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Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal

My grandpa was a farmer. Every morning he went up at 5 am to feed the animals and do all the farm duties. After he was done with his first shift, he went to the kitchen and cooked oatmeal. Every single day. I am not sure what his secret was to get it so creamy and smooth as only his oatmeal could be. Perhaps it was because he never stopped stirring the bowl. I have such a strong memory of him standing by the stove, with his back towards the kitchen table. That sound of the wooden spoon stirring against the bottom of the pot.

I have become my grandpa. I don’t get up at 5 am. And we don’t have any cows and horses that need to be fed. But oatmeal has also become my ritual on weekday mornings. Both Elsa and Luise love eating it. And I love to make it – stirring the pot, pretending that I’m him.

Oatmeal. And eggs. And a green smoothie. That’s pretty much the daily morning routine in our family. Except for weekends. Then we get a bit more creative. Elsa and I often bake these scones and scramble eggs & spinach together. Other days we do banana pancakes. Or we do a baked oatmeal. Normally we do the Baked Blackberry Oatmeal that can be found in our book. Last weekend we tried a new version. It’s a combination of a carrot cake and a baked oatmeal. And you can have it for breakfast. Yes you can.

The carrots add a nice subtle flavor to the oatmeal, but what I love even more are the spices and raisins that gives it that carrot cake character. The crunchy sunflower and walnut layer that rests on top – it’s pretty darn good as well.

With the weekend coming up, it would be fun to see some Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal popping up on Instagram. Hashtag it #gksbreakfast so we won’t miss out on anything. To be on the safe side you could also tag either @gkstories or @luisegreenkitchenstories. We’re looking forward to hear (and see) what all you carrot cake fans think of this breakfast.


On a different subject. We will be speaking and cooking on stage (wish us luck!) at the Danish Book Fair in Bella Centeret in Copenhagen, Sunday the 10th of November. We will be at stage at 10.00 and 17.00. Stop by if you want to see us fumbling on stage, get your book signed or just want to say hi! We’d love to see some friendly faces there. And the exciting part is that we actually got 10 one-day tickets to give away. So just leave a comment and we’ll randomly pick 10 winners on 1 November. See you at the book fair!

We will announce the 10 winners in our next post!




Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal
Serves 4

For a vegan alternative: measure 2 tbsp chia seeds into a small bowl and add 1/3 cup (90 ml) water. Stir with a spoon and set a side for 15 minutes. Use in place of the eggs.

Dry mixture
2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats (or any rolled flakes), choose gluten free if you are celiac
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground cardamom
1/4 tsp ground vanilla or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 pinch coarse sea salt
1 1/3 cups / 200 g / 7 oz grated raw carrot (about 4)
a handful raisins

Wet mixture
2 organic eggs or chia seed mixture (see top note)
2 1/4 cups / 500 ml / 17 oz plant milk of your choice

Crunchy top layer
4 tbsp maple syrup, honey or apple syrup
2 tbsp coconut oil, room temperature + extra for greasing the pan
1 cup / 180 g walnuts or nuts or your choice
3/4 cup / 100 g sunflower seeds or seeds of your choice

Preheat the oven to 375°F (180°C). Grease the base of a 8 x 10 inch (20 x 25 cm) baking dish with coconut oil and then set aside.
Combine the rolled oats, baking powder, spices and salt in a mixing bowl, then add grated carrots and raisins and stir to mix. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs (or chia mixture), add the milk and whisk well to combine.
To create the crunchy top layer, put the sweetener, coconut oil, walnuts and sunflower seeds in a small bowl and mix with your fingers to make sure everything is well coated.
Spoon the oat mixture into the baking dish and then pour the egg mixture over the oats so everything is evenly soaked. Sprinkle the seed and nut mixture on top and bake for 25 – 35 minutes. When it’s done, the oatmeal should be set and the nuts and seeds lightly browned and crunchy. Leave to cool slightly before serving.


  1. Kasia
    Posted 25 Oct ’13 at 22:54 | #

    Yayyyyyyyy….. How amazing :-) the idea of seeing you all lot it’s overwhelming and I’m dreaming of going to Copenhagen and taking my fiancée for a surprise trip as my wedding gift to him!
    Anyway….Perfect recipe and that’s what I’m going to make on Sunday morning…..with cinnamon milky tea :-)
    Thank you for awesome post and website :-)

  2. Freya
    Posted 25 Oct ’13 at 23:20 | #

    Lovely recipe! And I’d love to come by to see you in Bella Centeret.

  3. Sarah
    Posted 25 Oct ’13 at 23:33 | #

    Oh I love the baked oatmeal from your book, but as a carrot cake version it’s probably even better! Although I feel a little tempted to substitute the carrots for pumpkin…

    • Camille
      Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 06:12 | #

      Sarah, I thought of the exact thing! I didn’t do it this time, but definitely pumpkin next time… Mmmm.

    • Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 08:17 | #

      Yes, great idea Sarah! Let us know if you try it!

