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Carrot, Tomato & Coconut Soup

And just like that, we are a family of four. Little Isac is one week old tonight. Luise gave birth to him in our home. He was delivered under water and into the arms of the bravest, strongest and most beautiful mother I know. Isac is a cute and calm little fellow that spends his days grunting around on our chests, eating and then dozing away in sleep. We are spoiling him with hugs and kisses and eventually we will also spoil him with home cooked food that makes him a healthy and strong plant eater. Thank you so much for all your cheering comments on Instagram, we are so happy to feel your support and love. Now take a look at this lovely little bug.


We could go on and on about him forever, but we actually also have a new recipe for you. It is almost tradition for us to create a new yellow/orange soup every year. We have done lentil soups, sweet potato soups, pumpkin soups and orange soup. Today we are sharing this warm, smooth and creamy carrot soup spiked with tomatoes, coconut milk and turmeric and topped with a corn ceviche loosely inspired by one of Sprouted Kitchen’s recipes. The corn adds a really nice texture to the soup and a fresh twist in flavour. If you are looking for a recipe to start off autumn with, this soup is quite perfect.


This is also a great recipe if you are on a budget. Carrots are always cheap to buy, but now, when they are in season they are extra frikkin’ delicious. Make a huge batch of this soup and fill the freezer with it. I am sure we have mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again: Using seasonal ingredients is a great way to eat good organic vegetables without paying a fortune. Plan what you cook after which seasonal ingredients that are cheapest.


Carrot, Tomato & Coconut Soup
Serves 4-6

1 tbsp cold-pressed coconut oil or olive oil
1 onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 tsp ground turmeric (optional)
10 medium size carrots, rinsed and sliced
1 can (400 g / 14 oz) plum tomatoes or approx. 5 chopped fresh tomatoes
water, enough to cover
sea salt & black pepper
1 can (400 g / 14 oz) full fat coconut milk or any plant milk of choice

Heat oil in a pot. Add onions, garlic and turmeric and sauté until soft and fragrant. Add carrots and tomatoes and cook for a minute or so, while stirring. Now add water, sea salt and pepper, cover and let simmer for 15-20 minutes until the carrots are tender. Meanwhile prepare the corn topping. When the soup is ready, use an immersion (hand) blender to puree until smooth. Stir in the coconut milk, taste and adjust the flavors. Serve the soup in bowls with a couple of spoonfuls topping and a drizzle of olive oil.

Raw Corn Ceviche
2 fresh corn cobs, husks removed
4 sprigs flat-leaf parsley
juice from 1-2 limes
1 tbsp cold-pressed olive oil
sea salt & black pepper

Cut off the corn kernels from all sides. Chop the parsley. Place in a bowl. Combine all ingredients and season to taste.


Okay, just one last photo of him. Because those lips are made for kissing!


  1. Marie
    Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 20:33 | #

    Han er så fin! Helt uimodståelig faktisk. Utroligt. Stort tillykke!

  2. Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 21:13 | #

    Well, that’s a beautifull boy! Congratulations!!
    Wishing you all the best!

  3. Sylwia
    Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 21:15 | #

    Congratulations for the whole family!! I love your recipes, the job you guys are doing here on blog. Hugs from Poland ;-)

  4. Gabriele
    Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 21:27 | #

    Even if I am a great fan of yellow/orange soups, I decided looking on the other photos and admiring little Isac. With the eyes open, he looks so awake and intelligent. What a beautiful little boy! God bless you and your children!

  5. Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 22:10 | #

    I am definitely making this tonight. Looks so tasty! Congrats on the new addition to the family, I am sure he will grow up both well loved, but more importantly amazingly fed! ;)

  6. Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 22:30 | #

    Congratulations and well done Luise! What a beautiful name for such a gorgeous little boy. He sure has lots of amazing foods to look forward to (and getting the best food ever from Luise for now!) This soup looks delicious, and I love adding corn to soups for some texture. Seasonal produce really does rock ; )

  7. Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 22:43 | #

    congratulations!!!! i love this soup – color, flavor, and added texture yum!

