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Decadent Beet & Chocolate Cake

Luise is without doubt the more talented kitchen wizard of us two. She constantly surprises me with delicious and creative dinners from what for me seemed like an empty fridge. Her skills has made me less active in the daily dinner making. Errgh, that didn’t sound right. We still have somewhat equal rolls in the kitchen  – and I love cooking! – but I tend to ask her for help whenever I see an empty shelf in our fridge.

However, there is one area where I feel more comfortable and experienced than Luise. Baking. And specifically, Baking Chocolate Cake. If you ask my parents that hardly comes as a surprise to them. I spent my teenage years baking moist and rich chocolate cakes 2-3 times every week for several years (not exaggerating). I ate most of them myself. I even ate the whole batter – unbaked(!) – one time. How I didn’t end up looking like a balloon is a miracle. One thing I learned through those years is how a chocolate batter should look, feel (and taste) to become a decadent moist chocolate cake.

Back then, I used heaps of refined sugar, wheat flour and margarine. Those are ingredients that we don’t even keep in our pantry anymore, so I have quietly forgotten all about my old cakes. Until Luise a few weeks ago started experimenting with a beet cake. It tasted alright but she never really nailed it. And as I stood there looking at her batter, my past hit me. BAM! ”I know what kind of chocolate cake we should make!”

I had to tweak it quite a bit. Using spelt flour, maple syrup (or honey), oil and beets. But it didn’t change much. We still ended up with a super indulgent cake with a very rich chocolate taste. The beets add sweetness, moist and taste to the cake. We grated them quite rough, so they definitely also affect the texture.

You can eat this just as it is. But if you want to make it a little prettier you could serve it with a dollop of yogurt and some fresh fruit on top.

The cake you are looking at is our forth version in two weeks. I am definitely getting in to my old habits again. Can someone please just stop me from eating the batter.

Beet & Chocolate Cake

Since we have made this cake quite a few times during the last weeks we have been able to try a couple of different versions. Maple syrup and honey both tastes good as sweetener in this cake. I prefer maple syrup, but that is more on a personal level. We have also tried it with sunflower oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Again, they all work, but the olive oil adds more flavor than the sunflower oil. And the coconut oil makes the cake very dense if you put it in the fridge, so then you might want to reheat it before eating it again. We haven’t tried it without eggs, but I’m guessing that you could replace them with apple sauce (as in this recipe) to make a vegan version. Next time I’m going to try adding some coffee as well.

2/3 cup (100 g) sunflower oil (coconut oil or olive oil)
1/2 cup (125 ml) maple syrup/honey
50 g dark chocolate (70%), broken into pieces
250 g (around 2 cups) raw beetroots, grated
3 eggs

1 ½ cup (375 ml) spelt flour
2 tsp baking powder
5 tbsp cacao powder
a pinch salt
1 tbsp dried shredded coconut (unsweetened) 

Preheat the oven to 350F/175°C. Warm the oil in a medium size sauce pan on very low heat. Add maple syrup and chocolate and stir until the chocolate is melted. Remove from heat. Add the grated beets. Whisk the eggs in a small bowl and then add them to the sauce pan. Sift flour, baking powder, cacao powder and salt together and stir into the beet mixture. Grease a bundt pan or a cake tin with oil and add shredded coconut to prevent the batter from sticking to side of the pan. Bake for 25 minutes or until slightly dark and crackelated on top and still a little sticky inside. Enjoy!

Ps. Cook Vegetarian Magazine has a large (and very flattering) piece about us in their March issue. You can read a pdf of the article here.


  1. Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 09:17 | #

    Decadent, yet relatively healthy. The texture looks glorious. I’m happy to eat this one just as it is.

  2. Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 09:29 | #

    Funny to read your post today because I just baked (tried to bake) beet cupcakes yesterday. Unfortunately, the first ones ended up in the trash. The problem was that I wanted to try a vegan and gluten-free version and put in millet flakes substituting half of the flour. Seems to be a big mistake because they didn’t raised while baking.I’ve bookmarked your recipe here and will definitely give the beet cake another try.

  3. Stine
    Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 10:50 | #

    This recipe looks very interesting, but being danish I’m having trouble distinguishing between beets (“roer”, I believe), as mentioned in the title, and beetroot (“rødbeder”, right?) as mentioned in the recipe. Which did you use?
    I’m hoping that maybe Luise will be able to help me :)

    Thanks in advance!

    • Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 13:07 | #

      Hi Stine.
      Beet is the name for all the different varieties in the beet family, but it is also a common name for beetroots. Which is what we have used in this recipe.
      Happy Baking ;-)

  4. Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 11:05 | #

    to die for :)

  5. Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 11:06 | #

    to die for :)

  6. Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 13:17 | #

    I was just talking with my boyfriend yesterday about making a chocolate beet cake, and here you are with a recipe! Awesome!

  7. Vera
    Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 14:32 | #

    Looks great.. would like to give it a try but can’t do spelt…
    what gluten free flour mixture would you suggest?
    I Thank You for your reply….

  8. Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 14:33 | #

    I’ve had a piece of this lovely cake and I can guarantee that it’s yummy! /Sis

  9. Carrie
    Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 14:59 | #

    This looks awesome. I may just have to make up an occasion to bake it for!

  10. Leticia Z
    Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 15:14 | #

    This is already bookmarked in the “recipes I need to make” category!
    However, I have a question, very basic one. When you add the whisked eggs to the oil-chocolate-honey mix, is the mix still hot or even warm? should I worry and do something so that the eggs don’t cook in the mixture’s warmth?

    • Posted 8 Apr ’12 at 01:26 | #

      Hi Liticia, it’s actually a good question. You are right that you shouldn’t add the eggs to the mixture if it is still hot. But since you are only melting the chocolate on a very low temperature, and then add the beets before the eggs, the beet and chocolate mixture should be cool enough. However, if it still feels warm, let it cool off for a few minutes before adding the eggs.
      Good luck!

  11. Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 15:59 | #

    Two things come to mind here:

    1) This cake looks incredible. I love that purpley-brown color, and it has the perfect crumb! I could probably polish off one of these babies by myself, too.

    2) Decadent Beets will TOTALLY be my stage name if I ever decide to finally abandon my day job to pursue that old dream of becoming a hip-hop producer…

  12. Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 16:19 | #

    Wow, amazing, just beautiful! That crack in the cake makes me whant to stuff my mouth full! Haha.. Thanks Luise – Kitchen wizard & David – Baking guru <3

  13. Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 17:44 | #

    This cake looks amazing! And what a luck, I was just in need of a good recipe on a cake without milk and butter, and then this pops into my mailbox :-)
    I just wonder – does it stay fresh for some days, or do you need to eat it fresh from the oven?
    Do you know if it can be stored frozen?
    Btw, thanks for the most inspiring blog, I just love it!
    Best wishes
    Nanna, danmark

    • Posted 8 Apr ’12 at 01:33 | #

      Hi Nanna, yes you can keep it in the fridge a few (3-4) days and it still tastes great. We have one piece left of the cake that we made three days ago. It still has a very rich flavor and nice structure. We haven’t tried freezing it, but I can’t see a reason why that shouldn’t work.

