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Dal Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

One of the first recipes we posted on this blog, soon six years ago(!), was an Indian lentil soup. Looking back on that photo and the short text that came with it, I definitely feel that we have learned a whole bit about food photography, recipe writing and blogging during these years. But one thing that stands strong from that old post is the actual recipe. We still make that lentil soup often, most regularly during the cold months (which in Scandinavia translates to 9 out of 12 months). Everyone in our family likes it and it’s a very quick and hassle-free recipe to cook when you also have to keep an eye on two kids running laps around the apartment (or one of them is running and the other one is toddling and wobbling after her).

My point is that lentil stew or dal, as it is called in India, has always been one of our favourite comfort foods and we just haven’t posted it enough here on the blog.


So when we were approached by Swedish spice company Santa Maria, asking us to create a few recipes for their new range of organic and fair-trade spices, we realised that this was the perfect opportunity to make another dal. Anyone that has cooked a dal knows that the spices play a really central role in the recipe. This is a new version of our old recipe. We added apricots for extra sweetness and decided on a new way of serving it – stuffed inside baked sweet potatoes. This is probably the most comforting dinner we have ever made, with lots of warm, sweet flavours that contrast the tangy yogurt and fresh pomegranate seeds on top. We usually make this as a weekday dinner with an extra large batch of lentils that last through the week. If you crave more greens, the sweet potato is gorgeous together with a fresh salad.

Santa Maria actually had a film crew in our house while we shot this recipe and have released a video and some additional photos along with the recipes on their site.


Stuffed Sweet Potato with Dal
Serves 4

This makes a quite generous serving of dal so you will probably (hopefully) end up with some leftovers. You will thank us the day after, it tastes even better then.

4 medium sized sweet potatoes

3 tbsp butter, ghee or coconut oil
3 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
1 yellow onion, peeled and finely chopped
4 dried apricots, roughly chopped
1 tbsp fresh ginger, grated
1 tbsp organic turmeric
2 tsp organic cardamom
1/2 tsp organic chili flakes
2 carrots, sliced
1 2/3 cups / 400 ml /  red lentils
4 cups / 1 liter water
1 tsp sea salt flakes
2 fresh tomatoes, cut in boats
70 g spinach or baby spinach

1/2 cup / 125 ml natural yogurt
1/2 cup / 65 g toasted pumpkin seeds or sprouted green lentils
1 pomegranate, seeds
fresh coriander/cilantro

Preheat the oven at 400°F/200°C.
Give each sweet potato a tiny slit at the top and place them on a baking pan.
Bake for about 45-60 minutes or until the skin is crisp and the flesh is soft. Prepare the dal while the potatoes are in the oven.
Place a large pot on medium heat. Add butter, onion, garlic, apricots, ginger, turmeric, cardamom and chili flakes. Saute for a few minutes, until the onion is soft and the kitchen has a lovely scent from all the spices. You can add a splash of water if they start to get burned. Add carrots and lentils and let cook for two more minutes, then add water and salt and give it a good stir. Decrease the heat when it starts to boil, put the lid on and let simmer for 15-25 minutes (depending on the lentils). Stir occasionally to make sure the lentils aren’t getting burned. Add more water if needed. Remove from the heat when the lentils almost have dissolved, add tomatoes and spinach. Taste and add more salt or spices if needed.

Place each sweet potato on a plate. Make a cut at the top and squeeze the ends together to open. Add a couple of spoonfuls lentil stew in the potato (you can carve out some flesh if you prefer more filling but we just fill it with as much as we can fit, messy is good). Top with yogurt, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds, fresh cilantro and some freshly ground black pepper. Enjoy!

Disclosure: We were compensated by Santa Maria for creating this recipe.


  1. Posted 9 Sep ’15 at 21:51 | #

    The apricots in this is such a neat idea!! Loving the looks of this dal! And in a potato I can only imagine how yummy this is.

  2. Nathalia
    Posted 9 Sep ’15 at 23:04 | #

    I love all type of lentil stews and it just sounds so perfect served in a sweet potato. I’m going to try it right away!

  3. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 03:36 | #

    Wow! This is absolutely beautiful. Dal is one my favorite foods, and stuffing it into a sweet potato is genius!

