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Grilled Beet Burgers

A while back someone asked me if I missed eating meat. All fellow vegetarians probably recognize this question. It seems to be one of those inevitable questions that you get every now and then. Since I haven’t tried it for the past 17 years, my answer is always the same: “I actually don’t even remember how it tastes. So no, I don’t miss meat. Not the least, actually”.

We love vegetables. Not only eating, we love everything about them. How they grow from the earth. How they differ depending on the season. How they can vary vastly in color, shape and flavor. And how all these different colors from the different vegetables add different nutrients to our body. It all feels so natural. So obvious. This is how it is supposed to be. Vegetables should be the central part of the plate. Not just a side dish.

So when you ask me if I miss meat. I should ask you; don’t you miss vegetables?


This beet burger is a great example of a vegetable focused dish. The flavor and texture of the beetroot is essential and affects everything in the burger. You could probably replace it with zucchini and carrots and it would also be awesome, but completely different. Another taste and another texture.

Here we have served the burger in a dark sourdough walnut bun from our favorite bakery. But we also often wrap it up in a cabbage leaf. Or serve it between to pieces of dark danish rye. If you want a dairy free burger you can replace the feta with tofu. Or you could do these Beetroot & Millet Burgers that we posted waaay back. If you want an entirely vegan burger you could always make our Portobello & Peach Burgers. Or try this awesome recipe by Laura from The First Mess.


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Beetroot & Feta Burger
Makes 6-8 burgers, depending on the size

3 cups / 750 ml grated raw beetroots (approx. 4-5 beets)
1,5 cups / 375 ml / 150 g rolled oats or flakes of your choice
1 small onion
7 oz / 200 g sheep’s feta cheese or firm tofu
2 cloves garlic
2 tbsp cold-pressed olive oil
2 organic eggs 
1 handful fresh basil

lettuce or cabbage

Peel and grate beets, onion and garlic on a box grater or use a food processor with the grating blades attached. Place the grated vegetables in a large mixing bowl. Add olive oil, eggs and rolled oats and mix everything well. Add sheep’s cheese or tofu, basil, salt and pepper and stir to combine. Set aside for about 30 minutes, so the oats can soak up the liquid and the mixture sets (this step is important for the patties to hold together). Try shaping a patty with your hands. If the mixture is to loose, add some more oats. Form 6-8 patties with your hands. Grill the beetroot burgers a couple of minutes on each side – or fry them in a frying pan by heating a knob of coconut oil or ghee and fry until golden on both sides. Serve with grilled sourdough bread and toppings of your choice.



  1. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 14:17 | #

    The wonderful beet. Oh and I do agree, how did people not get that the central part of a meal is the vegetables? To start with a green and build the meal around it – not the other way around. To me it’s a mystery.(The main picture in this post is fantastic! I wouldn’t mind getting a tip or two from you :) )

  2. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 14:33 | #

    Beet-based burgers are always my favorite! SO sweet and juicy! I can’t wait to try this. One can never have too many veggie burger recipes!

  3. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 14:48 | #

    These look incredible. More beautiful than any burger I’ve seen, meat or otherwise. Gorgeous.

  4. Djoeke
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 14:57 | #

    Wow that’s great! :) Thank you!
    The beet burgers look amazing, I’m going to try them soon.

  5. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 15:15 | #

    This looks amazing, I’m making this for dinner tonight!

  6. bell
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 15:19 | #

    i agree! veggies should be the star of the plate! not the fancy meat, pasta or bread!!!!

  7. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 15:23 | #

    These patties look absolutely delicious. A recipe to keep :)

  8. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 15:59 | #

    I just fell out of my chair. OMGGGG.

  9. Juli
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 17:32 | #

    This looks amazing! How would you replace the eggs for a vegan version?

    • Carolina Yng
      Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 18:10 | #

      Not really sure, but I feel like avocados might work instead of eggs..? :)

      • Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 19:03 | #

        Flaxmeal – 1 TBSP ground flaxmeal to 3 TBSP water = 1 egg
        Plus, you are adding some healthy Omegas as well.
        Chia seeds are also an option, as well as mashed potatoes, or cooked oatmeal, so many options available for vegan substitutes.

      • Juli
        Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 09:05 | #

        Thank you Carolina and Gloria! I’ll definitely try it!

      • Smallest Aye-Aye
        Posted 30 Sep ’13 at 00:37 | #

        I just made this with mashed potatoes replacing the eggs. I used potato flakes (“Idaho Spuds Mashed Potatoes”), mixed some with soymilk in a mug, and microwaved it for a minute. Alternately, just stick a small potato in the microwave for 7 minutes and mash it with some soymilk. These burgers are unbelievable; I’m definitely making this again!

