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Wraps, Bumps & Videos

Before we get all summery with today’s little picnic recipe, we wanted to share a couple of things.

#1. This not so small bump is about to give our lives a push into yet another direction – baby nr 3! We are overwhelmed with feelings, thoughts and confusedness (how will we even fit around the breakfast table?!) but I think we’ll save all that for another blog post. Luise is feeling well and is more than halfway through the pregnancy now.

#2. Massive thanks to all of you that came to our event in Lisbon this past weekend. We were overwhelmed by your kind words, hugs (and presents!).

#3. Check out this short little video that we created for our new book. More than anything else, we wanted to show how quick, simple and colorful smoothies can be. We will also be sharing instruction videos of all the drinks in this trailer on our youtube channel. The first one is coming up in just a few days.

The book is actually available in stores in Australia today, 1 June! It will be launched in the UK on 16 June and in USA & Canada on 2 August. It will also be available in German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Polish in September.

If you live in the UK you can pre-order it from Amazon.co.uk. Pre-order it from Amazon.com if you are in the US. And Booktopia.com.au in Australia and NZ.

We will be in London next week to launch the book with a bunch of events and press meetings. Unfortunately all our public events are already sold out but we are thinking about adding an impromptu little book signing/meet-up towards the end of the week if there is an interest? Leave us a comment below, letting us know if you would like to join and we will try to make it happen.


Since our world seems to be spinning around smoothies at the moment, we wanted to share a savory recipe that you can hold in the other hand. We couldn’t think of a more perfect smoothie companion than a summery wrap filled with a green hummus.

When we make wraps, they tend to come out differently every time, but this vegan version is a real treat so I think it will be on repeat for our next couple of picnics. These are filled with large lettuce leaves, lots of herby mint & parsley hummus (also delicious on it’s own!), a lentil, avocado and cucumber salad and topped with fresh strawberries for sweetness and toasted sunflower seeds for crunch. Picnic is ready!


Summer Wraps
Makes 8 wraps

The wraps can also be rolled directly in the lettuce leaves, without the tortilla, for a lighter gluten-free version. It is a little fiddlier but the parchment paper helps holding it all together.

8 gluten-free or whole grain tortilla bread
16 lettuce leaves (cosmopolitan or romaine)
Herby hummus (see recipe below)
Green lentil salad (see recipe below)
1 large handful sunflower seeds, lightly toasted in a dry frying pan
1 cup / 150 g strawberries, sliced

Place 2 lettuce leaves on each tortilla, then place 2-3 tbsp herby hummus filling in the middle, a couple of spoonfuls green lentil salad and top with strawberry slices and a generous sprinkle of sunflower seeds.
Fold the top and bottom edges over the filling. Roll the whole tortilla from left to right to wrap in the filling. Roll some parchment paper around them and tie with a string to hold them together while you transport them.

Herby Hummus
This makes more than you need for the wraps. Save the leftovers in a sealed jar and enjoy as a side throughout the week.

2 x 14 oz / 400 g cans cooked chickpeas / garbanzos
2 cloves garlic
½ cup / 125 ml lukewarm water
½ cup / 125 ml light tahini
4 tbsp lemon juice
4 sprigs parsley, rinsed and leaves picked
2 sprigs mint, rinsed and leaves picked
1 handful baby spinach, rinsed
salt, according to taste

Drain and rinse chickpeas and add to a high-speed food processor together with all other ingredients. Mix on high-speed for a few minutes, until smooth. Taste and feel the consistency. Add more salt or water if desired. At this point, you can also add a splash of olive oil for an extra rich hummus, if you prefer. Mix for two more minutes. Store in a sealed jar in the fridge.

Green Lentil Salad

1 cup / 250 ml cooked green lentils (any color works)
2 avocados
1/2 cucumber
10 sugar peas
¼ red onion, peeled
a few sprigs parsley, leaves picked
a few sprigs mint, leaves picked
a squeeze of lemon juice
a tiny drizzle of olive oil

Rinse the cooked lentils and place in a mixing bowl. Cut avocados, cucumber, snow peas and red onion into small cubes. Finely chop parsley and mint and place all ingredients in the mixing bowl. Add a squeeze of lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Mix it all and season to taste.