  8. Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 22:54 | #

    Awww.He is adorable!Congratulations to the greeniest family I know!
    Ps.love the recipe too,but the little guy is taking all the attention ;)

  9. Jennifer
    Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 23:06 | #

    Congratulations! He is so lovely. Maybe I’ll look at the soup recipe later, but for now I’ll just smile at him. It’s so amazing that they start so small and get so big so fast. My youngest is 2.5 years old already and Dahlia is going to first grade and will turn seven (!) in October. Seven! Hugs for all of you! Welcoming a baby at home is a sweet, sweet thing! ~Jennifer, in Santa Cruz

    • Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 09:48 | #

      Thank you Jennifer! Is Dahlia in school already? Crazy. Much love to you and your family!

  10. Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 23:21 | #

    Congratulations! It sounds like the birth went as smoothly as possible and what a little blessing Isac is!
    This soup sounds delicious and super nourishing.

  11. lilsen
    Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 23:35 | #

    I really LOVE your food photography, but compared to this little beautiful baby boy….
    Congratulations to you all, may you enjoy these magic days of arrival and adjustment to the fullest!

  12. Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 23:54 | #

    Ahh he is just so beautiful! Congratulations you guys! X

  13. Laura
    Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 23:55 | #

    I’ve been following you since a long time but it is the first time I write something, because I think the occasion deserves it! Congrats for that beautiful baby! I wish you all the best :-)

  14. Bina
    Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 23:58 | #

    Congratulations to you and your family- your baby boy is beautiful!

    Soup looks wonderful- will stop by the farmers market for ingredients to make it tomorrow. Best wishes to you all!

  15. Posted 20 Aug ’14 at 23:59 | #

    Oh my gah, he’s gonna be such a handsome guy. He’s the cutest thing!! You are such a good looking family, I’m envious ;)
    The color of this soup surely reflects the happiness around your boy! Congrats!

  16. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 00:07 | #

    Congrats on your beautiful addition! And also thank you for this delicious recipe. I can always use more soup inspiration!

  17. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 00:39 | #

    many, many congratulations again to you all!! And what a stunner he is! Looking forward to trying this recipe :) x

  18. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 00:45 | #

    Isac is the cutest little guy ever!! So happy for you. And this soup? Love it in every way.

  19. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 01:40 | #

    Yes!! Sooo cute + welcome to the fam! Love it :)

  20. Laura Biscaro
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 01:51 | #

    What a beautiful baby! Congratulations, you guys! He’s adorable!
    And this recipe looks amaaazing *-*

  21. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 02:02 | #

    He’s adorable! And all of those photos are beyond beautiful! Enjoy him (and the soup…) :-)

  22. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 03:24 | #

    What an adorable little nugget! Soak up every minute of the snuggly goodness. And this soup sounds TOO good- I’ve got plenty of carrots and tomatoes, so this is going on this week’s menu.

  23. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 04:53 | #

    Oh he is beautiful! congratulations and enjoy this special time x

  24. Tess
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 09:27 | #

    Congratulations to you all, how beautiful Isac is, two gorgeous children how wonderful. The soup looks delicious too.

  25. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 09:30 | #

    Så himla söt bebis! <3 Grattis till er alla! Och nu vet jag vad jag ska göra med alla morötter i trädgården! Wiho!

  26. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 09:42 | #

    Congrats! Sweet baby!

  27. Sofia
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 09:45 | #

    ohh, so beautiful!!! Hugs, hugs and more hugs for him!!! Welcome to the world, little Isac! Congratulations for the all family and a special hug for the mother! All the best for all of you! And thanks for another great, simple and fresh recipe!!! :)

  28. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 10:08 | #

    Congratulations! Wat a beautiful baby boy.

    This soup sounds easy and delicious. I Will definitely give it a go.

