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Beet Bourguignon

If you google the french dish Bœf B-o-u-r-g-u-i-g-n-o-n (phew) you will see Julia Child’s classic recipe everywhere. Talk about making an impression and leaving a footprint. We were looking it up since we have been experiencing a couple cold winter weeks here in Sweden and couldn’t imagine a dish more suitable for this climate than a warm and hearty stew. The Beef Bourguignon is made on beef and bacon, so not the most appropriate dish for vegetarians. But we reckoned that there must be a way to transform that rich, wine oozing hot pot into something more in our taste. After a few experiments it turns out that we were only one letter away. We turned beef into beet. We also added large chunks of mushrooms to give the stew the right texture and flavor.

We’re not sure what Julia Child would say if she tried our version of it. Probably “Oh dear no”. But except for replacing the meat we have actually had her recipe as our inspiration when creating this. We did however feel the need to increase the amount of vegetables (how can her recipe only call for one carrot in a whole stew?).

And how does it taste? Simply fantastic, if we may say so. It has got those deep and rich thyme and wine flavors, different sort of textures and a hint of sweetness. Indulgent winter food at its best.

We have seen many recipes combining this type of dish with pasta noodles. We prefer Puy lentils so that is what we paired it with. A potato mash would also work really good. Or perhaps both?

Beet Bourguignon
Serves at least 4 persons 

This is one of those dishes that works well making a day in a advance. The flavors will become more intense and the vegetables more tender.

2 tbsp olive oil
1 yellow onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
8 small beets, peeled & quartered (we used Chioggia beets)
4 medium sized carrots, sliced in large pieces
2 sprigs thyme
sea salt & pepper to taste
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 cup red wine 

2 cups vegetable stock
3 bay leaves
2 tsp arrowroot powder, solved in 2 tbsp water (optional)

2 cups puy lentils, for serving
4 cups water
a pinch of sea salt

2 tbsp olive oil
2-3 portobello mushrooms
10 champignon mushroom
10 small pearl onions, peeled

Cooking the stew: Heat the olive oil in a dutch oven or a large cast iron pot over medium heat. Stir in onions and garlic, sauté until soft. Toss beets, carrots, thyme and salt and pepper into the pan, cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in the tomato paste, red vine, vegetable stock and bay leaves, let simmer on low heat for 40 minutes. Meanwhile prepare the lentils, mushrooms and pearl onions.

Preparing the Puy lentils: Rinse lentils under running water. Bring water to a boil, add lentils and lower to medium heat. Let simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, when almost done add salt. Set aside.

Searing the mushrooms and pearl onion: Heat olive oil in a pan. Lower the heat and sear the portobello, champignon mushrooms and pearl onions, stirring occasionally, until tender and golden in color. Season to taste. Set aside.

Finishing the stew: Taste the stew, add more wine, stock or herbs if you like. If you prefer the stew a little thicker, add arrowroot mixture, but this is optional. Add mushrooms and onions and simmer for 10 more minutes. To serve, spoon the stew over a plate of lentils and sprinkle with fresh thyme.


  1. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 13:16 | #

    This looks so amazing! I love your recipes and philosophy on food, every time I come to your blog to check a new post, it makes me happy :) have a great weekend!

  2. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 13:25 | #

    Beautiful guys! Will have to bookmark this one for when winter arrives here in Oz.

  3. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 13:26 | #

    Yum and gulp! This dish is amazing. As a vegetarian I always wondered how the bourguignon tastes. Now I can taste it. I will definitely cook it.

  4. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 13:29 | #

    What a beautiful vegetarian version of Boeuf Bourguignon.

  5. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 13:32 | #

    I’m not vegetarian, but I typically cook vegetarian at home and this looks marvellous. While Puy lentils are an absolute favourite of mine, I have to admit your suggestion to serve over a potato mash is enticing! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 13:45 | #

    wow, i am absolutely positively making this. i have always wanted to try a vegan bourguignon and this is the one i will make ;) thank you for the fantastic recipe!

  7. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 15:11 | #

    Another great recipe! (Broken record, anyone?) I’ve been dying to open up a nice bottle of red wine, but haven’t for fear I would have to (gasp) drink it all. Myself. Now I can happily give some to beets and mushrooms in good conscience.