  1. Posted 1 Jun ’16 at 22:59 | #

    I’m not sure what I’m more excited for.. the fact that you two made another baby or that you made another book. ;) BIG HUGS!

  2. Posted 1 Jun ’16 at 23:11 | #

    You’ve just managed to make me hungry..I’m fancying one of those luxurious tortillas now..and it’s bedtime! Congratulations for baby nr.3 xxx

  3. Vicky Lee
    Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 00:20 | #

    Yet another delicious recipe.
    I live in London and would love to come to a book signing if you are doing one.
    Here we have both your books and regularly make your recipes. They are always such lovely meals.
    My family in Rome have both your books too and use them all the time, and our South African relatives too. We are all Green Kitcheners.
    So I will be there if you do something in London as I missed out on the events.

  4. Georgina
    Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 00:23 | #

    I would love you to organise something impromptu! I always end up missing your events when you come to the UK – and this one was no different.

  5. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 00:30 | #

    You guys are the best! That trailer is so good, I cannot stop watching it. And congratulations on #3, so so awesome :) Sending you all the love and hugs.

  6. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 00:50 | #

    I would love to come to an event in London
    I have your books and love to keep up with all your new recipes and you always make me smile with your anecdotes.
    Congratulations too on the news of the new babe
    Best wishes

  7. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 03:03 | #

    I am so excited for the book! Looking forward to its US release! The video was absolutely beautiful and the photography is amazing as always.

  8. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 08:43 | #

    Wow, congratulations on baby #3!!

    You always have the best picnic ideas, and this green wrap is no exception. Loved your smoothie cookbook trailer too. Can’t wait for the Nuts & Blues recipe especially! :-)

  9. Dani
    Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 09:05 | #

    So many wonderful things!
    The wraps are looking awesome – that first photo!
    The video is so inspiring and seriously beautiful!
    And huge huge congrats to the bump!

  10. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 09:17 | #

    So much love explosions that it’s crazy! Jag glaeder mig så till att se er nya bok men framförallt: makalöst stort grattis till bebisen! KÄRLEK fr Skåne!

  11. Poppé
    Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 09:21 | #

    Congratulations on the bump!!
    If you’re in still London on the 18th I would love to come and see you guys! xxo

  12. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 09:47 | #

    beautiful book trailer! and a beautiful baby will follow, you are one lucky family:D congratulations!

  13. KAthleen
    Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 10:39 | #

    Will your book come out in Belgium in Dutch too?
    So excited….

    Are it similar smoothies as in the app?

  14. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 12:58 | #

    I’ll be at Good Roots on Saturday but would also love another day of book signing as well!

    Congratulations on baby #3 and the new book, such exciting times ahead for your family. Wishing you all the best =)

  15. Carolyn
    Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 14:11 | #

    these look amazing and are definitely on the menu this week! congratulations on baby #3!!! I am pregnant with my first and if you ever felt like doing a pregnancy eats post, I wouldn’t complain;) take care of your beautiful family

  16. Carola
    Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 15:27 | #

    I can’t thank you enough for your recipes! And I am already looking Forward to your smoothies book in German. September is marked in my calendar :-) May everything go smoothly for your growing Little Family as well!

  17. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 15:43 | #

    LOVED the bump + the video <3 I really would love to come to that impromptu signing in London. It would be so lovely to meet you all! x

  18. Sytske
    Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 16:16 | #

    Congratulations on our new coming baby! Hope all is going well..
    And those wraps I have to try.. already sad that this weekend I won’t have enought time to make it.. but will try it later

  19. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 17:33 | #

    Looks delicious. Do you have a god recipe for glutenfree tortilla bread?

  20. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 20:43 | #

    Wow, yet another amazing recipe and awesome news.
    We have three kids and can only tell you, it’s soooo good. Kids are our future and yours will definitely grow up in a very nice and thoughtful family. All the best to you!

  21. Yvonne
    Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 21:00 | #

    I have my book on pre order already and this video clip has got me all excited to try lots of different combinations. Thank you for being such an inspirational duo. Love you sandals Luise – can I ask where they are from? X

  22. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 23:24 | #

    These wraps sound amazing! Love the addition of strawberries. We like to add fruit to every meal for the nutrients not present in vegetables & it is delicious!