  10. miri
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 18:11 | #

    how can i make those amazing burgers vegan?
    what can replace an egg?

  11. Som
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 18:14 | #

    I just scared the daylights out of my brother :D Thank you!

  12. Rachel
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 18:42 | #

    I just cannot wait to try these! Just waiting for my beetroot to grow bigger – this now sweltering british summer should help :-)

  13. Cosette
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 19:20 | #

    Oh these look so lovely! I’ve been meaning to make your other beet burgers but now i think i might have to make these instead… :) And by the way your photography is stunning! Have you ever thought of making a post to share your tips on food photography? Kind of like a ‘behind the scenes’.

  14. Henrik
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 19:39 | #

    Best looking burgers ever! The photos are such a treat that I don’t even need to eat them. :)

    Miri: You should be able to replace the eggs with flax, chia seeds, or psyllium husks.

    • shakti
      Posted 26 Aug ’13 at 10:12 | #

      This egg thing….. I still have a fairly strong physical reaction from childhood. Cannot bear yellow as it makes me feel physically sick. Also, lately, have been feeling very queay and sick just reading or talking about egg.
      Moving on SWIFTLY so relieved chia and flaxseed but I did not KNOW that about psyllium husk. I had been wondering if it may be a binder for veggie burgers (and a little for energy bars) as it does get pretty solid!

  15. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 19:41 | #

    I am so, so, so happy to see my name among the giveaway winners. I am so in love with everything that you do – recipes, photos, lifestyle, and I just can’t wait to receive my Ebook copy. Thank you very much!!

  16. Kaia
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 20:14 | #

    What would work instead of feta or tofu? I don’t eat dairy or soya but would love to try these. Any suggestions?

  17. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 20:36 | #

    Yes! All of the wonderful things you list about vegetables, this is very much how I feel too. They are so varied and seasonal and beautiful; all rising out of the magnificent and humble soil of the earth. Eating them with frequency seems to be the most natural thing to do.

    I love shredded beets in veggie burgers. This sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for linking to my recipe too! :)

  18. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 21:40 | #

    Ha! My boyfriend and I get asked if we miss meat all the time, and we just usually shrug off the question with a simple “No”…the question that bothers me the most is “where do you get your protein if you don’t eat meat?”. Soooo annoying!! haha This burger looks so fabulous! Love how bright it is :)

  19. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 22:59 | #

    These look delicious!! I can’t wait to try them at my next summer BBQ.

  20. Viki
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 23:13 | #

    I have a question for you; have you ever had trouble keeping your haemoglobin and red blood cell levels normal? i have been a vegetarian on a off for over a year but have ended up returning to meat because i cannot keep my blood parameters up. i have focused very closely on monitoring my iron intake however i always have to eat iron tablets in the end. any tips???

    • niyanta
      Posted 18 Nov ’15 at 13:30 | #

      hi! you should try including more green leafy vegetables like spinach in your diet. They are VERY rich in iron.

  21. Maria
    Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 23:46 | #

    Can I freeze them?

    • Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 00:30 | #

      Hi Maria, yes I suppose you could either freeze them before or after they are grilled/fried. I would probably freeze them before, for the best result.
      Good luck,

    • Kasia
      Posted 8 Oct ’17 at 23:27 | #

      Hi Maria!

      Have tou been sucessfull in freezing the burgers? If tes. Before or after grilling them?

      Thank you!

      • Christopher
        Posted 9 Oct ’17 at 08:41 | #

        Hi Kasia, I’ve frozen the beet burgers and it didn’t work! The amount of moisture increased after freezing so they broke up. Perhaps if cooking direct from the freezer may work – best of luck, Christopher

      • Posted 16 May ’18 at 15:10 | #

        Hi Kasia,

        I know you asked a while ago but for you and others that want to know I freeze these each time I make them and they freeze beautifully. I freeze before cooking and initially put them on a slice of greseproof paper on a baking tray in the freezer. Once frozen I put them in a freezer bag and just take them out on the morning Zi want to use them – perfect!

  22. Posted 22 Jul ’13 at 23:47 | #

    Yum…these look divine! I can almost taste that earthy beetroot flavour now. The colours in the shots with the made-up burgers are gorgeous!

  23. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 01:04 | #

    This post made me smile :) The burgers are beautiful and look delicious! I’m vegan though, so no milk or cheese or eggs for me!

    • HEIDI
      Posted 10 Mar ’14 at 18:41 | #

      Me too! Great VEGAN variations mentioned above! You can still enjoy :)
      Flaxmeal – 1 TBSP ground flaxmeal to 3 TBSP water = 1 egg
      Plus, you are adding some healthy Omegas as well.
      Chia seeds are also an option, as well as mashed potatoes, or cooked oatmeal, so many options available for vegan substitutes.