  14. Robyn
    Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 18:40 | #

    If you were to add coffee, how would you do this?

    • Posted 8 Apr ’12 at 01:37 | #

      Hi Robyn, I would probably just add a single shot of strong espresso right after I melted the chocolate. And then maybe increase the amount of flour with a 2-3 tbsp.

  15. Aleksandra
    Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 18:53 | #

    Tomorrow is Easter.I happen to have all the ingredients and I’m so looking forward to making this cake. A perfect occasion to indulge.
    Thank you so much!!!

  16. Posted 7 Apr ’12 at 22:14 | #

    Congrats on the feature! This cake looks lovely. I wish I liked beets, truly, they’re so pretty but they make my throat scratchy. I’m wondering if I could use grated carrot or zucchini instead?

    • Posted 10 Apr ’12 at 01:11 | #

      Hi Kate, what a bummer that you can’t eat beets, they are just as tasty as they are pretty. However, it shouldn’t be a problem replacing the beets with zucchini or carrots. Let us know how they turn out!

  17. Posted 8 Apr ’12 at 03:26 | #

    I Love licking chocolate cake batter..but polishing th whole batter is something.. :) Love the crusty top and beautiful color fo beet cake..need to try my eggless version soon.

  18. Posted 8 Apr ’12 at 04:15 | #

    I love chocolate and beet cakes/cupcakes. I usually end up using roasted beetroots in mine. Will give this one a go. Very simple and easy to make. For a gluten-free and dairy free version, here’s mine: http://themindfulfoodie.com/2011/05/02/choc-beet-cupcakes-dairy-gluten-free/

  19. Alison
    Posted 8 Apr ’12 at 04:27 | #

    I gave up refined sugar for Lent and have been jonesing for chocolate, so to see this recipe was delightful!

    I made it tonight and it IS delish!! The only thing i did differently was bake it an extra 10 minutes to have a more baked-through quality.
    I cannot endorse it enough! YUM! (a third of the bundt pan may or may not be gone already. I can’t quite say)

    • Posted 10 Apr ’12 at 01:06 | #

      We are very happy that you liked it Alison!
      Baking times can vary a lot from different ovens, so we prefer to specify a baking time that is a little too short rather than too long. We’re glad that you managed to bake it just enough to suit your preference.

  20. Posted 8 Apr ’12 at 16:06 | #

    What a gorgeous cake! I love the look of it- the red hue, the shape of the bundt, the craggy top. Decadent is the perfect word. It’s great to have your “thing” you do in the kitchen…it will be a wonderful memory for Elsa “Dad’s Decadent Beet Cake.” :)

  21. Posted 8 Apr ’12 at 20:56 | #

    Beets are one of my favorite ingredients in chocolate cakes! In fact, many vegetables work great in cakes, not just beets and carrots.
    If you happen to make more cakes than you can eat, I could always come around and relieve you of them, as I too live in Stockholm! ;)

  22. Posted 8 Apr ’12 at 23:52 | #

    Just found your amazing website. Love your photos and recepies. Og det faktum at en af jer er fra Danmark.

  23. Samantha
    Posted 9 Apr ’12 at 06:31 | #

    Do you cook the beets before using, or are they raw? An important distinction!

    • Posted 9 Apr ’12 at 07:27 | #

      Hi Samantha,
      The beets are raw.

      • Lovisa
        Posted 19 Jul ’13 at 11:36 | #


        I just made it with cooked beets because that was what I had available, and it turned out de-li-ci-ous. What a fantastic cake, thanks for the receipe and inspiration :-)

  24. Sini
    Posted 9 Apr ’12 at 11:54 | #

    This looks super chocolaty which is a synonym for super delicious! With a dollop of cream or yogurt and fresh berries…I may be in heaven.

  25. Posted 9 Apr ’12 at 15:47 | #

    Hi – one question, does the cake get “chewy”, like a classic “kladdkaka” that we Swedes love…? ;-) Thank you for a lovely blog!

    • Posted 10 Apr ’12 at 00:55 | #

      Hi Amy, yes it is actually quite similar to the Swedish ‘kladdkaka’. But it depends on how long you bake it and which cake tin you use. A traditional round cake tin will probably make it more moist (kladdig) than a bundt pan. Use a toothpick to test how moist the cake is before removing it from the oven.
      Lycka till!

  26. Posted 9 Apr ’12 at 15:58 | #

    Although I always love a good dessert, I’m not usually such a fan of chocolate cake – I think it’s usually a bit too sweet for me. I also find that it is sometimes drier than other types of cake. For me beetroot in chocolate cakes fixes both of these problems – somehow ensures a nice moist cake and also whilst still perfectly sweet enough for a decadent desert, means it isn’t sickly sweet!

    also, love the bundt mould, I think it just makes cakes look better!

  27. Posted 9 Apr ’12 at 16:49 | #

    I like your style! Cake batter is tooo good to not lick the spoon! My bf saw no point in cooking cakes/cookies again after trying their raw dough.. addictive!
    Super excited to try the recipe and congratulations on the feature! x x

  28. Posted 9 Apr ’12 at 23:20 | #

    Hi there! What an amazing cake! I love love beets. I cook them all the time. Their intense colour is mesmerising. After reading your recipe I’m intrigued to also bake with them. Two quick questions: Is it possible to substitute spelt with one or a mixture of gluten free flours? Instead of maple syrup I was thinking of using rice syrup. What do you think?
    Thank you for a wonderful recipe yet again. !

    • Posted 10 Apr ’12 at 00:44 | #

      Hi Maria, yes you should be able to substitute spelt flour with your favorite gluten free flour mix. And you can definitely use rice syrup instead of maple.
      Good luck!

      • Rachael
        Posted 25 May ’18 at 14:48 | #

        Hi David, thanks for such yummy recipe! I made it for my husband’s birthday we loved it but I’d like to make a refined sugar free version that my 1 year can eat too. What do you suggest replacing the dark chocolate with? Thanks in advance!

  29. emily
    Posted 10 Apr ’12 at 00:39 | #

    You guys did it again! Another fabulous recipe with beets. I have already tried your Beetroosh and your Beet Bourguignon, they both tasted fantastic. I’m definitely going to try this one too!