      • Sarah
        Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 15:58 | #

        I made the pumpkin-version an it was delicious! Half grated hokaido, half butternut! Next time though with carrots, can’t wait to try it… Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Marlene Richter
    Posted 25 Oct ’13 at 23:55 | #

    AS one of your Copenhagen-ish fans, I would love to see you here in Copenhagen the 10th of November!! So I would love to be a part your pick-out of the give away tickets.
    Otherwise, I’ll buy a ticket anyway ;)

    See you in Bellacenteret. And great recipe by the way!

  5. Marlene Richter
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 00:02 | #

    Is it also possible to buy your book at the book fair or do you have to buy it before the book fair to get it signed? :)

  6. Kristina
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 00:09 | #

    JUHUUUU! A comment from me so I can (hopefully) get my cookbook signed! My boyfriend gave me my very own copy for my birthday in April since I could not possibly wait for a Danish/Swedish version – and it is hands down the one cookbook we use the most. Personal favourite: the frozen cheesecake. O.M.G.

    Here’s hoping to win :)


  7. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 00:25 | #

    How do you two come up with such ingenious ideas!? I love the idea of carrot cake but its always too sweet for me. But carrot cake oatmeal! Can’t wait to try this!

    • Amajjika
      Posted 27 Oct ’13 at 01:35 | #

      Chelsea, if you love carrot cake that’s not too sweet then you should try the carrot cake recipe from the Green Kitchen Sweets app. It’s fantastic and everyone who I have made it for loves it. Easily converted into gluten free – it’s a great recipe that’s easy to tweak for personal preferences.

  8. Bell
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 01:03 | #

    if i wasn’t 14 years old, had a job, and could pay to go to Copenhagen THAN i that would be the sweetest thing the the world because i could meet you and get my book signed. Yet unfortunately this is only a dream. i am in love with your blog and would love to meet you some day! until a future day, adjo! (i think that’s
    how you say good bye)

  9. Josephine
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 01:06 | #

    Awesome that you are coming to Cph! My fingers crossed that I’ll be one of the lucky winners!
    Despite my love for oatmeal, I’ve actually never tried the baked version before. I usually cook up in a casseole with cardamom and serve w/ pear slices, hazelnuts and maple syrup. Yum. But this carrot cakey goodness will serve as an icebreaker between me and baked oatmeal this weekend, that’s for sure!

  10. Cathrine Lerche
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 01:20 | #

    This recipe seems so perfect! I eat oatmeal every single morning and have been doing so since I was a little kid :) Carrot cake is also a fall favourite, so I definetely must make this!

    I’d love to win one of those one-day tickets – I live quite close to Copenhagen and you guys are one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to food, so I’d be a wish come true!


  11. Modini
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 01:32 | #

    Love this! Thanks, will definetly try it. By the way, I tried your Grilled Beetrootburges, only I didnt grill them but fried them. They were delicious!

  12. Valeria
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 01:34 | #

    Would you like to see some friendly ffaces in Stockholm? (:

  13. Karen
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 02:58 | #

    Would it be okay to make it the night before and keep it in the fridge, then bake in the morning?

  14. Frédérique
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 04:22 | #

    It looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it!

  15. Flor
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 05:11 | #

    I have been making your recipes in the very isolated Westfjords of Iceland, following the release of your book and dreaming of having one in my hands. Even in the most winter darkness, you always managed to fill my days with color and inspiration. Thank you.

  16. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 05:27 | #

    This looks absolutely delicious – the perfect brunch recipe, perhaps? All the different textures and that awesome list of spices. I can’t wait to make this!

  17. Camille
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 06:15 | #

    Mine is in the oven right now… But for dinner! It has carrots in it, sooo… That works, right? I subbed a ripe banana for the eggs, because I thought it sounded yummy. I’m excited! Thank you, you lovely people!


  18. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 06:29 | #

    Dropping what i’m doing and making it right now! Can hardly wait – it sounds so good.
    And the photos are incredible, as always.
    Love. This. Site.

  19. Erika
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 08:18 | #

    Älskar den här combon! Men det förvånar mig inte att jag ser ett recept som detta på er hemsida, då jag älskar allt ni läggerupp. Kollar nästan dagligen på hemsidan även om jag egentligen märker via att ha gillat er på Facebook om det kommit upp något mer. Men det räcker nästan att kolla på gamla bilder till recepten för att drömma sig fort och få en härlig känsla i kroppen. Som sagt jag älskar det ni gör och är så glad över att ni fortsätter att lägga upp fantastiska recept trots att ni gjort en kokbok. Längtar redan efter nästa recept, trevlig helg!

  20. Katrine
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 08:20 | #

    I would love to win! Your book helped my taking the last step into becoming a vegetarian which makes me happy every day :-)

  21. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 08:31 | #

    This sounds absolutely amazing – looking forward to giving it a go! And I agree with Sarah, pumpkin or any other squash sounds like it would also be amazing in it at this time of year.

    Wendy of Moral Fibres (www.moralfibres.co.uk) – where sustainable living is hip, not hippie.