  24. Chiara
    Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 01:14 | #

    Very timely! I am eating something beetrooty after reading the health benefits of this amazing root! Apparently they also diminish wrinkles!! Beets feel like cellular nourishment for me!!! And the colour and flavour is just so earthy!! Thank you!

  25. michelle
    Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 02:27 | #

    I made these tonight for dinner. Doubled the recipe and used 2 cups of ground oats in place of 3 cups whole. Added 2 jalapeños and wow! what a great veggie burger! My husband loved it and I made a burrito with one for his lunch. Thanks for another fab recipe.

  26. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 02:42 | #

    Gorgeous burgers!!! I eat meat, but these look delicious.

  27. kim
    Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 02:43 | #

    yum! can’t wait to try these!
    any thoughts on what to add if i don’t eat feta or tofu??

  28. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 04:34 | #

    I’m asking myself why I’ve never eaten a beet burger – these look fantastic.

  29. Francesca
    Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 04:49 | #

    Thanks so much for the book guys! I’ve dived in already and am LOVING it. So happy to win this gem.

  30. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 05:03 | #

    What amazing colours! The burger looks gorgeous and sounds absolutely delicious! So inspirational, both food & photography!

  31. Yasmine
    Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 09:06 | #


    Just got your book, thank you very inspiring xx

  32. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 10:50 | #

    Wow, these look sumptuous. I’d have a bite or two of that, please.

    Lovely story, too. I get asked quite a lot if I miss dairy, cheese, meat, etc. Nope. Never. Only been vegan two years, but I can’t remember what cow’s milk tastes like. Plant-based tastes so much nicer.

  33. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 12:39 | #

    I love love love purple! And now what? A purple burger! That is brilliant and your photos are absolutely amazing. xx

  34. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 15:12 | #

    I saw these bad boys yesterday on Facebook and knew I had to stop by to check out the recipe. As always, it looks wonderful. Since my husband eats meat, I have definitely turned into more of a flexiatarian, though I never eat it at home and only eat a bite of a dish when I’m at a fine-dining establishment when I know they’re sourcing it locally and from reputable farmers. With that being said, I really don’t miss it. I prefer well cooked veggies over meat any day… and this burger is certainly an example of how satisfying a vegetarian dish can be.

  35. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 16:20 | #

    Great post, it is funny on the whole question of do you miss meat like a meal is not complete without it. I was really lucky in that both my parents were vegetarian and so I have never eaten meat which people always find staggering. The funny thing is I am 31 now and when I was a little kid I was constantly told how unhealthy it was but I never understood this and I guess I am having the last laugh as the world gradually realises that a vegetarian lifestyle is far more healthy.

    I will give these burgers a try but I have a mental block with burgers and they normally turn out all mushy although it is usually when I use beans or chickpeas. Do you have any tips?

  36. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 17:01 | #

    Perfekt :-)

  37. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 18:40 | #

    What a very interesting twist on veggie burgers, looks great for summer! Thanks for sharing

  38. Posted 23 Jul ’13 at 22:37 | #

    This looks sooooo tasty! Any suggestions on how to make this without the oats???

  39. Posted 24 Jul ’13 at 03:13 | #

    Looks like a great burger to turn into sliders:)

  40. Posted 24 Jul ’13 at 09:46 | #

    Wow! the beetroot patties look amazing! The perfect burger for a summer dinner.

  41. Oryx
    Posted 24 Jul ’13 at 12:04 | #

    This looked so good, I had to try them right away! I made the yesterday for dinner and they were delicious. A bit difficult to eat though, because the patties were so soft, even after frying them. Next time I will definitely add more oats.
    I made mine with avocado cream, tomatoes, red onion and radicchio.
    Really, really yum, thanks for sharing this great recipe :)

  42. Trish
    Posted 24 Jul ’13 at 13:26 | #

    Can’t belive I won your ebook. Thank you so much !

    I have been a big fan of your blog since you were showcased in the Sunday Times. I love the way you always seem to come up with a fresh take on putting things together. I take great delight in your success.

    Best wishes,

  43. Posted 24 Jul ’13 at 20:42 | #

    Grrr…….. burgers – i love that one

  44. Posted 25 Jul ’13 at 04:47 | #

    Oh la la, those beet burgers look splendid! I’ll add them to my list for when we return from our vacation. Thanks for the recipe.
    I enjoyed reading about your love for vegetables. I often get the same question and wonder why people are SO focus on getting “animal protein” rather than the healthy plant-based one? Being vegetarian is not about what we cannot eat, but what we choose to eat intentionally isn’t it?
    Btw, great picture of the sunset.