  23. Posted 2 Jun ’16 at 23:36 | #

    We’ve got 3👶🏼👭 and its busy but gorgeous! Best number ever. And we all love smoothies! I love your books, recipes and lovely photos, great inspiration for heathy living. If you do a book signing, I’ll pop along with baby Myla, it will be nice to say hello, keep us posted please, and wishing you a lovely trip x

  24. Nina Khosla
    Posted 3 Jun ’16 at 02:56 | #

    Your photography and videos and this trailer are absolutely amazing!

  25. Denise
    Posted 3 Jun ’16 at 03:57 | #

    Wow I’m so excited for you 3! Another baby on the way to join your amazing family. So much happiness, congratulations! Hope Louise will remain to feel great and look as amazing as she does.

    I’m also very excited about your new book, will keep my eyes open!

  26. Posted 3 Jun ’16 at 08:11 | #

    I love that book trailer! Such a nice rhythm :) So excited for the book to come out in Swedish!

    And congratulations on baby nr 3! Your future photo shoots are gonna be all cute and crazy family mayhem ;-)

  27. Claudia
    Posted 3 Jun ’16 at 11:16 | #

    When will you drop in France/ more exactly near Lyon? 🙃

  28. Posted 3 Jun ’16 at 13:26 | #

    3 is my magic number! Congrats, and don’t be to scared! We manage to live in a small 3 piece apartment all 5 happily together and I shoot and work straight out of the kitchen and living room :-)! It is just a question of dedication and you two have tons of it! Hooray! love your work, big source of inspiration!!!

  29. Posted 3 Jun ’16 at 15:11 | #

    I am very happy that the book will be in Polish version as well :-)
    But what about your “Travels…”? I would be glad to read in in Polish as well… Is it possible?

  30. Posted 3 Jun ’16 at 15:37 | #

    It is a good recipe to cook for my family. I love salad so much!

  31. Katharina
    Posted 3 Jun ’16 at 15:37 | #

    Congrats on Baby nr3!
    The trailer is so beautiful and makes me thirsty/hungry….hope to get a chance to buy your book, when I am in Europe next time!

    Thanks also for sharing the recipe: we do our green hummus here with avocado and lots of lime (since we are living in avocado heaven, Ecuador)!

  32. Agnelia
    Posted 3 Jun ’16 at 16:11 | #

    Hi guys, I’m so happy for your new family member-to be! Take care of you, Elsa and Isac.
    Do you also have a receit make tortilla breads yourself? Would be happy to make one by myself.
    Greetings from beautiful Austria (we are still waiting seeing you down here once)

  33. Posted 4 Jun ’16 at 05:01 | #

    Yay! I just bought your new book! It looks so good next to the other two in my bookshelf! It’s beautiful, you never disappoint with incredible images and recipes to match! Congratulations on everything! I’ve been following you guys for years and it’s so lovely to see you be so successful!

  34. birgit
    Posted 4 Jun ’16 at 18:06 | #

    yeah – i love your new book
    welcome to your new baby – all my best wishes
    lg birgit <3

  35. Anna
    Posted 5 Jun ’16 at 02:12 | #

    I would love to see you guys in London if you’re still there on the 18th!

  36. Posted 5 Jun ’16 at 02:42 | #

    Congrats on your new baby-to-be! My best wishes to the entire GKS family <3

  37. Aleksandra Trzeciak
    Posted 5 Jun ’16 at 09:01 | #

    YES YES YES to a meet-up in London, I finish my exams tomorrow and it would be amazing to see you guys!

  38. Posted 6 Jun ’16 at 07:29 | #

    Congratulations! That’s great news :)

  39. Posted 6 Jun ’16 at 16:33 | #

    Wow wow wow! I scrolled down to page to get an overall look before reading the post and… o gosh! Those pictures are amazing: I am loving them so so so incredibly much! And.. congratulations for the new baby and for the amazing recipes!



