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Drink Your Greens (yellows & reds)!

When Elsa is at preschool, David and I sometimes drink our meals instead of eating them. Spinach, avocado, sprouts, pear, lime and pumpkin seeds might sound like a delicious salad to most people. But add a splash of plant milk and some ice and you have turned it into a creamy and groovy green shake. The advantage is not only that it’s quicker to prepare and easier to consume. It also comes with endless possibilities and variations. Add a banana and some extra hemp powder and it’s perfect after a workout. Don’t have almond milk at home? Not a problem, try coconut milk instead. There are no limits or rules.

Smoothies have become a way for us to keep a few of our meals lighter and simpler (which can feel very nice when you work with food all day, like Sara also pointed out). Smoothie can be our breakfast, lunch or anything in-between. And it’s always our first choice after working out. If we are on a detox, a smoothie can even be a pretty fulfilling dinner. The smoothies we mainly talk about today differ from the ones you often find on dessert menus in restaurants, as these have vegetables in them. They still have a sweetness to them, but are more nourishing. It truly is a meal in a glass.

Look for color!
Call us bananas, but we actually prefer to choose ingredients for our smoothies depending on color. It feels a bit more civilized not drinking a brown mess (unless it’s a cacao smoothie). Keeping your smoothies in color scale is not only pretty, but also one of the easiest way to keep track of their health benefits. The colors of fruit and vegetables are directly connected with what nutrients they are rich in. It’s always good to eat (and drink) plants with lots of color, as the color is an indicator that they are rich in the natural chemicals phytonutrients, that help prevent disease and keep your body working properly. So, searching for these disease fighting components is not difficult at all, simply go hunt for colors. The specific colors also indicates what minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients they are rich in. Dark green vegetables are for example rich in iron, carotenoids and chlorophyll. Yellow and orange fruit are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids. Red and purple vegetables and fruit contain anthocyanins and lycopene. So try to vary different colors on different days for best result.

Another secret behind a good, nutritious and nourishing smoothie is to find a balance between fruit, vegetables, proteins (nuts or nut butter, seeds and protein powders), spices and add-ins (spirulina, turmeric, bee pollen, etc.). Try to make sure that you have something from every category for best result. And make sure to choose organic ingredients if you can find and afford it.

Below, we have listed three of our favorite smoothies in different colors. Use the smoothies as inspiration and add in or replace whatever you have at home. Just follow the color trail ;-)




Be Better Beetroot & Strawberry Smoothie
Serves 2

Nitrogen rich vegetables like beetroots increases the blood flow to the muscles, which means that you get more energy and better performance when you are working out. Cool right!?

1 handful frozen strawberries
1 raw beetroot, peeled (shredded if you don’t have a high-speed blender)
3 tbsp pomegranate seeds
2 tbsp dried goji berries, optional
2 fresh dates, pitted
2 tbsp chia seeds or flax seeds
1 inch fresh ginger or 1/2 tsp ground ginger
1 pinch ground vanilla or extract
1 cup almond milk or plant milk of your choice

Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Add more liquid if it feels too thick.



Green Recovery Smoothie

Celery and banana are rich in the electrolytes Sodium and Potassium (which you loose when you sweat). Together with the proteins in the hemp powder and nut butter, they are the perfect ingredients in a recovery drink. Keep hydrated and drink this Green Recovery Smoothie after a workout for best result.

1 celery stem with leaves
1 small handful kale or spinach

1 ripe banana, peeled
1 kiwi, peeled

1/2 avocado, stoned
1 lime, juice
1 tbsp hemp protein powder, optional
1 tbsp almond butter or soaked almonds
1 cup coconut water or plant milk of your choice

Mix all ingredients in a blender with a few ice cubes until smooth.



Super C Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie
Serves 2

Vitamin C is found in citrus fruit, rosehip and mango, and is in fact a strong antioxidant, helping repair and protect the cells in our bodies. Turmeric has highly anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Add 1 tsp to your daily routine.

1 mango, peeled and stoned
1/2 orange, peeled
1 raw carrot (shredded if you don’t have a high–speed blender)
1 handful soaked cashew nuts
1 tsp ground turmeric
1 tsp bee pollen, optional 
1 tsp rosehip powder, optional
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup water

Mix all ingredients in blender with a few ice cubes until smooth.


If you follow us on Instagram (David | Luise) you can find several more smoothie recipes and tips.