  8. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 15:19 | #

    This looks delicious, I’m going to try it when the weather gets cold again :)

  9. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 15:25 | #

    I don’t think Julia would disapprove at all: She certainly had an adventuresome spirit, and I bet she was one dame who could appreciate a good beet every once in a while. (At least I like to think so.)

    Regardless, however, I definitely approve: This whole situation looks incredible.

  10. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 15:30 | #

    I’m marking this one down! Looks awesome!

  11. Sini
    Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 15:33 | #

    I love this: a true classic interpreted in a new way. Have to make it. And I’m longing for lentils right now so that would be perfect too!

  12. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 15:37 | #

    Great idea! That’s so crazy that Julia’s recipe only calls for one carrot. Delicious, bright dish. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 16:09 | #

    Haha, I totally read the post title as “beef” and thought, hmm, now that’s not GKS style! Then realized it was beet :) Great idea guys! I’ve never had the real thing, but your’s looks like a great veggie version!

  14. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 16:15 | #

    This looks truly wonderful! What an excellent idea, and so beautifully photographed. Thanks!

  15. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 16:20 | #

    I think Julia would like it. She was always breaking the rules, right? I’m going to pass this onto my neighbor. Her whole family of 6 are vegetarian and she is always looking for good dinners to feed everyone.

  16. Rosie Kourian
    Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 16:23 | #

    Oh how beautiful this is!!! It looks like the perfect soothing, comforting wintery meal! I love these colours and the styling!
    Thank you, Luise and David, for inspiring us to see the beauty of life and the simple things, like a Beet Bourguignon…


  17. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 17:18 | #

    i am awe of this recipe. so hearty and flavorful – i can’t wait to make it this week!

  18. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 17:24 | #

    Whoa! This sounds awesome! Yum!

  19. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 20:33 | #

    All I’m going to say – I just bought beet, mushrooms and lentils and I’m cooking this tomorrow! This meal that you prepared is so original, so unusual, but in the other hand so logic. When I saw it I was just thrilled with all the ingredients that you combined replacing those in the original recipe. Thank you for inspiring my recipes and my cooking. :)
    p.s.: I’ll send you a link to my blog post when I put photos of beet bourguignon. :)

  20. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 20:51 | #

    Absolutely delicious :)

  21. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 21:35 | #

    Amazing! I will make it this week for sure! Thanks!

  22. Gracia
    Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 21:47 | #

    After almost a year of reading your blog and trying your recipes, i thought it would be only appropriate to leave you a comment.
    You guys are my idols, and probably one of the reasons why i finally told my finally i wanted to become a vegetarian. Your recipes only keep getting better and i don’t think i’ve tried one i haven’t liked. Family favorites now are the Involtinis and the Mango-Mint Zucchinni Spaghetti.
    I also have shared your blog with a lot of people who are willing to eat more veggies, or try new things, and they’ve all been surprised by the taste of your dishes.
    Finally, i just want to add that your pictures are amazing, and you’ve inspired me to also eat “pretty food”, arranging the meal in a way that it looks good and taking pictures of it.
    Greetings to you three, from Mexico,

    • Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 23:19 | #

      Wow Gracia, thank you for those incredibly sweet words. I don’t think no one has ever called us their idols before. It totally made our day. We’re so glad that you and your family are finding our recipes useful. The Involtini and the zucchini spaghetti are also two of our favorites.

      Much love
      David, Luise & Elsa

  23. Posted 18 Feb ’12 at 22:22 | #

    This looks AMAZING!! I just added it to my meal plan for next week, can’t wait to try it. Thanks!!!

  24. Jodie McGovern
    Posted 19 Feb ’12 at 05:24 | #

    if you weren’t my kitchen heroes already, you are now!

  25. Posted 19 Feb ’12 at 05:30 | #

    Looks delicious! I’d love to try this.

  26. Posted 19 Feb ’12 at 14:40 | #

    Turning Boeuf Bourguignon into Beet Bourguignon: absolutely brilliant! You two and your kitchen never cease to amaze me. Thank you for the constant inspiration.

  27. Posted 19 Feb ’12 at 20:11 | #

    This is a beautiful adaptation! And pairing it with lentils or another protein rich grain seems perfect, sans boeuf.

  28. Posted 19 Feb ’12 at 20:26 | #

    This is genius! I love it.

  29. Posted 19 Feb ’12 at 22:08 | #

    Wow, what a great idea! I will be trying this soon, I hope. I just don’t think I will be able to find those special beets, I hope it works well with the boring red ones too.

