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Cold Sweet Summer Soup

When we asked for your help to try out a book recipe, we could never ever imagine what kind of response we would get. Even though we won’t be able to personally thank all of you 700(!!!) volunteers, do know that we are overwhelmed, flattered and grateful by your support.

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of today’s recipe before. It’s a traditional Danish summer soup called Koldskål. I have had this every summer since I was a kid, it is the perfect sunshine meal. In Denmark we eat it for breakfast, lunch, dessert and sometimes even as a dinner (which David think is very strange). It just goes hand in hand with a really hot summer day. Koldskål hardly takes any time to make, and still it fills you up in a light and satisfying way. The original recipe calls for ingredients that only seems to be available in Denmark (ymer & kernemælk). Therefore we have made our own, slightly differently sweetened and a tad more International version. We have also altered the recipe so you can choose whether you want it dairy free or not. We have tried both versions at home, and they are both good.

What else is new? Oh that’s right. Some of our friends arranged a small festival in the middle of the woods, last weekend. They had built stages, bars, eating places, parking area and a tent space, all by themselves. There were festival bracelets, homemade money and the whole shebang. Such a fun event. Unfortunately we could only stay one day, since we were so busy with the book. But it was lots of fun. We even made a recipe from the book, and served all the vegetarians at the festival. Luckily they liked it.

Elsa snuck away from the festival to pick wild strawberries. David taught her how to put them on a straw, just like he did when he was a kid. Doesn’t it look sweet!?

Koldskål – Cold Sweet Summer Soup
makes 2 liters (this is quite a large batch, but we thought it was better to make a lot, so you can stay out of the kitchen for the rest of the day)

20 fresh medjool dates, pitted
5 eggs (pasteurized if you like)
4 cups / 1 liter organic thin cultured milk, like kefir OR cultured buttermilk OR oat milk
4 cups / 1 liter organic thick cultured milk, like yogurt (goat, cow, soy, oat or the kind you prefer)
1 tsp vanilla extract OR 1/2 tsp ground vanilla
1 organic lemon, juice & zest
1 batch fresh strawberries and raspberries

Start by mashing your pitted dates with a fork until sticky. Beat the eggs and mix them with the date mash (this is to prevent your blender from overheating). Then place the mixture in a blender and pulse a few times. Add milk, yogurt, vanilla and lemon and blend on high speed, until light and frothy. Serve chilled, in bowls with slices of strawberries and raspberries. Top with a few elderflowers, if you can still find them.


  1. Posted 19 Jul ’12 at 18:54 | #

    Ah, Darling Sweethearts! It seems you have a great time not after all the INTENSE photo shooting and you are SO worth it! The recipe looks very interesting and I have never heard of it even though I am aaaalmost in Denmark;)

    Wishing you a great summer time and sending hugs to all three of you honeys!

  2. Posted 19 Jul ’12 at 19:19 | #

    This looks sensational. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Posted 19 Jul ’12 at 19:56 | #

    I’m very intrigued by this recipe David, Luise and Elsa. I often eat cold fruit with ice-cold yogurt and milk when the weather gets hot, but never with eggs in it as well.

    I will speak to my chickens and see if they would like to provide the necessary to try it out :-)

    Well done on all your hard work with the book.

  4. Posted 19 Jul ’12 at 20:41 | #

    Sounds delicious! Is it traditional to use dates?

    • Rikke
      Posted 20 Jul ’12 at 16:39 | #

      nope.. traditionally you just mix buttermilk, eggs, kefir, vanillaextract and sugar… basically, no dates :-) But every danish family has their own recipe..

  5. Posted 19 Jul ’12 at 20:42 | #

    I love cool and refreshing summer soups with fruit, and those berries look perfect! Elsa is so sweet with her berries on the straw.

  6. Posted 20 Jul ’12 at 03:47 | #

    Beautiful as always.

  7. emily
    Posted 20 Jul ’12 at 13:57 | #

    This sounds wonderful. I love cold dessert soups. And pretty as always!

  8. Posted 20 Jul ’12 at 14:30 | #

    Oh I want this every Saturday morning! Delicious.

  9. Posted 20 Jul ’12 at 14:45 | #

    What a fabulously refreshing & healthy summer soup! Really love the Medjool date sweetener too. I know the richness of eggs probably makes it special but I would love to recommend it to my chemotherapy patients without the eggs. I hope this is permissible! And what a special weekend festival. It looks impromptu but I bet they put loads of planning in to make it look and feel that way :D A great antidote to the corporate way larger festivals have gone the way of.