  1. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 17:30 | #

    I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who decides which ingredients to use based on color. Brown is okay, especially if its raw cacao, but I like vibrant rainbow smoothies. I can’t decide which of these recipes to try tomorrow. Maybe ill try them all! Thank you!

  2. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 17:39 | #


  3. Vittoria
    Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 18:07 | #

    I love these pictures!

  4. Nicole
    Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 18:16 | #

    Amazing post and gorgeous pictures. Thank you so much for the smoothie ideas your website is my most favorite:)

  5. Christine
    Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 19:49 | #

    Must… make… NOW!!!!!! All 3!!!!

  6. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 20:02 | #

    These pictures are stunning. I have a new-found appreciation for smoothies as a meal. So satisfying to be able to pack all that goodness into a glass :)

  7. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 20:02 | #

    You guys are taking food photography to a whole new level. AMAZING! This is art.

  8. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 20:03 | #

    Gorgeous pictures and informative post! Love the idea of going with colours and nutritional balance. Did i mention? A-m-a-z-i-n-g photography!

  9. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 20:19 | #

    This is one of the most beautiful food posts I’ve ever seen, and the most useful, because, looking at people and what they eat every day, and what they give their children to eat, I can’t not to be surprised.. Every morning I drink smoothie, but these days I’ll try all of these ;) Thank you for inspiring me always..

  10. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 20:23 | #

    These images are so unbelievably epic and gorgeous. I think you’ll make believers out of any smoothies skeptics. :)

  11. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 20:44 | #

    This is really beautiful! I can’t wait to have a proper blender or juicer. xo

  12. Ursula
    Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 20:56 | #

    STUNNING photos as always. And you can never go wong with a smoothie… can’t wait to try some new combinations. Thanks!

  13. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 20:57 | #

    Thanks for these gorgeous, inspiring smoothies. It is really refreshing to substitute lunch with a smoothie every now and then. I have spinach growing in my garden, time to put it to good use – but not around my parents…they’d think I’m nuts if they see me ‘drink’ spinach and kale!

  14. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 21:08 | #

    Great post! Stunningly beautiful photos and great recipes. Look forward to trying some.

  15. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 21:17 | #

    Wow, your pictures are amazing! I would eat every bit of these fruits and vegetables without bothering to juice them right now :)

  16. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 21:25 | #

    You guys and your photos! I just keep sighing looking at them.
    Wanted to ask what you have used as a background for these images? I have a similar looking garage floor that I use when I have to get that effect but something more portable would be good :-)

  17. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 22:48 | #

    The pictures are soooo lovely. Looks like art :) love the recipes too. A couple days ago I made a shake with carrots and apple and raspberries. So thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Andrea
    Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 22:53 | #

    Amazing pictures. You guys are so inspiring!:)

  19. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 22:53 | #

    so gorgeous!! I love this. We just got our hands on a juicer but I think I still prefer the viscosity of a smoothie, feels more filling and fiberous. The photos are gorgeous, you guys. Hope all is well. xoxo

  20. Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 22:54 | #

    Precious work you beautyful family…. congratulations!

  21. Gözde
    Posted 18 Oct ’13 at 23:39 | #

    Vad betyder “stoned” avocado?

    • Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 06:44 | #

      Hej Gözde, det betyder bara att du ska komma ihåg att ta bort stenen/kärnan innan du mixar den. ;)

  22. Laura
    Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 01:21 | #

    These pictures are making me absolutely swoon! Can I buy prints for my apartment? ;)

  23. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 03:19 | #

    David & Luise, you guys are simply AMAZING!!! Your food photography is oh so gorgeous and this post has all the information needed for anyone to start making smoothie at home indeed. I have already pinned your pics and I’ll make sure to share with all my friends and students who are always surprised on how a green smoothie could taste good and be healthy too.
    My Mom is visiting us from France right now and she has also been enjoying our daily green smoothies, I know which ones we’ll make this weekend for sure. :-)
    Hooray to colorful smoothies! BIG hug to you three.

  24. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 04:28 | #

    Beautiful photos! I need to start making juice again.

  25. Laura
    Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 08:14 | #

    Stunning images and beautiful ideas.

  26. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 09:14 | #

    Love colorful smoothies and there’s so many combo’s here that I’m anxious to try :)

  27. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 09:49 | #

    I think my brain is about to explode from looking at these exquisite photographs! The smoothies look phenomenal, and I love how you’ve captured them. So much love in these pictures. :)

  28. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 11:44 | #

    Hi Luise & David, can you confirm whether we should use raw carrot & beetroot? Or grated? Or cooked? My blender got confused this morning, and refused to work with these ingredients …

    Many thanks for your continued inspiration behind an apron,

    Susan Jane (Ireland)

    • Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 11:54 | #

      Hi Susan Jane, all the ingredients in tvese recipes are raw. You can chop the vegetables roughly to make it easier for your blender. We have a Vitamix blender that can handle just about everything, but if it’s tough on your blender you can just add some extra liquid.

