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Green Kitchen At Home is our fourth book. As the title suggests, this book is a gathering of all the recipes we eat most often in our home – our family’s favorite dishes really. The book is released 1 April in Australia and NZ, 20 April in the UK and 2 May in the US. It has also been released in German, Dutch, French, Swedish and Norwegian. And will be released in Danish spring 2018.

Here are some links to online book stores that are selling all the various editions:
Amazon.co.uk (UK).
Amazon.com (USA).
Booktopia.com (Australia & NZ).
Amazon.de (Germany)
Bol.com (Holland / Belgium)
Amazon.fr (France)
Bokus.se (Sweden)
Spartacus.no (Norway)

Green Kitchen At Home focuses on simple and comforting dishes that are easy to like, adapt and cook. We have tried to minimize weird ingredients so your mom, brother or non-vegetarian best friend also will find it inspiring and useful. Many recipes in the book have naturally started off here on the blog, but we are also sharing loads of previously unpublished recipes that we have kept within our family until now. You’ll find the Golden Millet Porridge or the Spinach & Banana Pancakes that we often make in the mornings, the savoury broccoli muffins that travel well in a backpack, sheet pan dinners for stressful weeknights, our super simple rye bread waffle toast, a fun vegetarian version of fish & chips, wine-baked mushrooms for a weekend with friends, and our children’s favorite – our va-va-voom baked donuts that have been a success at many kids parties. And lots more. It’s not a vegan book as we eat egg and cheese in our family, but just like our other books, many recipes have vegan suggestions. A lot of the recipes are based on our fridge staples and in the book we show how to vary these staples into a multitude of easy shortcut dinners. The book has about 100 recipes in total – and all of them have been tested by a separate tester. We will be sharing more info as we are closing in on the release.



Green Kitchen Travels

Green Kitchen Travels is our second cookbook. It has the same format, paper and feeling as our first book, The Green Kitchen (UK edition) / Vegetarian Everyday (US edition). This time it is filled with recipes and anecdotes inspired by our adventures around the world. As well a special traveling with kids-chapter where we share all our thoughts and tips that we have picked up on our trips with our daughter.

There are almost 100 recipes in the book and most of them are completely new. The recipes are influenced by the countries we have visited, but they are in a much greater degree a reflection of us. They are based on the people we have met, the food we have tried and the ingredients we have come across and then adapted to our preferences, healthy cooking habits and style to make our own. Almost all recipes are gluten free (except two) and many are vegan or have tips on how to make them vegan.


The universal book for all english speaking countries is published by Hardie Grant London. You can order it in the UK from Waterstones or Amazon.co.uk. From Booktopia if you are in Australia. And if you live in the US and Canada it can be ordered from Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.

From anywhere else in the world, you can order it from Book Depository, they ship worldwide. 

If you have any press inquiries about the English editions, please get in touch with our PR-contact Emma from Hardie Grant. If you are interested in foreign rights, please contact Stephen King from Hardie Grant.


The German edition is available at Amazon.de.
For any press inquires regarding the Danish editions, please contact Christin Nase from Knesebeck Verlag.


The Swedish edition is published by Norstedts Förlag and can be ordered from Bokus.se.
For any press inquires regarding the Swedish editions, please contact Fanny Birath.


The Danish edition is published by Tinkerbell and can be ordered from Saxo.dk.
For any press inquires regarding the Danish editions, please contact Sif Orellana.

The Green Kitchen Travels CV.indd

The Dutch edition is published by Gottmer and available through their webshop or Bol.com.
For any press inquires regarding the Dutch editions, please contact Nicolette Garritsen.



The Green Kitchen / Vegetarian Everyday

Our first cookbook, The Green Kitchen (UK/Australian edition) / Vegetarian Everyday (US edition) is published by the talented people at Hardie Grant London and Rizzoli New York.

The book is filled with 100 recipes from our everyday life, along with some simple tips on how to get a more varied and greener pantry. We have tried to keep it simple, basic and very useful. It is the kind of food that we do often at home. Not all of our recipes can be whipped together in 20 minutes, but many of them can (a few in even less time). Some of them will take hours, but they are worth it. We have tried to make sure that there will be lots of recipes to choose from (or adapt) if you are vegan or have any allergies. Most of the recipes are gluten free.

As usual, we have found food inspiration from all over the globe. But this time we have also thrown a little bit of our Scandinavian heritage into this book. A classic dark Danish rye bread, a Swedish hash pan, a cold Danish berry soup, a curried egg salad, a mouthwatering pancake cake and delicious thin crisp bread. Always with our own healthy twist.

Most of the recipes are written solely for this book, but we have also included our favorites from the blog. They have new photos and many of them have also been altered in different ways – new flavors have been added, the way of preparing them have been perfected or new suggestions what to serve them with. So even though you might recognize a recipe, it might be worth trying it again.

The Green Kitchen, UK/Australian edition (European/Australian measurements). Released 1 April, 2013.
Click here to order it on Amazon.
And if you are Australian you can order it on Booktopia.
Read more about it on Hardie Grant’s website.

Vegetarian Everyday, US edition (American measurements). Released April 30, 2013.
Click here to order it on Amazon.
Read more about it on Rizzoli’s website.


Green Kitchen Stories, Danish edition. Released 1 September, 2013.
Click here to order it on Saxo.


The Green KitchenDutch edition. Released 3 February, 2014. Click here to order it on Bol.com.


Green Kitchen Stories, Swedish edition. Click here to order it on Bokus or Adlibris.


Die Grüne Küche, German edition. Click here to order it on Amazon.


The Green KitchenItalian edition. Released Autumn 2014. Click here to order it on Amazon.it.


Green Kitchen StoriesNorwegian edition. Released Spring 2015. Click here to order it from Spartacus. For any press inquires regarding the Norwegian edition, please contact Nina Selvik.




We will keep this page updated when we have more information about foreign editions, book signings and release events.