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Fat Almond Pancake

“I don’t want to eat rocket salad. Actually, I don’t think it is vegetarian.” Elsa says to me, while giving me the most serious look in her repertoire. She is not serious though. Not the least.

The mind of a 3 year old is just amazing. They say the funniest, weirdest and wisest things. Every day I find myself sitting just listening to Elsa while she blabbers on. “…and then she did this and my shoes are purple and, and … Daddy, soon it will start growing flowers on me” Ehh, what, why? I reply. “Because it was raining on my head today.”

From the moment she wakes up until the moment she falls asleep, she says all these funny lines that you know you want to remember. But you don’t. A friend told me that we should take notes of all the weird and funny things that Elsa says. He had been doing that with his kid and still went back and cherished them, 15 years later. It is a good idea actually.

The reason why I am thinking of Elsa today is because she has never been further away from us. Luise and I are currently in Las Vegas at the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards, together with some of the most amazing and inspiring food bloggers out there. It might seem a little bit insane to fly 17 hours for only a few days here. But since we were invited by Saveur, and Elsa could stay with my parents, we thought it was crazy enough to do. We will tell you more about our amazing stay here in a later post. Now it is fat pancake time.


This recipe started out with a photo on instagram. It is a classic Swedish dish that I loved as a kid and was reminded of when I saw it in a new Swedish cookbook. We did a gluten free version of it and put it on instagram without any intention of actually sharing the recipe. But apparently internet wanted otherwise. In Swedish it is called ugnspannkaka or tjockpannkaka, which means oven baked pancake or thick pancake. However, fat pancake sounds more fun.

This is super simple. You just have to whip the ingredients together and throw into the oven. The pancake will rise throughout the baking, and then fall together a bit once removed from the oven. It has a outer crust and is quite soft and creamy inside. I guess it is somewhat similar to a soufflé?

We weren’t sure how to label this. It can be a breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Here we had it for breakfast, but we have also made it for dinner, by replacing the strawberries for a salad. You can make it more savory by adding spinach, onion or cheese. Or go down the sweet route by adding shredded apple, nuts and seeds. The possibilities are endless.


Fat Almond Pancake
Serves 4-6

5 organic eggs
2 1/2 cups / 590 ml milk of your choice
1 cup / 100 g (220 ml) almond flour

2 tbsp buckwheat flour or flour of your choice
2 tbsp maple syrup or runny honey (optional)
1 tsp baking powder

1 pinch sea salt
2 tbsp (30 g) organic butter or coconut oil

To serve:
a handful fresh strawberries and raspberries
a few fresh mint leaves, torn
1/2 cup / 125 ml yogurt

Preheat the oven to 420°F (220°C). Place a 8×10-inch (20×25 cm) baking dish inside the oven. Use a whisk to beat the eggs in a large bowl until frothy. Add milk, flour, maple syrup, baking powder and sea salt. Keep whisking until smooth. Now place the piece of butter into the warm baking dish in the oven. Remove the dish as soon as the butter has melted and pour it into the batter. Pour the batter into the dish and place back in the oven and bake for around 30 minutes or until nicely browned and set. Let cool slightly and serve with fresh berries, fresh mint and a dollop of yogurt. Dust with coconut flour (or powdered sugar) for a fancier presentation.


  1. Posted 31 May ’13 at 16:46 | #

    Enjoy Vegas and congratulations on the win! I agree, Fat Pancake is definitely a fun name. I really want to cook this as soon as possible.

    • Kelly
      Posted 6 Dec ’15 at 15:49 | #


      This sounds amazing! I plan to add this to my Christmas brunch menu. I got to thinking, could you sub hazelnut flour for all/some of the almond four? I have a homemade “Nutella” recipe and that warmed with some berries or sliced bananas and coconut as a topping might be a “treat” version for the holidays.

  2. Posted 31 May ’13 at 16:53 | #

    My parents still remember the silly things I said/did as a kid and they still tell me about them, ha. I like the look of this fat pancake – a great way to make several servings in one go!

