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Chanterelle, Quinoa & Tofu Stir-Fry

This meal first happened a few days ago when Luise and I worked late and my mom had spent the afternoon with the kids. They had already eaten (this parsnip soup) so we had the rare opportunity to only cook something for ourselves. With no specific plan, we opened the fridge and pulled out some leftover vegetables. A half bag of chanterelles left from a dinner I had during the weekend, a pack of tofu, some greens and a corn cob that we had remaining from our csa box. We fried it up with onion and garlic, added some pre-cooked quinoa (a staple in our fridge), black pepper and lime. We also found a small piece of feta cheese that we crumbled over the stir-fry at the last minute. It was a 10-minute one-pan autumn dinner and it was exactly what we both wanted. Apparently it was also what Elsa wanted, cause she stole the tofu and chanterelles of my plate (even though she claims that she hate both mushrooms and tofu).


A few notes: Vegans can easily just leave out the feta cheese (and perhaps add some more lime and salt for extra flavour). If you are not vegan, I imagine that a poached egg could be nice on top of this. Or just scrambled into the stir-fry, thai style. If you don’t have any quinoa you can use rice or millet instead. And it goes without saying that you can add or subtract almost any vegetables to this, depending on season and availability. Funnel chanterelles are coming to season here in Sweden now, so next time we’ll probably use those instead of the chanterelles.

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Chanterelle, Quinoa & Tofu Stir Fry
Serves 4

1 large onion
2 cloves garlic

1 tbsp cold-pressed coconut oil or olive oil
1 zucchini
1 fennel bulb (with top greens if you can find it)
2 cups / 400 g / 14 oz organic GMO-free firm tofu
10 oz / 300 g fresh chanterelle mushrooms or mushrooms of choice
1-2 tsp sea salt and black pepper, to your preference
2 1/2 cups / 600 ml cooked quinoa, any color (1 cup / 200 g uncooked)
2 large handfuls baby spinach

For serving
4-5 sprigs chopped parsley or fennel top greens (or both!)

3 1/2 oz / 100 g crumbled feta cheese, (optional)
1 corn cob, kernels cut off with a sharp knife.
2 limes, juice

Chop onion and garlic very finely. Heat coconut oil in a skillet on medium to high heat. When hot, add the onions and garlic and let fry until fragrant. Meanwhile chop zucchini and fennel into coarse pieces and cut the tofu into small squares. Add everything to the skillet and stir to combine. Clean the chanterelles with a soft brush (baking brush or toothbrush), if they are very dirty wash them with a little water and dry well. Slice the stem and the cap lengthwise into large pieces and add them to the skillet along with salt and a generous amount of black pepper and sear for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until everything is tender, but still with a chewy texture. Add the cooked quinoa and spinach and combine everything, keep stirring until the spinach is wilted down. Season to taste. Serve in bowls and garnish with a generous amount of finely chopped parsley, feta cheese and corn kernels and squeeze over 1/2 lime per serving.


  1. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 16:51 | #

    What a great end-of-summer/welcome-to-fall dish. Beautiful!

  2. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 16:59 | #

    I was thinking about what to eat for dinner tonight, now I know! ;) Thanks for the recipe!

    • Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 17:01 | #

      One question: do you use raw corn kennels?

      • Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 17:20 | #

        Hi Marieke, yes if you find fresh sweet corn you can eat the kernels raw. Just squeeze some lime and salt over, it’s super fresh and tasty.

  3. Nathalia
    Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 17:17 | #

    Oh this is exactly what I’m craving at the moment. Looks so good!!

  4. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 18:03 | #

    This looks like what I want to eat for dinner. I always eat corn after I cook it, but I bet that this corn still raw is perfect with the stir fry.

  5. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 18:29 | #

    I love the spontaneous approach to this stir-fry. It seems like some of the best meals are born from using up what’s already on hand, and this is no exception. This looks and sounds absolutely delicious. Must try! :)
    xx Sydney

  6. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 19:23 | #

    What a fantastic autumnal meal. I love spontaneous meals which turn are a success! H x

  7. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 19:27 | #

    I just ate lunch but somehow I’m hungry again. This looks so, so delicious, you two! Can’t wait to try it. Even though I kiiiiinda hate mushrooms but always eat them, anyway.

  8. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 21:12 | #

    i made oyster mushrooms the other day, it was a fail. i will have to try this again!

