  9. Posted 23 Apr ’11 at 07:52 | #

    Seriously… these pancakes look sooo good. :)
    Besides the fact that coconut flakes doesn’t contain gluten, are the any other benefitial reasons for using it instead of, for insteans spelt flour?

  10. leslie
    Posted 3 Jul ’11 at 06:38 | #

    hi! gorgeous site! stumbled across while looking up recipes for moroccan quinoa salad. question: i’m allergic to coconut, but this recipe sounds appealing to me…think it’ll work without the coconut?

    • Posted 3 Jul ’11 at 08:53 | #

      Hi Leslie! Thanks!
      Yes, you can make this without coconutnut, I often do that when we’re out traveling. Try to add chopped seeds, grated apple or a little buckwheat flour if they don’t hold together!
      Good luck!

  11. Posted 13 Jul ’11 at 08:56 | #

    Har netop forsøgt pandekagerne, men havde svært ved at få dem til at hænge sammen, når de skulle vendes. Hvor længe lader I dem stege på hver side?

    Tusind tak for en fantastisk smuk og inspirerende blog!

  12. Posted 13 Jul ’11 at 09:04 | #

    Wow… to think they would be more like an omelette or frittata with the egg content…but they look just like pancakes. Fabulous! Think they’d work just as well with frozen or fresh strawberries. I have a ton of them. (and freshly made strawberry-orange glaze sitting in my fridge to be used up). ;)

  13. Posted 13 Jul ’11 at 13:31 | #

    Wow that looks amazing! I would have never thought that these ingredients could make a pancake! Super creative!

  14. Flora Sandy
    Posted 31 Jul ’11 at 20:05 | #

    I saw these and they looked so good… but I do not eat eggs…. so I can not try them

    • Kristine
      Posted 22 Sep ’12 at 16:32 | #

      Maybe you could try to make them with ‘chia eggs’ instead? For each egg take 1 table spoon of chia seeds and mix with a little water and then let it soak for a while. This Can be used for baking, but the temperature when frying might be too high, I’m not sure

      • Posted 25 Sep ’12 at 12:02 | #

        Hi Kristine.
        It might work, the ratio for chia-egg is: 1 tbsp chia seeds and 3 tbsp water, mix and leave for 15 minutes.
        Good luck!

  15. Posted 4 Aug ’11 at 12:47 | #

    This recipe looks so good ! I tried to make them but failed completely when flipping the pancakes, they just fell apart !

    I love your blog, btw !!

  16. Maria AndreA
    Posted 5 Aug ’11 at 03:37 | #

    I´ve just made them. Delicious!. It was kind of strange ´cuz i was expecting the bubbles to come out but then i realized that there was no flour on it!!
    Really loved it! i´m not crazy about the blueberry but none the less there where amazing :)

  17. Posted 6 Aug ’11 at 17:00 | #

    I’m making these for breakfast tomorrow, just went to the store for the ingredients tonight. Cannot wait!!!

  18. Posted 15 Aug ’11 at 20:43 | #

    Deliciouso! My pancakes came out rather thin though…do you know what could be the issue? more banana maybe?

  19. Kristin
    Posted 30 Oct ’11 at 02:44 | #

    I have just found your website and I am addicted already…it is beautiful inspirational and indeed delicious…we have just made the flourless blueberry pancakes which were a hit – especially with Leonardo, my one year old son!

  20. Krisztina
    Posted 31 Oct ’11 at 07:37 | #

    Hi Luise, David & little Elsa,
    Thank you for this lovely recipe, I’ve made these pancakes yesterday and we absolutely loved them. Though I didn’t have enough coconut flakes, I added some (2tsp) psyllium husks and they came out amazing. :-)
    I also made the Chunky Cherry & Prune Syrup (with strawberries & plums) that you posted along with the Kaniwa and Coconut Pancakes and we poured the fruit syrup over the pancakes. It was so Yummy! :D Thank you again.
    Take care,

  21. Elizabeth
    Posted 4 Feb ’12 at 14:24 | #

    My fiance and I love these! I initially I made the mistake of pouring the batter rather than scooping it. I found that scooping the batter made for thicker pancakes just like in the photo!

  22. meaghan
    Posted 4 Feb ’12 at 18:25 | #

    One of our favorite pancake recipes by far. I do part coconut flakes and part flour adding a little coconut milk. They are amazing. Both times we’ve had them I make a maple pecan butter to serve on top from health-bent’s website. To die for. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and tasty recipes

  23. Posted 6 Mar ’12 at 20:48 | #

    Yum, great way to make pancakes when your out of batter !