  29. Maud
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 10:17 | #

    I’m a silent reader but now I want to congratulate you with the birth of your beautiful son! Wish you all the best! (The soup looks beautiful too, by the way.)

  30. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 10:29 | #

    Beautiful baby. He reminds me of my little boy when he was a baby. Congrats to you all! I guess, now you have to upgrade your blog undertitel to: Healthy vegetarian recipes by D, L, E und gorgeous little Isac. (Elsa is still the cutest little lady on internet)
    All the best wishes,

    • Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 09:58 | #

      Good point! We will change it as we start working on our new design…

  31. Laura
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 10:38 | #

    Congratulations! He is beautiful! I’ve been checking the website looking for baby updates haha. The soup looks delicious too :)

  32. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 11:06 | #

    Looks so fresh and vibrant! Will recreate asap. And congrats! what a cutie

  33. Eva
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 12:37 | #

    So much love your way. What a cutie!

  34. Bianca
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 13:21 | #

    Isac is absolutely gorgeous!! Such a special time in your life. Congratulations to you all. Thank you for another fabulous recipe; your soups never fail to nourish and delight.
    Hugs and kisses xo

  35. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 14:07 | #

    What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! And this soup is going to be made soon–maybe today. My CSA box was full of carrots, tomatoes, and corn, so this came at a perfect time. Thanks and enjoy that sweet babe!

  36. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 14:10 | #

    The soup looks and Tastes great. Of course I already made it:)
    Yet, who looks ( don’t know about the taste:)sweeter is the new baby!!
    Enjoy him and the whole family and keep the great recipes, please.

  37. Teti
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 14:57 | #

    CARROT SOUP=COMFORT FOOD. Thanks for another lovely recipe. How is Elsa getting on with her brother?

  38. C
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 15:05 | #

    This is just perfect! Love that it’s so easy and budget-friendly.

  39. Rebecca
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 15:08 | #

    Congratulations on Isac’s safe and healthy arrival. What a blessing.

  40. Aleksandra
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 15:14 | #

    Congratulations to you all! What wonderful news. He is really precious! Your soup is also wonderful. I make a similar one. The addition of corn makes it seem so Special. Enjoy this wonderful time together.

  41. Amanda CP
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 15:20 | #

    Love the recipe. I have your first book and follow your blog. Gorgeous healthy family and a beautiful new addition . Congratulations

  42. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 15:23 | #

    Welcome to this beautiful world handsome baby Isac!!! You have the best loving parents and big sister to guide you through this fantastic life journey. Congratulations to you all and enjoy the precious moments together as a family of four now!

    Amazing food photography as always, we often make this soup at home since my kids love it, though I’ll have to try adding your corn ceviche next time for extra yumminess. In the winter, I even add freshly minced ginger to add a kick and keep everyone warm.

    Hugs & kisses to you all from Pennsylvania, USA.

  43. Corinne
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 15:58 | #

    Congratulations with your little wonder! I want you to know that your blog and cookbook has been a lifesaver for me. In the beginning of this year i heard i had breastcancer, 35 years old and mother of a two year old boy. Idecided to fight as a lion and next to all the chemotherapy and surgery i decided to eat only healthy food, no sugar, no dairy etc. It was pretty hard to find healthy and fun and yummy recipes that were easy to make when i felt miserable…but then i found you!! Thank you for your enthousiastic way of making healthy food fun and sharing it. A half year has gone by and I just heard that i am cured!!! Completely clean! I am sure that all the things i have done helped, healthy food is so important, keep up the goodwork!

    • Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 10:11 | #

      Wow Corinne! Huge congratulations for beating the cancer! What an inspiring story. It sounds like you have had six very rough months and that it was a wise decision to change your eating habits. We are so glad to hear that our food has been helping you in your fight. Hug your boys tightly!
      Much love from us!
      David, Luise, Elsa & Isac

  44. Sharon
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 16:01 | #

    Congratulations on the beautiful new addition to your family. And thanks for the delicious sounding soup recipe. I am looking forward to buying your new book when it comes out here in the US next month. Keep up the good work.