  30. Christiane
    Posted 10 Apr ’12 at 22:15 | #

    Hi Luise and David.
    I love cooking and baking.
    For Inspiration I often poke in all the fantastic Food Blogs!
    Also in your Blog :-) Very nice!
    Now I found your chocolate cake recipe and I want to try it.
    But I’m from Germany and I have some problems with the dimensions.
    Why do you write g with the oil and mL with the syrup?
    And why are 2 cups raw beetroots 250 g and 1.5 cups flour 375 mL?
    Sorry, I feel sheepish about that…
    Maybe you can help me, that I can try the fantastic cake soon?
    Thanks a lot and best regards

  31. LilleMy
    Posted 10 Apr ’12 at 22:39 | #

    WOW! What an inspirering and beautiful blog. Just found you and I will return!Thank you so much for sharing. Namaste =)

  32. Posted 10 Apr ’12 at 22:40 | #

    I have been looking for a respectable beet chocolate cake to sub for my beloved red velvet. Most I have found are still full of refined sugar and flour, so I am so excited to find a healthier recipe! I also love that you made it a bundt cake!

  33. Posted 11 Apr ’12 at 05:14 | #

    Love beets. Love chocolate. Love this!

    Happy to have discovered your blog via My New Roots!

  34. Sanna
    Posted 11 Apr ’12 at 20:54 | #

    Made it today, delicious! Thank you for all the beauty and inspiration :)

  35. Solvej Karlslund
    Posted 11 Apr ’12 at 21:17 | #

    This cake is soooo good! I made it with bananas instead, because I didn’t have any beets. Exactly the naturally sweetness I wanted. Was the perfect combination of soft, light, spongy and oh so tasty.

  36. Posted 12 Apr ’12 at 00:29 | #

    What a beautiful article about your blog and family, thanks for sharing the link!

  37. Posted 12 Apr ’12 at 03:49 | #

    I can’t stop staring at this lovely piece of art! I don’t know if beets make chocolate sexy or if chocolate makes beets sexy…in any case, I cannot wait to make this!

  38. Sanna
    Posted 12 Apr ’12 at 09:02 | #

    Made the cake yesterday for a friend who then took a few slices to some other friends and now there are a few beetroot-chocolate cakes being baked around Helsinki today! Absolutely delicious!

  39. Posted 12 Apr ’12 at 19:02 | #

    this looks so lovely…have a real thing for chocolate cake at the moment, seem to make one on a weekly basis, this definitely goes on the list of recipe’s to try

  40. jenna
    Posted 13 Apr ’12 at 04:05 | #

    I haven’t tried this recipe out yet, however I’ve definitely experimented a lot with sugar free cakes, fat free, gluten free, etc and I used to be quite the obsessive cake baker. Just thought I might throw a few things out there you might consider trying if you haven’t already: add baking soda in addition to the baking powder, nobody quite knows why having both in your cake makes the texture better, but it does. Try adding vinegar or some other kind of acid to your cake – this should make it fluffier (however you might need to adjust baking powder/baking soda ratios). At the very last step of your cake making process, beat on high for a few minutes until the mixture becomes visibly lighter in color – this should make the cake less dense. Something else I like to do in sugar free cakes is use overripe bananas, however you’re already using beets so that might not be necessary (however bananas are a common vegan substitute for eggs, so keep that in mind). Also, as a final note, you could always use the sponge cake approach where you separate the eggs and fold in the egg whites separately. So there you go, just a few things I’ve done with cake that have interesting results (in addition to adding coffee), but definitely try adding the baking soda because it makes a world of a difference.

    • Posted 13 Apr ’12 at 09:28 | #

      Hi Jenna, thank you for all your advices. I was a bit surprised to read all these suggestions from you without you having tried the cake first. I am very pleased with this recipe already, but we are always grateful for all kind of input.
      Much obliged.

  41. Laura
    Posted 13 Apr ’12 at 12:55 | #

    Gorgeous recipe. Have been looking forward to making this all day! Had a lovely warm slightly gooey yet light slice with some vanilla icecream and a glass of wine, gets the thumbs up from me & my housemate! Sharing the rest with friends tomorrow. It wont last long which gives me the excuse to make it again :)
    Next im trying it with dark orange chocolate and maybe some zest. Delighted beetroots are plentiful in NZ at the moment.
    Thank u for sharing this!

  42. Sanna
    Posted 13 Apr ’12 at 18:48 | #

    This cake looks amazing. I am just wondering: Do you use whole spelt flour or dinkelsikt? /a big fan

    • Posted 14 Apr ’12 at 13:59 | #

      Hej Sanna, vi har testat med båda olika mjölsorterna. Den blir luftigare med dinkelsikt men nyttigare och lite mer kompakt med fullkornsdinkel. Hälften av varje brukar alltid bli bra.

  43. Ketmala
    Posted 14 Apr ’12 at 07:10 | #

    Made your delicious cake and both of my kids asked for a second serving even though they are usually not big fans of beets. Thank you much for sharing with us as always! :-)

  44. Posted 15 Apr ’12 at 00:06 | #

    mmm, this sounds really good. i’m def making it next week

  45. Posted 15 Apr ’12 at 08:02 | #

    Great work and great ideas to learn about some delicious recipes

  46. Kathleen
    Posted 16 Apr ’12 at 00:25 | #

    I made this cake today using apple sauce instead of the eggs and it turned out great. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Natasha
      Posted 26 Oct ’15 at 01:15 | #

      How much applesauce did you use?

  47. Posted 18 Apr ’12 at 12:23 | #

    Love you blog and the work and fantasy you are putting into it! I will try the chocolate cake today…
    I was also wondring if you could recommend any a good adress to make a blog? I am not yet so much into this so ir would be great with some good guidance by you guys!
    Keep on you beautiful work and lots of luck with your book!!

  48. Posted 19 Apr ’12 at 10:34 | #

    I’ve made a vegan beetroot chocolate cake before. It’s a very moist cake, absolutely amazing. Instead of egg I used oatmilk + apple vinegar, I also used coconut oil (it worked really well) and I sweetened with honey and maple syrup. You can find the recipe here: http://bit.ly/nVxN7Z.

    The photos are beautiful as always!

  49. Posted 19 Apr ’12 at 19:05 | #

    I love the idea of beetroot and chocolate. I would definitely try this and for sure my kiddos would love this. Thank you for sharing and your pictures are amazing!

  50. Posted 20 Apr ’12 at 16:13 | #

    I just made the cake tonight… it is AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for the recipe :)

  51. Suzie
    Posted 20 Apr ’12 at 19:00 | #
  52. Karina
    Posted 20 Apr ’12 at 23:30 | #

    Ok… So I am making this cake for a dinner party and I cannot stop licking the bowl! I did add a bit more chocolate (since I love really dark chocolate) and a bit of strong coffee. Oh my… This is amazing and I have not even baked it yet!

  53. Riin
    Posted 23 Apr ’12 at 21:11 | #

    I just finished a piece of this heavenly cake and must admit that it was one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever had. And I don’t feel any guilt for this piece being very big. I topped it with some smooth plum jam and enjoyed the blissful mixture of sweet and bitter in my mouth. Thank you for this recipe. Will definitely be making this again.