  22. ceridwen
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 09:14 | #

    I’d be interested to try this recipe, but cant find it. I can see the vegan version, but not the ordinary one. Don’t want to try guessing at how to un-veganise the vegan version. I’ll hazard a guess that it would mean 2 eggs instead of the chia seeds and that they should be put in with the oatmeal. Without the recipe though…I am just guessing. Guessing you forget to include the link to this recipe? Can we have it please?

  23. Josefin
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 09:15 | #

    Åh älskar er blogg….! Så fantastiskt inspirerande bilder och recept. Längesedan jag åt gröt till frukost nu, men detta recept är nog något som skulle passa bra såhär i höstrusket! Låter himla smarrigt!! Ha en fin helg!

  24. ceridwen
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 09:16 | #

    Scusie….obviously hadn’t woken up yet. Have just spotted whats what further down in the text.

  25. Leonie
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 09:50 | #

    You’re a life saver!
    I’m sick and I was planning on a relaxed saturday and started browsing my bloglovin’ feed with a cup of tea and found your recipe.
    Luckily I have all of the ingredients on hand.
    Can’t wait to try it.
    All the best from rainy Berlin,
    xx Leonie

    PS: You forgot the raisins in your recipe, I’ll just add a handful.
    PPS: Don’t include me in your giveaway as I can’t make it to Copenhagen anyway ;-)

    • Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 12:08 | #

      Thank you Leonie for noticing the missing raisins! We have added them to the recipe now.

  26. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 09:52 | #

    Oh, I’d love to win one of the tickets!

  27. Mawj B
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 09:56 | #

    Your recipe sounds absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

    Since I live just outside Copenhagen, I also hope to win one of the tickets, so I can see you to the book fair the 10th of November in Bellacenteret :)

  28. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 10:14 | #

    Oh wow! Such a nice twist to the baked oatmeal recipe from your book (which is one of my favorites from it!). I checked the ingredient list and I should have everything at home. Hopefully, I will sit with a big spoonful of baked carrot oatmeal in my bowl and a mug of freshly brewed coffee at my breakfast table tomorrow morning.

    Have a great weekend,

  29. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 10:49 | #

    That looks so yummy!

    Have a lovely weekend and an even better world pasta day:

    Greetings from Germany,


  30. Cass
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 10:51 | #

    Oooh, pick me!!! Would LOVE to pop over the bridge to see you in Copenhagen on the 10th. Also, this oatmeal looks delish – will be making it for Sunday brunch tomorrow, alongside our regular poached eggs. Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. Victoria
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 11:27 | #

    You did it again! I live how food triggers memories and feelings from the past. Your post sure got me thinking of my mother and her “special” way of cooking oats…always forgetting to stir, busying herself with other things, yet always catching it before it gets singed! Mmm this sparked thoughts and memory smells of approaching winter, cozied up by a fire with a bowl of warm spiced goodness. This is sure to become one of my go to recipes along with the well-worn apple oat biscuits that have turned all former pastrylovers into diehard fans of this healthy and delicious version. Good luck at the book fair! Hope I get to see you there ;)

  32. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 11:46 | #

    Oh you guys, that’s simply amazing and how I love love love your photography as always! Uh maybe I should plan a visit to Copenhagen on the 10th, seeing you + my little niece would be kinda a good excuse! Keep up the spectacular work!
    Stort Kram fra Josephine

  33. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 14:50 | #

    You always tell the nicest stories. This is a fabulous breakfast!

  34. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 15:01 | #

    Literally two of my favourite things married into one dish! Porridge and carrot cake are by far my two favourite dishes that I have almost, almost daily x

  35. Marie S
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 15:31 | #

    As a nighbour to Bella Centeret and a student in Danish literature and major fan of you, it would be stupid not to show up :-)

  36. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 15:43 | #

    Oooooo this is right up my ally!! There is just nothing like a big bowl of warm oats on these cooler mornings as move into winter… Can’t wait to give this spin a try… Best of luck at your book signing!

  37. Cecile
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 18:26 | #

    French, married to an Italian, live in Copenhagen and a big fan of your life and cooking style so I cannot wait to be part of your stories even for a few minutes… See you soon in Copenhagen :)

  38. Elena Karadjova
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 19:14 | #

    Hi, this looks really great and I am tempted to try. Just one question on oatmeal,do you use gluten free oat or not? I am bit concerned about the gluten in oats in regular consumption. Enjoy your weekend!

  39. Gözde
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 19:45 | #

    Copenhagen? I haven’t been to that amazing little city in years. I’d love to go and support you guys at the fair as well. Good luck! Or is it more appropriate to say break a leg?

  40. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 20:18 | #

    Sikke en varmende historie :) Jeg elsker også havregrød, ligesom min oldemor gjorde. Hun spiste det omtrent hver dag og blev næsten 102 – mon ikke grøden havde noget med det at gøre? ;)
    Hav en super weekend,

  41. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 20:31 | #

    Oh my goodness! I’m absolutely crazy about nuts and seeds and when I saw the picture of your baked carrot cake oatmeal, I just couldn’t but save this recipe! It looks a-ma-zing! Thank you very very much for sharing this with us, I can’t wait to try it out! Have a lovely Sunday!