  45. Posted 25 Jul ’13 at 05:38 | #

    The colours, the colours! Beets tend to make everything look like a brilliant rainbow. And I’m always surprised at how well they work with savoury, meaty ingredients.

  46. Posted 25 Jul ’13 at 13:49 | #

    Love this idea! Definitely worth a try!

  47. Posted 25 Jul ’13 at 18:34 | #

    This are beautiful beyond words. Beet Burger? Why not!

  48. Posted 25 Jul ’13 at 20:43 | #

    The burger looks great! As long as there’s lots of feta, I’ll stomach the beets =)

  49. shakti
    Posted 26 Jul ’13 at 00:43 | #

    Scrumptious recipes, beetroot tastes so good AND is good for you too!
    Do our think that hey will work a well with egg substitute?
    I like the sound of using avocado too.

  50. Agnes
    Posted 26 Jul ’13 at 13:34 | #

    Yesterday I made these burgers, they were perfect! :) Also my 3 and a half year old daughter loved them. Today I prepared them with zucchini and replaced egg with chia, they turned out a bit softer, but still very delicious and held together well.

  51. Posted 26 Jul ’13 at 18:20 | #

    YAY, I WON! \O/
    Thank you sooo much, so happy! :)

  52. Posted 27 Jul ’13 at 00:09 | #

    Amazing!! I definitely have to try this soon :-)
    Kh. Christina

  53. Posted 27 Jul ’13 at 09:49 | #

    ahh the power of beets! these look awesome.

  54. Lindsay
    Posted 28 Jul ’13 at 19:38 | #

    I made these for lunch with the beets from my weekly CSA! We’re not vegetarians and we did top them with bacon (oops!) but they were so good! we used a savory herb mix that came in our CSA instead of basil and I put quite a bit more oat in it because I didn’t wait for them to soak as long as you recommended. Even the baby liked them! I’ll probably make them several more times this season as long as the beets are growing and I might add black beans or corn pulsed in the food processor as well.

  55. Posted 29 Jul ’13 at 11:48 | #

    This recipe is easy to follow and the food looks fantastic. It has been a while since I ate a burger but I am very tempted ha ha.

  56. Posted 30 Jul ’13 at 01:53 | #

    I am so happy you posted this recipe. I’ve had a beet veggie burger only one time in LA and have never had one again. I am definitely going to try this recipe. Beets provide so much iron and I use it for juicing, but now I will have to try these burgers. However, I am allergic to egg yolk (I know, weird), but not the egg whites, I wonder if I can alter that part of the recipe a bit and still have the same success. We’ll see… I will let you know how it turns out! Thanks!

  57. Rhiannon
    Posted 30 Jul ’13 at 18:44 | #

    I wonder if it would be insane to sub the cheese/tofu for mashed avocado? Too much? Too crazy?!

    • Rhiannon
      Posted 30 Jul ’13 at 18:48 | #

      or even a combo of avocado and mashed black beans?

  58. Rachel B
    Posted 31 Jul ’13 at 04:29 | #

    How wonderful to read a post about the “do you miss meat” question. I have been a vegetarian for 16 years (I made the decision when I was 11- so I really don’t remember meat!) and my parents still ask me almost every day!

  59. Bianca
    Posted 1 Aug ’13 at 09:24 | #

    Although I LOVE my vegetables I never liked Beetroot and Okra. They tasted yucky and I never knew what to do with them. I am so thankful that since finding your blog I decided to give the humble beet another try – now I regularly eat your Beet Bouguignon (cookbook revised edition is so Devine!), Beet soup with horseradish yoghurt, the Beet/Millet burger and now these too! I now LOVE beet and get all the health benefits of eating it – thank you so much! Maybe you can change my mind on Okra too haha!! XX

  60. Posted 1 Aug ’13 at 17:43 | #

    Thanks for great dinner. I did it yesterday for our dinner and it was a tasty experience. Thanks

  61. Posted 1 Aug ’13 at 18:30 | #

    you had me at ‘beet’! these look divine! thank you thank you!

  62. Posted 2 Aug ’13 at 08:44 | #

    these look incredible. burgers are my weakness so any healthy alternative is always welcome! can’t wait to try them.

  63. Billy Zoet
    Posted 6 Aug ’13 at 11:07 | #

    i made these burgers yesterday and they where really really tasty! it felt very nutritious and the vegetables go very well toghether. we put some yoghurt on top wich made them even more fresh! thank you so much for this recipe!