  29. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 12:03 | #

    I have been hmm hmm about smoothies and don’t think much about detox diets! but this, I’m sold. Best photos I have seen all week and I have seen some great ones. xx

  30. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 13:21 | #

    I like using purple carrots and beets with red apples and blood oranges. Your pics are beautiful!!

  31. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 14:39 | #

    Your recommendation to group fruits and vegetables by color is perfect, it reminds us to take nature’s cue and not over think it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. Sarah
    Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 14:53 | #

    I agree, beautiful photos and inspiring recipes! However, I have been following your blog for two years or so and noticed that it becomes increasingly difficult to follow your recipes on a budget… It probably just means that you are becoming ever more sophisticated! :) And it’s true that most of your recipes are easily adjusted to any budget.

    • Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 15:20 | #

      Hi Sarah! What a shame that you feel that way. We try to make sure that our recipes are useful for everyone. Always suggesting alternative ingredients and seasonal products (prices and availability vary a lot around the world). We try to share tips how to find cheaper products and brands. We also have some basic recipes how to make your own homemade seed/nut milk and how to soak and cook beans and lentils, which you save a lot of money from. One good tip is to cook bigger batches of soups and stews and freeze in portions. But maybe we should do a vegetarian budget-friendly guide, that could be fun!


  33. Jessica
    Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 15:03 | #

    Love the photos and amazing recipes.

  34. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 15:09 | #

    Such beautiful photos!

  35. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 15:36 | #

    What a fantastic post. The colours are so vibrant. Go the humble smoothie!

  36. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 16:54 | #

    Lovely pictures!

  37. Djoeke
    Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 17:54 | #

    Wow gorgeous pictures! Will definitely try these recipes. :)

  38. AJ
    Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 18:22 | #

    This is all amazing! Are you guys happy to tell us what blender and, also, what juicer you usually use? Just wondering if the quality or type of blender affects the ‘smoothness’ of the smoothie!? xx

  39. AJ
    Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 18:25 | #

    PS Just want to say, the amazing healing properties of turmeric are most activated when you also add a pinch of black pepper (don’t worry, it doesn’t affect the taste)…x

    • Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 09:34 | #

      True that, the same goes for cayenne. The beneficial effect doubles with a pinch of black pepper.

  40. Linea
    Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 18:56 | #

    Jeres beskrivelse af tumericnlyder som noget jeg burde prøve af, da jeg døjer med skinnbensbetændelse, men jeg er nødt til lige at høre om det kan være rigtigt at det er helt almindelig gurkemeje (fra en hvilken som helst krydderihylde) eller om det er en særlig slags.
    Tak for endnu et inspirerende og lærerigt indlæg,
    Hilsen en trofast følger fra Danmark

    • Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 09:32 | #

      Hej Linea, ja det er rigtig at helt almindelig gurkemeje fra krydderi hylden indeholder curcumin (den vigtigeste af curcuminoiderne). Nogle grønthandlere sælger også den friske gurkemeje rod, men køb en god malet gurkemeje, f.eks. Urtekram i Danmark.


  41. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 21:08 | #

    Succé! So inspiring and beautiful!

  42. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 21:26 | #

    Beautiful photos!

  43. Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 21:59 | #

    Wooooh, the colours are amazing!! I make smoothies and shakes all the time, but I think I should start looking at those colours, drinking a pretty smoothie will be extra fun. The red one is amazing!

  44. lilsen
    Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 22:04 | #

    What beauty!! The photographs are such a delight I’d like to wish there were more colorways to present…. (In that context: Please do post a picture plus recipe for a sweet and sound cacao smoothie! I begin dreaming up earthy colors of dried fruit like dates, figs, plums even, cacao, hazelnuts, cardamom…)
    Love your aesthetics and taste!

    • Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 09:25 | #

      Hi Lilsen, Thank you!
      This is my favorite chocolate smoothie:
      1 frozen ripe banana
      1 fresh soft date, pitted
      1 tbsp hemp seeds or powder
      1-2 tbsp raw cacao powder
      1 tbsp hazelnut butter
      plant milk of your choice to cover


      • Denise
        Posted 7 Nov ’13 at 11:43 | #

        Thanks for that, I’m going to try the cacao one tomorrow! Will be trying the red one tonight, very curious!! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  45. heather
    Posted 19 Oct ’13 at 23:57 | #

    Thank you for the beautiful post. I love drinking my greens (ahem, and my yellows and reds), but am often having breakfast on the go; do you think these smoothies will be good stored overnight and eaten in the morning? I have read that greens begin to decrease in nutritional quality the longer they have been sitting around after having been blended. Do you know if this claim has any validity?
    Thank you so much! I love your blog – it brightens my day so much! :)

    • Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 09:39 | #

      Dear Heather, Thank you!
      That is true, the vitamins decrease. But if you store the smoothie in an airtight container directly after mixing it you can avoid that.

      • heather
        Posted 23 Oct ’13 at 19:28 | #

        Thank you! I am happy there is a solution. :) I also really appreciate how you guys not only provide beautiful and delish recipes, but you also quickly and thoughtfully respond to questions.:)

      • Denise
        Posted 7 Nov ’13 at 11:45 | #

        If you freeze the smoothie for the next morning in a covered (but not airtight) container, would the be ok as well? Thanks!

  46. Posted 20 Oct ’13 at 00:06 | #

    Oh, THANK you, yet again.
    And I agree with Sarah, all your yummy recipes make me go bananas in the grocery store – which is not a good thing being a student in Stockholm…
    Also it would be great to learn a bit more about these super-stuff you can put in the smoothies (like hemp protein, wheat grass and such), what are they good for and how should they be consumed?

  47. Posted 20 Oct ’13 at 17:40 | #

    Wow these pics are beautiful! I love the colors!
    Love Katie ♥
    Please visit me on http://whatskatieupto.wordpress.com

  48. beth
    Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 07:55 | #

    Wow, vackra bilder! Du har gjort grönsaker och frukter till konst. Friska, utsökt konst. Jag måste prova dessa kombinationer. Tack för att dela dina verk.

  49. Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 08:10 | #

    Oh wow, these photos are so sumptuous! Gorgeous! Really makes me want to try these recipes out!!

  50. Vera Fidalgo
    Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 09:49 | #

    I tried the beetroot and strawberry smoothie for breakfast today. It is delicious, but I’ll try to make it thicker next time, as it makes me feel more satisfied in the morning. I am looking forward to other recipes, specially those that are rich in iron (the dark-green ones)! Thank you!

  51. Elii
    Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 11:25 | #

    This post is beautiful. I shared the yellow smoothie with my boyfriend yesterday, and the red one with my mother today! Green is on the cards for tomorrow.

    I would love to see more smoothie recipes, if the two of you have any others! These have been perfect – such complex and delicious flavours.

    Once again, you’ve both inspired me to live & eat better. Thanks for this gorgeous post!

  52. Kiri
    Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 14:59 | #

    Inspiring photos!
    Did you put broccoli in the green smoothie also? I see it in the photo but not in the list of ingredients.

    • Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 15:53 | #

      You can easily add broccoli, kale or spinach to the green smoothie recipe. But the ingredient photos are mainly for inspirational purpose. To show all green goodness you can add to a smoothie.

  53. Margie
    Posted 21 Oct ’13 at 18:21 | #

    The photo styling is amazing. Especially the purple red and with the frozen blackberries and raspberries and the ice. What texture! I’m not sure what’s more appealing, the photos or the recipes!

  54. Posted 22 Oct ’13 at 04:14 | #

    Beautiful photography! These are the most unique smoothie recipes I’ve seen, can’t wait to give them a try!

  55. Sharon
    Posted 22 Oct ’13 at 05:21 | #

    I was just wondering what it is in the green picture bottom left.
    Looks like a melon of some sort on some brown paper??

  56. Posted 22 Oct ’13 at 11:02 | #

    Love this post – those colours are amazing x

  57. Posted 22 Oct ’13 at 18:51 | #

    omg, I have to try that one :) it looks wonderful, you’re doing art there

  58. Posted 22 Oct ’13 at 21:26 | #

    These all looks incredible!

  59. Posted 22 Oct ’13 at 22:06 | #


  60. Guro
    Posted 22 Oct ’13 at 22:38 | #

    What a beautiful post, and a beautiful blog! Thank you! I would like to say, though, that I agree with the comment above, in that it is a bit difficult to follow your recipes on a budget. Your idea about making a post on budget friendly superhealthy vegetarian cooking is great! Please do so! Keep up the good work.