  45. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 16:34 | #

    Yum. This us the perfect fall recipe. I’m going to make it for a family dinners he first week the kids are back in school. Thanks so much! Julie

  46. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 16:51 | #

    Ahhhh hugest congratulations to all of you!!!! He is so precious and I’m so happy to hear that everyone is doing well and all went smoothly. Wishing you four all the best :) thank you for your constant inspiration!

  47. Denise Watson
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 17:28 | #

    Congratulations!!!! Oh my goodness he is to cute for words!! Enjoy him:))

  48. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 17:33 | #

    How adorable is he! Congratulations! And this soup looks nothing less than perfect itself. Love the carrot and coconut combo.

  49. Bea
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 17:43 | #

    Love your blog … and this sweet little baby boy is a gem! Happiness and best wishes from Canada.

  50. Julia
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 18:35 | #


  51. lydia
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 19:06 | #

    The soup on it’s own is pleasant, but when you add the corn ceviche – WOW!! fantastic late summer lunch, Thank you!!

  52. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 19:58 | #

    Stort grattis till tillskottet i familjen! Som vanligt är bilderna fantastiska.

  53. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 20:04 | #

    He’s too adorable! Congratulations!

  54. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 20:08 | #

    Congratulations! What a sweet being. Such clarity, presence and inner strength in his eyes. Clearly an old soul in a newborn’s body. Many blessings on all four of you.

    … and the soup looks delicious as well.

  55. sophie
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 20:45 | #

    Wow, it looks so delicious, thanks for sharing!

    I left my heart in Miami

  56. birgit
    Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 22:02 | #

    yeah he’s adorable
    all my best wishes to you mother father and big big sister :)))
    lg birgit

  57. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 22:13 | #

    Congratulation for your new baby and your beautiful family from Italy!

  58. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 22:19 | #

    Welcome to the world, beautiful and sweet boy. Congratulations to your family. You are truly blessed with such loving parents, sister and amazing food!

    All the best wishes to you.

  59. Posted 21 Aug ’14 at 23:10 | #

    Many wonderful wishes to your beautiful family of four, how magical. He is gorgeous! I was browsing my pantry today and saw porridge oats and it made me look forward to the change of season, your lovely, nourishing soup recipe even more so! Don’t get me wrong, I love summer but autumn and winter have so much deliciousness to offer too.

  60. Peggy
    Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 00:36 | #

    this so takes me back….staring at my infant son’s face, amazed and astounded and overwhelmed at the abundance of the Universe that brought him to me….well, he’s 24 now and a young man partly of his own making, and still one of my most favorite people in the world…..may you feel the same when your sweet child is 24… :-)

  61. Peggy
    Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 00:37 | #

    …and may you all enjoy many simple sweet moments of this time together…

  62. hannah
    Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 01:14 | #

    Oh my!! I made this tonight and it is possibly one of my favorite soups of all time! I added some summer squash, but otherwise followed to a T. The acidity of tomatoes melds perfectly with sweet carrots and coconut…simply divine :)

    Best wishes to your beautiful family!!!

    • Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 10:14 | #

      Thank you Hannah! We are so glad to hear that you liked it! Sounds nice with the addition of summer squash.

  63. Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 01:40 | #

    This looks and sounds just fantastic, I can’t wait to give the recipe a go! Congratulations on your new little one, he looks perfect :)

  64. Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 01:42 | #

    Your little boy is beautiful, congratulations! This soup sounds so tasty, I have been loving having fresh corn to cook with. Thanks for sharing!

  65. Barbara
    Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 04:58 | #

    Congratulations on the safe and healthy arrival of Isac into your family! What a little beauty he is! He will certainly grow up strong eating yummy recipes such as this carrot soup. Thanks to both of you.

  66. Sara
    Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 09:01 | #

    Congratulations to all of your little family !