    Sofie x

  42. Mai
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 21:30 | #

    Oh yes! This recipe is amazing – clever yet easy! You are a big inspiration to me and have been for a long time. I would love to see you at the book fair! Good luck with the demonstration – I’m sure you will do great! :)

  43. Jean
    Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 23:44 | #

    Opened my e-mail with my coffee, saw the pictures, read the recipe and immediately created it. I’ve never done that. Not only was it delicious it so matched the colors of fall, when we walked in the woods later in the day, “the ground is as beautiful and the same colors as our breakfast” was heard in the rustling trees. ( I added pumpkin seeds).

    • Nicole
      Posted 31 Oct ’13 at 16:22 | #

      Jean, this post and your wonderfully descriptive comment evoked such strong emotion in me throughout the weekend. This morning it was just the push I needed. I added the pumpkin seeds. It is fantastic, and blows McDonald’s oatmeal out of the water! GKS, thank you for the stories that transport and food I feel healthy eating and feeding my family.

      P.S. Please do not enter my name in the giveaway, as I will not be able to make it to Copenhagen right now.

  44. Posted 26 Oct ’13 at 23:53 | #

    Wow, your oatmeal looks amazing
    very healthy and nutritious breakfast, need to try this!
    have a wonderful day :)

  45. Posted 27 Oct ’13 at 12:09 | #

    This recipe looks and sounds amazing….it’s amazing how a memory can be etched and recorded with such vivid detail…it’s lovely the memory description you have of you’re grandfather. Reminds me of my south african uncle that also used to own a farm right in the “bush”..woke up a that god-forsaken hour every morning, yes, routine and automatic now…though it’s worth waking up the sound of a soothing calming running river streams…
    Back to the ticket winner!
    Figners crossed, I hope to win this amazing trip and see you guys in the actions! I full enjoy and support your way of cooking. Good, Healthy and DELICIOUS! Even if i don’t end up going, I wish you all the luck in the world! congrats!

  46. Isabelle
    Posted 27 Oct ’13 at 13:02 | #

    This looks like a sensational breakfast! I am from Australia and I am currently travelling for 6 months around Europe I happen to be in Copenhavon the 10th and would love to attend the book fair. I’d love to win a ticket!

  47. Anne
    Posted 27 Oct ’13 at 15:56 | #

    Hi, I would love to win the tickets for a friend of mine, who is just starting to enjoy cooking and actually loves your recipes (although she is not aware that they are from you). Fortunately, she just moved to Copenhagen and I would love if she would have the opportunity to see you…

  48. Ursula
    Posted 27 Oct ’13 at 17:26 | #

    Done! We made it this morning, and I think I love it more than the blackberry one in the book… plus it was the perfect dish to have upon waking up to rain/snow. Delicious!!! :)

  49. Anna Ida Hallgaard
    Posted 27 Oct ’13 at 18:34 | #

    That sounds lovely and delicious :) I would love to come see you at the book fair. Good luck!

  50. Posted 27 Oct ’13 at 21:19 | #

    Jeg har bagt banan/blåbærpandekagerne fra jeres kogebog en del weekener efterhånden og tror helt sikkert næste punkt på listen skal være den bagte grød, omend jeg tror jeg vil forsøge mig med ruggryn frem for havre.
    Tak for en altid inspirerende blog, og en kogebog der emmer af samme stemning som bloggen altid har haft. I har formået at få samme personlighed ned på siderne, det er godt klaret :)

    Håber at se jer på messen, også selvom jeg ikke vinder en billet.

    Kh Maria

  51. Posted 27 Oct ’13 at 22:23 | #

    I would love to say hey to you at the book event and I am very excited about what you will be cooking on stage. :)

  52. Maria
    Posted 27 Oct ’13 at 23:29 | #

    i love love love the blackberry-version from your book, and i’m so looking forward to try this carrot-y one! would love to see you cooking. best of luck from vienna : )

  53. Elín
    Posted 28 Oct ’13 at 00:19 | #

    I love oatmeal and your cooking style
    Thank you for the inspiration

  54. Posted 28 Oct ’13 at 16:32 | #

    What a really, really good idea for breakfast! Will definitely be making this very soon :-)
    And uuuh, nice little “contest” – could be so great seeing you there!
    /Benedikte, SUND MUMS

  55. Posted 28 Oct ’13 at 16:37 | #

    Woah this looks amazing! I’ve made regular carrot cake oatmeal but would love to try it baked!

  56. Posted 28 Oct ’13 at 18:33 | #

    Such a versatile dish – could easily be a dessert too with some compote and greek yoghurt. I’ve just baked it and the family are licking their lips in anticipation! Another lovely recipe, thank you!

  57. Posted 28 Oct ’13 at 19:29 | #

    Beautiful! This looks wonderful :) Can’t wait to make it! Thanks for sharing, cheers.

  58. Posted 28 Oct ’13 at 20:21 | #

    Woha! This will be my tuesday breakfast. No doubt about it. Thanks again!

  59. Posted 28 Oct ’13 at 20:36 | #

    Wonderful photos & styling. The recipe sounds to-die-for as well. Can’t wait to try!