  3. Helle
    Posted 31 May ’13 at 17:00 | #

    I love (love, love!!!) this post and your site! Such amazing photos and styling and the food…OMG! :) I have been a vegetarian for a while and love to cook. I am always scouring the internet for new and exciting recipes and your blog is definitely one of the best (probably the best!) sources of inspiration. I guess a lot of other people think so too as evidenced by your well-deserved award! Also, Elsa is the cutest! I hope you’ll have the best time in Los Angeles!

  4. Posted 31 May ’13 at 17:14 | #

    Whenever I eat pancakes—no matter how fluffy—I’m always wishing there was more of it in each bite! Looks like I’ve found the solution. I love the Swedish influence on your recipes…Scandinavia is at the top of my travel list.

  5. Posted 31 May ’13 at 17:17 | #

    This looks just fantastic!

  6. Posted 31 May ’13 at 18:23 | #

    This is such a neat recipe! And Elsa is such a sweetie!

  7. Natalie
    Posted 31 May ’13 at 18:28 | #

    I have to make this! Ovnspannekake (as we call it in norwegian) makes me so nostalgic. We ate it every week in kindergarten and I think all the kids would agree that “ovnspannekake-dag” was the best!

    Btw, I just wanted to say that your cookbook is truly amazing. The pictures are beautiful, the recipes divine and I love your little notes. Please don’t ever stop sharing your little stories and healthy recipes.

    Have fun in Vegas!

  8. Posted 31 May ’13 at 18:49 | #

    I know what you mean about the funny things they say. It’s my favorite!
    Have fun in Vegas. Hope you guys win.

  9. Michelle
    Posted 31 May ’13 at 19:20 | #

    Have a fantastic trip! I love your blog and your cook book
    Is my absolute favourite cook book ever. Everyone should own a copy! My family love everything I have cooked from it. I am grain free – any ideas on what to substitute for the flour in this recipe? Do you think more almond flour would work. It looks yummy!

  10. Posted 31 May ’13 at 19:34 | #

    Big Congrats to you on the awards and also this pancake recipe is divine!

  11. Lydia
    Posted 31 May ’13 at 19:43 | #

    Thank you for sharing this. I saw this on instagram, thought it looked fantastic and hoped you would put up recipe… so hoorah! Will definitely try this out soon, drizzled with a berry purée or jam perhaps!

  12. Trine
    Posted 31 May ’13 at 19:55 | #

    This looks so fantastic. I want to make it right now :)

  13. Posted 31 May ’13 at 19:55 | #

    thanks so much for this recipe, looks delicious!

  14. Sally
    Posted 31 May ’13 at 20:29 | #

    Congrats David, Luise and Elsa! It is always wonderful to see such original and beautiful work rewarded.

    This recipe reminds me of what we here in the states call a Dutch Baby pancake. I love them because they’re so easy to make for a crowd. I love regular pancakes too but am not very good at cooking them right on the stove.

  15. Posted 31 May ’13 at 21:52 | #

    Congratulations! Elsa sounds charming. Enjoy all those 3-year-old comments. And enjoy your time in Las Vegas with other food bloggers. I actually think meeting other food bloggers appeals to me more than the time in Las Vegas. ;) Thanks for the recipe, too. I’m going to try it.

  16. Posted 31 May ’13 at 22:31 | #

    Looks right up my alley and I think sounds perfect for breakfast.

  17. Callan
    Posted 31 May ’13 at 23:02 | #

    What size of baking dish should be used?

  18. rose
    Posted 31 May ’13 at 23:03 | #

    BLISS!!!love your food…….and savour every moment of your daughter’s childhood…….

  19. Posted 31 May ’13 at 23:10 | #

    I could totally relate to this post about your sweet Elsa because our little Lila (4 1/2) is blah-blahing morning till night too! :-)
    Enjoy your trip in Las Vegas and thank you for this recipe which looks delicious!

  20. Posted 31 May ’13 at 23:31 | #

    A healthier choice than a regular pancake. Great idea.

  21. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 00:34 | #

    Never thought of making one large baked pancake. This will be great when I have a lot of people over for breakfast! Add a frittata and breakfast is served for the whole table instead of one pancake/omelet at a time.

  22. Lola
    Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 01:20 | #

    Just wanted to say that I love your beautiful site and apps. Even as a non-vegetarian, I get so much inspiration from your amazing recipes and writing. Thank you for sharing your family and lifestyle with us!

