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Meet Elsa. Our daughter. She is exactly two days old and we can’t stop looking at her. Therefore we will keep this post really short – so that we can continue to drown her in hugs and kisses.

We will be back soon with more green recipes. But this time it’s all about her.


  1. Posted 7 Mar ’10 at 22:22 | #

    Det var det mest bedårande jag sett!

    Grattis till er båda!

  2. Posted 7 Mar ’10 at 23:01 | #

    such a gorgeous little girl! congrats ~

  3. Posted 7 Mar ’10 at 23:11 | #

    I only just stumbled upon your blog about a week ago. I’ve been following you on Twitter ever since and was so happy to hear your baby was born and all is well. She’s such a beautiful little doll. Congratulations!!! :-)

  4. Posted 7 Mar ’10 at 23:23 | #

    Congratulations! She is beautiful! Yes, go and enjoy this time with lots of hugs a kisses!

  5. Posted 7 Mar ’10 at 23:45 | #

    I have been following (and greatly enjoying) your blog for quite a while – you always have the most wonderful pictures and recipes! I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog, and Congratulations, Elsa looks absolutely perfect!

  6. Posted 7 Mar ’10 at 23:49 | #

    She’s beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!

  7. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 00:07 | #

    Congratulations! What a gorgeous baby she is. It makes me so nostalgic for those delicious newborn days. Enjoy them and try to get some sleep.

  8. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 00:18 | #

    As a new follower of your blog I just wanted to say that she is lovely and I am glad everyone is doing well. Enjoy her!

  9. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 00:27 | #

    Congratulations! She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your news.

  10. Kar
    Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 00:54 | #

    I love your recipes and food photos and look forward to your posts. Your baby is absolutely gorgeous – congratulations!!! The photos of her are lovely.

  11. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 01:45 | #

    I have been following you rblog for a while, absolutely love it – perfect time for a first comment….
    Elsa is gorgeous, so radiant and beautiful – Congratulations!!!

  12. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 01:59 | #

    Many blessings to you and your family!! What a wonderful joy!!! Congratulations!! Enjoy this time as it goes by so quickly and little ones change so much each day of that first year.

  13. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 03:00 | #

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful daughter you have :) I adore the purple jammies, too. She just looks so content and peaceful – it’s making me ready for bed! hehe.
    I hope you have a great night – go keep staring at her beauty :)

  14. Zom
    Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 03:40 | #

    Well, who could blame you, she is quite the little beauty! Congratulations!

  15. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 06:40 | #

    What a Beauty!! Gorgeous little wonder.
    I’m a big fan of you guys and your blog and now I’m definetely a fan of a girl named Elsa.
    Grow big and strong and beautiful.

  16. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 06:45 | #

    oh – congratulations! she is sooo cute. in the last picture she looks like she just noticed you are taking picture and is like “hey… what is this all about?”

  17. monapagnozzi
    Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 08:04 | #

    Beautiful, just like granny. Love.

  18. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 08:18 | #

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous girl! Congratulations!!!!

  19. Viveca
    Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 08:36 | #

    Congratulations! She’s adorable!

  20. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 09:10 | #

    she’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! <3

  21. Hanna
    Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 13:16 | #

    Åh, hon ser alldeles ljuvlig ut, hoppas ni alla mår bra. Stora grattiskramar!
    PS. Jag hoppades att det skulle bli en Elsa.

  22. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 13:33 | #

    Wow, congrats!!!!! She’s lovely. Now, go back to your drooling… ;-D

  23. Laurel
    Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 16:33 | #

    She is beautiful, and I love your website. I have only recently found it. Thank you for the recipes. These pictures are gorgeous. Enjoy!

  24. Eric
    Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 16:53 | #

    Congratulations from the one who loves your “Healthier Carrot Cake”. Enjoy these precious first days with your beautiful newborn.
    ~ Eric

    By the way, I made the carrot cake with a Wheat Free flour blend – FANTASTIC!

  25. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 17:26 | #

    Elsa is simply beautiful. Congratulations, job well done! Wishing the three of you happiness and good health.

  26. Elsa
    Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 17:36 | #

    Vilken vacker tjej, och fint namn :)
    Ta hand om er allihopa i lilla familjen!
    Från en som tycker att er matblogg är helt underbar.

  27. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 18:41 | #


  28. Mary Jo
    Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 21:48 | #

    she’s beautiful! soak up every minute…it goes by way too fast :) COngratulations!!!

  29. Posted 8 Mar ’10 at 22:58 | #

    Oh my, she is SO precious! I just want to snuggle her! Congrats!

  30. Posted 9 Mar ’10 at 00:22 | #

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful :) Enjoy every minute and keep taking photos, they change so quickly.

  31. Posted 9 Mar ’10 at 01:43 | #

    Oh, my God! Congratulations!! She is gorgeous and so precious – enjoy every single moment. Before you know it, she will be going off to college! (Like my little ones – not so little all of a sudden). So savor every day. I wish you much happiness and a little sleep!

  32. Posted 9 Mar ’10 at 07:00 | #

    Lovely photos, she’s just adorable. I adore the name. Congrats again.

  33. Monica Nørup Nielsen
    Posted 9 Mar ’10 at 09:40 | #

    Hej Luise.
    Sikke en vidunderlig lille hapser I har fået jer – smelter helt!!! Stort tillykke til jer begge to og dejligt at høre at I har det godt!
    Monica (fra studentum)

  34. Annie
    Posted 9 Mar ’10 at 15:47 | #

    Congratulations on welcoming your beautiful daughter! So much love with a little one :) Wishing you all every happiness.
    -Annie (from Chicago, U.S.)