  61. Linnea
    Posted 22 Oct ’13 at 23:27 | #

    Hej Luise & David,
    tack för en superfin blogg. Alltid inspirerande. Själv är jag också en del av ett svenskt-danskt par på söder i sthlm. Undra hur många vi kan tänkas vara? ; )
    Ville egentligen bara fråga om ni har några tips på var ni brukar handla? Någon speciell affär som alltid har superpris på något eller ett märke som ni gillar extra mycket? Är mycket glad över att de har börjat sälja Urtekram i Sverige, det är en favorit från åren i Danmark. vh Linnea

  62. Posted 23 Oct ’13 at 23:14 | #

    These photos are your best yet. I can’t stop looking at all of the little details. Just beautiful!

  63. Posted 24 Oct ’13 at 05:14 | #

    Your photos are exquisite, and as a botanical artist and designer- you bring inspiration to my day. Thank you! xo

  64. Vera Fidalgo
    Posted 24 Oct ’13 at 10:13 | #

    I tried the Super C Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie yesterday, but used ginger powder instead because I was out of turmeric. :( I also skipped the cashew nuts because I was going for rye bread with hazelnut butter as well and thought it might be too much. It tasted soooo delicious and delicate. One left to try (greens) and I am sure it will be equally tasteful!

  65. Posted 24 Oct ’13 at 21:14 | #

    Love the pictures and drinking my veggies!

  66. Alana
    Posted 24 Oct ’13 at 22:00 | #

    Since it’s Thanksgiving, I’m always looking for blogs that will give me plenty of ideas. My friend just told me about “Cooking With Mr. C.” on Facebook (also a blog). I just “Liked” his page. He dedicates November for all Thanksgiving ideas. I was hoping I may find some things on your blog this season too. Alana

  67. Ann Beyer
    Posted 25 Oct ’13 at 13:28 | #

    Hej! Skulle vilja göra en kort mejlintervju med David ang nya boken. Kan du mejla mig så snart som möjligt!
    Ann Beyer, redaktör Vi Föräldrar

  68. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 13:23 | #

    Tjohoo as we say in Sweden! So inspiring recipes and photos- makes you wanna swim in oceans of green! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  69. Anne
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 22:49 | #

    Any chance you will convert these photos to posters and offer them for sale? They are amazingly beautiful and inspirational (as evidenced in the comments). I believe that places them in the category of true art.

  70. Posted 27 Oct ’13 at 02:30 | #

    I love your blog and agree with Anne above that your photos are art, I would love to buy some prints especially of these last few photos!

  71. Posted 28 Oct ’13 at 04:12 | #

    I drink my greens every morning. I haven’t thought about drinking my reds and yellows as well. Thanks for the great idea!

  72. Posted 28 Oct ’13 at 22:42 | #

    Loved this post, the fotos and the colours. Tried at home the yellows and the reds and they came out great. Hope you don’t mind I put the recipes and my fotos with credits to this post and your blog. Really amazing images you have!

  73. Posted 29 Oct ’13 at 10:35 | #

    Love this idea. There is a three michelin star french chef (Alain Passard) who creates all his dishes based on color. He thinks that if it is grown at the same time in the garden and if it has like colors, you can’t go wrong with associating the ingredients together. For example he has a leek, grape, and nut salad recipe that is aboslutely phenomenal or a rhubarb angelica dessert. I really like the idea. I’ve been trying to do the same and it works very well.

  74. Denise
    Posted 3 Nov ’13 at 03:20 | #

    Thanks for sharing your to-go-to recipes. I’m always on the lookout for new healthy “green” smoothie recipes and I will be trying these recipes in the future for sure!

    I love reading your post (besides the awesome yummy food that’s on there) since my mum is Danish but I live in Australia, so your Danish/Scandinavian adventures remind me of my family! :)

  75. Posted 13 Nov ’13 at 16:54 | #

    Thanks for sharing the recipes. I’ve been making smoothies for breakkies and all I do is to put in any fruit I find in the fridge, a splash of milk or yogurt and chia seeds. I love beetroot so I shall try adding them in next!

  76. Posted 18 Dec ’13 at 03:15 | #

    Thank you for sharing these smoothie recipes! I have been making a smoothie for at least one meal for about two years now. I have also found that one color smoothies taste the best and I am glad to say that all three of these taste absolutely amazing!

  77. Gergana Micova
    Posted 4 Jan ’14 at 16:47 | #

    The green smoothies are my favorite. I also add ginger!