  23. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 01:34 | #

    Hooray – I am definitely making this pancake this weekend. We have a few handfuls of fresh berries in the garden and this seems like a very special way to share them. I love that it is GF, but as I’m fairly new to your blog, I find myself feeling this way about so many of your posts! Thanks for the recipe and the awesome blog. Enjoy your time in Vegas.

  24. Katie
    Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 02:14 | #

    Some of those sayings are priceless! A friend of mine used to have a big jar on her kitchen bench with a notepad and pen next to it. Whenever her children would say something funny/cute/memorable she’d quickly scribble it down, tear off the piece of paper and toss it in the jar. I guess one day she could transfer all that to a notebook and pass it on to her children. Also helpful to have a notebook in your handbag – then you’ll never miss a saying!

  25. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 04:14 | #

    My son is only 15 months old and I’m already regretting how little of it I’ve written down. Perhaps we are doing such a great job living it rather than recording it?

    Will definitely try the pancake. I love, love, love breakfast and this sounds right up our alley.

  26. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 04:29 | #

    This looks awesome! Hope you guys have a great time in Las Vegas, I so wish I could have accepted my invite, but alas, flying from Australia for it would have been a tad over the top. Lotsa love xx

  27. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 04:35 | #

    I love the idea of a fat pancake – going to give a vegan version a whirl tomorrow morning! Was so lovely meeting you two and I hope you’ve made it to NYC safe and sound. XX

  28. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 06:33 | #

    Aww Elsa is precious! And what a tasty treat!

  29. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 07:14 | #

    Kids are so funny at this age. I remember my neighbour’s daughter, sent by her mother, nocking on my door and asking if she could borrow some monkey’s butter.
    It was coconut oil that her mother sent her for… :)
    I like your fat pancake! We ate something similar as kids.

  30. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 07:54 | #

    I just discovered your blog, a little late to the party! I love your healthy, clean recipes and your daughter is adorable.
    I’m going to make this fat pancake this weekend. A fat pancake will be opposite of the Danish pancakes my husband makes!

  31. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 09:54 | #

    I absolutely love your blog, the prize is well deserved!! This recipe looks heavenly, I can´t wait to try it! Beautiful pictures as well, and such a cute story about your daughter. It is a good idea to write down her quotes, you will get so many laughs in a few years, and it will be cherished for sure! Enjoy your trip :)

  32. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 11:18 | #

    I love any type of baked pancake, and this almond one looks so lovely! Elsa is too cute!

  33. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 15:07 | #

    Oh my goodness, what a pancake – it’s gorgorgeous. Like the sweet idea of little Elsa that flowers grow on heads after the rain ;-).

  34. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 16:45 | #

    I just bought a punnet of strawberries at the market and now I see where their destiny will fall. Making this right this minute – I’ve never had a baked pancake before and I must correct this oversight :)


  35. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 16:53 | #

    I really love this fat pancake, I’m going to try it for sure, thank you for the recipe. And beautiful photos, Elsa is so cute :)

  36. Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 20:00 | #

    We grew up eating something similar we called German pancakes. I was so excited to see this glutenfree version, so I can enjoy them again. Gave them a try this morning, but I can never seem to make your baked goods turn out. What is your elevation? These are more eggy than cakey. Love the concept, so I’m going to keep working at them…adjusting the temp and cooking time.
    Elsa is hilarious. Her comments are magical.

  37. Michealla
    Posted 1 Jun ’13 at 20:13 | #

    My daughter LOVED this, repeatedly thanked me.
    Thank you for sharing!

  38. Posted 2 Jun ’13 at 04:49 | #

    This looks amazing!! Pinned for later! YUMMY!

  39. Posted 2 Jun ’13 at 06:20 | #

    Our daughter is almost two and we are already seeing hints of what is to come. I can’t wait! And what a great recipe, a nice all-rounder for breakfast…or morning tea…or dessert! Yum. A massive congratulations on the award too – it is very much deserved. Cheers, Zoe.

  40. Posted 2 Jun ’13 at 08:53 | #

    This is such a lovely dish. You’re right. You can do so much with it.
    Love that it’s gluten-free, as well. Thanks!