  54. Posted 23 Apr ’12 at 22:04 | #

    This cake is a winner! I’m not much of a baker (I can relate very much to Luise), because I cannot follow recipes. I need room for experimentation, which baking does not allow. However, even though I made several changes to this recipe, it STILL turned out amazing!

    – Instead of spelt flour, I used 1 cup vetemjöl from Saltå Kvarn (we are not gluten intolerant).
    – Instead of dark chocolate bar, I added 2 extra tablespoons of cacao powder and 1 extra tablespoon of coconut oil.
    _ Added 1 teaspoon vanilla extract to wet ingredients before stirring into the dry ingredients.
    – Only used 1/3 cup maple syrup + 2 tbsp applesauce.

    Sååååå decadent.
    Jag kommer att göra denna igen och igen. Tack så mycket, GKS.

  55. Posted 26 Apr ’12 at 09:33 | #

    Tusen tack för ett bra recept! En chocoholic som jag är, lade jag i lite mer choklad och en skvätt starkt kaffe, som ni tipsade om!

    Mums mums!

  56. vilma
    Posted 30 Apr ’12 at 17:06 | #

    Thank you very much for this recipe, it’s already the second time I make this cake and it’s become my absolute favourite!

  57. Posted 6 May ’12 at 00:50 | #

    Great recipy. I used agave syrup becausebi didn’t have honey or mapple syrup. It turned out perfect, mooist, not too sweet and full of chocolate taste. I wonder if you can advice me some alternative for the shredded coconut. It becomes brown after baking and because of that it looks a bit less pretty. I love your blog!

  58. Rachel Frontino
    Posted 8 May ’12 at 17:22 | #

    I absolutely love your site and all your recipes! A question for you two: how would you substitute vegetable glycerin for the sweeteners, say in your beet chocolate cake? I just discovered using this combined with stevia/beet powder is just a delicious and sweet as honey. I am sugar intolerant (as far as refined, maple syrup, even honey :( ), but I just can’t live without something sweet! In my opinion we get enough natural sugars from fruits, veggies, and grains and my palette has drastically changed since I cut out sugar. But just thought I would ask what you thought or if you have ever used vegetable glycerin in anything? Thank you and blessings from Pennsylvania, USA!

  59. Posted 9 May ’12 at 23:10 | #

    yum! Beet cake is next on my list of things to make. This looks so moist and delicious.

  60. Posted 17 May ’12 at 08:40 | #

    This looks delicious! And I love how few, whole ingredients it takes! I’ve been getting into beets lately (and unfortunately discovered their dye power via my fingers). I will try this one!


  61. Sandra
    Posted 22 May ’12 at 10:47 | #

    Hi there

    I just made your chocolate cake, and it tastes great! It’s nice and moist, but the texture isn’t optimal – I find the beets are still a little crunchy (even though I baked it for 30 mins), which I know the kids won’t like too much ;-)
    I was wondering how I would have to modify the recipe if I cooked and/or pureed the beets before? I only found conventional recipes that do this, which means that they contain sugar etc. Yours doesn’t, which I love! Unfortunately, I’m not such an experienced baker, and experiments usually go wrong for me…

    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes on this site!

    • Tracey
      Posted 16 Mar ’13 at 04:37 | #

      I just baked this cake and found the same thing. I too would love to know if there’s an alternative being an inexperienced baker myself! Tasty cake… shame about the crunch.

  62. Posted 31 May ’12 at 11:41 | #

    Oh my god! It looks amazing!!!

  63. jenny
    Posted 13 Jun ’12 at 18:43 | #

    i found and made this beautiful dessert yesterday. thank you thank you thank you for all you share and inspire. as i cut down on sugar i realize when i eat traditional sweets now they give me a headache. this was delicious. the flavor was really rich and layered with the olive oil cocoa beet maple syrup combo. thank you so much. i will make it again this weekend (i used a thinner round cake ring which i think made the cake drier) to perfect and bring to a party. thanks again… keep spreading the love. xo

    • jenny
      Posted 13 Jun ’12 at 18:53 | #

      after ample googling, the pan i used looks like a savarin cake pan. it was my grandmothers… love finding new uses for her beautiful kitchen tools.

  64. marla
    Posted 20 Jun ’12 at 02:48 | #

    Your blog + recipes are thrilling! This is such an inventive chocolate cake and I love the use of beets.

  65. Posted 22 Jun ’12 at 02:41 | #

    I love your recipe! I prefer to use maple syrup over sugar when baking, so this looks awesome :) I am going to try to convince my roommate that we need to make this sometime soon!

  66. elide
    Posted 22 Jun ’12 at 06:27 | #

    I love your webite and intend on making every recipe!
    To start with i have just put the decadent beet and chocolate cake in the oven and my friends have left the room and the mixing bowl with little leftovers is starring at me…oh my its heaven in a bowl and i cant wait to share this cake
    Thankyou for being generous and sharing your amzing recipes.

  67. Laura25
    Posted 28 Jun ’12 at 13:55 | #

    One of my favorite recipes of yours. Have made it numerous times now and its always a success, so easy to make too. Thank you for being innovative and creating something beautiful!

  68. miriam
    Posted 1 Jul ’12 at 14:32 | #

    We made it yesterday to celebrate the name´s day of our little son. It was really good. Everyone liked it. The only thing is that not havine read the comments I assumed the beets had to be cooked before. But as I said, it tastes also very good that way. I also had to have it 10 min more in the oven. Thanks for the recipe!

  69. Caro
    Posted 12 Jul ’12 at 13:01 | #

    Made the cake yesterday and it looks awesome. I had to double the recipe as my pan is quite big. For my taste it is not really sweet enough, the next time i will add more syrup or even a little bit of brown sugar. Maybe it is because of the olive oil, i still taste the oil and the beets quite a lot. Do you have any healthy advice to achive a more sweeter taste without using sugar?

    Thank you anyway for the daily inspiration! I have a lot of beets in my little vegetable garden and looking everday for nice recipes with beets!

  70. Helen
    Posted 20 Aug ’12 at 18:14 | #

    I’ve made this recipe twice now – once as cupcakes for my nephew’s first birthday (at my sister’s request of no refined sugars for the boy) and the other time as a full cake. Both times I added a maple cream cheese frosting (no extra sugar added) that sweetened the whole thing up just enough. Lovely recipe, one I will be adding to my repertoire. The beets in the cake tinted the bottom of the frosting a thrilling pink color after several hours!

  71. Carol
    Posted 22 Aug ’12 at 12:59 | #

    Did you use wholemeal spelt four or white spelt flour? Thanks.

  72. Jenna
    Posted 3 Sep ’12 at 20:19 | #

    My batter only filled less than half of the bundt pan and now that it’s cooked, it’s still half the size of yours. I’m confused!