  35. Posted 10 Mar ’10 at 02:16 | #

    Congratulations!!! She’s beautiful, and definitely worth ignoring the blog for :)

    Enjoy every minute!!!!

  36. annette
    Posted 10 Mar ’10 at 15:43 | #

    Tillykke med den dejlige lille pige. Og tak for de mange gode opskrifter.

  37. Posted 11 Mar ’10 at 00:53 | #

    Congratulations! What a perfectly beautiful little girl!

  38. Posted 11 Mar ’10 at 16:27 | #

    congratulations – she is beautiful, I’m sure she will grow to be a very healthy and happy young lady

  39. Em
    Posted 12 Mar ’10 at 00:49 | #


    Can we have a recipe for one of these little cute things as well? :)

  40. gillian
    Posted 12 Mar ’10 at 06:17 | #

    She’s adorable! Congratulations to you both!

  41. Posted 12 Mar ’10 at 09:49 | #

    Thank you for all those sweet comments about our little Elsa!
    It’s her one week birthday today!
    We will be back with some new posts really really soon it is just hard taking our eyes off of her.
    /David & Luise

  42. Posted 12 Mar ’10 at 15:48 | #

    she is absolutely stunning. congratulations!! And all the best wishes!! so glad you posted a comment because now i found your blog – which is stunning and i can’t wait to read more.

  43. Posted 12 Mar ’10 at 19:48 | #

    She’s just gorgeous. Congratulations. We are expecting a little girl in July – our first adn we can’t wait! Love your photos.

  44. Posted 12 Mar ’10 at 23:54 | #

    Oh, she’s beautiful! Congratulations and happy one week birthday to Elsa!

  45. Anne Mette
    Posted 14 Mar ’10 at 09:07 | #

    Hej Luise og David
    Stort tillykke med datteren, ret fed blog I har lavet jer her, er lige kommet på, og skal til at studere den nærmere, men det første jeg måtte se var selvfølgelig billederne af den skønne datter.Fik et tip af Mona.
    Hilsen Anne Mette

  46. Posted 15 Mar ’10 at 03:28 | #

    Ahhhh she’s precious!

  47. Posted 17 Mar ’10 at 15:28 | #

    congratulations, what a beauty she is! and i love her purple outfit; she looks like a darling little eggplant. ;)

    • Posted 19 Mar ’10 at 14:46 | #

      Hihi it’s true, she does look like a little eggplant. I have always been very fond of eggplants :)

  48. Posted 23 Mar ’10 at 15:36 | #

    she is beautiful!!! (And I don’t think all newborns are cute. oops, did I just say that?) Anyway, she really is a beautiful baby – love all the dark hair. love her name!

  49. Posted 26 Mar ’10 at 13:53 | #

    We are so touched by all your sweet and funny comments <3 THANKS again!

  50. Posted 14 Apr ’10 at 09:29 | #

    congratulations!!!wish you all the best!

  51. Posted 25 Apr ’10 at 17:19 | #

    she’s so delicious! just have discovered this beautiful site, and enjoy it!

  52. Maria Hall
    Posted 26 Apr ’10 at 17:34 | #

    Congratulation on your daughter, my son Michael and Melanie had a son on the first of march. They made me grandma to a healthy boy. His name is Christopher and he is very handsome.

  53. Nev
    Posted 3 May ’10 at 19:09 | #

    Hi, I have just found your blog via FB and the Green Sushi Salad Recipe (which looks YUM btw..) and then I found these photos of your beautiful baby daughter. Congratulations.
    I am currently waiting for our little bundle to come along (EDD 31.08.10) and seeing these gorgeous photos made me quite impatient. ;p

    I will be following your blog so: happy cooking. :D

  54. Valeria
    Posted 13 Sep ’10 at 14:04 | #

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog for a while and it never crossed my mind (until now) to congratulate you for your lovely baby girl Elsa. She is absolutely adorable!
    I really wish I could make more of your recipes but here in Venezuela you can’t find most of the ingredients.
    Anyway, it’s always delightful to read your posts and enjoy your beautiful photographs.
    Congratulations again,

  55. Danni
    Posted 25 Jul ’11 at 11:21 | #

    Hey there, I discovered your blog a few months ago and really love it and your attitude towards healthy food! :) I am planning to get pregnant soon and was wondering if you have any book recommondations or general tips regarding nutritious food during pregnancy and especially also for newborns / young children?

    I find it very confusing what we should and what we should not feed our kids, especially the very little ones, so a good and reliable source which bears “less sugar and more nature (products)” in mind would be great!

    Thank you so much!


  56. kathie
    Posted 29 Oct ’12 at 15:49 | #

    Congratulations on producing the best recipe ever! Elsa is just adorable! Thank you for sharing her beautiful pictures and allowing us to peek into your lovely life. I wish you all a beautiful life together.

  57. Posted 28 Mar ’16 at 19:45 | #

    Ok so I have to know…why did you name her Elsa!? Do you ever look back and think how crazy it is that Frozen came out afterwards making “Elsa” the most popular princess (sorry, Queen) ever?

    • Lieke
      Posted 27 Feb ’19 at 13:45 | #

      Elsa is just a normal name? Weird comment.

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