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Creamy Broccoli Soup & Corn Biscuits

Apparently an advance copy of our book is on its way to us from across the Atlantic right now. You won’t believe how nervous (and excited) we are to see it. We will have a new post up in just a few days with more info about the book, a few photos from it  and a link for pre-ordering. But until then, we have gathered a list of links with bits and bobs that inspire us at the moment. And a recipe for a creamy broccoli soup topped with lemony beluga lentils. We also threw in a gluten free and vegan savory corn biscuit, which goes really well along with the soup.

Big love February

• Luise’s favorite Instagramer, beautiful images of food, flowers and fashion +  a behind the lens video.

• Believe that Barley grass powder will be the number one superfood in 2013.

• We’ve got a crush on food illustrations. This blog is a really cute.

• Quan-do, a vietnamese street kitchen that Luise visited when she was in Hamburg, Germany. Make sure to order their Pho & Ginger Lime Tea.

• One of David’s favorite design & interior shop in Copenhagen.

• Happy to be a vegetarian.

• In just a few weeks we will be somewhere around here. Can’t wait!

• Our favorite tea from Hari Tea, Buddha Box.

• A cozy cafe in Christianshavn, Copenhagen. Best soup experience in Denmark.

• Like this online health Magazine.

• Great breakfast place in Södermalm, Stockholm.

• Cooking with this spice a lot.

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Creamy Broccoli Soup
serves 4

2 tbsp coconut oil, ghee or olive oil
5 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 yellow onion, finely chopped
1/4 tsp dried chili flakes
2 heads of broccoli (around 800 – 1000 g), cut into smaller florets and slice the stalk
4 cups water or to cover
1 x 400 ml can coconut milk
5 sprigs of fresh basil, leaves picked (optional)

Lemony Beluga Topping
1 cup / 240 ml raw beluga or puy lentils
2 cups / 480 ml water
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 lemon, juice and zest

Making the soup: Prepare the vegetables. Heat oil in a large sauce pan on medium heat. Add garlic, onion and chili and fry until fragrant and lightly browned, stir ocassionally. Add broccoli and cover with water, bring to a boil, then lower the heat and let simmer for 20 minutes or until the broccoli is tender. Discard about 3/4 of the water. Add coconut milk and basil to the soup. Use an immersion (hand) blender and mix until smooth. If the soup is to thick add a little of the discarded cooking water. Seasoning to taste.

Preparing the topping: Rinse and drain the lentils. Place lentils and water in a saucepan, cover and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and let gently simmer for 30 minutes or until tender and can be mashed easily between two fingers. Drain any excess water, let cool slightly. Place in a serving bowl, add olive oil, lemon juice and zest. Stir to combine.

Serve the soup in bowls and top with beluga lentils.

Savory Corn Biscuits

Savoury Corn Biscuits (Vegan & Gluten Free)
Around 10 biscuits

This is a savory version of the apple biscuits that we posted a few months back. They have a really nice flavor and texture.

Dry ingredients
2 cups (200 g) gluten free oat flour (make your own by grinding rolled oats in a food processor)

1 1/3 cup (150 g) corn flour
3 tsp arrow root or corn starch
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp sea salt

Wet ingredients
6 tbsp (75 g) extra virgin coconut oil, room temperature
1 cup plain GMO-free soy yogurt (or yogurt of your choice)

2 carrots, shredded (around 150 g / 2 cups loosely packed)
1 onion, minced or finely chopped
a handful of fresh thyme

Place a baking sheet in the oven and preheat it to 450°F (230°C). Mix together the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Cut the coconut oil into small cubes and add to the flour mixture. Use your hands to combine until everything has a pebbled texture. Add soy yogurt, carrot, onion and thyme and stir around with a wooden spoon until you can work the dough by hand. It can be slightly crumbly but should come together as you kneed it. If it feels too dry you can add a dash more yogurt, and if too wet – more flour. Gather the dough into a ball that you flatten out on a floured surface. It should be around 1 inch thick. Use a biscuit cutter or a 3-inch (8 cm) wide glass to cut out as many biscuits as you can. Gather the rest of the dough into a ball again, flatten it out and cut out the rest of the biscuits. Cover the hot baking sheet with parchment paper and place the biscuits on it. Bake in the oven for 15–16 minutes or until crusty on the outside and slightly moist on the inside. Eat the first ones warm.