  30. Posted 19 Feb ’12 at 22:16 | #

    Beautiful dish, which sounds every bit as good as the original. The mushrooms are the perfect addition to sneak that umami back into the dish without meat.

  31. Posted 20 Feb ’12 at 01:30 | #

    Such a smart idea, and so beautiful too. I love beets and my husband loves boeuf bourguignon (his mom is a huge Julia fan), so this is perfect!

  32. talia
    Posted 20 Feb ’12 at 06:05 | #

    looks loverly :) I’ve never tried the beef version, but this one seems much more intriguing. The only catch is, my husband and I can’t have mushrooms (lame, I know). Any substitute suggestions?

  33. Posted 20 Feb ’12 at 09:01 | #

    The other day I was thinking of trying something new with beets and here comes your beautiful recipe. I think Julia would be proud :-)

  34. Posted 20 Feb ’12 at 19:45 | #

    what a wonderful way to eat a hearty meal sans the meat. Will definitely try. I don’t really like beets, but by the looks of this dish, it might be an excellent way to enjoy that vegetable.

  35. Posted 21 Feb ’12 at 03:13 | #

    Can’t wait to try this. A good way to thicken the stew is also with pureed carrots. I am personally averse to arrowroot powder and this works well, making me feel extra healthy too!

  36. Helene
    Posted 21 Feb ’12 at 20:27 | #

    Made this dish this evening and LOVED it! What a great way to cook beets. When frying the mushrooms I added a TINY bit of smoked spanish paprika – it added the smoked flavour that bacon normally adds to this dish. And I served it with mashed potatoes AND lentils – just perfect:) Thank you for a new favorite winter-dish!

  37. Ketmala
    Posted 21 Feb ’12 at 22:43 | #

    “C’est magnifique!” I’ve always cooked Boeuf Bourguignon for my husband, mother-in-law or my family in France, but I never got to eat it since I am vegetarian. Your version looks amazing & delicious. I have a monthly Ladies Night gathering this Thursday, so I’ll be making your special Beet Bourguignon to share with all, I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thank you much. PS: Love that it is a gluten free recipe too. :-)

  38. Posted 21 Feb ’12 at 23:00 | #

    My mother used to do it. I’m trying not to eat much of meat lately, but will make an exception for this baby. Looks delicious.

  39. Posted 23 Feb ’12 at 00:14 | #

    So original! & gorgeous. Am definitely putting my hand to this beauty soon.

  40. Posted 24 Feb ’12 at 05:07 | #

    Ok, this looks delightful! Thank you soo much for putting this recipe on your site. I like to try new things and a beets recipe sounds interesting. This is one I would not have ever thought of to do. So, I will try it out on my family who will be coming over to visit this weekend.

    Thanks again,

    Grandma Kat

  41. Posted 27 Feb ’12 at 01:28 | #

    i just finished reading julia’s “my life in france” the other day, and promptly watched some of her “the french chef” videos online… including boueff bourguignon. the very next day, you all posted this lovely recipe, so of course i HAD to try it asap! delicious! i used all red beets, giving it an extremely distinctive color, but otherwise followed the recipe to a T! i think julia would love the creative spirit behind this, even if it isn’t traditional la cuisine francais.

  42. Posted 27 Feb ’12 at 13:36 | #

    Mushrooms are the best part in this recipe. Yummm. Love It !

  43. Posted 28 Feb ’12 at 09:34 | #

    I just made this tonight—it was a success and I will make it again. I skipped the lentils and cooked barley in the stew, which also thickened it. The matching color of the wine and beets makes this a beautiful dish.

  44. Emma
    Posted 28 Feb ’12 at 13:10 | #

    I added some dried (?), soaked chantarells i the stew and serverd it with celery root and goatcheese mash. Soooo yummie!

  45. Blake
    Posted 1 Mar ’12 at 17:32 | #

    Made this and it was fabulous! Would recommend thickening the sauce otherwise it goes right through the lentils and you are left with a very watery puddle that is hard to enjoy, and believe me the juice is wonderful tasting!

  46. Kat
    Posted 2 Mar ’12 at 08:12 | #

    I cannot wait to try this. I am so excited!