  41. Posted 2 Jun ’13 at 17:18 | #

    Oh, I’m so glad you decided to share this. It looks so good especially since strawberries are in season. Yum. Hope you had fun in Vegas and are having a great time in NY! Two VERY fun cities!

  42. Posted 3 Jun ’13 at 02:42 | #

    i love it, sounds delicious. Elsa is so adorable, I hope to meet her someday. It was such a pleasure to finally meet you two. So glad you made the trip. Hope you had a wonderful time in NYC and safe travels home. Love to you both.

  43. Posted 3 Jun ’13 at 13:25 | #

    That looks so good (& simple…v important to me!)….& spot of for sweet & savoury!Sounds like a winner to me. Thanks!

  44. Posted 4 Jun ’13 at 00:45 | #

    Elsa is so super cute!!! Lovely recipe as always!

  45. Gunilla
    Posted 4 Jun ’13 at 17:29 | #

    Hi. Lovely receipe! I will have to try it soon. Just one question. How big is the baking tin – I have tried fat pancake before but got it wrong because my tin was either too big or too small for that quantity. Thanks

    • Posted 6 Jun ’13 at 00:21 | #

      Hi Gunilla. It is 20×25 cm / 8×10 inches. So slightly smaller than an average size.

  46. Posted 4 Jun ’13 at 19:43 | #

    Anything almond baking is on my to bake list! I think I may need to try this recipe out over the weekend, LOL. Can I share this link with my rcipe group https://www.kumbuya.com/restaurant-reviews-recipes/ They will love it too!

  47. georgina t
    Posted 5 Jun ’13 at 14:26 | #

    That’s my Sunday brunch sorted this weekend! x

  48. Posted 6 Jun ’13 at 15:39 | #

    Not only is this beautiful, but such a lovely way to feed a group of people. Bookmarked.

  49. Posted 6 Jun ’13 at 20:28 | #

    This looks like it would be perfect for a strawberry shortcakes this summer. I can’t wait to try it! Your blog is very inspiring!

  50. Amy
    Posted 6 Jun ’13 at 20:33 | #

    I made this for brunch today! It was lovely however 450F was far too hot. It cooked in less than 30 minutes abd and it was very, very browned on the top. Next time I make this I’ll cook at 350F to prevent the browning and increase the baking time.

    • jo
      Posted 12 Jun ’13 at 07:39 | #

      yes, that was also my experience. I reduced the heat to 350 5 minutes into baking when i noticed browning of some batter that has smeared the sides of the baking dish. Despite reducing the heat, i ended up with a very brown , some black pancake :) .
      Anyways, the good news is that the pancake tasted very nice. Thank you for the recipe :-)

  51. Posted 6 Jun ’13 at 21:28 | #

    Oh yes the possibilities are endless. I like to add banana and nutmeg to mine. However, once strawberry’s are in season we’ll for sure use them :) Great recipe, thanks so much.

  52. Posted 9 Jun ’13 at 04:29 | #

    I am soooo looking forward to making this with my kids!

  53. Posted 10 Jun ’13 at 21:07 | #

    To anyone reading this, you have to try it! Hi prepared this recipe on Sunday for my parents. They were delighted and wanted me to prepare more. How cool is that?

  54. Posted 10 Jun ’13 at 23:42 | #

    Gorgeous! I love your blog so much. It was a real pleasure meeting you in Vegas!

  55. Posted 11 Jun ’13 at 05:55 | #

    This looks amazing and I want to try it immediately. Fat pancake sounds like heaps of fun – and much less work for a pancake brunch with friends!

  56. Posted 11 Jun ’13 at 18:19 | #

    I made this this morning and enjoyed it thoroughly. It reminded somewhat of finnish pancakes, but it was different with the almond flour. It took less time in a smaller cast iron, which is to be expected.

    Strawberries and maple syrup on top. Delicious for June when strawberries are everywhere! Thanks for sharing.

  57. Hanne Vinther Sørensen
    Posted 22 Jun ’13 at 20:10 | #

    Sorry to say that I did not like it too much, it tastes like an omelette with almonds, and that is a bit strange to me. Did I do something wrong? Have you guys tried it? And what did you think about it?