  67. Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 13:58 | #

    GRATTIS!! He is adorable. Oh and this soup? Such vibrant colors! Can’t wait to cook a batch.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend with your two little ones,

  68. Lisa
    Posted 22 Aug ’14 at 15:27 | #

    Congratulations! Question: For freezing the recipe should the coconut milk be added before freezing or after thawing? Thanks in advance!

  69. Bernadett
    Posted 23 Aug ’14 at 11:52 | #

    Congrats on the born of this truly beautiful little charmer :) May you be a happy healthy family!

    I love carrot soups, I’d love to try this version w/ tomato. I prep mine w/ ginger, Roman cumin, coriander, onions and coconut milk, served w/ balsamic cooked beetroot cubes (tiny agave syrup added), tastes heavenly!

  70. Naomi
    Posted 23 Aug ’14 at 13:31 | #

    Congratulations to this wonderful family! Always enjoy following your posts and watching the videos. You have a very special gift. Very happy for this beautiful addition to your family!

  71. Alecia
    Posted 23 Aug ’14 at 15:04 | #

    Congratulations! Our boy, Etienne was born in France on July 11th at home with a water birth as well. An experience we will never forget, especially when the midwife let my husband deliver him. I’m so happy for you guys. You have been a wonderful inspiration over the years with your beautiful recipes and life experiences. Can’t wait to see what’s coming. xx

  72. Posted 23 Aug ’14 at 22:16 | #

    Congratulations, you two! He looks like quite the little fellow.

  73. Posted 24 Aug ’14 at 09:39 | #

    He is absolutely gorgeous! You must be so proud :)
    Also loving the look of this new recipe. I’m always after a carrot soup recipe, especially just before pat day when all you have left is a bag of carrots and a few bits and bobs. Can’t wait to try it!
    Congratulations again! x

  74. Posted 24 Aug ’14 at 09:41 | #

    I’m so happy for you. Congratulations. He’s so lovely. Just as lovely as Elsa. I’m sending you all a virtual hug.

  75. Zozo
    Posted 24 Aug ’14 at 17:40 | #

    I just made this but unfortunately I wasn’t amazed at all… Coconut milk absolutely doesn’t fit into this soup. But a lot of your other recipes are excellent.

  76. Nicole B.
    Posted 24 Aug ’14 at 18:48 | #

    Congrats on your new little one. He is simply a beautiful little boy.

    I’ve pinned your recipe as it looks fabulous. I love your images too!

  77. Olga
    Posted 24 Aug ’14 at 19:32 | #

    Congratulations on your baby boy!

    I made this soup tonight, with one addition- fresh cilantro (coriander) in the corn ceviche instead of parsley and dash of hot sauce in the soup. It was DELICIOUS.

    Thank you once again for a great recipe.

    • Ana Lisa
      Posted 1 Sep ’14 at 18:31 | #

      We did a similar change and added some cheyenne and cumin for a kick. It is my favorite orange soup so far! Keep em coming :)

      Congrats on the beautiful family.

  78. Camilla Bruhn
    Posted 24 Aug ’14 at 21:25 | #

    What a beautiful little person. Congrats!

  79. Posted 25 Aug ’14 at 01:09 | #

    He is just the cutest little bundle of joy!!! So so sweet!!
    Soup looks delicious as well =)

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  80. Maritza
    Posted 25 Aug ’14 at 03:12 | #

    Congratulations on the baby.He is beautiful. Thanks for the recipe, made it and loved it.

  81. Posted 25 Aug ’14 at 12:05 | #

    Congatulations to your sweet baby, he is beautiful! The soup looks so tasty, i will have to try it soon.

  82. Cinzia
    Posted 25 Aug ’14 at 18:20 | #

    Congratulation for your baby ! beautiful and healthy. keep well both of you and enjoy. thanks also for the soup recipe.