  60. Posted 29 Oct ’13 at 00:08 | #

    This is just so beautiful, and I love the pictures (in my imagination) of your grandfather. My grandfather was a farmer, too, but not much of a cook. I just want to dive into this oatmeal. Love the inspiration I find here!

  61. Posted 29 Oct ’13 at 08:07 | #

    I seriously love your site.. Great colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself?

    Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my very own website and want to learn where you
    got this from or what the theme is called. Thank you!

  62. Posted 29 Oct ’13 at 10:29 | #

    I feel so clever (!) that I do something similar, but sans topping and sweetened with smooshed dates and a swirl of almond butter. Mine is of course not so photogenic! And I don’t have that lush marled jumper :D

  63. pat
    Posted 29 Oct ’13 at 15:38 | #

    could you please add a print friendly icon?

  64. Morten
    Posted 30 Oct ’13 at 02:15 | #

    Sign me up for the draw – it would be awesome to have my copy signed!

  65. laura
    Posted 30 Oct ’13 at 10:28 | #

    I eat this this mornig…was fantastic very very gooooood!!!!!
    you are beatiful!

  66. Mia
    Posted 30 Oct ’13 at 14:50 | #

    Er kreativitet är oändlig! Hade väldigt gärna sett och hört er på bokmässan :)

  67. Devin
    Posted 30 Oct ’13 at 18:02 | #

    Fantastic recipes! I just stumbled across your blog today, and now I find out you are coming to Copenhagen, my home of a year and a half. This is just serendipitous. I would love the chance to come check you out in person!

  68. Anders Jensen
    Posted 31 Oct ’13 at 08:55 | #

    I loved this recipe – wow! Served it to my mom and dad who won’t stop calling me now for more.
    And I would love to go and see you at the show in Copenhagen – my home.

  69. Posted 31 Oct ’13 at 21:04 | #

    I have to try this….this reminds me of carrot cake, oatmeal-style :)

  70. Marlene
    Posted 31 Oct ’13 at 21:49 | #

    Hej, I live in Copenhagen and would love to see you there :)

  71. Rikke
    Posted 31 Oct ’13 at 21:56 | #

    I got ur book recently and I love it!! Everytime I have guests, I have to bring it to the table and show ur wonderful recipies and Pictures. I’ll be at the Bellacenter next sunday no matter what, but would be epic, to surprise my friend with a free ticket! Ur are so truly inspiring! All the best for the 3 of you / Rikke

  72. Elisabeth Mortensen
    Posted 31 Oct ’13 at 22:02 | #

    Love your blog !:)

  73. Posted 31 Oct ’13 at 22:13 | #

    I just finished prepping this recipe, so we could bake it tomorrow morning in no time. I used shredded butternut squash and dried cranberries and I will let you know how it taste tomorrow. We are heading out “Trick or Treating” with the kids tonight, so Happy Halloween + Boo to you three!!! :-)

  74. Alexis Pace
    Posted 31 Oct ’13 at 22:45 | #

    Another festive recipe I can’t wait to try! I just bought your new cookbook and am loving it! I have been inspiring co-worker with leftovers from your delicious dishes. I would love the chance to meet you in person in Copenhagen. Happy Halloween!
    Alexis :)
    Warsaw, Poland

  75. Nino Ray
    Posted 31 Oct ’13 at 23:09 | #

    Oh heavens! :) This one was so delicious I could not stop getting up for more portions. Life has been much more delicious since we came across your blog.
    Oh and also, as we live in Malmö, we can’t simply resist the temptation of coming to see you at the Kbh book fair :)

  76. Stephanie
    Posted 31 Oct ’13 at 23:40 | #

    I am in Denmark and would love to go:)!

  77. Sofie Tarp
    Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 00:59 | #

    Jeg krydser fingre!

  78. Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 04:38 | #

    This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it.

  79. Helle Sandberg
    Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 05:21 | #

    Jeg har købt jeres kogebog fordi den så så indbydende ud. Jeg vil gerne leve et sundere og slankere liv og i jeres kogebog er der masser af muligheder. Vi er startet med pandekagerne. Min datter på 11 år elsker dem og kan selv lave dem fordi det jo er så let

  80. Gitte
    Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 06:08 | #

    Jeg vil gerne til bogmesse og få signeret min kogebog :-)

  81. Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 06:55 | #

    I am in Romania and also would love to goo:)..

  82. Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 09:03 | #

    I do it on Sunday
    Greetings from Poland :)

  83. Kajsa
    Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 09:19 | #

    Wow – that is great news! Can’t wait to see what you are up to, get my book signed and get inspired!

  84. Kamilla
    Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 10:11 | #

    Love your recipes and beautiful pictures. Just bought your book as a present for my sisters birthday this weekend and would love to add a ticket to the book fair:)

  85. Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 11:02 | #

    This sounds great. I love carrot cake so I am guessing this is going to taste delicious. I am going to try for sure.