  4. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 03:39 | #

    I’m looking forward to trying your dal recipe. I’m a big fan of Indian food – I love the spices and the way it showcases how wonderful vegetarian food can be.

  5. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 03:45 | #

    Okay, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Looks beautiful and very delicious! absolutely amazing and i’m absolutely going to try this recipe, besides I love sweat potatoes very much. thanks huge for the recipe

  6. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 07:22 | #

    Love this!

  7. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 08:45 | #

    My mum has always been a huge fan of Dhal so I grew up eating it and still make it for myself a lot. I have never stuffed it into a sweet potato though but love the idea – will definitely give this a try during these colder months so thanks for the neat idea!

  8. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 10:01 | #

    I find the jacket potato here in the UK a bit boring. Adding dal instead is such a great idea for a weeknight meal + to add punch to an ordinary meal! So healthy too! I can’t wait to try this :)

  9. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 10:09 | #

    I would never think of stuffing a potato with something that is basically a soup. But this looks delicious and the colours, such a happy meal.

  10. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 10:32 | #

    Have been eating daal a lot recently – must be the time of year. Have never thought to stuff in potatoes though – lovely idea! Beautifully coloured dish!

  11. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 11:31 | #

    What a delicious combination for a rainy autumn day! I love all these colors and your beautiful photos :)

  12. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 11:38 | #

    yumm!!! your recipes always make me hungry :D


  13. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 11:46 | #

    Stuffing them in sweet potatoes, what a brilliant idea!

  14. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 12:10 | #

    What a brilliant idea! It is amazing to see how much your blog has developed from your post six years ago, I have enjoyed reading it over the years and seeing your talent grow. H x

  15. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 12:18 | #

    What a great idea for a recipe. I love that about daal too, that it’s so versatile, watered down for soup, dried up can be used for other things, fillings, pastes etc. Great daal recipe, definitely going to try this, thank you! :)

  16. Sarah-Jane
    Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 12:41 | #

    Your recipe for the first Indian Lentil Soup is one of my favourites. I make it at least once a month for myself and my housemates and it never disappoints us. So you can just imagine how excited I am for this updated version : )

    Thank you xx

  17. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 13:13 | #

    Oh wow. It is great to see your old pictures as it means that with hard work photo skills can get better:)
    Congrats ton on the awesome collaboration and thanks for sharing this lovely recipe

  18. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 15:55 | #

    I love stuffing sweet potatoes with veggies mixtures and stews, and I can’t wait to give your dal a try. Looks so vibrant and delicious!

  19. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 17:25 | #

    Lentil soup is one of my husband’s favorite foods on earth, and I love sweet potatoes. How have I never thought to combine the two? This looks delicious- and I’m definitely trying this dal as we approach fall.

  20. Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 17:46 | #

    I’ve never put pomegranate in a savory dish but this sounds amazing!!

  21. Kamila
    Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 19:45 | #

    This tastes AMAZING!! I’ve done this before without apricot and sweet potato and those add such an angle!

  22. Kaiva
    Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 20:26 | #

    Loved the video! Both of you are your selfs and by that- huge inspirations!

  23. lena
    Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 20:51 | #

    i love the idea of putting dal into a potato!!
    therefore i am absolutely going to try this one.
    the video is amazing, i always get this amazing
    feeling looking at your photos and videos …

    p.s. it would be better to add the salt at the end,
    lentils cook better without the salt!

  24. Carla
    Posted 10 Sep ’15 at 20:54 | #

    Hi! So great to hear your voices in the video, it turned out great! The recipe looks delicious although it took me a moment to understand what cutting tomatoes into boats looks like! very neat description! :)

  25. Posted 11 Sep ’15 at 01:28 | #

    This looks delicious! I was thinking of having a get-together with a few friends, (one is allergic to dairy) and this seems like the perfect savory dish! Also, dal is a fantastic meal to welcome the beginning of fall.

    Lena Parker-Duncan – Graphic Designer and Photographer

  26. Posted 11 Sep ’15 at 06:21 | #

    You guys never stop to amaze me with your creativity!! This recipe is just brilliant. It seems like the most perfect dish for a cold evening.
    I loved seeing your old dal soup post.:) It’s pretty incredible to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve evolved in the space of a few years. It’s really inspiring for all of us food bloggers out there. Keep up the amazing work!