    • Jenna
      Posted 4 Sep ’12 at 16:52 | #

      update: my only theory is that I let the batter sit for about 20 minutes while I was waiting for my man to come back from the store with a bundt pan…

      • Posted 4 Sep ’12 at 21:43 | #

        Hi Jenna, it could perhaps also have something to do with the size of the bundt pans. We use an old vintage pan, which is slightly smaller and more narrow than a standard pan. If your pan is a bit bigger and perhaps also more shallow, it would explain the difference in height of the cakes.

  73. Alexandra
    Posted 15 Sep ’12 at 20:53 | #

    I don’t have spelt flour. If I used whole wheat flour would the cake be ruined?

    • Posted 15 Sep ’12 at 21:43 | #

      Hi Alexandra, I think whole wheat flour will work just fine.
      Good luck!

  74. heather
    Posted 20 Sep ’12 at 23:54 | #

    what about using cacoa powder for a truly sugar free version?

  75. Emma
    Posted 17 Oct ’12 at 01:19 | #

    Hi David and Luise,

    Thank you for your wonderful recipes, I’m enjoying working my way through them. I’d like to make this cake but my friend doesn’t eat eggs, would you know what I could replace them with without changing the feel of the cake too much?

    Thank you x

  76. Posted 6 Nov ’12 at 11:21 | #

    Grazie!! Non amo i dolci (e nemmeno le barbabietole), e di conseguenza non li cucino volentieri. Ma da un po’ volevo provare una torta come questa. E’ uno spettacolo: veloce, semplicissima, con pochi ingredienti e…deliziosa! PS:ammetto che ho sostituito il miele con lo zucchero grezzo, ho usato farina di grano semi integrale macinata a pietra al posto del farro ed ho usato molto meno olio. Ed e’ venuta buonissima lo stesso!! Vi ho gia’ messi nei (pochi) blog preferiti. :-)

  77. Posted 6 Nov ’12 at 17:01 | #

    (do I have to write in english or someone still remember a little bit of italian? ;-))

  78. Melissa
    Posted 17 Nov ’12 at 02:22 | #

    I have been looking for a chocolate beet bread pudding and came upon this – a great find! I haven’t made it yet but wondering if you or someone else has tried it with an egg substitute (apple sauce as you suggested, or other)?? Please let me know! Thanks !

  79. Ilse
    Posted 25 Jan ’13 at 10:14 | #

    I tried the recipe last night, a bit apprehensive, since I don’t like the taste of beetroot, but wanted to try it anyway, because I want to learn to eat it and I thought this recipe was a good opportunity. The cake turned out really well and I liked the taste of it. The recipe was easy to follow, I just was unsure about the amount of spelt, the recipe mentions 375 ml, is that the same in grams then? Anyway, look forward to trying more recipes from your blog.

  80. sanna
    Posted 26 Feb ’13 at 14:04 | #

    if I use almond flour is it the same amount?

    • Posted 27 Feb ’13 at 20:43 | #

      Hi Sanna, I haven’t tried it so I can’t give you a definitive answer. But I would probably try a little less at first, since almond flour is quite rich and fat. Sorry for not being more precise. Please tell us how it turned out for you!

  81. Georgy
    Posted 3 Mar ’13 at 03:09 | #

    i love this cake so so so much! i make it almost every weekend; i’m addicted! thanks so much for this recipe and i look forward to making many recipes from your book :)

  82. Fernanda
    Posted 9 Mar ’13 at 13:16 | #

    looking forward to make it for my son’s birthday party at the kindergarden. is it ok to baked it the evening before and eat on next afternoon?

    • Posted 9 Mar ’13 at 16:22 | #

      Hi Fernanda, yes you can bake it one day ahead. Just make sure not to over bake it, or it will be too dry the day after.
      Good luck!

  83. Marissa
    Posted 1 Apr ’13 at 08:14 | #

    This looks and sounds delicious! I am considering whether buckwheat flour could be used in place of spelt for a GF cake, and am wondering if in your experience, you would substitute these flours for equal quantities?

  84. Alexandra
    Posted 3 Apr ’13 at 23:46 | #

    My daughter is turning one at the end of the month and I was looking for a relatively healthy cake that accommodates my wheat free family (none of us are “allergic” to gluten). This definitely fits the bill. Question: Are you supposed to still feel/see the beets or are they supposed to disappear? I don’t really care either way, I just wanted to determine if their texture is a result of the length of time they are cooked, as in, should I cook them longer?

    • Posted 4 Apr ’13 at 10:48 | #

      Hi Alexandra,
      Happy birthday to your daughter!
      The shredded beets should feel like a carrot cake, soft but still with some texture.


  85. Posted 12 May ’13 at 10:46 | #

    Kære David og Luise
    Fantastisk dejlig og sanselig side..I har gang noget RIGTIGT.
    Har lavet denne kage til flere selskaber med stor succes…TAK for inspirationen.
    KH Katrine Juul, DK

  86. Miriam
    Posted 15 May ’13 at 23:17 | #

    Do you think I could substitute the flour with blanched almond flour?

    • Posted 16 May ’13 at 11:01 | #

      Hi Miriam, I think you can, but it will probably come out a little more dense, but definitively worth a try, let us know.
      Happy baking

  87. healthyfood4diabetes
    Posted 15 Jun ’13 at 17:30 | #

    Used rye flour and added two eggs because the batter was not moist enough.it had to bake a bit longer, but looks delish.

  88. Julie
    Posted 30 Jul ’13 at 13:14 | #

    How can i make the cake without eggs?


  89. Caroline
    Posted 1 Sep ’13 at 23:02 | #

    I made this cake a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely fantastic! My first impression was that it would make a wonderful birthday cake… So when it came time to make the cake for my birthday party yesterday I came back to this page, and I’m happy to say it was a great hit, everybody LOVED it! So decadent and healthy at the same time… definitely my go-to cake now! Thank you so much :-)

  90. Ella
    Posted 7 Sep ’13 at 05:15 | #

    Just a quick question, did you guys use cocoa powder or raw cacao powder? Thanks, this looks AMAZING!

  91. Mariam
    Posted 11 Sep ’13 at 12:20 | #

    This cake looks delightful! I can’t wait to give it a go but I just wantedto cclarify, do you use whole spelt or light?

  92. Posted 22 Sep ’13 at 01:20 | #

    Wow! We were given a beautiful homegrown beet, only neither of us like beets. I stumbled across this recipe and HAD to try it. I used my gluten-free flour blend instead of the spelt flour, added 25g more chocolate and the result was fantastic. So moist, barely sweet, and incredibly moreish. Thank you so much for posting this!

  93. Cecilia
    Posted 4 Oct ’13 at 16:04 | #

    I tried to use buckwheat flour instead, and it did not taste good! The smell was off, and the cake was also a little dry. So if anyone else has a better option for a gluten free version, do tell! This was just a miserable attempt! I’m sure the original recipe tastes way better!