  64. Angela
    Posted 7 Aug ’13 at 19:43 | #

    Hi David and Louisa, thanks for your wonderful recipes. Just like Bianca, i neither liked beets. They always were my least favorite vegetable. Since i visit your blog though, I had to try some of the recipes like Beet Bourguignon and off course the most beautiful burgers i’ve ever seen. And even if mine looked only half as nice as yours…those were the best burgers i’ve ever tried! Thanks a lot for your wonderful recipes!

  65. Posted 12 Aug ’13 at 13:31 | #

    Hi guys, don’t know if you’ll have time to answer this question, but my family and I are travelling from Ireland to Peru and I was going to follow your travelling food tips. However, although we absolutely adore your lentil summer rolls I do find that that their texture goes a bit rubbery… if by some miracle any are left over. So I’m wondering, do you think these beet burgers would also be a good option. I’ve made them and we all loved them and I ate a left over burger the next day which was still delicious! Many thanks and thanks for making cooking an exciting prospect every day.

  66. Posted 13 Aug ’13 at 00:34 | #

    Oops! Obviously not getting enough sleep due to waking baby has made me even more stupid than usual! This post was meant for My Sprouted Kitchen! So embarrassing! Sorry guys! But I’m still in love with beet burgers and am definitely going to cook them as our travel snack. Cringing!

  67. Posted 14 Aug ’13 at 20:46 | #

    Wooow! These burgers look super delicious and the list of ingredients doesn’t call for too exotic things. I’m totally making these for the BBQ on Saturday.
    Do you know if these patties work on an average grill or just in a pan? I’ve noticed that a lot of veggie patties tend to stick on the grill.

  68. Elsa
    Posted 15 Aug ’13 at 13:27 | #

    It was THE best burger experience of my life! Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring recipe! I personalized the recipe by adding sprouts, grated sweet potato, and grated carrots into the burger mixture. The basil perfectly enhanced the taste of the dish.
    It is such a pleasure to read your recipes and look at your beautiful and skillful pictures. Please continue to create such delcious food.

  69. Alicia
    Posted 22 Aug ’13 at 18:40 | #

    Seriously nice! Even my 6 years old loved it. Bread for the boys, big lettuce leave for me and homemade coleslaw for everyone. Delicious!

  70. michelle
    Posted 23 Aug ’13 at 01:26 | #

    I doubled this recipe, baked instead of grilled and these are the very best veggie burgers I’ve ever tasted. My husband (who loves beef burgers) prefers them now over any other burger.

  71. Posted 24 Aug ’13 at 08:36 | #

    These look delicious! Do you think they would withstand being frozen (in their uncooked state) if I don’t manage to finish them all in one evening?

  72. adele
    Posted 24 Aug ’13 at 16:31 | #

    these look, delishous, i have a large butternut squash pumpkin in the fridge, i might try that in place of the beetroot

  73. Posted 25 Aug ’13 at 01:14 | #

    I made these for my friends tonight for dinner – thank you SO much – what a wonderful recipe! Absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to make more of your recipes now.

  74. shira
    Posted 30 Aug ’13 at 03:08 | #

    Made these beet burgers tonight. In a word – AMAZING. I am so stuffed with goodness right now ;)
    The kids loved them too, and my kids hate veggies. Sad, but true.

  75. Posted 30 Aug ’13 at 10:21 | #

    I just wanted to post a quick comment about these fantastic beetroot burgers. I have made them several times over the summer since you posted the recipe – they are delicious. So lovely for us vegetarians to have a proper decent burger! I’ve even found that the freeze well too. I cook them first, cool them and then layer them up with little squares of baking paper between them. Once defrost I either fry them briefly or pop them in the oven to heat through. Thanks for this recipe – it will be made in our household for many years to come no doubt. x

  76. Posted 7 Sep ’13 at 02:29 | #

    Oh my, this a gorgeous recipe, I just adore it! Thank you. I’ve recently waxed on about it on my blog, so yes, it’s true love… http://applesundermybed.com/2013/09/07/beet-patties/
    Thank you so much! Heidi xo

  77. Sarah
    Posted 7 Sep ’13 at 13:40 | #

    These burgers taste amazing I have made them loads and everyone loves them my meat eating husband says they are better than a beef burger ;)

  78. Posted 9 Sep ’13 at 16:00 | #

    I ate something like this when I was in Australia. Ooooh it is so good. Gonna try this recipe :) thank you!

  79. Sarah Lizzie
    Posted 12 Sep ’13 at 20:48 | #

    These are AMAZING!! I didn’t have eggs or feta, so used flax meal, cream cheese and grana Padano instead. I baked them in the oven rather than grill or fry. I can’t wait to make them again. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

  80. Posted 17 Sep ’13 at 15:59 | #

    Just wanted to let you know I made these last night and they were amazing! Switched out the parsley for the basil. Thanks!