  27. Posted 11 Sep ’15 at 06:39 | #

    Ok, this is happening. This weekend. Pomegranates are in season here in Shanghai, and since the weather is cooling down, sweet potatoes are going to be everywhere. Perfect! :)


  28. Haileigh Grinkmeyer
    Posted 11 Sep ’15 at 17:38 | #

    These potatoes look SO good and I’ll probably be making this this weekend.

  29. Posted 11 Sep ’15 at 18:06 | #

    I’ve been keeping dal in the back of my mind as the season changes. I can’t wait to try this soon!

  30. Posted 13 Sep ’15 at 17:08 | #

    I went back and looked at your lentil soup recipe and I can’t believe how far your photography has come! You have some of the best photography out there now and it’s really inspiring to see the full journey :)

  31. Posted 13 Sep ’15 at 18:55 | #

    Wow! So inspired by this recipe. The flavor combination sounds amazing! I love the idea of pomegranate seeds with sweet potatoes. And the dal with the sweet potato sounds perfect.

  32. Posted 13 Sep ’15 at 19:05 | #

    This recipe is amazing. So delicious! Thank you!

  33. pascale
    Posted 13 Sep ’15 at 22:56 | #

    This looks so good that I am going to make it this week for dinner!
    Do you have a translation of the cashew milk recipe in english? Beautiful work as always you two!

  34. Posted 14 Sep ’15 at 17:44 | #

    Your photo looks so yummy :)

    Greetings from Germany


  35. Kathy Mader
    Posted 15 Sep ’15 at 01:20 | #

    Where are ten stars when you need them?! Just cooked this and it’s truly one of the best things ever. I feel completely brilliant for making and eating this super tasty and healthy dish and it’s going to the top of my recipe rotation. Thank you! !

  36. Posted 15 Sep ’15 at 14:29 | #

    Love the film ! This weekend I’m in Stockholm and will buy some of the Santa Maria spices :)

  37. Jules
    Posted 15 Sep ’15 at 22:10 | #

    I’ve just made a huge pot of dhal, now I know what I’m going to do with it! Sounds very delicious. Here’s to the next six years of beautiful blog posts ;)

  38. Pamela
    Posted 15 Sep ’15 at 22:38 | #

    I’m a yoga teacher studying naturopathic nutrition and extremely interested in Ayurvedic practices. This receipe is beautiful and wonderful for both my Vata constitution and for this Vata time of year…incredibly nourishing all those lovely golden shades of red lentil, turmeric, sweet potato and carrot lend themselves perfectly to the shades of Autumn leaves. I made this dish for dinner this evening and cannot wait to tuck in to another helpin tomorrow!!!

  39. Posted 16 Sep ’15 at 02:28 | #

    Great video! And your photos here are so, so beautiful. I am going to make this stuffed sweet potato right away as it looks like the perfect fall meal.

  40. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 01:10 | #

    Love the addition of the apricots! Delish sweet / savoury combo.

  41. Posted 19 Sep ’15 at 04:56 | #

    Dal is literally LIFE. I can eat it all day!

  42. Katrina
    Posted 20 Sep ’15 at 18:43 | #

    The original Indian lentil soup recipe is my all time favorite and a wintertime staple in our house. Cannot wait to try this version! Thank you!

  43. Posted 21 Sep ’15 at 20:23 | #

    Absolutely loved your video, and this recipe is gorgeous. I love the pomegranate topping as well. I often add sweet potato to my dal so I’m excited about reversing it!

  44. Posted 21 Sep ’15 at 21:34 | #

    I love your blog and I absolutely love this recipe!

  45. Posted 23 Sep ’15 at 21:48 | #

    Could not be more excited about sweet potatoes and this recipe looks amazing!