  58. Posted 24 Jun ’13 at 09:35 | #

    This sounds and looks scrumptious! :)


  59. melissa
    Posted 4 Jul ’13 at 09:30 | #

    This looks soooo delicious, what kind of milk did you use??

    • Posted 5 Jul ’13 at 20:30 | #

      Hi Melissa, we used oat milk because it is easy to come by in Sweden. But almond milk or soy milk (or cow) would work great as well.

      • melissa
        Posted 5 Jul ’13 at 21:48 | #

        I’m soo glad you said that, as we are living in Germany and I drink oat milk everyday!! Anxious to try this Recipe tomorrow morning for breakfast for the whole family! We are used to making the dutch babies or German pancakes on the weekends and this looks like a much healthier version! :)

  60. Posted 13 Jul ’13 at 17:38 | #

    Stumbled across your blog yesterday and I can’t stop reading. Thought follow a Paleo diet for health reasons, I see many recipes I use is as or adapt. Enjoying the recipes and cooking in the context of family life. Just the right balance of food to family. Easy-to-follow and well-written recipes and where does one begin when complimenting the photography? You have a new fan or fanatic, to be more accurate.

  61. N
    Posted 30 Jul ’13 at 12:54 | #

    Awesome blog! ! Not sure why but m almond flour settled at the top & eggs at the bottom, and i am sure didnt taste how it was mean to. Coud you suggest where I might hav went wrong ? I think I followed the recipe to t.

  62. beth
    Posted 24 Aug ’13 at 08:59 | #

    Followed the recipe, but had to lower the oven temp. Mine came out like a frittata.

    Made it a second time last night. Used 1 less egg and a tad bit more almond flour. It came out like a crumbly frittata.

    Although it tastes fine, I’m not really sure how to eat it. And I definitely wouldn’t call it a pancake!

  63. Posted 16 Oct ’13 at 14:42 | #

    This is such a wonderful recipe. I have made it several times for weekend breakfasts, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. Plus so, so easy to whip up when company is in and around the kitchen. ;) I personally would like it firmed up just a tiny bit more, so I usually cut down to 2 cups of milk and add a few tablespoons of cornstarch. I bet coconut milk would also be good in place of nut milk!

  64. Xenia
    Posted 17 Oct ’13 at 10:58 | #

    Is almond flour different from almond powder (ground almonds easily found in shops)?
    Keep going with your blog, I love it!

    • Posted 17 Oct ’13 at 19:14 | #

      Hi Xenia,
      It sounds like it is the same, ground almond – almond flour – almond powder – different names in different parts of the world.

      Happy baking!

  65. Posted 23 Oct ’13 at 00:51 | #

    My friend and I have made a one week pact to not eat any grains – you see we work at an artisan bakery, it is a very challenging week! Just wanted to say thank you, yet again for a fantastic recipe. I have been searching for something delicious and inspiring for breakfast, your site was my first stop. And you delivered, as usual. Can’t wait to make this. X

  66. Sierra
    Posted 16 Nov ’13 at 17:21 | #

    Hi there, I just adore your blog, and love that you are also a momma… I was so excited to make this for my hubs and babe this weekend but the top is almost black and the inside is very mushy and the bottom full of liquid. ;/ I saw others ask about temps and why it might turn out this way. What is the texture supposed to be like? I’d love to try it again.

  67. Anze
    Posted 29 Dec ’13 at 22:03 | #

    I just made the batter so they could bake in the owen for tomorrow’s breakfast, but the batter is quite runny. Is that normal? Btw I threw in some blueberries and crushed pistachios + grated in some lemon zest.

    • Posted 31 Dec ’13 at 03:37 | #

      Hi Anze, yes the batter should be quite runny. It will firm up as it bakes.

  68. Posted 3 Mar ’14 at 06:04 | #

    I just discovered your blog recently. Very nice. Thanks for this recipe – I baked it this morning. Delicious.

  69. Posted 2 Jun ’14 at 20:59 | #

    Hi there
    I LOVE your recipes, blog and photos but was this dish supposed to taste like an omelette/scrambled egg or did I go wrong somewhere? :) Maria

  70. Posted 11 Jun ’14 at 20:05 | #

    Yum, Sugarand Cinnamon pointed my in the direction of your blog as I recently discovered Dutch Baby oven pancakes but am now looking for healthier variations (I love the wheat one, but it just lacks in nutrients. At the same time my attempts with oat- or buckwheat flour turned more in clafoutis…yum, but not what I was looking for) This recipe is a great idea!!