  24. Posted 11 Mar ’12 at 00:50 | #

    Hi I love the look of these, may I ask do you have a recipe for banana pancakes without eggs? I have been searching for a recipe for pancakes, no eggs, dairy, sugar but rather natural flavours or agave or dates or buckwheat flour if need be.
    Your site is so beautiful, have a great weekend :)

    • Posted 11 Mar ’12 at 18:30 | #

      Hi GG!
      We don’t have and egg free version of this recipe, but you can try to substitute eggs for apple sauce and a little flour.
      Good luck!

  25. Jessica H.
    Posted 25 Mar ’12 at 17:55 | #

    Great recipe! I didn’t have coconut flakes so I added the shredded apple and it worked wonderfully! My 2 year old loved them as well! Thank you! Just discovered your site a few days ago, I’m going to download your iPad app as well!

  26. Posted 20 Apr ’12 at 22:57 | #

    These look gorgeous and so delicious – I don’t eat pancakes often because they’re so starchy and heavy, but I love this alternative!

  27. Posted 21 Apr ’12 at 01:14 | #

    I’ve been looking for something like that.I love coconut. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Posted 21 Apr ’12 at 07:58 | #

    Ooh! These look delicious, and healthy too! I can’t wait to try them out.

  29. Posted 21 Apr ’12 at 17:58 | #

    I am just having those pancakes for breakfast and they’re gorgious. Thanks

  30. Christine
    Posted 21 Apr ’12 at 18:26 | #

    Gotta love “The Wire” fans who are also awesome vegetarian cooks!

  31. Sara
    Posted 24 Apr ’12 at 17:48 | #

    I just made these they are awesome!

  32. Imogen
    Posted 29 Apr ’12 at 10:33 | #

    Hello, I know that this is not a new recipe post, but i have tried it out this mornigng and I would just like to say that these pancakes are really great. I’m having mine with soya yoghurt and oh my gosh – soooo surprisingly filling! :-P

  33. Antonia
    Posted 27 May ’12 at 12:59 | #

    Heeeeej :),

    I made these pancakes for breakfast-brunch today and i freaking LOVE them. They are soooooo tasty!!! Great recipe. Invite you friends, and prepare the goodies as part of the brunch! Delicious……<3

    thanks very much for sharing this recipe, great blog with very nice pictures :)

    greetins from Italy!

  34. Ver
    Posted 21 Aug ’12 at 18:51 | #

    I’ve made these so many times already and today I tried putting a nectarine in the mix, and it tasted great as well :)

  35. Kristine
    Posted 22 Sep ’12 at 16:37 | #

    Can I use what is called ‘kokosmel’ in Danish? Or do you use coconut that you grate yourselves? I reckon that the Danish sold ‘kokosflager’ are too big for this recipe?

    • Posted 25 Sep ’12 at 12:03 | #

      Yes, you can use the danish kokosmel.

      • Posted 18 Aug ’13 at 16:19 | #

        Jeg var også i tvivl om jeg skulle bruge kokosmel eller kokosflager… Brugte det sidste og det blev lidt tungt… så jeg vil prøve med kokosmel næste gang. Har I brugt kokosmel eller flager til jeres?

        • Posted 20 Aug ’13 at 09:29 | #

          Hej Barbara.
          Du skal bruge det danske kokosmel, altså fint revet tørret kokos.

          Håber de bliver bedre næste gang!

  36. Sach Trikha
    Posted 1 Oct ’12 at 13:54 | #

    Hi, I love making these pancakes but my partner is allergic to coconut. Is there anything I can add as a substitute for the coconut? I was wondering if perhaps oat flour would work? And if so, how much? Thanks!

  37. Diana
    Posted 12 Jan ’13 at 11:51 | #

    I wanted to make a smaller batch of these and so used 4 eggs, 2 bananas, 80 g of coconut powder, and 1/2 cup of blueberries. Although they were delicious, it was impossible to keep them together in the frying pan! I used sunflower oil instead coconut, did they have anything to do with it?

    • Posted 17 Jan ’13 at 14:42 | #

      Hi Diana,
      I’m not sure what coconut powder is, I usually use shredded coconut, but I suppose you can use coconut flour as well. You have to use ripe bananas to get a ‘creamy’ batter. You can try to test fry the first pancake if it does not hold together, add more shredded coconut. I would not recommend frying in sunflower oil, if you do not have coconut oil, use ghee, butter or olive oil.

    • Anita
      Posted 17 May ’15 at 19:41 | #

      1 really ripe banana
      2 large eggs
      2 tbls (level) ground Psyllium husk
      1 tbls Chia seeds.
      1/4 tsp cinnamon
      Coconut oil to cook with.