  81. Raj
    Posted 4 Oct ’13 at 07:25 | #

    I really laughed out loud on reading “do you miss veggies” – keep up the good work

  82. Posted 5 Oct ’13 at 04:47 | #

    I made these for dinner last night with gluten free bread rolls, avocado, lettuce & Tomato (and Michael had cheese)… DELISH. Thank you for posting! Keep up the good work x

  83. Anastasia
    Posted 10 Oct ’13 at 19:27 | #

    Even without bread they taste great! What an excellent idea!Thanks for amazing new style recipes and beautiful website!

  84. Kathy
    Posted 11 Oct ’13 at 20:12 | #

    I made these last night for the first time and they were fantastic. Only had a little feta so added some goat cheese as well. Put goat cheese on one side of the bun along with avocado, lettuce, onion and tomato. Delicious! And it was really easy to make.

  85. Heather
    Posted 20 Oct ’13 at 23:50 | #

    Wonderful recipe. Must admit I roasted the beetroot first but tasted delicious and even a hit with my toddler and non-veggie husband. Thank you! :)

  86. Posted 22 Oct ’13 at 15:27 | #

    So happy to finally make these now that beets are back in season in Oz ! Also wNted to say that finally have your book in hand thanks to the beautiful people at Kikki K – it’s superb !! X

  87. Ursula
    Posted 15 Nov ’13 at 18:13 | #

    I got a lot of liquid from the beetroot (which I grated manually). Not sure if should eliminate it to dry the “dough” a bit, as the egg may go with it… Any tips?
    Thank you!!

  88. Eva
    Posted 19 Dec ’13 at 23:49 | #

    WOW. These burgers are simply out of this world!!
    I made them with buckwheat flakes, grated goat’s cheese and replaced one egg with Orgran’s no-egg mix to see if that would work (it did, perfectly). As the coup de grâce I topped them with fried crimini mushrooms, broccoli sprouts and avocado, and tucked everything neatly between two slices of toasted gluten-free bread… HEAVEN. Delicious, healthy, quick and so much fun to eat, I just couldn’t help smiling!! :))

  89. wally
    Posted 15 Jan ’14 at 22:42 | #

    heaven !

  90. Ivana
    Posted 20 Jan ’14 at 07:30 | #

    Hiya, i tried these tonight and they were nice but missing something. I tried it with the tofu and mint instead of basil (its all i had). Im wondering because tofu doesnt have as much flavour as feta that maybe it needed something else? also i dont think the mint is strong enough for it, so will def try with the basil next time

  91. Lori
    Posted 19 Feb ’14 at 19:31 | #

    I tried these burgers this weekend and my family LOVED them. The recipe made quite a few more burgers than the 6-8 (maybe because of the size of the beets we were using. Definetly use the Box Grater! These were awesome fried with a little butter, and topped off with lots of fresh veggies and a little spicy ketchup/chipotle sauce. YUM!

  92. Elisabeth
    Posted 3 Mar ’14 at 15:18 | #

    I made these yesterday and they were perfect! The texture was very nice and the basil (we used more than in this recipe) worked well with the sweetness of the beets. A tip is to put the burgers (after they are fried) in the oven at 150°C for about 15-30 minutes before serving which really helps the burgers to hold together ;)

  93. Lindsay
    Posted 25 Mar ’14 at 04:19 | #

    I made these burgers, alongside baked sweet potato fries for myself and 5-year-old daughter to eat outside on our first warm day of spring and we both LOVED them. The mixture is so easy to make and the flavor turns out amazing…even the neighborhood kids wanted to try a bite of the “purple burgers”. I will absolutely be using this recipe from now on for veggie burgers as I honestly do not see the need for anything else. Thank you so much for a wonderful recipe via your app….such a treat!

  94. Posted 1 Apr ’14 at 11:13 | #

    These are by far the best veggie-burgers i have ever tried! So easy to make and the patties hold together so well! have made these a dozen times already and will be making them every time the burger cravings arise:D

  95. Camille Guertin
    Posted 7 May ’14 at 15:05 | #

    These burgers are absolutely amazing. I had them without the bun (as I’m GF) and they were DELICIOUS! My boyfriend had prepared a ‘chipotle sour cream’ mix (sour cream with chipotle, paprika and lime) and it went really well with these! The mango & avocado toppings go beautifully with the burgers. Thanks for the GREAT recipe! :)

  96. Carolina
    Posted 21 May ’14 at 16:06 | #

    He! I made these burgers for a charity dinner last Sunday and everybody really enjoyed them! Thank you!