  46. Posted 24 Sep ’15 at 13:25 | #

    Can’t get over how vibrant these photos are– such wonderful colors! I love a stuffed sweet potato for dinner, so warm and filling and tasty and good for you. I’m a little excited for cold weather so I can make them all the time! xo

  47. Lea
    Posted 27 Sep ’15 at 02:00 | #

    This dal is amazing. I want to jump and shout its praises from the rooftops. I am currently making it for the second time in two weeks. The first time, I used raisins instead of apricots and forgot the tomato and spinach (it was still awe inspiring). This time I have everything and I can’t wait for it to finish simmering! thank you for this recipe.

  48. Jac
    Posted 28 Sep ’15 at 05:31 | #

    What does ‘cut in boats’ mean, when referring to the tomoatoes?

  49. Silja
    Posted 29 Sep ’15 at 07:26 | #

    Just wonderful! I made it yesterday for guests, and everyone was excited about it! It’s a great recipe for guests (very easy to prepare). I forgot to buy spinach and used a bit of kale instead.

  50. Jo
    Posted 1 Oct ’15 at 02:45 | #

    This is a verrrry sweet dish. I suggest leaving out the apricots and quartering the amount of spices if you don’t have a sweet tooth. I made this with red lentils and didn’t get anywhere near the beautiful yellow color in the photos. Hoping to try this with yellow lentils! The spinach is beautiful and the pomegranate seeds are an amazing addition. Also, I split grape tomatoes in half and that worked right slick.

  51. Posted 1 Oct ’15 at 11:40 | #

    We made this for dinner tonight….. Wow! The dahl had just the right amount of heat and depth of flavours. The only changes we made were dried figs instead of apricots (didn’t have any on hand) and also dried ginger instead of fresh. And the best part is, we’ve got leftovers for lunch! Thanks for yet another amazingly delicious and healthy recip

  52. Posted 3 Oct ’15 at 14:07 | #

    beautiful! Love the colors and flavors!

  53. Sapsu
    Posted 7 Oct ’15 at 08:23 | #

    Dear David and Louise, thank you for this delicious recipe. I have cooked it for me and my children yesterday, actually for two days, but they have eaten all up immediately !! It tasted excellent and was so easy to prepare. We love your books and your app, they have changed our way of cooking a lot!Your recipes make it possible to cook very tasty, healthy and in season every day. Thank you so much!

  54. Posted 21 Oct ’15 at 18:15 | #

    Who knew you could make sweet potatoes look so good? Must try…thanks for sharing!

  55. Posted 22 Oct ’15 at 04:34 | #

    This looks delicious!! I love the pomegranite seeds – such a sweet, healthy addition!

  56. Posted 7 Dec ’15 at 23:26 | #

    This looks so comforting. Your recipe piqued my interest right away and I’m excited to try it out myself. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

  57. Gini
    Posted 19 Jan ’16 at 21:45 | #

    This recipe was SO good and easy to make!! The only thing I will change next time will be to add half the amount of cardamom suggested. It’s a strong spice and took over the dish a bit for my taste. If you love cardamom then add the suggested 2 tsp. But even with that the dish was delicious!!

  58. Posted 29 Feb ’16 at 22:03 | #

    Mmm I’d never have thought of putting dahl in sweet potatoes but… mmmm…… mmm…. someone pass the lentils!!!

  59. Alison
    Posted 16 Mar ’16 at 19:41 | #

    Delicious. I added the juice and zest of a lemon, which really gave it a wow factor. Thanks for a lovely recipe

  60. Melissa
    Posted 14 Dec ’16 at 00:46 | #

    This is such a yummy yummy dish, i think i would go as far as saying one of my favorites of all time. I am wondering if it freezes well? Have you or anyone ever tried freezing it? Thanks

  61. Tati Finchi
    Posted 8 Mar ’18 at 01:24 | #

    Great recept made it with my daughter of 10 and we eat so much we almost explode !! Congrats , for the topping you can combine with whatever you have as long as it something sweety fruity and something herbal (we used minth and dadels) It’s great !

  62. sigi
    Posted 19 Apr ’18 at 09:22 | #

    I’ve been looking forward to cooking this dish all week, and wow, it was as yummy as I imagined it to be. The first pomegranates just appeared in the shops, good timing. I also had some homemade tomato chutney, Indian style, in the fridge which went down well too. Thanks heaps for this amazing recipe!

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