Photos by: Johanna Frenkel


  1. Posted 14 Feb ’13 at 23:38 | #

    These look so fabulous! Love this idea!!

  2. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 00:15 | #

    There’s nothing like a creamy green soup, and a crumbly biscuit to cheer me up on a winter’s day! Congratulations on your book, can’t wait to see it!

  3. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 00:34 | #

    I feel good already by just looking at it..

  4. emily
    Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 01:07 | #

    I literally cannot wait to see the book. Crazy curious about the cover and everything. I am certain it is fabulous!

  5. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 01:18 | #

    I am always so impressed with your healthy recipes and pictures!!! Awesome!

  6. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 01:26 | #

    I have made your your apple biscuits a few times, so I am looking forward to trying these too! And the broccoli soup sounds so warm and comforting.

  7. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 02:53 | #

    What an exciting February! As always, you make healthy food look so delicious (and this one is such a cute combination).

  8. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 03:29 | #

    I love these photos. Corn Biscuits looks amazing! Do you think they would work out with whole wheat flour?

  9. Emma
    Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 04:09 | #

    Looks really yum. I discovered sumac about a year ago, and fell in love. Such a great spice. I recently discovered your blog while doing a whole30, everything really looks great. Your green breakfast bowl has become my favorite way of starting the day, almost an addiction.Thanks for all the great inspiration and fantastic recipes!

  10. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 04:53 | #

    That savory biscuit is stunning and so is the creamy soup. Waiting for your next post, I know the book would be as amazing as your blog :)

  11. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 05:02 | #

    Such an exciting news about your upcoming book, I am so happy for you!!! The soup and biscuits look amazing as always, I’ll have to share with some of my friends and students who have been asking about GF recipes. Happy LOVE Day to you 3 since it is still 11pm here in America.

  12. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 10:31 | #

    Yet again another stunning post..this time I noticed that you didn’t take the photos for this one (although you both have very similar styles). Have you taken all of the photos in the book? It must have been the best and perhaps the most challenging experience for you! Either way, great great work. Looking at your photos and using your recipes keeps me going. Have a great weekend!

    • Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 12:11 | #

      Hi Zoe. David’s sister Johanna Frenkel is also a photographer and has been shooting the whole book, so we could focus on the styling and the recipes. Most of the time David takes the photos for the blog, but sometimes Johanna comes by and spends a few hours in the Green Kitchen with us ;-)
      I cooked the soup, David did the biscuits and all the styling, and Johanna was shooting the images.
      Happy cooking

  13. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 10:53 | #

    I too am a huge fan of sumac ever since a neighbour came back from working in Turkey loaded down with all kinds of exotic-to-me spices. I probably need to enter some kind of sumac detox programme! Anyway, I am so looking forward to your upcoming book.I just know I will cooking from it for years to come, and recommending it to the nutrition and food-aware cancer patients that I teach. And as for the soup, a lovely take on a humble vegetable – the coconut-basil twist is a knockout.

  14. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 11:35 | #

    This looks so tasty and comforting! I live in snowy cold Norway and have been hooked on soups for the last few months. This is definately going on the table this weekend, thanks for the idea! You’re recipes are always so inviting.

  15. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 12:36 | #

    Great idea with the beluga topping, lentils are really underrated.

  16. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 15:44 | #

    That broccoli soup looks really yummy. Can you use half and half instead of the coconut milk? I’m just not a coconut person! Would it work?

  17. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 16:26 | #

    That soup is gaaaaaaaaaawg.eous.

  18. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 17:10 | #

    This looks absolutely delicious!

  19. Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 17:11 | #

    Your corn biscuits look so good. I love the inclusion of carrot. I will definitely try your recipe.

  20. manon
    Posted 15 Feb ’13 at 17:32 | #

    Thanks for your copenhagen tip. Since we will visit copenhagen for the first time mid march I will make sure to visit the cafe.