    • Eliza Sprackett
      Posted 12 Mar ’18 at 05:38 | #

      Hi! Try adding 1.5 cups cooked quinoa instead . Blend in blender with wet ingredients and beets

  94. KittyMcV
    Posted 30 Oct ’13 at 13:26 | #

    Hey guys, such a lovely blog- I’ve been ho-humming over what to make first, and I’ve decided that this is a good starting point :)
    If you don;t have a bundt tin (and I do not), then what size round cake tin would you recommend?
    Many thanks!

  95. Zsofia
    Posted 30 Oct ’13 at 22:02 | #

    Hey guys, thanks for the recipe! Absolutely gorgeous!
    I substituted the spelt flour with one cup rye flour and a half cup almond flour. Worked just fine.

  96. Posted 3 Dec ’13 at 00:01 | #

    From that one picture of the slice of your cake, it looks so wonderfully moist. My attempt did not come out similarly.. quite dry and crumbly was my result.

    I was short on coconut oil, so had perhaps 1/2 a cup instead of 2/3. I also used agave nectar instead of honey. I did not want too much cholesterol for my cake eaters, so I tried to do a sole-egg and applesauce combo. I only used about a tbsp of applesauce, so perhaps a lot more would have helped.

    The rich red-brown color of the batter was very nice though.

  97. Amy
    Posted 4 Dec ’13 at 15:33 | #

    Hi I was wondering if it would be ok to roast the beets and puree them because I do not want my family to know that there are beets in the cake. They are still very new to eating healthy and they sometimes won’t try new things if they think it sounds weird.

    • Posted 4 Dec ’13 at 16:25 | #

      Hi Amy. New ways of eating are challenging, keep up the good work!

      If you roast/cook the beets first it could might change the texture of cake quite a lot, maybe you could peel and chop the beets and mixing them in a blender to a fine texture?
      Happy baking and good luck

  98. Amy
    Posted 6 Dec ’13 at 05:56 | #

    I tried 1/3 of this recipe last night to practice and it came out a little dry. I think I might have over baked it?? I also made it into cupcakes which may have been the problem and I used 100% dark chocolate-completely unsweetened so I had to add extra syrup-could that have been the issue? Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and I am going to try it exactly the way it is written here and see what happens. Any suggestions please let me know. By the way my kids loved it and we called it a red velvet cake! Found out that using is the original way red velvet cake was made.

  99. Posted 10 Dec ’13 at 10:23 | #

    Hello! I’m such a huge fan! I follow your blog so closely and hang to every post, love your recipes, food philosophy and style so much! You are truly inspirational and such role models, I aspire to raise our children like you are raising lovely little Elsa, when we have them one day. I wanted to ask a quick question about this beetroot chocolate cake recipe, can I make this cake using wholegrain spelt flour or does it have to be white spelt flour? I’m afraid using wholegrain (which is what I have) might interfere with the chocolate flavour, what do you think?
    All the best,

    • Posted 10 Dec ’13 at 12:20 | #

      Dear Marie, thank you for the kind words and thanks for reading!
      You can easily use wholegrain spelt, it will not interfere with the flavor, but it could affect the consistency a bit. Let us know how it turns out!

  100. TianaLee
    Posted 16 Dec ’13 at 04:16 | #

    Made this amazing cake last week with homegrown beetroot. Delish! Will be adding to my favourites list. My 2 year old loved it. A real hit. We served with some Greek yoghurt.

  101. Sylvie
    Posted 25 Dec ’13 at 03:21 | #

    made this cake tonight! decadent yet quite healthy. i love beets, so this is a dream cake.
    thank you for your amazing recipes.

  102. Posted 31 Dec ’13 at 04:08 | #

    I just came across two recipes for versions of chocolate beet cake yesterday and here is yours today. I’m destined to make this cake! If you’re interested, here’s another version: http://joythebaker.com/2012/01/chocolate-beet-cake-with-beet-cream-cheese-frosting/

  103. Floor
    Posted 6 Mar ’14 at 11:25 | #

    hi I served this cake for the birthday party of my 4 year old last weekend. I was amazed at the different reactions. some loved it and some truly disliked it. Some said they tasted the beet very well and sone said they didn’t. so it was an interesting experiment. the birthday boy loved it and he is always very picky so I trust this recipe is great! I grated the beet finely because I didn’t want the texture to be too predominant. as for gluten free flours (the birthday boy couldn’t eat gluten till recently, now he doesn’t eat wheat but he can handle spelt thank goodness) I would use a baking mixture or a mixture of rice, almond and buckwheat flour. but ready to cook baking mix would probably work best. Btw I love all your recipes! I regularly make the spelt muffins and smoothies. So keep it coming please! love Floor

  104. Missy
    Posted 12 Mar ’14 at 18:05 | #

    I made this cake using almond flour instead of spelt flour and using coconut oil for oil and 100% dark chocolate for chocolate and it was the most amazing cake ever. No grains, no white sugar, nothing artificial. Wholesome goodness! My husband, 3 and 1 year old kids and myself devoured this cake and continue to crave more. I will be making this cake for future dinner parties as it tastes and looks like regular chocolate cake but without the processed junk and can be made without grains. Thanks for the recipe!!

  105. Thea
    Posted 13 Mar ’14 at 18:29 | #

    Wow! I just made a gluten free version of this and it turned out GREAT! I used 75g almond flour, 25g rice flour, 50g oat flour and 50g buckwheat flour. It baked in the oven for 40 minutes. It has a cracked top, keeps its shape and a nice, moist texture. Perfect! Thank you :-)

  106. Elena
    Posted 15 Mar ’14 at 09:06 | #


    The picture of the cake looks amazing !! Was thinking of giving it a go but I forgot to get spelt flour from the shops! Do you think i could substitute spelt flour for all purpose flour or some other flour that is easier to get from supermarkets?

    I also don’t own a bundt pan :( is a square pan or springform pan alright with the same cooking time,etc?


    • Posted 15 Mar ’14 at 09:50 | #

      Hi Elena, yes you can use normal flour and bake it in a springform pan. Just double check the baking time, as it might need a few minutes more.

  107. Fernanda
    Posted 16 Mar ’14 at 04:13 | #

    I just finished baking this cake, by mistake I cooked the beets. It came out really good. I could not wait and tried it warm ;-) Can’t wait to make it again with raw beets and coffee!!
    Thanks for the recipe

  108. Stephanie
    Posted 20 Mar ’14 at 01:31 | #

    Just made this cake for the second time and am thrilled with it – great taste and texture! I have made many recipes from your cookbook as well, which I am so glad I purchased. Good luck with all of your future endeavours!

  109. Arianna
    Posted 21 Mar ’14 at 18:37 | #

    I just baked this cake for dinner with friends tonight. It looks and smells amazing! Hope it’ll taste good too :)
    Great job guys!