  9. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 21:17 | #

    Often the best meals are the ones that just happen and are kinda thrown together like this one.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 21:41 | #

    Simple yet beautiful! Stir-fries are one of my favorite dinner ideas because they’re so easy but flavorful as well! You always come up with just creative combinations and I love coming here for inspiration :)

  11. Posted 17 Sep ’15 at 22:50 | #

    So simple and delicious, I always love your ideas! And the fennel photo is so beautiful, I’ve never seen a whole one. Raw ingredients are such an inspiration! :)

  12. Posted 18 Sep ’15 at 00:05 | #

    Really delicious looking meal! I love any excuse to use fun mushrooms and tofu :)

  13. Posted 18 Sep ’15 at 01:09 | #

    This is so my kind of meal. I love turning leftovers into a delicious, comforting, perfect meal. It looks like you did this and then some! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  14. Eva
    Posted 18 Sep ’15 at 03:17 | #

    Hello! I love your blog. I just wanted to share an article with you because I notice you use quinoa a lot in your recipes, but there are some complex issues as of late in the Altiplano, where it is grown, because of the growing demand for it. Here are a couple of snippets and the link below:

    “On one hand, quinoa is a highly nutritious food source, a “superfood,” that holds great promise for helping to solve world hunger problems. On the other hand, increasing production of quinoa so it’s widely available has the potential to introduce unsustainable farming practices that can harm both the land and the people who work it.”
    “Traditionally, quinoa farmers set aside part of their land for llamas, which would in turn provide nutrients back into the soil through their manure. Many farmers have gotten rid of their llamas in order to have more land to dedicate to growing quinoa.”
    “Climate change threatens to add more problems to the mix as increased regional temperatures mean that more insects are able to survive at the Altiplano’s 12,000-foot elevation. Farmers are beginning to see the need to use insecticides to protect their crops from pests.”
    The article is long, but worth reading!

    • AJ
      Posted 21 Sep ’15 at 17:34 | #

      Thanks for this, Eva. As much as I love quinoa this is well worth knowing about.xx

  15. Posted 18 Sep ’15 at 03:54 | #

    Looks like I know what I’m having for dinner this weekend!:) I would have to sub the tofu, though – but the idea of eating raw corn is pretty interesting!

  16. Rosa
    Posted 18 Sep ’15 at 10:35 | #

    Kunne I evt linke til GMO-free firm tofu, så jeg kan få en ide om hvilket mærke jeg skal kigge efter?

  17. Posted 18 Sep ’15 at 10:36 | #

    I love chanterelles and paired with fennel? It must so many flavors and textures, sounds wonderful! x


  18. Posted 18 Sep ’15 at 12:29 | #

    omg I’m so hungry now! can’t wait to try it :D


  19. Posted 18 Sep ’15 at 14:21 | #

    A healthy and delicious treat, can definitely see myself throwing this one! And I havn’t had quinoa and tofu for so long! Keep up the great work!


  20. Posted 18 Sep ’15 at 14:25 | #

    Love this! Will definitely have to give it a try.

  21. Posted 18 Sep ’15 at 15:05 | #

    There’s nothing more comforting than these kind of bowls. I love the pictures.

  22. Posted 19 Sep ’15 at 18:00 | #

    Wow! Quinoa and tofu, what an interesting combo. Will have to try. Pictures look amazing :) Pinned!


  23. Posted 21 Sep ’15 at 22:48 | #

    Dying to get home and make this. Thanks for sharing!


  24. Posted 23 Sep ’15 at 10:26 | #

    This looks incredible! Do you think using Seitan instead of Tofu is possible?

    Much love,
    Jasmin from mangoandcoconuts.blogspot.de :*

  25. Posted 25 Sep ’15 at 19:21 | #

    Great blog!! Definitely coming back here for some great recipes


  26. Posted 26 Sep ’15 at 00:07 | #

    Tofu and chanterelles sounds like a wonderful late 50’s early 60’s band!

  27. Posted 29 Sep ’15 at 03:07 | #

    This sounds like a twist I can’t wait to try, thank you!

  28. Posted 29 Sep ’15 at 05:23 | #

    What a lovely quinoa recipe. I have been seeing so many mushrooms recently and have been afraid to pick them not knowing if they are safe I must learn! :)

  29. Posted 30 Sep ’15 at 17:54 | #

    Tofu stir fries paired with freshly cooked mushrooms and quinoa can never get old! I absolutely love this fall recipe! Yum!

  30. Posted 2 Oct ’15 at 23:06 | #

    I love the idea of making dinner from what you have in the fridge – but when I do it it NEVER looks anywhere near as good as this!

  31. Posted 19 Oct ’15 at 20:44 | #

    Looks like a delicious recipe, I ate tofu a lot during my trip in Asia but now I don’t eat it much anymore. But this looks very tasty so I’ll give it a try soon!

  32. Posted 23 Oct ’15 at 09:14 | #

    Very healthy and full of nutritions.

  33. Posted 14 Dec ’15 at 13:31 | #

    If someone is dying because of hunger, You have shared a simple and amazing solution,Which gives you delicious food instantly without worrying to buy anything from outside. I always love your ideas!. Raw ingredients are such an inspiration!

  34. Posted 23 Dec ’15 at 01:34 | #

    Wow, Looks delicious, definitely, I need to try this. Thanks for the recipe!

  35. Posted 7 Mar ’16 at 11:56 | #

    Its very awesome & delicious recipe… & I appreciate the way you have concluded your blog… thanks for sharing!!!

  36. Posted 30 Jul ’16 at 19:59 | #

    Look delicious, keep up the good work with your blog.

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