  21. Posted 16 Feb ’13 at 01:20 | #

    I LOVE the idea of a lentil topping – this soup looks like the perfect light meal, can’t wait to try the recipe.

  22. Posted 16 Feb ’13 at 03:28 | #

    SOunds like the perfect meal to warm me up and keep me full! And congrats on getting just a little bit closer to your book being finished! Can not wait!

  23. Emma
    Posted 16 Feb ’13 at 14:39 | #

    Looks delicious! – I just have a question. Is it possible to use other lentils, and if yes – do you have a suggestion? (;
    Thanks for a fantastic blog!

  24. Posted 18 Feb ’13 at 00:27 | #

    I had leftovers of an adapted version of this http://mynewroots.org/site/2012/06/meatless-monday-with-martha-stewart-moroccan-carrot-ribbons-and-black-lentils-2/ and topped your broccoli soup with it, which worked great :)

  25. Posted 18 Feb ’13 at 08:35 | #

    Exciting news about your book – I’m really looking forward to the pre-view with the pre-order link!

  26. Katherine
    Posted 18 Feb ’13 at 19:24 | #

    Holy Moly! I made this soup last night and it turned out sooo well. I liked it so much that I kept saying things like “yum, yum, yum” and probably drove my roommates nuts. I thought with all the water it might not be that flavorable but I was wrong. :)

  27. Posted 19 Feb ’13 at 04:12 | #

    You’re probably going to hate me for saying this… but I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by and that the book is done! It feels like yesterday you announced it. Well, anyway, I’m freakin’ thrilled. I have no doubt it’s going to be the big hit of the year.

    And if I’m gushing, can I just say that this soup looks marvelous? It does!

  28. Birgitta
    Posted 19 Feb ’13 at 05:31 | #

    Great soup! loved the spiciness from he chili flakes. Haven’t tried the biscuits yet but will bake them asap, need to make those yummy looking lemon cakes as well…Thanks for a super post!

  29. Posted 19 Feb ’13 at 15:55 | #

    Your soup looks beautiful, it is definitely going on the menu. I’m new to your website and have found so many recipes I want to try, and you have such a gorgeous layout.

  30. Sabrina Aubut
    Posted 19 Feb ’13 at 20:45 | #

    Made that soup yesterday… Wonderful lemony taste. I kept all the water that was used to cook the brocolois and it was still creamy, and light. Thank you!! :)

  31. Posted 20 Feb ’13 at 11:42 | #

    I love broccoli soup and this recipe sounds delicious :) The basil leaves are a really creative addition. I like to add almonds to mine before I blend it, for extra texture and a nutty taste.

    Thanks for sharing!

  32. Posted 21 Feb ’13 at 21:13 | #

    I made your soup tonight and I loved how the flavors from the soup and lentils worked out togheter. At first I was a little bit sceptical since the soup doesn’t have that much seasoning but the lentils took care of all of that. I added some big pinches of pink salt and next time I’m going to use stronger chili flakes than the ones I had at home. Thanks for the lovely dinner!

  33. Anick
    Posted 22 Feb ’13 at 21:46 | #

    I made the soup and the biscuits for a cross country ski night and they were both delicious!Thank you for your amazing recipes!! :-)

  34. Eve
    Posted 28 Feb ’13 at 00:51 | #

    Gorgeous recipe, I just prepared everything, so I can have a quick dinner tomorrow. And the biscuits are absolutely gorgeous as a late night snack as well, with a glass of wine/port. I just added some more spices (oregano, tyme, rozemarijn) and some Danish cheese for a little bit more ‘bite’.

  35. Sarah Rose
    Posted 1 Mar ’13 at 04:03 | #

    I just made this for my husband and I this evening, and everything turned out beautifully. I added salt to the soup (there wasn’t any listed in the ingredients) and used french lentils instead of beluga since that’s what I had, but otherwise I made everything just as directed. The biscuits are a great snack too, and we even ate a little more of them with maple syrup and honey (we tried both!) for dessert. Thank you!

  36. Posted 3 Mar ’13 at 05:11 | #

    So. So good. The soup is so velvety and the lentils are the perfect companion. The biscuits maybe were a bit thick? They were crispy on the outside but still kind of soft in the middle. I’m not sure if that’s how they are meant to be? But delicious all the same.