  78. Posted 8 Jan ’14 at 05:53 | #

    You’re photography is stunning. Do you mind me asking what you used for the background of the photos? I’ve been trying to find something similar.

  79. Posted 10 Jan ’14 at 19:24 | #

    This is, hands down, my most favorite {food} blog post on the entire interwebs!

    The food photography is epic. STUNNING. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

    Thank you for your countless inpirations, hard work and brilliant creativity.

    XO SHERRIE | With Food + Love

  80. Posted 19 Mar ’14 at 07:01 | #

    Having a flavor experience with your red smoothie here… I just happened to have all the ingredients at home, but thought with so many ingredients, some of the flavors might get mingled or covered, but it’s like they were enhanced by each other and it feels like a flavor explosion with many subtle notes, full until the end. Your blog is amazing & the photos are absolutely spectacular!

  81. Cosette
    Posted 22 Mar ’14 at 07:05 | #

    Just a tip for making the red smoothie, roasting the beets for an hour in foil at 400 degrees F and then cooling them in the fridge till totally chilled works great for low speed blenders and it tastes yummy! Easy on the blades as well.

  82. Annika
    Posted 1 Apr ’14 at 23:07 | #

    I am simply in love with all kind of Smoothies since all your great posts about them! But it is because your pictures are so mouthwatering that fresh fruits and vegetables become much more shining than any candy or packed food could ever be. Mother earth is creating wonderful things!

    Have you ever thought about offering your pictures as Posters? I would love to have them on my kitchen wall to never forget about the beauty of healthy food. Let me know if so.

    Thank you for your wonderful Inspiration!

  83. Anna
    Posted 11 Apr ’14 at 10:27 | #

    Hi, I hope you are still following this comment thread. I am going to try your recipe for the yellow juice this weekend and am wondering if you actually use the thick coconut milk you can buy in a can or do you use coconut water? Thanks!

    • Posted 14 Apr ’14 at 22:31 | #

      Hi Anna, we use coconut milk (from a can) in this recipe, but you could try using coconut water as well. It will probably taste a little less rich than with the milk.

      • Anna
        Posted 14 Apr ’14 at 22:35 | #


  84. Min
    Posted 21 Apr ’14 at 16:51 | #

    Such a lovely and inspiring post and blog in general. I have been following you for two weeks and we love the food we have been cooking following your recipes! I just have a question: do you ever give vegetable juices to your daughter? I have a 19 month old son and i was wondering whether it is ok to give him veg juices. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  85. Karen
    Posted 11 Jun ’14 at 04:28 | #

    I just made this with a few modifications based on what I had on hand. I used raspberries and blueberries instead of the strawberries and pomegranate seeds, and my beets were already cooked. I added some almond butter and a little bit of coconut oil. It was absolutely delicious and I’m looking forward to trying your other recipes. Thank you!

  86. Posted 25 Jun ’14 at 16:09 | #

    Loved this post! I have been making color-coded smoothies for the last year and absolutely agree with everything you said. Your combinations look yummy – going to give them a try. It is always fun to have some new direction. Beautiful pics :)

  87. Nadia
    Posted 19 Sep ’14 at 14:04 | #

    Thankyou so much for the wonderful recipes

  88. Posted 29 Sep ’14 at 12:36 | #

    Dear David, Luise and little Elsa, I just discovered your blog and I love it! All the recipes, the little stories around them – marvelous!! I am also a big fan of vegetable and fruit smoothies and eat mostly vegetarian. I posted some smoothie recipes on my blog http://www.BabyEcoChic.com, but mostly blog about eco-friendly stuff for babies, kids and sustainable families – perhaps you like to come around. I will for sure recommend some of your recipes, but first I have to experiment a bit. And I will buy your new book….

    Kind regads from the South, miriam

  89. Posted 10 Nov ’14 at 05:54 | #

    I’m so inspired by not only your gorgeous combination of photography, but your recipes as well. You’ve won me over.

  90. Posted 19 Jan ’15 at 05:05 | #

    Great info. Lucky me I discovered your blog by
    chance (stumbleupon). I’ve book-marked it for later!

  91. Posted 23 May ’15 at 18:06 | #

    amazing pictures especially the green smoothie! i love it!

  92. Lærke Darling sørensen
    Posted 5 Sep ’15 at 17:32 | #

    Kommer i det virkelig i en blender, også ting som gulerødder, æbler, rodbeder, og ikke i en juicepresser?

    Normalt ville jeg juice de hårde ting som rodbede og blende en mango.

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