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Sunday Morning Seed Bread

We made these buns Sunday morning and had them for breakfast with smoothie and boiled eggs. They are packed with nutritious seeds and carrots and contain less flour than ordinary bread. Instead of being soft and moisty like a lot of white breads, they are quite firm and crunchy. We have big plans on improving our sourdough baking-skills, but for now this bread will do.

Sunday morning seed bread
15-18 buns

25 g package active dry yeast
1½ cups warm water
3 dl yoghurt
0,5 tbsp sea salt
200 g grated carrot
3 tbsp linseed
3 tbspl sunseed
3 tbsp pumpkin seed
3 tbsp rolled spelt (like rolled oats, but from spelt)
100 g corn flour
750 g whole grain rye- or spelt flour

Solve yeast in the water, add all ingredients except rye flour and stir it around. Add rye flour little by little and knead the dough for a couple of minutes by hand, it should be a bit sticky. Let it rise for 60 minutes. Gently punch down and form into 15-18 buns on a baking sheet and rise until double in size. Bake at 420°F for 15-20 minutes.

Make the buns a bit bigger and use them as sandwich buns, they are delicious with tuna salad or egg salad.

We got inspired by a recipe from danish Urtekram.


  1. Heidi
    Posted 1 Dec ’09 at 22:53 | #

    Wow what a wonderful blog! Great pictures and healthy recipes without being dull. Will definitely bookmark it! :)

  2. sarah
    Posted 5 Dec ’09 at 15:09 | #

    I loved this recipe. Thank you

  3. Karoline
    Posted 16 Mar ’11 at 18:30 | #

    Hello, I just discovered your blog yesterday – and I must say – good job! When it comes to this recipe – I have one question: How many grams are there in your packages of active dry yeast. The ones I have contain 11,8 g, but if you google a normal package of dry yeast – it varies – alot!

    Thank you :-)

    • Posted 17 Mar ’11 at 01:45 | #

      Hi Karoline. Thank you!
      There is 50 g in one package yeast.
      Happy baking :)

  4. Sophie Coates
    Posted 31 Dec ’11 at 00:52 | #

    Hi this bread looks amazing and I am planning to make it but what does 3 dl yoghurt mean? Does dl mean dollops?

    • Posted 31 Dec ’11 at 00:57 | #

      Oh sorry, it’s a European measurement. 1 cup = 2,4 dl. So 3 dl yoghurt is about 1 1/4 cup. Good luck!

    • Jennie Leishman
      Posted 2 Feb ’14 at 00:14 | #

      I’m glad you asked. I thought it meant a dollop! I was going to put in 3 big spoonfuls. How are you handling the gram issue? I don’t know how much flour or carrot to put in.

  5. Jane
    Posted 4 Apr ’13 at 01:22 | #

    This looks delicious!

    Just a quick question: would this be a gluten-free recipe? My father just found out he is Celiac, and I’ve been searching for replacements for his beloved bread!

    Thank you for the beautiful recipe and website!

  6. Posted 10 Jan ’14 at 12:32 | #

    What is dl?
    What can I substitute spelt with?
    I have celiacs in the family…:S

    Thanks, and Happy New Year!
    My swedish friend bought your latest book, it was the first things i did when i got up in the morning to read your beautiful amazing Green Kitchen Stories Cook Book!

  7. Jane
    Posted 20 May ’14 at 14:36 | #

    After learning all my bread baking skills in Denmark, I still can’t get used to dry yeast – can you use fresh yeast instead, and if so how much fresh yeast converts to the suggested packet of dry yeast?

  8. Maria Ines
    Posted 9 Jul ’14 at 12:32 | #

    Hey Green Kitchen Stories,

    I’ve baked this seed bread today, using whole rye flour. I don’t know what is though the bread has a very bitter flavour in the end – which I’m not big fan of. Do you think it could be the yeast? Bc the flavour reckons the smell of the dry yest when solved in water.
    Is it possible to substitute it for fresh baker’s yeast? If yes, what porportion would you suggest.

    Thank you very much!
    Btw later tonight I’m gonna try the strawberry and yougurt pie, with sunflower crust from your book :)

  9. Mariana
    Posted 12 Sep ’14 at 18:07 | #

    Hi, I really like your blog and your recipes are some of the favourites in the house. I want to try this one but I was wondering how long do they last and if I could bake it as a loaf instead of buns.

  10. Marianne
    Posted 18 Jun ’16 at 13:53 | #

    I made “these last the rye flour option you suggested in the ingredients list. However I used brown rice flour instead of corn flour. The buns turned out very moist and soft . Not as you describe “quite firm and crunchy”. I was surprised as I had read that recipes calling for either corn flour or rice flour can be replaced by the other with little affect on the baked product. Not that it was a problem as the buns tasted nice anyway. I froze most of them and defrosted them as needed. They tasted great drizzled in Greek extra virgin olive oil and a little salt and a poached egg.

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