  37. Lori Fasciano
    Posted 7 Apr ’13 at 21:56 | #

    The soup looks delicious. What kind or brand of coconut milk do you use?

  38. Lori Fasciano
    Posted 7 Apr ’13 at 21:59 | #

    The soup looks delicious.
    What kind or brand of coconut milk do you use?

  39. Johanna
    Posted 21 Apr ’13 at 19:36 | #

    We loved the soup, but I haven’t made e biscuits. Still struggling to find corn flour. Is it powdery (like corn starch)? That what they sell under the name of corn flour here in the Netherlands. There is also polenta or also American style corn meal – which to use?

  40. susanna
    Posted 8 May ’13 at 15:00 | #

    thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this recipe! I already made it three times and it’s become my favorite soup, hands down. I recently started to change my diet pretty drastically and even though I love to cook healthy, I still can’t get over the fact that (for me) a healthy vegetarian dish can be amazing but it will never really be as amazing as a great burger or a cheesy pizza… This soup changed my mind! Rich, comforting and really really easy to make, love it.

  41. Caroline
    Posted 24 May ’13 at 04:08 | #

    I love your blog so much, and this soup has been my go-to green soup since the winter. Tonight when I went to make it I discovered that the broccoli in my fridge was a bit sad, so I substituted fresh nettles and watercress, and used sage in place of the basil. It still turned out wonderfully, so bravo for creating such a versatile recipe! Thanks for all of the beauty, inspiration, and delicious meals that your blog brings!

  42. Posted 25 Jun ’13 at 21:15 | #

    Åh, jag gjorde den här soppan för ett tag sedan och den blev så himla god. Tillsatte lite ekologisk lantbuljong för sälta, perfekt!

  43. Verena
    Posted 14 Jul ’13 at 21:30 | #

    Both the soup and the bisquits look delicious. Do you think it is possible to use tapioca starch instead of corn starch?

  44. sandra
    Posted 12 Nov ’13 at 01:29 | #

    I love the layout of your website and many of your foods sound and look scrumptious. However I made the broccoli soup tonight and it was extremely bland. Not sure if it was because I used lite coconut milk. Hopefully the next recipe I try will taste better.

    • Posted 8 Feb ’15 at 22:07 | #

      I used coconut lite as well and didn’t experienced bland flavor, maybe add more cayenne, basil or salt next time :) good luck!

  45. Ivana
    Posted 16 Apr ’14 at 11:04 | #

    Hi, I have the same question as Johanna. Corn flour is such a confusing term. Even for Google. Please, help. :)

  46. Shireen
    Posted 26 Sep ’14 at 13:23 | #

    I came across your homepage/blogg by chance and I am so glad that I did.
    I don’t have any food allergies but I prefer eating gluten-free,sugar-free and even lactose-free. Everything is loaded with refined carbs and sugar to make food appealing, which is and will be a terrible drain on our resources if we don’t change our eating habits .
    I do catering for “health conscious” and for people struggling to eat right because of poor health .
    I’m always tinkering with recipes to make them nutritious and at the same time appealing to a wider audience so that every member of the family can get excited at dinnertime.
    Just recently I had a big batch of baked beetroots that became beetroot muffins !! It is fun making new twists on old recipes but can also be frustrating, disappointing and not to mention quite expensive.
    If you would like me to submit a couple of recipes, please do let me know

  47. Posted 8 Feb ’15 at 22:04 | #

    This soup was AMAZING!! :) got so many compliments. I just added spinach when blending and some lemon.

  48. Christinachaos
    Posted 20 Oct ’15 at 11:39 | #

    I made this soup yesterday night and it came out amazing. By making the corn biscuits, I forgot to buy corn flour ? I solved it by blitzing up corn flakes. The result? The crunchy version of these corn biscuits, A-W-E-S-O-M-E

  49. Posted 17 Feb ’16 at 07:06 | #

    This looks delicious – some of my favorite things!! Love the idea of topping the soup with the lentil mix, yum. & the biscuits look yummy as well

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