  97. Posted 13 Jun ’14 at 14:59 | #

    Thank you for the inspiration with this recipe. I prepared these burgers using bulgur instead of oats since it’s what I had on hand and used homemade buns because I always have some in the freezer.
    I really liked the texture in these burgers; juicy, not mushy and succulent. It is one of the best recipes I’ve tried so far. And they taste divine!

  98. Cyndy
    Posted 2 Jul ’14 at 03:54 | #

    My daughter made these first, then shared recipe with me (the mom), and then younger daughter. We all really love these beet burgers!!!! (and even the carnivore husbands like em) Yea! Thanks!!!

  99. Kerstin Graham
    Posted 12 Jul ’14 at 03:21 | #

    Wow. I made these for my roommate and myself tonight and they were just AMAZING. I added chopped portabella mushrooms (because I love mushrooms), which was very yummy. However I’m not sure how much of a difference this would have made since it was my first time trying the recipe. These are by far some of the best “burgers” I have ever had — and I eat beef!

  100. Ruby
    Posted 13 Jul ’14 at 11:37 | #

    These are amazing burgers – the texture is just perfect

  101. Glenn
    Posted 27 Aug ’14 at 17:04 | #

    I made these for the first time about a month ago…i’ve made them 3 times since. I’m a meat eater and these beetburgers will hold their own against many of the hamburgers i’ve had in my life. Didn’t have eggs the other night, used a 1:2 cornstarch and water mixture, worked just fine.

  102. Louise
    Posted 3 Dec ’14 at 21:27 | #

    Hi! I am relatively new to your blog and i just had to let you know that i can’t get enough of it. Your recipes are amazing! Really inspiring.
    I tried these beetroot and feta burgers this afternoon and was surprised how easy they were to make. And so tasty. Just a bit messy!
    I can’t wait to try more of your recipes and experiment myself.
    Thank you GKS.

  103. Marie-France
    Posted 9 Dec ’14 at 14:56 | #

    Just had those for lunch today…. I haven’t landed from heaven yet !!! The best veggie burgers ever. I still needed to spread a little something over my bread tough: I opt for a pea sized dairy free cream cheese. Super yummy. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe. Marie

  104. Margot
    Posted 11 Jan ’15 at 11:32 | #

    I’ve wanted to try these burgers for sooo long! (Maybe more than a year) Everytime I did an attempt, the shops were sold out on raw beets.
    Yesterday I tried again, the supermarket had 1 (!) beet left, a big one though. I decided to just give it a go and used 1/2 a parsnip to complement the beets.

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT. It was sooo tasty.

    It defenitily completely altered my vieuw on meatless burgers (or burgers at all). I will repeat this recipe many times, including trying out all your other burger/falafel recipes. Thank you!

  105. Posted 10 Feb ’15 at 22:32 | #

    Just made these burgers and I loved them! I loved them so much that I translated the recipe into a Dutch one. Hope that’s OK with you. You can find it on my blog ‘lekkeretenmetcandida.blogspot.nl’. Your blog is way nicer, but I’m just starting ;-)

  106. Posted 18 Feb ’15 at 14:21 | #

    My boyfriend and I had these today and we were amazed at how delicious they taste! Thank you.

  107. jimena
    Posted 25 Feb ’15 at 01:30 | #

    Just made this! AMAZING.

    I skipped the cheese and tofu,added some “ají” (yellow chili pepper) and used quinoa flour instead of oats and it was delicious. Served with salad, avocado and sweet potatoes.

    Cheers from Peru and thank you for the wonderful recipes!

  108. Riva
    Posted 18 Mar ’15 at 19:42 | #

    Just made my first (of many) GK meals. It was these and they were delicious! Definitely going to make these for my vegetarian cousin this summer.

  109. Posted 30 May ’15 at 20:51 | #

    The “do you miss meat question” comes out of guilt for eating meat and interest in how you do it. It’s more fascinating than annoying. Most vegetarians do not expect anyone else to live as they do but meat eaters seem intimated by vegetarians and the decision to abstain from animal consumption.

    Also, friends want to hang with you but they cannot fathom where to go for a meal if you are vegetarian … When there’s always something on the menu for everyone.

  110. Emily
    Posted 9 Jul ’15 at 21:19 | #

    I made this recipe, but substituted with several different types of beets (Ciotta, golden, blankoma and bulls blood!), and I’ve included the beet greens (steamed first and chopped). They’ve turned into rainbow burgers, and are beautiful!! Thanks for the recipe!