  83. ania mackay
    Posted 25 Aug ’14 at 18:49 | #

    i loved this soup and so did my 7year old. Congrats on the arrival of your beautifull boy

  84. Alex Taylor
    Posted 25 Aug ’14 at 23:47 | #

    Blimey. You girls really have gone all gooey over the little sprog.
    I just dug up a beautiful big carrot that weighs more than the bairn. Nobody is congratulating me!
    Alright. I admit he is cute. Well done.
    I do have superb homegrown carrot though, also orange tomatoes, onion & garlic so glad to find this recipe. Ta. Alex

  85. Posted 26 Aug ’14 at 11:40 | #

    This looks amazing and Isac is too cute for words! Congratulations!!

  86. Posted 26 Aug ’14 at 17:09 | #

    I am making this soup tonight, never used corn as a topping before so look forward to trying it.

    What a beautiful baby! Congratulations. He is yummier than the soup ;)

  87. Eva
    Posted 26 Aug ’14 at 17:11 | #

    He made me smile! He’s so lovely ! :-) Congratulations for your beautifull family, an for you blog. I love it :-)

  88. Posted 27 Aug ’14 at 04:50 | #

    Oh, what a handsome little guy! Congratulations! And I can’t wait to make this soup :)

  89. Posted 27 Aug ’14 at 08:08 | #

    Mmmmmm your soups look so good!
    My girlfriend and I have been struggling to find tasty soup recipes, but after reading this post, I think we have solved our problems. Plus we are big fans of carrot, tomatoes (well only me) and coconut. However we might add curry to it to add some more spice (not saying you don’t have enough, we just love curry.)

    Anyways thanks for the post and look forward to making this soup. =D

  90. Claire
    Posted 27 Aug ’14 at 15:45 | #

    Every happiness to you all, on the safe arrival of your beautiful boy.
    Special hugs to Elsa and Luise and thank you for all your wonderful recipes, which brighten our lives.
    Great soup too!!

  91. Philippine Borgers
    Posted 27 Aug ’14 at 16:13 | #

    Isac welcome to the world and what a lucky boy you are to be born in such a warm nest full of love. Thank you David and Luise for your endless food inspiration and thank you Elsa for being the most lovely food model in the world! Much love from the Netherlands XXL

  92. nina
    Posted 27 Aug ’14 at 18:32 | #

    Back from holidays and i see these pictures…congretulations!! and i wish you a lot of hapiness with this new wonderful little human on this earth! it is so interesting that he came to the world at home and in water! this baby will be for sure someone close to the nature and our essence…and thanks for continuing sharing with us!

  93. Posted 28 Aug ’14 at 23:03 | #

    Congratulations!! Isac is simply precious! I wish all of you plenty of love and happiness and health!
    This soup is stunning, by the way! I’m really looking forward to trying the recipe. :)

  94. Posted 29 Aug ’14 at 03:10 | #

    Congratulations for sweet little Isac and the new book!!!!
    With a big hug from Bahia, Brasil!

  95. Stella
    Posted 29 Aug ’14 at 21:12 | #

    What a wonderful little boy ! I wish you and your family all the happiness of the world with a lot of love and always a healthy spirit of course ! =)
    Great recipe for the starting autumn, which will be fabulous for my next diner !
    Love for all the beautiful family and “beaucoup d’énergie” for you two.

    A french fan who is in love with your livestyle

  96. Posted 30 Aug ’14 at 12:52 | #

    Congratulations. I’m from a family of four and have a family of four. It’s a great number. How you managed to make such gorgeously beautiful soup and have a baby….! Enjoy

  97. Tove
    Posted 30 Aug ’14 at 13:35 | #

    Congratulations from yet another silent reader! I just made the soup and used my newest kitchen toy, the pressure cooker. 2 minutes at high pressure instead of the 15-20 minutes simmering and it came out absolutly perfect! The colours really brighten up gray autumn day!

  98. Posted 30 Aug ’14 at 13:53 | #

    I made this for lunch and it was delicious. I added some chili and curry powder for extra spice. This is such a simple but hearty soup, and it will definitely go into my rotation!