  86. Ella
    Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 14:36 | #

    Looks fantastic – as always!
    Your healthy and yummy recipes are a constant inspiration

  87. Agnes Jensen
    Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 16:23 | #

    I would love to win a ticket! See you next sunday :)

  88. Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 17:24 | #

    goodness.. this looks absolutely wonderful. i cannot wait to try it!

  89. Nada
    Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 22:17 | #

    I love books. I love cooking. I love Copenhagen.
    And I live here, yey.

  90. Soreena
    Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 22:17 | #

    I totally love the recipe! I’ve done it a couple of times, and everybody adores it! :) Thank you very much for this great website.

    Have a great day.

    Greetings from Denmark.


  91. Posted 1 Nov ’13 at 23:13 | #

    This is just lovely. Pinned and saved for use this fall and winter! Cheers!

  92. Shayna
    Posted 2 Nov ’13 at 01:51 | #

    This looks delicious! Where is that beautiful casserole dish from?

    • Posted 2 Nov ’13 at 10:52 | #

      Hi Shayna, We have had this baking dish for a long time, but I am pretty sure that the it’s from Pillivuyt.

  93. Posted 3 Nov ’13 at 18:18 | #

    I love baked porridge/oatmeal, it’s such a perfect winter breakfast. I’m not usually a fan of carrots but this looks lush!

  94. Sonia
    Posted 3 Nov ’13 at 23:33 | #

    You beat me to it! I have bean experimenting with carrot/date/apple/ginger oatmeal. yours looks a lot more refined- shall definitely give it a go! Thanks for another brilliant recipe x

  95. Posted 4 Nov ’13 at 04:05 | #

    It was perfect for a cold Autumn day, hearty and delicious!!! My daughter even had the left over as a quick snack after our Sunday swim. Thanks again.

  96. John
    Posted 5 Nov ’13 at 01:35 | #

    Gave this a try tonight and it was wonderful. I may add a little brown sugar to the oatmeal or a little maple syrup to the wet ingredients next time. The will definitely be a next time!

  97. meliSsa
    Posted 5 Nov ’13 at 17:19 | #

    On Sunday evening I made an 8″x8″ pan of this to have for breakfast throughout the week. I added a few pitted chopped dates, and about 1/4c of unsweetened shredded coconut to the top during the last 10 minutes in the oven. In the morning, I warm up a portion on the stove, and top with some plain Greek yogurt. Fantastic! This is the first receipe I’ve made from your site, and it’s definitely a keeper. Thank you for sharing.

  98. Kim
    Posted 6 Nov ’13 at 16:49 | #

    okay…this looks amazing…it is in my oven NOW!
    Only problem, having trouble finding an 8×10 pan, which you seem to frequently use…..had to pull out a deeper 9″ round pan and try to adjust the baking time a bit….we’ll see!

  99. Kelly
    Posted 9 Nov ’13 at 05:31 | #

    I tried this recipe out earlier this week and unfortunately didn’t love it as much as I had hoped. I’m new to baked oatmeal (oatmeal in general actually) and was super excited to find this post. I think the carrot cake part was what caught my eye – and in the end was the demise. Its not like carrot cake at all! It lacks the sweetness and fragrance that I love about carrot cake. I couldn’t taste any of the warm cinnamon or nutmeg, the topping was not like the sticky crumble I had imagined and it had zero sweetness. I do appreciate how healthy it is and love that it keeps me full till lunch but I find it lacking in…deliciousness.
    It didn’t go to waste however as I have it with sliced banana and granola and my in-laws cant seem to stop eating it! Great concept, but for me, needs some tweaking.

  100. Eileen
    Posted 9 Nov ’13 at 22:44 | #

    Yuuuuuummmm… So, this week I made this oatmeal which was a great success. We had your beet burgers, which make people in my house go crazy with excitement! I also made the mushroom lentil soup, which might become a staple and finally I had a go at the coconut lemon slices. (I had to walk away from the baking tray as I couldn’t stop plunging a knife into it and stuffing my face with chunks of that treat.) So as always, many thanks for getting me through another week of family cooking. You guys are great!

  101. Jessica
    Posted 11 Nov ’13 at 21:53 | #

    I love baked oatmeal, and this one is now my favorite. Perfect combination and I love the crunchy seedy/nutty topping!!.

  102. Posted 13 Nov ’13 at 16:51 | #

    how interesting. I’m definitely bookmarking this recipe n try it one of the weekends!

  103. Posted 17 Nov ’13 at 02:17 | #

    ooooh! super excited to make this tomorrow (annnnd i just made your roasted fennel/carrots for a dinner tonight YES!). I just bought a few ingredients i did not have :) yum yum yum. Thinking I might bring into work tomorrow + get everyone excited.

    thank you! from boston with giant air high-fives

  104. lafemmeartiste
    Posted 21 Nov ’13 at 21:37 | #

    Another inspired oatmeal breakfast comes from, “Diet for a Small Planet,” author- Francis Moore Lappé and her daughter, Anna Lappé.
    I reconfigured it, by basically combining curry (*always make your own, fresh!), a variety of dried fruits, diced, fresh apple, nuts (soak and slow dry first to rid them of toxins, and reinvigorate the taste!), blend into cooked oats (any kind you like best), top with local honey or ,aple syrup, a dollop of goat-milk yogurt, and ground roasted almonds. Enjoy hefty, steamy, healthy goodness, for breakfast, lunch or dinner- originally inspired from European farmer(s).