  110. Monika
    Posted 3 May ’14 at 20:42 | #

    Hello! Can the shape of the pan change baking time? I used rectangle-shaped one, doubled the recipe. I don’t know how much time exactly it took to not be completely wet, I was checking it every 5 minutes for some time, but I’m sure the cake was in the oven for at least 40 minutes. The edges are a bit hard and bitter, probably burned, but it’s still very moist inside. I’m wondering if it’s the fault of the pan, or did I do something wrong? The taste is not bad, but there’s some bitterness and I almost cannot feel the chocolate. I’m really upset, because I was very excited to finally try it. :(

  111. Posted 2 Jun ’14 at 03:30 | #

    Such a beautiful cake. I’m not sure if it was the spelt, but the cake was quite bouncy and a little dry when i served it.
    A few days later it was more moist!

    Any suggestions on how to make it more moist? More oil?
    Do you think nut meal would work instead of spelt?


  112. Posted 12 Jul ’14 at 17:48 | #

    Just made this cake and it’s INCREDIBLE!!! Pure chocolate heaven. So light and moist and not too sweet. This is going to be my go to chocolate sponge from now on.

  113. Rishika
    Posted 26 Aug ’14 at 10:45 | #

    Is it possible to make this without egg? What would you recommend as a substitute?


  114. Jess
    Posted 2 Sep ’14 at 21:57 | #

    This looks so delicious! I am definitely going to try this very soon.
    Do you think it would be possible to use baking soda and some kind of acid instead of the baking powder?
    I guess lemon juice or apple cider vinegar could activate the baking soda. Perhaps even the maple syrup is enough to make it rise.

    Thank you!

    • Posted 2 Sep ’14 at 22:23 | #

      Yes, I suppose you could try baking soda and a splash of lemon juice instead.
      Let us know how you succeed!

  115. Chloe
    Posted 26 Sep ’14 at 20:53 | #

    Just made this lovely cake in cupcake form! only used 1/2 cup of oil and 2 eggs and added a good blob of apple sauce. Also couldn’t find baking powder in my house anywhere so subbed in baking soda and they were fine. Topped them off with your chocolate avocado frosting (which I added some berries to). They are divine!! Thanks so much for a great treat :)

  116. t
    Posted 6 Oct ’14 at 22:42 | #

    I made this cake this evening, having wanted to try it out for a while because i’m a lover of all things chocolate and a keen baker, and was convinced by the delicious and very persuasive description/reviews/photos…
    Sadly, i was extremely disappointed with the outcome. I followed the recipe step-by-step, but didn’t end up with the ‘decadent’ chocolate cake advertised, and instead with quite a bland (but, admittedly moist) vegetable cake. My flatmates were equally unimpressed. I’ve looked up a lot of beetroot-chocolate recipes in the aftermath, and think that issue is due to the chocolate quantities; most recipes suggest 300g of chocolate-to- 250g of beets, whereas this recipe only calls for 50g of chocolate-to- 250g of beets.
    It’s a shame because i’ve tried a few of the GKstories recipes before, and they’ve always been a success…

    definitely up the chocolate quantities if you’re expecting something that tastes of chocolate!

    • Posted 12 Oct ’14 at 14:49 | #

      Hi T, I am sorry that the cake disappointed but it sounds like you might have made it without adding the cacao powder? It’s true that 50 grams of dark chocolate isn’t enough on its own, but together with 5 tbsp of cacao powder it should be quite decadent. I made it myself two days ago and it turned out great. It is however not overly sweet (which is exactly how we prefer it), if you are used to very sweet cakes I recommend adding some extra maple syrup.
      Good luck!

  117. Aine
    Posted 17 Oct ’14 at 23:29 | #


    It’s great to find cake recipies that are comparatively healthy, thank you. I baked it tonight following the grams/ml measurements and the cake came out very dry. I was concerned when folding in the flour that it seemed like a lot but thought I would take a chance. Any suggestions?

  118. dalia
    Posted 25 Oct ’14 at 15:35 | #

    wonderful cake! I think that the sweetness is just right. Thank you for another beautiful recipe.

  119. Charlotte
    Posted 27 Oct ’14 at 22:58 | #

    Hi there! I am dying to try this recipe! However to make sure I get it spot on, can you please tell me if it’s alright if I used cocoa powder instead of cacao powder? :)
    Thank youuu!

  120. Q
    Posted 3 Nov ’14 at 15:47 | #

    I baked this last night and followed the recipe, it was moist and delicious. We could not stop eating it. Will add walnuts and dark chocolate chips to the batter next time. Simple but delicious. Thank you for this scrumptious cake!

  121. Katie
    Posted 5 Jan ’15 at 23:08 | #

    I was looking for a healthy alternative to cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I did a trial run today and it is very good! I baked it in a 9×9 cake pan for about 25 minutes until it cracked on top. The only change that I am planning on is grating the beets finer. Now for frosting! :)

  122. Lydia
    Posted 15 Jan ’15 at 15:43 | #

    I just polished off the last slice of this and it was absolutely delicious! I think vegetables in cake are my favourite thing, it was super moist and yummy! I did add 1/4 cup less flour than stated, but possibly my beets were not as moist as yours?! who knows! it was thoroughly enjoyed- thank you :)

  123. Rachel
    Posted 25 Mar ’15 at 19:09 | #

    Hi … love your blog and have finally made this recipe today. I used half coconut oil and half hazelnut oil (but was really careful not to heat this much at all) and then used a mix of chestnut and wholemeal spelt flour. My 21 month old daughter ate it up and I love the texture. Thinking of trying with the beets grated smaller or maybe cooking them a little but the contrast of textures is good. I know how much work goes into each post so HUGE thanks from those of us facing health challenges and eating well to conquer them! I’m a big foodie and really appreciate your site – it is helping make my life and health better.

  124. diana
    Posted 1 Apr ’15 at 00:37 | #

    Hey David And Luise,

    I Would like to know If it is possible to use buckwheat Flour.
    I want to trY this cake Natural glutenfree?! Would be Nice to know of u have a idea

  125. Alana
    Posted 9 Apr ’15 at 12:32 | #

    What size cake tin do you use??

  126. Dominika
    Posted 19 Apr ’15 at 18:22 | #

    I just made this cake and honestly…DELICIOUS! :-) Love it, turned out perfect! Not sure how am I not going to eat it all, lol :-)

  127. Jenni
    Posted 28 May ’15 at 21:36 | #

    Does anyone know yet whether it still works by replacing the eggs with applesauce?

  128. Kate
    Posted 11 Jun ’15 at 04:09 | #

    I just made these as cupcakes and they were perfect! I used half coconut oil and half olive oil (I didn’t have sunflower oil and I thought combining the other oils would reduce the density/strong flavour issues they can have). I also used half spelt and half white flour (it was all I had). The batter made 12 large muffins. I didn’t need to add coconut to the pans I just greased them well. They slipped out nicely after about 15 minutes of cooking and 5 minutes of resting.