  99. Rita
    Posted 30 Aug ’14 at 21:23 | #

    I just made this soup for dinner tonight. I expected it to be good, but it was actually amazing! So fragrant… so delicious! Thank you & Congratulations :-)

  100. Posted 31 Aug ’14 at 18:34 | #

    Congratulations. Isac is so cute and seems to be a silent baby!
    Enjoy him!
    Can’t wait to try this soup!

  101. Posted 31 Aug ’14 at 22:09 | #

    Congratulations! I’m really happy for you! And the soup looks so festive!

  102. Lauren
    Posted 1 Sep ’14 at 03:34 | #

    I made this the other night and it was delicious! The corn combination is essential and really makes this soup. So good!!

  103. joel&victoria
    Posted 2 Sep ’14 at 02:19 | #

    made this tonight to celebrate the arrival of september. (also with pumpkin spice lattes and carrot cupcakes.) made it with a grilled turkey and smoked mozzarella sandwich. delicious!

  104. Posted 3 Sep ’14 at 10:38 | #

    This soup sounds truly delicious, I’ll be trying it out very soon. I came across your blog a few months ago when looking for recipes to help encourage my family to eat more healthily, and you never disappoint. Well done for keeping it all up with two little ‘uns to look after too ;-)

    And, of course, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful boy!

  105. Posted 3 Sep ’14 at 14:18 | #

    Congratulations! He’s so cute!
    And thanks for the recipe, it looks delicious.

  106. Posted 3 Sep ’14 at 22:10 | #

    Oh my goodness, the soup sounds amazing but I can’t stop looking at your new little bundle of joy. He’s precious.

  107. Or Carmi
    Posted 4 Sep ’14 at 21:11 | #

    Congratulations to all of you!!! you are such a beautiful family and little Isac is simply adorable!
    I have made this delicious soup twice already and it is a true favorite!! so easy and quick to make and so good! i love it!! going to make this new kale salad you published today over the weekend :) seems like it will hold up as leftover for lunch for work too!

  108. Jóhanna Ernstsdóttir
    Posted 7 Sep ’14 at 23:43 | #

    I made this soupe just two days ago and I loved it! Though, I made it just for one person…

  109. Posted 8 Sep ’14 at 22:29 | #

    Warmest congratulations! Your little boy is gorgeous, and he’s exactly 3 weeks younger than our little Freja (yes, after the goddess), who grunts a lot as well (it’s getting better every day). How is Elsa adapting? My two year old Lila is over the moon and completely in love with her little sister;) I love Elsa’s skirt! Soup looks nice too:)

  110. Teresa
    Posted 9 Sep ’14 at 16:05 | #


    First, Congratulations!
    Second, I read the recipe, went grocery shopping, made it (so easy), loved it! That was a nice way to start fall. Thanks.

    Greetings from Germany

  111. Posted 10 Sep ’14 at 13:03 | #

    Very nice Kale recipe…
    I am a chef, food blogger and food photographer…http://www.saltandtamarind.net/
    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe..!

  112. Posted 10 Sep ’14 at 21:59 | #

    This is such a ridiculously stunning soup! Oh my gosh! I can’t wait to make it!

  113. Posted 11 Sep ’14 at 13:54 | #

    Truly delicious….excellent recipe !
    I am a chef, food blogger and food photographer. Please visit my website http://www.saltandtamarind.net and comment…

  114. Posted 15 Sep ’14 at 15:10 | #

    Hi There

    I just stumble upon your blog and like it lot’s :)

    Congrats with the little one.

    Also a great recipe that I will def try.

    Keep it up.

    Will be back for more.



  115. Posted 16 Sep ’14 at 15:56 | #

    LOVE the idea of serving soup in jars! So cute and great for outdoor picnics :)

  116. Posted 27 Sep ’14 at 18:00 | #

    Congratulations he’s the cutest little peanut! I love this soup!