  105. Posted 27 Nov ’13 at 09:00 | #

    It was perfect for a cold Autumn day, hearty and delicious!!

  106. Tammy
    Posted 1 Dec ’13 at 15:52 | #

    Greetings from San Francisco, CA! I bought your cookbook last weekend and have been cooking from it all week. This recipe has to be one of the best though. I love carrot cake but haven’t eaten it in years due to the high fat and sugar content. And, the smell is absolutely amazing!

  107. Stefan
    Posted 6 Dec ’13 at 15:02 | #

    Great reciepe and great photos! What do you do for post-processing? Do you use any presets?

  108. jadebell
    Posted 10 Dec ’13 at 18:17 | #

    Just made this and it’s heaven in a bowl. What’s the best way to keep it as I have plenty left for the next few breakfasts?

  109. James
    Posted 15 Dec ’13 at 16:06 | #

    Loved the “Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal”, it was the perfect breakfast treat for a cold snowy December morning here in Connecticut (New England, USA). My wife substituted Almonds for walnuts, and served warm with almond milk…. great start to the day. Thank you

  110. Kate
    Posted 18 Dec ’13 at 01:43 | #

    This is delicious :-) My only suggestion is to half cook the oatmeal and THEN add the topping, this ensures that it all goes crunchy as opposed to half of it sinking in and not crunching up!

  111. Kate
    Posted 22 Dec ’13 at 03:17 | #

    This is delicious thank you. I’ve made the carrot version twice now (and have already commented!) but yesterday I made a banana one with 4 bananas. I added 1 firm sliced banana to the dry mix, pureed 2 ripe bananas into the wet mix (creating a giant banana milkshake) and added one to the topping mix (which went all caramelised!). The house is split half half as to which version they like more :-)

  112. Posted 23 Dec ’13 at 08:03 | #

    This really sounds great as carrot recipe is my favorite will surely make it today and will enjoy it with my family..

  113. Vera
    Posted 4 Jan ’14 at 23:01 | #

    Hi guys!! I could not wait to try this one from the day you first posted it! Better late than never, today was the day!It was sooo worth to wait, because it is really great, a wonderful option for breakfast, mid day snack, etc. I am just wondering if we could vary by replacing the grated carrot with, e.g. apple, pear or beetroot (huumm, maybe it is too earthy…)? Thanks again for all the good (and healthy)ideas!! :)

  114. Posted 11 Jan ’14 at 20:59 | #

    Just made this for brunch and it was delicious! I cut the recipe in half and used an 8×8 pan. It wasn’t too sweet which I liked, and the crumble/nut mixture on top gave it that little bit of sweet that it needed. Great recipe!

  115. Posted 26 Jan ’14 at 21:25 | #

    I just recently discovered this, and it’s great! I’ve been making it with other veggies, too–grated zucchini and cauliflower. It’s a great way to fool the little people in your house into eating veggies! (I know they’re supposed to spring forth from the womb eating kale chips, but mine…not so much.) Thank you–this is already a standby in our house.

  116. katya
    Posted 29 Jan ’14 at 07:22 | #

    I tried it recently and I fell in love. it’s incredibly tasty dishes. excellent! great breakfast for a frosty morning in Siberia :) Thanks GKStories!

  117. Amanda
    Posted 7 Feb ’14 at 15:55 | #

    I found your website about a month and half ago, I have since read every post and bought your first cookbook. I have to say the carrot cake oatmeal is one of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve ever had!

  118. Ellie
    Posted 21 Feb ’14 at 01:31 | #

    Längtar tills imorgon för göra det här till frukost åt min familj! Men jag har en fråga, vilket märke eller vilka slags “gammaldagsa/old fashioned” havregryn är det ni använder? Alla slags havregryn jag provat, har varit samma geggiga tunna. Tack för en underbar blogg!

  119. Gina
    Posted 26 Feb ’14 at 17:28 | #

    I tried it yesterday and.. I had my best breakfast ever!
    Really! Delicious recipe! Congrats!

  120. Posted 31 Mar ’14 at 23:49 | #

    Cannot wait to make this! Thanks for posting.

  121. Therese
    Posted 6 Apr ’14 at 14:03 | #

    Hej. Jeg vil bare sige at Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal er min absolut yndlings morgenmad, den smager bare helt vildt godt. Jeg har også prøvet at lave den som dessert severet med vanilje is, som også smager super godt.

    Kh Therese

  122. Posted 28 Apr ’14 at 08:25 | #

    I love this recipe. The sweetness is just right, and we are allowed to taste the elements that compose the dish, as opposed to sweetness. Well done. I just don’t know if I have achieved the right texture – when I cut a slice I wonder if the texture is right on my dish. A regular dish in my kitchen. Would you mind if I posted with the relevant credit in my Portuguese Speaking language blog? I live in the UK but write a blog in portuguese in order to keep my mother tongue in check.