  40. Joanna
    Posted 7 Jun ’16 at 01:18 | #

    Yes please!! Would love it if you organised a meet up – I met David at Fare Healthy last year but Luise couldn’t make it so I’d love to see you both this time :) congratulations on your little bump, such beautiful and happy news x

  41. Posted 8 Jun ’16 at 03:50 | #

    Congrats on baby #3 and I loved the video you posted for your new book. Best wishes to your entire family.

  42. Posted 8 Jun ’16 at 14:12 | #

    Great news!!! And what gorgeous gorgeous summer food to be feeding and nourishing you all and keeping you happy and well <3 <3 <3 <3

  43. Posted 8 Jun ’16 at 16:09 | #

    It look delicious! I a good cooker but I need to learn more from you. Thanks for your sharing!

  44. Posted 11 Jun ’16 at 04:40 | #

    I love this recipe! Thank you for sharing!

  45. Chantal van Lieshout
    Posted 11 Jun ’16 at 16:17 | #

    Congratulations with the pregnancy of your new baby! I am very happy for the 2 of you. Good to hear Luise is feeling well.Keep calm and the breakfasttable problem will get solved. Wish you an nice summer, love from Holland

  46. Posted 12 Jun ’16 at 11:10 | #

    Wow your site is amazing – really inspirational and really a good example I would like my blog to look like as well :) I love raps they are just super delicious and perfect for spring and summer! I would love to here your comments on my blog http://whatskatieupto.com as well thank you so much xoxo Katie

  47. Posted 12 Jun ’16 at 23:09 | #

    Åh, det där ser så otroligt gott ut! Jag ser mycket fram emot den nya boken!

  48. Posted 13 Jun ’16 at 20:21 | #

    Congratulations on the new baby!!! And the video of the new book looks so gorgeous – can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  49. Bethany
    Posted 15 Jun ’16 at 09:58 | #

    Love the video, it’s beautiful, and I’m excited to buy your smoothie book when it comes out in the US. What is the name of the music/song playing in the background? It’s so pretty. You guys are awesome!

  50. Posted 21 Jun ’16 at 22:43 | #

    Sorry it has taken me this long to say CONGRATULATIONS! Such crazy wonderful news! And you guys are getting way to good with those videos.
    Thanks so much for sharing such beautifulness.

  51. Posted 29 Jun ’16 at 20:58 | #

    It looks delicious and healthy with all the greeen in the dish, great recipe!

  52. Posted 1 Jul ’16 at 17:12 | #

    Love this! Exciting!! :) x

  53. Posted 11 Jul ’16 at 11:36 | #

    Just appreciating the beautiful layout and food photography. P.s congrats !

  54. Lauren
    Posted 15 Jul ’16 at 04:36 | #

    This recipe is absolutely divine! Thank you so much ☺
    I made a batch of your spinach wrap to wrap them up in and it is so so so delicious.

  55. Emma Nicholls
    Posted 19 Jul ’16 at 13:57 | #

    Out of interest, do your kids eat these? My almost two year old just picked out the strawberries, & I had to make one without the lentil salad for my 4 year old. I loved them though!

  56. Chloe
    Posted 22 Jul ’16 at 10:13 | #

    Hello David Luise and three!
    Just wanted to write and say how much I love your new smoothie book – I have rather a lot of cook books (!!!) and yours are hands down my favourites: the simplicity, yummy-ness of the recipes, and the beautiful presentation of the books. Thank you! What an inspiration you’ve been.
    Chloe x

  57. Posted 24 Jul ’16 at 16:41 | #

    Herby humus sounds soooo good!
    I’m gonna try this. Thanks!!

  58. Posted 5 Aug ’16 at 16:49 | #

    Thanks for your sharing. This look simple and i will definitely give it a try.

  59. Posted 6 May ’17 at 16:49 | #

    Congratulations and Love the simple yet delicious recipes. The most important thing in cooking is the best ceramic cookware.

  60. Posted 20 May ’17 at 08:32 | #

    Congrats on Baby nr3!
    Thanks so much for sharing such beautifulness.

  61. Posted 18 Jun ’17 at 11:31 | #

    I love salad so much! I will cook this for my family.

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