  71. Posted 13 Dec ’14 at 14:23 | #

    I just had breakfast, but looking at this, I am ready for round #2!

  72. Molly
    Posted 1 Feb ’15 at 12:05 | #

    Made this for breakfast yesterday and was delicious! Loads leftover so ended up trying it cold this morning with yoghurt and blueberries. To my surprise was still great. Could really taste the almond and sweetness.

  73. Posted 8 Apr ’15 at 11:42 | #

    This receipe sounds amazing! I am thinking about making this for my vegan wife but I have a question for the board. I often use puréed tofu as a vegan sub for eggs, but this tends to lose some of the fluffiness of eggs. This fluffiness is kinda the point of ‘fat’ pancakes and I’m a bit concerned that it will turn out more like a crêpe. Has anyone tried to use tofu in a similar way and might be able to help me out? Thanks!

  74. christine
    Posted 19 Apr ’15 at 17:22 | #

    I love your recipes and I love your videos. They are so relaxing to watch and everything you make inspires me to eat healthy. Well deserved win!

  75. Posted 17 Jul ’15 at 11:11 | #

    We had this for breakfast this morning and it was yummy (my one year old wolfed it down!). As a French woman I feel I could never quite call it a pancake, as it is much more the taste and texture of an English baked egg custard, but it is delicious all the same. It’s quite sweet and rich so I think it would be best served for pudding (we have leftovers so will have to try this later with some fruit and cream). I have to say that I really love your site, I’ve tried several of your recipes this week since I came across it and they’ve all been a huge success! :)

  76. Kaylee
    Posted 5 Sep ’15 at 12:07 | #

    Hi! I absolutely love your blog-the food, the pictures, the stories. Everything is wonderful <3 I've tried your other recipes including the turmeric breakfast muffins and carrot cake baked oatmeal with great success. However, when I made these, the almond flour and egg separated into two layers-is this supposed to happen? Also, my pancake had A LOT of liquid :( please help! The pancake sounds and looks so delicious but I don't know what went wrong with mine!

  77. Posted 6 Jan ’16 at 22:48 | #

    Tried it! Loved it! Will do it again!
    And most importantly my little one liked it! Thanks so much! Will do it again and experiment a little!

  78. Posted 7 Apr ’16 at 08:10 | #

    I am finally off my diet for the coming weekend! I am having this! It looks awesome! Message Ends.#greenkitchenstoriesrock

  79. Rebecca
    Posted 8 May ’16 at 18:03 | #

    If you want a less custard like Fat Almond Pancake, try beating the egg whites until still and then fold in to the rest of the ingredients. This makes a Fat Almond Pancake that reminds me of the Dutch Baby baked pancakes I used to make. Yum!

  80. Pam
    Posted 27 Sep ’16 at 18:39 | #

    Made this as a morning treat and thought this had the perfect amount of sweetness. Topped with some berries and was very pleased with the results! I used buckwheat flour and found the buckwheat rose to the top, so my custard was half yellow, half grey. Didn’t affect the taste, but wasn’t expecting that!

    Excited to try this with other batter variations and toppings!

  81. Ana Rita
    Posted 5 Mar ’17 at 17:29 | #

    I made this yesterday and it turned out delicious! I added some orange zest and a teaspoon of vanilla paste and I think it was perfect!

  82. Posted 13 Apr ’17 at 12:12 | #

    Well the pancake looks so delicious. Here in Holland we don’t know that but i’m sure i will try to make it by my own.

  83. Lorna
    Posted 16 Jul ’17 at 00:04 | #

    Can anyone tell me how much this puffs up? I don’t have a dish with those dimensions. My ideal dish is slightly smaller- wondering if I should leave some batter out or if it will be okay with the batter level at 1/4 inch below the surface. Would appreciate the help! Thank you :)

  84. Posted 30 Dec ’17 at 11:42 | #

    delicious cake for everyone who loves to eat cake.
    So lovely recipe

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