  123. Kate
    Posted 11 May ’14 at 04:00 | #

    I just made yet another variation, with mango! I left out the spices and instead mixed lime rind and mango chunks through the wet mix and and coconut flakes in the crunchy topping. Yumm-o :-)

  124. Posted 27 Jun ’14 at 20:39 | #

    What a fantastic idea to bring carrots into breakfast. I loved this recipe and made a few tweaks to make it heartburn-friendly: http://lowacidyum.wordpress.com/2014/06/27/carrot-cake-oatmeal-bake/

  125. Lianne
    Posted 11 Jul ’14 at 12:15 | #

    Today is the third time i am gonna make it. I use water instead of milk and ad orange juice and zest. It is delicious! I can eat the whole cake on my own haha.

  126. Emma
    Posted 24 Aug ’14 at 03:38 | #

    Can you store this in the fridge for a few days? Thanks!

  127. Dawn
    Posted 18 Sep ’14 at 00:10 | #

    I made this for myself and it was THE very best baked oatmeal I’ve ever had. I never liked nuts and found I couldn’t get enough of this recipe, nuts and all! I refrigerated for a few days (
    and ate all I could) then cut up in serving size, wrapped in foil and froze. I take one out whenever. I have let it defrost then microwave about 30-45 sec and it just as good as when it was made. Excellent!!

  128. Posted 30 Oct ’14 at 09:04 | #

    Looks beautiful and so delicious!

  129. Posted 19 Nov ’14 at 13:04 | #

    David, where did you buy those insanely gorgeous bowls? I need them in my life!
    Love from Munich

  130. Mollie
    Posted 1 Dec ’14 at 00:01 | #

    This looks amazing! I am wondering if anyone has tried to make it in advance and freeze to serve later?


  131. Emily
    Posted 4 Jan ’15 at 19:02 | #

    I just made this recipe and it was fantastic! I made a few alterations to the crunchy nut and seed topping – I used coconut sugar instead of maple syrup, and used a mix of nuts and dried fruits in place of the walnuts (roughly chopped walnuts, almonds, oats, cranberries, pistachios, raisins, small amount ground flax seed). I also doubled the amount of coconut oil (because I halved the recipe and then forgot to halve the amount of oil). Delicious! Thanks for the wonderful recipe :-)

  132. Meredith Petrnousek
    Posted 24 Feb ’15 at 18:35 | #

    Delicious! Great way to get some veg in my kids and love it!

  133. Taylor
    Posted 1 Mar ’15 at 00:56 | #

    Such a great recipe! I did not have walnuts so I used half almonds and half Brazil nuts that I chopped up In a food processor. I was also out of sunflower seeds so I used sesame seeds instead, and it came out great! I was hesitant to try it at first because I’m not a huge fan of oatmeal, but I absolutely loved this baked oatmeal!

  134. Charlotte
    Posted 28 Aug ’15 at 14:51 | #

    Made this for the 2nd time in as many weeks this morning – tried the chia instead of eggs this time – delicious. I’m using pumpkin seeds and walnuts because I am allergic to sunflower seeds. This is SO good. The crunch from the seeds and nuts is absolutely addictive. I had never tried baked oatmeal before. I am trying to incorporate more clean eating in my life and a recipe like this – so delicious, satisfying, beautiful really helps. It makes me feel like this is the only way to eat. I heard a story yesterday about “blue zones” – places in the world where people live the longest and one of the things they all had in common was a plant based diet and snacking on nuts. Thank you for the amazing recipes and cptivating photography that entices me to give them a try!!

  135. Posted 5 Mar ’16 at 09:34 | #

    For a more authentic carrot cake, i substitute all the spices for 1 tsp all-spice. The recipe, I followed the vegan version, was AMAZING !

  136. Sira-Jeanne
    Posted 10 Oct ’16 at 13:51 | #

    I make this recipe on a regular basis but on this morning of Thanksgiving, it’s particularly appropriate. Served With a dollop of apple sauce, a spoon of skyr and a drizzle of maple syrup, it tastes like heaven! Merci pour cette autre formidable recette!

  137. Posted 2 Dec ’16 at 02:55 | #

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    Ik heb ze in een goede eetkamerstoelen webshop gehaald, waarna de stoelen al snel werden bezorgd!

  138. Kelly
    Posted 4 Dec ’16 at 10:22 | #

    Made this recipe substituting sweet potato for carrots and had no walnuts so used almonds and sunflower seeds. It is completely delicious!

  139. Phoebe
    Posted 9 Jun ’17 at 11:26 | #

    This is a firm favourite in our house, but I do prefer to soak my oats overnight. Would it still work if I soaked the oats in the milk overnight and then add everything else the next day?

  140. Posted 17 Nov ’17 at 19:17 | #

    Looks absolutely beautiful! :)

  141. Posted 13 May ’18 at 03:53 | #

    I love your photos!

  142. Posted 22 Jul ’18 at 20:39 | #

    I absolutely LOVE this recipe. its smells just like Christmas. It went down a treat with my guests.

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