  47. Chauna
    Posted 2 Mar ’12 at 17:16 | #

    I made this last night and it was awesome! I halved the recipe and almost ate the entire pot. I added some baby turnips from my farm box and they were a nice addition with their creamy texture. Served with gluten free gnocchi. Also recommend thickening the sauce. Did not have arrowroot on hand and used tapioca starch. Thanks for an awesome recipe, this went into my personal cookbook to be added to the kitchen meal rotation. Yum!

  48. Julie
    Posted 5 Mar ’12 at 18:11 | #

    Great dish! The red wine and beet juices made for the most beautiful ruby gravy. Wonderful earthy flavors.

  49. Posted 6 Mar ’12 at 05:27 | #

    I made your beet bourguignon this weekend, and it is absolutely marvelous! Every bite is decadent: pearl onions, mushrooms, beets and carrots each manage to keep their own distinct flavor, and they compliment each other so well!

    Thank you for posting this recipe. I will certainly be making it again.

  50. Posted 7 Mar ’12 at 19:48 | #

    You have just butchered all my well-intentioned cooking plans for the weekend. I have ALL these ingredients but originally slated for other dishes… gah… My life has turned upside down! This looks so freaking fabulous. :)

  51. Susan Denaro
    Posted 19 Mar ’12 at 03:25 | #

    This was one of the best recipes I have found on the internet. Served it with a side of sour cream mashed potatoes and it was superb. Smartest thing I did was make a double batch as I knew this was going to be a winner.

  52. Posted 8 Apr ’12 at 18:19 | #

    I cannot wait to try this! Replacing the beef with beets is genius. I made mushroom bourguignon for Christmas dinner and it was a huge hit. I adore beets and imagine this is so good! Thanks for sharing.

  53. Posted 11 Apr ’12 at 14:19 | #

    Clever! Would love to try this.

  54. Candie
    Posted 11 Apr ’12 at 19:10 | #

    This looks so yummy! As Julia would say: “Bon Appetit”!

  55. Didi
    Posted 12 Apr ’12 at 18:12 | #

    This is a fantastic recipe, I’ll make this for my birthday dinner this weekend! Looking forward to it!

  56. Posted 8 Oct ’12 at 16:17 | #

    I made this and it was WONDERFUL! Everyone loved it! I will make it for my mothers birthday next week. She isn’t a veggie and sometimes has doubts about our diet.

  57. Posted 24 Oct ’12 at 04:10 | #

    Looks wonderful. I’ll be trying this soon.

  58. Posted 11 Jan ’13 at 03:44 | #

    hi there.

    I am so in love with your blog. been a lurker for a long time, and an occasional commenter.

    This will probably be for dinner Sunday night, if beets are available at the main farmer’s market here in New York City — the one at Union Square. I will probably include some other root vegetables such as turnip, rutabaga and parsnips, in addition to what’s listed above.

    Thank you for the inspiration, and for all you do. Happy new year.


  59. Ursula
    Posted 8 Mar ’13 at 22:59 | #

    Great recipes, look forward to getting more!

  60. Posted 15 Mar ’13 at 19:35 | #

    Love this idea and I have most of the ingredients in the fridge already!

  61. Posted 11 Apr ’13 at 21:00 | #

    Okay, so we had it for dinner tonight and the carnivore love of my life didn’t even miss his beef. What a wonderful recipe. It was delicious. He even said when walking into the house, “man something smells good”. ;)

    • Posted 11 Apr ’13 at 21:02 | #

      P.S. And the original Beef Bourguignon is one of his favourites, so compliments to you guys or is that guy and two girls. x

  62. Posted 3 May ’13 at 06:08 | #

    LOVED this recipe. Seriously, so great. We have been vegetarian for 3 months now and this website has become our recipe bible. We moved from the US to New Zealand 3 months ago and are getting used to being expats abroad and cooking like Kiwi’s in a vegetarian way. We have loved all your recipes we have tried but ESPECIALLY this one :)

    Brittany & Michael

  63. Posted 14 May ’13 at 04:22 | #

    Holy cow, this sounds AMAZING! I will definitely be making this next week.

  64. Lee
    Posted 26 Jun ’13 at 07:46 | #

    Tried this yesterday, and boy was it great! The best comfort food! Planning to make this a thanksgiving, and christmas, regular:) thanks!