      I let my batter sit a moment to allow the psyllium to expand and thicken a bit. it’s a great source of fiber.
      the chai seeds give it a nice texture and you can add more or lessential depending on preference.
      I did not have any vanilla or ground coconut
      But Mmm that would have been yummy too!!
      As for the topping I used..
      2 tbls spoons home made, orange marmalade,
      With 1 table spoon (non pasteurized) Honey.
      Miix and lightly drizzle over top.

      Oh I also should point out this was my first time making these and I was really playing around with them.
      I had made some smoothie
      – blue berries
      – mango chunks
      – almond milk
      – Cinimon
      And a bit of filter water…(I love water)
      Zapped that and after serving off the bit to my son and my self there was about a 1/4 in the bottom of the blender so I added that to the mixture.
      Turned out rather good.
      I have been given permission to make more of thespancakes in the future
      And soo easy to make.

  38. Angel
    Posted 25 Jan ’13 at 07:21 | #

    These pancakes are the best!! I have a difficult time trying to get my 3 yr old to eat eggs but this is a perfect way for him to get the protein. He requests them nearly every day for breakfast and other meals also. Thank you so much! Also I have a griddle that I use to cook many things. The griddle worked perfect for these pancakes and no oil needed.

    • Cristy
      Posted 20 Feb ’13 at 22:00 | #

      I am so happy to find this recipe! My daughter has Celiacs and I am gluten sensitive so trying to find yummy recipes with gluten free flour or no flour can be a chore! These are perfect. On my second batch I mixed in 1/4 cup Coconut Flour and they held together much better.

  39. Noémi
    Posted 23 Feb ’13 at 07:58 | #

    Thank you ever so much for this fantastic recipe!!! I just devoured 3 pancakes so quickly, I didn’t even notice they were gone already. SO GOOD! I’ll definitely be making these frequently. The perfect breakfast on a Saturday morning.
    Cheers from Hungary


  40. Shannon
    Posted 2 Mar ’13 at 04:30 | #

    Pancakes are delicious… and nobody would guess that they’re gluten free! Love your blog and amazing recipes!

  41. Audrey
    Posted 18 Mar ’13 at 19:41 | #

    Just came across these, can’t WAIT to try them. Question….how do these store? Could they be made ahead of time?

  42. Gözde
    Posted 24 Mar ’13 at 11:31 | #

    Cooking in Sweden I have a question, how many dl does one cup correspond to?
    The recipe looks great!

  43. elyse
    Posted 1 Apr ’13 at 04:23 | #

    i somehow only recently stumbled upon your blog, but i think i’ve pinned most of your recipes and cannot wait to make them! while we are not a gluten-free family, its the middle of passover, so i made these pancakes for breakfast this morning. my 10 month old loved them!

  44. Laine
    Posted 21 Apr ’13 at 19:09 | #

    Hi! If I were to just make this for one, how much of the individual ingredients should I have?

  45. Ellie
    Posted 3 May ’13 at 18:38 | #

    Just made these this morning – they were delicious!! :) Great recipe!

  46. Sophie
    Posted 19 May ’13 at 17:39 | #

    What do you mean by putting 3 pancakes in the pan at a time? Surely they’d just stick together and you’d end up with one very big pancake. Can I not just do one pancake at a time?

    • Posted 19 May ’13 at 20:35 | #

      Hi Sophie, these pancakes are similar to american pancakes, small and thick. The batter is rather thick so you can actually fry three pancakes simultaneously. We mainly do this to save time, but if you prefer to only fry one pancake at the time you can of course do it
      /Good luck!

  47. Lisa
    Posted 2 Jun ’13 at 18:21 | #


    I gave these pancakes a try, but couldn’t flip them over in the frying pan. They turned into a globs of pancake. How do you flip them?


    • Peta
      Posted 5 Aug ’13 at 01:25 | #

      You have to cook them slowly and then when they bubble like normal pancakes be really swift and slide your spatula under the pancake in one quick motion (they are delicate and if you go in slowly and get stuck they will break apart). Don’t worry they always survive the big shove underneath, don’t be afraid, flip those babies!

  48. Posted 7 Jun ’13 at 05:36 | #

    Very nice blog! I am a vegetarian and will try your Superfruit smoothie.

  49. Colleen
    Posted 17 Jun ’13 at 08:45 | #

    Just tested this one out today. Total success.! Thanks for a great flour free, refined sugar free recipe!

  50. Lily walker
    Posted 7 Jul ’13 at 21:43 | #

    I just bought your book! And its the best one I have at the moment. . . And I have quite a few. My boyfriend is a celiac and im a vegetarian and your book is absolutely perfect for us. I made these pancakes for my boyfriend and he was very happy. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you!