  10. Posted 20 Jul ’12 at 16:45 | #

    Elsa looks incredibly sweet and concentrated on her task!
    About the “soup”: kind of intriguing! I’m curious to try it out…
    Congratulations for the blog (and the book) btw. first time commenting, but long time following!

  11. Posted 20 Jul ’12 at 16:46 | #

    this soup looks utterly refreshing – and given my recent obsession with yogurt, it’s right up my alley! I’ll try this and post it on my blog if it works out.

    Also love the idea of stringing strawberries together – I’ll have to do that with my toddler (though, knowing him, he’ll have to be covered head-to-toe in plastic sheeting before I let hime try it!)

  12. Ver
    Posted 20 Jul ’12 at 17:01 | #

    Hey, I just wanted to point out that there used to be a bunch of links on the right side of the banner on the top of your blog, and if using Chrome they haven’t been there for a while now. They do show up with Internet Explorer though. Just letting you know in case that wasn’t done on purpose :)

  13. Posted 20 Jul ’12 at 20:55 | #

    elsa is such a cutie!! oh my gosh:) and that soup sounds perfect! yum!

  14. Posted 20 Jul ’12 at 21:57 | #

    Back when I lived in Ohio, I used to play at a festival, just like you described, in the middle of the woods every summer. It was always the highlight of the season. I’m jealous!

  15. Jes
    Posted 21 Jul ’12 at 05:06 | #

    I recently made your Gluten Free Muesli but did not have and couldn’t find in the shops Apple Syrup….What would you recommend as a substitute?

  16. Posted 21 Jul ’12 at 13:05 | #

    To this transplanted American, this recipe seems so EXOTIC! I love the idea of a chilled yogurt soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How refreshing and healthy!

  17. Posted 21 Jul ’12 at 14:25 | #

    This soup is beautiful! I’ve never heard of it (like you predicted) but it sounds lovely!

  18. Posted 22 Jul ’12 at 07:44 | #

    This sounds very delicious!!

  19. Posted 22 Jul ’12 at 11:57 | #

    Thanks for the recipe – perfect for hot summer days. In Germany, you get similar dishes (called “Kaltschale”) – fruit-based soups, mainly made with berries or cherries, that are served as main meal or dessert.

  20. Majissima
    Posted 22 Jul ’12 at 23:17 | #

    Looks delicious… It reminds me of a soup that my grandma always makes in summer, with blueberries and warm crunchy croutons … yummy :)

  21. Posted 23 Jul ’12 at 12:13 | #

    I’m definitely in love with this recipe. Being a true Dane that really loves Koldskål, especially with fresh Danish strawberries, but not being able to eat dairy products makes it hard. And Iøm so thrilled about this recipe that makes it possible for me. THANK YOU! I am SO going to try this very soon! Happy monday –
    Benedikte, Denmark

  22. Posted 23 Jul ’12 at 16:35 | #

    I love the idea of a cold summer soup that includes fruit instead of vegetables. Beautiful photo of your daughter. How sweet! Good luck with the cookbook, how exciting :) Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  23. Posted 23 Jul ’12 at 16:47 | #

    This is a great idea to use the last strawberries available here in France.

  24. Posted 24 Jul ’12 at 14:02 | #

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    I would like to talk to you about a recipe writing / food photography opportunity you may be interested in.
    Please contact me so I can provide you with more details about this project.
    I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

  25. Ver
    Posted 25 Jul ’12 at 13:09 | #

    I tried this recipe today and it was absolutely delicious. I loved the taste of dates with yogurt. I still have some dates, so I’m also trying the carrot cake one of these days :)

  26. Christina
    Posted 26 Jul ’12 at 13:32 | #

    Yum! Definitely not the last time I’ve made this delicious koldskål. It was a truly amazing and refreshing meal in the danish summer heat yesterday. Thanks!

  27. Posted 7 Aug ’12 at 15:50 | #

    Hi David and Luise, I “awarded” you a Versatile Blogger Award! To see what that means, visit this post on my blog: http://granolameetsgrits.com/2012/08/07/versatile-blogger-award/#

    On the one hand I am thrilled to share your blog with my readers because I like it so much, but on the other hand I am sorry because I realize this is kind of like those silly chain letters I always threw away when I was younger. :) If you would rather not post about this on your blog, I will not be offended in the least. Just wanted to include you on my list of favorites, that is all!

    Let me know if you have any questions I can answer, though I don’t know much about this thing myself. :) Have a good day!

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