  65. Petra
    Posted 27 Jun ’13 at 12:57 | #

    Made this tonight and it was amazing. So wholesome and tasty. Definitely going into my repertoire.
    Thickened it with a few pieces of jerusalem artichoke grated on a microplaner which added a nice flavour (however, as the recipe says it probably doesn’t need thickening)
    Added soaked dried porcini and the soaking water
    Added chopped rosemary to onion, garlic and thyme (because we have loads and I add it to just about everything)
    Didn’t have portabella mushrooms – just used buttons
    Didn’t have pearl onions so used chunked red Spanish onions
    Added chopped parsley at the end – the green contrasts nicely with the red

  66. Posted 12 Sep ’13 at 20:12 | #

    Do you have any other recipes for protein bars….I’m not into chocolate so much!!

  67. Posted 15 Nov ’13 at 17:04 | #

    I have been wanting to make this for a long time…and finally got around to it last night.

    It was amazing! The perfect winter food. I can’t wait to make it again — this one is definitely a keeper. :)

  68. Stella
    Posted 11 Feb ’14 at 14:50 | #

    Hello, is it possible to know what the beautiful cast iron pan is? Love it!

  69. Cynde
    Posted 5 Apr ’14 at 19:54 | #

    Our local farm veggie box came with beets (as well as many of the other ingredients) a few weeks ago, and I was thrilled to find this recipe. It was simple and delicious. The lentils and the beets go so well together. The whole family really enjoyed it.

  70. Posted 28 Aug ’14 at 19:11 | #

    First off I want to say terrific blog! I had
    a quick question which I’d like to ask if you doo not mind.
    I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your head prior to
    writing. I have had a difficult time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts
    out there. I truly do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like
    the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally wasted just rying to figure out how to begin. Any
    suggestions or hints? Thank you!

  71. Rebecka
    Posted 4 Dec ’14 at 21:50 | #

    Is it possible to make this dish without using any wine? What can I use as a substitute and how much should I replace it with? Will broth work fine? Should I add lemon juice? Please advise! I really want to make this dish! :)

    I don’t drink alcohol, and I know that the alcohol will be reduced when cooking, but I’ll rather prefer not having to buy a bottle of wine anyway, just to be on the safe side… ;)

  72. Posted 7 Dec ’14 at 05:42 | #

    Do you think I could replace the wine with grape juice or balsamic vinegar?

  73. Jo
    Posted 22 Jan ’15 at 11:37 | #

    Beet Bourgignon : This is one of the BEST dishes I have ever cooked in my life!!!!
    It was joyful to make and heavenly to eat. Do it! And thank you Green Kitchen Stories.

  74. Rebekah
    Posted 25 Aug ’15 at 05:40 | #

    I can’t even express how amazing this was. I think you have surpassed Julia Child!

  75. Stse
    Posted 11 Nov ’15 at 13:13 | #

    can I add the lentils directly into the bourguignon and let it cook simultaneously with the veg?

  76. Ian Hamilton
    Posted 10 Feb ’16 at 22:04 | #

    Rather than serve with mash, I topped it with mash and put it in the oven, to make shepherds pie. Fantastic.

  77. Lina
    Posted 15 Feb ’16 at 18:26 | #

    Helt underbar!

  78. Mirka
    Posted 24 Jul ’16 at 08:31 | #

    I used to cook all our family meals when I lived with my family in Quebec. During Chrismtas, I had to cook for everyone! I made a classic bourguignon, but not to leave me ad my vegetarian sister out, I made for us this beautiful veggie version. It was delicious. Thank you! :)

    • Nimue
      Posted 2 Oct ’17 at 12:35 | #

      Hi guys

      Have you ever tried cooking this in a slowcooker? Or any thoughts on how i could go about that?

      ~love and have all your books, and been giving them out as bday presents to wanting-to-be-veggie friends; always a hit!

  79. Jeppe
    Posted 15 Jan ’18 at 23:34 | #

    Making one day before :)

    Looks absolutely amazing :)
    Now I am not very used to cooking vegetarian and using lentils.

    Could somebody offer an advice as said in the beginning this is good to be made a day in advance which I am planning, but then would you cook the stew, mushrooms and lentils the first day and mix it all together as in the last step or is there any changes to the recipe then.

    Maybe first cooking the lentils or mushrooms just before it is used ?

    Hope to hear somebody’s opinion:)
    And thank you for this great recipe.

  80. Marlies
    Posted 2 Feb ’19 at 18:11 | #

    Wow! Really, really delicious!! We combined it with a perfect potatoe-mash. Completely vegan, but even my family wanted to lick their plates.

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