  117. Posted 29 Sep ’14 at 06:44 | #

    I’m way behind on your news, I guess that’s what I get for not being on Instagram. Sounds like a lovely, peaceful homebirth for little Isak, welcome to the new little one! As far as the (much secondary) matter of the soup, it looks both pretty and nourishing (and appealing to young kids). And you are right, carrots are cheap. My husband and I used to practically live on them for our produce when we were young, broke newlyweds.

  118. Posted 29 Sep ’14 at 17:14 | #

    När ni fryser in soppa vad gör ni det i då?

  119. Posted 20 Oct ’14 at 20:18 | #

    Hey guys!! Your little Isac is so adorable! Those lips are indeed made for kissing! So cute! And these photos – they make me want to reach into my screen and drink carrot soup. Congrats on this new and beautiful chapter. :)

  120. Posted 2 Nov ’14 at 14:18 | #

    Today I finally made this soup, and I have to say that I am SPEECHLESS! It is the best soup I have ever eaten! Great recipe here :)

    • Posted 10 Nov ’14 at 22:41 | #

      I slightly modified to recipe according to my taste and what was available for me at the moment. I posted it in my blog, if you do not mind. Certainly I stated that the original recipe was found in this blog, and I encouradged my readers to visit your blog/recipe. I hope this is not a problem. Otherwise, please let me know ;)

  121. Posted 20 Nov ’14 at 12:38 | #

    mouth watering looking so delicious
    visit this http://www.englishmuffinpizza.net/

  122. Sandra
    Posted 24 Nov ’14 at 19:12 | #


    I found the link to your soup at Kris Carr’s blog. Yummy!

    I also baked the blueberry-kuru a-muffins! Great!

    Only thing I need to complain: carrots in a plastic bag!

    We all need to stop using this bags. Eating healthy shouldn’t be the only thing to take care of. Also our planet needs a lot of help cause it’s so polluted.

    Your new follower

  123. Cloe
    Posted 2 Dec ’14 at 15:38 | #

    Surprising taste, this is absolutely delicious!!! And Isac is very lovely :)

  124. Posted 5 Dec ’14 at 20:15 | #

    We made this today, and it was very delicious! Is it okay if I use one of your pictures of the soup on my blog and link to you?

    Have a nice weekend,


    • Posted 7 Dec ’14 at 06:13 | #

      We’re glad you liked it. Feel free to use a photo as long as you link back to us.

  125. Posted 6 Jan ’15 at 11:48 | #

    Hi! I loved this recipe so much that I decided to include it in my blog, under the post My 10 Favorite Recipes of 2014. I have obviously given you all the credit, and linked it to this post ;) I hope there is no problem with it, otherwise feel free to contact me ;)

  126. Posted 6 Aug ’15 at 15:10 | #

    I did this soup today and i have to say that this is the best soup that I ever tasted. I only made a change: I put some curry because I did have not turmeric. Great recipe! thanks for share!

  127. Jessica
    Posted 23 Oct ’15 at 16:43 | #

    I love this recipe, my whole family ate it right up!
    Quick question… where on earth did you get that horse skirt?! It’s too cute!

  128. Claudia
    Posted 30 Nov ’15 at 20:24 | #

    What a soup! We all love it. We use to add the garlic at the end, so the flavor is more intensive. Thanks for this recipe.

  129. Claire
    Posted 8 Aug ’16 at 08:35 | #

    I made this for the first time today and while the taste was nice, the texture came out really watery (I used a hand immersion blender and everything got puréed). Is there anything I can do to thicken it up?

  130. Tera
    Posted 28 Nov ’16 at 02:40 | #

    So glad I came across your website.
    Very heartwarming to see your family expansion :)
    Loved the soup! The corn ceviche is such a great hint that makes the recipe a total rock-star.

    Thank you!

  131. Adelya
    Posted 4 Sep ’17 at 15:35 | #

    just made this soup for 20 people and we loved it!
    I used canned organic corn instead of fresh one due to budget and time and it turned out all together yummiest combi ever.
    Thank you

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