  111. Bri
    Posted 11 Jul ’15 at 03:47 | #

    great recipe! I used 1 cup shredded beet, 1/2 cup shredded carrots. cooked it on the grill over foil first then took it off and put it on the grill without (or else it would have called apart). this was the first time i’ve ever tried beets and i was very impressed

  112. Christopher Wickens
    Posted 27 Sep ’15 at 19:04 | #

    Just discovered this website and beet recipe – totally delicious and I speak as a carnivore!!

  113. Iryna and Illya
    Posted 18 Oct ’15 at 16:09 | #

    It just made these lovely burgers again. They are light, nutritious and tasty. I am eating one now on the top of my rice cracker with hummus… Mmm! Thank you for the wonderful recipes!

  114. Aed
    Posted 13 Dec ’15 at 23:12 | #

    These are delicious I just made them and even my boyfriend indulged! I topped mine with grilled peppers, tomatoes, avocado and rocket. I also replaced the egg with Chia.

    I wish I could post a picture.

  115. Posted 28 Jan ’16 at 10:12 | #

    I’ve made them several times already and each time is like a feast! Usually I also make the buns. These are definitely my favorite veggie burgers and also one of my favorite meals, I always get really excited when we’re about to eat them with all the little bowls of different toppings on the table.

  116. Edith Marie
    Posted 28 Jan ’16 at 17:54 | #

    Our 16 month daughter loves them – we made small patties and nicknamed them ‘beet balls’! We ate these with homemade buns (chickpea and cumin), sprouts, salad etc.) Thank you a new family favourite!

  117. Posted 9 Feb ’16 at 15:06 | #

    I made these last night for our (delayed) super bowl party. They were a big hit! It’s hard to get a compliment out of my GF but these did and she was even happier when she realized they more or less fit her nutritionist’s guidelines.

    I cut the recipe to make just 2 burgers and I didn’t add as much oats as called for to keep carbs down, so I had to squeeze a bit of liquide out when forming the patties. But they held together well after. I also used cilantro in place of basil. Served with avocado and tomato on the bun.

    Extremely filling. Can’t wait to make them again. Thank you!

  118. Eleanor
    Posted 27 Feb ’16 at 19:21 | #

    I made these for lunch today and they were amazing. I served them with horseradish creme fraiche which is simply creme fraiche with a touch of horseradish sauce stirred in – I don’t like horseradish but used this way it is fantastic and goes brilliantly with these burgers.

  119. Posted 8 Apr ’16 at 02:15 | #

    I am not personally a vegetarian but I do have a ton of friends who are so this recipe is AMAZING and I am so excited to schedule a BBQ and not be nervous about what I am making my veggie loving friends eat! Thank you for sharing!

  120. Posted 10 Apr ’16 at 15:49 | #

    I’m drooling right now.
    Can’t wait to try this!

  121. Marieke
    Posted 22 Sep ’16 at 20:03 | #

    First time I made my own veggie burgers and these are absolutely delicious!

  122. Posted 5 Dec ’16 at 19:23 | #

    This tatsted outstanding. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


  123. Claire
    Posted 9 Apr ’17 at 21:17 | #

    Did these for our first bbq if the year & they won our hearts. Hopefully i can freeze the uncooked ones!!

  124. Claudia Zäch
    Posted 17 Apr ’17 at 14:28 | #

    These Patties are really delicious and look spectacular. I was lazy and used precooked Beets and it worked out great. Its easy to change the taste and use different spices. Give out a twist with Zatar or Curry or a bit of Thaicurrypaste or whatever your spice rack or herbgarden offers.
    We had them in Burgers and yesterday at a Easterbrunch on top a Leaf-Salad with Mustard-Balsamic Dressing to give the beets a tangy kick. Even Meatlovers liked them a lot and they where gone in a blink! A hurrah for beets!

  125. Cori
    Posted 1 Jun ’17 at 00:28 | #

    Just made this for dinner, they were great. Thank for for the great vegetarian recipes. I raise my own free range chickens, so love eggs.

  126. Inês
    Posted 27 Apr ’18 at 16:26 | #

    I want to try these, but I wonder if I can make them in advance. I see some people try to freeze them and it didn’t work. How long do you think they keep in the fridge after being cooked?

  127. Kathryn
    Posted 6 Aug ’18 at 19:03 | #

    I know there are already so many great reviews, but I feel compelled to add to the choir. These burgers are out of this world good, better than any veggie burger I’ve had except for the beet burger they sell at a restaurant in my town. I no longer am dependent on them ha ha! I followed the recipe exactly, adding a bit more oats at the end because the better didn’t seem firm enough, and it was perfect. Thank you SO much for this recipe!!

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