  51. Peta
    Posted 5 Aug ’13 at 01:23 | #

    Ahhh for the first time ever I was able to finish a stack of pancakes without feeling like a sick mess! These were glorious, and so easy to make, I was sneaky and had mine with a side of chopped banana, cinnamon, honey and peanut butter (because I can’t get away from the stuff). Made a stack for one by ‘thirding’ the ingredients, twas’ perfectly filling! AND SO SCRUMMYYYYYYY!!! Thank you gorgeous green family! I’m excited to try out Elsa’s pancakes with coconut cream next, sounds delicious.

  52. Jessica
    Posted 7 Aug ’13 at 21:47 | #

    So good! I didn’t have coconut, but I used a mixture of grated carrot and apple, and squeezed out as much juice as I could. I also added chia seeds. Texture was great.

  53. Peta
    Posted 8 Aug ’13 at 00:54 | #

    For anyone who is having trouble making these (or in fact any of the GKS pancake recipes) because they are too delicate, try adding a teaspoon or two of psyllium husk, it adds a bit of sturdyness and doesn’t disrupt the original texture or flavour, plus you get extra dietary fibre! Woohooo!

  54. kylie-rose
    Posted 28 Oct ’13 at 11:58 | #

    Would this still work without the shreaded coconut?? It sounds so good!!!

  55. Avrutina
    Posted 17 Dec ’13 at 01:44 | #

    Hello :-)

    I going to have a brunch on sunday, we are 4 people….I would like to do these glutenfree pancakes…My question is, does this receipe serves 4 people or 4 pancakes?
    If it serves 4 pancakes than i will need a massive amount on eggs…
    or would you recommend to use a glutenfree flour instead?

    would be nice to hear from u
    big kiss from germany:-)

    • Posted 17 Dec ’13 at 09:34 | #

      Hi Avrutina, you will definitely get more than four pancakes from this recipe, as the pancakes are quite small. Depending on what size you make them you will get between 8-12 pancakes. If you want to make a larger amount of pancakes without adding more eggs or bananas, I would recommend adding 100 ml plant milk (we often use oat milk) and around 75 ml almond flour or buckwheat flour (or whatever you have at home).
      You need to be careful when flipping gluten-free pancakes, as they are a little trickier than normal. Try not to lift them up too early, but let them set properly before flipping them.

      Hope your brunch turns out nice!

  56. Kathryn
    Posted 13 Jan ’14 at 20:06 | #

    Just made and ate them. Delicious! And gluten free! Perfect.x

  57. Nynke
    Posted 13 Jan ’14 at 20:35 | #

    I made these from the cookbook, but the recipe there is different than in the blog… Howcome?

  58. Lauren
    Posted 1 Feb ’15 at 02:54 | #

    I made these from the cookbook an found the batter far too runny. They wouldn’t flip as there was nothing binding them and it turned into a big mess. Ended up adding buckwheat flour and baking powder to make them more workable which did the trick. We’re very tasty in the end.

  59. Posted 2 Feb ’15 at 14:42 | #

    These are amazing. I am eating them right now and I love them. The mix of flavors is wonderful and a bit tropical – banana, coconut, blueberry. I’m looking forward to making more recipes from your blog!

  60. Sally
    Posted 26 Apr ’15 at 21:05 | #

    Suggestions please for an egg substitute. I have a grandchild allergic to dairy, egg, oat, wheat, and nuts among others.

  61. Hanne
    Posted 7 Jun ’15 at 09:34 | #

    Just made these for the first time and LOVE them! So sweet and rich… Perfect lazy sunday breakfast or brunch. I had them with a side of fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries… yum!

  62. Neelu
    Posted 1 Aug ’15 at 23:14 | #

    Thank you so much for the recipe. Very easy to make them and guess what my 7mo old loved them. :)

  63. Jen
    Posted 26 Aug ’15 at 09:05 | #

    I hate to sound rude because I really like most things on this blog…but you are using eggs in this recipe. The title is “Green Kitchen Stories”. Eggs are NOT green, and I’m sure you know all of the hellish practices that go into “producing” eggs, or at least I hope so. And eggs are not good for you…like a Snickers bar, they have some parts that have some components that are good for you, but eggs are not good for you. I’m disappointed to see a recipe using eggs, it kind of automatically turns me off, and onto other sites.

  64. Posted 24 Oct ’15 at 18:15 | #

    made these this morning with my grand babies! LOVE THESE!
    thanks so much, we will be making these again…


  65. Posted 26 Apr ’16 at 15:26 | #

    These look delicious!Yummy

  66. Posted 24 May ’16 at 12:12 | #

    Looks amazing! Will try them out but with fewer eggs. Thanks!

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