  129. Adrienne
    Posted 12 Jun ’15 at 01:54 | #

    Hi, wondering if it might make more sense to coat the oiled pan with cocoa powder to prevent sticking? I love coconut in all its forms, but it seems a little inconsistent with the rest of the recipe… unless you use coconut oil as the oil of choice in the batter, then I suppose it jives. Happy to go with the coconut it if you think it’s the best method!

  130. sidsel
    Posted 12 Sep ’15 at 12:49 | #

    This has become The Cake, although I dont eat cake much.
    We have tried with Zuccini, as no Beets where there, it works and tasts, but beets are the best. There is nothing to crumble about, this recipe is good a it is, with the cocnut, which matches wonderfully. So I eat this cake, every day that its there, not much, I only need one slice, its like Sachertorte. And it stays good and healthy for more than a week in the fridge, what a typically danish worry…
    Thank You for sharing all this with us.

  131. Lara Hundermark
    Posted 2 Nov ’15 at 12:47 | #

    This is such an amazing cake!
    I adapted it a little with dates (and less maple syrup), apple sauce, coconut oil and coco nibs to make it into brownies.
    So delicious, filling and feel-good.

    Sending lots of love for this amazing blog from my husband and I in Cape Town , South Africa.

  132. Chris
    Posted 13 Nov ’15 at 22:49 | #

    Fantastic. I made with slight variation according to my cupboard contents (black cherries instead of chocolate) but still great. Only problem is I cant stop eating it.


  133. Alexa
    Posted 22 Nov ’15 at 17:58 | #

    Wow! I just made this (again). This time, I used 100 % whole wheat spelt flour – and the cake still tastes amazing!

    I stuck with the maple syrup as a sweetener. Is there a particular reason, why you decided to use maple syrup? I was thinking that maybe I could use coconut sugar instead. Have you experimented with that? Do you think it would work? Or would the cake maybe not turn out moist enough?

    Maybe you have tried it and can give me a tip.

  134. Audrey
    Posted 29 Feb ’16 at 02:27 | #

    Amazingly good. I baked a few extra minutes, added dark chocolate chunks, and topped with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar. I know that defeats the “sugar free” idea, but it was pretty. I’m so excited to have another way to use up my surplus of beets! Do you think that this would work if I grated and froze raw beets, to defrost and use later?

  135. Posted 16 May ’16 at 15:21 | #

    Your recipe is just what I was looking for
    I tried today and follow your recipe. But I cook the grated Beetroot for like 10 minutes. It turn really moist
    I love your recipe. It’s so simple and to die for
    Thanks for sharing

    I ll follow your other recipes soon

  136. Laura
    Posted 2 Jul ’16 at 15:33 | #

    I’ve made that cake at least 4 times, and I really love it!! Actually I’ve made it just today and it is still warm, sitting on my kitchen counter ;-) This time i mixed spelt and buckwheat flower and sweetened it with a thick date sirup. Turned out wonderful <3
    Thank you for the recipe

  137. Morgane
    Posted 28 Jul ’16 at 18:58 | #

    I just made it and it is delicious! I used maple syrup and coconut oil and it is great! Thank you for this awesome recipe and the beautiful website!

  138. Patricia Santos
    Posted 10 Sep ’16 at 04:56 | #

    Hi there,

    I just made these as cup cakes and my children loved it!! I am so please. Thank you so much!! Tip: for a great and healthier icing option I just use quark and a little bit of icing sugar and a dash of the beetroot juice for a funky pink color, this was a hit!! x P

  139. Erin
    Posted 10 Sep ’16 at 17:04 | #

    Made this with mashed cooked beetroot and added about a tbsp of finely chopped fresh ginger – amazing. So dense and moist and chocolatey! Making it again tonight with even more ginger.

  140. Kat
    Posted 6 Oct ’16 at 15:07 | #

    Hello, Just discovered your amazing blog and am making this recipe. I was wondering if you know approximately how long to bake the mixture in a loaf tin? I’m cooking it now and it was the only tin I could find! Would it be better baked longer, say 50-60 mins? Thanks so much.

  141. Posted 15 Nov ’16 at 12:38 | #

    I haven’t thought of using beetroot in cakes ever. It’s an intriguing idea I must try. Luckily I still have some spelt stocked up so nothing can stop me!

  142. Christine
    Posted 9 Jan ’17 at 17:28 | #

    This cake was so good! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I mashed a cooked down a bit of fruit and served that drizzled over the cake with a few berries. Everyone loved it!

  143. Elisabeth
    Posted 31 Jan ’17 at 20:35 | #

    Hey ,
    Can you substitute the speltflour for buckwheat flour?? I love your recipes. Greetings from Belgium 👋🏻

  144. Terri
    Posted 9 Feb ’17 at 22:23 | #

    Just made this and ate a piece while still warm–oh my good!!
    Thank you for a winning recipe that I will make a lot.

  145. Ida Amalie
    Posted 27 Feb ’17 at 17:22 | #

    Hi GKS!
    I was wondering if you could could substitute the eggs with something vegan? Chia-eggs e.g.?
    I am a BIG fan of your books btw :)

    Love, Ida Amalie

  146. Colleen
    Posted 1 Jun ’17 at 08:14 | #

    Most delicious chocolate cake ever! I couldn’t believe how moist it was. Not too sweet either. I love this cake. Can’t wait to make it again!

  147. Farah
    Posted 1 Jul ’17 at 20:39 | #

    Delicious. I had to cook it for a bit longer then suggested but it’s a really moist flavorful cake. Next time I’d like to leave out the 85% dark chocolate I used and see if it’s still as good without the refined sugar!

    Thank you for a lovely recipe!

  148. Melanie
    Posted 15 Mar ’18 at 15:19 | #

    May I ask, how big the cake tin or the bundt form should be? 25 minutes baking time sounds like you took a smaller one…?

    Thanks for your respond.
    All the best,

  149. Holly
    Posted 16 Mar ’18 at 06:07 | #

    Hello, thank you for the recipe! I filled the middle with frozen raspberries and it was delicious xxx

  150. Claire
    Posted 31 Mar ’18 at 14:51 | #

    A really successful recipe. Simple, reliable and really really yummy. I usually reduce the sugar in recipes but no need to with this one. Sweetness just right. Definately a keeper. Baked in my loaf tin same cooking time. Perfect! Thank you.

  151. Rachel
    Posted 16 Oct ’18 at 20:02 | #

    Hey! This looks so awesome!
    Unfortunately I don’t own a budnt pan (I don’t think it’s common where I live). Can I use a different type of pan? I have square types, muffin tins, loaf pans and a springboard. Which type/dimensions should I use?

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